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Mel is busy trying to keep her life together when Bo Black enters the picture. Dashing, mysterious & enticing, Bo instantly captivates her. Luckily she resists her urges long enough to realize that Bo is really there to take back ownership of the airport Mel has worked so hard to maintain....

Title : Aussie Rules
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Aussie Rules Reviews

  • Lisa - (Aussie Girl)
    2019-04-16 16:37

    ** 3.5 stars **Easy reading contemporary with a hot Aussie hero. But it was actually the romance between the secondary characters, Dimi and Danny which piqued my interest.

  • Bekah
    2019-04-09 14:50

    3.75*Mel Anderson’s life is flying. Her business is flying; but when Bo Black walks back into her life he puts everything she holds dear in jeopardy. Once a boy she held a major crush on, this Aussie has come back all grown man with a taste for revenge on his tongue. That is until he gets a taste of Mel’s kisses. I really liked this book. Once I opened it up and got into it, I just didn’t want to put it down. I loved all of Bo’s “G’day Mates” and his swaggering confidence and cocky one liners. I loved how confident he was of Mel’s inability to resist him—and the way he took advantage of it. At every opportunity. In my head, I heard Hugh Jackman saying all of his lines. Drool worthy all the way! I also loved the tension and chemistry between Bo and Mel. They had so much chemistry it singed my fingers as I read the book. I love how Jill Shalvis never disappoints in the tension/steam/sex department. If you open one of her books you know there is going to be plenty and I do mean *plenty* of scintillating steam and then an oh so yummy pay off, actually several pay offs. Take note that in this book there are many very sexy scenes and one in particular that involved a water hose! This book also had a secondary romance going on between Dimi and Danny that was off the charts steamy and sweet as well and it was nice to see the resolution of their relationship.Now the mystery in this book really had me going. I didn’t know who to believe or who to trust –just like the characters. I was really hoping for both Mel and Bo’s sake that neither of them would get their hearts broken. It just didn’t seem that this would be likely though. I did love how the ending forced these two reluctant and stubborn lovers to finally admit their love and be COMPLETELY HONEST with one another. I was surprised at how quickly the ending happened and was wrapped up. I was also a little bit sad at the way it ended, someone had to get their heart broken, but I had so much hope inside of me right until the very end. But then that just wouldn’t have been realistic. Luckily, I’m not the one writing these books or they wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as they are!Finally, this book was wrapped in a very quick, very satisfyingly sweet epilogue. And now I can’t wait to go out and read my next Shalvis book! You guys should probably not wait either! :-)Find my reviews at page 317.

  • Stephanie Landis
    2019-04-20 10:46

    I was really digging this fun, easy read with enough suspense & mystery to keep me guessing when I realized something-- in the beginning it seemed like pretty much every time the main characters, Bo & Mel, started some sexy time, she would protest or ask him to stop, and Bo would ignore her protests and keep pushing until she gave in and said 'yes' because it was obvious she really wanted him. Sure Bo wasn't aggressive or forceful and if Mel had truly wanted him to stop I think he would have--but right there is the problem. A person's physical body can be into it, but if he or she is saying 'no,' then that should be it. No means no. End of story. This kind of thing in books makes me crazy. It perpetuates dangerous ideas and blurs the lines of what consent really means. In Aussie Rulesit isn't quite bad enough for me to write it off completely, but I'm definitely docking this one from 3 stars to 2.5 just for that nonsense (and a few other things, like repetitive phrasing.) I'd like to check out more from this author, but if questionable content like this pops up again? Yeah...I'm out.

  • Laura
    2019-03-22 15:47

    So far I have enjoyed all of the books I've read by Jill Shalvis. They are witty and fun and the story moves along at a good pace. This one was no exception.Mel and Bo are both real characters that are likable and have a good chemistry. The secondary characters were all fun, too. They added the extra zing to the story. There was a bit of a mystery to be solved that kept the characters together, but seemed to be secondary to the main plot line. I liked how all of the characters had to develop to finish the story and it wasn't just about solving the mystery.I am definitely going to keep reading Jill Shalvis's books...they are hot and steamy and I love the wittiness.

  • Notserp2002
    2019-03-27 15:39

    a second from a new to me author that i really enjoyed!

