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Blast off into orbit once again with Kaleb Hugo and Ezekiel Webb!It is a few years since Lunar Independence League's rebellion against the Service was defeated, taking the Zero and everything she stood for with it. Her former captain, Kaleb Hugo, set himself on a new path and a lot has changed under his watch. And yet, not enough. Despite everything, circumstances will driBlast off into orbit once again with Kaleb Hugo and Ezekiel Webb!It is a few years since Lunar Independence League's rebellion against the Service was defeated, taking the Zero and everything she stood for with it. Her former captain, Kaleb Hugo, set himself on a new path and a lot has changed under his watch. And yet, not enough. Despite everything, circumstances will drive Hugo back to an underworld full of fears he thought he'd left behind. Ghosts of pain, betrayal and guilt haunt Hugo after the shocking and brutal torture of the woman he loves, forcing him to seek out his ex-commander from the Zero, Ezekiel Webb, to help him get revenge. Together they must gain entry to Haven, an off-world colony where those with nothing left to lose end up, but where the answers they need are hidden. But Haven is a place with its own rules. Rules which are harsh, brutal and unforgiving.On the edge of Service-controlled space and outside the boundaries of civilised society, Hugo and Webb will come face to face with enemies old and new, and once again will have to fight to save their own skins as well as secure what they need to deliver justice. Will they prevail against all the odds stacked against them, when sometimes their own worst enemies are themselves?...

Title : Haven
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ISBN : 9780992987190
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Haven Reviews

  • Michael Hicks
    2019-02-13 14:22

    [Disclosure: I received an advanced copy of this book from the author. J.S. Collyer is both a friend and colleague, and our work has appeared together in the anthology, No Way Home.]When I read J.S. Collyer's debut, Zero, last year, I was rather impressed with that fun little space romp. There was a great sense of depth to the narrative, despite keeping things fairly local for a space opera, operating in the orbit of Earth and its moon colonies. The greatest strength, though, were the characters and their interpersonal relationships, particularly between Ezekiel Webb and his captain, Kaleb Hugo.That same strength provides a very solid backbone to the narrative in Haven, as Collyer gives the friendship between these two men and battle-hardened brothers-in-arms further depth. The men have been separated for three years following the events of the previous novel, but find themselves reunited following an assault on their mutual acquaintance, Marilyn Harvey. To take it one step further, the man responsible for hospitalizing Harvey and prompting the miscarriage of her and Hugo's child, is also the same man who spent a fair amount of time torturing Webb in the prior novel.Hugo wants him captured and brought to trial; Webb, naturally, wants him dead. Their hunt for this villain takes them to the orbital colony of Haven, an insular factory town if ever there was one, ruled by a council of Elders with very strict governance and harsh penalties for those who dare break the law.I was a bit surprised to discover how small-scale Haven was, in comparison to its predecessor. Where Zero was rife with intrigue and missions that took its cast to various locales, Haven concerns itself with staying fairly tied down to a central location. The tendency in sequels is to go wider and bigger, so I appreciate Collyer's restraint in keeping the focus on both her characters and setting more intimate. There's a great bit of world-building on display here, and Haven ends up feeling like a real and well-lived-in place that I was able to buy into fully.It helps, too, that this colony also has very personal connections to Webb. And it's those connections that help inform how Webb and Hugo relate to one another this time around. Hugo is very much a fish out of water here, and it prompts a fair amount of head-butting between the two. Even better, though, is the insight we get into Webb as we become privy to a bit more of his history.While there's a good dose of action throughout, the focus, rightly, is on the characters first and foremost. Collyer does a terrific job reintroducing and refining our two male leads, but still injects enough whizz-bang heroics and a nicely bloody finish to satisfy. At this point, catching up with these two guys feels like hanging out with a couple old friends reminiscing over lost time. I'm looking forward to catching up with them again soon.

  • Stephanie Embry
    2019-01-17 16:25

    Collyer comes back to the wonderful characters she introduced in Zero with every bit of adrenaline-soaked adventure she got me hooked on last time. While it’s not often that a sequel impresses me more than the first book, this one definitely did. Where Zero suffered a briefly laborious start, Haven jumped straight into the drama.This means that those unfamiliar with Collyer’s work should definitely not read these out of order—no explanation is made as to who these people are. But trust me—once you read Zero, opening Haven is about as exciting as season 2 of Firefly would be.This book is cinematic, full of breathtaking moments that had me setting my Kindle down to look around in a daze. The team of Hugo and Webb are most definitely my favorite bromance in books right now, and I want at least seventeen hundred more books featuring their adventures. The last few chapters had me holding my breath as I read, terrified that my suspicions were true (no spoilers!) and unwilling to look away for even a moment.In short, if you like your scifi to read like an action movie, you absolutely want to get this series.

  • N. Gosney
    2019-01-25 13:27

    I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC copy of Haven, and it did not disappoint. The book is a real page turner, really keeps you up reading past bedtime. Plenty of action in this character-driven plot, and I think I even liked it better than Zero, the first book (though both are good, and I do recommend you read them in order). A great sci-fi book.

