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I know exactly why it turns you on…because you’re messed up too. Asha’s life is no fairytale, by any stretch of the imagination. There was no kind, generous father to care for and protect her from the Vegas that exists beyond the glitz and glamour of The Strip. No wise, doting mother to look over and guide her, passing down essential lessons and leading her to the right paI know exactly why it turns you on…because you’re messed up too. Asha’s life is no fairytale, by any stretch of the imagination. There was no kind, generous father to care for and protect her from the Vegas that exists beyond the glitz and glamour of The Strip. No wise, doting mother to look over and guide her, passing down essential lessons and leading her to the right path. And certainly no Prince Charming just around the corner, ready to rescue her from working late nights to cover steadily mounting bills. But she’s alive. Overwhelmed with responsibility she never asked for, carrying secrets and scars that haunt her, and singularly focused on an uncertain path to escape, but… alive. You’re not born to sharks without becoming one yourself. In Vegas, King is exactly what his name implies. Born into money and influence, but respected – and feared – in his own right. The privileges of wealth have afforded him many things: freedom, power, massive eligibility – while simultaneously leaving him exposed to others: betrayal, exploitation, and manipulation. But he learned. The tolls of duplicity, wrath, and vengeance have taught him to be more mindful, more shrewd, to keep himself clear of the vulnerability of certain situations, certain business deals, certain places, and certain women. Women like Asha. Like attracts like… Her poker face has kept her alive all this time, and he keeps his cards close to his chest. Neither is interested in gambling their hearts, but when they can’t stay away from each other, there’s only one choice… ante up. ...

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ante up Reviews

  • V. Verne
    2019-02-04 17:50

    I cannot wait to go on a CCJ binge. I loved this book and King! The chemistry portrayed throughout the story was explosive and I enjoyed the suspense. Excellent job, CCJ!

  • Lily Java
    2019-02-02 20:08

    I could not put this book down. It was an exciting ride reading about the passionate and oft-times rocky relationship between two fascinating people: Asha Davis and King Whitfield. This was my first time reading a novel by Christina Jones and from her foreword, I take it this type of story was a worrisome departure for her. I sometimes prefer dark tales myself but even if I didn’t, she needn’t have worried. The story, dialogue, and characterizations were mad skillful. I loved not only the depth and breadth of the main characters and their exchanges but the secondary characters, even the ones I didn’t care for, had me emotionally invested from the beginning. I especially loved the still somewhat dark but playful and heartfelt ending, which made this a very strong standalone book that didn’t leave me hanging out to dry. Best of all there were clear places to go that would be engaging storylines if Mrs. Jones were so inclined to delve back into these characters. I’d personally come along for the ride if she did. As I said I could not put the book down and look forward to what might come next out of Las Vegas.

  • Deloris
    2019-01-21 21:45

    APB Perspective Reviews !You must read this book! Christina Jones said she was trying something new with this story ,I'm glad she did , I loved this book ! I loved King and Asha ! King is my newest book boyfriend and he's sexy as sin! This story was exciting and sexy and something new . I hope we get more books from this group of characters , because I need to know how their stories come together .

