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There are forces for good. Forces for evil. Then, there is Cameron ‘The Force’ Cobain. A tattooed MMA fighting machine with two felonies, a filthy mouth and one violent obsession. He’s drop-your-panties, dead sexy with a body like a monolith and eyes the color of shattered blue ice. Raised in a world where you are either the victor or the vanquished, he was trained to be lThere are forces for good. Forces for evil. Then, there is Cameron ‘The Force’ Cobain. A tattooed MMA fighting machine with two felonies, a filthy mouth and one violent obsession. He’s drop-your-panties, dead sexy with a body like a monolith and eyes the color of shattered blue ice. Raised in a world where you are either the victor or the vanquished, he was trained to be lethal. I know, because I was there. Since the days of pig-tails and skinned knees, I’ve counted on him, loved him and hated him. Because some mistakes cannot be forgiven. Now, he's gone. I'm alone. The wolves are coming and my own father is pointing them my way. When Cameron comes back, he’s after more than blood. He’s after me. Why? I’m not the platinum blond, ring card girl. I’m the good girl. The straight A, keep-your-head-down-so-no-one-will-notice-me girl. I’ve felt his force and I’m being swept away. Can our two broken halves come together to make us whole? Or, will we find out, in some fights, no one wins. Author Note: If you want a possessive, borderline psycho, alpha with eyes only for his girl. A happily ever after and naughty bits sure to light up any fourth of July, then step inside, it's steamy. This is a stand alone novel with a an ultra dominant alpha male, NO CHEATING, a HEA and content that may require one handed Kindle holding. ...

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  • Chantal ❤️
    2019-02-06 19:13

    1 WHAT THE FUNK IS THAT STARThis review may offend some people.I am warning all NOT to read any further if you are sensitive to the retelling of sexual acts. This book is full of sexual acts so in order to effectively review it I must discuss these topics. I apologize if this offends anyone. It was not my intention. Also, I feels it is important that the reader should be aware that the story and time line was very very hard to follow. The reader is pushed from one moment in time to another without any prior warning. Thanks and happy reading!NOW for those who want the dish, here it is.This is one of those books I should have NOT finished reading. It did NOT IMPROVE beyond the first trigger here. (view spoiler)[ When heroine is 6 a Russian man from the gym were she worked like a slave for her dad and step-dad, tries to get her to give him a blowjob. She is saved by the hero but still he had it out and her mouth was open. (hide spoiler)]I think I would have gotten over that if the hero did not say the exact same thing to her the first time they have sex and he wants her to take his "load!" And this was his way of having safe sex here. NO WORDS HERE JUST GROSS!So THEIR relationship starts down the pathetic path into his BDSM WITH A DADDY LITTLE GIRL KINK. Don't even touch how a virgin puts up with all the toys and anal sex that he has going on here. Now we have the fail LOVE control story in which everything deserves a punishment and he was more than happy to hand it out! GOOD GOD DID THIS BOOK SUCK!It was about as sexy as Frosty the Snowman for me. I mean honestly the amount of times he would make her take his "cum in her mouth and show it to him" was just too much. It was like a bad cheesy porno with him doing more and more things to make her be his BABY GIRL. I think he came inside of her once or maybe twice and that was just to get her pregnant so he could further control her. At this point I was going GROSS! His no condoms practices and withdraws method are huge triggers for me. I was beyond this bull at this point! In the end I was left feeling only this...SAFETY AND CONTENT ALERTS/TRIGGERS: well it's safe from cheating and little to no OW/OM drama (but the hero thinks she is into her other step-brother even the step-dad is wanting in here), no safe sex or condoms, attempted child molestation, dubious consent, spanking, punishment, anal, toys (butt plugs and others). In conclusion this book was NOT FOR ME!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • I.Heart.Romance
    2019-01-28 21:31