  • Andrea Hinchey
    2019-02-10 17:26

    I received an advance review copy in return for an honest review (and also because I'm special :p) lol. J.S.Collyer has again managed to create an immersive and epic World. Haven succesfully expands on the wonders that began in Zero and adapts to become something of a marvel. As always I am in awe of the very level of language use. J.S includes such detail in the settings and terminology. Don't fear though, she has acheived such a level that it doesn't exclude anyone (for example, the sci fi illiterate such as myself.) On the contrary, Haven is written in such a way that literally draws you into the narrative; you can't help but lose yourself in the images created by your imagination.Haven is set a few years after Zero. Almost immediately we are plunged into the grief endured by Kaleb Hugo, one of the protagonists from the first book. The emotion from the get go is so palpable you will feel your heart constrict. Having gone through such that no one should, you can understand the need for vengeance which permeates the very soul of the character. To acheive his ends, he must enlist the help of his longtime friend, and the other protagonist, Ezekiel Webb. Despite outward appearances, Webb is no longer the man he was when he first met Hugo so obtaining his help proves to be somewhat of a challenge. Not to mention their destination is Haven, an almost closed off colony of people determined to look out for their own. Such closed minds can be a 'haven' for criminals too, as our hero's discover. So much happens, and I won't lie, there's so much emotion for the reader to feel (yeah thanks for that J.S ;) ) that you will struggle to put this book down. I'm a bona fide fantasy reader but this book certainly tops my list of epic reads :)Make sure you buy it, you won't be disappointed :) thank you :)

  • Mark
    2019-01-20 11:26

    Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!Haven is the 2nd book in the Orbit series from the author J S Collyer.Haven follows on from Zero, so if you haven't read Zero, why not?? You need to read the first book to understand who's who and why there are going to be tears before bedtime. Revenge is in the air.All the action, and there is plenty of action, takes place on Haven, a habitat out of the control of the Service. Not exactly lawless, but it's the place to be if don't want Big Brother in charge of your life.I actually felt I was there, on Haven. I felt dirty, dusty, on edge and at times quite breathless. I liked the ethos of Haven, maybe not the work ethic, but a well thought out premise, and excellently described.There are new characters with interesting back stories and a healthy disregard for the rules. I really hope they reappear in future books. There are plenty of ideas to get you thinking about our dystopian future out in the solar system. It's not so geeky that you'd need a degree in astrophysics to understand it, as this is an out and out adventure story set in the vacuum of space.Science fiction, and especially space operas, are always my books of choice. I know I have found a new author and series of books to get my teeth and my imagination into.I can't recommend this book enough. Enjoy!

  • Toby Stainton
    2019-01-28 14:35

    (I received this as an ARC) I'm beginning to wonder if J.S wants her character's to suffer! Bad enough that one has had to deal with identity issues, the other now is on a mission to find the person that has hurt his partner. Hugo and Webb are together again and the relationship is as caustic as ever, but it's balanced with the right amount of humor and dry wit to stop it from being Eastenders in Space! Mostly focussing on the colony of Haven, the author has chosen to concentrate on one particular area of the Orbit universe, and it's one that reeks of intrigue, dodgy dealings and the distinctly unsavory Bloodgrease industry.This is a strong character-driven book with a fascinating and compelling plot. The relationship between Webb and Hugo is a complex one and excellently written, it's much a human drama as a scifi novel and one that should appeal to even those who wouldn't usually choose that genre.

  • Helena Hann-Basquiat
    2019-01-17 13:40

    I loved the first book of the series, which didn't shy away from putting its characters through drastic changes. This book deals with those changes and further develops the characters, ingratiating them in your heart. I love these characters as much as I love Han and Luke or Deckard from Blade Runner. Collyer has a winner in Hugo -- the company man who has become disenchanted with his government, and the things they have done to keep their power -- and Webb, the pirate/scoundrel who (without any spoilers) was in the ultimate way, a victim of that same government.Full of adventure, strange alliances, and danger, Haven doesn't disappoint. I look forward to more in this series.

  • John Abbott
    2019-01-19 18:28

    This book is excellent, it's a continuation of where things left off with the two main protagonists from the first book. But you don't really need to know that information when reading this one. As others have said, where the first has a lot of little missions with one encompassing story line this one has more to do with the Haven itself and draws focus there. It doesn't bring down the action, character building, or world building that is going on here also.I believe there will be a third book, and I can't wait to read it when it comes out!

  • Paul Tokarski
    2019-01-27 15:23

    An amazing story, better than the first. I could picture the scene in my mind as I read this book, like a movie.

  • Rachel
    2019-01-21 18:43

    The second installment in the trilogy, it started well with plenty of surprises along the way. However, I was increasingly frustrated by the stubborn, stupidity of Hugo. I realise that's his character flaw and obviously his sister's too, but I also would have thought he would have learnt to trust Webb by now. Particularly when things started to get very hairy and when on a mission so important. At one point I felt like Hugo cared more for Webb than Marilyn and what had happened to her. Something not helped by her lack of presence in the book. In the middle the plot seemed to flounder somewhat and it seemed to be jumping between padding out the story and schizophrenically jumping between various character's opinions. I also felt like it had been rushed a bit, with places where more detail would have been good and it ended far to quickly and conveniently for my liking. Once again this book could have done with a really good proof read, spelling mistakes, incorrect words and repeated sentences all distractions from the story. In summary, not as good as the first, but still a nice return to some likeable characters.

  • D. James Fortescue
    2019-02-07 11:23

    An overall awesome story, and worthy addition to Ms Collyer's Sci-Fi trilogy.Haven, the wildest west of the Lunar colonies, was mentioned many times within 'Zero', which makes the series' next entry being focused there a nice piece of world continuity. Compared to the first novel, where the story moved from Earth and amongst the Lunar colonies, that this entry is focused on Haven gives the story a more personal feel.The focus on characters is front and centre, without the overarching 'save the world' plotline of 'Zero'. We see our heroes struggling with moving on with their lives after the events of the first book, as well as the ghosts of their past lives reappearing.Appreciated is the main antagonist, a character who progressed up the villainy ladder from a more reserved role within the previous novel. In Haven they are at their most evil, and you are rooting for them to receive their comeuppance.Everything considered, I can heartily recommend Haven, either on its own or as a continuation of the Orbit saga. Congratulations to Ms Collyer on a sterling effort.

  • J.S. Collyer
    2019-01-17 16:41