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Cynthia: So I met a man.Mom: Is he single? Hitting on the wrong woman finds Daryl regaining consciousness in a motel taped to a chair. Things were looking up--and not just below the belt.A sexy, cocoa-complexioned veterinarian--with killer curves--wants answers, and he's only too happy to give them to her, for a price, say a kiss, or something more, from those luscious liCynthia: So I met a man.Mom: Is he single?Hitting on the wrong woman finds Daryl regaining consciousness in a motel taped to a chair. Things were looking up--and not just below the belt.A sexy, cocoa-complexioned veterinarian--with killer curves--wants answers, and he's only too happy to give them to her, for a price, say a kiss, or something more, from those luscious lips. The problem is Cynthia isn't the type to fall for flirty words and panty-dropping smiles. She tempts Daryl into helping her. Teases him into acting. Claims his heart without even trying.But that was okay because...She's mine...and someone was trying to hurt her.Hell no.This kitty isn't afraid to unleash his claws and rescue the woman he wants. An intriguing, hot woman, a mystery, and danger? Sounds like fun, and Daryl is ready to play. He'll do anything to claim Cynthia as his mate....

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  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews
    2019-01-27 05:34

    This review was originally posted on (un)Conventional BookviewsPanther's Claim was a lot of fun, with a mystery, some hot moments and quite a bit of danger.Listening to Panther's Claim was a treat! I loved the humor, and I also loved how out there Cynthia was in many ways. I mean, she kidnapped Daryl to figure out if he had kidnapped her friend... That is pretty out there, no? Their chemistry was off the charts, though, and I enjoyed how they both slowly came to realize they might be fated mates. The mystery that started in Croc's Return continues here, and the disappearances of shifters seem very ominous and unnatural, as do the hybrid shifters who attack Cyn and Daryl.There were a lot of interactions between the male characters in Panther's Claim, as they worked together to figure out both why Daryl and Cyn were attacked more than once, and what happened to Cyn's friend. The search for truth mixed with the romance between Cyn and Daryl were well done, and when parents were added to the mix, things went from campy to hilarious, especially because both of the mothers just want their child to get married. Like, right now!Told in third person perspective, and with dialogues that the narrator managed to share really well, Panther's Claim is a great instalment in Langlais' Bitten Point series - and it left me wanting more so much I immediately one-clicked the next two books on audible. The only thing that didn't work too well for me when it comes to the narrator was the way she did the 'squeals' Cynthia sometimes made.“I told you. I need answers from you.” “So instead of asking me”—he waved a hand around the room—“you came up with this brilliant plan.” He didn’t bother to hide his mocking. “I had to improvise.” “I don’t suppose you molested me while I was all tied up?” That out-of-the-blue query had her mouth hanging open, and she blinked. “Are you for real?” “Totally. Want to touch me again and see?”

  • Hollie
    2019-02-06 21:53

    Well, I suppose I'm in the minority on this one. I love this writer but this book didn’t work for me at all. It felt like something major was missing. The writing and plot had a "choppy" feel to it. I didn’t connect to the characters either. The had such a bland and generic feel to them. Also, this book was way overpriced at $3.99. The only thing I did like was the brief exchanges before starting each new chapter. I doubt I will read anymore in this series.

  • Melanie
    2019-02-03 21:55

    My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at loved my trip back to Bitten Point. This trip there are still shifters that are coming up missing. Cynthia has come to town to try to find her friend. She’s a wolf, but she doesn’t like to shift in front of others. She’s very self-conscious with how her wolf looks. We don’t find out why until almost the end of the book.Daryl is quite the player and the panther in this book. He sees no reason to settle down with a single woman. That is until he accidently marks Cynthia. He had no intention of doing that, did he? He offers to help Cyn search for her friend. He is in complete denial about his feelings for Cyn for most of the book. He so doesn’t want to give up his bachelor life.I don’t feel like we’ve learned a whole lot about what is going on in the town with the disappearances. They keep running into weird smelling shifters who have weird collars on them. They continue to find these shifters on two legs instead of four.We do have Constantine and Princess helping in the search (it will be great to get to their book next). I swear there is something up with that dog. I hope we learn more about her. Caleb was also around to help with the search.There are two real winners in this book. One is that we have opening in each chapter similar to Charley Davidson. Some of those were hilarious.Daryl’s T-shirt of the day, “I’m a ray of fucking sunshine”.Constantine’s Shirt, a gift from Daryl: “If my chihuahua doesn’t like you, than neither will I.”The second is the parents. Both sets of parents are so pushy and involved. I had a lot of fun listening to them.Cynthia: So thanks for letting Daryl and I have some time alone last night. We managed get a few things talked out.Mom: So he proposed?Cynthia: NO!Mom: Why not?NarrationOnce again, I’ve enjoyed listening to the narration. I think Chandra Skyye continues to get better with each book. In this one, she had to do a latino accent of Daryl’s mother, which I thought she handled really well. I think she did great with all the males and female voices. I have come to enjoy her narrations of the books.**I like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

