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There's a price to pay for living the fast life... Gabriella Hernandez-known to her friends as Riel-almost wishes she could stay in prison. At least there she has steady meals, and a girlfriend who loves her. Even a cold cell is better than what's waiting for her on the outside. The only people she looks forward to seeing in her normal life are her sister, Lizette, and herThere's a price to pay for living the fast life... Gabriella Hernandez-known to her friends as Riel-almost wishes she could stay in prison. At least there she has steady meals, and a girlfriend who loves her. Even a cold cell is better than what's waiting for her on the outside. The only people she looks forward to seeing in her normal life are her sister, Lizette, and her green-eyed best friend and former drug-running partner, Evan. Drugs, danger, and a hot spark of romance... Upon release, Riel has no choice but to go back to work for her brother-in-law, Isaias. This time, instead of running drugs, he forces her to work in his strip club where she gets a lousy ten percent of her tips. The daily dose of threats and coercion chains her to this place. And, if she makes a run for it, she'd be abandoning everyone she loves. With Isaias' spies and henchmen everywhere, there's nowhere to run. A crooked cop, a setup, and hope for a real life... Evan is able to smuggle her out of the city, but it isn't long before Riel's fears come true. After a bloody shootout with Isais' men lands Evan at death's door, it's up to her to get them out of this deadly game, and into the quiet life they've always wanted. With the help of a crooked cop and the FBI, she concocts a plan. If it succeeds, Isaias goes to prison for life, and she and Evan get immunity from prosecution. If she fails, she may die-along with Evan, her sister, and countless others. With eyes all over and the FBI involved, will Riel pull off the sting operation? Or will they all go down in a blaze of drugs and gunfire?...

Title : Love or Money
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ISBN : 9781680583618
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 244 Pages
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Love or Money Reviews

  • Corrine Pickering
    2019-03-14 07:23

    Love or Money - Elizabeth Roderick 5 Addictive HashtagsWhat an amazing and addictive read, this is a fairly short standalone that kept my interest right from the very beginning and all the way through. There was never a dull moment and there's some great steaming chemistry too.When Riel is released from prison she is straight back into the hands of Isaias, and there's no escaping him as he's her brother-in-law. He forces her to work as a stripper but takes nearly all her money. Evan, her old partner in crime want's to take her away but can she escape the clutches of Isaias without falling out of the frying pan and into the fire?This book had it all for me, danger, drugs, chemistry, drama and adventure. I was so absorbed and the story was so intense I really didn't want it to end. A big 5 stars from me !

  • Alison Chewning
    2019-03-12 03:21

    I enjoyed the storyline. This was a good book to read and enjoy. This was a new author for me to read and am looking forward to more of this author's work. The book was intense and a page turner. I couldn't put it down. Riel was in jail for her brother in law and she wishes she could stay there. Riel meets an undercover cop and things start to get intense between Riel and her brother in law and an undercover cop. This was a good book to enjoy. *** review via obsessed by books ***

  • Tiffany Readz
    2019-03-20 07:08

    Elizabeth Roderick takes her readers on one action packed romance with Love or Money. We go from prison to a strip bar to Mexico all with one brave girl named Riel.Riel is alone except for her sister and nieces. Her parents died when they were young and when Riel's sister Lizette met and married the older Isaias, they figured everything would finally be ok. Come to find out Isaias isn't a good man and while Lizette is his wife, Riel becomes his drug runner at the ripe old age of eighteen.She gets busted on a run and Riel winds up in prison for fourteen months, where sadly she felt safer. Now on the outside again, as a felon, Riel was given no choice but to go right back to work for her brother in law. He's pretty much saying he now owns her due to all of the lawyers fees he paid for her when she went to prison. Not giving it a second thought that he was the reason she was there in the first place.Of course the strip club isn't working out and once the handsome Evan shows his face again, Riel is ready for some changes. She's loved Evan for a few years, however isn't sure if he feels the same about her. Once Evan explains what really went down with him and Isaias, Riel is ready to go. Anywhere with Evan is better than staying with Isaias a second longer.The book is action packed with a little sexy thrown in here and there. Sometimes at inappropriate places if you ask me, which made me not like Evan much. Also, it seemed like Riel was constantly battling a sour stomach or getting ready to throw up. Sure the moves she was making were nerve racking, but I felt it was overkill with the stomach issues. Well written with some spanish slang I found interesting and quite funny at times, Love or Money was a great suspenseful read. Elizabeth Roderieck did a nice job at balancing out Riel's story.

  • Brenda
    2019-03-03 03:08

    The synopsis of this book was like Linda Howard's books sheactually is a master in romantic suspense.So Gabriela aka Riel is out of the prison and wants just a normal lifewith her lovely ones aka her sister, her nephews and Evan.But she has debts to pay specially for her brother-in-law.Riel was doing illegal jobs for him she did not want to but had tobecause what he did to her and her sister and of course he could her hurt very bad.But the all situation was because of him. Riel was a tough character yeah I little horny all the time and kinda bores me but she just wants that her sister safes.Riel has just 19 years but she has live a lot. She is that moves all the book and whatshe have to did.In all the reading I thought that something bad, really bad would happen after she escape with Evan but thanks nothing so horrible. The ride was actually a relief after what all happenned to her.The romance was just cute Evan is so sweet I thought he was bad but he is and amazing boyfriend. Riel was totally the "man" in the relationship 'cause to have to throw Isaias in the jail. The writing was incredible.

  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    2019-03-07 08:22

    Love or money....what would you choose? I definitely would choose love, money can't make you happy all the time. Riel wasn't given much of a choice when she got out of jail. She was forced to go and work for her brother-in-law to "pay back her debt." Evan, her former partner, has a plan for them but Riel isn't so sure they can get away with it but it is worth a try. It is all going according to plan until they are followed and Evan almost dies. Along comes an actual good cop wanting to help them both out. Only catch is Riel has to get back in good graces with her brother-in-law. Something neither Riel nor Evan really want to do. But if it will help bring him down it is a risk they are both willing to take.This book is filled with some good twists and turns and it keeps you guessing. They are all playing a deadly game and it made this book interesting to see what was going to happen and where the characters were going to go. Will love or money win?

  • Katie
    2019-03-22 03:08

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