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The last thing Brighton Starling needed on one of the most humiliating days of her life was to run into her ex…Naturally, she did. And two years after he walked away, leaving her hurt and broke, he somehow managed to look better than ever. Of course. She didn’t want to see him, let alone speak to him, but apparently, he wasn’t going to give her a choice. All Sebastian FiguThe last thing Brighton Starling needed on one of the most humiliating days of her life was to run into her ex…Naturally, she did. And two years after he walked away, leaving her hurt and broke, he somehow managed to look better than ever. Of course. She didn’t want to see him, let alone speak to him, but apparently, he wasn’t going to give her a choice. All Sebastian Figures wanted was to talk to the one that got away… No, scratch that. The one he drove away with poor decisions and lies, big and small. She might have been having a bad day, but she was still the bright, beautiful girl he’d been missing for far too long. His brightest star. Still the only girl he’d ever want. If only he could convince her of that.Is it too late to say sorry?Sebastian wants a chance to win back Brighton’s trust—and her future. Brighton wants to be able to move on from the past, once and for all. But neither of them want to say one final goodbye…...

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the brightest star Reviews

  • Jacqueline's Reads
    2019-01-22 17:55

    DNF 67%I’m not sure why I picked up The Brightest Star. Maybe I was just browsing Kindle Unlimited and I swooned over the cover. That’s the great thing about Kindle Unlimited, you never know what you are going to get.The Brightest Star started off really well. I was loving it and it felt like a 5 star book to me. I was sucked into the betrayal, the romance and the pain between the two main characters. I also love it when the Hero chases after the Heroine in the book. FUCKING LOVE IT. Nothing is sexier than the Hero trying to redeem himself. I love a second chance romance. I also liked the fact we knew what he did wrong early in the story. It was totally understandable. I get it. I know someone very close to me that has this problem and it’s sad.So yes, the first part of the book was good.But towards the middle I felt the storyline got meh. I got the hype, I got the built up, but what else? The Heroine continues to mistrust the Hero and complains about it with the friends. The hero continues to woo her. I enjoyed this part already. Give me something else. I found the writing a bit too descriptive for my taste. I felt like I was reading pages of inner monologue. I was fine with this in the beginning because I wanted to feel for the characters, but now I wanted action.To me, I wanted an external force to come in and create a big bang or problem towards the middle.The beginning was great. The book (or from what I read) wasn’t bad, I just think it needs to be tweaked a tad bit.Throw in some drama girl! Don’t be scared to be gritty a little.

  • B. Cranford
    2019-01-26 20:49

    I wrote this book, so if I can't give it five stars, then we have a problem... I hope you enjoy reading the story of Brighton and Sebastian as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  • Melanie Moreland
    2019-02-19 17:16

    This is a story of forgiveness. Coming to terms with the past, accepting the fact the person you love isn’t perfect, and allowing your heart to feel all the extremes of love. Joy, despair, elation, and pain.A tender story, told in flashbacks, texts and present day—it is filled with gentle humor, and many smiles, with a few tears along the way.

  • Lauren Blakely
    2019-02-09 15:01

    Excited to read this book!

  • Lia Riley
    2019-02-15 20:02

    Aw, I loved this. I'm not a massive reviewer, but coming out of self-imposed hiding to sing the praises of The Brightest Star. Sebastian and Brighton are refreshing voices and there is just enough humor to balance out the gritty realness. Second chances are one of my major romance jams, and I love seeing a brilliant blogger take the leap to becoming a brilliant author. A true delight from a new author with tons of promise.

  • Sarah/DragonflyReads
    2019-02-19 18:02

    The Brightest Star is B. Cranford's first release and I definitely see a bright future in her writing career! The book opens with Brighton Starling literally crashing into her ex/love of her life/the one that got away Sebastian Figures. They had a years-long relationship until it all came to a halt when he lost it all.Brighton never stopped loving Sebastian and wants to forgive him but after their abrupt ending two years prior, she finds herself short on trust but wants to let him back in. Sebastian will stop at nothing to get his Bright Star back and he shows his love in many ways.I definitely enjoyed this one! I adored Brighton and Sebastian's banter, their easy love and fun text conversations. A few things were a bit hard for me and I'll let you know what! This book is written in third person; many people don't mind it but as someone who reads a lot, it was hard to get into for me and I feel that's why it took me longer to read this book than normal. Sebastian traded one addiction for another in his ocd-like coping. I kind of wanted that touched on more, if that makes sense? Brighton didn't really know anything about it and I felt like as part of her recovery, it should have been something she was fully aware of and understood. I loved Sebastian's relationship with his father and friends, his support system was great. Brighton being able to lean on Declan (Sebastian's best friend) and Jade in times of need. Their friendships were easy and fun to read.Cranford's debut novel was a fun read. I found it a bit hard to connect to the characters but I'm chalking that up to third person POV and my reading preferences. It's emotional, and fun, and I think you'll enjoy it!

