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Lincoln Stallworth, bass player for Black Ice, has quietly watched each of his band mates fall in love and has accepted the fact he'll probably never find the same for himself. He doesn't really believe in true love, couldn't fully understand the absurdity of it, or the notion there could be just one perfect person for everyone. A debilitating health issue began to shadowLincoln Stallworth, bass player for Black Ice, has quietly watched each of his band mates fall in love and has accepted the fact he'll probably never find the same for himself. He doesn't really believe in true love, couldn't fully understand the absurdity of it, or the notion there could be just one perfect person for everyone. A debilitating health issue began to shadow Lincoln in the middle of their last tour. As his physical symptoms worsen, Lincoln has to fight the urge to hide from the world and himself inside his estate. Aaron Baylor enters Lincoln's life at his lowest point. Lincoln feels broken, damaged beyond repair, and he's ready to give-up. Aaron's patience and unwavering support slowly begin to pull Lincoln back to being present in his own life and gives him hope for a future and for love. Will Aaron be the glue that holds the broken pieces of Lincoln's life together? Can Lincoln fight his way back to good health and take a chance at love? Or will the task be too great for Lincoln to handle? Beyond The Music is Book 7 in The Rock Gods series. This is the final story in the series, but also the launch of a new M/M spin-off series, Guarding the Gods, which will have many cameo appearances from The Rock Gods characters in each story. If you enjoyed The Rock Gods, I hope you'll give Guarding the Gods a try!...

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beyond the music Reviews

  • Wendy
    2019-02-11 21:15

    I absolutely loved this last book in this series. After the ending of the previous book I was very curious, about what was going on with Linc. My heart broke for him when I (and he) found out what was wrong. Now this review is gonna be hard for me to write because I don't want to spoiler it. So I will try to keep this to a minimum.Linc (bass player of Black Ice) is going through a very hard time and it was very surprising for me to see that it was Spumoni, who was his savier at first. I've always been curious about that guy and he turned out to be one awesome dude. I hope we'll get to see more of him in the new series.Spumoni introduces Linc to Aaron, who will turn out to be his saving grace, in more ways than one.This book, for me, was the most emotional one and it has kicked Ashton and Dante from their number one spot !! It was emotional, beautiful and surprisingly steamy. I think this was the steamiest one of all. Besides it being a serious read at times, I still laughed my ass off. It was so nice to see all the members of Black Ice and Ivory Tower again. I'm gonna miss them, but as far as I know, they will play a part in the new series...yippieeeeeee !!If you've read any of the other books in this series, I'm sure you're gonna love this one too. If not, it can be read as a stand-alone, but I think, with all the side characters, the experience would be best if you've read the previous books. I myself, still need to read book 1, because the angst in the reviews, scared me off a little ;) I will start with that one soon though, because this author is definitely one of my favorits !5 Stars from me and I can't wait for the first book of the new series to be published. Zac already had my interest piqued :))

  • Diana
    2019-02-10 13:06

    Lincoln Stallworth is the bass player for the world famous Black Ice. After two years of suffering from unexplainable health problems, he reluctantly decides to find out what is wrong with him. When the doctor explains he has a life altering illness, Lincoln shuts down. He is terrified that not only will he lose his job, but his entire life will be different. The doctor suggest a home health nurse to help him adjust his lifestyle. Aaron Baylor is a nurse that not only helps medically, but also has a knack of helping his patients mentally. Although he has worked for some famous people, he is not ready to handle a cranky ass Lincoln. It is hard for Lincoln to ask for help, but if Lincoln wants to be able to join his band on tour, he knows he has to work hard to regain some of his strength. It takes some time, a few arguments, and plenty of temper tantrums, but along the way, they find they need each other. ”Give your doubts to me, Lincoln, and I promise to be there for you. I’ll be your strength, if you let me."I absolutely adored Lincoln and Aaron. When Lincoln finally let his walls down and allowed Aaron in, they were perfect for one another. Lincoln had a lot to deal with, but Aaron had such patience and understanding with Lincoln. He was always there when Lincoln needed help with such love and support.Beyond the Music is book 7 in the Rock Gods series, and it is also the last. I have loved each and every book. This series will always have a special place in my heart. I have been reading this series as a M/M buddy read for over a year with the girls from Turning Pages at Midnight. We have read many books together since, but in a way, The Rock Gods was the beginning…..Now I need a moment.The good news is that there will be a spinoff series revolving around Ventura Security, the bodyguards for Black Ice and Ivory Tower, which we were introduced to in this book. So, hopefully we will see some of our beloved Rock Gods in the new series.

