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When a psychic tells Natalie Nixon her life is about to be upended by a mysterious stranger, she laughs it off. After all, she has everything she's ever wanted-a successful bakery, the perfect boyfriend, and the keys to her dream house. Who could possibly make her want to throw all that away? Then Miles Haas comes back to town. But he's no stranger-they've known each otherWhen a psychic tells Natalie Nixon her life is about to be upended by a mysterious stranger, she laughs it off. After all, she has everything she's ever wanted-a successful bakery, the perfect boyfriend, and the keys to her dream house. Who could possibly make her want to throw all that away? Then Miles Haas comes back to town. But he's no stranger-they've known each other since high school. Plus, he's only around for the summer, he's still a shameless playboy, and he makes a living writing articles for a men's magazine with titles like 'Should You Bang the Boss's Daughter? A Flowchart' and 'Butt Stuff for Beginners: A Field Guide.' He's not the man of her dreams, and she's not about to abandon everything she's worked so hard for just for a little fun. Except he makes her laugh like no one else, smells like heaven, and looks sexy as hell in those panty-melting glasses. **SOME SORT OF CRAZY is a full-length standalone romance.**...

Title : Some Sort of Crazy (Natalie and Miles): A Happy Crazy Love Novel
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ISBN : 9781519372710
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Some Sort of Crazy (Natalie and Miles): A Happy Crazy Love Novel Reviews

  • Wendy'sThoughts
    2019-04-06 23:18

    4 Can People Change* * * * Spoiler Free I have always felt people don't really change... they may adapt or grow and mature...but the core of who they are doesn't change...So when you are thinking of marrying, it is important to think about all the "reals"..Are they considerate and put you first...Are they truthful or hiding, changing the subjects or switching blame...Are they the point of painful and non sharing...These are just a few things to look for... because if someone has certain traits, like making fun of others to make themselves look better... then those are red flags in my book...What was so smart of Melanie Harlow and this new series was her take on these things and more...I say more because she gives us a couple who after ten years seem to have grown too comfortable and our gal Natalie has turned a blind eye to a couple of my No Go's that Dan her 10 year boyfriend has done...Yup Boyfriend... 10 years!And Harlow also gives us Miles who has been a life long friend of Natalie since a very young age. With Miles, Natalie was always herself... never second guessing until she started to be confused with her feelings for him...She wasn't alone in those confused feelings...Miles was too..But due to Miles never seeing what a loving married couple was like outside of Natalie's parents and his never telling Natalie he had feelings for her...Both had unresolved emotions they boxed up and put to the side.These circumstances are the set up for Miles and Natalie to have the ride of their lives. I went into this blind and basically you have sisters who go to a fortune teller and each is told their fate or future seen by the "gypsy woman". What is told hits home for all of them except Natalie... she doesn't get her life needing change... she is set ...she bought her own home, ready to be engaged to Dan and her food business is doing great... Nope, no reason to believe in her fortune at all.....In this book you will meet the filthy, sexy Miles, man/child who has the best sense of humor, sexiest mind and loving heart... even though he has no idea he has been in love for a decade with Natalie...(Oh, And that Cover.... yes please, yes...A Perfect Idea of Miles for me to enjoy...)Oh he has pined for her, wanted her, dreamt of her and jacked off mercilessly to thoughts of her...But love, nah... he doesn't know it or do it... How could he with his own messed up parents as role models. Instead he knows women, writing, sexual play and writing about sexual play...what could be better than that...Natalie is the focused one of her sisters and has plodded along planning and doing things step by step. She knew relationships took work...and even after she discovered some hinky photos on Dan's phone...and he sent them to another woman...she buckled up and listened to his reasons and how it "never" went anywhere....So after the meeting with the fortune teller and Natalie thinking to herself there will be nothing to come of the prediction, her phone rings with Miles showing as the caller...Hmmmmm well I know Miles, he is no stranger...She picks it up, they chat for a bit and make plans to see each other later in the day... she has a restaurant to run....But as she get to the place, there in the dark is Miles...waiting for her.They both fall into their pattern of sexy sparing; Natalie and her body is very aware of Miles and his... She is not comfortable about all of this...she is about to be engaged...This is told in each POV and it is so delicious I couldn't put it down. We are in both of these heads and it was terrific. I was concerned for a second about possible cheating with our main characters... but thankfully, it was not the case. It read really fast and you went on this delayed journey these two people should have been on from the start.This is chocked full of sexy hot moments and also an instructional manual for women about men...with a smacking up the side of the head for men about women.The humor is topnotch.All of it worked...I have my own reasons as to why a 4 instead of 5. Just my own stuff...So others will be loving every single morsel because the structure and writing was fun, happy, real and true. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner fun. Some Sort of Happy (Happy Crazy Love, #1) Some Sort of Crazy (Happy Crazy Love, #2) Some Sort of Love (Happy Crazy Love #3) Before Reading ~~~~ What to do... What to do...I have a life, ya know...Responsibilities...Work, Career, People who depend on me...Yet, Melanie Harlow has this new, tempting, Guilty Pleasure flashing before my eyes....I have made a choice...maybe one like Natalie...Going for the pleasure, the feels and delight...for this isSome Sort of Crazy by Melanie Harlowand everything else can just fucking wait!A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways

  • Ⓐlleskelle - teamSøren♗ ⊲I like big b00ks⊳
    2019-04-10 00:25

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️4 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I quite enjoyed this one. It has been a while for me reading this author, but I remembered truly enjoying Frenched and Floored very much, having a good memory of how sexy and funny they were.Some Sort of Crazy definitely edges in the same category of books, the feel good ones, low on the angst with an heavy dose of delicious sex scenes and a generous amount of humor. Winning combination? YES.I’ve been effortlessly hooked right into the story, the heroine, Natalie, baker extraordinaire is having fun on a girls night out with her 2 sisters when they stumble upon a psychic.From this moment on, I’ve been literally sucked in Natalie story, wanting, no, burning to know who the mysterious stranger Madam Psuka saw in her predictions.As it turns out, the stranger is an old friend of Natalie, a sexy debonair magazine columnist with a definite commitment phobia.How is this —not so stranger anymore— stranger could be the man Natalie is waiting for? His life goals are in opposite direction with hers! This won’t work.But as you know, never say never…Some Sort of Crazy was assuredly one of those light reads that just makes you feel good, delivering charming and endearing characters, an healthy dose of humor and panty melting sex scenes. Not surprising but a really comforting read.I for one spent a great evening thanks to this book and I can’t wait to read more from Miss Harlow. Arc offered in exchange for an honest reviewMore reviews and book talk at :