  • Daisa
    2019-02-04 16:44

    Ante Up!This lovely little gem!! First book by Christina in 2017 and I'm legit pissed at myself that I've read it already. But it was so good!!!"Ante Up" was different from Christina's usual fare, longer too which I will ALWAYS love coming from her because she usually sticks to short and sweet. So when I get a long and savory book from her....HEAVEN.I'm used to professional and put together, upstanding but with a tiny bit of stain from Christina's characters. "Ante Up" wasn't like that. While all of her characters usually have a bit of an edge to them, the characters in this book were gritty and it was a nice and welcomed surprise. King and Asha are both damaged. King had a rough 'break up' in his previous relationship and it has since shaped him as a man and partner and not in the most healthy of ways. Asha grew up in a broken home, filled with alcohol, abuse, gambling and dysfunction. Putting her in a position no child or teenager should ever find themselves in. It lead her to a world of trouble both personally and in her relationships. But she persevered and overcame. Using the 'lessons' taught to her by her gambling and drunk of a father to her advantage to survive in the monster that is Vegas. King and Asha meet when she kicks his ass at a game of poker and they can't seem to shake each other from that point on, no matter how many times King tries to distance himself.Ante Up is dark. It had a rough edge to that kept me roused up the entire time I was reading because from the very first chapter of the book, things get pretty crazy and once you set the bar THAT high in terms of what can and can't happen in the story, its kind of hard to read the book and NOT expect the other shoe to drop at some point. There was a constant feeling of danger while reading which made it easier to get into Asha's head because she lived her life looking over her shoulder, expecting something bad to happen. I swear I loved every minute of it. I loved that King and Asha had such an unconventional, confusing and at times explosive relationship. I would side-eye King sometimes because he would be just a TAD on the aggressive side, but as you read and get to know him you realize that that's just him and how he is but he would never do anything to hurt someone he loves. Not on purpose anyway. He is fiercely loyal, smart, headstrong, direct and sexy as all hell. Which combined with Asha who is also fiercely loyal, smart, direct and headstrong, made for a very entertaining read.I loved all the side characters in Ante Up as well. Even in her shorter books, Christina has a way of making her secondary and even tertiary characters shine in a way that makes you want to read books about them as well. Like I would LOVE a book featuring Ace and Cree, or Jax and Camille. That can't be too much to ask for. Basically...I loved this book. There isn't anything I would change or add or remove because it was very close to being perfect dammit! I want more!!! *sobs*Recommendation: I should just type up a recommendations template for Christina's books because so far they all say the same thing. READ IT!!!

  • Metris
    2019-02-19 15:56

    I have a confession, I have read Christina'S work before and liked it but didn't LOVE it; but my last few reads by her have been AMAZING. Yes I have a new author crush :-)!King and Asha aka Red was a great story. It had me on edge, I feLl in love with the both of them... They had so much in common and didn't even realized what was really pulling them to each other, which was their common life lessons. I would love to have more of Kingston and Asha!Awesome book Christina!!!!!

  • Tazzyt2bossye
    2019-01-29 14:53

    Asha is a beautiful waitress working at a Casino in Vegas...she stays below the radar. Family situations ride Asha's back from sun up to sun down, whether it's her brother that always has a problem that she has to clean up, or her mother who has health problems. It all boils down to money, everybody needs that money, by omission or commission. On a whim, Asha decides that she wants to indulge in a one night stand, and against everything she choses a good looking man. Days later she finds out that she unintentionally mixed business with an unforgettable pleasurable tryst...will this make or break her?Kingston Whitfield is sexy, rich, sexy, masculine, sexy and has a temper and a bodyguard with an even deadlier temper. Smells like fire to me...ain't no smoke with this combination because they will mos def deliver when required, no need for a firestarter. Because of his past hurts, sexual encounters have meant nothing to him, just a release...but what happens when one 'release' won't let go...the 'release' is contained...restrained...and wreaking havoc with your thought pattern. To top it off, she's been right under his nose.Troubled pasts, heartbreaks, and family problems mar the possibilities that they could possibly become a couple. But when the heart gets involved with out a possible plausible reason, who's to say 'yes' and who can override a 'yes' and how do you find a 'yes' in the midst of all the turmoil.I thoroughly enjoyed "Ante Up" and I loved the fresh plot without drugs or drugs money. This is my first Christina C. Jones read to my recollection, but it won't be my last. A smooth read.3.78

  • Sharon 📚Bookaholic
    2019-02-06 20:11

    Sometimes you read a story that is a like a movie playing in your kind, and the characters are friends you grew up with and you reflect on the good and bad. That is what CCJ did for me with story on King and Asha. The entire story flowed breathlessly and unwavering. I loved ❤️ everyone in the book. This book gave me life without parole

  • Mercy B.
    2019-02-15 20:02

    I loved it! This was a thrilling read, and kept me occupied with glee. I loved Asha, and everything she fought to become. Though Ahmad is another story, his complexity was understandable. Just like Asha, King, and the others... he was fragmented. Broken. King, I loved him. He was so... everything. -Mercy

    2019-02-16 14:02


  • Rena
    2019-02-17 22:06

    Not your typical romanceWhat can I say about this book other than it is excellent! This book has it all. Romance, suspense, drama. King and Asha were so real. They both had their issues, but realized that they had more in common than not. I loved this one!

