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From Dan Wells, author of the New York Times bestselling Partials Sequence and the John Cleaver series, comes the third and final book in the dark, pulse-pounding, sci-fi neo-noir series that began with the acclaimed novel Bluescreen.For all the mysteries teen hacker Marisa Carneseca has solved, there has been one that has always eluded her: the truth behind the car accideFrom Dan Wells, author of the New York Times bestselling Partials Sequence and the John Cleaver series, comes the third and final book in the dark, pulse-pounding, sci-fi neo-noir series that began with the acclaimed novel Bluescreen.For all the mysteries teen hacker Marisa Carneseca has solved, there has been one that has always eluded her: the truth behind the car accident in which she lost her arm and a mob boss’ wife, Zenaida de Maldonado, lost her life. Even in a world where technology exists to connect everyone’s mind to one another, it would seem that some secrets can still remain hidden.Those secrets rise violently to the surface, however, when Zenaida de Maldonado’s freshly severed hand shows up at the scene of a gangland shooting. If Zenaida is—or was—still alive, it means there’s even more about Marisa’s past that she doesn’t know. And when she and her friends start digging, they uncover a conspiracy that runs from the slums of Los Angeles to the very top of the world’s most powerful genetic engineering firm. If Mari wants the truth, she’s going to have to go through genetically enhanced agents, irritatingly attractive mob scions, and some bad relationships to get it.Dan Wells’s widely acclaimed series continues with his most shocking, pulse-pounding, and visionary story yet....

Title : Active Memory
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Active Memory Reviews

  • Stephanie Ward
    2019-04-05 18:23

    4.5 Stars'Active Memory' is the mesmerizing third book in a young adult science fiction/dystopian series that will leave readers begging for more. It continues to follow our main character, Marisa, as she and her friends find themselves in more trouble and with even more questions than before. It seems that if Marisa wants to learn the truth about her past, it's going to cost her (and many others) a lot more than she ever thought.This book was amazing, just like the other two before it. Every single aspect was expertly done, and if I had to think of something that didn't blow me away, I would have to go with the author's use of the third person point of view. Don't get me wrong - it worked great for this book and only slightly bothered me and my reading experience. I'm just a huge fan of first person POV and the deep connection that the reader can develop with the narrator. Other than that personal opinion, this book exceeded any hopes or expectations I might have had. I've read the previous two novels in the series along with several other books by the author and have adored each one. This was no exception.The characters were all well written with distinct personalities, especially our main character, Marisa. The secondary characters were decently well rounded, and we continue to get to know them more with each installment. The story line wasn't wholly unique - which is pretty much impossible to do these days anyway. The thing that made this novel stand out for me was the incredible world building. Since the story takes place in the not so distant future (around the year 2050), a lot of the objects and situations were familiar - so it didn't feel unrealistic or out of the question. When we're introduced to all the new technology - like the djinni, for example - it didn't feel like it was out of the realm of possibility. I could actually see a world like this in the future, which made it so much cooler and fun to think about - as well as to picture in my mind. Because of the natural blend of present and future societies, I found myself slipping inside Marisa's world right from the very first page of the book - and I didn't come back out until the very last word. I could go on for a long time about all of the various technology and changes that are in this future world, but that still wouldn't be able to convey all of the sheer awesomeness. The pace was pretty steady at first and then picked up speed as the plot thickened and things got crazy. By that point I was reading as fast as I could to see what was going to happen. I can't wait to see where the story's going to go and what all might happen. With the author's immense storytelling abilities, I know that this series is going to continue to be amazing. Very highly recommended for fans of YA, science fiction, and dystopian fiction!!Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Kelsey Wheeler
    2019-04-03 22:25

    "The past is in the past, It can't hurt you unless you let it. So we're not going to let it."This book was amazing, just like the other two before it! I really love Dan Wells writing style and can't wait to check out his other series!Marisa and The Cherry Dogs are back at it again hacking their way through the world wide web. This time Marisa is finally finding out things that we have been wondering since book one. Why was she in the car with Omar's Mom fifteen years ago!I definitely didn't see the truth arising by the police finding Zenaida de Maldonado’s FRESH severed hand at a crime scene. So Marisa and the gang are on a mission to find out did Zenaida really die or not fifteen years ago. While on their mission they uncover even more secrets connecting her and Zenaida to the world’s most powerful genetic engineering firm.Along the way Marisa gets a little help from the Mob and her brothers gang which got pretty interesting. Which also leads to more of Omar, which Marisa might start to have feelings for!? What about Alain! We won't know because sadly he isn't in this one, but I have a feeling he'd be in feature books. I really hope so! Please tell me there's more books! I'd love to read more of this world!"He stopped, and turned toward her. His eyes were as dark as onyx, and she was suddenly struck by the way he looked at her - intense and probing, like was looking at her and into her and through her all at once."There's also some new obstacles"And I definitely don't want her to tangle with me." "The Wonder Mantis", said Sahara. "The WoMantis," sad Marisa. " The Mantissassin," said Sahara."With those names you can only imagine what to expect from that person.The ending was bittersweet, but I think perfect.“Be yourself, because it's obviously working well for you, but don't be yourself so hard that you forget to be the kind of self that other people need." 