  • Lisa Cullinan
    2019-02-21 17:00

    This review is the hardest one I've ever written for so many reasons. I was thinking back to when I opened up my kindle to the first page of Fall For Me—Dagger and Ryan's story. After finishing that book, I realized that I would follow Ann Lister and her Rock Gods the same way an addict needs their next fix. When it got to the point where I was starting to 'jones', Take What You Want was released. We met Alex, Chase, and Danni. That satisfied me for a bit until I needed the next, Make You Mine—Cooper and Jayson's heartfelt love story. Ann's timing with each new book was akin to being edged; waiting for the pleasure to finally makes its way with the release of another Rock God; Wheland and Rooster found love and a little kink in Looking at Forever. Following their story, Jared and Tony, the quiet duo who were joined at the hip, easily navigated their way from friends to lovers in Meant For Me. I was hanging on by a thread waiting for the next book, Fighting His Fire—Dante and Ashton's explosive and passionate story. There, we were treated to bathroom after bathroom being destroyed while in the throws of lust. Now, it's time to go Beyond the Music, where Lincoln has sat painfully quiet, patiently waiting his turn for his story to be told, his voice to be heard, his diagnosis to be named. Lincoln is beautiful. Inside and out, he is breathtaking and, Lincoln is sick. He's not sure why, but because of his symptoms, he fears his career as bass player for Black Ice might be over. The worst part of not knowing what's wrong parallels the ability to cope with the fallout when you finally get the answer. I can't help but feel personally invested in Lincoln's journey because I too, along with Ann, travel the same path. It's not an easy one but it can be managed. I'd be lying if I said that his story didn't bring me easily to tears at times. Everyone needs support. Luckily for Lincoln, his source of assistance comes in the shape and form of Aaron. Aaron is a nurse who helps those regain their strength and dignity by helping his clients live a healthier lifestyle. Aaron not only is smokin hot, but he exudes positivity, intelligence, kindness, motivation and patience. He helps Lincoln manage his meds, his meals, and his life, in general. He also helps him out with some other ... stuff. Lincoln is so deserving of love; he's never had it, but he's smart enough to not let go of what he's found with Aaron. As we watch the dynamic of this unique relationship unfold between the two them, it also brings out the very best in every single member of both bands. There is so much love. So much friendship. So many laughs. Dagger stands out in this story as well; he is brilliant. There's also the introduction to the bodyguards keeping the boys safe as Ann sets us up for her spin-off series, Guarding the Gods. Ann tied every aspect of this series up in a beautiful big bow (I'm crying and I'm not sure exactly why). Ann rocked Lincoln's story, along with the whole Rock Gods series, into the stratosphere. I just want to say thank you Ann, for your guys and their music because THE ROCK GODS RULE THE WORLD! Lots of luck trying to top this series! I'll forever think of Black Ice every time I listen to Soundgarden. Shinedown, Nickelback or Puddle of Mud will always remind me of Ivory Tower. On a personal note, your friendship, your humor, and your kind words mean the world to me ~ thanks for that ~ ok, well, the lights have turned on, there are no more encores ~ I guess it's time to go ... I was given this as an ARC for an honest review ~

  • Jaime
    2019-01-22 15:09

    5+ Stars For Linc & Aaron This is a story of losing control of your life. This is a story of feeling helpless. This is a story of learning to reclaim control of your life and learning you are stronger than you think.This story reminds me of the phrase "You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."Life isn't fair. Life will kick you until you're down, then kick ya a couple more times -- just because. That is what Linc faces in this story. The harsh reality that nobody is safe from chronic illness -- that it's okay to be scared and to lean on someone. “I’m in no hurry to get there, Linc,” Aaron’s voice was laced with promise. “I’m certain we’ll get there . . . and we’re gonna get there together, when you can be in that moment with me. Okay?” Ann Lister has written an excellent book that will have you going through an array of emotion from beginning to end. Lincoln or Linc is the Bass Guitarist of Black Ice and he has been having some trouble for a while, but he is the master of deception and hiding it from his band mates ..passing off any questionable behavior with an attitude and a mind your own business glare. It isn't until he wakes up one morning with trouble seeing that he seeks out a doctor, and what that doctor tells him -- rocks him hard! Now he has to learn to live differently, think differently, be different and he is scared, hopeless, and angry. The only one who knows what is going on with Linc is Spumani the Black Ice roadie who was there to take Linc to the hospital. Linc has sworn Spumani to secrecy -- nobody is to know.A couple of days later Spumani shows up at Linc's house with someone. That someone is Aaron. Aaron is a nurse/therapist and he played a bit of a cameo before in this series when he helped take care of Alex. Now Spumani has brought Aaron over to help Linc...but Linc wants nothing to do with him, he will not recognize his illness. After some cajoling Linc agrees to give Aaron a trial and their story really begins. “I’m not sure I’m strong enough to deal with this and I fucking hate feeling helpless.” “Give your doubts to me, Lincoln, and I promise to be there for you,” Aaron breathed into Lincoln’s partially opened mouth. “I’ll be your strength, if you let me.” I loved this story. It is packed full of emotion and real life situations. The nurse in me wanted to jump in the book and help Linc, but Aaron has Linc under control. I loved the witty banter, the pet names, the way Aaron helped Linc to learn to live again. Aaron helps Linc see that life doesn't have to end with a life-changing diagnosis, it only has to be modified and taken one day at a time! 5+ stars for this last book in The Rock Gods Series! Can't wait to start the new series where we follow the body guards as they find love ~ best of the series!! Highly recommend! *ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Cluband Gay Book Reviews

  • Helen
    2019-01-26 12:48

    As this is the last book in this great series , I felt I should say a little something !I LOVED IT !!!With each book I was convinced that this couple where my favourite , but Lincoln and Aaron may indeed be my favourite , or is it Dagger and Ryan ?Anyway ....... We haven't heard much from Lincoln before getting his own book , and the reason for this becomes clear , he has had much bigger worries on his mind , his bewildering array of symptoms .When he finally is forced into getting his diagnosis , as the reader you are urging him to do the things he should to manage his condition . But Lincoln displays a realistic , if frustrating , reaction .Thank goodness for the arrival of Aaron , initially Lincoln's nurse , but soon more than that . The whole situation and developing relationship is handled in a sensitive and genuine fashion .They are lovely together , and Aaron's support of Lincoln is wonderful , but Lincoln is ( after his initial griping ) readily open to experience these new feelings too . As the story progresses we see all the characters from the previous books and they are all present at the happy ending .I am very sorry to see this series finish , surely there must be more Gay Rock Gods who need their story telling by Ann Lister ?

  • Mandie Foxylutely
    2019-01-27 21:13

    Oh Ann Lister can really rock the heart strings. Last in the series and what a wonderful read to end on!Review to follow for the blog tour at Foxylutely Books! - coming soon. In the meantime I recommend you grab a copy of this one! REVIEWThis is the final and seventh book in the Rock Gods series and finally we catch up with Lincoln from Black Ice.Over the past few years Lincoln has been hiding something from his band mates but also casting it from his mind so he won’t need to accept what the signs are telling him. It is whilst he is home from tour that something happens and luckily Spumoni was there to see and click what was happening. He quickly takes charge and tells Linc some home truths and puts forward a solution for Linc, that being Aaron.Prickly Linc puts his barriers in place but Aaron soon soothes the hard headed bass player and with time Linc comes to trust Aaron. The pair are thrown in close proximity which in turn takes fate in hand and they start to develop feelings for each other. At first it is full on raunchy mode but the relationship develops into so much more.It is hard to write this review without giving away the storyline. However this is one of the most emotional and soul bearing books in the series for me. The subject matter was cleverly tackled and explained so the reader was taken on the same journey as Linc was in his need to make changes in his life.As in all the books in the series there was plenty of steamy hot sex thrown in with both men fighting for dominance. I liked that Aaron was able to win Linc round which in turn lead to the trust and love between the pair to flourish. Seeing Lincoln unravel and put aside his need for control and order into something so much more worthy of this gorgeous man. He has always kind of been on the periphery of the other books so for him to now get his own book was fabulous. This amazing end to a truly fantastic series was an absolute five star read for me. I can’t wait to catch up with the guys in their cameo appearances in the new spin off series Guarding the Gods! FLOVED!*ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