  • Michelle Washington
    2019-02-20 15:08

    Yaaassss!!!!I am sooooo behind in my work because of this book. I couldn't put it down. Sneaking chapters at work. Burning food at the stove. These characters had it going on! Mrs. Jones has a way of writing that makes you feel like you know the characters personally. Then, she gives the supporting characters enough personality that you hope she writes a book about them, too. If you have never read a book from her, this is a great one to start with. Then, you'll be buying the rest like I have!!

  • Victoria
    2019-01-22 14:45

    Amazing as Always!!! Never, Never, Disappointed...

  • T Crawford
    2019-02-18 21:08

    5 starsThoroughly enjoyed this book. This was my first read from this author, and it did not disappoint. Looking forward to reading more by this author

  • Deena
    2019-01-25 18:41

    Series please!!!So, the Author's Note had me a little nervous about this book. CCJ said it's different, out of the box, kind of dark, kind of a romance. I was a little hesitant about reading it, thinking 'am I gonna like this?' I've loved every book CCJ has written and didn't want this to be the first one I have to side-eye. But I couldn't resist. And guess what? This book is different, it's dark and not really a romance. But none of that matters because it's good! CCJ had me at Page 1!Asha is doing whatever she has to do to survive, and trying to help her family along the way. She's carrying burdens that she really shouldn't have to, which is why she seems to have the weight of the world on her shoulders. She's a good person, but 'life for her ain't been no crystal stair, so she does what she needs to do to make it. It's not always pretty, but she's a survivor. King is gorgeous, wealthy, has a great family, but he's got ISSUES. And very poor communication skills. He's a hothead, which causes problems for him, but he gets shit handled. I liked him. A lot.As usual, the cast of characters surrounding the H/h are just as interesting. I was intrigued by Ace from the moment we met her. Same with Camille. I'm really hoping we get stories for Cree and Ace, Camille and Jackson, and Zora and ol' boy on the board who's feenin' for her. Loved seeing CCJ's other leading men , as well as references to other books (was Mauve from a CCJ book or Love Belvin?). Also, who the check is Sebastian Gray? Do we know him from another story? He seems familiar...Anyway, read this book! It's soooo good!

  • Tiffanii White
    2019-02-16 21:43

    As alwaysMiss Jones did what she always does when she writes. Creates perfectly flawed characters with engaging scenarios of love that's never really spoken aloud. The characters are not pregnant and married and just super in love, they are in the stages of falling in love and you get that even at the end of the story. With her books you don't get instanta love and scenarios that are neatly packaged by the main characters. I love some of the unresolved issues and how the packaging is not perfect! The bow is tipped sideways and you can see the imperfect edges, with scotch tape that ain't clear. Lol. The story was different from her other story's but in all honesty I would love to see her go darker with the characters. Maybe, Ace and Crees story will give me that! But the story was great!

  • Gina StyleRocks
    2019-02-09 14:46

    5 StarsYou know, King may be rich, powerful, classy and debonair, but he is also about that thug Loved him! He and Asha are great together. Great chemistry. I really enjoyed this book and as always when it comes to books by CCJ, it was very well written. I really hope that Camille and Jackson will have a story and I really hope that Ace and Cree will have a story. I am sure their story would be HOT! Anyway, great job, great read.

  • Yvonne Bailey
    2019-02-13 14:09

    King of SpadesKing of Spades is the most powerful card in the deck and it surely does sum Mr. King Whitfield up to a tee. He's not a man of many words when it comes to Asha but his presence and actions speaks louder than any words that could ever fall from his mouth. The connection between these two was something, sort of hot then cold but in the end something that looked and sounded like Love prevailed.

  • Deanna Rowe
    2019-01-22 18:46

    The Good Kind Of DifferentI know this was different for CCJ, but it turned out amazing. All the typical things that make Christina a great writer showed themselves. Amazing plot. Check. Bomb ass chracters. Check. Interesting back stories. Check. This book kept me hooked from start to finish and with the not so typical romance it was perfect.

  • Candy
    2019-02-12 18:52

    Different Kind of Story from CCJThis was a different kind of story from Christina but I really liked it. I like when authors switch things up and do something different. I'm hoping that we get Ace and Cree's story. I would love to find out more about Ace. I would also like to get Camille and Jackson's story as well.

