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Somewhere, there is a place for me. There are people who understand me and can explain the mysteries of my past.I have traveled far in search of this place.But instead of knowledge or understanding, I have found only danger, hostility, and fear.......

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Reckoning Reviews

  • Vanessa
    2019-02-16 20:29

    Surprisingly, I enjoyed this volume of the Wicca/Sweep series a lot more than I thought I would. Alisa narrates this volume, and is a fairly new character introduced only a few books ago), yet I welcomed the change of perspective.Although this is not the most action-packed book of the series, I really enjoyed taking a step back and going along more of a personal discovery route, much like the earlier books in the series (that were some of my favourites). The focus on Alisa's history and background, and her newly-discovered family, were wonderful for me - I got to enjoy her awakening to witchcraft much in the style of Morgan's awakening in previous books. The self-discovery aspect is something I really enjoy.Surprisingly, I even got quite emotional at the end of this book, and had a few tears in my eyes. Maybe I was just tired, I'm not sure, but either way it got me more than I expected it would. For that, I really enjoyed this, and I'm dying to get onto book 14.

  • Sarah
    2019-02-20 19:46

    Yasss this series manI disliked Alisa at first in this series but having this book through her perspective was awesome, way better than the book through Hunter's perspective. I love how all the stories are interwoven and I am exited to see how this series ends, but dreading on finishing it and not having more to read

  • Michelle
    2019-01-25 00:37

    this book was a side storyline from the main characters, and personally I don't enjoy those as much. Morgan and Hunter were barely in the book at all. Alisa was the focus of this installment and we got to learn about her family. It was a good story but with only two books left in the series I had hoped to have more about Morgan and Hunter.

  • Abbie
    2019-01-26 02:27

    Actual rating - 2.5Another boring read. I'm glad there's only two books left in the series.