  • Judy
    2019-02-18 18:51

    I have greatly enjoyed the Rock Gods series. Each story so different from the previous one. Lincoln.I was very intrigued by Linc, and could not wait to know more about him. Just what was going on? What secret was he hiding?I had my suspicions and couldn't wait to read this book!The fear of knowing the truth was just as intense as remaining in the dark and fear had a way of pulling one down to the dark place where Lincoln found himself.From his struggle to his new-found hope, and ultimately his look on life and love.... Lincoln's story was beautiful, and sad.He was so broken and defeated, yet he kept it all to himself.Until Aaron!!I adored him."I'll be your strength if you let me."Not only did these men share a steamy chemistry, but they had quite the deep connection. It was all about intimacy and trust.Of course there was also laughter, sexual innuendo, and amazing lyrics!It was a quick read, full of emotions, friendship, love and a suspenseful twist thrown in the mix.Overall to me this book served three purposes. It was Linc's story, the final wrap up of the Rock Gods and their men, and woman, and the promise of a new beginning.I see more hot men in my future!!!*arc provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewRead more at Judy's Confessions

  • Caroline Brand
    2019-02-05 20:15

    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEReading Beyond the Music was bittersweet for me as I’m sure it will be for the majority of Ann Lister fans. It doesn’t seem like it was back in 2013 when Fall for Me hit our kindles and we were introduced to Dagger and Ryan. A really big part of why I loved this series so much was that it was always a continuation from that first book. We may have met and fallen in love with different couples, or even a throuple, along the way but the stories evolved into a family. These men were damaged, deluded, broken and more often than not frustrating as all hell but they always pulled together and made you smile in the end.Lincoln is the last band member to tell his story and it’s very different to those who have come before him. He’s not as glamourous as some of the boys and his life isn’t as in your face. He’s not out of control, he doesn’t need an intervention and he doesn’t need his manager to constantly run interference. What he does need is to move on from the denial that he is in and realise something is seriously wrong with his health.Lincoln hasn’t been well for a while but he is a master at hiding things – until he can’t. Just because his band members have been busy with their own lives and problems doesn’t mean his odd behaviour has gone completely unnoticed. Pushed to finally take action he is left devastated with his diagnosis and for a while it seems as if he has resigned himself to ‘being ill’ rather than looking at solutions to continue and take charge of the disease.Aaron Baylor is a nurse who takes on clients privately and works with them in their homes. Lincoln does not make a good patient and pushes Aaron’s patience to the limit in the beginning. Along with the obvious symptoms of his disease he has some let’s say more embarrassing symptoms and I loved how the author dealt with this. The tentative steps, the care from Aaron and the way Aaron celebrated Lincoln’s successes really made this story for me. It’s not a conventional romance at all but they fall in love quickly, madly and deeply and Lincoln comes out of the shadows often times still embarrassed but with much more power.To describe this story in one word I would say intimate. Lincoln doesn’t just have to overcome physical problems, emotionally he is fragile and Aaron slowly coaxes him out of his shell. If a series has to end then Ann has found the perfect way to end it. This brought all the boys back together, it took us through a personal and difficult storyline, she put their lives in danger once again and she left us well and truly teased for what is to come next. Goodbye Rock Gods and welcome to their Guards!Ann I have loved every minute of the ride you have taken us on – thank you 

  • Keri
    2019-01-24 15:06

    Lincoln's story was a straight up 10+ stars. Lincoln completely broke my heart and I was crying at times feeling his empty soul and pain. But, not only did Aaron completely heal my broken heart but he filled Lincoln’s life with joy and love which caused him to mentally heal, as the physical illness will forever be with him. Spumoni, the enigma of the series stepped in and took loyalty to another level and helped Lincoln in his deepest, darkest time of life. He brought Aaron to Lincoln’s life and Aaron ran with is with his heart of gold. Lincoln had inner and outer strength but had lost his inner strength. Aaron was right there to help him not forget and to learn to overcome the disease that caused that loss. The lines of patient-nurse were becoming blurred. But, when Aaron was giving himself over to Lincoln so Lincoln could use his strength, not only was Lincoln healing, his heart was opening to true love. The compassion, respect and love that they showed each other was heart warming. They never pushed each other and let the pieces fall together naturally, as a true relationship should.As a series ender story, not so many stars. Yes, we get to see all the other men, although a few were minimally talked about, I just felt like I didn't have my overall wrap up of these powerful sexy men. I still feel like I'm hanging. I am so sad that this series is over. The next series is definitely about the bodyguards. I am sure we will see these swoon worthy men or at least I am hoping with everything that we will, and that we get a good look into their future. I am extremely curious as to what the future holds for my most favorite and one of my top BFFs of all time, Wheeland! *sigh, Wheeland, my heart and love* I am not ready to give up on these men, which tells me that Ann wrote each of these stories with exceptional and amazing heart felt clarity that we hurt for them and fell in love with them. My only wish is that I could seriously befriend these men and be a devoted friend to all of them.*I received this ARC to read for Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.*

  • Shannon
    2019-01-26 21:00

    I have really loved this series by Ann Lister, and the finale to it did not disappoint!Lincoln has pretty much been a mystery through-out this series, and it was great to finally get inside his head, to see what was going on with him, finding out all his secrets.I loved the connection he had with Aaron, once he let his guard down and really opened himself up. This was an emotional read, Lincoln had a lot to deal with and work through, and it was hard going for him at times. Aaron stuck with him though, he was there for him every step of the way as he was learning to deal with everything that was thrown at him.And I thought Spumoni was amazing...I'd love to see him get his own story one day!I'm so sad to see this series come to an end, but I'm excited for what Ms. Lister had planned with the body guards!***Thanks once again to my cousin for loaning me these books! <3

