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***Includes a sneak peak at The Opposite of You. Available for pre-order now!!!*** First comes love.Then comes marriage.Then comes the... really nasty divorce.Kate Carter thought she married her soul mate. She thought she had her happily ever after. But seven years into Kate's marriage, she realizes that her husband Nick is not what she wanted. He's selfish, he's oblivious***Includes a sneak peak at The Opposite of You. Available for pre-order now!!!*** First comes love.Then comes marriage.Then comes the... really nasty divorce.Kate Carter thought she married her soul mate. She thought she had her happily ever after. But seven years into Kate's marriage, she realizes that her husband Nick is not what she wanted. He's selfish, he's oblivious and he doesn't love her anymore.Maybe she doesn't love him anymore either.Divorce is the only option if either of them wants to find happiness.Kate and Nick thought they knew what they wanted, but neither is prepared for the heartache that separating will bring them. The journey they embark on is not the freedom they wished for, but a painful look at the people they've become.At the end of it, Kate has to decide if this is really the life she wants or if maybe there's a way to salvage her broken heart....

Title : every wrong reason
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  • Aestas Book Blog
    2019-04-22 03:11

    ::: FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED ::: 4.5 stars ::: HOLY WOW!!!! What a beautiful story!!! This book OWNED my heart!! I loved every single word of this deeply emotional and powerful love story. It was raw and honest, but passionate and heart-felt. I cried, I hoped, I swooned. I was rooting for this couple SO hard.I connected to this story from the first few lines. The writing was absolutely gorgeous. I have endless quotes highlighted in my book. This author’s writing style flows so smoothly that I found myself unable to stop reading. And I especially loved that she showed a very rarely-seen side of contemporary romance by tackling both the subjects of marriage and divorce… Many romances end in marriage and a happily-ever-after. But this is a story about a couple who has been together for almost ten years. They love each other deeply but their marriage is undeniably broken, and so they reach a painful decision to separate. However, their separation makes them reconsider everything they’re about to lose in a different light and realize that they aren’t willing to truly let go or stop fighting for each other… My gosh, you guys. If you’ve ever been in a serious relationship, regardless of whether or not you’ve experienced a similar situation to this couple, I can almost promise you that something within this book will hit home or resonate in some way.One of the things I loved most about this story was that there was no ‘good guy’ and ‘bad guy’. No black and white way to lay blame. No cheating, no abuse, no actual horrific catalyst for their separation. There was no grand mistake that drove them apart. Instead, it was just little things, daily things, things taken for granted, efforts that weren’t made, feelings or perspectives that wasn’t considered…“He wouldn’t even look at me.I thought back and tried to remember the last time he looked at me, really looked at me, and couldn’t remember. When was the last time he saw me? When was the last time we hadn’t been fighting long enough for his clear blue eyes to look into mind and make a real connection?It had been years.Maybe he had never seen me.”My heart went out to both Kate and Nick. The tension in their marriage had gotten to the point where they fought more than they got along. Somewhere over the years, the connection that kept them functional as a unit has been lost. She reached a breaking point. Their marriage was toxic. Every time they tried to fix it, they fell further apart, bringing out the worst in each other and leaving them both miserable. They still loved each other, but they couldn’t stand each other, and she especially needed to get away.“Had I just made the most colossal mistake of my life?No. This was right.But then why did it feel so… wrong?”But they both actually meant well, even if they’d made wrong choices, and the one thing that I could always just tell was that there was never a single moment when they stopped loving each other. It was just a painful situation, and a justifiably broken marriage, and the hope that maybe somehow their love could be strong enough to heal the damage.My God.IT. FELT. SO. REAL.The thought processes, internal dialogue, the emotional turmoil, the uncertainty, the fights, all just felt so believable. It doesn’t matter whether or not you can relate on a personal level to what happens in this story, I just think anyone will be able to appreciate how believable the situation and emotions were.It wasn’t that easy. I couldn’t shake our relationship or the hold he had over my heart. Not everything about him was bad. In fact, most of him was good and beautiful and right. But with me, he wan’t those things and I wasn’t either. But how was I supposed to let go of him? I loved him. I loved him for ten years and knew nothing but loving him.How could I walk away from him?They didn’t immediately decide to divorce, they started with a separation. But a few months later, they began to run into each other in random places — like the grocery store — and I swear, every time they crossed paths again, my heart just yearned for them to work things out. God, I could feel the potential there for them to fix things. Their separation gave them the time and distance to reevaluate themselves and their relationship, to realize what they were losing, to see the best in each other in ways that their married lives had unfortunately made them forget. It gave them both room to realize what they wanted from life and each other, to come to terms with the mistakes they’d make, and to see what they could do to fix things… and more importantly to decide if they wanted to. I think that everyone makes mistakes in life, but it’s how we handle them that defines us.“There are all kinds of reasons people get divorced.No reason is right or wrong, just different.”But mine felt all wrong. All of my reasons felt wrong.****** For those of you worried about or frustrated with Kate at the halfway mark, please take note of this next paragraph especially ******We’re told the entire story from Kate’s POV, so we only get to see Nick through her eyes. And I’ll be honest, in the first half of the story, I was fully behind her choices, but as the story progressed (especially around the half way mark), I began to see something in Nick that the years of hurt in her marriage were keeping her from believing — and that was his desire to fix things. I could see that everything he did was, in one way or another, an effort to mend things between them. And I even got a little frustrated that she couldn’t see it. Ok, that’s not entirely even true, I was a LOT frustrated. I wanted to shake sense into her. How could she be so blind to how hard he was trying?! It got to a point where I began to blame her. But then I stopped to think. We’re told the reasons why she wanted a separation after the fact. But she lived them. So we’re coming into her story in the middle whereas she lived through Nick’s mistakes from the beginning, so her perspective has a lot more history behind it than we’d experienced with her. We came into the story when she was at the end of her rope and at a point where Nick began trying for the first time in a long time, so I think that is something that needs to be remembered at this point in the story.Regardless, my heart ached for him, but because there are always two sides to every story, I also knew her distance wasn’t unwarranted. I guess she’d just reached her personal limit, but I just wasn’t ready for her to give up on them yet. I wanted her to keep fighting even when it wasn’t fair of me to want that.“Be in control. Be in control go your words and actions. Take control if it doesn’t come naturally to you. Do something other than throw away a perfectly good man and a perfectly good marriage because you’re tired of going through what every other married couple on the planet goes through.”The important thing about the situation in this book is that neither party was completely to blame for what happened. And I have to admit that even though there were times when it was incredibly painful to read their story, I still LOVED reading their journey back to each other. The author portrayed it so beautifully and with such clarity that I couldn’t help but fall deeply in love with this couple and their story.He squeezed me tighter. His strong arms encased me in a protective shield that promised everything would be all right. We fit so perfectly together. His body was just tall enough to tower over mine in just the right way. I could tuck my arm under his or reach up and wrap them around his neck and either way was comfortable. When we lay in bed, his body could cover my back perfectly. His leg were just long enough to entwine with mine and make me feel tiny. His arms were the perfect length to hold me against him. I had never really noticed before, at least not in this complete, awestruck way.If I left this man, would I ever find anther body so suited to mine? We were like puzzle pieces i the way we came together. And I didn’t know if I would ever fit into another puzzle. Maybe I didn’t want to.By 90% ….. I WAS SOBBING!!! In a good way, I promise, don’t be scared. But OMG, the feels!!THE FEELS!!!!!!!!!!! I loved experiencing Kate and Nick’s story alongside them, even though it completely put my heart through the wringer. And most importantly (and this is a really BIG one for me and I’m gonna come right out and say it) I loved that neither of them slept with anyone else during their separation, and neither of them dated. There is literally no unnecessary drama in this book and other than the issues they have to work through, you’re never really made to question their love for each other. You’re shown clearly that they’re both lost without each other. So the point in question isn’t whether they love each other, it’s whether or not they can make a healthy marriage work. Gah. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!His body pressed against mine with a possessiveness I had never felt from him before. It was like he was declaring that I was still his, that I was still his wife. Until every last paper was signed, I still belonged to this man.I really mean it when I say that this book owned my heart. I keep thinking about it. Little parts of the story keep playing over in my head. My mind keeps drifting back to Kate and Nick… and I just don’t want to let go of their story yet. More than anything, I think that’s the strongest mark of a well-written book.If you’re looking for a deeply emotional love story that’s raw, honest, powerful, and that will show you a very unique side of the romance genre, then I highly recommend this to you. The tagline of my blog is “reviews of books that make my heart race, have a beautiful love story, and a happy ending” and this book was exactly that in every way. I loved it. Absolutely LOVED it.“You own me, Kate. You will always own me.”Rating: 4.5 stars. Standalone contemporary romance._______________________________________ For more of my reviews, book news and updates:✦ Main blog: Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter ✦ Subscribe by email