  • JonSnow
    2019-02-08 20:45

    Read in 2004Read in 2015Read in 20172017 Review: LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS BOOK TO DEATH!Another 5 star book. I'm glad to see that 2015 me also agreed with that rating. This book was a full blown Alisa Soto book, and I absolutely loved it. I read it front to back in two sessions this evening with only a half hour break in between, that's how good it was!This book is the origin story of Alisa in effect. It's like when Morgan went off in pursuit of her own explorations into her past and found her mothers tools. It's a great read, and really makes you like Alisa all the more. This book is so rich in emotion. So rich in character exploration, romance, discovery. It's a pure joy to read!SPOILERSAs usual, here comes a massive summary, followed by my thoughts.The book begins with a prologue of Oona, Alisa's great grand mother X5, going nuts and hexing Mairin, her daughter, which starts the whole telekinetic thing in the family. First born females we find out later.We have talks of ghosts in the journal. Then the book begins with Alisa deciding to pursue her uncle Sam Curtis. She emails him. Receiving a reply from Charlie, she tells Mary K.We have mermaid dreams, and we have Sam email her back with his contact info.During a circle Alisa causes the pipes and everything to spew water. Alisa tells Morgan she is telekinetic. Alisa sense Morgan and Hunter cast their senses at her for the first time. Later at home Alisa gets angry with Hillary for packing her things up. She yells hurtful things, and runs away at night. She ends up seeing Morgan's car. Alisa's got $6 cash, and 300 in the bank. Morgan gives her 12 more, puts a watch sigil on her, and drops Alisa off at the bus stop. Alisa arrives in Boston 3am. Eventually she makes it to New York Sunday morning.She calls her dad, tells him she's going to see her mothers family. Her dad didn't even know that Sarah had a brother, Sam. In Gloucester Massachusetts, the cab driver refuses to charge Alisa.When Alisa meets her Uncle Sam, he's 40's, gay, she can tell from the books, and he says so. Then we have a journal of Mairin's BOS going missing etc. Sam had cast a spell which made the storm that killed sailors. This is what caused Sarah Curtis, among other things, like her telekinesis, to strip her own powers and run away. Sarah also almost killed Sam during an argument in which a table and charges slammed into him telekinetically by accident and sent him down the stairs. He could have died!Sarah died in 1991 when Alisa was just 4 years old. Alisa meets Evelyn, Ruth, Brigid. A branch almost hits Sam, but Alisa warns him. There are fears this is Oona's ghost.Evelyn is her grandmother but doesn't seem happy to meet her. Brigid could have been killed! Charlie saved her (I forget the details).At a Diner, with Brigid, to escape Sam and Evelyn who were talking because Evelyn wasn't happy about Alisa being there, Brigid introduces Charlie. Brigid assumes Alisa has no power. Awkward comments abound. Brigid leaves, and Alisa stays with Charlie. She spills and tells him of her powers, and hunters house flood. Charlie tells her about how he made himself naked at 13 with a spell by accident. She tells him of the Tath Meanma Brach with Hunter et al. Evelyn has been ignoring Alisa. Ruth gets injured and an arm broken. Evelyn blames Alisa.Alisa calls Morgan, then Charlie calls Alisa. They plan a day together the next day and find the library at Evelyn's house. In it she discovers Mairin's book of shadows, and they even kiss. Brigid shows up and Charlie has to explain things, but he does so after Alisa leaves.Alisa gets attacked by Oona's ghost. She deflects some dishes remarkably!! Tells Sam she has powers. He is surprised. They scry, she sees a box of purple.In Salem, she tells Sam she ran away, and all about the dark wave... everything.She calls Hillary, then Hunter, the former at Sam's silent insistence.Hunter suggests first born females are telekinetic. It explains everything. It means Evelyn is also. This explains the ghost. There isn't one. We then meet Charlie's father. Alisa saves Charlie himself from fire by instinctively powerfully telekinetically hurling a cauldron of water. Alisa had stolen Mairin's book of shadows, and spilled water on it, revealing hidden writing. She bikes to Evelyn's, leaves the book there, and Evelyn has her visit. They do a Tath Meanma, and Evelyn learns the truth. She now has a respect for Alisa, realizing everything.Sorcha in the chapter journals is Sarah. There's no ghost. Oona cast a hex on the family the commit suicide. The purple cloth she scryed was her mothers tools calling to her. Evelyn gives them to her. Alisa draws her first circle. Alisa and Brigid talk, and Brigid says she doesn't like what happened but thanks her for saving Charlie.Charlie it turns out, broke up with Brigid. He's fallen for Alisa! Charlie and Alisa go to Hammond Castle and Norman's Woe, the power sink, and do a memory spell. It's beautiful. A happy memory of her mother, when Alisa was 3. Alisa calls hunter. Calls Charlie. The story wraps up happily with Alisa having Hunter come get her (he insists). And while on the phone with Charlie, he tells her he's fallen for her, and it's wonderful. Alisa who has been so lonely, so very single, and wishing to find a boy to share her life with, has finally found one it seems.THOUGHTS IN BRIEFI really like this book. The writing has been taken to new, higher levels. There's almost no repetitive stuff now, which is great. The journals are actually typed into these Ebooks now, rather than image files. It makes for much quicker reading. I probably shaved off half hour just because of that.In reading this book, all I want to do now is learn more about Alisa. I've almost all but forgotten about Morgan now. The series is more about Alisa. What will happen. I really can't even remember at this point. 15 books is a lot of books and plots to remember after all, even if this is my third time through the series. It's almost like experiencing thing for the first time, though they're more predictable because I've read them.The book is so much stronger in character development than previous ones, book 12 excluded as it was amazing also. Alisa feels so real. Her thoughts and feelings and experiences, they all come alive in print. The romance is even written far better than in the other books. This book has clearly benefited from a maturing practiced authorial hand.The scene with Hillary was incredibly dramatic. The argument. The running away. Perfectly written. Raw. Emotive. True. Kids do this. Kids run away. Kids freak out and say hurtful things and run away. This book is so full of expressive expansive moments like this, I just loved it. My eyes watered in response to what Alisa was going through. I felt so bad for her.Another watering moment was when Evelyn did tath meanma. When they linked minds and Evelyn finally accepted Alisa, it was happy watery eye moment all the way. The library scene where she kisses Charlie is so perfect. So real. It's just like how these things happen. So sudden. So passionate. So unexpected, yet so welcome. Then the embarrassment and the realization of what they've done, and how it'll affect Brigid. But I don't feel too bad for Brigid. She seems a bit of a dolt. Nice. But dolty and a tad snobby about her magick.I would love to write more about it, but I'd just be rambling about how great it is at this point. Read it!!----------------------------------------------------2015 reviewThis is definitely one of the better later books. While i was very disappointed that Morgan, who the entire series seemed about, was not in this... I quite enjoyed the character development of Alisa Soto. In a way it harkens back to the beginning of the series with Alisa, like Morgan, discovering she is a Blood witch. It is sad we don't see any more Morgan development. I know, or suspect why the author did this, as I have read the series before, but it still comes as a big shock to switch character focuses after so many books being about just Morgan, then to have the later ones about Alisa. But, for this series, this was a 5 star, for what it is. It was interesting seeing her origin story, her growth into her powers and her reconnecting with family she hadn't known of. It was also interesting to see her teenage blowup! I remember being a teenager. These books really ring true of life in ones mid to late teens, and the emotional turmoil one goes through.

