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NLP has already helped millions of people overcome fears, increase confidence, enrich relationships, and achieve greater sucess. Now the NLP Comprehensive Training Team has written a book that reveals how to use this breakthrough technology to achieve whatever you want.Short for neuro-linguistic programming, NLP is a revolutionary approach to human communication and develoNLP has already helped millions of people overcome fears, increase confidence, enrich relationships, and achieve greater sucess. Now the NLP Comprehensive Training Team has written a book that reveals how to use this breakthrough technology to achieve whatever you want.Short for neuro-linguistic programming, NLP is a revolutionary approach to human communication and development. In NLP: The New Technology of Achievement, you'll be guided step-by-step through specific programs for learning the characeristics of top achievers and creating a blueprint for unlimited sucess. Plus, an all-new twenty-one-day program created especially for this book provides you with the essential skills you'll need to achieve peak performance in business and life....

Title : NLP: The New Technology of Achievement
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ISBN : 9780688146191
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 354 Pages
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NLP: The New Technology of Achievement Reviews

  • Stephanie
    2019-02-17 16:33

    There is definitely some valuable content in here, if you can wade through the poor writing, the constant self-promotion, and the cheesy self-help styling.

  • Kirk
    2019-02-15 19:35

    It's all about the Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Bitches!

  • Otter57
    2019-01-22 11:44

    I bought this book after seeing some videos online by Steve Andreas and being very impressed by his sincerity. The same sincerity comes through in NLP: The New Technology of Achievement. The other members of the writing team include Charles Faulkner and Suzi Smith, and along with several others they comprised the NLP Comprehensive Training Team based in Colarado in the United States.The book covers all of the basics of NLP including submodalities, rapport, mission, values, and perceptual positions. In most cases, it is quite light on terminology and instead provides very practical exercises to help the reader to internalize NLP. These include standard NLP exercises such as the swish and the fast phobia technique, as well as less common ones such as the lovely Autobiography exercise which involves you seeing yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you.A reader who carries out all of the exercises in the book will definitely develop a strong internal sense of NLP and the power that it can provide. The reader will not necessarily be able to explain all of the concepts, but ultimately the purpose of any NLP training must be to get it “in the muscle”, so for the non-specialist, this is a highly useful book.After the main text, the NLP 21-Day Unlimited Achievement Program is an additional section which provides a completely different way to understand and practice the content of the book by setting out a three week program with an exercise to do each day.

  • Gerald
    2019-01-28 15:28

    I have studied NLP at what I guess you'd say is an intermediate level, first with Landmark Education and then with Christopher Howard. However in the courses I've done, there hasn't been a lot of theory. There's not actually a lot of acknowledgment among the new-thought, self-help gurus that their teachings are rooted in NLP principles and a school of psychology that seems to have come out of Santa Cruz. Formation of this body of knowledge involved, but did not begin with, Milton Erickson and his practice of auto-suggestive hypnosis as storytelling.Storytellers understand the power of the word.This book is a good survey of NLP techniques. It contains self-help exercises. However, you will quickly see why you will be more successful by working with a coach. Having read this, I think the coach doesn't have to be a guru at all. You just need a competent practitioner who is somewhat objective (not a family member), who can hold you to the tasks and help you anchor the results. Nothing about it is all that mysterious or special. Quite the opposite -- it's practical and fundamental to human behavior.

  • Christina
    2019-01-17 13:30

    I learned about NLP via Anthony Robbins' book "Awaken the Giant Within." I appreciated his strategies for success, not just the hype of positive affirmations. This is my first in-depth book about NLP, and unfortunately, I had to read this one as an audio CD, not my preference.

  • Kim
    2019-02-10 18:46

    I am an NLP Practioner and I was a practicing Life Coach a few years ago. This was the book I used for my training. It's awesome!

  • Svetlio Blyahoff
    2019-02-14 13:48

    A great book full of practical advices and techniques of achieving a better self. Definitely would recommend it to anyone who needs a minor or major change in his/her life. Definitely an appreciating and approving thumbs up for that book.

