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To the guys on the block, J.T. is the kid who stole the radio out of the red convertible before they could get to it. His neighbor, Mrs. Morris, declares him a first-class nuisance. His mother is bewildered -- "He's just gone bad, that's all.... Stealin' and lyin' and I don't know what all." But all the sensitivity, responsibility, and care of which ten-year-old J.T. GamblTo the guys on the block, J.T. is the kid who stole the radio out of the red convertible before they could get to it. His neighbor, Mrs. Morris, declares him a first-class nuisance. His mother is bewildered -- "He's just gone bad, that's all.... Stealin' and lyin' and I don't know what all." But all the sensitivity, responsibility, and care of which ten-year-old J.T. Gamble is capable emerges when he finds an old, one-eyed, badly hurt alley cat. J.T. takes on a new dimension as he lavishes all the love he is unable to express to people around him on the battered cat he has found in the junk-filled empty lot....

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J.T. Reviews

  • Terence
    2019-02-19 03:14

    I'm fudging things a bit here since I've never read the whole book -- it's too painful.Some background: When I was in second grade, our teachers showed a filmed called "J.T." It's about a black kid growing up in an inner-city ghetto who befriends a stray cat. As this was not a comedy, you can guess what ensues.The images and the storyline so affected me that 30 years later I'm still afraid to read the final chapters of the book, and I certainly don't want to see the movie again. A friend & co-worker turned out to be the only other person I've met who's seen the movie (outside of my 2nd-grade classmates) and she gifted me the book for Christmas one year.

  • xo Jules
    2019-02-05 01:14

    I saw this movie in 1976 when I was in elementary school. I remember being so moved by the movie, cried like a baby in class because of what happened to the cat and then cried again at the end for joy. I found the book a year ago and have now just read it with my 10 year old. She loves it and oddly enough we own a cat that looks exactly like JTs cat! I wonder if it was a subconscious choice I made when I rescued this cat from the SPCA.

  • Kate acevedo
    2019-02-18 01:20

    i think that it is a book that kids would enjoy because it's about a boy that helps a cat that a leg is broken and at the end he gets a cat of its own and take cares of it like if it was family.

  • Monique
    2019-02-09 20:09

    Another childhood tearjerker for me. Featuring a kid, a homeless cat, and neighborhood bullies. Which - in a rather simplistic way - highlights hope and renewal when everything seems lost.

  • jacky
    2019-02-19 02:17

    Finally! I have been trying to figure out the title of this book for years! I know that I was assigned to read it in elementary school back in the late 80's, but reading the reviews of others, I didn't think I had finished it. I remember clearly the main character buying tuna and putting it on his mom's tab at the store. I remember the purple color on the cover and that the cat was black and white as shown on the cover. This HAS to be the book! Thank you Elizabeth Bird for posting a picture of this cover in your blog!As soon as I read the blog post that mentioned it, I took it out of through interlibrary loan and read it in an hour while Natalie played. I had to stop a couple times because I started crying and didn't want to confuse Natalie. Really a sweet story of the pivotal moment in a child's life where he must choose which path to follow. Too bad the pictures make it a little dated.

  • Alaina
    2019-02-16 03:25

    This book is amazing.I read this back in 8th grade, I know it's pretty late but I had good reason to! We had independent reading and I remember I'd forgotten to bring my book with me. We had about 10 minutes left in the period, so I figured I could just take anything.I picked this book basically because it had a cat on the cover. Yep.I flipped through it a little, looked at the large print and abundance of pictures- and I laughed. I had no idea that this book would get me all emotional.I was very surprised. This 3rd grade level book had me crying like one of the annoying babies in a movie theater. Right in the middle of class, I didn't care. It was one of those few books that could get me so emotional I'd just break down.I recommend it to anyone with a heart, haha.

  • Lisa Marie
    2019-02-12 19:22

    This is an amazing story about a boy living in Harlem...entangled in the daily stresses some city children go through. J.T. is undected...misunderstood and ultimately misjudged. I love this redemptive story.

  • Elsa
    2019-02-17 03:07

    I liked that they talked differently. I also liked that it's about a boy & a cat. I liked that it had a lot of drama in the story. In the book, there are real pictures from the movie, which you can find on YouTube.

  • Alyssa
    2019-02-15 02:05

    My boyfriend remembers this book as one that really impacted him as a child. I read it for the first time today and I find the story's themes timeless. Great photographs, too.

  • Trinity
    2019-01-23 01:18

    it was a very good book i love how much emotion there is and how they show it!!!!!!

  • Holly Armitage
    2019-02-05 03:22

    just loved this book as a child! I still have my original paperback.

  • Carissa
    2019-02-07 19:06

    I read this in 4th grade and even though the title slipped my mind, the gist of the book never did. What a great children's book! (And for those wondering, I don't have an ebook copy.)

