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The story of an invisible tribe - hidden deep in the Brazilian rainforest.The story of the Light Society - which has vowed to rid the world of evil.The story of Lewis Watt - a boy destined to meet both forces head on.A letter will change Lewis's life forever....

Title : The Cursed
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ISBN : 9781921167553
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 278 Pages
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The Cursed Reviews

  • Josh
    2019-01-20 05:50

    I rate this book 4 stars. The book was pretty interesting and the words were not too small and well spaced so I could read it. It was a real interesting story too. I would recommend this to anyone who is capable of reading a book. After you are done with your review, click these directions for what to do next.

  • Charlie Janczak
    2019-02-15 12:57

    Charlie JanczakWOC 6th1/12/2017The CursedLewis Watt is an ordinary schoolboy, living at the boarding school where his mother works as school nurse. But when his mother disappears, she leaves Lewis a letter which changes his life forever. Lewis’ mom had a curse put on her and her future kid, which is Lewis. The curse is from the South American tribe, The Invisible Tribe. The curse is the curse of invisibility. One night there's a huge storm rolling through, all of a sudden a crash of thunder that is very loud booms. It breaks a few windows through the boarding house, the kids scurry. As Jonathan Ramshaw takes attendance he notices that Lewis is missing. He's the only other person who knows that lewis has a curse. He tells the kids to go back to their rooms, right after they all leave he hears Lewis, but can't see him. That's because he's invisible. They hurry to the library to go to the casket to get Lewis back to normal. When they get there they're met by Crusaders, who kill evil people for a better world. They capture Lewis, Jonathan, and a girl named Abby. The Crusaders want to find the Tribe, so they keep Lewis, Jonathan, and Abby hostage on their way down to South America. The rest of the book I cannot spoil because things get very interesting. I found this book really interesting and very good and exciting. It's a book where once I started getting into it, I felt as if I couldn't put the book down. Definitely one of the best books I've read in awhile. Even though it was an easy read, I feel like the plot was absolutely amazing. I feel like the best part of the book was when Lewis brought Abby to the library and there they got kidnapped. From then on the story kept getting better and better. I could see why some people could find this book uninteresting or cheesy, they might be right it is a little cheesy but the author’s imagination really defined how well this book was. Overall this book is a good, fast read that I would recommend to any that loves thrillers and hard to put down books.

  • Raven
    2019-01-21 08:59

    One of those books you can finish in one sitting easily just like I did and not because it is fantastic literature, not because you’re so engrossed in it that you don’t notice you’re even reading or that time is moving on. No far from it. It’s so easy to read in one sitting because there is hardly anything to it. First of all this is teen literature and is very much directed at young teens. Basically it’s teen lit I wouldn’t recommend for adults unless you’re bored and you can’t figure out what else to read.The idea was great but the execution fell short in my opinion anyway. In the beginning it was confusing, being told via the story but broken up abruptly with emails, letters, newspaper clippings and other items, but with no discernable bridge between the sudden changes. Actually it seemed through out the whole book that there was a lot of detail that was missing. What could have been necessary detail to keep it flowing and not confusing or jarring the reader. The story being told via unconventional ways (letters etc) stopped after a time but the confusion didn’t.There’s also the fact that there wasn’t any character growth or much depth. Actually there wasn’t much substance to it at all and correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve read my fair share of young adult literature and just because it’s directed at adolescence doesn’t mean it should be lacking in anything. Does it?Well this does and that’s why it is such a light, fast read.

  • Sandra Stiles
    2019-01-26 10:06

    Lewis Watts seems like an ordinary school boy. There is one difference. He and his mother both carry a curse from an African Tribe. His History teacher has worked hard from the day he was born to try to find a way to stop the curse. What is the curse? Lewis’ mother has disappeared, literally. She has become invisible. She explains it all in a letter to her son. When badly frightened he himself becomes invisible. Jonathon is there to help him understand and use the ability. In addition to this curse, Jonathon and Lewis are in trouble with the Light Crusaders. For centuries the Light Crusaders went around taking care of the evil in the world. Unfortunately the head of the organization has become greedy and evil himself. He will destroy everyone in his path to get at the secret of becoming invisible, even if it means destroying an entire African Village to get his hands on the secrets.This was a book that once I started it I had to read until I had finished it. This is one I believe my students will really enjoy reading and I can’t wait to recommend it to them. They will be able to identify with some of the problems and feelings the students in the story have. I believe they will enjoy the small amount of fantasy that spices this adventure up. I believe this is one that even my most reluctant boy will read.

  • Dayna Smith
    2019-01-31 13:53

    Lewis is a teenage boy in a boarding school. His father was killed in the Amazon on a scientific mission to find a tribe of invisible people. Now his mother, cursed by the tribe while pregnant with Lewis, has disappeared - literally. Lewis finds himself drawn into a plot by an evil organization to discover the secret of invisibility. His mother's friend Jonathon, Lewis, and his school friend Abby find themselves in the Amazon trying to find his mother and protect the invisible tribe from the Light Crusaders. A fast read for young readers looking for action.

  • Kate Brown
    2019-02-18 09:50

    I struggled to get through this one. I bought "Cursed" at a used booksale and I think I can see why it wasn't kept. The plot is very disjointed and hard to follow. Essentially the book is about an invisible tribe which can put curses on other people to turn them invisible. Lewis must figure out how to beat the curse and also find his long-lost mother. Some students may get into this book, I just couldn't.

  • Angie
    2019-01-25 08:50

    Hmmm. Love the premise. Did not love the execution of the plot as much. Could be my personal opinion ... but it seemed like the ending was wrapped up way too quickly for the pacing of the first three-quarters of the book. Which was too bad ...

  • Kyle
    2019-02-10 10:40

    I like Mystery books. I was confusing at once.