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Fin McKenzie dealt expertly with problems that arose in her domestic help agency--finding a naked man fast asleep in bed was no exception. From the tip of his toes to the wide expanse of his chest he was beautiful. As was his rugged, gorgeous--very familiar face.Fin knew immediately that she had to keep Jake Danvers away from her family. He was a calling card from a nightmFin McKenzie dealt expertly with problems that arose in her domestic help agency--finding a naked man fast asleep in bed was no exception. From the tip of his toes to the wide expanse of his chest he was beautiful. As was his rugged, gorgeous--very familiar face.Fin knew immediately that she had to keep Jake Danvers away from her family. He was a calling card from a nightmare of pain and tragedy. But that didn't stop her from giving in to his very potent attraction--a dangerous temptation from the one man fate had placed way out of bounds....

Title : Private Lives
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  • boogenhagen
    2019-02-17 21:47

    Re Private Lives - "Wit ought to be a glorious treat like caviar; never spread it about like marmalade." Noel CowardCarole Mortimer took those words to heart with this one. For all of those expecting a Noel Coward comedy of manners, divorce, reunion and marital drama, don't pick up this book - despite it's title.This one starts with the h listening to her business messages on her answering machine. The h is a five foot redhead who goes by the name of Fin and runs a business called "Little People". She is 21 and her business consists of doing various Girl Friday things for her clients. The name of her company is a play on the house elf or brownie legend that has unseen little beings coming in, doing a job and then vanishing without anyone even knowing they had been there. (It is also a play on the h's name, which is Elfin, tho we don't find that out until the end of the story.)So the h is listening to messages and the first one is that the director for the local amateur drama group, which the h is on the managing board of, has quit. The h is also acting in the current production that is in rehearsal - they are doing Noel Coward's 'Private Lives', which is where the book's title comes in.The h gets interrupted in her message listening when one of her employees calls her in a panic. The empty cottage the h is contracted to keep an eye out for isn't empty. The h's female employee is panicking cause there is a man passed out in the cottage's master bedroom and the heavy reek of a lot of whiskey is permeating the house.The cottage is owned by a young actress who is currently in London doing a stage play. The h isn't aware of anyone having permission to use the place and her employee is really panicking. On the other hand, the actress may have let someone use the place, as she only comes on weekends and presumably wouldn't be too thrilled if her guest was rousted out by the local constabulary. So the h goes over to the cottage to wake the passed out guy up. She tries opening the curtains and shaking him. But the whiskey fumes are really strong and the guy never stirs, not even when she rips off the covers to discover a very nice naked hiney, along with other nice attributes that both she and her employee are fully appreciating. Finally the guy, who must have a massive hangover by the smell of things, begins to stir and the h hurriedly covers him up. When he wakes up in stunned disbelief at the tiny woman who claims to be from the Little People, the h has to hurriedly explain that she isn't a pixie and why she is at the cottage.The H takes the jeans the h hands him and then proceeds to get really, really cranky about privacy and non interruptions and also throws in that the cottage is his niece's and she said he could stay there. The h goes off to check the story and belatedly listens to the message from the cottage's owner that she has invited the H to stay there while she is in London. Then the h has to go walk Fido, who is a Siamese cat that walks on a leash. But her owner is too embarrassed to walk her himself -and therefore shouldn't have a cat if he isn't willing to wait on her- and so the h is the only person trusted enough to do so. (The cat's name isn't really Fido, the h just calls her that to startle people when they are out for their walks. I am a bit disapproving of that and cats on leashes, cause really cats are not dogs and so the cat bonus was kinda messed up for this one.) When the h gets back from walkies, the cottage owner is on the phone and wanting the h to go check on the H because he disconnected the cottage phone. The h is reluctant to go, but eventually agrees. We find out the h recognizes the H from ten years earlier and get a bit of backstory blast.The h's father was a British movie actor. He and her mum were married, but he was gone a lot and eventually he got a Hollywood offer. While he was making his movie in Hollywood, he fell in love with his leading lady and wanted to divorce his wife, the h's mum. The leading lady was married to the H - who is a famous film director being incognito at the moment. Then there was a fire at the H's house and the H was the only one to survive. He left Hollywood and no one has heard of him for ten years and now he has shown up in the h's home territory. This worries the h because her mother took it very, very, very badly about the h's father, his affair, his plan to dump them and the h's father's big betrayal. So the h doesn't want the two of them to meet. The H gave a different name than his Hollywood moniker, so the h isn't worried about local name gossip. However, even tho her mum is happily remarried to the h's stepfather and they are a big, happy family now, the h is still very leery of her mother's reaction to the husband of the woman her father was going to dump them for.The h is also dating her accountant and this is causing her some