  • Kt
    2019-02-03 22:04

    i thought it was a cute storie that had a touching ending

  • Cody
    2019-01-30 03:04

    It's a book that will stick with you, I'll give it that.

  • Diane
    2019-02-06 00:04

    Major thanks go out to Lee Anne's sister Jamie for helping finally find this book! Librarians ROCK! : )

  • Hannah
    2019-01-31 23:02

    Sad cat book, great sad cat book.

  • Carol
    2019-02-09 21:13

    Read this with my class every year at Christmas time and still cry.

  • Tylia moore
    2019-01-27 23:00

    this book is great i can kinda relate to it

  • Lili Rucker
    2019-02-22 01:58

    Totally sad and horrible

  • Danielle
    2019-02-17 01:15

    I read this book because it was given to me for my classroom library, and I needed a book with a cat on the cover for the 2017 Popsugar challenge. This book was fine. It was nothing special. It was a sweet little book. My biggest problem is that I have not seen the movie, so I feel like the novelization was missing part of the story. With that said, it was a cute quick little read.

  • Donna Glover
    2019-02-17 01:20

    This is my favorite book from my childhood. I also loved the CBS Children's Playhouse television movie. Fell in love with the book, Kevin Hooks and the work of Gordon Parks all in an afternoon. Fast forward to 2002 when my second son is 10 and I bought a copy of this book for him (I couldn't let go of my making tape repaired original). This became a favorite book for him and still brings him to tears. Fast forward again to 2016, and I cannot wait to start reading this story to my grandsons. It is touching, heartbreaking, and wonderful. A reminder to those who do not live in the inner-cities that there are people with a heart who live there...especially a little boys who come to love a cat and Christmas.

  • Danna Fernanda
    2019-02-22 03:18

    J.T. by Jane Wagner J.T. Gamble a ten-year old boy saw a convertible with a radio inside he wanted that radio really bad but his good side and a bad side conflict but he decided to do the bad thing claymore and boomer. Started chasing J.T. because he stole the radio that they wanted to steal it too while J.T. was running J.T. trip and saw a hurt hungry cat and named it bones J.T. took care of bones J.T. changed after that to try to do thing on his good side.I recommend this book to you because it shows how you can change your life by doing the right thing.

  • Leigh Patterson
    2019-02-17 00:23

    Read this one as a kid and I cried and cried... Just read it again and I cried a little. As an adult, it's pretty simple, but still very sweet and touching. It's all about empathy and caring for someone else and how that can lead to heartbreak but can also get you outside of your own problems and make you see the world differently. My copy is so old, it's lost the binding agent and is falling apart. I like it that way. It's fitting for the story and characters, because most of them are broken too.

  • Stephanne Stacey
    2019-02-11 02:17

    Ahhh the healing power of animals. A touching story of a boy from a broken home. A mother trying her best to make ends meet in a neighborhood with bullies and good hearted shop keepers. I don't believe this is a story that can happen now, at least not in the same way. I wish that it could though. It feels like a time when people looked at you for who you are or could be instead of just the surface appearances or what you seem to be on Facebook.A fast cute read, but not one I would go out of my way to read.

  • Anna
    2019-02-04 03:09

    This was one of free books that I was able to pick out from a library's clean out because these books were getting so old. I got this book back in elementary, 3rd grade and I loved the book ever since.I recently just reread the book and I remembered my first time reading this, I cried all night. Especially because there were actual photographs that shows the progression of the story, it expressed an even deeper sorrow. I really like this book.. and would recommend it to anyone of all age.

  • Ian Allan
    2019-01-22 21:06

    Fun kids book.We had this book when we were kids. I had always just looked at the pictures.I hadn't looked at it for 40 years. I took it off the shelf on the weekend and took 25 minutes to read it. It's a good story with a nice message. I see via wiki there there was once a TV special of the same name.

  • Sincere Harris
    2019-02-05 23:58

    J.T. by Jane Wagner follows J.T. Gamble a ten-year-old boy as he struggles after he stole a radio.Jane Wagner shows when you have an intraoral conflict,good always has a chance to overcome bad.I recommend this book because when I read this book really had loved the cat liked he owned it J.T. had found a cat,the cat was hurt and helped him by feeding him and giving the injured cat a home.

  • Kathy
    2019-01-29 03:06

    JM loaned me this novelized version of a CBS TV special and now I SO want to watch it!! Kind of cheesy, but yes, it made me tear up. When books can make me cry or laugh out loud, that's saying something! Off to Netflix . . .Not available on Netflix! Argh!!

  • Arlecia
    2019-01-29 03:01

    THANK YOU Marci for helping me find the title of this book! forty-four years later I can still picture the movie based on it in my mind! My heart kind of hurts after this discovery of this. I have been trying to remember the title for YEARS!

  • Srumpafina
    2019-02-01 01:26

    I had this book (hardcover) as a child and read it over and over. I found it very touching, inspiring and encouraging.