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Warning: This is just the start. This doesn't end well. And it's going to get much worse before it ever gets better.Cole:I push her buttons. I want to push them in the good way. Dirty, up-against-the-wall, my-hand-in-her-pants kind of way.But that’s not possible, because I’m dark and she’s light, and we both know it.So I push her buttons in the bad way, making her hate me.Warning: This is just the start. This doesn't end well. And it's going to get much worse before it ever gets better.Cole:I push her buttons. I want to push them in the good way. Dirty, up-against-the-wall, my-hand-in-her-pants kind of way.But that’s not possible, because I’m dark and she’s light, and we both know it.So I push her buttons in the bad way, making her hate me. Hailey:If a genie granted me three wishes, I’d ask for Cole Parker to never look at me again, that I’d forget the dark promise in his eyes, and that just once, before he vanished from my life completely, that he’d push me up against a wall and fuck me.Then I’d go wash my mouth out with soap....

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  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2019-02-28 21:04

    ★★★★ ½! Hate Fuck: Part One, part 1 of 3. Socialite fights her attraction Sex-on-a-stick hired by her father to maneuver family through scandals!“I can pick your lock anytime I want a taste of your pussy.”Books should be read in order:Part 1: Hate Fuck: Part OnePart 2: Hate Fuck: Part TwoPart 3: Hate Fuck: Part ThreeHate Fuck: Part One opens up to the aftermath of another scandal in intern and socialite Hailey Dashford-Reid’s life. There to maneuver her family through the crisis is ex-Navy SEAL and the co-owner of the Horus Group, Cole Parker. He was brought in some six months prior in the wake of another family scandal and has since become a fixture in Hailey’s life.They are a forbidden romance that could never be and besides they are polar opposites and from different walks in life. With the media and paparazzi in tow, smack middle of Washington politics the story follows Cole and Hailey on a scandalous ride as they bicker and banter fighting their attraction until it explodes…“I wonder what the inside of your mouth tastes like and if you’d pull my hair when I go down on you.”Eight words to describe Cole Parker: Conflicted, enigmatic, commanding, elusive, possessive, relentless, brooding and charming.“I’ve had a lot of sex. Dirty, vanilla, familiar and anonymous.”Eight words to describe Hailey Dashford-Reid: Sweet, loyal, insecure, accommodating, meek, caring, smart and independent.“Kissing Cole Parker was like winning the make-out lottery.”Hate Fuck: Part One told from dual POVs, has the perfect blend of sexual tension, sizzling sex, scandal, humor, drama and intrigue. The only reason I did not give it 5 star is due to the novella length. I can easily see this being a 5 star serial for me. Part 1 ends with a perfect shocker, taking story to the next level. I look forward to part 2, Hate Fuck: Part Two for the continuation of the story.Fresh plot! Excellent story-telling! Sexual tension galore! Off-the-charts sex in conspicuous places! Entertaining dialogue! A very promising start to serial!“Because you are so good it makes me wish I had a heart. For you, I’d try to be an average man with feelings and everything.”***Hero rating: 4.5 stars Heroine rating: 4 starsSexual tension rating: 4.5 starsSex scenes rating: 4.5 starsSex scenes frequency: 4 starsPlot rating: 4 starsDialogue rating: 4 starsStorytelling rating: 5 starsStory ending rating: N/ABook editing rating (5 = no edits spotted): N/A, ARC************************************************Overall rating: 4.5 starsWould I recommend this series: Yes.Would I re-read this series: Maybe later.Would I read future books by this author: Yes.ARC provided to me by author Ainsley Booth, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

