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Jada left home at the age of sixteen, running from her own demons and the horrors of physical abuse inflicted by her mother's boyfriend. She partied hard, and life seemed good when she was with Born, the neighborhood kingpin whose name was synonymous with money, power, and respect. But all his love couldn't save her from a crack addiction. Jada goes from crack addict and pJada left home at the age of sixteen, running from her own demons and the horrors of physical abuse inflicted by her mother's boyfriend. She partied hard, and life seemed good when she was with Born, the neighborhood kingpin whose name was synonymous with money, power, and respect. But all his love couldn't save her from a crack addiction. Jada goes from crack addict and prostitute to survivor and back again before she finds the strength to live for herself and come out on top. And her stormy romance with one of the fiercest hustlers on the streets makes White Lines one of the most unforgettable urban loves stories of the year....

Title : White Lines
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White Lines Reviews

  • Pamela
    2019-02-04 10:37

    "White Lines" by Tracy Brown is the real reason I read urban fiction...because it's about real life, real situations and real people. Jada Ford, the main character in this novel, did not have the best fact, knowing that a mother's love in one of the most cherished things of this world, you could say she had one of the worst. She lost her father at a young age, and, because of this, her mother just gradually weakened and deteriorated. As her daughers grew up, Jada along with her younger sister, Ava, she didn't offer them any protection from her abusive boyfriend or from the streets because she couldn't even help herself. As time went on, Ava attempted suicide, moved into a group home, and Jada was forced to deal with her life as it was on her own. Gradually, she turned to things that would help her forget her very existence - weed, cocaine, crack and sprinkle a little prostitution in the mix. She was mixed up totally...then she met Born. She thought they were a really good match...kindred spirits, soulmates...she didn't think they would ever fall apart, but they did. Because, even though when they met, Jada was clean, but she still fell back into her old ways, and, needless did she know that Born was dealing with his own issues...his own past, and he wasn't allowing any room to help Jada deal with hers."White Lines" was so explosive and so powerful...Born and Jada taught readers the true meaning of friendship lasting the test of time because their's did. Never has a book affected me so much since reading "The Coldest Winter Ever" by Sister Soulja.I give it 5 stars.

  • Ingrid
    2019-02-04 17:42

    this book was a fast read and it was great. I put it right up there with Sista Souljah's coldest Winter Ever. But it went a lot deeper. awesome. Pleasantly surprised.

  • Cheryl James
    2019-02-12 16:15

    Wow, all I can say is 497 pages of pure joy!! I am so attached to this story line and the characters are to die for. This is a story from rags to riches, from hate to love, from pain to Joy and all in between. You are a product of your environment, and being a part of the drugs and crime life doesn't mean that you don't feel and hurt like others not in that world. I have found me a new best author. Tracy Brown you are brilliant and I look forward to sequel 2 and 3. This is beyond a good read, this is a great story. There is a difference. This is a fiction book with a whole lot of truth. Much love to you Born, Jada, Sunny and Ava. I know you are out there somewhere.

  • ~iMoiselleChanel~
    2019-02-06 11:24

    This was the first book I have read by Tracy Brown, and I was so impressed that as soon as I finished this one, I was on the internet checking out everything she had written and have fallen in love with her. This story truly pulled me in because it is so real, it's not all about lovey dovey stuff that no one would believe. It's real people, real drama, and it puts you right in the middle of each chapter as if you are standing in the middle of the characters' conversations for youself. I truly felt apart of this story and I loved every character to the last page.

  • Cheryl James
    2019-02-10 18:33

    Wow, all I can say is 497 pages of pure joy!! I am so attached to this story line and the characters are to die for. This is a story from rags to riches, from hate to love, from pain to joy and all in-between. You are a product of your environment and being a part of the drug and crime life doesn't mean that you don't feel and hurt like others who are not in that world.. I have found me a new best author. Tracy Brown you are brilliant and I look forward to sequel 2 and 3. This is beyond a good read, this is a great story. There is a difference. This is a fiction book with a lot of truth. Much love to you Born, Jada, Sunny and Ava. I know you are out there somewhere.