    ~ S P O I L E R S ~ ♦️BOOK: Standalone. Extra long. Kindle loc: 6990♦️WRITING: Confusing. Extremely wordy, overly detailed and long-winded. Time jumps forward and back without warning. Excessive use of metaphors.♦️EDITING: minor errors found - missing/incorrect words/punctuation ♦️POV: dual alternating third person. POV change sporadically & without warning♦️HERO: Cameron Cobain, 28--Fighter. Meticulously, obsessively neat & clean. Buzzed onyx hair, ice blue eyes, tattooed arms and upper body, monster cock, 6'5. Manwhore. Animalistic, unpredictable, rough, dangerous, serious, brooding. Fierce, soulless fighter. Very sexual, demanding, alpha with daddy issues. Has been obsessed with and protected Victoria since they were children - he's literally CRAZY over her, like insane."What he felt for her flew somewhere between mad obsession and paternal commitment....she had no fucking idea just how consuming he would be in her life." "She needed his hand, his guidance, his promise to protect and care for her like no one ever had before. She needed to know just what it meant to be owned."♦️HEROINE: Victoria, 22--Photographer. Works at her father's fighting gym. Virgin. Has ivory skin, brown eyes, chestnut hair. BBW with self-confidence issues. Weak, pushover. ♦️PLOT: Cameron is a psychopath. Victoria is a doormat. They used to be step siblings and Cam is totally obsessed with Victoria. He finally makes her his, lays down the law and they have lotsa crazy sex. ♦️WHAT WORKED: ➖realistic characters - Cameron has a chipped front tooth, crooked nose, scars. they aren't wealthy.♦️WHAT DID NOT WORK:➖Way. Too. Long. ➖H has sex scene with OW - H hate-fucks other women bc they aren't the h➖H is OTT bossy, jealous, dominate, controlling (and not in a hot, sexy way). Vic finally gives in to sex with Cameron, he believes he owns her and there are now rules she must follow or be punished (*abused*) "That desire to bite and leave his mark was new, but with her, it was instinct and she needed to get used to it because he intended to leave his marks all over her for the world to see. Sure, she was going to fight him if he decided to welt her somewhere she couldn’t cover up with clothes, but he didn’t give a shit."➖way too much “Daddy” & “Babygirl”➖Victoria's hair & eyes were described repeatedly...and differently. her hair was described as sable, chestnut, copper, caramel, shadowed bronze➖ideas/inner monologues repeated over and over♦️STEAM LEVEL: hot, 4.5/5 - includes oral, spanking, rough sex, anal sex, analingus, BDSM, dirty talking, unprotected sex♦️ENDING: HEA, Epilogue - 2 yrs later, No cliffhanger ♦️QUOTES:"A dance of demons and angels spun in his blue eyes and teetered him on the edge of his world and the civilized world."♦️WARNINGS, TAGS & STUFF: BDSM, DD/lg, domestic discipline, manwhore H, H hate-fucks OW, H sex scene with OW, asshole H, attempted child sexual assault, parental abuse, BBW, step siblings, alcoholism, virgin h, weak heroine, pregnancy

  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)
    2019-01-22 21:14

    Holy crap!! How did I miss this book!! This is SOOOO going on my TO READ list ASAP!