  • Truuss
    2019-02-04 20:55

    Lincoln and AaronA lovely story it was. Oke here and there a bit sappy but what the hellSometimes hot as f*ck. Aaron he was a sweet stable personality and Lincoln a bit grumpyBut after you read why you will understand him completelyThe story has a good line and a bit predictable but again what the hellI loved all the story's “Give your doubts to me, Lincoln, and I promise to be there for you,” Aaron breathed into Lincoln’s partially opened mouth. “I’ll be your strength, if you let me.” (I thought Mario games were only on Nintendo devices.....and not on Xbox maybe an Europe thing)

  • Isa Jones (Jo&Isalovebooks Blog)
    2019-02-01 16:54

    "A touching and Heartwarming story of the incredible power of Love" That is the best way I can describe this story. This is the first book I have read from this Author and I feel I have been living under a rock! Why did it take me so long to read these books??? This is the 7th book in The Rock Gods series and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to have read it. Even though there are 6 previous books, I didn't feel lost or confused whilst reading, yes all the other characters are there and occasionally we heard about their previous experiences but it only made me want to start from the beginning and that is what I intend to do.Lincoln is the bass player for the famous rock band, Black Ice. As the last remaining unattached member in the band, he has seen his friends who he refers to as his "brothers" find love and fall hard. He mocks the fact that they are all so lost in their fluffy and sickly romantic world. He seriously believes Love will never be something he will ever find or get to experience and he basically rejects any idea that this will ever happen, specially after finding out he has an illness that has starting to hinder his abilities. (This brought so much emotion to the story, the last I was expecting to see on a rocker book was this to be honest, but it complete transfixed me and submerged me into Linc's world). Sorry I regress, so as Linc finds his lifestyle has to change in order to deal with the prognosis with which he has been presented, he comes to the realisation that he needs help, not that he really wants it and boy did he made his emotions clear. Enters Aaron Baylor, he finds Lincoln at a very low and fragile point, a point where some people cross that line of loosing themselves in depression and despair, but Aaron not only teaches Linc but also the reader, what patience and Love can do to a human heart. I recommend you, no, I URGE you to pick up this book. If you are a fan of MM romance then you will fall madly in love with the series, as I have too.Fast paced, romantic, emotional, raw and scorchingly HOT, Beyond The Music, goes BEYOND THE WORDS.5 ROCKING STARS. Isalovesbooks

  • Sarah
    2019-01-22 15:57

    What a wonderful, moving conclusion to the Rock Gods! Lincoln, the Black Ice bassist, has been pretty invisible in the series to date but when the author gives Lincoln some of her own medical history, she writes him beautifully and passionately. The build-up to Lincoln’s devastating diagnosis is heartbreaking and his initial response is painfully realistic - if not terribly sensible. In many ways, this last book is less of a romance and more the story of Lincoln’s personal journey towards accepting and managing his diagnosis. There is an intensity and truth to the writing of this story that I appreciated but didn’t understand until the author explained her own medical history in the epilogue. All the Rock Gods books are fantastic, but this one is really special. Aaron is a more noble character - but as Lincoln points out, it’s easier to be brave when you’re not the patient. If Lincoln is an awful patient at the start, I was ready to hate the smug, healthy, tofu and greens therapist from the moment he’s introduced. But Lincoln and Aaron soften each other’s rough edges, making them both more balanced people. Unlike other stories in the series, the heat in this book takes a long time to build. Aaron and Lincoln aren’t an obvious couple and I had Lincoln matched with another character at the start of the book. But I loved the slow burn intimacy and the difficult, at times unconventional sexual relationship between Aaron and Lincoln. Around Lincoln’s personal story, the author weaves in the characters we’ve come to love. I’d forgotten just how much I loved each of the couples/triples in each of these stories! I think readers need to start at the beginning - if only because it would be a shame to miss out on such a wonderful series. This might stand alone, but I really wouldn’t know. I’ve been a fan since Dagger first met Ryan in a free Kindle promotion for a brand new author. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Inked Rainbow Reads.

  • Joanne Swinney
    2019-02-07 13:45

    Beyond 5 starsOh how and why have I waited so long to read this Author's books? I have been in Rock Gods heaven and will be venturing back for more. This is book seven in The Rock Gods Series and I hadn't read the other six, I know but I was too keen, anyways I didn't get lost in the story. I believe it can be read as a standalone but it does mention other characters from previous books, so definitely not spoiler free. I am going to start at the very beginning because the writing of this story grabbed my full attention and I can't wait to read all the characters stories that I was introduced to. This book tells the story of Lincoln, my first introduction to a Rock God and I was not disappointed, he's not your typical charming man. Are any Rockers? I don't know but he's an adonis, I wouldn't mind losing myself in. Long hair, huge abs, beautiful heart that no one can get close to, until now. Lincoln has some huge changes to make in his life, the biggest being his lifestyle or is it? How can you just stop being a rocker?Aaron the most loving, caring guy anyone would be lucky to have in their life. He goes out of his way to care for others, not because it's job but he has the heart to want to help. He wants to help Lincoln through his difficult time but like with any other person they must want the help to proceed with their own life. All the help in the world won't really help anyone unless they can first help themselves by admitting they need it.The sexual content in this book is beyond hot, the story is filled with affection and love that took me by surprise. This is a romance that you do not want to miss out on.This book deserves beyond 5 stars, the Author deserves another 5 for such brilliant writing. I have heard this quote before 'music is the sound of feelings', how very true. I was feeling this story way beyond the music.