  • Whitney
    2019-01-28 01:30

    PlotIf any of the books before Reckoning could be considered filler books, they must now bow down to the actual filler book. In all honesty, Reckoning is a book that is almost completely useless to the series. In actuality, the series is over. They’ve defeated Ciaran and know of a way to combat the dark waves. Hunter found his parents. Everything’s done. What’s left is going to be a bunch of, what seems like, personal drama. This book focuses on Alicia, for some odd reason. She wasn’t really even a side character until a few books ago. Alisa heads out to visit her mother’s side of the family and they, of course, have some strange problem of their own. I will admit that I thought the “poltergeist” storyline was interesting. It takes forever and a year to actually get to it, but it takes a few things from earlier books and wraps them up nicely. WritingReckoning is from exclusively from Alisa’s POV this time. She’s less of a dull narrator than Morgan, but there’s still times where the text borders on completely boring and absolutely boring. I will admit that you can tell the differences in Morgan’s and Alisa’s voices; thank goodness for small blessing. I will also say that there was actually a plot twist that I did not see coming and I was quite happy with it. Besides that one thing, everything else was just as cliché as with Morgan. I could tell what was going to happen, when the one boy in the entire book showed up Alisa would be attracted to him, etc. CharactersI can’t say that I really liked Alisa. She’s got reasons to be an angry teenager, sure enough, but the way she took her anger out on people made me dislike her. As the book progresses I don’t really feel one way or the other about here. She’s just there. I don’t dislike her as much as I did in the beginning of the book, but I can’t say I like her either. The rest of the characters, especially the adults that knew of Alisa’s situation, were very strange. She literally ran away from home, to another state to stay with a bunch of strangers, and everybody is okay with that! Her own father just gives up and lets her go because apparently she “isn’t going to back down” or something that no loving father would say. Things I LikedI liked how Tiernan brought earlier elements from the story and incorporated them into this book. I honestly hadn’t seen a thing coming and was pleasantly surprised. Things I Didn't LikeThere was more insta-love in this installation. I’m fine with reading about people who are immediately attracted to each other, but not instant love. It just doesn’t happen, magick or not. Love takes time and isn’t really a feeling that is just suddenly there. Crushes, infatuation, lust; all those things can happen in an instant, but apparently not in the Sweep series. Nope, only love, even though these people don’t even know the first things about each other. Another thing I don’t like is all of these age gapes between these young girls and older guys. First it was with Mary K. and Bakker, and now with fifteen-year-old, freshman Alisa and nearly eighteen-year-old, college freshman Charlie. Yes, in both cases, they’re all still teenagers, but there’s such a big developmental difference between freshman/sophomores and juniors/seniors. It’s really, really creepy. DiversityAlisa is half-Latina. As Latina is not a race but an ethnicity, I assume her race is actually Mestiza. So far, Alisa is the only confirmed non-white character with relevance to the plot in the span of thirteen books of a fifteen-part series. Very poor diversity indeed. OverallIf you didn’t care for Alisa before, you can just skip this book. It absolutely is a filler book. Nothing new is learned in Reckoning and I’m sure that Morgan will give a full recap in the next book, Full Circle. The plot was mildly interesting, but the characters didn’t hold any of my interest. It was a quicker read to me than the other books, and it was slightly better. Here is a link to my notes.