drama too, as the man is really nasty about the h spending so much time learning her part and rehearsing for the play. Even tho the h has repeatedly said they both have commitments and hobbies from before they met and the h certainly doesn't begrudge him his activities.The h had thought she and her boyfriend might be drifting towards marriage, but with his increasingly surly attitude, she is having to rethink that situation. In the meanwhile, the local drama society needs to find a new director and she needs to reluctantly go check on the H.Which she does and then gets thrown out of the cottage by the H again. After a big roofie kiss the h feels really guilty about because of her relationship and because she drops her play script and the H goes ballistic.So the h goes off again and hopes the H is leaving the area before her mother, who is excited cause she may be preggers after several years of trying, runs into him. The H keeps calling the h for little tasks tho, like cleaning the carpet after he spilled a full bottle of whiskey on it, (so we know he wasn't being a lush in the beginning,) and he gives her a ride after she runs out of gas by his cottage.The H also maneuvers his way into being the new director for the local play and he is pretty mean and snappy to the h while he does it. He gets even snarlier and there is more roofie kissing when he sees the h with her boyfriend. Under the guise of being her director for the play, he tries to put a spike in the h's going out with her beau. It is clear the H is interested in the h - even tho he is 38 to her 21- and he confides that he has written a screenplay and the film producers want him to direct it. But the H is torn cause he walked away from his Hollywood career after a really bad marriage and he isn't sure what he wants to do. The h, who realizes that the H doesn't know she knows who he really is, is pretty soothing when she tells him he is a different person now and things will be different because he is.Things get more complicated when the h realizes that she is in love with the H and then her stepfather invites him over for a baby announcement party. The h is trying to figure out how to discourage this and the H is pretty angry over her reluctance to introduce the H to her mother. So the h goes to break things off with her boyfriend and finds him in bed with his older, married secretary.The h is pretty shocked, then she gets really mad when the ex-blob pustule blames the h's play rehearsals for his cheating on her. What did she expect him to do when she wouldn't dump her commitments to wait on him is how he explains himself. Then he has the gall to suggest that they can still keep going out and the h dumps him and tells him she will find another accounting firm. (Sadly she said she wouldn't tell his bosses why she was changing firms, but really I think she should have. )Now that the sewer slurper is dumped, the h has to figure out a way to keep her mother and the H apart. Now that her mum is preggers, both she and the stepfather are treating her like spun glass and the h doesn't know what to do. She confides the situation to her stepdad and her mother overhears. Since the h has admitted she loves the H, everyone piles into the family car to go talk to the H.The H is cranky at first and then the h's mother speaks up and the H finally realizes who the h is, the daughter of the man who had an affair with the H's wife. We get the H's backstory here and it isn't very nice.The H was a big time director and met his very famous and popular wife in Hollywood. They married and the image the wife projected was nothing like the reality. She cheated and had affairs and the H was too wimpy to dump her slimy rear because she would take little overdoses everytime he mentioned divorce. (They weren't enough to kill her, just enough to get her ill and then she would guilt trip the H and he didn't want her death on his conscience so he just worked out of town a lot.)Then he got stuck directing a movie for the first time with his wife and the h's father. Divorce was suddenly on the playbill, but the wife did not want a divorce. It would be bad for her public image and might damage her popularity. So the wife tried to burn down the H's house with him in it. The h's father came in at the wrong time and tried to stop her. There was a big fight and the petrol the wife had spewed around caught fire when she threw a lighted candle at the h's dad. The H was able to escape by jumping out a second floor window, but the wife and the h's dad were trapped and died. The H bought an English sheep farm and has been there for ten years. He is going back to direct his film now and the h decides that she will go with him.The H tries to say no, but he loves her too much to leave her behind. So we get a little epilogue where it is over 3 years later. The h's mum and stepfather have a lovely son, the h and H are married and now living in England. The H's film was a big success and now he makes films in England and they just had a beautiful baby daughter for the big HEA.This one was okay, but it was kind of hard to see why the h fell in love with such a snappy, snarly H. The big drama was a tad overdone and the ending was really rushed. Which is kinda weird cause this was an HP Plus and CM had a ton of extra pages. Still overall it was cute and well paced up until the end and I did buy the HEA, so give this one a go for a fairly readable HPlandia outing.

  • Azet
    2019-02-07 04:03

    This book is AMAZING!Great plot,sizzling romance and quick dialuges.Both Fin and Jake made me laugh many times and their natural chemistry were so THERE..burning and their make-out sessions were so hot.So glad she broke up with Derek when she realized she had fallen for Jake.And the wonderful ending were so sweet.

  • Pravana
    2019-01-31 05:58

    An author I have always loved.And this was a very cute read. With the usual twists and turns that the author is known for.