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Being a member of the Elite Hunter Command imperils Joy in more ways than one. In their latest clash with Othersiders, the army of monsters nearly wiped them out. Apex City is safe . . . for now. But within the city barriers, Joy must wage a different kind of war.The corrupt and powerful PsiCorps is determined to usurp the Hunters as chief defenders of Apex City and Joy isBeing a member of the Elite Hunter Command imperils Joy in more ways than one. In their latest clash with Othersiders, the army of monsters nearly wiped them out. Apex City is safe . . . for now. But within the city barriers, Joy must wage a different kind of war.The corrupt and powerful PsiCorps is determined to usurp the Hunters as chief defenders of Apex City and Joy is now squarely in their crosshairs. Unused to playing political games, she has very few people she can truly trust—not even Josh, her first friend in Apex City, who broke up with her when it became too dangerous for a Psimon to be dating a Hunter.Then Josh comes to Joy for help. He fears that Abigail Drift, the head of PsiCorps, will soon use him in her twisted experiments designed to empower PsiCorps and render Hunters superfluous—a scheme that’s already killed off dozens of Psimons. Joy manages to smuggle Josh to safety, but he cannot evade Drift forever . . .As Joy faces ever more powerful Othersiders, she is helped by the most surprising ally imaginable—the same Folk Mage she once met in battle on the train to Apex City. But can Joy trust the most cunning and treacherous of all Othersiders?In the thrilling finale to Mercedes Lackey’s #1 New York Times’ bestselling trilogy, Joy must risk everything to end a brutal war . . . before she loses all she’s ever loved....

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Apex Reviews

  • Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller
    2019-01-11 04:06

    Rating: undecided. 3 thoughts: 1. Omg I loved this one as much as the first two. 😍2. Omg omg there's going to be a 4th book (there'd better be, anyway) 😁3. Omg omg omg I'm going to have to wait a WHOLE YEAR for it. 😩4th thought: PISSED!!! It didn't feel over to me, but apparently it is. I'm not ready. No. This has to be a mistake.

  • Chicken
    2019-01-16 06:01

    Quite possibly one of the best Mercedes Lackey seriesI'm not ashamed to say that, leading up to the release of this, I reread Hunter and Elite, and then I spent a few hours checking to see if it was out yet (it downloaded at about 1am EST), and the second it was I inhaled it.First I'll make a quick note of the bad; there's some weird little grammar things in the kindle issue, mostly commas instead of periods, but it's not a lot by any means; and the romance is still fairly "meh." I called Josh "background boyfriend" as much as by name. There were also some details Lackey seemed to forget, like one of Joy's Hounds being bigger than the one that's treated as biggest in this book, but nothing major.Onto the gushing.I'm a big Lackey fan. I've at least dipped my toes into most if not all of her universes, including collabs, so I'm well used to her one great weakness; she has patterns, and part of those means the middle book or books of a series are usually boring and lose you completely.Not so, of the Hunter trilogy. These books are fun in a way her "grown-up" books aren't always. It's something she embraces in her Five Hundred Kingdoms series as well, but this trilogy really found a quite possibly perfect balance.These books are packed with action, magic, mythos, humor, awesome women, great characters, a decent dose of queer positivity, and did I mention magic? It's heart-warming, it's sad, it makes you want to crawl into the pages and yell at people. And with Apex in particular: it is intensely satisfying. It's like watching an action flick and cheering when the good guys win.I won't get more detailed than that, because it'd be spoilers, and redundant.I absolutely think everyone should read this series, but it's very worth noting that they're very much written to be read together. Elite and Apex give only the smallest recap, and not only can you not really understand the book without the others, you'll probably be a bit lost if you haven't read them recently. But heck, they're worth it.Apex doesn't tie everything up with a bow, but not in an unsatisfying way. I hope we see more like this from Lackey; I think these books which are a little "simpler" and shorter than her usual fair let her have some fun, and taking her out of her usual "comfort zone" of medieval (in feel at least) fantasy into dystopian fantasy were a breath a fresh air. I'd love to read more about Joy of course, because she's a really fun character surrounded by fun characters, and the world of Hunter is awesome--but I'll be keeping an eye out (as I have been for years!) for Lackey branching into any genre. Whenever she tries something new, it never fails to entertain, thrill, and delight!And yeah, this is a totally biased gushing review of Apex from a long time fan. No shame.