  • Bambi Fogleman
    2019-02-06 04:53

    OH my what a book. Eve Langlais is one author that never disappoints in a story and this one is no different. She has out done herself with the suspense that started in book 1 of this series and up it more in book 2. i love the the female MC in this book is a little crazy but gave the sexy panther on a "tail" chasing adventure to find her friend. I am completely hooked on this series and can not wait for the next book in this delightful sit on the edge of you seat novel to come to my kindle.“He stopped, though, after we gave him crabs.” “You infected your father with a disease?” “Not those kinds of crabs.” He rolled his eyes. “We filled his expensive BMW with real ones. Turns out they’re rough on leather.”Cynthia (Thea to her friends and family But pure CYN to Daryl) Has a one track mind find what this man did to her friend. With the last picture she post to her social account her with him what is a girl to think. So she sets up a trap for the sexy man and only lead to her friends vanishing act. Kidnap him and make him talk. Who know one kiss would make her inner wolf howl for more.Daryl Player extraordinaire wakes up taped to a chair with what looks like little duck and i mean little ducks on it. His kitty likes ducks but really wants a taste on the mocha skinned captor. Oh how his kitty wants a bite of her. Wait no biting but licking could so be on the menu. Once he finds out whats going on he and his kitty only want to help her and that is where the adventure begins.... “I don’t suppose you molested me while I was all tied up?” That out-of-the-blue query had her mouth hanging open, and she blinked. “Are you for real?” “Totally. Want to touch me again and see?”

  • TheGeekyBlogger
    2019-02-01 03:43

    Read for Fun/Listened for Review (Kindle/Tantor)Overall Rating: 4.00Story Rating: 4.00Character Rating: 4.00Audio Rating: 3.50 (not part of the overall rating)First Thought when Finished: Panther's Claim was a great second book in the Bitten Point series. Loved seeing the world come a little more in focus.Quick Thoughts: I am an unapologetic Eve Langlais fangirl. Her humor is just right for me: smart snarky! In Panther's Claim, one of the things I loved was that she was unafraid to write a shifter who was smart, sassy, and still unsure. Cynthia was a great match for Daryll. She made him totally likable and I adored her way of accepting him. They were one fun couple! Most of all, I loved how we got deeper into the mystery and some questions from book 1 started getting answered. I am really excited for the next book. Princess is going to be fun (hey don't hate that I can't wait to see how the dog adjusts to Daddy getting a Girl)!Audio Thoughts Narrated By Chandra Skyye / Length: 5 hrs and 56 mins I like Chandra's voices for the women in this series. Her male voices aren't bad either. I have a thing where I want shifters to have deep voices but that is just a personal thing. Only a man can really do that. However, I plan on continuing this series in audio because overall it is done well.Part of my Read It, Rate It, File It, DONE! Reviews

