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He can't remember why he wed her--but he'll still bed her!Italian-Swiss banker Roel Sabatino has suffered partial memory loss after a car crash. It seems he has a wife...but he can't remember getting married!Hilary is pretty, sweet...and ordinary. When Roel tries to take her to bed--as any husband would--he discovers she's a virgin! All this is shocking to Roel, though heHe can't remember why he wed her--but he'll still bed her!Italian-Swiss banker Roel Sabatino has suffered partial memory loss after a car crash. It seems he has a wife...but he can't remember getting married!Hilary is pretty, sweet...and ordinary. When Roel tries to take her to bed--as any husband would--he discovers she's a virgin! All this is shocking to Roel, though he still recognizes a great deal when he sees one. So why not enjoy all the pleasures that this marriage has to offer, whatever his reasons were for tying the knot?...

Title : The Banker's Convenient Wife
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ISBN : 9780263837193
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 192 Pages
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The Banker's Convenient Wife Reviews

  • StMargarets
    2019-02-11 13:21

    Not the best Lynne Graham, but I did't mind the hero all that much. He was selfish because he was vulnerable, y'all. His mommy left him and he didn't know love. So what's an alpha to do? Have lots of sex with attractive women for fun and then marry a stranger (not from his social class) for his inheritance. Then, even though he is attracted to his new wife, he dumps her for being a gold digger because she cashed his check so she didn't have to live in a crime-infested council block. Fast forward four years. Amnesia has made him forget his mommy issues and the MOC - and he becomes a nice guy for two weeks, having unprotected sex with the heroine, resulting in a pregnancy.This guy has all the bad luck. Now his wife - whom he is still attracted to - is back in the golddigger column because she is pregnant. What choice does he have but to be mean to her because he is scared she'll leave again?When you put it like that, the poor heroine had no choice but to melt. And here ends the sad/happy tale of the alpha banker whose bad behavior is rewarded by a baby and a devoted wife one year later. Life is great in LG's world. :)

  • Fanniny Moreno Zavaleta
    2019-02-13 17:27

    This was definitely for me.I got a heroine OBSESSED with the hero and a hero so mamón I found myself constantly eye rolling.Since Hilary met Roel she was head over heels but he seemed so out of reach. So, when the circumstances give her a chance she seizes it and lives out her fantasy marriage, trying not to take advantage of Roel, not much...“But suppose he rolled over in the middle of the night and…and became amorous.” Yep, that's what she wanted the most.Anyways, that girl was hopeless in improvisation, all she did was dig herself deeper and deeper. So when reality intervened all came crashing down and Roel went from amorous-mode to revenge-mode.Silly me thought women were the ones that became vengeful bitches when their hearts were broken. Ha! Now I know the truth: hurt alphas are the worst.Poor Hilary became an emotional punch bag. For me she was too slow in deciding to leave him, specially the night she told him she was pregnant.He did grovel but not much, in fact with Hilary an 'I love you' would have been enough but I'm glad he suffered even if was only for like 5 seconds.

  • Penny Watson
    2019-01-28 13:35

    Ugh. Did not like this one.NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT RE-READThis had too many Big Misunderstandings. All so frustrating. The amnesia thing was ridiculous, and then the lies/deception/misunderstandings kept piling up. The heroine would screech "I hate you!" and then they'd be having sex about 2 seconds later. And this happened about 25 times throughout the course of the book. Give me a break.This is one of my least favorite HPs. Will not be re-reading.