  • Sara Saif
    2019-01-16 03:20

    This has been very, very entertaining.In terms of sheer enjoyment and awesomeness, I rate this trilogy quite high in my mind. But. If I consider the plot of all three books, it feels to me something like an overly drawn out episode. Like an episode with three parts that story-wise just only needed one part. Catch my drift?Over the course of three books the development has been sparse, the backstory's detail insufficient and the showdowns anti-climatic. Even now, with only an year passed from the first book to the last, very little has happened as far as the story goes. I can imagine the trilogy being one 800 page long book with all the fighting condensed and this makes more sense to me.I still love these books. K.The visual appeal of these books is off the charts. The idea of fighting side by side with and against inter-dimensional beasts with magical Doctor Strange powers is enough to get you tingling all over with excitement and imagination overload. Which is why the lack of everything but fighting is easily ignored.Seriously, the only thing you care about is the awe-inspiring kick-butt ninja move-busting going on and the main character. Period. I mean, one of the protagonist's close allies dies in this book and it took me several pages to figure that out, one because it was described really offhandedly and two, I didn't care even though I actually sorta liked that guy. Even funnier is the fact that there was literally no funeral. Ouch. Like, boom, you're dead. Dismissed. The final battle was underwhelming and nothing that hadn't happened before which undermined the whole "Super Epic Final Battle" thing. The romance is so laaaaaaame. There is no spark between the two and even though I dig this part usually, the characters in these books, the hunters especially, live by such a shitty schedule of eat-sleep-fight-eat-fight-fight-fight-repeat that I don't blame anyone for it not working.So mainly disappointed by the following things:-world-building (other territories, cities besides Apex?)-backstory (I still don't understand how the Diseray happened EXACTLY. I needed patient detail not a harrassed paragraph)-no trip to the Otherside -lack of escalation in terms of plot

  • Alyssa Nelson
    2019-01-03 06:27

    Finally!!! I’ve been waiting way too long for Apex to come out and I bought it as soon as it did, because things were heating up for Joy in book 2. Now, the Hunters are in an all-out war against the Othersiders, and it doesn’t look as though those magical creatures are ever going to give up. Combine that with heated tension growing between the PsiCorps and the Hunters, and there’s lots of drama and intrigue to be had by all.As I’ve mentioned in reviews for the previous books: I really appreciate Lackey’s ability to seamlessly weave together science fiction and fantasy. I love both genres and having them perfectly incorporated into one story is heaven. Apex differs from its predecessors in that it has a lot more action and a lot less character development. Because of this, I thought the first bits of the book were slow-going, but once intrigue started happening with PsiCorps and the Folk Mage, it starts to get good.Joy realizes that the Othersiders are being controlled by Folk Mages and feels as though there’s something she’s missing about the Othersiders’ intentions. She feels as though there’s a bigger game being played, but has no idea what exactly it is, so she enlists the help of a couple of trusted friends and puts her life on the line to trust the lavender Folk Mage to get to the bottom of whatever is going on. Again, Joy proves to be an amazing main character; she struggles and nothing is super easy for her, but she also takes charge of situations and goes all-out to protect her friends and do her job as a Hunter. I love that she isn’t a perfect badass character who never gets hurt or faces challenges, but she also isn’t helpless either.The resolution of Apex is impossibly perfect, and I felt such a rush reading it — definitely makes it worth your while to pick up the series. It has SUCH A GOOD ENDING! I’m not sure if any books are planned for the future, but I definitely can see Lackey writing a spinoff trilogy set in the same world (which is a common move for her). It has enough of a finale that I feel as though Joy’s story has ended nicely, but leaves enough open that future spinoffs would be appreciated, which is a nice way to end a fantasy book, I think.Also posted on Purple People Readers.