  • Jennifer Kyle
    2019-04-03 01:54

    DNF @65 PERCENT”Had I just made the most colossal mistake of my life? No. This was right. But then why did it feel so…wrong?”So my friends, I’m a fan of this author and was super excited to read this story. I even pre-ordered it and jumped in a bit last night. I was expecting a great read like the book After I Do, sadly if this got there, it happened after the mark of my DNF. After only reading a little bit, I found that the heroine is…She asks her husband for a divorce while placing all the blame on him. The story is SADLY only told in her bitching/whining POV. Her issues with her husband are ridiculous (I'll be married 18 years this Sunday, so I know these things lol). Nick doesn’t do anything that would warrant this course of action still, I’m guessing perhaps that’s the author’s point??? The story slowly has her hell bent on divorcing a man she obviously is attracted to and loves deeply. I made it pretty far and can only pinpoint her real issue is the fact that she hasn’t been able to get pregnant and refuses to recognize it. Nick actually has appeared several times, he’s nice, sexy and pretty wonderful. The writing is great, however the story line gets very redundant.I’m assuming things work out for these two and if not, I wouldn’t blame Nick.

  • Brandi
    2019-03-31 02:08

    I just can't do it. DNF @ 18%Reasons This Book is Wrong for Me.1. Kate's reasoning for why her husband is wrong for her.*He leaves water everywhere when he takes a shower.*She has to clean up his toothpaste.*He doesn't put the milk away.*She doesn't love him anymore.*He doesn't enjoy visiting her parents, her mother is terrible to him, but he should try harder.2. The back and forth is driving me insane. I'm pretty sure Kate should be medicated, or something..."What do you want, Kate? Tell me what you want to do. Tell me how to fix this?"..."I think we're too broken, Nick. I think it's too late for us.""I hate the person that I am with you. And I hate the person that you are..."If he had really loved me, he wouldn't have let me go through with it. Right? Oh I don't know, maybe he is giving you what you said YOU WANTED.3. I cannot relate to this character AT ALL, and when I find myself hoping a heroine in a contemporary romance DOESN'T get a HEA, I pretty sure I should stop reading. Her constant whining is making me all twitchy. I wanted gold stars and verbal affirmation.Get in fucking line. Do you live in the real world?!?!?! I'm sorry marriage isn't easy, and that your hopes are just shattered because your husband isn't perfect, he is a fucking human. I don't feel sorry for you. Get it together.*Sigh*I feel like a bitch, but this story just isn't for me. Nope. I quit.