  • Abbey's 1 Click Book Blog
    2019-01-30 13:00

    * "I'm certain we'll get there... and we're gonna get there together, when you can be in that moment with me. Okay?" * It's always so bittersweet when reading the last book in the series and this book was no exception.Lincoln has also been such a mystery to me when reading the other books in the series, so was dead excited when I found out we were gonna be able to get inside his head and see just who is Lincoln. Aaron was a complete gem, seriously. His patience and love for Lincoln was enough to make anyone swoon.The inside knowledge that Ann delivers on to what is wrong with Lincoln was interesting but after a while I felt like I was reading a medical journal.. maybe abit to much info!. I love their love story and thoroughly enjoyed them getting their HEA, how ever I was kinda expecting abit more of a drama/angsty feel to the book then what was delivered. The set up and introduction to the characters of Guarding the Gods was exciting and can not wait to see where Ann goes with that.All in all, a very good end to an amazing series. I am sad to see them go!* "You make me feel like a porn star every single time we're in bed together. " "You're my porn star," [he] added, and his legs opened for [him] to settle between them. "That's good, because I only want to be yours." *

  • Tracy Perry
    2019-02-19 19:08

    Ann did another amazing job in The Rock Series book, perfecting end to the series. I'm going to miss all those guys! <3 This book had me laughing & crying & crying some more, so emotional... My heart hurt for Linc & I'm so happy he was able to face his illness & have Aaron to help him & love him through it. Loved the book so much.

  • Bitchie
    2019-02-19 17:58

    Is it bad that I skipped book 6 in this series? Somehow the lock in thing just didn't seem like something I'd enjoy, so I skipped straight into this book. I did miss something, some kind of attack, but otherwise, I was perfectly fine with skipping the book.Honestly, this series has great potential, but it always ends up a bit too sappy sweet, especially for the kind of guys these are. Still, I keep on reading, and I'll probably continue on with the Guarding the Gods series.

  • Melissa Mcentyre
    2019-02-08 14:10

    Beyond The Music (The Rock Gods Book 7) by Ann Lister is a must read, be it as a standalone or the ending of the Rock Gods series. This story by Ann Lister can be a great introduction to her storytelling, but the whole series should not be missed. Lincoln Stallworth, bass player for Black Ice, is 32 and been hiding from his band brothers in Black Ice and Ivory Tower--his health, his love life and his fears. When Linc’s health issues have to be deal with, Aaron Baylor, private nurse, has to come into his estate to get him back to his music. Linc only allows this because--“He felt broken. The energy it took him to mask how fucked up he really was from everyone around him was exhausting. He also couldn’t help but wonder how much longer he could keep up the façade of being Okay, and how good a job was he really doing anyway?” The work Aaron has Linc do in all parts of his life is so not what Linc wants to have to go through. But the biggest surprise is his reaction to Aaron. “Every part of Aaron excited him; even the soothing sound of his voice stirred things in Lincoln. It was like finally being able to scratch an itch that he’d never quite been able to reach.” Exploring the multi-faceted relationship that develops with Linc and Aaron is wonderful; but then add in the Tour of Black Ice and Ivory Tower with the stalker both Bands have been dealing with and that takes the whole story up a notch. I was given this story for an honest review. Ann Lister gives us a look into the changes to the lives of both band members. I have loved the whole 7 Book series with the Rock Gods. I think you will too; I am looking forward to Ann Lister’s next series. Be it a binge read or a re-read the Rock Gods are not to be missed. Ann Lister invites you to be aware of--“This is the final story in the series, but also the launch of a new M/M spin-off series, Guarding the Gods, which will have many cameo appearances from The Rock Gods characters in each story. If you enjoyed The Rock Gods, I hope you'll give Guarding the Gods a try!”Thanks Ann Lister & Good Writing

  • Angie
    2019-01-26 14:54

    ~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Inked Rainbow Reads Review Team~5 stars for this M/MI love this entire series and this book was just as good as all the other ones. Linc has been having health issues for a long time but he hasn’t told anyone. It is getting to the point to where he can’t hide things anymore and even with smoking pot he is still in pain all the time. When Spumoni sees him and that state he is in he jumps in to help even though Linc doesn’t want it. I loved Spumoni and how he just did what he thought was best for Linc and dealt with the tongue lashing he would get later. When Spumoni brings Aaron to Linc’s house it is the best thing ever. I really wish we would have seen more of Spumoni, I loved him. Aaron has the patients of a saint and is the best thing that has ever happened to Linc. While Aaron helps Linc deal with his illness they both develop feelings for each other and they have off the chart chemistry. This series always made my heart melt and this book did the same. I love Linc and Aaron and their dynamics and how they develop a great relationship and have amazing chemistry and off the chart sex. I am sad that that series is over, we did get to see all the guys in this book which was nice. I am super excited about the spin off series and I can’t wait to read Zac’s story, we learned a little bit about him in this book and I think his book will be just as amazing as this one was.

  • Kizzy
    2019-02-08 20:57

    Beyond The Music is the last book in The Rock Gods Series. Even though I loved the other books, especially Cooper and Jayson's, I will say that this one is my new favorite out all of them. Lincoln and Aaron..oh my what a beautiful story.We know something is wrong with Lincoln. He doesn't want to tell the guys in the band because he doesn't want anything to change. He finds a friend in Spumoni who I adored. He knows something is wrong and decides to get checked out. Once we find out what's wrong, my heart breaks for him. Enter his home health nurse Aaron..He was exactly what Lincoln needed.He helped Lincoln in so many ways. He slowly made him come to life and the way he was there for him was beautiful.Seeing the rest of the crew was great. They proved as always that they are a family and was a great support system for Linc. Some surprising turn of events had me smiling at the end making me realize how much I will miss the guys. What I am looking forward to next is Zac's story. Ann, as always, job well done! Thank you for introducing us to The Rock Gods! <3

  • Zee♥
    2019-01-30 16:15

    Wow, what a wonderful ending to a great series. Every one of the Rock Gods books was enjoyable and touching to read and Lincoln and Aaron’s story did not disappoint. Lincoln’s journey to accepting and dealing with his MS was heartbreaking. I could feel his pain and frustration. I love how Aaron helped with him with patience and love. I’m looking forward to continuing with the spin-off series but I’m going to miss these guys. 4.5 stars

  • Wendy Moore
    2019-02-02 14:51

    I loved Linc and Aaron and together they were amazing!! It was a great story to wrap up the Rock Gods series. As sad as I am to see this series end, I am really looking forward to the next series!!Well done Ann!!