  • Ashleyjo
    2019-02-17 00:25

    Did I Teleport Into An Episode Of Lost? [image error] width="250" height="300" alt="description"/> It's a bit difficult to follow the author's pace in the book, especially the timeline and scene jumps. Take the first 8% as an example...The MC is fighting in the opening scene. The fighting scene abruptly just stops and then he's describing his hook up for the night. The hook up ends, he has an angry tirade with himself, and then *bam* he's back to a fight night several weeks later back in his home town. Kapow, the fight scene stops mid-stride and suddenly we are sitting at an effing Thanksgiving meal with him; his dad; his brother, Asher; and Victoria, the object of his obsession that's kinda-sorta his step-sister. Thanksgiving scene ends and we're at his dad's gym where the Thanksgiving scene from the previous chapter hasn't even f'ing happened yet. I'm trying, man am I trying. But, by 15%, we've skipped back and forth from past to present at least three more times. It's big, jerky scene jumps back and forth in time and place without enough transition details to smooth it out. Add to these jumps that nearly every plot point is unreasonably vague, and this book might as well be written in a foreign language. He's mad at her... And? He's angry... And? He feels betrayed... And? He wants her like air... And? What? What's the point? What about it? Spit it out? This isn't suspense; this is someone that can't complete a fucking thought! Uhm, WTF Are You Talking About, Dude?!? This dude talks in fucking riddles that makes my brain want to nosedive into a bottle of Crown Royal and pray for a drowning."Only, winning meant losing. And losing meant winning. Nothing was right.Ooookay."That night was the beginning and the end, and she was at the center of it all.Oooookay. VICTORIA IS AWESOME...Cameron is f'ing some cage ho & has to imagine it'sher (Victoria) to get off. Afterwards, he has an extensive bipolar inner monologue about her ..."He imagined her face, how she would feel, how it might mean something with her. Only, this time it was different. He felt her slipping away, her image fading with each passing day and each nameless Trixie he fucked. Never again. NEVER AGAIN. NEVER AGAIN. NEVER AGAIN. NEVER AGAIN. NEVER AGAIN." "Why the fuck did you make her your goddamn reason for living for damn near two decades just to run awayand hate-fuck every bitch you could find?"NO, WAIT, VICTORIA IS SHIT...The author leaves the above scene and goes straight to weeks later where he and Victoria are face to face. Now, she's suddenly a piece of shit?!?He didn't want her at the fight. "Cameron shook his head, trying to block out the reminder of betrayal (Victoria) that sat staring at him from the second row." Fight vanishes into thin fucking air and now we are transported to Thanksgiving meal. "It was having to sit here and try to keep the top of his head from blowing off because shewas sitting right across from him.""She fucked it up; she crossed the line. There was no going back, and Cameron floundered, lost somewhere between how things were and a lifetime of how he dreamed they could be." "She didn't keep her end of the bargain.""She didn't understand that she was no longer just one person; she was not a separate entity. She belonged to him and nothing short of his death would ever end the pain he felt when he looked into her brown eyes.""She needed to go, now, or he would hurt her and he wasn't in any condition for restraint."There's some vague misunderstanding about her and his brother. Who knows wtf that's about. This inner monologue of how awful she is mixed with how she makes his cock spring to life eventually escalates to him punching the door right beside her head and demanding she leave the Thanksgiving meal that she cooked for his family. NOPE, VICTORIA IS THE SHIT!!!Next thing you know their both at the gym in a teleport before thanksgiving, but after he returned home, and he's pushing her to admit she wants him as she's insisting he is family and has too many anger issues to be with anyway. Not a damn word about all this betrayal shit; no, he wants her at the moment. So, I have no idea what Cam is talking about half the time and the other half he is contradicting himself between this chick being a horrible betrayer and the love of his f'ing life.I Can't Take No Mo Bipolar time jumps through the storyline. Female MC love interest that calls the male MC brother and his father "dad." Riddles, riddles, vague shit, more riddles, inner monologues that Mike Tyson would be ashamed of, more riddles, more vague shit, some more riddles, riddles disguised as monologues, vague shit wearing bunny costumes... Male MC alternating between wanting to physically hurt the female MC and fuck her. Male MC that can't go an entire paragraph without referring to his cock. Yeah, I tried, but holy hell this was what I'd imagine if a group of psychiatric patients were asked to come up with a romance novel.

  • Jen ❥
    2019-02-06 21:20

    Book Facts: Genre: ContemporaryPart of a Series/Installment: NoStandalone/Cliffhanger:(view spoiler)[Standalone (hide spoiler)]M/F-M/M-M/M/F-etc:(view spoiler)[M/F (hide spoiler)]Multi-Luv'n/Ménages:(view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Was There Descriptive Sex: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Descriptive Sex between H/h with OW/OM:(view spoiler)[Yes (read the sample--that contains the only OW scene) (hide spoiler)] If so, Before or After H/h Hookup:(view spoiler)[Before (hide spoiler)]Contains Cheating:(view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Amount of Sex in The Book:(view spoiler)[A LOT! (hide spoiler)]Overall Steam Factor/Chemistry: (view spoiler)[Inferno level and Kinky (hide spoiler)]HEA/HFN/etc Ending:(view spoiler)[HEA with Future Epilogue (hide spoiler)]Any Triggers/Warnings: (view spoiler)[Spanking; H has a Daddy complex; very rough sex (hide spoiler)]My thoughts: Overall Rating: 4Do You Recommend This Book: Yes, to those who enjoy rough and raunchy readsWill I ReRead: ProbablyWill I Read More Books By This Author: YesThis was my first exposure to author Dani (DD) Wyatt, and I really enjoyed the story. It features the ubiquitous taboo stepbrother trope, but it is done within a unique plot and I give Ms. Wyatt props for her originality there. It starts out kind of confusing as the time jumps around...early October, to Thanksgiving, and then the bulk of the story begins in late October/early November. This was really confusing because there is no explanation of the time and when Victoria refers to the first of the month, I thought it was December, when it really backtracked to November 1st. Once I caught on to this fact, the story make a lot more sense. Readers, beware of this going in and it will make this long story less confusing in the beginning.Cameron is an uber-alpha male with a very short fuse that can make him appear somewhat immature (ok, at times he's an outright ass!), but underlying it all is his obsessive love for Victoria, and I can't fault him for that. I really connected with Victoria and how she handled everyone from Cameron and Asher, to her two fathers. I also liked the blue-collar atmosphere where everyone was just trying to make ends meet. All the characters were flawed, but that made them more human and likable overall.If you're looking for something a little different that pushes the boundaries of civilized behavior, this is a book worth picking up. It's full of interesting characters with realistic motivations and a whole lot of kinky lovin'.