  • Jenny••Steamy Reads Blog••
    2019-04-18 03:02

    I loved Miles & Natalie. Their story sucked me in. I've always been a sucker for these types of friends to lover stories. Mostly I am so happy Natalie dumped Dan. Then enter Miles, the sexiest sex addicted columnist ever. I wasn't sure where the author would take this journey but I loved the ride. I enjoyed it, it kept me intune, and it has me excited for the next installment. Can't wait to see how and if Jillian finds her HEA!! This was my favorite so far!!!

  • Sybil aka Lala
    2019-04-18 03:15

    Natalie’s life is set. She’s got the perfect boyfriend, she’s just bought the perfect house and she has a thriving business. Life is comfortable and exactly how she wants it so when her sisters drag her in to see a psychic after a drunken night out, she really only needed a place to pee, she has no reason to believe the ominous warning that a tall, dark stranger will dump her life into chaos.Only, when the tall dark stranger shows up – he’s not so strange after all. Miles and Natalie have been friends since childhood and even though they could go years without speaking, their connection had a habit of picking up right where it left off as soon as they got together again. Miles has always loved the ladies, and they loved him. He writes a sex blog about his many escapades and he’s great at giving advice on how to please a woman – he’s just not so great at commitment.Natalie and Miles want completely different things out of life, she wants to settle down and have a family and he wants to never ever grow up. Their opposites made for a great friendship, but they could never be together. Even if Miles has always harboured feelings for Natalie. And when he enters her life, suddenly all the comfort and planning didn’t hold the appeal it once had.Miles was the perfect H. He is sexy, quirky, flirty and dominant without being overly possessive or controlling. He is hilarious with his tongue in cheek quips, one liners and constant flirting. His inner monologue was equally hilarious as he lamented on about his peter pan complex. Watching him trip over all his new feelings for Natalie was endearing and completely adorable. He may know how to please a woman in bed but he has no idea what to do with a relationship and I was shaking my head and snortling all the way through as I watched him fall, kicking and screaming, completely in love with Natalie. And can we talk about his deliciously filthy mouth?!Miles lives, breathes and eats (literally) sex. It’s his job after all and he knows exactly what he’s doing, even if he says so himself. It may sound like boasting, but wooooh boy, it’s not boasting if you can back it up. And back it up he did! Melanie Harlow can certainly write a steamy scene. Not only was the chemistry and tension great between these two but the sexy times were hot, creative and with all the emotions flying around these two burned of the pages!I loved the banter between Natalie and her sisterS, so much so that I had to call my own sister for a snarky chat because these sisters made me miss my own. This was my first read by Melanie Harlow – I know- but it definitely isn’t going to be my last. I adored this book and it’s taken it’s place as one of my favorite romantic comedy reads of all time. Absolutely recommend reading this brilliantly funny and sexy book!

  • Paige
    2019-04-11 00:14

    I love this series. Some Sort of Happy was one of my favorite books from 2015. It was witty and smart and sexy and hilarious. Some Sort of Crazy was a sweet friends to lovers romance that made me giggle and swoon and left me with the biggest smile on my face. Natalie and Miles have known each other since they were kids. Being best friend during the summer was their thing. As they grew older, Miles started "hanging out" with different girls every night while Natalie started dating Dan. The night Miles left town after high school, things almost happened. But the timing just wasn't right. Fast forward 10 years and Natalie is still dating Dan even though things are going so well. When Miles comes back to town, Natalie's life gets upended, just like the psychic she and her sisters saw said would happen. Soon Natalie sees that her carefully structured life isn't going to plan, she and Miles embark on a short affair before Miles has to go back home and Natalie will need to decide what she really wants out of her life. Miles is hoping to get Natalie out of his head and Natalie just wants to break loose for a while. But when emotions become to heavy, Miles does what he always does, he pushes Natalie away. But life has a way of coming back around and Miles and Natalie just have to stop being stubborn long enough to grab ahold of what's really important. I was so happy to see Natalie and Miles work through their issues together. While I really enjoyed their banter and their easy friendship, their sexy times rivaled the heat factor of just about any other sexy times I've read in a while. And while there were a few times that Miles frustrated me and I thought their resolution was a bit easy, I really enjoyed their friends to lovers story and I can't wait for more from this series.

  • Shayna
    2019-04-04 07:12

    Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Melanie Harlow writes SOME SORT OF CRAZY, and blows me away! This is the PERFECT read for the hopeless romantic in all of us. Not only is this a favorite of the series, but it's an all around favorite of mine from this author. This was a breath of fresh air. Natalie and Mile's journey will bring out feels you never thought possible. Heartbreaking. Beautiful. A stunning love story that will ravish your heart and soul."I feel...lost.""You're not lost." ... "You're right here with me."Harlow brings us another gorgeous, feel-good, just all around spectacular love story between Natalie and Miles. These two characters were just perfect together. The chemistry was on point with bouts of ridiculous sexual tension. The witty banter between them made me laugh, giggle, and blush over and over again. I LOVED having the male POV in this one. It gave this romance such depth and strong emotion all throughout the pages. I related to the female lead on pretty much every possible level, and I think a lot of female readers will be able to do the same. That right there, makes the story more rich and refreshing. Almost every page is coiled up with heavy sexual tension, and there were some parts where I had to catch my breath, either from laughing so hard, or from being overly excited about their pairing. My stomach dipped, my chest ached, and my cheeks hurt from this fabulous read from one of my favorite contemporary author's out there today. Melanie brings magic to the pages, always making her readers want more. I LOVED, ADORED, and DEVOURED every single page! Bravo Ms. Harlow! You never disappoint my friend.*Gifted copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

  • Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog)
    2019-03-30 04:07

    4.5 starsI’m surprised by how much I liked this book. I’m a fan of the friends-to-lovers trope, but it’s a difficult recipe to follow. Add the romance too suddenly, and the dish doesn’t seem authentic. Drag out conflicts, and the meal tastes sour. Some Sort of Crazy has just the right ingredients and Melanie Harlow follows the recipe expertly.Natalie has the ideal life: a dream job, a new house, and a seemingly perfect boyfriend of ten years. When things suddenly get turned upside down, Natalie has two choices: 1) fight to keep her life plan on track come hell or high water, or 2) take time to explore other opportunities. Then Miles, Natalie’s childhood friend and outrageous sexologist, comes along and makes the decision a lot more interesting.Natalie is the perfect Rom Com protagonist in my book. Both adventurous and reserved, she’s honest about her feelings, smart, and endearing. Miles is the man-child you can’t help but love—hilarious, cocky, sweet, sexy, and romantic in his own crazy way.Now, back to our recipe. This is a friends-to-lovers romance but one in which the sexual tension has had time to simmer over a period of years. It’s way more realistic than a switch getting flipped and friends suddenly seeing each other as sexual beings. When they eventually do get together, it’s doubly satisfying. The conflicts aren’t over cooked, and they are sprinkled in with humor. It is a romantic comedy after all. There might be a bit of cheese, which the lactose intolerant may not appreciate, but I enjoyed it.Some Sort of Crazy pushes all the right romantic comedy buttons for me. It’s whimsical and lovely, but just a heads up. On the steam scale from one to five with five being the hottest, this one’s about a six. Miles and Natalie get some sort of freaky in the bedroom, but this story also manages to be sweet and funny.It is a standalone, and I did not read the first book in the series, Some Sort of Happy. However, I definitely plan to read it now.Recommended for fans of:Romantic comedyFriends-to-lovers romanceDirty talkersCinnamon buns** ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. **

  • Ang~Dirty Laundry Review
    2019-04-14 07:10

    My lovely Melanie Harlow did it again and again and again! I keep saying she’s a consistent writer that seems to get even better with each book. Some Sort of Crazy lived up to the hype and then some with all the Harlow Hallmarks we come to expect from her books: sexy, funny, romantic, left-hand worthy love, topped with a perfect combination of angst and laughs.Can we talk about the sex first? Sweet baby jesus this book was on fire! I love love love reading about best friends that become lovers … even if it is 10 years later. There’s something so special when that friendship bond transforms into fireworks-popping-I-need-alone-time-right-now-because-this-book-has-so-much-fucking-hot-sex-bond. Between the sex and lovable characters, this book will jump to the top of your list!Natalie Nixon has two smart, gorgeous sisters whom we’ve met before, and even though she’s the baby of the family, she’s always been a hard worker and focused on her goals. These goals include: opening her own bakery and buying her own house at a young age, dreaming of a perfect marriage and life. She’s with her same boyfriend from high school. This guy. Ugh. He’s not even worthy of me giving you his name. He’s a shit and doesn’t realize how lucky he is to have Natalie. She thinks everything is right where she wants it until the one and only Miles Haas saunters back into her life.He was her summer friend, her best buddy all through adolescence. His family would visit during the summers and they were inseparable. When they transformed from awkward kids into horny teenagers, she promised herself she wouldn’t be a notch on his bedpost and stayed firmly in the best friend camp, but they always had a special connection. Did Miles ever want more? Did she?Oh Miles. He’s smart, and sexy, and he wears glasses, and he has stubble, and he writes … about sex. He is the perfect best guy friend! Irreverent, sexy, a little too flirty, and you just knows he’s going to be great in bed. I know a few guys like this and they are my very favorite friends. But what happens when that harmless flirtation hides some true feelings? What will these two do? Will Natalie stick it out with that chump from high school or will she dump his sorry ass and take a chance on Miles?This book was a fantastic read! There was one particular plot point that I usually loathe in books. Like … I’m talking cringe and close the book and say, NOPE. But Melanie Harlow handled this in such a way that I was fist pumping along, chewing my fingernails hoping it all worked out, and shouting YES! Bravo, Mel!Go give SSOC a one-click! Right now, people! It’s amazing, and you’d be a real kind of crazy not to read this one.