  • Kim
    2019-01-23 17:13

    This book was an extremely explosive read. I found myself saying Wow, Oh My Gosh, I Can't Believe It, Oh Know She Didn't, and so many other phrases throughout this book while reading about Jada's life. She was really one tough cookie who endured so much. It was almost like watching a movie about this woman's life. At times I was thinking WTH is she doing! I literally said that to my self so many times because I just couldn't believe what I was reading. Born was the epitome of a natural born hustler. He is the kind of character woman love to read about. He was about his business, but about his woman also. He was down for Jada even with her tawdry past, and I couldn't help to have a lot of respect for his character. This would have been a 5 star read for me, but I felt the first 30% of this book just had way too much information. I did want to put the book down quite a bit in the beginning because I just had enough of reading about Jada and Born's childhood. Once the book started getting going when Jada and Born met, it was a non stop page turner. This book was extremely long. I am a pretty fast reader, and it took me about 8 or 9 hours to get through this one, but it was truly worth it. Looking forward to reading the sequel.

  • Mahoghani 23
    2019-02-17 15:26

    I was very hesitant in reading this book. I'm not into a lot of urban, drug-related stories but this one is totally different. It depicts an era where the drugs ran rampant throughout New York and focuses on the true side of drugs ( no Hollywood glamour) and the affects it had in the lives of the characters in the story. It was riveting, sad, gritty, manipulative, corrupt and jealousy rolled up into one outstanding storyline. This book read like a real soap opera; never knowing what to expect from the characters but hoping they're not going to choose the wrong choice. There's a real love story for two couples that goes awry.....Jada, Sonny, Born and Dorian are the crem dela crem in the drug game and they're not people to mess with. You'll either like or love these two couples or hate them. This book could also get listed as urban romance.

  • Jama Jack
    2019-01-27 10:25

    I love a good story. I love good story-telling. I can read a 1000 pages without complaint, stopping only to take care of life's other businesses, if the story is great and captivating. White Lines was okay. I only really fell in love with the book at the end, which is not really what I look for. It's hood literature, taking us to the NY projects again and making us live the life of the 'hustlers' as the story unfolds. The book contains relevant messages on the numerous social vices, the most prominent being drug addiction. I saw the whole 'game' from a different perspective, empathizing instead of sympathising with, or looking down on users/abusers. Within the many imperfections, grew a love story that would eventually falter under mistrust, deception, disappointment and hurt. Despite all these, one can't help wishing the main characters Jada and Born would make up in the end, burying all differences and starting a new chapter. Dorian and Sunny personified love that stands the test of time, works through the difficulties and thrives under the will to make things work. I found it hard to like the writer's style. I felt the story could have been told in less words. The reader is taken through a series of repetitions that do not do well for one's attention. Some of the diversions could easily have been done away with, leaving a story with great relevance, while keeping a simple style that wouldn't lose the reader among the many pages. A few times, I found myself mixing up the characters with those in Sister Souljah's 'The Coldest Winter Ever', due to the similarities in the main and sub-plots. Three stars.

  • Stephb
    2019-02-15 15:42

    So many people put the gold seal of "urban fiction" on The Coldest Winter, which I would agree is a good read all the way around although I was disappointed with the 'sequel but not really a sequel' follow up.Tracy Brown is now a gold standard for me. Whenever people find that I am a reader, writer and lover of the spoken word they will suggest various books. This one was suggested to me by someone that consumes "urban fiction" in the prison fiction sense of the word so I was concerned. I have picked up those books but find that I have to be in a phase to read them. One that requires me to be mindless in my process and looking for an easy read, which is a rare mood for me. Tracy kicked it up, many notches. I find her books to be Jackie Collins with an urban flare. There isn't meaningless cursing or sex, the plot is well written and the salacious aspect is woven into a good story all the way around. Additionally, she has paired with Penquin for all of the books that I have read of hers which means that everything is edited "to a t" and I don't have to self edit as I read.This book follows a long the lines of the wayward woman and all of the encounters that she could possibly have. The subplots are built for good follow up story lines and the characters are well developed. One of the few fictional books that I read quickly but wished it didn't have to end.

  • Shanae
    2019-02-03 15:23

    This is the best Street Lit book I've ever read!!! I recommend this book to everyone I know who enjoys this type of literature...Brown really struck me with this one!