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-04-08 05:14

    As I type through a mass of tears and mascara streaks, I can't imagine I can do proper justice to All. The. Feels this book gave me. Talk about a sucker punch straight to the heart. So, to get through this emotional moment in one piece, I plan to follow the format the author so handily inspired.Every Right Reason This Book Was Perfect1. It highlighted every single struggle a marriage faces. Sure, you could compromise and buy two pizzas with separate toppings, but what's the point in that when you could just argue and make an issue of it?2. It showed that it's harder to give up than fix what's broken. Of course, you could just compromise and admit that life is better with that ONE person that knows you inside and out. But you've just got to be stubborn and refuse to accept that it was just as much your fault as it was his. 3. It teaches that sometimes sorry is the hardest thing to say. Along with I love you. Both only matter if you really mean it, and sometimes they really hurt. They are absolutely always worth it.4. It proves that love like that is worth the struggle. When it's real, it's real.I had to put this book down and take a long hard look at my husband. The man I married, the man whose children I bore. I couldn't think about his faults while I read this, only all the reasons I fell in love with him, and all the reasons I was grateful to have him in my life and as the father of my children. I felt compelled to tell him to turn on that stupid show he liked, because I can just watch mine after he goes to bed. I wanted to just go to the damn kitchen and fix his chocolate milk. I had to let the dog out anyways. And who gives a flying flip about who never changes the empty toilet roll? It's me, okay, it's me, and I am sorry! I wanted to hold him tight, to thank him for always carrying in the groceries, for knowing when I needed dinner out and didn't feel like cooking, for always turning the light on when I come home after dark, and for knowing when I need to be made love to, and when I just needed him, right then. I finished this book heartbroken, and then healed. Just like a good marriage, just like love. Just like those, it was totally and completely worth it. ~ George, 10 stars…err, um 5 stars!

  • Tracie Payne
    2019-03-25 07:13

    Let me start off by saying I loved The 5 Stages of Falling in Love. So I had high hopes for this one. I had it pre ordered and everything and as soon as I woke up I dove straight in. And almost immediately I despised the heroine. I'm not sure I have read a more whiny, self absorbed, selfish, attention seeking and flat out mean person since I have been reading. All I got to see was how toxic SHE was and how Nick made her that way, although there was no evidence to support her claim. What I read was just standard typical annoying things that husbands do that get on our nerves. There were a couple of things that I can see could have been a problem like his career and them trying to have a baby. But was that enough for her to turn in to a horrible person? In my opinion no. Of all her complaints against what seemed to be a decent guy,the whole He hates tomatoes on pizza and for some reason this makes her want to lash out at him and make him feel like an asshole just baffled me. Along with the fact that she didn't like her parents all that much and but her and Nick were forced to family dinners on Sunday where they made him feel awful. And that was somehow his fault and he should have tried harder. What about standing up for your husband? Aren't you guys a team now? But that was yet another strike against him. My point is she begged for a divorce and said some pretty hateful things to him and when he finally gives in cause he says he's tired of talking her out of divorce, she's pissed he doesn't chase after her. Excuse me? Bipolar much? It was the entire book of her inner thoughts of how much they hate each other (her words) but how she can't let him go. Based off of her reasons for this, I just couldn't get on board with her. I disliked her from page 3 and it just never got better for me. By the time she got her head out of her a##, I had already hoped Nick had found someone that would treat him better and she would be left all alone and miserable. This whole thing just left me frustrated and angry.

  • Jean
    2019-04-16 03:14

    Nope.  I just didn't feel it as much as I thought I would.  I was excited to read this one, but unfortunately, the heroine, Kate, completely ruined the book for me.  Kate is very unhappy with her marriage of seven years, and puts a lot of the blame on Nick, who I felt a connection with instantly.  She literally pushed him until he couldn't take anymore and decided to give her what she wanted...the end of their marriage.  Don't worry Nick, I will take care of you if that stupid b!tch won't....hahaha!Believe me, I understood their circumstances, I understood the frustrations, the habits we get into when being with someone for so long, the "little things" that grate our nerves to an unhealthy obsession.   BUT Kate, seriously?  Grow a set please!  She was acting like an immature 16 year old.  It was obvious Nick was not feeling the same as she did and wanted to fight for them, but she was blinded by her stupidity.Anyway, I did enjoy 75% to the end, but it took a long time to get there.  Oh, and I did love Annie, the dog....yep, the dog did it for me. 

  • Vilma Iris
    2019-03-23 04:00

    Gripping and consuming—this emotional, intense, heartbreaking story owned me from the very first page.[4.5 stars]As soon as I read the synopsis, I knew this book would own me. Knew this book would stir up emotions. Heartbreak pulsed beneath the words that depicted a broken marriage at the brink of total collapse. Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship will be able to relate to at least some of this, and I think the relatability factor made an already emotional story all the more powerful.“Nick was supposed to be my forever. Nick was supposed to be my “until death do us part.” And now, the rest of my life had taken a sharp, life-altering turn, I didn’t know where I was headed anymore.”After seven years of marriage, Kate Carter was done. Following yet another argument, more tears, more empty promises, she’d finally come to the point where she needed out. She and her husband increasingly Nick brought out the worst in each other. Small, meaningless things sparked bigger battles that were only fought and re-fought, circling without end. So she pushed and Nick walked out. She thought it was for the best…“I thought back and tried to remember the last time he looked at me, really looked at me, and couldn’t remember. When was the last time we hadn’t been fighting long enough for his clear blue eyes to look into mine and make a real connection?It had been years.Maybe he had never seen me.”But with weeks of separation turning into months, Kate didn’t feel the euphoric sense of freedom, nor the peace she expected. She felt lost, destroyed, empty.“Had I just made the most colossal mistake of my life?”The story unwinds in Kate’s point-of-view, as we see her struggle to process her feelings and her choices. Her experience is gutting, as she both hates and misses the man at the center of her problems.“Not everything about him was bad. In fact, most of him was good and beautiful and right. But with me, he wasn’t those things and I wasn’t either.”Kate and Nick’s story is both intrinsically complicated and simple. Their marriage began to fray with small things, daily things, insignificant things, and then unraveled in heaps as hurt and resentment built over time. I felt both of their pain viscerally… it was clear they loved each other, but the story really explores the question: Is love enough?Raw and honest, gut-wrenching and evocative, Every Wrong Reason takes a close look at what a marriage that’s falling apart really looks like, feels like. It’s anything but easy. Anything but clear or black and white. It’s messy and complicated with conflicting feelings and desires. The story was turbulent and volatile, but so well done. Without spoiling, I loved the way it ended. It gave me hope and perspective.Readers who love to read emotional powerhouses… stories that grip you and won’t let you go… should not miss this novel.✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ Follow Vilma's Book Blog:Website | Facebook |Twitter

  • RJ
    2019-04-04 05:23

    Didn't even make it past the sample.This heroine is so fucking annoying.