  • Kat Mandu
    2019-01-25 21:19

    Kat Mandu says...This is another one in the Sweep series narrated by Alisa as she ventures to her deceased mother’s homeland to discover the truth about her mother’s family, death, and powers.I sincerely do not want to give this book three stars *just* because I can’t stand the character who narrates it, but she is too much. I don’t know a single fourteen-year old with the rationality (or lack thereof) that Alisa has. Runaway? Sure, I guess that’s normal for kids who are going through rough times. But explaining to your dad why you ran away like Alisa does? I’m sorry, but my parents would have said, “I’m coming to get you no matter what and telling me you’re a silly little girl who can’t fess up to her problems is not an excuse.” Seriously, I know nine-year-olds who are more mature than this girl.I was hoping Evelyn would freak out after discovering that Alisa and Charlie were down in her private library. Because they freaking BROKE IN WITHOUT PERMISSION! I don’t know about you, but if I were the strange woman whose house, study, and life (so to speak) were broken into, I think I’d be a little ticked off.Golly, I do not remember being so angsty when I was fourteen. Everything is so dramatic with Alisa. She cries eighty billion times. We get it, you’re overwhelmed. But damn, do you have to moan and groan about EVERYTHING? I thought Alisa and Hilary were getting along in the last book, but that totally changes in this one. And then there’s the Charlie thing and before that, “oh, I’m lonely, single Alisa.” I feel like the romance is forced in this one, just so Alisa has one less thing to bitch about. I just can’t relate to her like I did with Morgan.The story itself isn’t bad – I love the Book of Shadow entries especially. I would have liked to have seen some more magic, but there is a lot to take in as the story unfolds. The descriptions are nice and vivid; everything is very easy to visualize.Poor Morgan and Hunter in the beginning, having to deal with Alisa in a way that makes them seem like parents. I like how Morgan can accept and understand Alisa’s longing to discover more about her past and that she relates to Alisa’s innocent mind when it comes to the discovery of her powers.I did like the mermaid idea and how it led to Alisa’s discovery of her mother’s athame and other witch tools. The idea that everything in life has its own destiny and path is expressed continuously in this series and it’s fascinating to watch it unfold.Still, I can only manage to give this a three rating.

  • Thea Aurora
    2019-01-22 03:22

    When I began to read this book it was not that interesting because it was not Morgan narrating the story but as I got deeper in the story it turned out that Alisa does really have a strong voice... although I have to say I preferred the part when Alisa was in Gloucester rather than in Widow's Vale.Anyways, all and all I think this book was written pretty well and had many interesting aspects to it.I am looking forward to reading the next book.

  • Jennifer Girard
    2019-02-13 23:24

    ok so here's the the book that make me stop the series years ago. I was anxious and excited to read this book. Anxious since it was a bad one and excited cause it's the last one I had to reread! The two last books I never read them before! Finally new stuff to read! I can't wait to finally finish the series!

  • Nova
    2019-01-25 20:36

    Deze vind ik beter dan de vorige boeken. Dit boek is net iets volwassener.

  • Shirley Cuypers
    2019-02-14 00:18

    I take my words back, I love Alisa!