  • Nikki Brandyberry
    2019-02-11 05:48

    Quirky, cute and often funny, Eve Langlais has given readers yet another paranormal romance that’s a winner! Panther’s Claim takes us back to Bitten Point, a shifter town where the few humans living there have no clue who their neighbors truly are.Daryl finds himself in a very intriguing position when he wakes tied to a chair with the sexy woman from the bar last night standing over him. Demanding answers on her missing best friend, Cynthia is determined to get the answers she seeks, even if her captive is the most delicious thing she’s ever seen.Cynthia was an interesting heroine because she spent the entire book trying NOT to shift to her animal form. She kept saying something was wrong with her in that form so I kept imagining awful things. When circumstances finally forced her to shift towards the end of the book the result was much less horrifying than anything I was mentally picturing. In fact I found her freaking out a bit over the top. Other than that little snafu, I found her to be a daring and hilarious character. She had no qualms saying what she was thinking to whoever she may have been talking to.Always one for a good alpha male, Daryl kept me entertained the entire book. He may have had trouble saying aloud what his inner beastie was thinking but his actions definitely screamed “protective male”. His Latin flavor was a spicy addition when coupled with Cynthia’s cocoa skin beauty.The ongoing story arc of the shady company that may or may not be making their own f’d up shifter combos made some pretty good leeway in Panther’s Claim. Enough information came to light to keep me satisfied and feeling like the story wasn’t becoming stagnant in order to push more books into the series, which I sometimes feel in these paranormal books. Langlais manages to keep the story going while introducing characters who I am sure will be getting their own stories eventually. In fact, the next books is Constantine’s, who is a snake shifter, and I never thought I’d look forward to one of those. But I totally am.Quirky and fun to read, Panther’s Claim will indulge your shifter fantasies!I give Panther’s Claim by Eve Langlais 4 stars!

  • Gizzie
    2019-02-17 23:04

    I am totally hook on this series. I can't wait for the next in the series.

  • Natalie Kirkland
    2019-02-14 23:01

    AmazingLoved this book it was funny and romantic at the same time. Eve never fails to amaze me and it gets better and better

  • Helen Moxham
    2019-01-31 02:50

    Intrigue, humour and um....romance?This story led me to many laugh out loud moments (thankfully not all in public). The heroine was sassy, hilarious and bold. The hero was crude, rude and a reluctant mate however, it all worked to give the characters depth and the story shots of humour! What had seemed like a complex mystery in book one has now become even more intriguing with certain developments in this book (no spoilers).A lot of focus went into the heroines career as a vet and yet only a small reward was reaped from this through her identification of the dogman and understanding of princess. Overall I would happily recommend this book for a humourous yet intriguing read although there are several serious plotlines running throughout so it is not a light-hearted book. I am looking forward to reading the next book and discovering what dastardly agenda is being followed in bitten creek!

  • Meleeta Morris
    2019-01-30 23:39

    Eve's books are just the best sarcastic and weird romances.Well Darryl got kidnapped by a werewolf. His inner kitty just wants to lick her. He's planning on doing more than that when he gets loose.

  • Lisa
    2019-02-03 22:55

    Cynthia is hilarious and so is Daryl. Her little insecurity thing turned out to be so cute. I love that she was a woman who could still be girly and not all bad ass. Not everyone is some secret ninja.

  • Madhellena
    2019-01-30 23:04

    If the first male character made me want to punch him, the female character in this book made me roll my eyes so many times at her stupidity I am worried I might not be be able to see straight for a while. It felt like a parody... also, the investigation happening in this series is dumb.

  • Josephine
    2019-01-23 23:02

    I loved the humor.......................still laughing

  • Sharon
    2019-02-13 23:41

    I liked this second-in-series one much better than the first; although all her books are very good, very funny and erotic. You wouldn't think those three would belong together, but they work.

  • Joann Krause Radke
    2019-01-27 03:44

    It was ok

  • Sage Halford
    2019-02-18 02:57

    Love itI don't want to give anything away but I love the ship it's of conversation between Cyn and her mom at the beginning of each chapter.

  • Edith
    2019-02-21 05:39

    A Must Read Series! Bitten Point, a town that sits on a bayou is home to a population of about one thousand. Five hundred humans and the rest are shifters of many "flavors"! Avian, lupine, feline, reptilian etcetera. But something is going on. Shifters are disappearing. Some are dead. The writer is telling one whopper of a tale that involves a research company and possible experiments making a new type of creature. Two have already attacked Cynthia. A vet from Atlanta searching for her bestie Aria who has dropped off the face of the Earth. The last clue was a selfie Aria posted with a hot hunk of a tanned, dark haired man. Want to know what happens next? Then get a copy!