  • WynterAngel Zsun
    2019-02-04 10:31

    A book for the not faint of heart it's a very gritty real life look at the the impact that Crack made on New York in the 90s. If your looking for the book that has nice refined characters that found themselves with a problem and then headed to rehab and were magically cured this is not the book for you.White Lines kept me up until 5 am most of the time wanting to see how it all turned out. Born is my favorite character in this or any book I have ever read. He reminds me so much of my husband. I loved that he accepted Jada for who she was. He saw her scars and loved her anyway. He was tempted by Jada's sister, but held it down. It was wonderful to see a man written that really was about something. You don't see that a lot in books today. It was also chilling the way he would confront his feelings and how he used the tone of his words to slash and cut them.This book had me jumping out of my seat. If I had a nickel for every time I said, "Ooo Shizz" I would be a very rich woman.Wasn't particularly fond of Sunny, but found her awesome as Jada's friend. Loved Dorian and Sonny together the love triangle with this couple was explosive and heart wrenching all at the same time.Jada broke my heart time and time again as her addiction unfolded. Found it impossible to stay quiet during her relapses. Almost 500 pgs with no hokey ending of love and light. Just life lived and lessons learned. I really, really liked that!

  • Savannah Smith
    2019-01-31 12:29

    Synopsis-In this book Jada runs away from home at the age of 16. She does whatever she wants and eventually became a crackhead. When she finally found the strength to stop and get clean she met a guy named Born and shortly fell in love.They go throuqh there ups and downs and Jada turns back into a crackhead and her boyfreind leaves her. 3 years later Born spots out Jada and realizes she is clean from all her mistakes and problem and they reunite.Classification- This book is targeted more on teenagers and adults because the things the charaters go through only are realted to adults and teenagers. It wouldnt be appropriate for kids because they wouldnt really understand whats going on.Adults would probrably be the best because the main charater is a goes through things that mostly adults go through and some ofthem can probably could relate or know's someone that can relate.Criticsim-This book is good literature. I like how the story is descriptive enough to make you feel like its a movie in stead of a book. It makes you feel like your watching over the characters and you'r attached to them. I dont like how some of the things seem like that couldnt happen.

  • Jojo
    2019-02-17 18:20

    I loved this book. I finished it within a week and it's a very lengthy I just couldn't put it down until I finished it. To me Jada was very strong although many would disagree because of her addiction. The book really puts you in a addicts prospective. There were many times I found myself wanting Jada to be through with drugs so badly but I wasn't expecting Born's love to save her. The saddest part was when Dorian died. It was just the way it happened. Most people would call Raquel crazy and obsessed. But I kind of felt for her. When you really love someone you want them to be happy but not with someone else. In a strange way I felt that Dorian got what he deserved. You can't play with peoples emotions. He stepped out on Sunny and it was only Karma that he got what he got. But Sunny was a really strong powerful woman. I loved how her love for Dorian never died even through all the up's and down's. Jamari was just like any other person who idols someone but would never want to admit it. I really didn't like the way he played Jada though. I loved Born's mother she was so sweet ! This is a must-read. It will make you laugh and cry !

  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .
    2019-02-10 16:18

    Drama. Drugs. Destruction. Disaster. Determination.Jada has a life that is truer than any fiction could make it for her. This is happening or has happened to thousands of young ladies across the world in so fashion. To see the life that she had to go through. The struggles. The triumphs. Her life became real under the words Brown put on the pages. Born's life was that of a true hustler. He learned the game very early in life with his very own hero and bad guy. He learned to make a way for himself and to depend on no one. Until he took that chance and felt that he was accurate in his belief to trust no one.Brown did an amazing job bring the life of the game and the hindrances of it to life on these pages. She put the drama right out there to be read and digested.

  • Tina
    2019-01-17 13:32

    Before i moved to the states i never had any contact with drugs of any kind .i guess i was kind of sheltered .when i came here i seen my first addict , the first dealer , lost friends because of drugs .i never have and never will use drugs but now know people that do and reading this book opened my eyes wider then i could have imagined .i have seen friends go through these horrors but sadly most of them did not have a happy ending .this story describes vividly what thousands of people go through in this and many other countries and what they are willing to do for their addiction .

  • Angelia
    2019-01-29 14:15

    This was the first book I have read by this author....I don't do alot of urban fiction but this book was stated to be such a GREAT read so I had to see what was all the hype....I for one thought it was a really GOOD story and it did keep you turning the pages cause you wanted to know what would happen next....that being said... about 20% of the book could have been left out because this book was 497 pages and some of the story was told over and over again...but still a GOOD read nontheless....I hear there will be a White Lines 2 looking forward to knowing if Born and Jada will get back together and will Sunny and Ava find a love of their own....