  • Mia Morgan
    2019-02-11 19:06

    AmazingI really don't know what to say. This book was just, I mean it was fantastic. It had me on the first sentence. Every page you wondering what's go happen. How this go play out? This is a little different, but it is just awesome I loved it. Christina never disappoints. I could give it a 100 stars. I didn't want it to end.

  • Diane Hawkins
    2019-02-01 16:00

    Excellent! Another five star read from Mrs. Jones. I love them all. The only issue that I've ever had is length. I want more, need more. I feel like I know these people. The places that they live and work seem very familiar because she does an excellent job setting the stage.

  • Fatima
    2019-02-13 17:02

    Ante UpGood story with just the right amount of suspense and romance to keep you interested. I loved Asha and King together and how the both made each other open up. I also like the female poker player aspect of the story. Definitely a must read!

  • Dana Pierre-Paul
    2019-02-17 18:50

    So worth the missed sleep and work that didn't get done!!!Truly an amazing book, the King and Asha are so dynamic and the supporting characters are just as intriguing. Feels like there is more to know about everyone!

  • Brittni
    2019-02-14 16:03

    Just like all the others, that was another great read. I really enjoyed the twists & turns this book had to offer. The end was way better than I would have expected. Hopefully there's a sequel involving Ace & Cree. :-)

  • Brandi
    2019-01-25 14:08

    Is Everything!Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh! This is one juicy ass book. Suspenseful with a believable plot and believable characters. Definitely a page turner.

  • Natalya | TheIslandReader
    2019-02-02 18:07

    You know a book is good when you stay up at 2 am on a weeknight in order to finish it, even though you have to be to work at 8:30 am. This is what happened to me with Christina C. Jones’ Ante Up. I cracked that book open (aka opened my Kindle) late one evening after work and was so enthralled that I simply did not put it down until I got to the last page.Ante Up was everything that I love about romance novels. It was edgy, mysterious, slightly criminal, and had a storyline that flowed seamlessly. It was different from previous books I’ve read from Jones’ due to it being so dark and aggressive. The ending was another difference as well but I absolutely loved it! I like when romance novels leave me satisfied but slightly curious at the end.Do yourself a favor and pick up this Christina C. Jones’ novel, you won’t regret it. Ante Up!P.S. Mrs. Jones, are we going to get books featuring the secondary characters mentioned in this book? I need Cree and Ace’s story and Jackson and Camille seem like they will be a good match.To read my full review: check out

  • Fatimah
    2019-02-18 16:56

    Another great read from Mrs. JonesAnte Up was definetly one of my favorite reads by Christina. The story of Asha & King was interesting and slighty contained different aspects than most romance novels which is a big plus in my book. I loved Asha' s everything from her perfectly articulated appearance to her crassness, caring heart and bravery when it came to doing what she had to do to help those she loved. King was kinda an ass, but had his moments that made him grow on me and the dick wielding helped and was greatly appreciated. Mrs. Jones you're definitely becoming one of my favorite authors and I can't wait to dive into another one of your stories.

  • Rena
    2019-02-03 17:54

    Ante upAnte Up had me from page one. Even though they came from different backgrounds, King and Asha had so many things in common. As much as they tried to stay away from each other, they couldn't. Man, I wish someone would set up an endless supply of spa treatments for me. Lol Heaven!! Asha was so used to taken care of everyone else, so it was great to see just how far King had her back. I enjoyed the story and the characters, except for Dorian. I am hoping for future stories between Jackson and Camille as well as Cree and Ace and Zora and Trei. Good book which I happily recommend.

  • Lisa Elekwachi
    2019-01-23 21:44

    Strong writing and solid charactersAsha was too soft for someone who has committed the type of felonies described in the story. This made her less compelling and not easy to connect with. King was alpha with a heart. Yet, his relationship with his mother didn't seem realistic. The author is definitely good but I'd like her to spend more time thinking about how these two scarred people could realistically overcome their flaws to achieve a real intimate coupling. Overall the book is an interesting read.

  • Juanita
    2019-02-13 14:07

    Ante-UpI choose the five star rating because Christina A. Jones did a GREAT 👍 job at drawing you into the lives of her character and keeping you fixate with every single thing about them and holding you there until the end. There is nothing about this story I disliked except that that it ended. I simply couldn't not get out of my feelings and hated that the end had come all to soon. Well done ✔job Ms. Jones. I would recommend this book to all to experience greatness at it best.