  • Chelsea
    2019-04-16 05:06

    1 star! I thought this book would serve as an eye opener as it catches every scope about divorce, its ups and downs and on how it affects everything. Turns out, it was not."I didn’t say I wanted easy. I want beautiful." - You sure? I've never been married yet I know that marriage was never easy. And how can you get the beautiful when you're throwing it out because of dull reasons.Reasons why I hate this book- it's because of.... - Kate, the ultimate whiner.- Kate, the self-centered bitch.- Kate, the passive-aggressive"I was sick and tired of dissecting every single thing that Nick did wrong....." - seriously Kate, you're not the only one, cause I'm equally sick and tired of you whining repeatedly about it."...For a couple days, I had anticipated his phone call...."" often I checked my cell and how far my heart sank each day he didn’t call...""...But when he called the next day, I didn’t answer.And when he continued to call for the following three days, I continued to not answer. After that, he didn’t call again."It was a miracle I even went through and didn't DNF this! But I've been thinking of doing it on more than one occasion. Yes, it was that bad! Why I push through? (view spoiler)[ I was waiting for Kate to realize her mistake and instead of stating every wrong reason why they even stayed married, will come to realize everyright reason why they should. BUT it never came! What's more, up to the very end, it was Nick who grovel! >:((hide spoiler)] It's no wonder I slept through the ending because it turns out to be a boring read.This was not my first book from Ms. Higginson as I've read the first four books of the star-crossed series and this is the first time thatI was disappointed. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Ashleigh
    2019-04-16 06:56

    I struggled with this one barely 3 stars . It dragged on and on and none of the reason for divorce was good ones for me anyways . But I wanted to see how it all ended do pushed through. Nick was Great Katie was not ...

  • Lenore Kosinski
    2019-03-31 01:21

    4.5 stars -- Another beautiful beta read!!This book is soooooo hard to review. I seriously spent a lot of time thinking about it after I finished the book, which is a sign of a book that really captured you. It had the usual beautiful prose of Ms. Higginson, so if you're a fan of her writing style, you will definitely appreciate that.In the end the book may have been just a bit too real for me. I ended up talking about it with my husband, and about the lead character Kate, and how unbelievably stubborn she could be. And some other things I can't mention in this review without ruining the story...and his answer was simply "so it was real then." And that is exactly it. This story was heartbreaking in so many ways. To watch a character go through something this traumatic and life-changing... Well, it definitely doesn't always bring out the best in us, does it? And it didn't always in Kate either. And I guess in the end I grew frustrated with her. In so many ways you could see her grow and learn from her past and her mistakes, but she would stubbornly hold on to some misconceptions that just drove me nuts. But real people do that, don't they? Sometimes it's so easy as a reader to see how all the pieces are coming together, but in real life we're clouded by our past and preconceptions. Tricky stuff....And while Ms. Higginson's usual humour and snark is in this book, I did find myself wanting a bit more (though that may change before the final version). But it's a difficult subject matter, and I guess (again) real life isn't always afforded those moments of levity.I really can't say much more, b/c I want people to go into this book with fresh eyes, not knowing what's going to happen. I can guarantee that I was kept on my toes right until the end. It had it's usual cast of secondary characters, most notably Kate's best friend Kara (who often brought forth those moments of levity). The parents were also an interesting pair -- more complicated than we usually see in stories.In some ways I almost found this story more heartbreaking than Five Stages....just b/c the heartbreak was due to the actions of people, not an outside force (such as death). And it was a slow subtle heartbreak. So I guess what I'm saying is prepare to have your heart broken, prepare to be moved, prepare to be frustrated, and prepare for a book that will make you think.

  • Elle ✦ Pretty Little Books ✦
    2019-04-02 03:21

    :: 5 “I Love You Through Everything” Stars :: Woah. This book pulled me in from the very beginning. I felt like I was riding a rollercoaster filled with emotion. It was that good. So good in fact that I read the entire book in one sitting. I simply could not tear my eyes away from the pages. I really needed to know what was going to happen. Gahh, I just loved it so much. This is the first book I have read from the author and it certainly will not be my last. I am anxiously waiting for her next book to come out in 2016. Anyway, what is so great about this book is how it oozes raw emotion that a lot of married couples feel. Although not all of us will proceed directly to divorce when things get rough, I can understand and even sympathize with how Kate feels throughout the book. At some points I wanted to strangle her- she was really up and down with her feelings about her husband, Nick. At other points I was like YOU GO GIRL! Follow your heart and let everything else flow to the wayside. Another great thing about this book is how truthful it is in the way a woman feels when her relationship is beginning to dissolve. In some books (and even in real life) the woman will literally throw herself at a broken relationship just because she fears being alone. But for Kate, she is much stronger than this. Instead of fearing being alone she does what she thinks is best for her and everyone involved. Again, it takes a strong woman to walk away especially when they are so conflicted in how they feel. Finally, I loved how Nick -no matter what- still made Kate and their relationship a priority. While Kate didn’t see this, us readers did in the little things he did. Just a simple phone call or text, showing up on Halloween, and being there in her time of need really showed what a great man he is. Overall, this is a fantastically real and emotional book that pulled me in and wouldn’t let me go. I needed to know the fate of Kate and Nick and I could not put my kindle down until the story finished playing out. For fans of romance, I highly recommend this book. It is absolutely fantastic!

  • Maria Sol
    2019-04-22 23:58

    Voy a explicar lo que me paso con este libro:+ El libro en si, la idea, la historia, el concepto, me gustó, me atrapo, de hecho no me duró nada, lo leí rapidísimo y además tenía muchísima ganas de leerlo porque anteriormente leí otro libro de la autora que me encanto.+ El tema es que creo que algo le faltó, no se si es profundidad o mas contexto y explicaciones, no se, pero a mi entender algo le falto. Y esto también en parte se debe a que nunca pude comprender ni empatizar con la protagonista, Kate, se me hizo inentendible, realmente no logré comprender lo que verdaderamente le pasa, no la llegué a conocer y creo que eso me hizo alejarme un poco de su historia. Y por otro lado me hizo adorar a Nick, lo cual no creo que sea la idea, ya que ambos están bastante mal.En fin, el libro no esta mal, de hecho me gustó, pero lo que quiero decir es que no me enamoró, yo esperaba mucho mas.