  • Abigail
    2019-01-01 22:15

    I loved Hunter and Elite one on my favorite books of the year. Can't wait for a third book I'm so ready and excited!!!!

  • YA and Wine
    2018-12-27 22:06

    APEX is an action-packed adventure from start to finish. At 304 pages and with its fast-paced plot, this is a very quick and very enjoyable read. All three of these books have classic elements I've seen in other books, but Lackey has certainly put her own spin on those elements and tied them all together in one beautiful package. Joy is such a great main character, and she is anything but a damsel in distress. She is a character you simply can't help but root for. I loved watching her dig in and fight no matter the situation she found herself in. She is a girl with some serious gumption, and I loved reading through her perspective.The world-building in this book is really well done. I especially enjoyed the magical creatures, both the good and the bad, that I discovered within these pages. It is clear that Lackey did a lot of research on classic mythological creatures and also put a lot of work into making them her own.I really enjoyed reading this book, and I think it's one that will certainly be entertaining for readers of all ages.*Thanks so much to Disney-Hyperion for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

  • Beth
    2019-01-23 01:09

    Nice ending of the plot arc & hints of future onesPretty much ties up the plot threads of the Apex political machinations; now focusing on the Folk for (hopefully ) future stories.Looking forward to the next.

  • Leesa
    2019-01-21 23:10

    Another page turner very well done!I wasn't sure I would like this series and waited until about a month ago to get the first 2 books, once again I have been captured in a world that is so hard to leave. When I finished thus book, all I could think if is it can't be over already! Now to reread.

  • Laura
    2019-01-23 23:58

    This just felt a little too phoned in. Everything was either super obvious or a little too convenient. Not the worst book ever, but kind of disappointing for a series that I thought was so fun to start out.

  • Denae Christine
    2019-01-20 01:58

    Reader thoughts: These books had everything I want in a story. Danger, high stakes, conflicted characters, secrets, new magical abilities, clever use of minimal resources, fun new technology, technology that interacts with magic, a light romance, strong friendships, clear good vs evil, clean adventures, references to folklore, new allies in the midst of war, alternate dimensions, hope, mystery, and a solid ending.What more do I need to say?Joy's hounds turn out to bee more than we expect, and her big secret about the masters at her home plays a part. The fact that she's been talking with a folk lord this whole time should have caused more trouble but didn't.Writer thoughts: That might be the one thing that this book didn't do perfectly. There were quite a few areas where Joy could have been in more danger or more trouble, and she wasn't. Maybe this was to shorten the book by eliminating try-fail cycles. Joy still had to struggle to succeed, but things could have gotten worse for her. What if her friends found out she was lying about the folk lord? What if the wrong people found out about the mountain? What if something went wrong with her hounds?Writers want to put their characters into as much trouble/danger as possible because it gives a more satisfying ending when everything turns out all right. (And I hate when not everything turns out all right!).Cressida Cowell is really good at getting her characters into bigger and bigger and bigger trouble.....

  • Nicole Jackson
    2019-01-13 01:11

    So far, my second favorite in the series. I found Elite to be more intriguing with a better plot, but Apex had me HOOKED to the end. Hopefully I'll add more to this review later as I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish it. The more I read in this series, the more I find it to my liking! Well done, Lackey!

  • Krista
    2019-01-17 03:26

    I thought this was a trilogy but with the way this ended I wonder if I won't see another Hunter book hit the shelves in the next year or so. Definitely a few things that could be tidied up even further. I have to say that I was beginning to wonder about how easily Joy and her Hounds seemed to fight off the Othersiders. They rarely took any damage in the first couple of books and what little damage there was seemed to be minor irritations at most. In this book, the stakes were the same but the toll of fighting off invading hordes finally seemed to result in some real injuries. The teams were also not always successful in saving those they set out to protect. I thought this was necessary and overdue, so I while I was saddened by a few things, I was also satisfied by the author's attempt to add serious consequences to a population so familiar with warfare. If and when the next book comes out, I will be picking it up.