  • Becca
    2019-01-26 14:11

    Gawd, this book! OMG, I’m so damn in love with this story! It wrapped me around its finger and decided not to let me go. I loved every little parts of it.A fabulous debut novel! I’d never knew a brand new author could do this to me, me she fed me from her palms and I just couldn’t put the book down. I loved the humor, and I just simply loved the fact it was deeper, too. Why, the perfect harmony.I adore Bright and Sebastian! They’ve walked through a long, hurtful path to reach their final destination. Are they going to make it? Read the book and you will find out!B. Cranford is The Brightest Star of the sky of new authors.

  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    2019-02-17 14:58

    I am a lover of falling in love. Ever addicted to butterflies in my belly and that ache in my heart as it wraps itself around stories and characters who are finding love, losing love, and rediscovering love all over again. And all these things are exactly what I found with Sebastian and Brighton – the latest captors of my heart - in The Brightest Star. A smart blend of heartache, humor, heat and sweetness, it’s the perfect kind of love story – the kind that grabs you from the unfortunate (but rather hilarious) first encounter and holds you captive until the sweetly satisfying conclusion. I loved it. The story. The characters. The carefully chosen phrasing and word usage. The beauty of the writing. The Brightest Star is basically everything I ever want from a second-chance romance. Tearful longing and aching need. Joyful reconnection and smoldering chemistry. There’s a playfulness between Brighton and Sebastian that takes the edge off some of the more roughly emotional scenes and the whole thing is just…lovely. It’s a lovely, touching, emotional story and as a debut author? Ms. Cranford knocked this one out of the park.Basically, The Brightest Star was the whole package for me and I’m so thrilled that there’s more to come (because Declan & Jade. I’m all squirmy with anticipation for their sure-to-be entertaining story!). If you’re in the mood for something sure to capture your heart (and inevitably leave a star shaped mark on it), this remarkable debut book is not to be missed. ~ Shelly, 5 Stars

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-02 17:08

    1.5 stars. This one started out strong but unfortunately quickly fizzled out. What I liked:1) The dual povs told in the third person.2) The second chance trope.3) Some of the funny movie references.4) The author didn't string you along for half the book (or more) before revealing what the big reason was for the falling out between the MCs.5) safety spoiler: (view spoiler)[It's completely safe. Neither MC was with anyone else during their separation. It's like the unicorn of romance novels nowadays. How refreshing. (hide spoiler)]What I didn't like:1) This was a sapfest. Or maybe I'm just not sentimental enough.2) What's the deal with the names? Bright Star? Sebastian Figures? Maybe I'm missing the quirkiness.3) The corny jokes. 4) The unhealthy and unrealistic fact that the H felt more in control of his addiction when he focused on the h. She grounded him and made him better. Cue the warning bells now.5) How the h apologized to the H. I know that she wasn't completely innocent in everything falling apart, but she played such a minor role, honestly.

  • Alex ♈
    2019-02-10 16:51

    One of my quickest DNFs ever - after the 1st chapter.How much embarrassment could they throw at the female protagonist?She blushed, she fell and then she tucked her skirt in her panties...I'm not a fan of making fan of a woman!!!

  • Darlene Avery
    2019-02-01 22:10

    The Brightest Star by B. Cranford is one of those books that sneaks up on you. You start turning the pages and all of a sudden you realize you are hooked. Cranford lets this storyline unfold seamlessly. She finds a way to draw you into Brighton and Sebastian's lives and keeps you completely captivated until the very end.Both of these characters are outstanding. I loved the way they both share their flaws and the willingness to fight for what's right for both of them. "How do you let go of something that had the power to hurt you, when it also had the power to heal you?"Sebastian & Brighten are two of the most compelling characters I've read in ages. This debut is a must read! Absolutely outstanding. 5 Bright Stars!!!