  • Sergio
    2019-01-29 17:51

    Good into book for NLP, gets a little boring with all the workshops and practices, but over all I thought the book was very useful. Just not in the way that I had imagined it would be.

  • Tan Jun Jie
    2019-01-23 16:46

    Recommendable for people who seek lots of mental exercises to improve on the habits of their subconscious mind and consequently alter their lives.

  • Sergiusz Golec
    2019-02-02 12:27

    Great book, with lots of useful and practical "How To". Bad thing - I feel like I'll need to re-read it, at least few more times.

  • Ali Pasha
    2019-01-17 11:33

    This definitely took me a while to complete. It was my second attempt and I'm glad that I managed to get through the book. It's one of the few books that I need to re-read again to fully benefit from everything that was preached.The little I've learned has been extremely beneficial. It's helped me re-frame conversations (esp. with my fiance) and when I find myself in conflict I'm definitely going to re-frame how I think using the techniques advised.I highly recommend reading this book -- especially if you're struggling with overcoming a particular challenge. It's very helpful. I've heard from friend that "Heart of the mind" is a better introduction to NLP. I'll likely read that soon too.

  • Mckinley
    2019-02-09 17:43

    Neuro-linguistic programming - cognitive change can be fast and impactfull. Change how you think about thinking. Lots of exercises to go along with theory."Map is not territory" "Experience has structure" "If 1 person can do, anyone can learn to do it" "Mind and body are parts of the same system" "People have all the resources they need" "You can not not communicate" "Meaning of your communication is the response you get" "Positive intent behind every behavior" "People always make best choices available to them" "If what you are doing isn't working do something else"

  • Neil Kokemuller
    2019-01-30 17:53

    This is book is somewhat technical, but if you have a good grasp on the impact of subconscious motivation and habit-based behavior, it is hugely valuable. This is a starter book for understanding and applying NLP. Even if you don't grasp the full scope of the book, there are several simply activities in the book you can complete that help in dealing with simple or common negative thoughts, attitudes or behaviors.

  • Mrs Froggy
    2019-01-20 14:55

    This is my first book on NLP and I really liked it. It's written in a very simple style but it goes to the core and covers all the basic of NLP.To me, this book is a great starting point if you want to reprogram your mind along with your life and your goals. The exercises can really change your way to see your future or your present condition, simply like that. Mind is our most powerful tool and we should learn to use it.

  • Bruce Turnier
    2019-01-23 12:55

    Although I'd felt like there was more to be desired there was an incredible effect on my psyche through ingesting the information provided in this text. The personal development possible with the techniques presented is beyond excellent. I've only refrained from a higher rating because I feel it necessary to leave room for newer work to improve my understanding.

  • Jo Casey
    2019-02-04 17:55

    I love NLP & the work of the authors in the field. I just find NLP books very dry & this is no exception I'm afraid. It's like trying to learn to swim by reading a book-you really need to get into the pool.

  • Jessie Lorenz
    2019-01-27 13:43

    I read this book when I was competing in sports and it changed my life.

  • Levi
    2019-01-17 15:36

    just started it but so far pretty interesting...

  • Jorge
    2019-02-02 18:37

    Bom livro para quem tiver curiosidade sobre Programação Neuro Linguística. Introduz as bases e através de exercícios demonstra algumas aplicações.

  • Mares
    2019-01-27 11:44

    Some nice tips worth to follow.

  • Jaydell Lumbog
    2019-01-18 14:56


  • Rick
    2019-02-06 17:45

    Very thought provoking, very insightful... one of the best self-help, self improvement books available... highly recommended.

  • Steve Green
    2019-02-09 12:31

    Good book with some very useful stuff. Download more nlp ebooks at

  • Kawa Svaha
    2019-01-31 18:49

    Quite amazing. But practice takes time.

  • Praveenchandra Gr
    2019-02-14 14:41

    IT HELPS overcome fears, increase confidence, enrich relationships, and achieve greater sucess.