  • Jane
    2019-04-10 09:34

    It took me a while to finish this book because I put it aside to read at least one other book. Why? Because I had to read books that had to be returned to the library AND because it just didn't hold my attention. A book has to be really bad for me not to finish reading it. This was not the case with "Aussie Rules," however. But it IS a book I was able to put aside.Part of the problem, I think, is because I felt it is overly long. I kept hearing myself say, "Oh, just get on with it already, alright?" I'm not sure if the publisher insisted that the book be a certain length or what, but it dragged on and on. And then, just like that, it ended. In one short chapter and an epilogue, the bad "guy" was caught, and the epilogue tied up all the loose ends. It is as though the author was tired of writing the book, just as I was tired of reading it.This is not even close to the first book Shalvis wrote, but at times, it felt like it.

  • Char
    2019-03-31 14:42

    I read this because it was nominated for a Rita award, and it was a fun read. From Booklist, Mel and Dimi were only 16 when their world fell apart, and for the past 10 years, the young women have been pretending to themselves and everyone else that their mentor and role model, Sally, will be back any time now to resume control of the airport where they've been covering for her all this time. But when Bo Black unexpectedly arrives from Australia looking for Sally to exact vengeance for her theft of his father's hard-earned money and prized antique plane, the deception becomes more than the girls can handle.The action centers around a small airport that Mel runs. Bo is hot and the sex is steamy.

  • Just - The romance reader
    2019-03-22 13:56

    Through reading the Wilder series I have been come a devoted fan of Jill Shalvis. I have to admit that I didn't find myself addicted to Aussie Rules in the same way that I have been addicted to the other Shalvis novels I have read, which so far have all been in the Wilder series. However, I wasn't disappointed. Aussie Rules is a good light read, a great way to kick back and relax. Bo Black is on serious hunk o man, a perfect fantasy, complete with sexy accent and save the day instincts. The characters are all very likable, with the exception of the villain, Sally. But really, isn't that the point of the villain, to be disliked?

  • Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim)
    2019-04-17 13:59

    I just plain old didn't care for this one as much. There wasn't anything wrong with it per se. I just didn't care for the heroine or the hero all that much. And if there aren't very likable characters, it's hard to get into a character driven story. I don't really see anything wrong with it, just not anything special either. Still a light sexy contemporary romance, just missed for me on this one. A low three out of five.

  • Marg
    2019-04-09 13:34

    Was worried about having the main male character be Australian but it was better than it could have been. Occasional odd use of the word g'day and too many darlin's but other than that not bad.this is the last standalone novel that my library has that I hadn't read yet.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-29 13:03

    Aussie RulesJill ShalvisContempory Romance292 pages

  • Traann
    2019-04-14 12:42

    Really Cute early book by Jill Shalvis. You can see her talent developing here. She is one of my go to authors.

  • Mancho283
    2019-04-13 11:48


  • Christine
    2019-03-25 17:00

    Interesting story that I couldn't ultimately enjoy because the "hero" wouldn't take no for an answer. Apparently Mel really wants him underneath all that protesting, but their "chemistry" felt more stressful and icky than sexy to me. By contrast, there's a secondary male character who is so careful and respectful of the woman he's in love with, which was far more attractive.

  • Cait
    2019-03-28 15:58

    Loved this one! And I can't believe that it took me until now to stumble across it. Great read.

  • Sarah Eiseman
    2019-03-22 13:57

    Originally posted on of my favorite times during the summer is when I get to read a Jill Shalvis book. She never seems to disappoint and today’s book was no exception. Aussie Rules is an older, single title novel that was published in 2006. It was a fun little novel about a man returning to claim some deeded property and clear his father’s besmirched name. The property is coming to claim is a small air strip run by Mel Anderson and her bestie, Deme. These two were taken under the wing of the infamous (and MIA) Sally, who is turns out has some skeletons in her closet. Bo Black, the Aussie that the book is named after, is not interested in the air strip, but wants to get to the bottom of the mystery with Sally and his father. Mel, unfortunately, doesn’t trust Bo, but these two must work together to figure out what’s truth and what’s fiction.One of the reasons that Shalvis is such a reliable author to me is because her characters are flawed, but really unique. Although there are some consistencies between her heroines–strong, independent, fearless–they are always so refreshingly unique. I never feel like I’m reading the same story with different characters. She also does a great job of weaving in smaller sub-plots, without taking away anything from her main hero/heroine. One of the other things that as I get more into the genre that I appreciate is that the romance never seems contrived. It really feels like a natural next step for her characters, which isn’t always the case in romance.This book would be excellent as a beach read, or if you are looking for something solid to read this summer in the Romance genre. Shalvis is always an excellent, and funny, choice.