  • Michelle
    2019-04-09 17:30

    If you are into Science Fiction, and especially if technology and mystery intrigue you, this is quite a read! The third book in the Mirador Series follows Marisa as she (okay, WE) finally comes face to face with the one mystery that has plagued and eluded her. The truth behind her arm and Zenaida, a mob boss' wife, who was said to have died in a car accident with her youngest son and Marisa in the vehicle.I noted this leaned more towards "real-life" versus the gaming world of binary and coding where Marisa is a part of a team, The Cherry Dogs, in the Overworld Games; One's and Zeroes delved into this. While I did read Ones and Zeroes prior to Active Memory which I received for a book tour, I have not read Bluescreen. Wonderfully written for different genres:  YA, SciFi, Mystery. My twin teens would (and will) enjoy these books as they are "clean". Active Memory brings to the fray more mystery with a lot of running and gunning from the Russian mob family, Severov, who used to control territory in the neighborhood  Mirador and fought the Maldonado's for it. Once again the friendships of the main characters are there, but not as heavily as the other books. While I was completely satisfied with the ending, Dan Wells leaves the door slightly ajar for another book in the Mirador Series, we shall see.

  • Chris
    2019-03-24 23:20

    A strong conclusion to the Mirador series. The mystery is well-constructed, the side characters are strong, and the setting is great. Even more than in the first two books, Active Memory conveys the feeling of a very lived-in Los Angeles megalopolis. For some reason I also had an easier time envisioning the frequently-described clothing this time around.In Ones and Zeroes I particularly enjoyed the way that Wells incorporated the gaming sequences more fully into the narrative. Overworld games were almost entirely absent in this book, but surprisingly I didn't miss them. The Cherry Dogs attack their real-world problems with the same strategies they employ in VR, and there is no lack of climactic running and gunning. I don't think this is my favorite of the trilogy, but it has some great moments and ably resolves the central mystery of Marisa's story. And I am pleasantly surprised by how plausibly our heroes can get into such cinematic chase scenes with megacorp assassins or mob-hired goons.There are still several loose threads at the end that I would like to have seen resolved, but I'm happy to imagine their conclusion myself. (And even happier to hope that Wells might return to Mirador someday with more stories to tell.)

  • T.K.
    2019-04-17 23:21

    I am so enthralled by Well's dystopian world! I wouldn't want to live there, but Wells captures so perfectly the future I worry about dressed up in amazing technology. The villain was especially terrifying and cool all at once. I really hope this isn't the last of Marisa's adventures, because I'll never stop wondering about her.

  • Karlene Browning
    2019-04-06 22:07

    Love this series. In this book we learn about Marisa's backstory that has only been hinted at in previous books. She and her friends are awesome!!

  • Angela Eschler
    2019-04-23 18:24

    great pacing, great characters, great dialogue- don't miss the series!

  • Emily
    2019-03-28 17:06

    I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.This book was the PERFECT ending for this series. I enjoyed Bluescreen because it made me uncomfortable and made me think about cell phone usage in a different way. Ones and Zeroes was good, but it stepped away from the technological dystopian focus and was a great futuristic heist novel. I liked hearing all about Overworld and the Cherry Dogs... I'm just not that into sports. I was glad that this book pulled away from that and focused back on the world itself.I also really liked the introduction of Dead Zones. It makes complete sense to me that there would be a subset of the population that wouldn't be online. I always feel an affinity for the seedy underbelly of rebels so I loved hearing that one existed. I could read a whole book series based on that alone.Active Memory is a return to the world of technology ruling all with a bit of a social commentary feel. Do we really need to be connected every second of every day??? It also FINALLY wraps up the mystery. Why was Mari in the car with Zenaida all those years ago, why the feud, will Mari and Omar EVER KISS??I'm not telling.  Other Books in the Series Bluescreen reviewAbout the Author New York Times bestselling author Dan Wells is best known for his horror series I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER, of which the first book is now an award-winning movie through IFC Midnight. His other novels include THE HOLLOW CITY, a supernatural thriller about schizophrenia, EXTREME MAKEOVER, in which a beauty company destroys the world, and two young adult science fiction series: the post-apocalypse PARTIALS and the cyberpunk MIRADOR. He has written for television, on the upcoming science fiction series EXTINCT, and wrote and produced the horror comedy stage play A NIGHT OF BLACKER DARKNESS. He cohosts the Hugo-winning podcast for aspiring writers called Writing Excuses, which has expanded to include its own writing conference. He also writes short fiction and game fiction, and edited the anthology ALTERED PERCEPTIONS to help raise funds for and awareness of mental illness. Dan lives in northern Utah with his wife, 6 children, and more than 400 boardgames. Follow the TourFebruary 13th Pink Polka Dot Books- Welcome Post February 14th Arctic Books- Q&ALibrary of a Book Witch- Review February 15th Wishful Endings- ReviewJustAddAWord- Reviewjrsbookreviews- Review February 16th The Critic Uncritical Bookworm- Review & Favorite QuotesNay's Pink Bookshelf- Review February 17th Here's to Happy Endings- ReviewG. Jack Writes (About Everything)- Review February 18th Ms. Cat's Honest World- Review & Favorite QuotesEmily Reads Everything- Review February 19th A Dream Within a Dream- ReviewBookaholics Anonymous- Review GiveawayRafflecopter giveawayHardcover set of the Mirador series (Bluescreen, Ones and Zeroes, & Active Memory) by Dan Wells & T-Shirt This review was originally posted on Emily Reads Everything