  • Becky
    2019-01-08 02:20

    I gave this one five stars yet I didn't love it like I did the first two. It's still a five star, but maybe they're both 5 1/2? I don't know, I'm no mathematician.Anyway, other than a completely random and undeserved and wasteful death, this was a great book. I just got tired of all fighting all the time. What I liked in the first two was the new girl in school feel and this one is more war and less fun. Hope to see more in the series, though.

  • Daralene Foley
    2019-01-01 02:11

    Very satisfyingAnother great book by Mercedes Lackey. The story of Elite Joy continues with all the emotion and drama you'd expect from Ms. Lackey. I thoroughly enjoyed every word and all the heart stopping moments. Thanks for another great read and I'll have to sit on my hands waiting for the next one.

  • Taveena Kade
    2019-01-09 05:12

    DNF at page 117

  • Nora Hashaw
    2019-01-18 00:13

    Engrossing, cant put it downMercedes Lackey proves she is one of the best at world building and character creations. Loved this trilogy. Totally engaging.

  • Shala
    2019-01-17 01:03

    3.5 stars. This trilogy conclusion happened in too few pages for me. The ending was a tad too convenient for me, and I felt that we needed 50-100 pages more to make it a less rushed novel. I do still recommend the trilogy if the plot seems interesting at all to you.

  • Shane Jardine
    2018-12-25 02:19

    My feelings on this book are fairly mixed and I’ve been struggling for a few days to write this review so forgive me if it rambles on a bit or if I contradict myself at all in it. Mercedes Lackey has probably been my favorite author for nearly 15 years now and I would have to say that this has been one of the more interesting and unique worlds that she has created in a long time. Unfortunately, I don’t think that Apex was anywhere near as good as the first two books in the series.Now that’s not to say I think that Apex was a bad book, because I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it and think the audiobook was well worth the purchase. There were just a few aspects of the story that I didn’t enjoy and think really brought the book down in some ways. I know the angsty love story between Joy and Josh was a major part of the last two books but I feel like it was really shoehorned into Apex just to have a romance subplot in the book. I found most of the scenes with Joy and Josh together to be surprisingly boring.I think the book would have been much better if it had focused less on Joy and Josh and more on Joy, Josh, and the PsiCorps. I also would have enjoyed seeing a bit more of Joy’s new hunting partner Cielle, I loved her character and thought she really brought something to the story. I think what Apex did best was expand upon the information we had on the Hounds and the Others. I loved every hunting scene we got in this book because every time one of the Folk or Joy’s hounds appeared we learned some fascinating new piece of information.As always I think Amy Landon did an absolutely fantastic job narrating this book and couldn’t imagine listening to anyone else read it. She puts so much energy and emotion into her narration that you can practically feel everything that Joy feels over the course of the book. She’s quickly becoming one of my favorite audiobook narrators.Aside from the issues I had with this book I still think Apex is a great addition to this series and I can’t wait to see what Mercedes Lackey has in store for Joy and her hounds in the next book!

  • MGMaudlin
    2018-12-25 23:00

    Not sure whether the series is ending here or not (much still unexplained), but this has been an entertaining and exciting trilogy that is a mix of HUNGER GAMES with standard magical fantasy literature. While having a strong, talented, and believable female lead was great, overall I would categorize this as a light, fast-moving read. The set up is dystopian in that we modern human beings ruined the world, which caused some event where magical monsters routinely invade our world and humankind now dwells in small protected enclaves. Of course, some humans now have magical powers and can bond with the one good kind of magical being: hounds. The idea that all the magical creatures are bad except for dogs--that works for me. If you need diversion and entertainment, this series (HUNTER, THE ELITE, and now APEX) is a good choice. And while the series may in fact continue, the story arc created in the first book finds good closure her in the last volume .

