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Discover the Silent Hill Omnibus, collecting over 400 pages of IDW's Silent Hill comic books into one volume - Silent Hill: Dying Inside, Silent Hill: Three Bloody Tales, and Silent Hill: Dead/Alive....

Title : Silent Hill Omnibus
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ISBN : 9781600102394
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 432 Pages
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Silent Hill Omnibus Reviews

  • S.E. Lindberg
    2019-01-29 17:23

    Cathartic Reading: As a longtime Silent Hill fan (since the original) I needed a fix to overcome the disappointing issues plaguing game publisher Konami: Silent Hills for PS4 promised to be awesome (involvement with Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus-walking dead actor). Then it got abruptly cancelled. I turned to Silent Hill Omnibus and Silent Hill Omnibus, Volume 2 to satiate my need to roam thru a ghost town. The Silent Hill Omnibus omnibus comprises 5 installments of the comic adaptions for the Silent Hill game franchise from Konami. The survival horror games are known for their Lovecraftian style of horror (weird, nondescript nightmares emphasized over sudden shock); typically a visitor goes to the town with serious emotional baggage, explores a ghost town, and comes face to face with realized version of their nightmares....that is the safe part of the workflow. Then visitors (gameplayers/readers) are taken to deeper levels of hell in which they yearn to revisit the haunting ghost town for safety. What is "real", "imagined", or "remembered" is never clear.The comics are generally true to the ambiance. They introduce new characters, some of which mirror those in the games (i.e., police officers, a young girl). A few stories stretch the mood to include shoot-zombies-up gameplay vibes (ala Resident Evil) or B-rated horror (gratituous cheerleaders).The art is likewise ambiguous; like the game's notorious fog that hides details, the art is not always clear. For Dying Inside (the fist chapter) this worked okay; by the end of the omnibus the art & story became confusing (too many characters that looked liked one another). The idea of intermixing various characters' memories, haunts, and stories was nice at first... but the story complexity diverged so much that the final story (which aims to bring closure to it all) remains confusing. On the whole, the omnibus was satisfying and true enough for me to launch into Vol 2.. It's recommended to other Silent Hill fans needing a fix between games. Silent Hill Omnibus Contains:Silent Hill: Dying InsideSilent Hill: Among the DamnedSilent Hill: Paint It BlackSilent Hill: The Grinning ManSilent Hill: Dead/Alive

  • Casey
    2019-01-24 15:06

    This was one my most anticipated reads this year. Being the big fan of the Silent Hill video games that I am, I brought this graphic novel so after I re-played the games this year I could give the graphic novels ago. This is a omnibus compiled of five silent hill graphic novels.Having the word 'Silent Hill' associated with this messy rubbish has got to be the biggest stretch ever created to link a graphic novel to a popular franchise. Nothing about this is Silent Hill, not a monster, storyline, character or silent hill landmark (with the exception of the welcome sign) screams Silent Hill. The only story I mildly enjoyed was 'Dying Inside' as the artwork was the most clearest and the storyline for the most part I could actually follow.The "drawings" or "artwork" (if you can call them that) are so sketchy and dark that 9/10 I could not make out what it was meant to be showing. The layout was so chaotic it was just to hard to follow that 60% of the way through I had to stop because the plot just became meaningless and the artwork indistinguishable.

  • K.
    2019-02-03 20:08

    Having followed the games from 1 to Origins and Homecoming I have to say that the comic book adaption does not translate well. The writing is solid, the different parts of the story slowly blending and binding together to create something larger. However, beyond traces of the original games, the atmosphere of the story is for the most part lost. In the first three stories the artwork is so muddled and messy that it's difficult to follow the narrative flow. The character of Christabella is somewhat overblown, though the psychologist Dr. Troy is worth a read. If you are a fan of the franchise, I would borrow this book from someone who already owns it, and if it captures your heart, THEN purchase it. For those that have no idea what Silent Hill is, this will show some of the horror and disorientation of the game, but will not give the depth or profundity of the original series.