  • Ela
    2019-04-21 07:08

    2.5 Stars. Kate really really really didn't do it for me! I just couldn't believe it took her THAT long to figure out some of the solutions!

  • Viri
    2019-04-12 05:16

    Ok, cuando leí la sinopsis de este libro, me enganchó totalmente, pensé que sería una historia profunda, sentimental y muy emocional, de cierta forma lo fue pero me faltó algo. Les daré mis razones por las que no le doy más puntuación.La protagonista. Y es que ella fue taaaaaan cabezota que no comprendía su actitud en ninguna parte del libro, no entendí sus razones (porque eran totalmente equivocadas), algunas veces se pasaba de terca y un poquitín egoísta, el drama con Eli, no se no creo que estuviera bien llevado y odie como ella se empeñó en poner a Nick como culpable sin ver sus errores, lo que me hizo empatizar con el más que con ella y dudo que fuera el punto ya que la narradora principal es Kate.Para mí algunas escenas de sexo fueron muy forzadas, y aunque estuvieron narradas de forma muy sutil, creo que hubo una que en realidad no tenía tanto sentido en ese momento pero que sirvió para desarrollar la trama.Por otro lado, siento que la historia es muy buena, el concepto del divorcio es genial y pensé que tendríamos mucha más profundidad en el tema pero solo veíamos el sufrimiento y confusión de la protagonista, lo que no sirvió de nada.Los personajes. Lamentablemente no los amé, siempre sentí como que la historia iba de ella y no de "ellos" como tendría que ser si se trata de ver la evolución de la pareja.En fin, el libro es bueno pero sin llegar a más, eso sí, tiene mucho enganche, un fondo bueno sin ser profundo y una narración fácil, ágil y muy pero muy emocional. Creo que el principio y el final fueron lo mejor del libro, porque para mí durante el desarrollo solo se trató de ver la confusión de Kate y su terquedad y egoísmo en cierta forma al no aceptar sus culpas. Me encantó el prólogo y el final, pues es donde más se ve el cambio que sufre la pareja durante todo el libro. Me quedo con un buen sabor de boca y seguro que vuelvo a leer a esta autora aunque esta primera vez no fuera un 5 estrellas.

  • We like it big book blog
    2019-04-01 05:14

    Melanie's 5-TEAR SOAKED Stars ReviewEvery Wrong Reason by Rachel Higginson had me running to the bathroom at my workplace to wipe away the tears. This novel is so emotionally taxing; it was brutally honest, raw, real, genuine, heartbreaking, and eye opening. I should have stopped reading it during work hours especially when the tears starting spilling out of the corners of my eyes but I couldn’t let go. I couldn’t for one single moment let go of Kate’s and Nick’s jarring journey of life. I had to kiss any type of productivity for the day knowing full well that their story couldn’t wait to be told. This spoke to me and I know it will undoubtedly speak to you too.The authenticity of the relationship between Kate and Nick was so brilliantly told. Any one of us could be them and the normal arguments, both the benign and the most spiteful that these two characters seem to constantly find themselves in is a terrifying look into most marriages out there; mine included. I know this is why the pull was so strong because not only were the characters so weirdly relatable but so was the veracity of their entire story. There were so many times in this book that showed you, in black and white… so calculatedly splattered across the pages just how fragile a relationship could be and how words, honest or not could be so powerful. How the anger that takes hold of us and ultimately cultivates inside of us could make us spout the most brutal things. Words have the power to suffocate us, to stab us right in the center of our hearts. Kate does this too well and during every single one of those moments, I literally felt the blow of her words. My goodness did they hurt even for a literary masochist like myself. I winced and I clutched at my gut failing to cushion those incessant blows. Did I feel hostility towards her? Yes! A friggin’ resounding HELL YES! But here’s the thing… I also empathized with her. The absolute horror of such confounding feelings and thoughts that she warred against. I felt her every emotion too as if I were the one in that room with a broken marriage. It happened way too many times, I felt like I needed to see a therapist after all of this was said and done. Though there were so many moments when I grew frustrated with Kate, I also learned to appreciate how severely real her character was. Her character showed me that when you don’t fully accept who you are and when you are unable to love the person you are, you truly cannot feel the love that others have for you. The heaviness that was living inside of Kate was heartbreaking. I wanted to reach into the pages and just hold her and tell her that she was incredible just the way she was. But as we all know, when that darkness sweeps down on you, it makes everything seem unbearable. I can’t tell you all enough how Rachel Higginson was able to capture all of this in this one character which is why I have to say that Kate is one of the best heroines I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is one of us; a woman, a wife, a daughter with the ever present list of insecurities.Every Wrong Reason proves that saying, “those we love are also the ones we hurt most.” The love that exists between Nick and Kate is tested way beyond what we are so used to reading in romance books. What the author did was take us in the center, right in the eye of the storm. She makes you see and feel the ugly side of love but she also makes you realize the amount of fight that people have in them when it’s for something worthwhile and lifelong.“Come on, Kate. You know better than that. You guys weren’t perfect for each other because you never fought. You were perfect for each other because you can still love each other even if you’re fighting.” I have to end this review with mad, mad praise for the author—her writing is impeccable. Perfectly paced and the rhythm that it carried throughout the 311 pages made my mouth water. These sorts of books with sets of dialogues that take you right into its pages and when each scene seems to be happening right in front of you… Well, I’d say those are the best ones. I first fell in love with this author, tear after tear while reading The Five Stages of Falling in love and I am so crazy happy to have fallen in love once again albeit the tumultuous journey she took me on. I am so thankful that authors like her still exist; the sort that write stories that speak to their audience and those that aren’t afraid to rattle bones, cause chins to quiver, noses to sting, and eyes to shed crestfallen tears. I loved, loved this book because it tells a tale of the opposite side of the coin. The side most don't post about on social media, those we try and sweep under the rug. But also the same side that make us realize how deep our love for another is. This isn't a book to take you outside of your realities but instead a beautiful reminder of what it takes to make something so meaningful last a lifetime. Rachel Higginson