  • Kate
    2019-01-06 03:12

    Dnf around 40%. I LOVED the first book, it was a breath of fresh air for Lackey, but book two slipped in more of her little Lackeyisms - one liners where she gets to complain about some small aspect of modern society. Anyway, book three was just boring. More monster hunts, the same old monsters, stale characters, and I didn't care about the mysteries of the Folk. Hunters = Heralds, Hounds = Companions, and now we have Waystations?

  • Anam Ali
    2018-12-29 03:23

    The boring and unnecessary romance (which felt like an item being checked off a list) and the boring and unnecessary focus on PsiCorps (I honestly didn't give two s***s about the stupid PsiCorp) left me completely underwhelmed by the third book in this trilogy. Josh is a two-dimensional character and brings very little to the story. He hardly even advances the plot! There was such a great storyline waiting to be tapped in Torcion and the formation of an alliance against the Grand Alliance but sadly Lackey chose more to focus on Josh Green's mattress fort in the middle of Spillover. The only good thing was Cielle as Joy's new bff and hunting partner, but other than that I'm extremely disappointed. Even in the hunting scenes, this book just lacked the fun and excitement of the other two.

  • Tessa in Mid-Michigan
    2019-01-14 04:21

    Kind of a letdown. Everything resolved, sort of, but just didn’t feel it. And more of her side attacks on Christians. They are just little barbs here and there.

  • Jesslyn
    2019-01-17 02:03

    Nice installment to this YA series, but Lackey is really treading the line on the protaganist. We'll see with Book #4, but one more 'save' and she'll have turn into a full-blown Mary Sue.

  • Kes
    2019-01-07 01:15

    I love the relationships in this book!In the last book, I complained that Joy didn't have any female companions. Well - that complaint was answered. We are reintroduced to Cielle, who gets partnered with Joy. I love how conversations are done - Cielle talks about things that she acknowledges are shallow, or makes comments that aren't quite nice - but she acknowledges them: Suddenly, she stopped, put her hand over her mouth, and flushed. "Oh my god," she said, looking stricken. "I mean, people are really in horrible danger and these monsters are destroying entire towns or trying to, and I'm ...talking about trending..." She went even redder. "Somebody should drown me."That's likable! I like the self-awareness on Cielle's part. People can be horrible in conversations - but to me, that self-awareness elevates the novel. I like rooting for people who are good. And later - when Joy apologises to Cielle, we see that the respect grows both ways.These little details - hanging out with each other, Joy thinking that Cielle could be a friend after working out the natural rough patches - those are great. It's the foundation of a solid friendship, and helps fill out Joy's character.We see Mark again - it's nice that he still gets screen time, and Joy's developing relationship with Jessie was good. I couldn't believe (view spoiler)[Mark's death though - I finished the chapter, then turned back and reread those few pages, because I thought that there would be a surprise in store that Mark was just grievously wounded and not dead! That was unexpected for a YA novel - I don't usually expect major characters to die. Jessie coming in to help Joy process Mark's death was great too. (I also liked that there was enough moping to be unbelievable, but not too much to be tedious.) I'm a little surprised that Mark's Angels didn't try to join Joy's pack, but that would definitely have been too overpowered for Joy, and worked without the Angels joining. (hide spoiler)]Josh and Joy also get back together. I loved the scene when Abigail Drift interrogates Joy about the relationship, and Abigail Drift orders Joy that there be "no more upsets [for Josh]". That was childish, perhaps, but I did laugh at that. Armourer Kent's reaction, that these were youngsters, was also funny. It's nice to see that Joy was filled with doubts about Josh, while being aware of these doubts. Also - that scene with Joy and Josh in the bunker where they were talking about Victorian fantasy made me wonder if this was an allusion to Mercedes' Lackey Elemental Series. In meantime, Joy develops more - we see her taking initiative, suggesting the Elite-Hunter partnership, asking the Monastery for help, taking charge of the Hunters on the battlefield while her Hounds take charge of a few others. That's cool. It felt that she was changing the Hunters.Lastly: there is literally a Big Bad (who is referred to as such!). This was precious. (view spoiler)[Laetrenier is the unambiguous bad that you get in YA novels, so that was good. Though we never find out why the banshee targeted Joy - which is a question I would have liked answered. I like that we learn a bit more about Folk Lords, and we see Joy's difficulty in trusting Torcion - he never returns her her Perscom, does he? (hide spoiler)] I liked the hints of change for Apex: the marginals getting a place, the suggestion that there were different levels of Othersider hierarchy that all leave room for further expansion. At the same time, this was a novel that felt that it ended in the right place - after all, in real life, loose ends aren't always tied up so neatly.A lot of the success of this book - I felt - came down to writing/execution rather than plot. It's a very simple plot, that might be cliched at times, but the writing made it shine.4/5 stars. I really enjoyed this.