  • ❤Emm❤
    2019-01-25 20:06

    Colour me mildly disappointed. While it is a sleek-looking omnibus, loaded with beautiful abstract artwork, the story is lackluster and only nominally to do with the series. It feels like they were wanting to write an original story, but had to awkwardly integrate it into a Silent Hill-based comic. The writing and dialogue is not bad, per se, but it does definitely feel forced. The second omnibus, in my opinion was more impressive.To me it is over-focused on the violence and grotesque creatures, and not focused enough on the surreal psychological exploration. Although if you just want to see the disturbing monsters, you would find this perfect. For positives, like I said it is worth reading for the variety of talented artists, and the middle stories ("Paint it Black" especially) do have a lot clearer plotlines and are the best of the collection.Dying Inside - A decent if confusing story, with vibrant painted artwork. I like the latter half of it more than the first. The fact that the town is abandoned (it's not in the original series, quite to the contrary) leads to some unusual continuity issues, but it's a good short anyway.Art - 4.5/5 Story - 3/5Paint it Black - Probably the highlight of the omnibus, about an artist who paints monsters. Enjoyable and strange.Art - 5/5 Story - 4.5/5Among the Damned - This one is quite good, with a lurking eerieness to it. Artwork is top-notch.Art - 5/5 Story - 4/5The Grinning Man - Had potential to be quite scary but kind of derailed.Art - 4/5 Story - 3/5Dead - Alive - The worst of the omnibus. I really grew to hate that ghost girl, Christabella, who was a lot more tolerable in "Dying Inside". Art is alright, but not enough to save it.Art - 3.5/5 Story - 2/5-Overall-Art - 4.5/5Story - 3/5General - 3.5/5Content - Fairly strong violence and gore, mild nudity.

  • PatrickCS
    2019-02-05 15:10

    Gave up about 60 pages from the end. Just didn't care anymore and I have better books waiting in the wings. This was pretty terrible. I was really excited for it, too - Silent Hill is one of my favorite video game series and horror properties in general. Lots of the artwork is indecipherable and sloppy (under the guise of being 'nightmarish' and edgy, or something?) and the vast majority of the story content really felt nothing like Silent Hill and didn't connect back to any of the mythology in any meaningful way. It seems like the author decided to take the vaguest concept of what this series is and use that as a platform for his own stories. These stories aren't bad, but they're hard to follow due to the unforgivable artwork, and they just don't feel anything at all like Silent Hill stories should. The truly creepy monster design we know and love from this series is abandoned almost entirely in favor of seemingly-disembodied tentacles and hordes of giant, generic brutish guys that sometimes speak bits of English and, at one point, even pose while an artist paints a portrait of them. If my issue were just with the writing itself, I'd call this an unfortunate missed opportunity. With the terrible artwork taken into account, it's an abomination.

  • Ally
    2019-02-13 19:31

    So, as a disclaimer, I have a fairly limited frame of reference when it comes to Silent Hill.I lack the patience to hunt down and play the older games, or pay money for the newer games for which I hear nothing but contempt.My knowledge of the franchise comes from the following sources:- the movie- LPs on the first four games, Downpour, and Homecoming- time spent reading the wiki out of morbid fascination- Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation reviews Consequently, I'm probably far less incensed about the comic's canon compliance than other fans are.However, I don't think the comics are even set in the same universe as the games -- they merely take the idea of Silent Hill, a cursed town populated by eldritch abominations, which draws in and traps people with dark pasts.Eventually, all the comics in the omnibus connect, which cumulates in the final story. They build upon each other, by slowly populating the town and filling out the cast.The art is quite striking, despite the unfortunate shift of style halfway through. A minor complaint is that both styles occasionally make it difficult to discern what is exactly going on, and telling characters apart is far more difficult than it should be.The stories are each fairly strong, where one or two characters are introduced, and their connection to the town is explored. I have a soft spot for the final story, because of the dog which accompanies his owner. I spent the entire time thinking they were going to use the dog as introduce tragedy, and was instead pleasantly surprised by how they did use it.While the back-stories of the characters are fairly suitable -- each carry their own matching sets of emotional baggage, as befitting Silent Hill protagonists -- the driving force of the stories, and the monsters within, are weak.Most of the monsters are vague fleshy blobs, or people run through/protruding tentacles. Both are horrifying, but the extent to which they're overused lessens their impact.Plus there isn't any real symbolism behind the monsters or "villains." The sexy nurses and pyramid head make their obligatory appearance, despite not reflecting anything about the protagonists. At one point, the comic explicitly expounds upon the symbolism behind Christabelle (one of the main evil characters), a young girl in a white dress with a bloody wound on her stomach, as if it didn't trust readers to make the connection themselves.As well, the motivation of the town appears to be a) summoning various gods or vaguely defined deities, and b) to spread the town's influence to the other side world. The first makes sense, considering The Order's presence in the games, but the second is a mystifying breaking of tradition. It completely josses the idea that the town itself is sentient, and draws people to it on purpose. Rather, the town is presented as a battleground between various demonic powers and their servants, which draws in ordinary people to participate as pawns in said conflict.Another thing that puzzles me is the comic seems to feature three, possibly four, versions of Silent Hill. The first is the ordinary, picturesque town, where some of the characters originate from. The second is the abandoned town, overrun by "gangs and crazies." The third is populated by fog and monsters. The fourth is the hell dimension/a more extreme version of the third one.While the games themselves are vague about the exact nature of the town, it isn't as muddled as the comic's version.I'd recommend the comics to someone looking for a horror comic, who lacks intimate knowledge about the Silent Hill games. Because the comics do seem to operate on a different frequency -- at one point, even drawing on Clint Eastwood/long gun-slinger western archetypes, compared to the subtle, psychological angle which the games use.I can see why fans would be disappointed with this collection. In my opinion, the comics are worth reading for their art and story, rather than the fact that they're supposed to be about Silent Hill.