  • Vintage
    2019-01-28 11:45

    Unlike the majority of Lynne Graham’s heroes, I did not buy this jackass’s devotion. Hilary overhears Roel’s dilemma that he has to marry or loses his castle/inheritance and offers to marry him. Roel would normally never lower himself to date/bed/marry a hairdresser, but a castle must be saved. They part as it is a MOC.Five years later and Hilary receives a call from Roel’s snooty aunt that he has been in a car accident, has amnesia, and needs her. She flies to Switzerland and the fake marriage begins. Hilary is caught out by a suspicious attorney and leaves for England. This is where it derailed for me as when Roel shows back up he’s furious for her lies and gold-digging ways. He’s mean and plans to keep her until he tires of her. Marrying to save your castle doesn’t qualify as a gold-digging or materialistic? The H’s attitude made no sense to me. I know. I know. The laws of HarleyLand do not lie in reality, but there has to be a line somewhere.The heroine takes it and takes it. She finally draws her own line in the sand, but his explanation of why he was so mean was a phone-it-in attempt at best.

  • Becky
    2019-01-18 18:27

    This book would have been 5 star except for the last 25 or so pages when the heroine descends into pathetic doormat status. Se seriously needed to walk out sooner. A late night call with a woman giggling in the background and she sticks around? Seriously? Otherwise, really interesting story, it's actually the heroine that takes advantage of Hero's amnesia. Has many fun vengeful hero moments. His rage was nasty and vicious.. Perfect. The problem was her reaction. Reminded me of that commercial for Weebles...they wobble but they don't fall down.

  • Kiki
    2019-02-05 12:26

    Wait, marrying someone to save your fortune isn't gold digging but them being poor automatically makes them a gold digging tart?Fuck off you fucking moron.Also I do not believe he was celibate during the 5 years of separation. THAT. IS. CHEATING.

  • Jenny
    2019-02-01 12:18

    Lynne Graham does it again. No one writes a better alpha hero than her. Roel is crazy about Hilary but he rejects her because she is too young, poor and uneducated thus not good enough for him. In short he is snob and arrogant but his passion for his wife is strong and he tries hard to fight his feelings and not fall for her. Hilary is one of the most heart-tugging, most endearing heroines ever. She is obsessed with Roel ever since she first laid eyes on him. Her love is deep, desperate and unconditional. I loved Hilary's quirkiness and spunk. It was fun to see such a snob hero fall for a sunny easygoing hipster! She is also a hairdresser who dyes her hair pink something which drives her conservative banker husband crazy. All in all funny and beautiful love story. Sure Roel wasn't always perfect and sometimes pretty ruthless, but that made me love him even more. I like when the hero is brutal and a total ass of himself but nothing beats a very good grovelling!

  • Asteropê
    2019-02-05 14:17

    Eh. Not really sure what to think. On one hand, I liked it. On the other I didn't. The problem is, Roel was too much of an ass at times. He wasn't just being aloof and cold, he was mean and purposefully cruel at times (and suposidly while he was falling in love with her! How could he treat her like that, if he cared for her?). Attacking her with little insults and generally acting like a jerk. If he were merely cold and distant, I could get over it, but he said things to provoke her to tears and that doesn't sound like something someone who loves and cares for someone does! The groveling, IMO, didn't come quick enough and all the past hurts, all the things he did and said to make her cry, were forgotten too quickly.

  • Cherise
    2019-01-24 19:42

    Definitely one of her weaker ones. I didnt like the h much tbh, I also hate liars with a passion. While I understand initially why she did that, her latter actions really is v selfish and stupid. Any logical person can see how this will end with her deception yet she still went ahead with no plan to rectify the situation. Poor H, even though he just is as unlovable, I understand where he came from and why he was so mean to her.I would say while the plot is interesting, the way things panned out makes a v dislikable and weak h and a totally brutish H. The ending probably helps bummed it up a star otherwise I really didnt like this one at all.

  • Ipshita
    2019-01-26 19:40

    That conclusion to all their problems was super abrupt for me.