  • Bernadette
    2019-01-23 00:59

    Joy has been working in Apex City for three books - and over a year (I think)- and she has earned her skill. Earned it through minor slogging fight after fight, through near-deadly boss fights, through simply showing up to her job day after day. I love it! Buuut... (sorry Joy), she's still getting over-powered. Not in the sense of being overrun by enemies, but plot-wise having too much power. She has a pack of eleven hounds, compared to everyone else's three or four. Her hounds keep manifesting abilities no one else's do, like taking on human form. All the fae are specifically interested in her, with no clear reason, which reeks of Special One Syndrome. However, like I said, these outer factors are somewhat countered by how hard Joy has worked to earn her own fighting skill. Still overpowered, but it's manageable. Next point. You know why Apex City is so lucky to have Joy as their heroine instead of (*insert pretty much any other YA heroine*)? This girl has her head on straight. She doesn't keep stupid secrets, she's not blindly trusting but she wants to believe in people, and she doesn't hold a grudge. When Josh comes to her terrified, begging for help to save his life, she helps him. She figures out a way to be sure of his honesty, and they basically get back together again; but remember, Apex City is under heavy attack, and Joy is constantly either On Shift or worn out. She doesn't have time for romance, and she (and the book) acknowledges that! At one point she realizes how little she knows Josh, saying "Should have spent a lot less time kissing, and a lot more time talking". Then she also comments on how much you can tell about someone from the books they read, and proceeds to hang out with Josh for the rest of her free time (Sort of. It's complicated) and helps him pick out a bunch of books to download. I think the main thing in Apex that feels a little off is the pacing and tension. It's surprisingly realistic to see Joy and the other hunters simply working, getting called out of bed at unexpected hours, sometimes mopping up an easy little group and sometimes exhausting themselves on big nasty beasts. But the thing is, we already saw a lot of monster-fighting in the first two books. I think it does make this book feel a little bit blander, because there's not really new stuff happening for most of the action. Except the fae. Too many spoilers to say much more, but I've been looking forward to finding out a bit more about fae since the first book. We still don't know a lot, but there was definitely an interesting bit. Back to the pacing and tension. I never really felt like Joy was in danger of losing, both because of her own strength + pack of hounds, and because both times things get seriously tight she pulls something new out of her sleeve, which leaves the unfortunate impression that she could just keep doing that. Especially for the final battle, the winning factor... well, it sort of made sense, but it wasn't foreshadowed. Barely hinted at, if anything. And now I'm hearing that this may be the last book? That didn't even cross my mind when I finished it. It doesn't feel wrapped up. Yes, things are under control again, but the Hunters have gotten things mostly under control a lotof times, and each time it all broke loose and came roaring back with a vengeance. So maybe that goes back to the pacing issues. Still. Overall rating is 3.7 stars for a level-headed quick-thinking heroine and her delightful hounds in a somewhat bland plot.