  • The Translation Abbey
    2019-04-08 06:08

    • "Our relationship was toxic. He was slowly poisoning me. I was slowly poisoning him." •Reseña:Primero viene el amor.Luego viene el matrimonio.Luego viene el divorcio... el muy desagradable divorcio.Kate Carter pensó que se había casado con su alma gemela. Pensó que había conseguido su feliz por siempre. Pero luego de siete años de matrimonio, Kate se da cuenta que su marido Nick no es lo que quería. Él es egoísta, desconsiderado y no la ama más.Tal vez ella tampoco lo sigue amando.El divorcio es la única opción si alguno de los dos quiere volver a ser feliz.Kate y Nick pensaban que sabían lo que querían, pero ninguno está preparado para el dolor que la separación les traerá. El viaje que embarcan no es la libertad que deseaban sino una mirada dolorosa de lo que se han convertido. Al final, Kate tiene que decidir si esa es realmente la vida que quiere o si tal vez hay alguna manera de salvar un corazón roto.Impresiones:Este es uno de esos casos que encontré por casualidad en Goodreads, inmediatamente me sentí atraída por la portada que necesitaba leerlo urgentemente, y para cuando me quise dar cuenta ya había pasado la mitad del libro!Escrito en primera persona, vemos a través del punto de vista de Kate su desgastado matrimonio con Nick... (Sí, lo sé, parece una sinopsis de una pareja cuarentona, pinta un tanto aburrido, pero les aseguro que nada que ver!!!!!) Es una pareja joven, aproximadamente tienen unos treinta años, se conocieron en la universidad y se casaron al año siguiente de haberse recibido. Después de diez años juntos y siete de estar casados la relación se volvió inaguantable, entonces, Kate le pide el divorcio...Kate es maestra, admito que es un personaje bastante exasperante en todo sentido, es insoportable, cerrada, he leído por ahí que algunos han dejado de leerlo por este motivo, pero... ¿Cuál es el punto de leer siempre el mismo estilo de personaje? A veces está bueno un cambio, ¿no?, particularmente se me hizo bastante verosímil que ella fuera así porque tiene sus motivos los cuales tienen que ver con que ya no es feliz y necesita rehacer su vida aunque no sabe cómo, lo único que sí sabe es que está decidida a divorciarse... Por otro lado tenemos a Nick, él es el típico chico que toda una chica quiere, hermoso, con abdominales, y encima músico!!!!!! pero a lo largo de los años su personalidad y actitudes van cambiando debido a sus frustraciones personales y laborales... se vuelve frío, distante, egoísta, odioso...Los problemas no surgen por terceros en discordia, ni por abusos, ni nada por el estilo, sino por la suma de pequeñas cosas del día a día que con el tiempo se dan por sentadas, no se valoran, que molestan y no se dicen. Todo esto hizo que la relación se volviera rutinaria, aburrida, menospreciada, en pocas palabras... se volvió insostenible. Esa conexión que una vez tenían se fue perdiendo con el transcurso de los años, las peleas ya son por cosas sin sentido, lo peor es que se intensifican más cuando tratan de arreglarlas y terminan sacando lo peor de ellos provocando un mayor distanciamiento y una sensación de infelicidad mutua. Todavía se siguen amando, pero no se pueden soportar. La separación parece la solución más lógica y acertada, pero luego todas esas razones comienzan a desmoronarse cuando comienzan a tomar consciencia y a mirar los problemas desde otro punto de vista...La adultez, el matrimonio, la convivencia no es para nada sencillo.Es una lectura con una trama simple que cautiva desde la primer página, es muy emotiva, me encontré derramando varias lágrimas en muchas ocasiones, me frustré, exasperé, me deprimí, me enojé, me reí, y hasta morí de ternura y de amor. La tensión que se genera en los encuentros de ellos traspasan las hojas del libro logrando así que uno se pueda colocar en la piel de ellos y sentir lo que estaban sintiendo. Sufrí mucho!!! Por momentos odié mucho a Kate, pero me pasó todo lo contrario con Nick, a él lo amé y me dió mucha pena también, apoyé su causa en todo momento jajaja!!! La manera en la que está escrito, cómo están tratados los problemas que cualquier pareja casada transita en algún momento, el stress, la frustración y la impotencia que me generó todo el tema del divorcio fue tan creíble, real, y auténtico. Sin duda, se convirtió en uno de mis libros favoritos, vale la pena leerlo!!Puntuación: 4.5Reseña completa: http://la-abadia-literaria.blogspot.c...