  • Nikki
    2019-01-29 18:08

    I really enjoyed the beginning if this book but by 38% nothing had happened!! I was seriously bored of the presents and constant asking her out. I really wanted her to tell him to sling his hook!! Instead of buying silly present why didn't he offer a huge check to pay back the thousands he stole from her?? DNF'd I just couldn't get past what a mess he'd made of her life and no one helped her. She was worth ten of him!!!

  • Cyndi Becker
    2019-02-21 20:03

    The Brightest Star is one of those reads that just has to be proclaimed as delightful. I found the characters utterly charming and the the writing exquisite. It's a story about trust, second chances and forgiveness that's driven by a unique premise. This appears to be the debut work of B. Cranford and I can see a long history and strong reader obsession forming. :-)I'm not sure I've ever pulled for a couple as much as I did for Brighton and Sebastian. When the story opens, it's been 2 years since Brighton and Sebastian had seen each other. She experiences a rush as humiliation, at a Panera's no less, as she stumbles away from "Seb" and exposes her backside, shirt tucked into her underwear and all. Absolution on his brain and "Bright" scurrying away in embarrassment, a reconciliation is a tall order.Sebastian misdeed exposed, the story unfolds quickly so what we have the joy of witnessing is road back into the arms of his true love Brighton. She is such a wonderfully sweet character. Still so in love with Sebastian and so conflicted about forgiving him. Well forgiveness she could do, but trusting again, unreservedly? Maybe not... "She was a silver lining kind of girl, and that was something she was immensely proud of. In a world that focused on the bad, she wanted to find the good . . . even when sometimes it was hidden so deep, finding it seemed impossible."By 40 % in, I had determined that Sebastian, the redeemable hero, is totally swoon worthy book boyfriend material. The man works, has worked hard at his recovery, toward becoming the man that deserves Bright's love. The two have such a magical connection, true soul mate material, and finding happiness without each other seems near impossible. It's lovely to see them work their way back to their true "Norths".The cast of secondary characters is complete new bestie Jade, and shared best friend Declan. This is one of those kind of stories where you find yourself happy that she has had Declan in her life. He's pretty dreamy and I sure hope we get a another book by B. Cranford and it's one that focuses on him and a certain pink haired sprite. I can't stress enough just how much I enjoyed this book. It made me feel light, happy and hopeful! A stupendous debut and 5 stars read from B. Cranford!*I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

  • Mari
    2019-02-03 21:12

    4.5 shining starsI'm excited to read first forays into books and no less from someone whose blog I enjoy. I do love me a good second chance romance with the right amount of tenderness and feels. Brighton and Sebastian torn apart by things out of their hands. Earning trust back is not easy once broken. Sebastian wants a do over and to fix the wrongs. Brighton has always been his light that guided him home and this time he will make sure of it.What I like about this book is how it tackled addiction, in specific gambling addiction. To be a real close look at it the before and after. Even gambling can be a disease and can ruin lives. It's nice to see someone out from rehab trying to find themselves and continue to fight/maintain what they learned. Sebastian and Brighton's ongoing struggle with it was not glossed over but handled well. The winning the girl back was not easy but it was light hearted and genuine. I really thought Sebastian was atoning for it all and it was sincere . I also liked him his humor and patience, the way he knew he made mistakes and wanted to change. Persistent and consistent. Their witty banter was charming and playful made ease the sad and tears. Resentment is an funny thing that creeps up on you and it's hard to move past. Dealing with that and regaining trust it's long road ahead. With a love like theirs it's not insurmountable. I adored this fabulous debut novel, the characters were fresh and story engaging. Second chances, forgiveness and faith things that aren't always easy to give but can be worked for. The writing style flowed well and the timing of the moments was good. The sweet and heartfelt, the little moments that made me cheer and humorous moments that brightened it. It had the fluttery feeling of first love and was a joy to read. I love new authors to follow and this one will leave you with a smile. I vote a follow up with Declan and Jade they were terrific secondary characters that made this story pop. They have a story I can tell.*** ARC provided for an honest review ***

  • Konny
    2019-01-27 16:49

    The Brightest Star by B. Cranford is a stand-alone second chance romance novel.Meet Brighton Starling, after a really bad day, she runs into her ex-boyfriend. And now he stands there and wants her to listen to him.Sebastian Figures wants her back, bad. She is his Brightest Star. But 3 years ago he gambled it all away, their future and her love.How can someone come back from this ? Has Sebastian the chance of forgiveness and a second chance? Sometimes love alone is not enough.The Brightest Star is written in a dual POV. It´s a sweet romance with twists and turns. There is addiction, drama, forgiveness, fate and love.I liked the writing and I liked the storyline. I love the words and I give 4,5 stars. Thank you B Cranford.