  • Alarna Martin
    2019-02-06 01:39

    Good. :)

  • Stormi (Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!)
    2019-01-29 01:48

    This one starts out with a spunky woman who had knocked out Daryl a panther shifter because she wanted to know what he knew about were her friend was. I was not a real huge fan of Daryl from the first book so this really made me laugh cause he thinks of himself as a bit of a ladies man but yet he was captured by a woman. It just made me chuckle.Once Cynthia realizes that he doesn't know anything, things get a little heated between the two and Daryl offers to help find her friend. It all has to do with the strange hybrid dragonish type dinosaur monster and a hybrid dog. The dog is new but the dragonish creature they all knew about as it was what had been taking children in the first book. Though that one I am pretty sure they killed so that just means there is more than one and at times it seems like they don't really want to attack them. So they are thinking that there must be someone controlling them.Daryl never wanted to settle down but for some reason this wolf shifter has really gotten under his skin and his panther really wants to make her his. He is totally against it at first but he doesn't want her around any other guys at the same time. As I said he is not my favorite character but I warmed up to him a little bit during the book.Cynthia was a lot of fun, she is really spunky and with her parents I can see where she gets it. Her father is a bear and her mother a wolf, so she turned out to be a wolf like her mother. As soon as they find out she has a guy interested in her her mother is planing a To me Cynthia and her parents are what made this a fun read.As always Eve Langlais has a way of making you laugh with her fun shifter paranormal romances. I am really looking forward to reading the next one as I like Constantine the python shifter!

    2019-02-17 05:47

    You've Alleviated Me!!!Cynthia was wolf shifter and veterinarian who was under pressure from her mother to settle down with a nice husband and cubs. Haha but I don't think that kidnapping a sexy panther was her mother's idea for Cynthia to find a guy. Daryl was a panther shifter who made the mistake of hitting on the wrong woman (or did he now!?). All he was looking for was having a great time instead he found himself adducted by a naughty and sexy shewolf.All Cynthia was looking for were answers regarding a friend of hers who was last seen with Daryl but things got out of hands because he got under her skin and made her nervous. "My name's Cynthia. But my friends call me Thea.""Thea is a name for a good girl, nit a seductive kidnapper". "I think Cyn suits you better."One look at Cynthia and Daryl knew that she was his, he would do anything to make her smile and to claim her as his. He vowed to help Cyn out and that what he did even though they found themselves in danger numerous times.As Cyn, Daryl and his friends looked for Aria. They had been some attempts on Daryl and Cyn's lives yet those incidents didn't atop them from continuing to find out what was really going on in Bitten Point. PANTHER'S CLAIM was exhilarating, love the suspense that's been surrounding Bitten Point and the shifters. The attraction and naughtiness between Daryl and Cyn was a delightful welcome. Eve Langlais did a great job. "If he says yes, would you leave?""I'm not leaving you, Daryl. I bit you for a reason. Because you're mine."Two thumbs up and a recommendation for you guys to grab this book right away. It will tickle you from start to finish ;).

  • Monica
    2019-01-28 04:45

    I HAVE to admit I liked this one better than the first. Probably because it was snarkier and funnier. Also, the story although unfolding slowly we get more! Oh...I liked Cynthia...she was a hoot! She's funny and really sweet even if her spur of the moment ideas are crazy and not thought out well. Especially when she decides to kidnap Darryl for supposedly kidnapping her friend Aria. Wow....she thought that out well. I thought it was hilarious how she after drugging him I dont know how many times she pelted him with paintballs...haha. In her defense a photo of him and Aria were on Aria's Facebook page and that was her only link to finding her. Darryl loves his playboy/bachelor life. Loves playing the field...naughty kitty! He's funny and very laid back and although he SHOULD be mad at Cyn he's not and wants to help her. Doesnt hurt she's hot right? Boy I tell you what this boy fights his feelings for her every step of the way! Denial big time! We don't get a whole lot in the way of what's happening in the town but a little and I wont be giving it away. I like how Cyn isn't ashamed to be naked...she likes to be I think. Not sure if thats because her wolf is so shy or what. Cyn is a bit timid for a wolf shifter. She's got a deformity according to her and thats the reason her wolf refuses to shift in front of anyone especially Darryl. I love their banter. We see more of Wes and Constantine but less of the others. Although at first Constantine's love for his Princess little dog was off putting for a guy to be THAT obsessed with his pet its growing on me and its kinda cute so I look forward to his book. We find one or two evil culprits but the saga continues. A recommended read you'll enjoy as much as I did!