  • Michele A.
    2019-02-10 01:21

    This book kind of confused me in the beginning. We get a glimpse at a period of time in the prologue and then Chapter 1 takes place several months earlier. I had a hard time following past and present timelines in this book and that took away from it for me. Cameron and Victoria begin this book at lunch during Thanksgiving in the throes of a disagreement. It takes most of the book to find out what this disagreement stems from. Cameron is known for leaving when things get tough and he really does it throughout the book. Victoria is a doormat to almost everyone in her life, Cameron being no different. He looks out for her but expects her to follow his every command. I had a hard time feeling any sympathy for Victoria because, time and time again, she let others treat her like crap and put their needs ahead of her own. Even when faced with the unthinkable in order to save her two "fathers" she doesn't speak up for herself. She tries to hide the whole situation from Cameron and doesn't take any responsibility for letting them use her like this. Cameron knows he has a long way to go to get her to understand her real worth, but he goes about it so wrong in my opinion. Their sex scenes were a little too much for me at times and the fact that he constantly felt the need to punish her to show her he was her "Daddy" did not make me feel any love or understanding for either one of them. Having another tyrant in her life should have had Victoria running for the hills and not trying to do anything to please him. Was not my favorite couple at all.

  • Varied Books
    2019-02-22 00:07

    Fun Book w/ an OTT alpha H. Some kinky sex thrown in. There is a lot of sex in this book mixed in w/ some plot. No sex sharing or cheating. There is definite love between H/h.I forgot to add I loved the H's 2 Pitt Bulls. Such Sweeties. I love my Pitt Bulls.

  • Deborah
    2019-02-17 22:15

    DNFI made it to 5% and gave up, I know this book has a load of great reviews but I found it confusing as hell and decided reading shouldn't be such hard work.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-20 01:17

    too confusing with the all the back and forth between past and the basis just was so confusing...

  • Lit Reader
    2019-02-14 01:04

    To get only one star takes some merit... A unique combination of repetitive writing, confusing time frames (in the first portion), tacky phrases, crass-and-not-hot language, and a poor story arc. Add to all that a hero that's a certified violent felon, with psychotic outbreakes and uncontrolled rage; I was rooting for the girl to run the other way. I hate it when these intense over-the-top guys keep saying they are a girl's safe place and they bail out at the first missunderstanding or bump on the road, as if they were really fragile china princesses. Also, this guy was not only rugged, but actually kind of slow, which maybe could have been cute, if it wasn't for the serious anger management issue -- that was not cute or hot or fun, it was dangerous, irrational and uncomfortable to read. The story itself was ok, not original or special, it was the execution which made it tough to read through it. The book was filled with hot scenes, some better than others. The weird thing was that from his POV it was quite clear that while saying he cared and treasured the girl, this guy kept selfishly pushing for whatever he wanted and telling her "this is how this is gonna go from now on", and being turned on with the idea of actually hurting her (wtf? There are other genres in romance for that). I was surprised because I have liked other more recent books by this author; this one was clearly not for me... And maybe I have to contextualize it as a writing experiment or something of the sort. This one, I would not recommend.

  • Mia Searles (The Muses Circle)
    2019-02-16 20:30

    3.5 out of 5 stars.Cameron was one, HOT alpha! And I love the fact that Victoria was plus size and he loved every single inch of her. However, what scaled my rating back a bit was too much repetition and Victoria was such a doormat when it came to her abusive father that even I felt Cameron's frustration with her. And maybe I missed it, but where did the flowers come from? Cameron flips out when he sees flowers sitting on her desk with a message along the lines of, "one night" (can't remember the exact words) but when they have their epic blow up and later heart to heart, I don't think the author reveals who sent the flowers to Victoria. Despite those things, I would recommend FORCE to those who love the ultimate alpha male. Cameron is seriously not for the faint of heart!

  • Natalie M
    2019-01-25 00:15

    This book came out of left field. I read the synopsis somewhere, somehow and the next thing I knew I was knee deep in it! The writing was a bit choppy for me. At first it was hard for me to figure out what's what, BUT I could not give up! I love a total, uber, alpha-male and Cameron was it. I'm glad I stuck it out, as the story definitely intrigued me. The sex scenes in this book were pretty smut-tastic too! So even with the choppy writing and rough patches throughout, I still enjoyed it and would be interested in reading more of this author's work! Honestly, it makes me want to read another domineering, alpha type H book!