  • Roub
    2019-02-06 14:46

    lol this one was damn entertaining ! i absolutely loved it ! their whirlwind romance does not make sense but who needs sense !? we're having a fantasy here n it was very well done. i found joel's meanness actually very exciting !! n lets face it, hilary deserved all dat she got coming ! she pursued him ruthlessly. she was utterly shameless n did what she cud 2 gain him ! even in the flashbacks of the past, she was a very determined lady ! when she got the opportunity 2 gain him, she did not hesitate. she used his amnesia 2 infiltrate his life ! lol:p she denies all she wants but dats what she did. she was mad 4 him ! n dats what joel needed ! mrs graham has done it again ! another fantastic read which i absolutely loved ! dunt miss it:p

  • Books&Friends
    2019-02-12 14:38

    Fluctuated between liking it and stopping and going 'huh' a lot. That tells me this story should have stayed longer on the editor's desk. Certainly had the potential to be a much better story with some tweaking.My take.

  • Ning
    2019-01-26 18:21

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  • Paula Legate
    2019-01-28 12:44

    Clemente, Roel’s grandfather said in his will, that in the event of his grandson failing to marry within a certain amount of time, Castello Sabatino, the family’s ancestral home, should go to the state instead of being giving to flesh and blood. Roel was a workaholic, and was a love’em and leave’em kind of guy. He didn’t have time to marry. So he entered into a fake, on paper only marriage after his grandfather passed away. Hilary had always loved Roel. After meeting him, no guy would ever measure up to his good looks, and take charge personality. Hilary was by his side as soon as she could get there, after she found our Roel had been in a car wreck. She had to pretend to be his real wife, because Roel had amnesia. Her emotions were going crazy, because being his real wife had always been her dream. She just didn’t want it to be like that. The two struggled with the relationship, but the love was there, and so was the chemistry. This book was good, but I’ve read so many with this same plot that I’m only rating it a 3. I did love the Italian words that Roel spoke within the story. There were a few that I had never seen before.

  • Cheesecake
    2019-02-17 11:42

    Hilary and Roel. Still not sure what I think of this one, but it was enjoyable just for being different.For once, I had to agree that the H had good reason for being an asshat... well with qualifications. The h seemed to have a penchant for running instead of standing and fighting with courage. That's not to say she was a total doormat or that he wasn't a self serving jerk... Anyhoo, Roel needed a convenient wife to inherit the family mansion. Hilary at 19, was that. She stays completely out of the picture for several years until a freak accident causes Roel to have temporary amnesia. He lost the last 5 years which just exactly covers the time when he marries her. She, of course, has loved him ever since they first met. He has made an art of living an emotionless, work driven life as the head of a bank. Hilary is a hairdresser raising her younger sister with no family to help. How can she expect to win the love of such an emotionless powerful man? I almost wanted to give it 4 stars...

  • IamGamz
    2019-02-13 18:22

    Roel married Hilary to meet the terms of his grandfather's will so he could not inherit his family home. It was a marriage of convenience until 4 years later when a car accident causes Roel to lose part of his memory and his "wife" is called to his side. Another great classic Lynne Graham. Filled with all the drama you'd expect, it is a fun, satisfying read. Roel is a typical HP alpha male and Hilary is the sassy woman that he can't help falling for, even though he fights it. I just learned that this book is the third in a series of three, so I'm off the find the first two books! I'm sure they be just as entertaining.

  • Ladyacct
    2019-01-18 15:18

    Another amazing story from this author...although this hero almost stepped over into the cruel emotionally line side of meanness and really there was a couple of times I would have racked and stacked him.

  • Shiloh Gealogo
    2019-02-04 11:41

    This book is great if you are looking for a book where you can check your brain at the door. It's definitely like feminism never happened, but its a great fluff/smutty romance novel.