  • Gabba
    2019-04-02 08:16

    Hace unas horas que lo terminé y las sensaciones no variaron. Si tengo un rato libro y las suficientes ganas, me sentaré a escribir unas palabras. ***Pasaron 24 horas desde que finalicé la lectura, y nada varió. Lo que pienso lo sostendré también a fin de año, quedará como el peor del 2016; salvo que me encuentre con otro, cosa que no me sorprendería. Uno de los peores libros, culpa de su protagonista, que leí en años. Miren qué tan malo es, que fue capaz de destronar a la tan insoportable protagonista #bolukenzie (que ni me acuerdo cómo se llamaba su libro, pero que data de 2013¿?). Tendría que ir citando los motivos con sus respectivas páginas y frases, pero es un #chino. (Mucho trabajo, porque prácticamente terminaría citando todo el libro, y realmente no vale la pena. Si quieren saberlos puntualmente, me escriben). En líneas generales, puedo decir que detesté el mensaje que se dio durante todo el desarrollo. En ningún momento vi un real crecimiento, personal o emocional, por parte de la protagonista. La autora, siempre mantuvo una mirada muy egoísta de lo que implica el matrimonio, amor, y demás cháchara. Demasiado tóxico. Ni hablar de los excesos y el modo calesita que dio para resolver las situaciones, con un final para el olvido, y para recitar un rosario de insultos literarios a los cuatro vientos.Lo siento si ofendo a algún alma literaria, pero no me puedo quedar con la pseudo miseria que pasa una mujer casada, en sus treinta, con una crisis "existencial" y marital, que se intenta vender. No hubo un solo segundo que sintiera empatía; en todo caso, desprendió un sentimiento negativo, al describir a una mujer manipuladora, que por cualquier cosa se victimizaba, que se iba contradiciendo cada 5 minutos, y vivía responsabilizando a su marido por la crisis que estaban atravesando, sin un solo ápice para tener una verdadera mirada crítica sobre sus comportamientos, donde el otro siempre hacía las cosas mal. Se quería mostrar como cercana a los demás, pero tenía bastantes pensamientos y frases muy soberbias; es decir, siempre ella era superior al resto. (Si leen el libro, presten atención a sus palabras y comportamientos). Amante del gataflorismo, histeria, del ninguneo implícito. Página que pasaba, capítulo tras capítulo... su egoísmo se iba potenciando. Saben, las cosas como son: Tanto vender crisis, dolor, sufrimiento, miserias, etc., y lo único que ella quería era ser una mantenida..., ese mensaje fue el que dio entre líneas. Como lectores, nunca nos olvidemos de ver más allá, de tener esa mirada perspicaz, de ir hasta el meollo de la cuestión, de alimentar nuestro espíritu crítico. Reconozco que la autora tuvo la capacidad de retratar el estereotipo de mujer que no me gustaría ser (en ninguna de las vidas que me toque vivir), odiaría si en algún momento me asemejo a este personaje ficticio. Odioso, hasta el hartazgo. Completamente rencorosa, soberbia. Me enerva cuando se manipula al otro, eso fue lo que hizo esta protagonista. No una vez, sino miles de veces. Una protagonista completamente tóxica. Seguramente que a miles les fascinó el libro, pero como dicen que dicen: Para gustos, los colores del arcoírirs, y en este caso no fue de mi agrado, no lo recomendaría jamás de los jamases, pésimo mensaje que se da, nunca hubo una real aceptación del otro. Pura manipulación. Peor protagonista que leí en años, supera a la de Three Brothers (lideraba el top del 2016), y ampliamente a #Bolukenzie. Si quieren intercambiar opiniones, bienvenidas serán. #Besis

  • Medini
    2019-03-31 04:21

    This is my second book by Rachel Higginson and I have to say that there are quite a few similarities between this one and The Five stages of Falling in Love, which are probably a tried and tested formula guaranteed to win over most readers (myself included). Let’s see,1. An outwardly admirable, slightly indecisive and fickle minded heroine, who has her inner issues to make her more relatable, who doesn’t step into a gym (as far as we know), yet has a flat stomach (author’s word, not mine). Seriously, this is just SO HARD for me to believe! How??2. A perfectly imperfect male love interest.3. A feeble attempt at a love triangle, though it’s pretty clear from page 1 as to who’s going to win. 4. A strong female secondary character, close friend/confidant of the heroine, with a personality completely opposite to that of the said heroine, but with not much role in the entire story except to act as a sounding board.5. Mommy-daddy/In-law issues6. Something about kids- they’re either in excess or they’re absent. So yeah, the above six points are the gist of this book’s characters and its major issues. While 5 stages dealt with finding love after a loved one’s death, this too deals with second chance love. With the same person. I didn’t love this book’s as it was chock full of clichés, but the relationship between the two protagonists is so well portrayed; the despair, the fear, the anger and the frustrations accompanying the couple as they make a difficult decision to get divorced. Even the seemingly little thing can make or break a relationship. Every drop, they say, makes up a mighty ocean.But because I absolutely loved and adored the male love interest, Nick, in spite of him being portrayed as weak and selfish in the initial part,ACTUAL RATING: 2.5 rounded off to 3

  • Nancy❤The❤Bookaholic
    2019-04-19 05:16

    ~~5 stars~~Amazingly Touching!WOW! This book left me speechless. It gutted me and made me reaccess myself. We are all guilty of taking for granted the true value of our other half. It's so easy to get into a routine and forget how to love and appreciate the other person. The struggles in Nick and Kate's marriage was so real and tangible. This book had me in tears. You have to remember that the journey in a marriage must be taken TOGETHER. Doubts will creep into your mind when you feel like the relationship is one-sided. Everyone has flaws, it's how you handle those flaws that'll make you a better, happier person. Not everyone's real life story will have the "epiphany" moment like Kate did, but that's what we all hope for. Clarity and happiness. I was not expecting to be moved so profoundly by this book. REMEMBER, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Sometimes you might just need to dip your paint brush back into the colors you have to get the color you're looking for.

  • Rachel Regina
    2019-04-17 07:17

    I will only read this if there has been and is NO cheating. I consider dating and kissing cheating. I don't care if they are getting a divorce, if another woman or man is involved somehow I am out. That is not romantic to me.

  • Kathy V
    2019-04-15 04:13

    This book was good. Really good as a matter of fact but also hard to read. It feels so real that you can put yourself in their shoes. I found myself wanting to skip to end to see how it ends without having to go through all of their pain. The only thing that kept this from being a 5 star was that I wanted a little more at the end.

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-22 04:21

    4.5/5 starsEvery Wrong Reason is a standalone adult contemporary romance.The narrator is 30 year old Kate. She has been married to Nick for 7 years.She lives in Chicago and works as a teacher in a rough high school. Her best friend Kara also works there as a guidance counselor. I purposely only read a few lines of the book blurb. Because I didn't want to know too much going into this book. But because of this as I was reading I wasn't sure if this was going to be a second chance romance with her husband Nick. Or if she would start dating one of the teachers at the school.This book deals with the pains of a marriage falling apart. I really did not like how unhappy she had been with Nick.The book starts off as sort of a love triangle because there were two ways that the story could go. So at the beginning of the story I really wasn't sure and I sort of wanted it to go the other way. Although it does become clear not too far into the book which way the story will progress.At the beginning of each chapter there are numbered reasons of why things did not work with her husband. This was interesting and different and I liked it.I liked the book. I really enjoyed reading about her teaching at a school for underprivileged kids. It was a different spin on teaching. I also really liked that the book was an emotional read and it made me feel. It just bothered me how Kate lived through 7 years of a pretty miserable marriage.Final spoiler thoughts: (view spoiler)[This book was a very emotional read. And I did enjoy the growth that both Kate and Nick experienced. But it really bothered me that they spent so many years so unhappy. I like that he changed and got a real job after they separated. But I kind of wish that the author had made it seem like they were happy and then grew apart. But instead it seemed like they were miserable and fought constantly for 7 years. And then miraculously at the end they were madly in love and couldn't live without each other?? For a good portion of the book I wanted Kate to be with Eli (the teacher). She was happy and content when she was around him. I liked that she felt good around him vs how miserable she seemed to feel all those years with Nick.(hide spoiler)]*This is the second book by this author that I've read on my kindle. One of my favorite things about reading on my kindle is that the print is always so easy to read. I always leave it on the 4th level out of 8. And it is always perfect and easy to read. But for some reason both books that I have read by this author have been smaller than what is comfortable for me (and when I go up to the 5th level it is way too big).