  • Lisa
    2019-02-10 19:18

    This one was hard for me to finish. The various descriptions used for Cameron's penis just about done me in:Iron RodSavage BeastBeast CockGranite ShaftRod stiff dick"I've got a heat-seeking missile in my pants, and your the damn heat""He always knew he was a f**k machine, a filthy demanding sex beast...""...screaming for a damn spinal block to sever the pain"Honestly, I could not make this up!

  • Camylle
    2019-01-23 03:15

    Every bad girl needs to have a Force like Cameron! That being said the book itself has an awesome story line and very strong characters. If you love those Alpha Bad Boys with a dirty mouth, who knows how to use it, and let's be honest who doesn't love them when they're like that, then this book is DEFINITELY for you!!!!

  • 100sweet
    2019-02-04 03:22

    DNF @ 18%.What is going on in this story? The H and h don't like each other and have no chemistry. The H seems to hate the h but claims to really want her. There are so many characters that I am utterly lost. Who is who? I have no patience for this mess.

  • Shadi ***save your ratings use disclaimers**
    2019-02-08 00:07

    Storyline confused the hell out of me. The timeline needed to be better explained DNF because I wasn't in the mood to figure it out.

  • Anne in VA
    2019-02-22 00:30

    Holy fuck did this have typos! I almost stopped reading after the first few pages because of that, but I pushed through. This was a bit of a mess, but in that mess, there was something that kept me reading. I don't even like BDSM type books, but this crazy H worked for me---up to a point, then he got repetitive and boring. I thought everything wrapped up way too nice and neat to be in any way believable, which really annoyed me. By the end, I didn't even care to read the last chapter and epilogue. And did I mention the typos?! I don't think I'll be reading anything else by this author.

  • Emily Vaughn
    2019-02-18 01:25

    Awful absolutely awfulIt has potential to be a good book but it is so wordy I can't follow it. It jumps from past to present randomly and the inner monologues go on so long I lose interest. I made it five chapters in before I gave up. Other have talked about great love scenes etc but in my mind it's not worth it if you can't even get through the basic character building. I will never read another book by this author again. Waste of time and money.

  • Nicky
    2019-02-18 00:13

    I was a bit confused in the beginning but as I kept reading, I started to really enjoy the whole storyline. I love an alpha male and a woman who can keep up. The family dynamic for Cameron and Victoria was very complicated but also gave the story grit. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Denise Smithson
    2019-02-11 19:10

    Love it!OMG...badass Alpha! I am in love with Cameron and he is my new book boyfriend! I like that all he wants to do is take care of Victoria and bring out the freak in her. Great story and great characters!

  • Jeng74
    2019-01-31 03:18

    Dirty talkin alpha male

  • Vieira
    2019-02-19 01:04

    I have to put this down. It has some potential but it's kind of gross. Smokin hot sex though......

  • Maria
    2019-02-22 01:18

    Yikes! Bad, bad, bad.

  • Amber Fueston
    2019-02-13 21:06

    I'm not exactly sure what I just read but I kept reading to try to figure it out, so I guess I liked it? I phrase this as a question because I am honestly not sure if I liked it or disliked it. I think this book was just trying to be too many things at once. Almost every genre of "romance" was in here but none of it was really committed. There was fighter, stepbrother, spanking, BDSM, Daddy kinks, not to mention the child abuse, alcoholism, the list just goes on and on. Much of the book was spent with the characters just going around in circles.I was interested enough in the story line and characters to finish the book though and once I was done I was left with a smile on my face so I guess that's a win.

  • Lynn J
    2019-01-27 22:11

    I couldn't finish this book so it's a DNF from me.It was just too confusing for my liking and I failed to connect with either of the main characters.**Warning spoilers**I felt the author was trying too hard to get a shock value sub-plot and ended up adding too many elements; h approach by child abuser when younger, both H & h have alcoholic fathers who were neglectful, H & h are siblings unclear if step or half (maybe cleared up after my dnf point), daddy kink, bdsm.... all these elements fell short for me and it just felt too busy, could have done without a few.