  • paperysoul
    2019-04-16 13:03

    I grabbed this because I wanted another dose from Jill Shalvis whilst waiting for new book to release in her Lucky Harbor series.In my opinion, the premise is not really about love story. It's more like mystery with suspense and added bonus lust. In this book, Bo Black, an Australian hottie and previously joined military came to North Beach to clear his late dad's marred name. Few years back his dad was conned by a woman named Sally, who was very dear to Mel. So Mel here, she loves flying so much and she owns her own charter. She's our heroine and Bo's love interest.Throughout the book, Bo and Mel tried to track Sally's whereabouts, Mel tried to cope the bitter truth fact about the woman she loved most, and they figured out who sent the threats to Mel. Also, there was a matter of trust between Bo and Mel. They just didn't trust each other and Mel lied to Bo for reasons -- as she said so.Oh, I enjoyed the romance! Not between Mel and Bo. Yeah, shocking. I know. It's on between Dimi and Danny. The two are second characters in this book. Romance between Mel and Bo was okay. It was their doing to get away each other that made me gone crazy. I was like, "Damn it, just go with it already."Overall, the book was good.Recommended.

  • Jane
    2019-03-30 09:37

    Being a huge Jill Shalvis fan I had high expectations from Aussie Rules. Don't get me wrong it was a good book just not as good as a lot of her others.Mel is a pilot full of gumption and works at North Beach Air, in fact she pretty much runs it. Sally, the owner, has mysteriously disappeared and Mel is unable to reach her. Along comes Bo Black claiming to be the rightful owner of the airstrip and has the deed to prove it. Mel takes an instant dislike to Bo and doesn't trust him at all. But there is a spark between them and they each feel it. Of course they deny it and steer clear of each other as much as they can while working together. Mel is intent on finding Sally and finding out who the real owner is and what is going on. It is an interesting road they travel. A happily ever after is in store for these two but you will have to read the book to find out how they get there.

  • Missy Jane
    2019-04-12 16:03

    This book was a nice surprise. I honestly had high hopes for it because I bought it in bulk and sent a few copies off to my contest winners. However, after reading the blurb I decided to keep a copy for myself and I'm glad I did.American pilot Mel Anderson has always idolized the woman who fed her love of flying, Sally. Bo Black is an awesome Aussie Mel knew was way out of her league when she met him as a teen. When he comes back as an adult she still feels overwhelmed by him and especially his questions about the MIA Sally.This story was a great read with a little bit of intrigue and a whole lot of sexual tension. I could've done without the character Dimi who, despite her many failings, was quick to judge Bo based on nothing and then proceed to harass Mel about him. There was also very little said about a couple of other characters who seemed central to Mel's world.

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-10 17:03

    Someone, somewhere recommended Jill Shalvis to me as a mystery romance writer that creates characters that are interesting and grown-up, with emphasis on the grown up part. They were mostly right. Here characters are more grown up than the average romance characters. Her books avoid the classic Big Mistake Trap that most romance books fall into. I liked this book, but I didn't love it. The mystery was definitely backburner here, with the romance and sex at the front. Emphasis on the sex. I don't know- maybe I'm not the intended target for this kind of book. I wish the mystery had been a little more involved. I wish the characters had been a little more curious and I wish more had happened to make me care about the mystery. It was cute but I don't think I would read it again.

  • Delaney Diamond
    2019-03-31 18:02

    This book was funny and sexy, and I liked the hero and heroine a lot. I loved Bo's persistence with Mel. I could so imagine Bo with that charming Aussie accent and sexy grin. I found the storyline surrounding Sally's disappearance a bit of a stretch (10 years seemed a long time for them to not have a clue and just be hanging in there), but the romance between Bo and Mel was just right. There was so much chemistry between them, and the secondary characters were hilarious. I felt like I got a bonus romance because of the subplot of Danny and Dimi's relationship. I'm glad Dimi got her act together before the book ended! She almost lost out on a good man. Heat level: sensualI'll definitely be reading more from this author.