  • Isabella Jensen
    2019-02-14 00:30

    2.25-2.5So, I hate Alisa always have probably always will and this book did her character NO favors. Which, kind of doesn't make much sense because this entire book was an attempt to get us to care about her, and yet Tiernan makes her out to be a spoiled asshole anyway. Why?? This is your character here. (view spoiler)[ the asshole part of this being obviously that she decides relationships don't mean shit to her and she's just gonna go make out with her cousin's boyfriend; a cousin she just met in a family that JUST welcomed her into their homes (this whole book literally takes place over one spring break) despite her giving them absolutely no warning she's coming and also at this point in the story not all of them are welcoming her with open arms already before she's coming in like a home wrecker. So this bitch is really over here like oh I can't help it I just have to kiss him I'm so drawn to him even though he's 17 with a 16 year old girlfriend and I'm like 14 it's fine. And then shocker shocker she makes it about her when his girlfriend basically catches them. Also, this wasn't even like a plot twist. The second he comes into the story you can see this coming.(hide spoiler)] This is rather pathetic and painful to read actually. The writing was just horrible, so many sentences that didn't make sense I felt like I was reading a translated book. The grammatical errors I can only hope is just some re-publication errors, but the sentences literally make no sense. And forget about maintaining continuity for any small details of the story. One sentence, someone is looking Alisa in the eye - the next, that someone is just now turning their head to look at them. So sloppy!I really enjoy the Wiccan aspects of this series. It's the one thing I keep coming back for and at least Tiernan delivers on that front. It's the only reason I continue this series and the only thing that made this book bearable.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-09 01:23

    Best book of the series so far, probably on par with Origins. Alisa is a far more engaging and sympathetic narrator than Morgan, and it's unfortunate the rest of the series casts her as a secondary character at best.

  • Tosha
    2019-01-23 03:34

    I didn't think I was gonna like reading this one since it is only in Alisa's POV. but I loved it. It was definitely good to getting to see her story unfold.

  • Erin
    2019-01-25 21:29

    I love this whole series I can't put them down!!!!!! 👌👌

  • Hillary Beck
    2019-02-05 20:19

    Entertaining. A little ready for the series to be over though.

  • Bianca Vega
    2019-02-10 21:20

    Keep it coming. This series has been one of my favorites.

  • Barbara Collins
    2019-02-20 01:38

    I actually liked this book more than the rest of the seriesAlisa's story..

  • Nairabell
    2019-01-26 21:40

    Alisa Soto grew up thinking that she was a normal girl and her biggest worry was the impending marriage of her father and his young pregnant fiance. Then Alisa discovered Wicca and with it a world of temptation, beauty and fear. With it, Alisa discovered that she is incredibly unique - a talented half-witch, unheard of even in the magickal world. Now Alisa is determined to seek out her mother's family and learn more about her heritage.This is the thirteenth book in the Wicca series (which began with Book of Shadows) and is narrated by Alisa. The previous installment was jointly narrated by Alisa and Morgan and it's great to have a book purely from Alisa's perspective as she's a really great fascinating character. This is probably one of my favourites of the series as I really like Alisa's voice.The setting of the book has also changed as Alisa goes to Gloucester, Massachusetts in search of her mother's family. Turning up on her uncle's doorstep she is thrown in at the deep end, and in doing so she soon discovers that her family need her just as much as she needs them. Strange telekinectic incidents have haunted the family for generations and Alisa may just hold the solution within her.I really liked Alisa's family, especially her Uncle Sam and her reunion with her family is particularly well written. Some family members are thrilled by her presence, some take it in their stride and others are reluctant to acknowledge her. It is also great to see how someone with a mundane childhood reacts when introduced to a family immersed in magick. The other thing I loved is that Alisa manages to use her experience to grow as a person, becoming more focused and centered in herself and using it in a positive way.The romance angle is also a little different. Alisa finds herself irrevocably drawn to Charlie Findgoll, a geeky witch who is open and friendly from the moment they meet. But Charlie is Alisa's newfound cousin's boyfriend and so the attraction becomes something they both resist from the beginning even as their friendship grows.All in all this was an awesome read and I'm looking forward to Full Circle.Plot: 10/10Characters: 10/10Ending: 10/10Enjoyment: 10/10Cover: 9/10Overall: 49/50