  • Ashleyjo
    2019-04-22 04:05

    This book should come with a free T-Shirt!!! DynamicsShe and Dan... So, the female MC has a 10-year relationship with Dan, which she describes as: Dan and I were compatible. Comfortable. Certainly not as passionate as we once were, and way less hot for each other...She compares sex with Dan like your favorite pair of sweatpants - comfortable, familiar & feels good when you put them on. Dan is a douchecanoe. She and Miles... To hell with sweatpants, Miles should come with his own set of Pjs Anyhoo, she has a childhood friend, Miles, whom she was very close to as a teen but has only had sporadic contact with in adulthood. He comes back to town for a brief visit and suddenly she's all about imagining him naked, taking strolls down memory lane, and feeling guilty about all the above because she has a boyfriend. Suddenly, she finds herself with no boyfriend.Miles has always been hot for her, too.. Discretion, of course. He never acted because... You guessed it - he doesn't do relationships, and she's better than that.Thus begins a fuck-buddy three-day romp that spawns what ifs, oh wells, and flow charts for feelings... The romantic plot is far from original. And the inner-turmoil, denial, lust combo on repeat gets old as fuckall before it eventually just pisses me off.The Glue That Binds^ I couldn't ask for a more apt meme. There's some funny and cutesy.... There is a drunken scene where she attacks him, and I died laughing. His blog posts were funny. His jokes were crude, but funny. Cutesy shit like this..."I like it when you say dirty things to me.""Good""I like when you get bossy with me.""Even better" "I think I might like to get bossy with you sometime.""Sweetheart, you can boss me hard and often. "Wash my hair. Now.""Not exactly what I meant, but OK."I'll hand a star to the author because some of this shot was funny as hell! ....BUT, the funny and cutesy only lasts a moment before you remember - what a mfing mess surrounds it! This Is NO Way To Sell A Romance There wasn't enough to ever make me invest in the romance blossoming. These are not strangers, okay~! They have a 20- year friendship! He is an emotional phobic and she has loved someone else for TEN years. The theme is deny, deny, deny; so, this isn't a second chance love! No, it's two people too afraid to even admit they care! She may lust after him and ponder what ifs, but the deeper shit of romance simply isn't there. He may lust after her, buthe doesn't realize he is in love with heror why how he feels about her is different from other chicks?<<<< THIS IS NOT HOW TO SELL A ROMANCE TO READERS!!! >>>>Him: Sometimes around the holidays I got a weird hankering to snuggle with someone in a completely nonsexual way, and this (his feelings for her) felt kind of like that, but it was only June. Nonchalant? Her: Oh, well?Miles would probably freak out and think I wanted him for my next boyfriend or something. And I didn't want that. I knew we were just friends doing this for the hell of it, enjoying the kick.For all I knew, sex with Miles would become routine after a while too.Yes, that's the image every romance reader wants stuck in their heads as they head to a HEA. I don't need candy and flowers, but you got to give me more than this shitbasket. And then this romantic gemAT 68%:"God, I'm going to miss you when you're gone." "What the fuck is that about?""No you won't. You'll have some other girl on your couch as soon as you're back." "Probably. But I'll still miss you." What she shouldhave done... What she did... So what if he was denying what he internalized at ^that point, you simply wouldn'tsay that shit to someone you were internally pondering "I felt like I wanted her. Like I needed her. Like I loved her."At 70%, he is making comments about the waitress's "awesome rack" and flirting with and giving his number to a bartender while he's on a date with the mc . Again, I don't give two fucks what his reasoning is, you simply can't sell me love from someone self-centered enough to hurt the person he loves so thathisfeelings are safe & secure. No! Just no! At 85%, he is willing totry aka 'sample' being the man that stays put, commits, and lives HEA. I don't care if you're a manchild that can't communicate; man the hell up or get out of the HEA!And I'm Not Buying ItSo, the nonchalant way the progression of friends to friend-lovers to HEA is written here over such a long period of time makes it difficult to buy into"the one" romance. I mean if you've known someone your whole life and now have screwed their brains out... And you still don'tknowthey are your one,then how the fuck do you expect readers to buy into it when realization hits for no damn reason. Bad enough, but... How do you then expect me, as a reader, to get behind the realization of love, when the male mc is still purposefully hurting her at 70% in the story because he's then afraid of said love realization. Even worse... How do you expect me to buy a HEA that only comes to fruition because of a mishap connecting them for life. A lot of readers may not be bothered by the nonchalance, dense feelings, the f'd up talk of OW, and circumstances spurring a HEA because there are some nice moments and caring moments, too. If so, then this book will probably work very well for you. But, for me, those nice moments are far overshadowed by the points of my review!Final Thought Simple... 2 stars because it made me laugh. 0 stars for the romance, though!

  • Annika
    2019-04-08 02:12

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-03-28 06:18

    Natalie Nixon doesn't know it yet, but her life is kind of boring. She's content with it. In fact, she's pretty darn pleased with the life she's settled into—but “settled” is just the word for her mediocre happiness. Regardless, when a fortune teller tells her that her world is about to be turned upside down by a handsome stranger, the news is brushed off with the disregard of a skeptic.Miles Haas is a known playboy. I mean, he even makes a living out of writing about his sexcapades. He and Natalie have been friends for years, but she doesn’t really know everything about him. Furthermore, he doesn't really fit into the orderly little life Natalie has created. That is, until the prophecy (such as it was) comes true and Natalie's life is no longer neat or orderly and Miles Haas becomes everything she never knew she needed.Oh, you guys! This book was so fun! So dirty and flirty and sexy and FUN! I was basically sold on the book when the blurb let me know that Miles makes a living writing articles for a men’s magazine with titles like 'Should You Bang the Boss’s Daughter? A Flowchart' and 'Butt Stuff for Beginners: A Field Guide.' I mean, tell me that doesn’t just scream “THIS IS A FUN BOOK! READ IT IMMEDIATELY!” I am happy to report that the blurb did not steer me wrong.Miles is an incorrigible flirt and basically an overgrown man-child and he is somehow impossible—absolutely impossible—not to love. He’s sexy and irreverent and the glimpses we get into his mind are absolutely adorable and sometimes a tiny bit heartbreaking, because underneath all that charisma and devil-may-care attitude lies a lonely heart in need of cuddles and, um…cinnamon buns (for comfort. And…other fun things). And the things Miles does to Natalie…I mean, the sex things are like, whoa. But it’s more than the sex things—he brings her to life. He takes all the wonderful things about her and makes them glow. He also draws her out of her shell and helps her embrace life, encourages her to live it actively and not just settle for what seems good enough. He’s the whole package, he just doesn’t know it yet. I laughed and I swooned, and I panted lustily over my kindle, and then I laughed some more. That’s basically the summary, on repeat minus a brief time where I waited with bated breath while Miles and Natalie sorted their shit out—and then, when they got it sorted, I smiled so hard my face hurt. Seriously, this is just a quick, sexy, dirty, flirty, happy book. Have I sold you yet? It’s FUN! I loved everything! I need more! ~ Shelly, 5 stars

  • Cocktails and Books
    2019-04-20 05:16

    This one was very cute and hot. Miles was the prefect mix of playful and filthy. His bed talk curled the toes and made you laugh at the same time. Another stellar find through Kindle Unlimited.