  • Karen- My Own Bookshelves
    2019-02-08 21:50

    What happens when the man who took a gamble with your heart shows up at your Panera? The imprint he left on your heart still bears the very sharp grooves caused by his abrupt departure. Do you forgive him? Or shove that Italian down his throat? That my reading buddies is what you get when you enter the world of Sebastian and Brighton in The Brightest Star. Second chance romance is my favorite trope, and from reading the synopsis I was 'all in'. Ms. Cranford keeps the reader engaged with all the necessary ingredients for a fabulous novel. It's clever combination of a little bit sad, sprinkled with outrage, just enough spice, a hefty serving of humor, and a ginormous portion of love. Often times with debut authors, I give them the widest berth to find their voice in storytelling. Never have I been so enchanted from the start and willing to devour a tale in an afternoon. The characters had me rooting for each one separately for different reasons. At times I hoped that Brighton would yell and scream at him for what he deserved after two years. Then Sebastian would seem genuinely sorry - I mean I KNEW he was so sorry and just wanted hug him. And tell Bright to give him a break. Until no - you encouraged her to stand firm - make him prove he is the right choice. And that my friends - all those emotions - B. Cranford can evoke from you as you read is why you want to consume this story, and ask for more. Which is where I ask B. Cranford for Declan and Jade's story. Because come ON there is a story there dying to be told. I am often shrewd with my reviews on debut books. There is place for improvement. This story I just can't find flaw. 🌟 It's beautiful. 🌟 It's brilliant. If you love contemporary romance as much as I do, you'll fly your fingers to click on this fabulous story. 5 out of 5 stars

  • Kandy
    2019-02-17 16:56

    I really enjoyed this book. It was off topic of what I have been reading as far as the second chance, trials, and over all substance. So that is what had me right from the start. It was clear what happened in the very beginning and I really liked how it was put together. There were tears shed, hope wished, and breath baited all while immersed in this story. A quick read, but one I will remember for a long while. B. Cranford has done a great job, and I sure hope to read more by this author.

  • E.S. Carter
    2019-02-08 14:10

    B. Cranford nailed it with her debut!You don't want to miss out on this poignant, emotional, realistic, and often humorous second chance romance. It hooked me from the first chapter."I am serious. Seriously in love with you."*SWOON*

  • Melanie
    2019-02-06 17:50

    This was a great book about forgiveness, over coming addiction and learning to trust again. The ups and downs in this story keep you glued to the book. Just gotta love a story about second chances.

  • Jesey ~ Schmexy GIrl~
    2019-02-05 20:48

    The Brightest Star is a wonderful debut book from new author B. Cranford. It’s a story about trust, second chances and finding your way home.Brighton and Sebastian have been apart for two years. Seb did something unimaginable to break them apart. Brighton is forced to move on with her life with basically no notice, she has to start from scratch. Just when things are finally going well for Brighton, Seb walks back into her life.But how do I forget? It was the hardest simple question she could ask herself.We follow these two through their past via gifts and reminders that Seb sends to Bright. It is so sweet to watch him recreate their memories, making her remember that their relationship was wonderful, genuine and one of a kind.…he had all the time in the world for the brightest star in his sky.Gaining back someone’s trust is not an easy task. In my opinion Seb had a LOT of groveling that he needed to do. I loved how patient he was, how considerate he was of Bright’s feelings and how sweet his daily gestures and text messages were. He was not taking anything for granted this time around.He looked to the sky for the North Star and said a little thank you. Thank you for leading me home. I won’t get lost again. I promise.These two had an easy way with one another, even given all the tension that was surrounding them. Their banter back and forth and the humor that they injected into their conversations kept things light while keeping the intensity of the situation always at the forefront.Brighton is smart about things, she thinks to herself a lot about the situation at hand, she analyzes everything, confides in a friend….very thorough. I admire how smart she was, how she gave herself time to think, space to think about her feelings. She can’t deny her heart though, Seb is her guy.“If I was your North Star then you were my rock. Study, something, someone to lean on. I was so sure of you, that I didn’t see the crack. I didn’t see you splitting in two.”And there went my heart, splitting in two! Watch as Brighton and Sebastian travel this bumpy road, learning how to trust and love again. Wonderful debut novel, well done B!!