  • Andrew
    2019-02-04 16:21

    Sadly this is very little like the games that lead me to read them. The stories are confusing, and artwork changes midway through several of them. Gets an extra star for some excellent art though. Shame its more style than substance.

  • Kristin
    2019-02-02 20:08

    Wow...this was the worst thing I've read in a very long time. I stopped reading in the middle of the first story and returned it. I'm a huge Silent Hill fan, so this was very disappointing. I was hoping it would keep me busy until they finally get organized and figure out the next game (since "Silent Hills" was cancelled) but this was more disappointing and confusing than the Silent Hills "PT" trailer (at least the trailer was somewhat scary, this was just dumb).The art was fugly, not even just "ugly" but fudging UGLY. One second they were normal looking and the next they were obese with triple chins, or so inked and shaded you couldn't see anything. It actually gave me a headache when I looked at it, it was so busy and blurred.The characters were stupid and unappealing. There was no atmosphere, no traditional Silent Hill creep factor. It was just a selfish b!tch with an identity crisis at war with her dead sister for no reason other than her being dead.Story made no sense either. Maybe if the characters were more interesting then I might have paid attention more to try to figure out if there was even a plot or not but the ugly art and terribly written script made it so unappealing, why even bother?I'm sorry I wasted my time on this sad excuse for "Silent Hill", ugh.

  • Melissa
    2019-02-05 18:21

    What a goddamn mess! I love silent hill. I love the games,the characters/critters & the landmarks we all know and love. This had none of those things. The artwork is terrible and indistinguishable. The story lines as well, are boring and are hard to follow. I was really excited to read this and am truly disappointed.

  • Griffin Youngstrum
    2019-01-30 12:04

    Finally! Something to show me more of the Silent Hill universe without spending days to play the games. I dug the art style because it used hand drawn techniques while looking messy and abstract, like the aesthetic of the games.

  • Kelli
    2019-01-26 18:11

    While alright storywise it really didn't feel much like Silent Hill.

  • Leadmixer
    2019-02-07 14:26

    Not accurate to the series, but awesome, nonetheless. Seriously. Check it out. Pretty pricey though, I'd just skim through it or something.

  • Amberae
    2019-02-05 13:30

    not to fond of the art in the first book, but it did get better toward the end, although the story started to decay.

  • Martel
    2019-02-16 17:25

    Brilliantly bizarre.

  • Ismael
    2019-01-20 16:31

    The stories were interesting and all of them seemed to be connected in some way. I really enjoyed the comic book collection in Silent Hill Omnibus.

  • Sean Chick
    2019-02-11 15:11

    Yikes! This a terrible story. The art is confusing and does nothing to build the atmosphere. Most characters are quite bad. Plot is shit.