  • Candi~Dirty Laundry Review
    2019-04-16 00:05

    Holy bejesus!!!! Miles Haas!! He is officially my new favorite out of all of Mel's men!! He's sexy, funny, dirty, kinky, has tattoos, AND...wears glasses!!!!! Could his dirty talkin mouth be more perfect?!?! I think not! Natalie Nixon is the youngest of three sisters, currently in a long term relationship of 10 years and a business owner. Could her life be more perfect? You would think not, but then Miles Haas walks in to bring some kinda crazy into her very well maintained life. These two go way back to childhood and have long been best friends. Miles is definitely Natalie’s “The One That Got Away”....until her long term boyfriend, Dan, decides to be a douchebag! And now its time for Natalie to discover all the fun she's been missing out on and obviously all the hot, scorching sex. There's that too! But what happens when you let your heart get involved? Miles has never done love. Natalie makes it no secret she knows what she wants. But will Miles be able to grow up and become what he's destined to be? Will he be Natalie's happily ever after?? Well, you will just have to read to find out!!SSOC is another perfect example as how Melanie Harlow's writing just shines. With every new book,she just completely blows me away. Her writing never fails, nor do the characters or her storylines. She always adds that Harlow signature humor that I love so much. Honestly you guys, Melanie is hysterical!!!!! There were so many LOL moments! She always manages to perfectly intertwine funny with the sexiness in a way that nobody can compete with. It's untouchable. I am already asking how much longer until we get Jillian's story!!! Because yes, I need it now!!! If you have not checked out the Happy, Crazy, Love series...well, that's just SOME SORT OF CRAZY!! Haha, see what I did there!? Seriously, 1-click this book. This series and Ms. Harlow will not disappoint!!

  • Luna Sol
    2019-04-07 07:01

    I had so much fun reading an ARC of this book. Sometimes crazy, carefree things just lead to the best endings. This is a friends to lover story, which happens to be one of my favorites. In Some Sort of Crazy we have the story of Natalie and Miles Haas. They are childhood friends and always had chemistry, bonding, and attraction for each other that in their past led to what is referred in the book as an "almost" night. This is a light, fun, sexy, easy to read story that has all of the Melanie Harlow quirks we love so much. Natalie only had one very long real relationship that basically crashed and this is what leads her to follow her "crazy" times with friend Miles. I love their story and most of all loved how we see Miles go from that man that doesn't take relationships seriously to realizing he was totally in love with Natalie. What I like most about their relationship is how they learn from each other to discover things they never even knew existed or were capable of feeling. And to me the learning in this story is that sometimes we just have to let go and go with our hearts because it is then that we discover what truly living is. Highly recommended and can be read as a standalone.

  • ~Dawn~TUG
    2019-04-24 06:03

    **arc received in exchange for an honest review from us girls at **Enjoyed it so much I read it in a single sitting. I altered my rating from 4.5 to 5 because even now thinking back on this book, I smile. I really enjoyed it. From the initial prediction of things to come in Natalie's future, to the banter and friendship between Miles and Natalie. After experiencing more than his share of sex-capades and documenting all of them in his column he returns to his hometown to claim the one girl that he can't escape. Natalie seems to have it all, the business, house, boyfriend, but she is just floating through never fully living. A dose of reality, glaring back at Natalie when she realizes her "perfect" world hasn't been that perfect. A friend and the one she always wanted helps her see what could be in a way she never thought existed. I loved it all. The hot sex, the friendship, angst all of it. Ms. Harlow has been a favorite of mine and I will continue to read what she writes. This series is a hit! LOVE..

  • mich
    2019-04-04 04:09

    Super cliché, very predictable, kinda stupid, but still pretty fun regardless. I'd be open to trying something else from this author.2.5! :)

  • Angie McLain-Fan Girl Book Blog
    2019-04-06 06:23

    5 STARS --- Melanie Harlow turns up the heat with this newest novel! Some Sort of Crazy is all kinds of delicious!“Every time I got dressed, I’d think, will this be what I’m wearing when I yes?”So I kinda love this author—she never fails to deliver the kinds of books that you pick up and can never put down, so being able to read one of her books prior to release just makes me giddy! “Sometimes a little chaos is a good thing.”Some Sort of Crazy is the newest book (book 2) in the Happy Crazy Love series, and this book focuses on Natalie, Skylar’s sister. We first met Natalie in Some Sort of Happy, and to be honest I was quite excited to able to read her book. Natalie has been in a committed relationship with her boyfriend, whom I like to refer to as DB, but his actual name is Dan, LOL, for quite a while and she thinks, like most women would, that her relationship is on track for her happily ever after. Her boyfriend has told her that he loves her and that someday they will be married. She has the boyfriend, the successful business that she’s always wanted and worked very hard for, the house—complete with picket fence—now all she needs is the white dress, the ring and few babies to see all of her dreams come true. What Natalie has never really allowed herself to contemplate, though, was ‘what if?“But I love to eat pie. Can I taste yours?”Natalie has known Miles Haas for years, and they’ve been friends for just as long. Miles has literally made a career out of his sexual conquests, and he’s most definitely not the relationship type. Natalie has always had a bit of a crush on Miles, but she’s never really allowed herself to go there. She’s in a relationship after all, she has been since high school and she loves Dan, she sees a future there, it’s comfortable and safe and there are no risks. It’s what she wants for herself, that type of life. So when a psychic tells her that a stranger is going to appear and upend her life, she shakes it off and concludes that the idea is crazy and that this woman is a nut job.Those types of things just do not happen to Natalie, EVER!“A week ago, my life had seemed right on track. What had gone wrong?”Some Sort of Crazy is equal parts sexy and funny. Miles and Natalie’s sexual chemistry is intense and their connection strong. Their banter is not only entertaining as hell, but laugh out loud funny! Full on hilarious actually. When Miles reappears out of nowhere, to write a new story for his blog, and invites Natalie out for a drink to catch up, neither one is expecting to feel the way they did about each other. “I always enjoyed being in a relationship, and I’d never felt stifled by it. It’s just that Miles was doing something to me.”“I thought relationships were the worst idea ever, but if you were going to be in one, you should fucking be in it and not dick around. Especially on a girl like Natalie.”I loved this book, it can be read as a standalone, it’s a full-length novel with an HEA. That being said, I do highly recommend reading Some Sort of Happy first, only because I loved it so much. You can read this book without having read the first, but it’s more enjoyable if you have read the first one. Melanie has a very real talent for creating stories that sweep you off your feet and take you away from reality for a few blissful hours. Her books are the kind that you can always venture into and never have any worries about being disappointed. She’s that author you can always feel totally safe with, she always delivers. “How would you know if you could love someone forever?”Some Sort of Crazy gives the feels, without being overwrought, sexy times that makes you blush, tingle and your heart race, and humour that’s addictive, well timed, sassy, and smart! If you haven’t yet read a Melanie Harlow, this is a fabulous place to start! This book is a great and I look forward to the next. I’m looking forward to not only revisiting Skylar, Sebastian, Miles, and Natalie, but also seeing what is coming down Jillian’s path next. Expertly written and addictive, Some Sort of Crazy is going to leave you feeling warm, fuzzy, and sated. “Was it just make-believe, like all the games we used to play? I want you, she said. I trust you, she said. Give me everything, she said. That was my favorite – give me everything. I would. I would give her everything. Even if it was only make-believe.”PS - Don’t be surprised when you find yourself craving warm cinnamon buns, dripping in glaze before, during, and after this fabulous book! ;)“I want you so badly, I whispered. “I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you.” “Trust me. I know the feeling.”“She’s just magic. I wasn’t magic, but we were. I felt it too.”OMG YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK! Pre-order it NOW!!!