  • Ginny
    2018-12-27 02:01

    The third book of the Hunter Trilogy, Apex accomplished everything it needed to do. It tied up a myriad of loose ends from books one and two, it had a compelling storyline, and even sort of dealt with all of the secrets Joy was keeping about her home. Sort of. Kind of. At any rate, another selling point is that we got to see the characters pushed to their limits in a believable fashion, and, more importantly, we saw them react to reaching the breaking point in a believable fashion. I have to admit, it was nice to see Joy step up into the leadership role that her uncle and Kent were so obviously setting up for her. It's pretty clear by the end of the story that Joy will probably take over as the leader of the Elite once Kent retires (view spoiler)[provided that Torcion doesn't convince her take service first. (hide spoiler)]I did, however, have some issues. The plot with (view spoiler)[Cielle (hide spoiler)] came out of NOWHERE. There were several other people who could have filled that slot that wouldn't have had me whipping my head around and going "wtf?!?!?!" Dazzle would have been my obvious choice. Or one of the newbies. (view spoiler)[Hell, have the Monastery send one of THEIR newbies as a vanguard so Joy doesn't think that they have decided not to send anyone (hide spoiler)] SCARLETT could have been a solid option, as we hadn't been given a description of what she could do, if you needed that specific power set. I was a little disappointed with the romance subplot and how it was executed, as well. (view spoiler)[I mean, I get why Josh and Joy got back together, I really do, but... It would have been nice for them to just be friends who care about each other. Why no, this has nothing to do with the fact that I kind of want Joy to be free to take up that offer Torcion made in Hunter to be his consort. No. What gave you that idea? (hide spoiler)] Also, it's a bit of a nitpick, but in this book banshees appear to be a new sort of othersider, but they're specifically mentioned in Hunter as 'wailers' with the note that some people called them 'banshees'. I mean, it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but still. Continuity error. All in all, very solid, and a lot of very enjoyable things that I can't talk about, because spoilers, either for Apex or the first two books in the series. I would highly recommend this one, much as I did the other two.

  • Nannette
    2019-01-20 00:10

    ApexBy Mercedes LackeyRead by Amy LandonThe Hunter Series: Book 38.81 Hours unabridgedCourtesy Audiobook JukeboxThe Hunter trilogy, by Mercedes Lackey, is just as much fun and page turning action from the first book to the last. Each of the three books has its own mystery with an over reaching story arc for the series. The books feature a very strong female character, Joy. She does not need men saving her. In fact, she does pretty much all the saving. The universe this series constructs is amazing. It is rich and complex, built on the ashes of our world. Our world went through a series of cataclysmic events that tore a hole through reality. This hole allowed monsters to come through, monsters from all of earth’s mythologies as well as some that no one can identify. Along with the monsters come the “hounds”. The "hounds" are not normal dogs. Some can fly, some are the sizes of ponies and some are made of smoke. When they come through to our world they bond with an individual who have the ability to use magic. They become a team of hunters, one human with uses magic and their "hounds". Most hunters have two to four hounds. Joy started with seven. Through the events in the first and second books, she gains four more.The other beings, besides hounds and monsters, from the otherside, as other reality is called, are the folk mages. They vary from a feral type to a sort of nobility. Some want to wipe out all humans while others are more concerned with their own affairs. The mages, of all kind, play a major role in Apex.The character development is excellent. Joy is a believable young lady. She feels happiness and sadness and despair and desperation. Yet she continues to fight. I really like her. I like the way she has developed and grown through the three books. She has learned so much about herself that allows her to make her own decisions instead of being a tool in the hands of others. This is a young adult novel so the romantic action is described as “making out” or kissing. This would be appropriate for a teen. It is also appropriate for adults. I am fifty-four and really enjoyed it.Amy Landon is an excellent narrator. I have enjoyed her narration through all three books. She gives Joy a realistic voice. Her male voices are good. She does a nice job on the attitude of the characters. I really enjoyed Ms. Landon’s narration and will definitely check out other books she has narrated.