  • Aղցela W.
    2019-01-28 12:51

    This was book 7 in "The Rock Gods" series and one of my favorites. This book was also bitter sweet as this is the last full novel in this series. Lincoln Stallworth is the bassist for Black Ice he has watched his band brother's and his friends fall in love over the last two years. For the last two years Linc has been falling down, feeling tired and having muscle aches and he doesn't want to face it so he tries to cover it up. When his vision starts to be effected he knows it's time to face it so when Spumoni comes by he takes him to the hospital where the doctor tells him he has MS ( a disease that attacks the brain and central nervous system). Linc doesn't want to face it he doesn't want the guys in the band to know. When Spumoni tells him he knows someone that can help him he really doesn't want to but I think that he knows he needs help. Aaron Baylor enters his life Aaron is a nurse and physical therapist he is very patient with Linc who is angry at his life which is the first emotion that people feel when dealing with life altering disabilities. As these two began to work together Linc begins to realize that he is attracted to Aaron but he has one problem he hasn't been with anyone in two years he has a hard time physically staying interested. The guy's are also dealing with a stalker so they bring in some new security and we are introduced to the guys ofGuarding The Rock Gods. I really liked this book Aaron worked with Linc to get him ready for the upcoming tour with Ivory Tower even though practice doesn't go well for him. By the time the tour starts Linc is ready and nervous known of the guys know that he has MS and when he has a seizure on stage and had to be taken to the hospital. When Aaron tells the doctor that Linc has MS the guys in the band are mad at him for not telling them once everything is said and done the guys are very supportive and are willing to do anything to help Linc. He not only comes out about his illness but about his personal life as well. With some patience's he gets his sex life back in a big way. The stalker was a surprise turns out Sebastian Keating is the one behind the stalking and Ashton being hurt. He put a knife to Ryan's throat when they stopped in Paris when Linc's bodyguard Zac took him by surprise he sliced the tendons in his hand and one of the other guard's shot and killed him. Turns out Sebastian blamed Ryan and Dagger for ruining his life. This was a good read. This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling. I am looking forward to reading the new series about the guards and I hope Ms. Lister writes about Spumoni as well.“I have MS, but MS doesn't have me.”

  • Love Bytes Reviews
    2019-01-31 17:10

    5 Heart Review by KatDrunk, I am book drunk!Seven fabulous books in two weeks! Reading this series straight through has advantages and disadvantages. I have that anytime that I do that to myself. On one hand, I get to read it without the long waits that I despise. I really, really am not a very patient person when I want something! On the other hand, I am so emotionally exhausted, especially if the series is as powerful and gripping as The Rock Gods series. The other thing is sorrow! My series has come to an end and I have become emotionally attached to the characters. How can you not? They have become endeared to me and I don’t want to lose them. I have spent weeks getting to know them and then…poof…they’re gone! They are written so well and they become “real”. I know that this sounds ridiculous but it is a common phenomenon for readers, character attachment. The good news here is that Ann Lister has promised that we will get to see them again, in the new spin-off series, Guarding the Gods! Finally, an author who understands her reader’s attachment/abandonment issues. Maybe she will even give us a few novellas??? I know I spoke of this before but I think it bears repeating. I think of series novellas as the old-fashioned, hand written Christmas letter that my mom got from her family when I was young. Long distance calls were for emergencies only because they were very expensive. We didn’t have computers and Internet so we had to write our thoughts and “snail” mail them. It caught us up on the goings on that we weren’t able to see first hand. A series novella can do that too. It can let us be a part of a life event with our favorite characters, a wedding, a birth of a child, moving into a new home together, a passing of a character and the new love interest that blooms (not my favorite, by the way!).On to my review, sorry I was so long-winded but this book really got to me. Well, really, they all did! In Beyond The Music we finally get the final member of Black Ice, Lincoln. I wasn’t sure what to expect with Lincoln until the end of Fighting His Fire at Cooper and Jayson’s wedding. He has been so quiet throughout the entire series but I have learned that is just who he is, quiet and private. I knew that something horrible was up and there was something seriously effecting his health. I have seen it way too much in my working with Special Education young adults. Unfortunately, my fears were confirmed very quickly. Lincoln is really, seriously sick. And I have seen first hand how his sickness has ravished a former student of mine. It is not pretty and it broke my heart. For someone so young to be ravished by a debilitating disease is heart wrenching. I won’t give this away but it is a key factor for the book, Lincoln’s struggles to come to grip with what has been thrown at him and how he does it. And, that how he does it, is my favorite part of the book. Aaron! I think that Aaron has become my most favorite character in the books. I fell head-over-heels for Aaron! He has to be, by far, one of my most favorite “book boyfriends” ever! He is kind, sweet, loving, strong, trustworthy and firm when he needs to be. And the fact that he is there for Lincoln and what ever needs or situations arise, makes him my hero! Lincoln is a very private guy, I get that. And he has a really hard time trusting people, I get that too. The fact that Aaron gently broke down those walls of mistrust was amazing. Lincoln so deserves his HEA and I can’t think of a better choice than Aaron.One of the big differences between this book and some of the previous books in the series was the erotic sex scenes. They are here, don’t get me wrong, and they are scorching hot but they aren’t the primary focus this time around. They mesh well with the story but don’t overpower it. It just wouldn’t have worked here. You will understand that more when you read the book and hopefully will agree with me.The other surprise character for me was Spumoni! We had a glimpse of him in Cooper’s book but didn’t know much about him other than he could score some seriously premium pot and was on the band crew. I really grew quite fond of him and am hoping that he gets his moment in the new series. He really is a caring, special friend when you need it most.The final surprise, no I am definitely not spoiling this, was the person behind Ashton’s attack and all the security problems that both bands have endured. I totally did not see that coming!!!Am I sad to see this series come to an end? YES!!! Am I thrilled that we will still get glimpses of our favorite Rock Gods in the new series? Yes, but I sincerely hope that they are more than glimpses…I need my Rock Gods fix as much as Cooper needs his morning coffee and Spumoni needs to spark up!I can not recommend this book and the entire Rock Gods series enough! 5 stars seems so inadequate! There are times when I just need more stars and this time definitely qualifies as one of the! Thank you Ann Lister for your fabulous writing and bring these men and their loves-of-their lives to life for us. I can’t wait for more!This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes. Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways. Click below.