  • Iris Blobel
    2019-03-22 16:58

    It ain't Lucky Harbor!Let's say I liked it, but didn't love it as much as the Lucky Harbor novels, and comparing isn't really fair, I know.Bo was no Ty, Mel no Mallory!Mel, with the help of her crew, has been running the North Beach airport for the last ten years, when her mentor and role model, Sally, disappeared. Then Bo arrives from Australia, claiming the airport is his.Jill Shalvis' wit shines through, and her ability to put emotions so wonderfully into words. But the story was no pageturner for me. I would've probably liked to have read more about the "mystery" (Bo's accusation that Sally's a fraud) and less sex.

  • Elle
    2019-03-29 16:58

    Surprisingly steamy. Boy I was not expected THAT. It was good to read and just zone out for a while. Nothing too serious. Just one of those books that you like but it isn't really memorable. It is about Mel who is trying to keep afloat an airport. She is at the end of her rope until she meets... the owner? Managing an airport for an absentee owner is just fine with Mel but when she finds that he airport is owned by someone else, then something is definitely wrong. It doesn't help that our Aussie owner is as hot as they come.

  • Thia Finn
    2019-04-09 17:38

    Love HerLet me start by saying I love Shalvis' work. I've read prob 90% of her many books! This was not one of my favorites. The story was just ok. It was well written and had some good characters involved but they didn't have the depth that her characters usually have. The plot felt loosely woven instead of a tight plot Shavis usually writes. Will this deter me from buying more of her books? No way! I'll continue to read her work and look forward to starting the Alaska series!

  • Chris
    2019-04-18 14:41

    I had really mixed feelings about this. I usually really like Shalvis, but so many of her characters in this book are just not likable: Charlene, Al, Ernest, Dimi.For the first half of the book I really disliked Bo (the main male character). He was so arrogant and cocky. But, when you realized (about halfway thru the book) that he was the only character telling the truth, all of a sudden, I liked him and not Melanie (the female lead).Bo & Mel have some fun scenes, but overall, it just wasn't that great a book.

  • PepsiGirl
    2019-04-10 15:51

    Maybe a 3.5 out of 5 stars. I spent half the time being frustrated over Mel and her inability to trust or even be nice to Bo. It bordered on ridiculous. She ran hot and cold so much I doubted any man would put up with her. Her best friend Dimi also had her own issues with one night stand pickups and drinking to forget. I really just didn't buy into the story sorry.

  • Dana (aNovelAllure)
    2019-04-07 12:34

    This one was a good, quick read. The plot was unique and I did enjoy the story. However, oddly enough I didn't get as emotionally connected to the main couple as I usually do. In fact, I was much more interested in the secondary story...what was brewing between Dimi and Danny! Also I was left with some unresolved questions. What happened with Sally? What made her do what she did?

  • Rachel
    2019-04-01 15:43

    Loved this little story! Fun, easy read. The cast of characters are quirky and lovable!! Mel, Bo, Dimi, Danny, Char and Al. You can't help but love the ragtag bunch! I would love to hang out with the gang all day. Mel is a hoot and strong. Bo is handsome, sweet and that accent YUM. I liked the mystery of what was happening and the perfect blend of humor to go along with it!

  • Jessi
    2019-03-23 10:59

    Has all the hijinks of a Shalvis novel and regular readers will enjoy the byplay between our pilot heroine, Mel Anderson, who's been holding down the airport fort for her friend Sally for the last twelve years, and Bo Black who says that the airport belongs to him.I didn't love the end but it was a pretty good book overall.

  • Susan
    2019-04-03 14:52

    Sorry, I just can't join the rave reviews on Aussie Rules (and it's got nothing to do with my hatred of football!). While I did enjoy the romance(s) in the book, the plot line otherwise just seemed too unbelievable to me. And while there probably are some Aussie blokes out there named Bo, it really isn't a name that makes me think of home. Still I did manage to get to the end!!