  • Aurora (Whoo Gives A Hoot)
    2019-01-30 16:54

    *Read more of my reviews at Whoo Gives A Hoot*I generously received this ARC from Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review...This was a story not only about forgiveness, but about second chances. I have always been a fan of a second chance romance so I was super excited to get my hands on this one and let me just say that I was not disappointed! Learning that it is okay to love someone again, someone who has wronged you one too many times isn't easy, but I am so glad that these two made it work. I adored the mix of emotions that I experience while reading this story! Brighton and Sebastian shows readers that second chances can be just as perfect as first loves. In some ways I think that this kind of romance makes the couples work harder to prove that they belong together once and for all!When I found out that this was the author's debut novel I was surprised because it was not only well written, but it was certainly well developed. I loved everything about it and I can't wait to see what the author comes up with next!

  • Tracy- OMGReads
    2019-02-21 17:16

    The Brightest Star really is the brightest star. A beautiful debut from B. Cranford, it is a magnificent, hopeful story that just made me ache with feelings. Sebastian left Brighton high and dry, and is fighting his way back. He is so romantic, he is working so hard to prove himself. The love story is in the little details, and the author nailed it. Brighton, I loved her. She made me feel, she made me chuckle. Full of strength and resolve, she's so real. I admired her empathy and tenacity.The Brightest Star is a fantastic read. It's witty, fun, and SO cute. It's balanced, emotionally, and well paced. Quick enough to keep a hold on you, and slow enough for a very satisfying slow burning romance. Brighton and Sebastian have wonderful chemistry. That awkward tension you feel running into a painful ex? It's all there. It's also surrounded by such hopeful message of forgiveness. I so enjoyed reading this book, and I can't wait to see what comes from the author next. Perfect for a beach read or snuggling in bed, The Brightest Star is a highly recommended, MUST READ from me! *Review Copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads*

  • Tiffany
    2019-02-21 19:49

    I absolutely adored this book! It was the perfect blend of sweet, sexy, playful, and fun. There is something to be said about a book that has fun, even during the sexy times, which made me love it even more. It gave me all the feels!"Their second chance was coming. And hopefully, the giddy, childish voice within her whispered, you soon will be, too."This was a second chance romance, one of my fave types to read. We meet Brighton who I loved! She was snarky, sweet, and I really wanted to be her friend. And we meet Sebastian - the man who made me swoon over and over again."What are you doing later tonight?" Brighton felt a surge of mischief as she lowered her voice to match his husky tone. "I was"I would have never known this was a debut book if I wasn't told. It was a phenomenal story and I need more. I certainly hope we will get a story about Jade & Declan. I can't wait for more from B. Cranford! (5 stars)

  • Joyce
    2019-01-21 13:56

    How can you ever make amends for ruining a life and love? Sebastian isn’t sure, but he knows he has to try. How do you ever forgive the man you loved for losing everything you hold dear? Brighton isn’t sure she should even try. This is the story of their journey toward forgiveness, a story told through remembrances of a life and love shared. Can they forgive each other, and more importantly can they forgive themselves? In less capable hands, you might have started out hating Sebastian, but his remorse is palpable and I found myself rooting for him immediately. And Bright is his perfectly written heroine. Strong, yet vulnerable, and well aware of her dilly dallying. Her trust isn’t given lightly. Sebastian and Bright are wonderful together, realizing their love has been tested and the cracks only made them stronger. Although the subject matter is weighty, B. Cranford’s writing style is soft, smooth and sweet; glowing with humor and light. I’m really hoping to see more from this author!