  • Jacquline
    2019-02-19 22:19

    This book is from Alisa's point of view. No surprise that it is once again from a different view. Alisa decides to run away from and find her relatives in Massachusetts. She finally meets Sam, her uncle, and her grandmother, Evelyn. Where Sam is warm and inviting, Evelyn is cold and bitter. Sam is happy to have his niece, to finally meet his sister's daughter, and Evelyn can't stand the sight of Alisa because she doesn't have magic. When her magic is discovered, Evelyn warms up to her, especially since Oona, a relative from the 1800s, was thought to be haunting the house, but it turns out that Oona cast a spell on the firstborn females in the family to have telekinetic powers. As interesting as it was to see Alisa's journey with magic, Tiernan has major writing issues. The voices of Alisa and Morgan are far too similar, putting them in fairly similar situations. That shows that Tiernan has no creativity to show. The voices of these two female characters are almost exactly the same because of how they think, act, and long for the knowledge of their family history, with each girl ending up with her mother's tools. Also, at the end of the last book, Alisa had just patched things up with her soon-to-be stepmother, Hilary. In this book, Hilary is a monster again, as if the good relationship never happened, but it ended repairing itself at the end of this book. There's no consistency whatsoever. Moving onto a more important aspect about Alisa. What a little home-wrecker. She has two men lined up. She meets Charlie, her cousin Brigid's boyfriend, and they fall for each other, causing him and Brigid to break up. They would have stayed together if it wasn't for the kiss that Charlie and Alisa shared in the library. Also, Alisa is way too comfortable with Hunter. She calls him for everything. She holds onto him for everything. How's Morgan supposed to feel about that? Isn't Morgan insecure enough with Justine from Canada and the kiss that Hunter shared with her? Alisa needs to set up some boundaries because that is going to get her in trouble. Two books left in the series. I hope the series ends stronger than it began.

  • Tara Day
    2019-02-03 19:40

    I sincerely don't want to give this book three stars simply because I can't stand the character who narrates it, but it's just too much. I don't know a single fourteen-year old with the rationality that Alisa has. Runaway? Sure, I guess that's normal. But explaining to your dad why in the way that she did? I'm sorry but my parents would have said "I'm coming to get you no matter what and giving me an excuse that I'm a silly little girl who can't fess up to her problems" would not be an excuse. And I was hoping Evelyn would freak out after discovering that Alisa and Charlie were down in her private library. Because I don't know about you, but if I knew that the strange woman whose house, study, and life so to speak were broken into, I think I'd be a little ticked off. Golly, I did not remember bring so angsty when I was fourteen. Everything is so dramatic with Alisa. She cries eighty billion times. We get it - you're overwhelmed. But damn, do you have to moan and groan about EVERYTHING? I thought Alisa and Hilary were getting along in the last book but that totally changes in this one. And then there's the Charlie thing and before that, "oh, I'm lonely, single Alisa." I just can't relate to her like I did with Morgan. The story itself isn't bad - I do love the book of shadow entries especially. I wanted to see some more magic, but there was a lot to take in. The descriptions were nice and vivid; everything was very easy to visualize. Poor Morgan in the beginning, and Hunter, having to deal with Alisa in a way that makes them seem like parents. I like how Morgan can accept and understand Alisa's longing to discover more about her past and that she relates to Alisa's innocent mind when it comes to the discovery of her powers. I did like the mermaid idea - and how it led to Alisa's discovery of her mother's athame and other witch tools. The idea that everything in life has its own destiny and path is just expressed continuously in this series and it's fascinating to watch it unfold.

  • Charlotte Phillips
    2019-01-29 02:27

    I think out of the side series in the wicca series this is perhaps my favorite one. The character has this huge sense of innocence about her that you can't help but be drawn to her. I loved the way that I felt I could really relate to her as I was reading through the novel because it meant that I was able to connect with the book and udnerstand it from a whole new perspective. What I liked about the book was this huge sense of reality to it. A teenage girl whose Fathers girlfriend is having a baby and taking over her life. I think that this is something that many of us have feared. Although I was not in a situation exactly the same, I do remember being hateful and spiteful of the new sibling that I was meant to be getting, who seemed to be wrecking the flow of life that I was enjoying. However the way that she dealt with it, running away, is something that many of us can relate to. What I got from this book though was a sense of personal experience. It was almost as if the author was describing her part of life merely because of how powerful and emotional that it felt.I loved the way that she just went of to meet her family in london, however I felt that a sense of reality could have been elaborated on here. A child going to see family members she has never known about till recently, would be scared, afraid and I doubt very much that they would have the money to travel that far anyway. However, that does not make the gbook a bore, it just gives it a little sense of adventure and of course when she meets the family, you can understand the shock and even the hatred. If someone reminds you of someone that died... then yes that can be a very very hard thing. What I liked though was the way that it seemed to be written on the basis of different things. There was mystery, pain, emotions, romance and conflict. Yet there was this huge sense of understanding as well. For me this was just very well written and I did enjoy it. It grasped me and I now want to read more about this character for she seems to be the more interesting one at the moment.