  • Jasbell76
    2019-01-29 13:23

    From 1 to 10: 8.5 (My personal rating scale)Another one I don't remember very well :S

  • Jacqueline
    2019-02-16 19:32

    review to come

  • Genessis
    2019-01-25 16:32

    al principio del libro ame la actitud de roel me parecio muy divertida y controladora claro pero perdio la memoria y su manera de llevar la situacion fue buena pero odie siempre la forma de ser de ña chama es muy tonta y muy sumisa me molesta esa entiendo que este enamorada pero es muy mal se deja muy absorber por el yo cuando le regreso la memoria si lo odie me parece que sus razones para tratarla mal fueron una tonteria no entiendo y entendi lo del bebe pero siento que tanto llanto y cosas le afecto a pietro y el final fue muy insipido resolvieron eso muy estupidamente cosa que la pudieron resolver antes y ellos estubieran felices mas tiempo me gustan muchos los libros de esa autora pero este no me gusto tanto y eso que me lo leei como en 5horas un poco mas por que se me descargo el tlf y asi

  • Athena
    2019-02-11 14:22

    Alright so first of all the hero was an asshole in this story .. he treated the heroine horribly and basically used her to be his wife but only in name so fast forward four years and their still married but the heroine has not seen the hero since... but suddenly the hero gets into a car crash and gets amnesia forgetting he has a wife... of course the heroine is in love with him so she goes to see him and does not tell him that they are NOT husband and wife for real so of course when he eventually gets his memory back does it get harder for the heroine but in the end it was a cute read

  • Mary
    2019-02-10 18:25

    Roel arranged to marry Hilary so he could inherit the family's ancestral home from his grandfather. In return, she received enough money to make life easier for her and her younger sister. Then Roel is in an accident and loses 5 years of his memory. When Hilary comes to take care of him at the doctor's request, she has to deal with the deception as well as her developing feelings for the man who brushed her off like a fly when they were wed.Some tension, but over all a so-so story.

  • RomLibrary
    2019-01-19 19:46

    Swiss French hero. Hairdresser. Spunky dress and hair style. Marries her to fulfill will. He is a old cynical banker. She is warm hearted. Pulls him down by tie when he has her over his desk. Faints at yacht party. Beach wall. He falls for her hard

  • Asounani
    2019-01-24 16:31

    No simplemente NO

  • sma
    2019-01-26 17:40

    It would have been 5 star except for ending every conversation with "love" !!! Seriously :l ??? but I like the different personalities :)