  • Latia hopkins
    2019-02-02 14:32

    This book is a great example of the real world in urban/ghetto neiborhoods. Its talks about a girl thats grows up with an unstable family. A mother that chooses her man over her own children. The main character Jada ends up leaving home at the age of sixteen. she becomes a crack addict n ends up selling her body for money. But then she becomes clean and meets the man of her dream n begins to live the hood rich fairy tale. But her past addiction ends up messing with her future.

  • Sabrina Rutter
    2019-02-06 11:39

    Can we give this a ten star rating! This book was so good that I couldn't stand to put it down! I'm still new to this genre, but so far this is the best urban fiction I have read! I wish that someone would make this into a movie becuase it would not only be a favorite book of mine, but also a favorite movie.

  • Mekaboo
    2019-01-23 16:43

    I loved this book. I like the way Tracy Brown writes. I have read two of her other books and enjoyed them also. Is it just me or would somebody else like to see this book brought to the big screen. I believe it deals with a lot of things that many people can relate to.

  • Dave B.
    2019-02-04 15:22

    A good book overall. The story that reminds me how strong the crack epidemic really was during the nineties. Everyone in this story was scarred. The only thing I didn't like was that it was a little to long for urban fiction....and the fact that by some miracle it had a happy ending.

  • Sheila
    2019-02-12 16:35

    This book was excellent, I love her writings, she's really, really good. I fell in love with this book from the door, it had me captivated and I just couldn't put it down.I've read all of her books, this is a great author.Check it out!

  • Lindsay Hunter
    2019-01-26 13:20

    Good storyline just way too long. The story just stretched on & on to the point where I was sick of the characters.

  • Meg
    2019-01-24 15:16

    I found this book disappointing. As the author promises, she does deal with the reality of families involved in the drug trade and addiction. However, she makes light of the psychological damage that is done to the people.The adults in the story prey on the children. It is uncomfortable to read this part of the action. However, some characters just decide to change their ways. No explanation is given. The main character's sister is an example. She goes from living in poverty to attending an Ivy League college, as though anyone can go if they just wake up one morning and say that is what they want to do. The main characters supposedly overcome their issues. When they turn their lives around, they thank God, but have no conscience about the fact that they have murdered and left a path of destruction behind them. It also never seems to bother these characters that their wealth is based on their illegal activities of the past.The author said she wanted this novel to be a warning to others. Instead, it sent the message that you can live a wild life and then take the money earned illegal to enjoy a "normal" life later.

  • Nascha
    2019-02-10 12:14

    I heard a lot about this book and decided to pick it up finally. And I don't regret it. Tracy Brown is a true urban storyteller, who carefully tells her tales of urban life, humanity and existence.This novel is pretty raw. Brown does not hide from the painful realities of drug addiction and what it can do to individuals, families and societies. There were parts of this novel that were difficult to read, only because they are wrought with human emotion. I definitely recommend it.

  • Tiffany
    2019-02-07 10:17

    This was definitely one of the better urban fiction novels I have ever read. I really came to care about what was going to happen to Jada and Born by the end, and I wasn't disappointed. Although I would have ended it with them getting all the way back together, I guessthat would have been too tidy of an ending.

  • Patrice
    2019-02-16 16:28

    OMG!!!!! Definitely a page turner. One of my favorite books. This is the first book I read by Tracy Brown and she jumped to a great spot on my authors list. This is the REAL DEAL! It shows what lies, drugs, addiction, and murder can get you. This book has sooo many topics in it, it's just amazing. Jada is now one of my favorite characters. I recommend this book a thousand times over.

  • Deanna Burrell
    2019-02-13 16:24

    This was the first book my book club read together. When I saw how long it was, I thought no one would read it. But as soon as you start reading, you're hook. It's such a page turner that I finished it in two days. My book club has so much fun discussing it. Great book, story, and characters.

  • Sharell
    2019-01-20 16:42

    I rate it a 4.7. This was a lengthy book, very detailed. It was a great read. I had a lof of ups and downs with this story but it was overall great. I couldn't put it down at the end.

  • Junetta Dunn
    2019-01-23 14:26

    This is one of my favorite books thus far...I couldn't put it down....

  • Keyona
    2019-02-09 14:16

    Five stars for this book.It will keep you on edge for the whole 500 pages and still leave you wanting more.This is what I call a hood love story.