  • Ashley
    2019-02-06 21:27

    4 starsThis was a dam good read. A sexy ultimate alpha MMA fighter, a girl who needs protecting, a hell of a kinky relationship. It had me from the word go. It was very well thought out and written. I was able to emotionally connect with the characters and enjoyed the ride. It had some taboo circumstances and a hell of a dis functional family. But that just made for a more gripping story with a happy ever after ending.

  • Marie
    2019-01-30 03:11


  • Sam~Alpha Male Addict~ Woodley Duenas
    2019-02-03 02:16

    Oh man oh man I've read all of Dani's good books now all I have left are books like these....Oh man DNF this was all over the place.

  • Kimber Hellmers
    2019-02-18 03:08

    This book had a lot of potential, a lot. There was the opportunity to explore so many really important and fascinating ideas, there was the chance to delve into the psychology behind Daddy/little relationships, there was the time to give readers both a sightly dark erotic romance and a good love story. I wanted to love this book, but just didn't. In the end, I think the author just tried to do too much with the story. First of all the timeline jumped all over the place early on. While that in itself doesn't have to be a problem, I found it to be one because as a reader, none of the first few chapters were flushed out enough to help me through the time jumps. Then, there were just too many of them. I don't mind working - as a reader - to keep up, but in this case it was just a bit too all over the place to keep track. I also don't mind an Alpha/Dominant male who can be an asshole, but Cameron was borderline abusive for me. He was always fighting anger, which I get was a huge part of his personality (background, circumstance, etc.), but his supposed "love" of Victoria was on occasion relentless in it's cruelty. His need to protect her, at times, was like a rabid stalker rather than someone that loved her. I believe he did, but I'm not sure she did. I finished this book still uncertain if Victoria really understands love as opposed to possession. She kept bouncing back and forth between being this damaged 'little girl' who could barely take care of herself, to this damaged-but-badass woman who worked through some horrid events mostly on her own. Even the secondary characters could have been interesting. Bu the family situation that led to the "taboo" step sibling relationship didn't need to be so complicated. Asher has so many components to who he was supposed to be, but in the end his character seemed to only act as the impetuous for Cameron and Victoria to be together. The semi mob boss, the other gym owner, Victoria's only girlfriend, the Irish kid...all these characters could have helped the story, but again, it just became too much. This book could also have been a lot shorter. Some of the descriptions of things went on (and on and on...). I'm even ok with all the descriptions of Cameron and Victoria's anatomy (and those really pushed the envelop of weird at times)....Ok, so again this book had potential. But in the end it felt like the author just tried to do too much in one book. I would actually read this again if it was it was re-edited. Tighten up the story, lose a few chapters, don't go so overboard on the internal monologues (let the reader's imagination do some of the work), re-channel some of Cameron's anger away from Victoria, and give me more about her pining for him while he was away. Seriously, I didn't get that she thought about him that much while he was gone. Give the reader a chance to get into the flow of the story before messing with the timeline. Seriously, I would read it again. AND because I'm a sucker for potential, I'll probably read Flynn's story. You never know.

  • Rachael
    2019-02-04 20:12

    I received a copy for an honest review.With this this story is HOT!!I must say at the beginning I wasn't sure I would like it. The first two chapters threw me off. But I stuck with it and I am so happy I did!!Cameron and Victoria have grown up together. They were even step siblings for a year or so. Both have grown up at Southside. A fighting, boxing, training gym that their drunk all the time fathers own. With that, neither had a great childhood. Both were put to work at a young age. Victoria started picking up towels and cleaning at age 5. Cameron was trained to fight and win. Cameron has watched over Victoria all her life as well as been in love with her. Victoria has secretly loved him as well, but they are family. At least that is her reasoning.Cameron has been biding his time and even up and left for 6 months to figure out his head. It didn't work. Cameron is one Big Alpha Male fighter. It's his way or the highway and his sights are now set squarely on Victoria. But is she ready for Cameron to control EVERYTHING?Victoria has been repressed all her life. She is what keeps the gym going. But neither of her "fathers" respect her or even acknowledge her contributions to keeping the gym going. Without her it would have closed a long time ago. Neither are businessmen and when not in the gym they spend all their time drinking and gambling. They have even racked up tons of debt, one a debt collector has been trying to recoup, even if it means taking her in exchange. All they do is blame her and yell at her for everything.Cameron has had enough of the way Victoria has been treated and things are going to change. Victoria is his and he is going to retrain her to understand that she is worthy even if he has to spank her butt red. Victoria has her virgin eyes opened with Cameron and his unstated urges.They both face the many challenges along the way. Definitely has Ds elements. A MUST READ!!