  • Rin W. Vitale
    2019-04-17 05:59

    Crazy-Sexy-stars!!Ha! Just kidding... The sex marathon "only" happen around 35 - 68 % of the book...The story is about Natalia and Miles Haas. Friends since childhood. While Nat has found her "other-half" -Dan- since teenage. Miles is on the other hand. He embraces his good-look and charm to get any girl he wants. In other word, he is a manwhore! In dilemma to choose between to "love" his best friend, Nat and stop his manwhore-ing. He's chosen to flee. Long story shorts, they meet again. Nat as deli owner. Miles as sex-blog-writer! Oh my Oh my.. This Some Sort of Crazy begins after Nat break up with his philandering-long-time boyfriend. Steamy parts aside, I liked their banter!! Still boyishly handsome, he wore black eyeglasses with thick frames and a satisfied smirk. "You're late.""Yeah, somebody called me at four this morning and kept me on the phone for ten minutes.""What an asshole.""Totally." I smiled, reaching for him. "C'mere, asshole."===========~~~~~~~~~~This was a really nice read for my weekend. Fun, Hot & Light drama! Me likey!!

  • TeriLyn
    2019-03-26 02:59

    **Some Sort of Crazy generously provided in exchange for an honest review.**4 "Give me everything..." StarsI really adored the story of Miles and Natalie. There's a very inherently becoming quality to Harlow's writing. She makes reading and becoming invested in her stories quite effortless. Some Sort of Crazy marks my second Harlow book and concurrently my second great experience with her stories. Her presentation of the characters in this book I found quite unique and interesting. This author has a luring way to garner the most interest in her characters. Miles Haas, our hero, stole the show for me. Naturally carefree and jovial his impact on Natalie's life is substantial. His impact on the reader is equally enthralling. He's quirky and open and sexually magnetic. Natalie Nixon, our reserved, goal-oriented, and content heroine needs a good dose of Miles type adventure in her life. And boy does she get it, ten fold. When she comes out her shell with Miles and shows she's equally open and passionate as him was most entertaining to read. Their story, in particular Natalie's with regard to current love life, started off a little rocky for me. Without the very tempting and elegant writing of Harlow this could have went a different way for me definitely. I'm so glad she possesses such a gift to keep a reader hooked even when the heroine's actions are not your favorite. From the time Miles and Natalie relationship blossoms the book held me captive.Secondary characters we met in Some Sort of Happy return here and make the story that much more excellent. Sebastian and Skylar make several appearances for readers who start the series with the first book. While each can be read as a stand alone, I'd implore readers to read book one first as it's an epic love story. And of course, the love story between Miles and Natalie in this book told from both their points of view more than satisfies. I'm quite glad I've picked up this author's works. Some Sort of Crazy reminds us to have fun in our love lives, to let go with someone we feel the most comfortable with, and to remember when we're pushed out of comfort zone how rewarding it is to let that person into our souls the way we haven't with anyone else. I look forward to discovering more Melanie Harlow stories in the future. My 5 star rating of book one:Some Sort of Happy

  • Sheila
    2019-04-01 00:07

    I'm not usually drawn to romantic comedies. I'm more of a dark romance kind of girl, but after hearing about Melanie Harlow from the "Dirty Girls" I decided it was time to give her a try. WOW!! I never thought I would enjoy a romance that made me laugh as often as this one did. I loved it so much that I went and stocked up on the rest of her books so I can get caught up.This is the typical friends to lovers story, but there's nothing else typical about this book. Miles and Natalie are well developed characters that make this more than just a cute and funny love story. Miles has made a living blogging about his numerous sexcapades and is content with his bachelor playboy status. Natalie wants stability and commitment in her life, which she's had for 10 years with her current fiance. But when Miles shows up in town for a visit they both start questioning how happy they are with the direction their lives are taking them.Miles is not only funny, but also a master dirty talker. The whole book is full of quotable lines that will either have you laughing or make you hot. After the first time they have sex together Natalie coins a term "a Miles Moregasm", and after reading that scene I've made it a goal to find my own moregasm with a "Miles"! Hottest scene in the book, but not the only one...there are plenty more.A friendly road trip turns into a torrid affair and ends up having consequences that last way longer than the few days they're together. Their feelings for each other morphed from friendship into something else during that time and they struggle with what to do with that. There's plenty of frustration for the reader along the way, wanting to smack some sense into them, but it's all part of the ultimately enjoyable journey that leads to their well earned HEA.