  • Jessica Frances
    2019-02-21 19:51

    This was a great story. I'm not sure I've ever read a story where the hero was suffering with MS, but it made for an insightful glance into that world. The relationship which developed between Linc and Aaron was great. The tension, heat and vulnerability was set perfectly, and this is definitely one of my favourites of this series. I would definitely recommend to fans of this series and for fans of m/m.

  •  Joyce
    2019-02-08 14:50

    What a great read. It's close to home here as well. When we got married 25 years ago we thought it was odd my husbands cousin and our best man kept saying really odd things. Like I hope I can stand that long, and I hope I don't pass out. It wasn't until a few months later we learned he had an aggressive form of MS. I loved these characters and the almost insta loved be they had. So glad it worked out so well. He truly deserves the HEA. I hope Spumoni gets his own story, I love him. I'm pretty sure I need a friend like him some days.

  • T.M. Smith
    2019-01-31 13:52

    Black Ice's talented bass player, Lincoln, has slowly been isolating himself over the past year. Partly because he is trying to hide a severe health issue that he isn't even fully aware of just how severe it is, as of yet. And partly because he's tired of watching his fellow band mates and friends pair off and find their love. Lincoln is trying to convince himself he couldn't care less, but deep down there is some jealousy and envy roiling in his gut. On a break before the tour with Ivory Tower, Linc wants to smoke some pot, sleep and fade into the wallpaper until it's time to rehearse. Thankfully when Linc has a fall, the bands stage manager Spimoni, is there to take him to the ER. Spimoni uses the fact that Linc doesn't want any of the guys in the band to know what's going on with him, he gives Linc an ultimatum. Get a physical therapist or tell the guys in the band. Aaron Baylor is good friends with Spimoni and not only does he understand the word confidentiality, he has worked with one of the Ivory Tower guys in the past. Aaron has the patience of a saint and the harder Linc pushes back, Aaron stands his ground and forces Linc to do what must be done if he's going to learn how to live as normal a life as possible with his MS diagnosis. Spending every waking hour together gets off to a rocky start, as I said, Linc is furious over his diagnosis and feels worthless having to depend on Aaron so heavily. Somewhere along the way the lines between therapist and patient begin to blur. The attraction has been obvious from the beginning, but the progression to something beyond just friendship is slow and tedious. Linc and Aaron are so busy with getting Linc well enough to go on tour and figuring out how to navigate some type of relationship, that they don't see the threat lurking in the shadows. In a way I'm sad that this is the last book. I've been on tour with Black Ice and Ivory tower, watched as these guys found their soul mates, fell in love and even attending a few wedding. I've sat on the sidelines as they have struggled, for various reasons, to be true to themselves and move past hatred and bigotry to find their place in this world. I seriously feel like a distant cousin, I'm so invested in these characters and their lives. So, Lincoln has been the ornery bass player pretty much from the start. He's standoffish and volatile at times. But he is also loyal and dependable. He knows that there is something wrong with him, but he refuses to do anything about it. Reasons vary from not wanting to let the band down, his love of playing and worrying he won't be able to anymore, and knowing that if he does something about it he is admitting there is something wrong. Ignoring it allows Linc to convince himself he is okay. Aaron is perfect for Linc. He has the patience of a saint and he doesn't take any of Linc's crap. Early on, Linc lashes out several times and even fires Aaron at one point. He quickly comes to his senses, apologizing and begging Aaron to stay. It's hard for Linc to accept help, it is just not something he is familiar with and he associates it with showing weakness. As the story unfolds, you can see the two men falling in love. Small gestures, their inner thoughts, longing looks... it all slowly unfolds and as hard as these two fight at the start, they put all that determination into having a successful relationship. Aaron keeps Lincoln grounded, supports him, loves him unconditionally to spite his diagnosis. It's hard for Linc to believe for a while there, but once he realizes the depth of his feelings, he refuses to let Aaron go.Everything comes to a head in London while the guys are on tour and the threat that has stayed in the shadows emerges. At the same time, Lister introduces the team that is going to provide security for the bands moving forward. And I already see a couple of stories I want to come from these large and in charge guys. I also enjoy how the Skullblasters make an appearance to spice things up a bit. And who is to say we won't have a love story down the road between one of the Skullblasters guards and one of the guards for Black Ice. A girl can dream, right?This is a fantastic series with well written story lines and three dimensional characters. You really get pulled into each and every story with believable storylines and perfectly flawed characters. While each story could probably be read as a stand alone novel, why would you want to? I think reading the books in order is necessary to enjoy the full effect of the world Lister has created. The books are emotional, intriguing, completely captivating, passionate, funny and enduring. I highly recommend anyone that likes stories with guys of all shapes, sizes and personalities that are passionate about their jobs, their friends and their lovers. Now I have to sit here and wait for the first book in the spin off series for the Guards, Ann Lister is such a tease!