  • Michelle
    2019-04-18 05:16

    Marriage is not what it's all cracked up to be. It's not all sunshine and roses.Marriage is work. Lots and lots of work. And it's about compromising even though you don't want to give up the upper hand and you feel your way of thinking is better than anyone else's. Sometimes for the sake of the greater good. You just have to give in.Once again marriage is work.I loved how this book is just so brutally honest. When I started reading this book right away I could relate to Kate.I mean... Who hasn't had an argument over the dumbest things. And it just steamrolls into something so big that sometimes you even forget what you are arguing about in first place. Because you just jumped into a whole new topic!...lolI'll raise my hand and say "me"! LOLMarried and even people that aren't married can relate to that.At some point in our lives... We have all been there!That's why I loved This book so much! Kate and Nick were so relatable. You could see and feel what they were both going through.I truly felt for Kate! She was truly at her wits end with Nick. She wanted a better life. She wanted things to change with Nick.And every time she would bring it up... It would end in some knock out blow out fight. Ending with both of them saying the most hateful things to each other.Now Kate was no angel. It wasn't all Nick. Kate could have went about things differently. But at the point of where they were. Kate turned into a really hateful person towards Nick.It was just so hard for both of them to see that they were both killing their relationship.This books takes you into a couples relationship. It takes you to the point that set things in motion for both of them to change their lives. It takes you through all the up's and down's and all the frustrating parts in the middle.I absolutely loved this book! I think the author did a Fantastic job in writing this book! I've never read any of her books before! But I'm definitely a fan now! And... I will be definitely checking out her other books!

  • diana marcela Ballestas
    2019-04-20 02:16

    No me consideró muy buena critica, soy mucho de extremos, me gusta un libro o definitivamente no me gusta, casi no califico sobre puntos intermedios, este definitivamente no me gustó, le coloco 2 estrellas porque por lo menos logró atraer mi atención lo suficiente como para terminarlo.el libro en si es demasiado denso, y aunque entiendo que el tema a tratar no es fácil de abordar (una separación o divorcio nunca es mieles y rosas), considero que la autora la complicó a un extremo agotador, durante el transcurso de toda la trama el personaje estuvo encasillado en un tema y dando vueltas y vueltas alrededor sobre el mismo tema, 'pobrecita yo', 'pobre de mi', 'mi vida terminó', yo, yo, yo, cuando realmente ella fue la principal causante de su situación. No voy a negar que Nick tuvo su cuota de culpabilidad en todo el problema, pero definitivamente el caracter terco y obstinado de la protagonista te hace querer arrancar sus cabellos y de paso los propios. Al final, despues de estar girando sobre lo mismo como un trompo se pretende finalizar en el último capitulo de forma apresurada lo que no se trató en 22 capítulos, realmente creo que se hubiera podido ahorrar algunos capitulos de 'mas de lo mismo', para incluir algunos en una solución más calmada, más trabajada y menos forzada.

  • Vee Paige
    2019-04-12 07:01

    *4.25* Another well-written book by this author that touches on the realities of life. In this case she tackles marriage. Kate and Nick are separated and are in the process of getting a divorce. In the beginning of the book, I can totally see Kate's side about why she wanted to quit the marriage. Nick appeared to be selfish and self-centered. (view spoiler)[ Kate was shouldering all the financial burden while he pursued his dream in a band.(hide spoiler)] Slowly, though, we see how Nick isn't really a jerk husband and you start to think maybe Kate gave up too soon or did they split for all the wrong reasons. I actually got irritated with Kate because she was reading Nick's reasons wrong. How can't she see that he did not want the divorce and in fact was thinking the opposite. They both had their faults, and one could see it takes two to make a marriage work. Surprisingly, not an angsty book. Even if we only get Kate's POV, you can clearly see that Nick loves her and wants to fix the marriage. I'm glad the "main reason" they kept fighting about throughout their marriage was explained by Nick and even if he made that mistake, you understood him more.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-09 01:08

    " till death do we part"I just can't understand why this book is getting mixed reviews. The only logical reason not to love this book would be if you don't understand what a marriages really is....LoveHateFearFrustrationCompanionshipComplacency SexLustHurtJoyThe list could go on forever. This book is a true insight to what happens after the honeymoon wears off and the marriage becomes a job. Kate and Nick decide the joys of marriage no longer outweight the frustrations of it, and decide to call it quits. This book takes you on the emotional journey of a couple who forget why they actually got married.I absolutely devoured this book. The "feels" in this book are tough to take at times. My heart hurt during the rollercoaster of emotions this book took me on. Don't be afraid to take a chance on this exceptional, unique story of after the "I Do's". It's a wonderful book!

  • Steph
    2019-03-25 08:20

    Sadly this book just wasn't for me. The heroine was so self-absorbed and whiney. I think the book would have been much better if we didn't have to spend so much time in Kate's head. A lot of her reasoning and arguments were absolutely pointless and there were times when I thought Nick should run a mile and find someone who appreciates him. There just wasn't enough of a storyline and the end was really predictable.

  • TreasureCoveBookReviews
    2019-04-04 00:00

    Firstly, let me just say that there is nothing wrong with this book - as the other reviews show. However, I just (sadly) didn't love Every Wrong Reason like I love the Siren Series or The 5 Stages of Falling in Love. Katie just didn't appeal to me as a character and the plot just seemed to be so flat. Overall just an adverage read for me I'm afraid! :(

  • Migue
    2019-04-18 01:55