  • Diz Reads 4TLOReading
    2019-02-15 17:54

    Honestly, If I'd have known before I had said yes, I would have thrown away an awesome story, one I'm so pleased I didn't miss out on because of my own dislike for books written in the 3rd ! This book has shown me that I should take a chance a bit more ! And allow the words to captivate me, swallow me whole and weave their way in ! What a great DEBUT novel, from the moment I started to the moment I finished, I was captivated by the Love and second chances that Bright and Sebastian had. I adore how they grew and with that came to terms with the past and the dawning and realisation that not all love is perfect or straightforward ! But when you let forgiveness in and take everything into perspective it can be rewarding and as perfect as you make it ! A great read and a great start to what I hope is a successful future for the author ! I'm glad I took the chance and dove in ! 4.5 Stars Donna 4TLOReading

  • KimBrewing
    2019-02-12 16:01

    I was drawn to this story because of it being a second chance.We are not left in the dark about what happened between our couple. Brighton is not a weak character. She picked herself up, dusted herself off and got back to life. Was it perfect, no but it was hers. I appreciated that she didn't just jump into Seb's arms. She wanted to deal with everything she was feeling and it was a refreshing change. Sebastian made a huge mistake over 2 years ago and has been working on himself and atonement. When he sees Brighton through a window having a really bad day he can't stay away. Will these two be able to get past the mistakes of the past? Can forgiveness and trust be returned?Overall a great read with small flashbacks told in dual POVI'm really hoping there is a book in the work for D & J - please!!!!!

  • Kimberly Cermak
    2019-01-31 15:50

    The Brightest Star is a beautiful love story about forgiveness and letting go of the past. I truly enjoyed Bright and Sebastian. A true love story broken by Sebastian and his addiction to gambling. When he left Bright years ago after he failed her, Sebastian built his rehabilitation around making things right with her again. However, Bright is not in a place to trust Sebastian and doesn’t know if she can ever get back to that place.The Brightest Star is a delicate story, told in flashbacks of simpler times and present day reminders of what used to be with a dash of humor thrown in. This book made me smile, cry and laugh along the way. It also made me realize sometimes, forgiveness and letting go of the past is the best way to move forward.This debut novel by B. Cranford was so unexpected but it was truly everything I needed. I loved this book and hope for a story about Jade and Declan.

  • Erin Lewis
    2019-02-11 14:58

    4 star review of The Brightest Star by B.CranfordThis was the debut novel by new author B. Cranford and what a great way to start, I enjoyed the story and her writing style. The brightest Star is a second chance at love story, a genre I love..A story about what happens in the past, how it molds you and how you come to terms with it and move forward. After devastating Brighton Starling by rejecting her Sebastian Figures realises he has made a massive mistake and wants to make amends. He wants to beg her forgiveness and to grant him another chance, but can Brighton trust him? Will she be brave enough to put her heart ion the line again?There were tears, humour, laughter and at times moments that almost broke you. Neither Brighton or Sebastian are perfect and perhaps that is why I found the characters so easy to relate too.I look forward to reading further books from Ms.Cranford.

  • Wit & Wonder Books
    2019-02-07 18:08

    ***ARC provided by author for an honest review***I truly enjoyed the journey of Bright and Sebastian in B. Cranford’s debut novel The Brightest Star. Beautiful, enduring story about letting the past lie in the past and moving forward with forgiveness. Learning to let love in again for the second time was something Bright Starling was having a hard time considering when it came to Sebastian Figures. He broke her heart, not just broke but ripped it apart, now he’s back wanting to make amends. Can she/will she let him back in?The Brightest Star had many emotions: joy, despair, heartbreak. There were tender moments for both characters where your heart ached for them. Told in well-written flashbacks to present day narratives giving the reader the whole picturesque storyline. Don’t be surprised if you shed a few tears here and there. 5 Brightest Beautiful Stars

  • Cathy
    2019-02-09 14:52

    A sweet debut, I look forward to seeing how the writers style develops!This is a second chance romance, where Seb has made a massive mistake, and then compounded it by disappearing and leaving Brighton to pick up the pieces on her own. I liked how apologetic he was, and how he realised that his chances of winning her back where slim, although I wasn't sure about his later mistake, not sure if he would have come back from that!I loved the opening scene, I felt an affinity with the clumsy, disaster that was Brighton on a bad day. I admired her strength in pulling herself up after being left alone to pick herself up.I particularly liked Jade, the spunky receptionist/PA - I look forward to hearing more from her.In all a sweet, easy read debut.