  • Alina Neacşu
    2019-02-24 04:51

    Mom: Hey, baby girl, what did you do today?Cynthia: Oh, I just shot a guy full of tranquilizers, kidnapped him, and brought him to my motel room. He’s currently duct taped to a chair, completely at my mercy.Mom: So can we expect you to bring your new beau to dinner next Sunday?Cynthia: So I shot a guy in the face.Mom: Will he recover in time for Sunday night dinner?Mom: Why didn’t you answer your phone? I tried calling.Cynthia: I know. I was ignoring it because I spent the night with a guy last night. (Pause.) Mom? Aren’t you going to say something?Mom: Sorry, baby girl, just updating your social media status to “in a relationship.”Mom: Is that a man’s shirt in your laundry?Cynthia: Yeah. It’s from the night I took Daryl’s bed and made him sleep on thecouch.Mom: I thought I taught you to share.Cynthia: So, Mom, a guy bit me today while we were making out. Mom? Mom? Areyou listening? I said Daryl left teeth marks on me.Mom: Sorry, baby girl. Just sending in the engagement notice to the local paperCynthia: So I slept with Daryl.Mom: Might I remind you that a true lady saves herself for the big day, or at least until she gets a ring?Cynthia: Um, Mom, I saw all the scarves you wore in those pictures when you were dating Dad.Mom: So I hear the local restaurant serves a lovely crab cake.Cynthia: So thanks for letting Daryl and I have some time alone last night. We managed to get a few things talked out.Mom: So he proposed?Cynthia: No!Mom: Why not?Cynthia: So I came across a dead body today.Mom: Need help burying it?Cynthia: I love him, Dad.Dad: Harrumph. (Translation: I don’t think he’s good enough for you, so when he hurts you, I will skin him alive.)Cynthia: Love you, too, Daddy.

  • Birgit Wahl
    2019-02-07 02:35

    Oh the title of my review sounds boring (laughs) but there was so much by what this book goes that I never got all of it in the Heater. This book is funny like hell, it has it all: a hunk of an hero, a sassy heroine, crime, mad scientists, gone rogue security guys and a stupid father aka sherriff. Daryl is so cute, funny and a hunk, I love the T-shirt and bumper sticker comments lol especially the one he wants for Cynthia after he comes to ter,s that she is his, well at that point he thought 'his woman amd not his mate' lol this comes a bit later for him to acknowledge. For a feline he is not the fastest to recognize his mate but what can a kitty do when there are Dogman and Dinoman to fight amd Cynthia to rescue and the future in-laws coming to visit and plan to stay aka move into town. That all can confuse a smart kitty like Daryl. I love that in this series the shifter comunities wont stay separated but intermarrying and mating is allowed. This is why Cynthia's wolf has inhired a stubby bear tail. Now think about what comes out mixing a panther with a wolf with bear genetic. I want to read a story about those cubs. I'm a huge fan since I started reading Eve Langlais books with Delicate Freakn' Flower.I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, it is a keeper and re-read worthy, I have pre-ordered the next books in this series. This is my honest review cause I purchased the book and didn't got an ARC.

  • Crystal Watson
    2019-02-11 02:37

    What happens when your best friend goes missing? You drug and kidnap the sexy guy she's last seen with! Wait what? Cynthia is going to Bitten Point to find her best friend Ari. Ari hasn't been heard from and Cynthia knows something is not right. When the last picture Ari sends her is of a sexy feline shifter Cynthia decides she will get answers at any cost. Daryl was just out to have a few drinks and maybe get lucky. When he wakes up taped to a chair with ducky duck tape he thinks his friends are messing with him. He doesn't expect to go head to head with a sexy crazy woman. Daryl just doesn't understand why he's so drawn to the crazy woman. He knows she's in trouble and needs help so what's a cat to do well help the little spitfire out of course. When the dogmen and dinoman start attacking he knows he made the right choice. Something stinks in Bitten Point and it's not the bayou. As the mystery deepens and they start looking for Ari all heck breaks loose. Can these two find there happily ever after with crazy shifters and people trying to kill them. Is Daryl ready to settle down with one woman forever? Will Cynthia find Ari before it's to late? Find out get your copy now. Absolutely wonderful I couldn't put it down.

  • Jonel Boyko
    2019-02-16 21:40

    This novel was pricelessly outrageous from the get go. It was fun & funny yet also suspenseful with a hint of danger. I loved the texts between Cyn & her mom as well as the quotes and tidbits at the beginning of each chapter. They set the tone for the story in a very unusual way. The intrigue that is developed had me plotting and guessing throughout. I found myself perpetually trying to unravel it all to no avail.I love the mishmash of castes in this story & how Langlais shows that this isn’t the norm. This anomaly is interesting in and of itself, highlighting the strata in the world today, while also promoting a feeling of belonging in this novel. The characters themselves really highlight this through their banter and interactions with one another. I don’t think that there was a single one that I didn’t enjoy getting to know. I won’t say too much about them as that will ruin part of the plot for you. Just know that they were a blast to journey with for this short while.The intensely captivating intrigue and subterfuge had me hooked. The intense relationship between the main characters made it even better. It is the type of tale that you simply can’t stop reading.