  • Natalia Paez
    2019-02-21 22:28

    My rating for this Book is 4.4 stars.Este libro se enfoca en nuestra nueva aliada de la historia, la sorpresa de Kithic (a parte de Morgan, claro esta.) Alisa Soto.Veo similitudes con la vida Morgan o mejor dicho con el enfoque que usa la autora para llamar la atención sobre el personaje, ambas pierde al ser de mayor información e importancia en su vidas, su madres. Sarah Curtis era una bruja que llego a tener miedo de su poder porque no sabia realmente que alcance y repercusiones ocasionaba ciertos ataques de telequinesis, se despojo de sus poderes y eso lo pudimos ver como en el #10 o #11 libro de la saga de Sweep, las entradas de los capítulos eran del Libro de Sombras de Sarah, por eso tenemos pleno conocimiento de ello.La forma en que se da la escapa de Alisa de su casa, es tan mundana pero no podía ser tan Morgan ¿cierto? En fin, descubrimos a Sam, Evelyn, Charles, Brigid, Ruth y Kate. Todos a su manera le atribuyen a la vida de Alisa, a sus constantes preguntas, dudas y sueños. Me fascina esa manera en que Cate Tiernan influye a los sueños, como lo hace el centro de todo, no podía llegar a sacarme de la cabeza si el sueño de la sirena tenia que ver con Oona la T5 (Tatara-tatara-tatara-tatara-tatara abuela) de Alisa y con la que la maldición de la telequinesis empezó mas específicamente con Mairin y continuo así sucesivamente. Resulta que el sueño no tenia nada que ver con Oona era con alguien mas especial para Alisa, llego en el momento perfecto y le dio el cierre de los problemas que tanto atormentaban a Ali, consiguió entrar en el corazón de su abuela, en el corazón de Sam (que no es un hombre muy difícil) y en el de Charles, que según todos los hechos en dice puede que sea su Muirn beatha dan. Hay muchas cosas mas lo presiento, solamente no tengo conocimiento de como ocurrirán y cuando.

  • Francais Parker
    2019-02-13 00:17

    World Building: B+Mythology: A-Girl Power: A+Guy-Hero: APlot-Twists: ALove-Interests: A+Villains: AFor you clean-readers: this book does NOT have mature content. There is some kissing and some scary scenes, as well.

  • Chibineko
    2019-02-12 00:16

    This book reminded me of Origins in that while I enjoyed this book, it just didn't grab me like the others did. I don't know what it is exactly, but I just didn't enjoy this as much as I would a Morgan narrated story.Alisa's still having problems with her father & step-mom to be Hillary- with the wedding & the baby on the way, neither of them seem to be paying any attention to her. When Alisa finally reaches her breaking point, she decides to run away to the family she never met: her mother's family. Once there she discovers that her telekinesis may be the result of a family curse & that she might be the only one who can figure out what is going on!I did enjoy this book, really- I did. It's just that like book 11, this just seemed like it could have been a little shorter or maybe a short story instead. Alisa is a fine character & while I could understand what she's going through, she just seemed to be more passive of a character in this book. For the most part she just walks through the entire novel with everyone else doing all of the work for her- a big change from other books in the series where Morgan or other characters took a more active role in everything. I can understand why this was done (Alisa has no formal training), but it doesn't exactly make for as good of a read as I thought it would.This isn't a bad book, but it's just a little dull in comparison to the other books in the series- especially the last one that was put out. Hopefully the next book in the series will be a little better than this one.