  • Claude Road
    2019-01-18 11:23

    QuotesWas it any wonder his memory had chosen to betray him by overlooking the most unprofitable acquisition in a man's life since the advent of disease? Although he was only in his thirtieth year, it seemed that he had already sacrificed his freedom. Just as his father had done and his father before him: marry young, repent in millions. Brilliant eyes enhanced by black spiky lashes, Raul surveyed her as though she were a madwoman in need of restraint. 'Nobody tells me what to do. I'm astonished that you should think that you have the right to impose your views on me.' He couldn't take his attention off his nail-biting wife. In actuality, he did not argue with people ever. He had never had to argue. Arguments just didn't happen to him. 'If you tell me how you described me, I'll shut up,' she promised.'Very small, purple lips, workman's boots.' Hilary perked up at amazing speed. 'What do you find attractive about me?' she pressed hopefully, less than subtle at the age of nineteen years.'Nothing,' Roel imparted drily. Before she could achieve that goal, however, an imperious hand closed over the edge of the bedding and flung it back from her prone body. She let out a yelp of mingled astonishment and mortification. He bent down and scooped her up like a parcel he had come to retrieve.'What are you doing?' she squealed.'From now on, we share the same bed, cara,' Roel delivered, striding back into his own room with both arms firmly wrapped round her. 'My hair?' Roel stared at her much as if she had suddenly started performing back flips for his amusement. 'Infernol I can recall everything I was feeling and thinking in that one tiny moment in the street! You had me as hard as a rock,' Roel admitted with shattering frankness, his fierce gaze wholly pinned to her. 'I wanted to haul you into the limo, check into a hotel and have a lost weekend.' It was like being possessed, she thought in panic at her own behaviour. 'I'll think that over.' 'No. You won't think anything over. I'll buy a wedding ring. You'll wear it. End of discussion,' Roel delivered with derisive force and sprang out of bed to pull on a pair of black silk boxer shorts. 'Everything about you is my business. Knowing that gives me a good feeling,' Roel informed her with stinging softness. 'Tears irritate me as do emotional scenes and flying pottery.’ 'I don't embarrass easily,' Roel cut in drily. Roel gave her a sardonic glance. 'Grovelling is for peasants and you should know me well enough by now to know that when I want something, I take it. You're going to learn how to be a Sabatino wife and you'll save me the time and effort of picking out another mistress by taking on the role personally-' 'I'm a banker. An unauthorised overdraft is a debt-' Roel surveyed her mutinous profile. 'I'm not leaving London without you.' 'Have you noticed something? I'm not laughing,' Roel derided with raw edged softness. 'Be careful. If I catch you flirting with other men, I won't be amused.' 'You're banned from my office,' Roel drawled coolly. 'SI ... ' Roel responded, impervious to attack, a bright glitter in his intent scrutiny. 'Screaming has been known to cause avalanches.' 'You make me burn for you J barely slept a night through while you were in London. But now you're mine again and you will stay mine until I decide otherwise, bella mia.' 'I shall get you out from under my skin or die in the attempt, cara,' Roel murmured huskily. 'Some never say sorry at all and some will even buy you diamonds in the hope that you will not expect any action that could be interpreted as grovelling.' 'I saw Celine ... beside her, I'd probably look as heavenly in shape as Humpty Dumpty!' Hilary fielded chokily. 'Inferno What do you think I am? A block of wood?' 'Ice,' she countered unevenly. 'Very self-contained and disciplined and proud of it too…’ Half an hour later she was in her bedroom packing when the door crashed back on its hinges and framed Roel. 'You can't leave ... I can't go through that again!' he swore with vehement force.

    2019-01-27 17:24

    Bu yazarı çokkk seviyorum çok çarpıcı kalemi var..Okuduğum romanların içinde beğenmediğim olmamamıştır..Bu ayki Harlequin Classic serisindeki ilk hikaye Lynne Grahama aitti.Bankacı Roel Sabatino iş hayatında hırslı,gözü kara,acımasız bir admadı..Özel hayatında da kadınları seviyordu ama sadece yatağında.Onlarla duygusal bir bağı yoktu olamazdı..Bir gece bir araba kazası geçirir hafızasını kaybeder..Kendine geldiğinde çarpıcı minyon bir sarışın kadının karısı olduğu söylenir..Ama bir sorun vardır Roel karısı olduğu söylenen Hilary'i hiç hatırlamıyordur..Anladığı kadarı ile evliliğinde bir takım tuhaf durumlar bulunmaktadır.Bu kadar güzel bir kadın onun karısı olduğu halde nasıl bakiredir? gibi..Gardrobunda niçin iki elbisesinin olması gibi..Çok sevdim..Beyaz Dizinin en iyi yazarlarından kendisi kaçırmayın...

  • NancyK
    2019-02-11 11:20

    The list of Romance Books Everyone Should Read got me started. This is number 9 on my personal list. Hero gets amnesia and doesn't remember his marriage of convenience. Typical Harlequin Presents story - but wait. When the hero wrecked his car he had the heroine's photo in his hand. OK not so typical. She is goth, he is a banker. He is a playboy, she is not typical playboy girlfriend (or mistress or wife for that matter). This is one of my faves, as they go back and forth. Interesting how opposites attract. Interesting how each of their ideal marriages ends up being the same, marriage that is.

  • Baseballmom
    2019-01-24 19:31

    Meh...........d:|This could have been really good, but,, I just wasn't thrilled with it. The characters seemed to be all over the place, I didn't like how the H took no responsibility for his actions and blamed everything on the h. Additionally, the H was so cold and the HEA was so rushed, I just didn't believe he loved her........d:|