  • K
    2019-02-15 19:50

    Reading Beyond The Music, by Ann Lister, Book 7 in The Rock Gods series, was bittersweet knowing that their time has come to an end. But, don't worry because the author closes this journey out by taking a new one which leads to new characters, a new series, and it's going to be awesome I feel sure. Lincoln has suffered silently for a couple years isolating himself inside his four walls and closing himself off to the people closest to him. However, one person noticed what was going on and took matters into his own hands forcing Lincoln to at least acknowledge something was wrong. Finding out that his problem now has a name pushes Lincoln further away from the real world where he tries to give up on having any kind of a normal, healthy, and happy life. Fortunately, for Lincoln, some people cannot take a hint to leave him alone and he finds himself with one sexy, attractive, and very smart male nurse standing in his home ready to push diet and exercise on him. Aaron Baylor is a self-employed nurse who firmly believes that healthy diet and exercise, along with the right medication can take a person a long way in regaining their health and life. And, he plans on proving this to Lincoln which means moving in and helping him 24/7.Neither one expected to fall for the other, but they did and they fell hard. I think they both came into each other's lives at a time when they both needed comfort and security. Aaron fights himself with his moral obligation to his patient and doing the right thing for Lincoln. And, Lincoln fights against the fear that he may never be able to perform in the bedroom and please his partner. I love the way the author portrayed the characters to work together to reach the solutions they were looking for. They may throw verbal punches at each other while they get a handle on their feelings but they always reconcile quickly and they always seem to have open communication.Lincoln, with Aaron's help, makes huge strides in fighting his disease and finding a comfortable balance that also helps to restore some of his negative feelings about himself. The author didn't go in depth with the disease but she does give the reader an inside view of some of the symptoms and how you can work to live with it and still have enjoyment in your life. This is an emotional journey the reader takes with the characters because as Lincoln struggles to gain his footing you will be knuckle gripping your tablet willing your own strength for Lincoln to grab. Aaron is patient and selfless as he strives to help Lincoln and he works diligently to help restore Lincoln's self worth and sexual gratification. "Lincoln, blow with me. I want to feel the heat of your come mark my stomach. Do it!""Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" Lincoln cried out."Open your eyes, Linc, and watch us lose it together!"This moment, in particular, was intense and I know I held my breath through all of it. I, also, shed some tears because the joy and elation jumps off the page and you are so happy for Lincoln. It's a pretty awesome moment in the book. There is a little mystery/suspense going on in the background of the story that brings a conclusion to the stalker causing harm to some of the band members. It was wrapped up kind of fast, but I didn't feel like it was as relevant to this story as it was to others.As this story comes to a close and we get to see all the members finding their happy ever after it really is a sweet journey and one you shouldn't miss. I think this can be read as a standalone, however, the back history is super important and worth the read. I am looking forward to the next series, Guarding the Gods, which will still give us insight from time to time with all of the characters here we love. Highly recommended. 5 Stars from me.

  • Jenn
    2019-02-18 13:11

    5 Rocking StarsI always struggle when it comes time for the last book in a series I love; I have a very hard time saying goodbye! That being said, I was excited to get Lincoln’s story and holy moly did Ann Lister deliver! I absolutely loved this book!Over the past few years Linc has noticed that something is not right, he hasn’t been feeling like himself and he’s noticing little changes. He doesn’t want to face the reality of whatever it could be and he’s doing his best to hide it from his bandmates. He spends his free time away from the band and alone at his house. While on a break from touring and hiding at home he gets a visit from Spumoni, which is good and bad for Linc. His symptoms take a turn for the worse and make themselves known, luckily Spumoni is there to help. While Linc wants to keep everything a secret, barely trusting Spumoni, he knows he needs help. This is where we meet Aaron. He is a private nurse who works closely with his patients giving individual care.I want to be very careful not to spoil the big parts of this book, they are powerful and deserve their moment. Ann does a wonderful job of delivering Linc’s story to us, making it honest and real, and the emotions clearly coming through – the good, the bad and the frustrating!Aaron, where to even start with him, he is such a beautiful character. He is loving and caring and still very strong. Even despite Linc’s prickly moments, he doesn’t give up on him, helping him through everything. I absolutely adored him!Together, Aaron and Lincoln don’t just deal with the physical issues, they work through heavy emotional ones too. They don’t have a traditional meet and fall in love story, but the love part, they definitely have that. Their journey is full of challenges but so heartwarming and honest. Watching Lincoln discover his feelings for Aaron and embracing them made my heart happy. If anyone deserves happy it’s Lincoln and Aaron together.There was so much about this story that I whole-heartedly loved! The journey, the love and the laughs. I loved seeing the whole band together and the end…oh how the end was just PERFECT! I absolutely adore Ann for the way she tied everything together, bringing all the boys together so filled with love and happiness (and a few surprises too)! The Rock Gods series have been a favorite for me and I really think Ann may have just saved the best for last with Lincoln and Aaron. I cannot wait to read more about these security guys in Guarding the Gods! I highly recommend this series, every book has been fantastic!*I received an ARC to review for The Geekery Book Review.

  • Valerie Degeorge
    2019-02-02 16:56

    Beyond The Music is book #7 and the final story for Ann Lister's Rock God Series. I will start off by saying that I'm an obsessed fan of this series, falling in love with each character from both bands Black Ice and Ivory Tower but this book is absolutely my favorite of the series, it has touched me so much, grabbed me by the heart and won't let go. We get to finally learn more about bass player for Black Ice, Lincoln Stallworth. Lincoln has always been an enigma we never really knew anything about him I've been so intrigued from the beginning to see what he is all about... Well let me tell you.... Ann Lister is a genius, she has created an absolute masterpiece with this story the emotions and feelings I just can't recommend this book enough. I'm actually speechless with my review because I don't want to give away any spoilers and ruin this amazing story for anyone and I can't give it the Justice it so deserves. It is absolutely the best book I've read I related so much with Lincoln's struggles, I felt him , was there with him, ( ok ok now I sound crazy) "inserts grin" I know it's a story, but it's REAL.Lincoln is hiding and in denial with feelings relating to his health, he knows something is wrong but is so afraid to admit it to himself and what will happen to his future , luckily good ole Spumoni steps up and introduces him to Aaron Baylor a male nurse who will take on the task of healing and making Lincoln stronger, but.... this journey is not an easy one especially with Lincoln in such denial but watching the healing and struggles is where you will experience such a beautiful heartfelt relationship form.Lincoln learns to trust in Aaron , lean on him and together we get to witness the most beautiful and endearing story ever. Now this is not to say that we don't get that hot steamy sex that Ann is so great at giving us you definitely will need your air conditioner on high reading through those scenes but in all honesty it's a story with a beautiful plot so much meaning to it. BTM is the perfect ending to this series yes I'm saddened it is coming to an end but this is also going to be a beginning in which there will be a new spin-off series called .."Guarding The Guards " and we will be getting cameo glimpses of our favorite Rock Gods from Black Ice & Ivory Tower and learning more about their security team and roadies (yep Spumoni) too. Thank you so much Ann for giving us the best series out there I'm really not ready to say goodbye so I'm anxiously awaiting the next series. Please go out and "one click" this brilliant book it will make an imprint on your soul forever. #RockGodObsessedFanForever