  • Megan Myers
    2019-01-28 03:42

    I did not realize this was the second book in a series when I began reading it and once I started I didn't really feel like stopping to read the first book first. However, I will be looking for a copy of the first book, Croc's Return, to add to my TBR pile.The characters are well developed for such a short read and the humor was a bonus. Often times authors forget that even in stressfull times there is humor to be found. The author doesn't especially go over the top with the jokes (think Deadpool over the top which is another mistake I see a lot) but her characters do try to lighten the mood with a few well placed jokes or snark that I appreciated as a reader.The plot was rather predicable. The sheriff doesn't want anyone to investigate some strange kidnappings, the sheriff's son (whom everyone believed was missing) is involved in the random disappearances, etc. I did like the fact that the heroine was a bit of a scaredy cat. As a more timid person myself I liked seeing that trait in a main character and how she dealt with her circumstances.Definitely an author I will have to read more of!

  • Beth
    2019-02-02 02:53

    4 starsThis book is the second book in the Bitten Point series and it was a great addition. If you are already a fan of Eve Langlais this book is exactly what you would expect from her. If you haven't read a book by Eve Langlais before expect the ridiculous - you may think why would I want to read that but the ridiculous is what is so funny in these books, the thoughts and conversations (with themselves) that nearly all of her 'alpha' (they may be alpha but they are also big sooks when they don't get their own way - so like every other male in the universe) male heroes have is just hilarious and what makes you want to read more. So I think this author is one people either love or don't love, I would say this is because of her writing style and what makes her books so funny, I can see people not enjoying it but I love it. If you haven't read the first book in the series but want to read this one I would suggest you do read Croc's Return first because the storyline in this book is a continuation from the first book and you will find the story a lot easier (and more enjoyable) to follow if you read the first book.

  • Miku
    2019-01-26 22:46

    The Panther's Claim was a fun read with the heroine's funny monologue. While the writing and world building was okay I find it lacking in some way. The H's character was a definite surprise for me since I had read too much book that had a very possessive streak and very alpha male that his actions were refreshing. I know that many people loved the book but for me I find the heroine's action and all the investigation dumb that I had nothing to do but laugh for how stupid it was. I just find her actions unrealistic even in this world building. The H actions was indeed refreshing but I find it unlikable especially of how many times I had wanted to knock some sense into him. I find myself hearing Katy Perry's song Hot n' Cold in the background. Not sure I could recommend it but seeing that the book has a lot of high rating...all I could say is read at your own risk.

  • Chera
    2019-02-09 01:34

    You've just told your mother that you kidnapped a man in order to try to locate your best friend who has gone missing and she asks if the family can expect you new beau for Sunday dinner...yeah, it's that kind of story. Cynthia kidnaps Daryl because he was the last person photographed in a selfie with Aria and she is determined to make Daryl tell her where Aria is. Problem is Daryl has no idea, he was just snapped in the photo by a cute girl in a bar at Bitten Point. Daryl has no problem with being tied up, he'd just like Cynthia to get into the mood and join him. Join in on the adventure that has Cynthia's overprotective parents and Daryl's mother joining forces to make sure these two stay together and make them grandparents. Add in Daryl's Bitten Point buddies and a large dose of monster and mayhem and hang on for the ride in the fast paced Panther's Claim (Bitten Point 2) by Eve Langlais

  • Robin
    2019-02-14 21:50

    Very fun next installment of the Bitten Point series. It really helps to have read the first book in the series just to be able to keep all of the characters straight. I really loved the female character--the fact that she's not an aggressive shifter is unusual in this genre but Langlais makes it work really well. Cynthia is not a fighter and makes no bones about it--she's very self-confident in who she is and is not with the sole exception of her wolf and her wolf's 'deformity'-which I was surprised by (not in a bad way) but won't say more as to not spoil it for anyone else. My only complaint was that the story felt rushed, there was so much good plot here that it could have been a much longer story. I am looking forward to the next installment of this series.