  • Mandy
    2019-04-09 01:03

    This was a light and fun friends to lovers story. Miles had a ton of commitment issues and he was an extreme manwhore but I loved reading his point of view. I loved the connection between Natalie and Miles and their easy banter and friendship. This was a super sexy book with lots of hot steamy times. My only complaint is that (view spoiler)[ I was really overwhelmed with all the details from Miles manho past. It took away a little of the romance in my opinion. Also, Miles could be a real ass at times when he was pushing Skylar away - hitting on other women and giving them his phone number right in front of her? Amazingly, I still really enjoyed this book though even with these small complaints and it didn't ruin the book for me.(hide spoiler)] Plus, It was awesome to get a little update on Sebastian and Skylar! I can't wait for Jillian's book next!

  • Melanie Martin
    2019-04-10 02:58

    I get emotionally attached. It's very easy to do when you read any of Melanie Harlow's characters. Some Sort of Crazy is no exception.Miles is a high school friend, sexy, and intelligent. He's all grown up and home for a visit. Natalie lives a structured life. She's a successful business owner, she's got a man that she's invested a decade into, and Miles is a fun flirtation to share memories with. The problem is that he's taking up residence in her here and now and his sexy self is distracting. But that's just what she needs, a distraction. Natalie is linear. You can completely relate to her need for order to ensure efficiency. It's just the way it has to be. When her life gets derailed she catapults herself into Miles' arms and the crazy train sets a new course. Miles is something she didn't know she needed and the challenge is how to make it work especially when Miles has his own demons to battle. That's the short of it, but what do I think of this book? I was mad. I wanted characters to act the way I wanted them to. They just weren't listening to me. So there you go. Melanie Harlow makes you feel. Every great author should aspire to do this. It makes your reader interact on a level that no other media outlet can achieve. They finish the book feeling like they were a part of the journey, the love story, and the heartache. Don't miss this. Some Sort of is not over and you have plenty of time to catch up. In fact, I encourage you to reread. It's always nice to visit with old friends. **I received an early copy to review honestly.

  • Mojo_Mama
    2019-04-05 02:10

    2.5 :(So disappointed.I didn't mind the man-ho H. He was a total idiot when it came to the h. Seriously. But he was true to form and I could appreciate it, even if I didn't like half the shit he said. For the character, it was perfect. For a mate, not so much.But the ooops baby plot bullshit...How am I ever supposed to believe their HEA when I'm not sure he could pull it off? That's the problem with ooops babies. The reader is left wondering if the H/h would have gotten their shit together if not for the baby. I usually feel it never would have happened without a child involved. And that's just fucked.SG Ladies: he writes a sex blog about his sexual misadventures as a single guy in Detroit. Women hunt him down to be featured in his blog. One guess how they manage that. We never read OW sex scenes, he does cause some drama by flirting with OW while out with the h. But it's his way of battling his feelings for the h. Whatevs. I'm over this.

  • Heather / Obsessed With Myshelf
    2019-04-02 07:02

    Well hello there miles haas. Another manwhore bites the dust…or rather commits his cock to one woman forever. and I was more than happy to hang on for this funny, outlandish and hot as hell ride.This is the part where I tell you that this was my very first Melanie Harlow book and then duck while you throw all the things at me. I’m a little late to this party. I know. SORRY. No really, I’m sorry, because Melanie can fucking write. The dialogue is on point, the sex is out-fucking-standing, and the connection to the characters and between them was believable and complex.The story flowed off the pages in a way that not all do – I was laughing with Natalie and her sisters from the beginning as they get white girl wasted and then do what any other twenty-something sisters would do: get a psychic reading. Duh. This scene was laugh worthy and a great introduction to each sister – if you’ve read her first book, I image that you would know a little about each of them, but since I hadn’t (yea yea yea I KNOW), it was a perfect introduction.Now Natalie is dating Dan. She’s been dating him for ten years. She’s pretty sure they’re going to get married. I mean, she’s planned for it. They’re comfortable. It’s fine. Or is it? Truth be told, I hate love triangle and cheating books, so my stomach started swirling when I found out Natalie was already in a relationship when Miles reappeared into her life, but I really need to grow the fuck up and trust authors. It’s all ok. PROMISE.Oh but Miles. Let’s talk about sex blog author/writer, dirty talking, sweet and sinful MILES. Yes, let’s. First of all, I was so fucking excited that Miles writes a blog about sex. Because I mean, I sort of do too. I immediately felt at home with him – HE IS MY PEOPLE. He loves taking and giving good innuendo – and he mostly loves Natalie, even though he isn’t ready to admit it yet.M&N just fit. They’re easy going, deliciously sexy, full of double entendres and awash with lighthearted banter. It’s when things get serious when they falter – because can a manwhore really change his dick’s ways? And would Natalie even want him to?Before we get to the heavy stuff, we need to talk about that closet sex scene. The one that made me want to go and buy a bottle of kentucky whiskey and hand it to my husband with uhhhh other stuff and tell him to go to town. Don’t think I won’t do it. It may be happening. Harlow’s sex scenes are incredibly descriptive & dirty as fuck; which means your hips may involuntarily start grinding of their own accord. #ithappens.In case you weren’t sure, this is an absolute five star read for me – and the first of many Melanie Harlow books. Airy, sweet, & delightfully swoon worthy, Some Sort of Crazy made me all kinds of happy. LOVED.[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]This review looks prettier on my blog:

  • Margaret
    2019-04-02 02:58

    Melanie Harlow has done it again! Some Sort of Crazy is just sodamn good. I adored this book, I loved that it was written with both point of views, each chapter filled me with so much joy. I loved how Natalie was so fierce with her determination when it came to how she wanted her life to go. She is loyal to her career,her sisters and her friendship with Miles. She is honest anddetermined get what she wants. Miles is so damn sexy, his wit, his inner dialogue was so great.Those damn glasses....He said some of the sexy thingsI have read. He was everything! You cannot help but fall forhim and root for him to make the right decisions. "It so happens that I have a taste for buns right now, and you mysweet have the best buns around.""Bon Appetite, your invited to this restaurant 8 days a freakin week."Being childhood friends it was awesome for them to remember the fun and crazy things they did and the love they had for each other. You grow up and life takes you on different paths butthere friendship was so important to both of them through theyears. I really cannot say enough about this book I laughed, sighedand read some of the sexy times twice because they were thatgood. I even did Some Sort of Happy Crazy Dance when I wasfinished!I received an ARC for an honest review and was so very honored.

  • Paula
    2019-04-05 06:22

    Really cute and sexy book! But some of the dialogue was a bit cheesy for my liking.

  • Quinn's Quippy Quotes
    2019-04-12 06:00

    4.75 Stars!!!Gah!!! This was perfection. I demolished this book in one sitting. I absolutely LOVED MILES!!!!! He's my favorite kind of hero. And I absolutely adored Natalie, so couldn't wait to see how she was going to transform him. The reason I love the NA genre is because of "the chase". It's one of my favorite things about romance. I loved Miles and Natalie's predicament, it was the perfect set up for an all consuming read. Friends to lovers is a particular weakness for me, so I think that it's safe to say that this one is my favorite of the series for me. It got a little hairy in the end. There were some situations that usually not my favorite topics, but I still loved it all the same! I can't wait for Jillian's book now!

  • Jenn
    2019-04-05 00:24

    This series just continues to be adorable. After flying through the first book in the series, Some Sort of Happy, I'm honestly surprised that I didn't just jump right into the next one. Some Sort of Crazy is about Natalie, the middle Nixon sister. Natalie's been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Dan, for 10 years now with no proposal in sight. He even refuses to move into her house citing money issues. Although, wouldn't moving in together save money? But whatever. While everyone around Natalie questions her feeling about Dan, Natalie is comfortable. Besides, why should she throw away a 10 year relationship just because there's no fiery passion?Oh Natalie...Enter Miles, Natalie's childhood best friend. Miles is everything Dan isn't - confident, sexually open, not afraid to speak his mind. And on top of that, his sudden reappearance in Natalie's life has her feeling things she's never felt with Dan. But there's still Dan. What I loved about the Natalie/Miles relationship was their friendship. Yes, Miles has had feelings for Natalie since they were teenagers, but he hid those because her friendship was more important. He didn't want to lose what they had. And that shows when they're together. There's a comfort level that doesn't even remotely exist with Dan. And he makes her laugh - which to me is a super important factor. When they finally enter into a sexual relationship, you just know it's not going to end well. For starters, Natalie had just broken up with Dan. Rebounds are never a good way to start a relationship. Then there's the fact that Miles is a well established playboy, thanks to his writing career. He doesn't want to settle down now - if ever. And Natalie is a relationship kind of girl. So I was just waiting for that conflict to rear its ugly head - which it did. But one thing I like about Harlow's writing is that she doesn't drag out the drama. It happens and then the characters move through it at a reasonable pace that keeps the story moving. So far, the first book is still my favorite but I'm heading into the third and final book now, so that could change.

  • Tara | Slow Readers Blog
    2019-04-20 01:58

    4.5 Stars!Funny, sexy, and so much fun! Melanie Harlow knocks it out of the park.I. Love. Melanie. Harlow. Okay, so admittedly Some Sort of Happy was not my favorite. For some reason I couldn’t mesh with that one and that was a devastating blow for me. Her Frenched series is one of my absolute all-time favorites so I was floored! (Ha! See what I did there?) So when the opportunity to review Some Sort of Crazy presented itself, I was cautiously optimistic. I was a tad nervous. Melanie Harlow proved me WRONG. I am ashamed of myself for doubting her.I loved this book. It has everything. It’s hilarious, it’s witty, it’s fun, it has emotion, and it’s hot as hell. It felt much more like what I’m used to getting from her and it was like coming home. I absolutely adored Miles and his POV chapters were my favorite. His inner monologue is so funny and he just made my heart smile. Even when he was at the peak of his epic playboy assholery, I could sense his good heart underneath.I also really liked Natalie, even though I struggled with her a bit in the beginning. Part of this was because I could not stand Uber Douchebag Dan. Once she finally dropped that dead weight I felt a little bit better.The story started off a little slow, but I place a large chunk of the blame on my current work and personal life. Plus, when it picked up, it really picked up! I could not put it down! Miles is absolutely irresistible.Melanie really does a fantastic job. The writing is fantastic, the dialogue feels natural and organic and the chemistry with these two characters is off the charts. This book was so much fun to read, don’t skip this one!

  • Kimberly
    2019-04-01 07:08

    Fantastic friends to lovers story! Miles and Natalie have been friends since childhood, but since their "Almost" night before Miles went off to college always had them wondering "what if?". Fast forward 10 years, Natalie is still with her high school sweetheart, owns her own business and house. She has all her ducks in a row, right? WRONG! A drunken trip to a psychic with her sisters gives her something to ponder. But, there is no way the psychic is right, right? WRONG! Miles comes back into Natalie's life and sets them on a collision course with destiny!This book is funny, it had me giggling through out. The banter between Miles and Natalie is delicious. The love scenes are hot and sticky bun sweet! But, it's not just a fluffy, sexy, love story, there is plenty of angst to keep you interested. And some familiar characters help the story along in the most delightful way. Melanie Harlow knows how to write characters and story lines that will stay in your heart forever while making you laugh hysterically. She is a truly gifted author and I can't wait to see what she will write next!