  • Karen
    2019-01-24 03:17

    Apex is the third and final book in the Hunter series. Just like the previous two books, it is filled with plenty of action and tension. Joy is under pressure and most unhappy. The city and its surrounding area it under seine from the Outsiders. There were new monsters arriving and now those Folk Lords are organizing the monsters to fight the Elite, Hunters and army. Only the PSI corps are not helping to save the city and its citizens. Until, their commander, Drift, appears with Psimons dressed in battle armor to keep the monsters at bay. Funny thing is that their leader is trying to make the citizens believe that the Psimons are going to be the saviors of the city. Drift has scared Josh so bad that he has gone into hiding and he let's Joy know that Drift is up to no good but no one is sure exactly what her plan is or why. The fight is getting more intense. Hunters and Elite are injured and exhausted--the ones that are not killed. Citizens in the outlying areas are disappearing. Apex needs a miracle or all the citizens will die or be made slaves of the Outsiders. Joy is scared, feeling guilty, doubting herself and plain just wore down. She can see no way to win this war and save Apex but she has to try. There has been so much happening in this series that there did not seem to be a way to wrap it all up nice and neat in this last book. Somehow Mercedes Lackey wove all the strings together to weave a pretty darn good ending to a great story. I borrowed this series from the ebook library and think now I need to buy it so I can have it when I want to read it again. It is that kind of story--one where you can re-read it while enjoying parts you remember and picking up bits you have forgotten. A story that makes you feel a part of it. Definitely a series to give a try.

  • Emilie
    2019-01-03 04:18

    Overall this was a great book series. I really loved the world and the characters. However, this final installment fell a little flat. First, it was about 40 pages shorter than the others and I can think of many ways those pages could have been well employed in fleshing out this part of the story. Here we are finally getting to the heart of several mysteries and instead of dropping a few more hints and letting the reader figure more of it out it is just tossed out there and quickly left. Spoiler alert*** The death of Mark Knight was something I had foresee by the second chapter of book two, I was actually surprised when he made it passed the second novel. In some ways it felt like the author was as well since she basically side lined him other than adding the detail of his impending fatherhood which was the final seal on his fate. We had been distant from the character for the whole book, mostly focused again on his wives part of this which was the weakest part add having his death happen distant from Joy left it all a little distant and flat. The impact of his death and the timing didn't offer us the story punch it should have. And it wasn't just this that felt distant. Hammer & Steel were exempt from the last battle, Josh was sidelined most of the book and the new characters that filled the roles where not given enough time or material to shine. There is so much more that could have been done with the Folk Lord. I notice that we have been left with a few dangling threads so I hope this means there might be more hunter stories in the future. I hope this is the case since I really liked the world and would love if this flat note was not where we were left.

  • Rowanmorgaine
    2019-01-11 02:57

    I enjoyed this book and the two previous ones. It's not perfect (the ending's a bit rushed, it's a bit repetitive) but overall, a good read.For me though, my biggest issue with the series is why Joy didn't try to get more information from her Hounds much, much earlier - say, the day she got them. If it were me, I would have been peppering them with questions - where do they live, what's it like, how many realms are there, can humans travel there, why are the Hounds helping the humans (this one does get answered), who/what are the Folk Lords, tell me everything you know about them, why did 7 Hounds choose Joy instead of the usual 4, could they sense things about her before they appeared, what do the Hounds do when they're not on this side, could more Hounds be convinced to join the battle (which would have given away the ending), and so on. It seems like Joy and the humans had a distinct lack of curiosity and strategic planning. Once they found themselves in a war with the othersiders, every scrap of information they Hounds could have provided would have helped them. Granted, the author probably didn't want this information revealed too early in the story (or not at all), but this could have easily been fixed by a quick line about how Joy longed to ask more questions of the Hounds, but Hounds never answered, or it would be considered impolite to ask, or something. Once again, it's like the Companions having information they won't share with their Heralds, but at least that is dealt with in the Valdemar books. In this one, it's never explained and there's no good reason why Joy at least doesn't try to learn more about her Hounds.