  • Annette M Guerriero Nishimoto
    2019-02-18 23:34

    Today's review is on Reckoning by Cate TiernanReckoning is the 13th book in the Sweep series and surprisingly was a really good book. This installment focused on Alisa and her mothers family.As the birth of Alisa's half-brother or half-sister draws nearer Alisa finds herself feeling more and more unnoticed in her own home. Things only get worse when she is asked to give up her bedroom for the baby and move to the "glorified closet" at the end of the hall.Though upset, she decides to attend the weekly circle at Hunter's house. Only Hunter and Morgan know that Alisa is a witch, so when the pipes start rumbling and the faucets start flowing causing a virtual flood, every one is a bit shaken. Least of all Alisa. So when she returns home and see that all of her belongings have been packed up in boxes, and packed by her stepmonster to be, it is no wonder that Alisa reaches her breaking point and runs away.She arrives on the door step of her uncle Sam and finds a not so loving grandmother and a house full of ghosts?This was a good stand alone book, and I really enjoyed it. I hope that Charlie comes back into the mix in one of these last two books to come. I would like to see their love grow. Perhaps they are soul mates too. Yeah, I'm a sucker for "Happily Ever After".3 of 5 stars

  • Raquel
    2019-02-14 23:20

    I am so happy to have read this book. Alisa's point-of-view was amazing and the fact that she went all out to look for her witch family?? AMAZINGThe reason for her running away was a bit lame, more of an excuse to go to the mall and wallow in misery but way to GO ALISA!! She went all out on her dad and stepmom and went to the nearest bus station, ride courtesy of Morgan's Das Boot.Anyways, new scenario, new people, new problems? Sign me up. Alisa's family on her mother's side is anything but normal, I mean, they're kind of being stalked by some creepy ancestor that went cukoo.(view spoiler)[Turns out it's actually ALISA and her grandmother that's causing all things to fly and go haywire 'cause their feelings get the best of them but it's cool, grandmother Curtis kind of hates on ALISA in the beginning but then they make up and she gets to call her Lita, ain't that cute? (hide spoiler)]Loved this book. Can't believe I'm so close to finishing the series!!!!

  • Sarah Crawford
    2019-01-26 19:42

    This book is written from Alisa's viewpoint. She still is not in control of her telekinetic abilities, especially since she is still very emotionally upset about a variety of things.The situation gets so bad for Alisa that she runs away to her Uncle's house in another city. She finds that the city has its own coven, but there are also family problems and a ghost that she will have to deal with.She attends a dinner with some other people and her Uncle and it goes really bad, as one of the people seems to look down on her and maybe even hate her. There's an accident, and one of the women at the dinner is hurt.Alisa kisses her cousin's boyfriend, and later is attacked by flying plates at Sam's house.Alisa manages to find out exactly who is behind all the telekinetic events, and ends up being given her mother's Wiccan supplies.This was really a very good story, a very good addition to the series.

  • Oberhuu
    2019-01-27 02:26

    Kaum kommen andere Personen ins Spiel und drängen Morgan in den Hintergrund, kann ich mit dem jeweiligen Buch einfach viel mehr anfangen und empfinde es angenehm zu lesen. Alisa mochte ich so und so gerne und finde es schade, dass ihr erst so spät eine Rolle auf den Leib geschnitten wird. Ich hätte mir ja generell gewünscht, dass auf mehr Charaktere im Buch so eingegangen wird. Einzig bei Hunter konnte man ein paar Bände vorher einen Einblick gewinnen. Irgendwie kann ich bei der Autorin kein System erkennen, sofern sie beim Schreiben überhaupt eins verfolgt hat. Alisas Geschichte erinnert mich sehr an Morgans. Ich habe den Eindruck, dass dieser und Hunters Band (Der 10.?) Nicht so richtig hinein passen, so, als wären sie Extraausgaben zu der Reihe.

  • Darcy
    2019-01-28 01:40

    We have another book that isn't from Morgan's perspective. I wasn't too sure what to think of this one as the others weren't as good. I have feel bad for Alisa for the past few books, so by the end of this book I was happy for her. Alisa has had to deal with a lot lately, the secrets that she has found out has rocked her. Some of her decisions haven't been the best, but they are hers. I think that learning more about her mother and that side of her family will help settle things down for her. As she heads back to NY things are looking up for her and I have hope that she can blend both of her families and her coven.