  • Baba
    2019-02-27 01:41

    1.5 Hate-Fuck-Failed-the-Baba-Test stars. Full review posted February 22, 2015Hate Fuck is told in first person from Hailey's and Cole's POV. Baba's review is told in third person (mostly). That's why I had to adjust the quotes.Once upon a time there was a bad good (what gives?) man named Cole Parker. He's the Chief Fuck-You Officer (translation: CFO) of The Horus Group, and as a former Navy SEAL, he's destined to be meddling with the security business. The way his dark gaze gets under Hailey's skin and takes up residence, might be a sign that Cole Parker is not like other men. Dream on, baby! Cole has a bad habit of growling and muttering like a wild animal all the time. Unfortunately, that's a characteristic of today's heroes in Romancelandia I would love to see changed. Though like any sexy hero, he needs a car that smells like the man himself. Sinfully delicious. Any weapon is allowed when a man wants to claim a woman--even a car, right?Cole seems to be in a perpetual state of anger. "Back off." The words rip out of Hailey, and she realizes she's shifted from annoyed to furious without realizing it. She feels like all the blood in her veins has been replaced by burning acid, and she literally wants to stomp her feet and yell about how unfair life is. That's something my boys did when they were toddlers. Maybe you should give that spastic foot a good spanking, Hailey?Cole is pretty much salivating over Hailey. And if he can't have her bent over his bed, he'll take her spitting fire at him. Hailey is so fucking sexy it makes his nuts ache. Also, totally off-limits. Of course Hailey is so over the moon when Cole is sporting a hard-on for her that she's going to remember this moment for the rest of her life when someone that out of her league pressed his cock against her belly and growled at her. But…but…wait a second. She doesn't even like Cole when she doesn't look at him. And she can't kiss someone she doesn't like. Saying no to your brain and body is a tricky thing, though. He drops his face toward her neck, and as he inhales next to her ear, her insides light on fire, like his breath is a lit match and her blood has been replaced with gasoline. Whoosh! Warning: life-threatening third-degree frostbites burnings. Maybe Baba should call 911? Anyhoo, Hailey doesn't like Cole. But she does like his hungry gaze. She thinks she likes it a lot. So she licks her lips. Friendly heads up, licking her lips is something she's going to do a lot during Hate Fuck.You know how it goes. A true bad boy hero hurts the heroine, for a good enough reason, anyhow. And that's why he needs to break her heart now. Not because of what he is, but what he believes--and what he can't because he's seen too much. Done too much. Hurt too many. Been hurt. Sadly, he needs to slice the ribbons of want between them before she gets any crazy ideas. Er…that ship has sailed, dude.Hailey lets her inner bitch (I'm all for variety as long as it's not the inner goddess shit, thank you) take over her voice. Fancy an example? "What are you doing here?" That was very brave, Hailey. And it goes without saying that Hailey refuses to jump at his every command. Good girl. Fuck…what are you doing now? He dips his gaze to her lips, which part as if on command. Fuck off, lips, don't be difficult. She licks them (told ya so) in a nervous attempt to get her body back under her own control, but that just makes his pupils dilate. Like the promise of her mouth is enough to make him drunk. But when one is drinking, one has to answer the call of nature…or not. A feeble excuse is welcome also. There's no way her bladder can perform while (view spoiler)[she's in the same room, and it was really just an excuse to get away from Trevor anyway. (hide spoiler)]Halfway through, Hailey realizes...That's the stuff of fantasies and dirty books, not real life. Baba nods and adds: then there are fantasies and dirty books and fantasies and dirty books. Shut it, Baba. After all, Cole who's big and scary looking, tall and tough and dressed to impress, but no amount of silk suiting can contain his badass self, promised her an orgasm and he better delivers stat. A man doesn't want to antagonize or tease a woman in need. Oh God, blood rushes through her ears like the Pacific surf slamming against the beach at dawn. Maybe I should smack him over his head. That, I guarantee, would make his ears ring. Cole points an accusing finger at Baba and his eyes glitter like smoky quartz set in chiseled granite. "Just doing my job, Baba Ms. Reid." Yeah, Cole's dark, hungry part of his soul leaps at the idea of prowling after her, caging her against a window just before she tries to climb out. Oh, the things he could do to her. Baba Cole, back off. You're going to make her crazy hot. She gasps, her lips dropping into a perfect 'O', making his nuts ache and his dick throb at the promise of her sucking him into her hot little mouth. Screw control. She's a complete idiot. (I didn't say that) It's like her panties just take themselves off as soon as Cole wanders past and whispers something filthy in her ear. Uh-oh. Maybe the panties need a good spanking, too?Cole pledges a dramatic promise: "Fine. This isn't going to end well. And it's not your pants I want to get into, but your hot, tight, sweet-as-fuck pussy. I've had my fingers inside you. You clench so tight, beautiful. You've got such a hungry little cunt, it's gorgeous. And it tastes like the best kind of sin. Is that what you want me to say?"Make that a big fat no. Let's turn back the ravages of time, please, because I honestly think there is way better dirty talk out there than Cole's.And the next quote would have warranted a punch in any guy's face who dared to give me that kind of shit..."An invitation is for coffee or a fucking board game, Hailey. I have a key, I used it. It was the fastest way to get my cock inside you. Which, by the way, needs to happen now. On your knees." His hands got to his belt, and my womb tugs. My fucking womb. What the hell. I lift up a hand. "Hold on, I think we need to establish some boundaries. You can't have a key to my apartment."If you let me keep it, I'll wake you up with my tongue between your legs."Great dirty talk. NOT. Go fuck yourself, asshole! Was that straightforward enough, Cole?At any rate, that's all just aquas in mare fundere because when his rippling shoulder muscles, one covered in faded ink, the other decorated with more horrifying scar tissue have been exposed, she gasps and flies to him, touching him there, and he mutters into her hair, something about shit she doesn't need to worry about. God.Baba sighs in exasperation but it's futile because…She licks hers lips, what's become their shorthand for a blow job and wiggles beneath him.I'm confused. Is this supposed to be a...A) Romance? B) Erotic suspense? C) Comedy?If it's A) There wasn't anything romantic about it.If it's B) The "suspense" (what suspense?) came waaaaaaaaay too late (view spoiler)[and the cliffie left me indifferent. (hide spoiler)]If it's C) Then it was a very bad comedy because I didn't feel compelled to laugh. Frankly, I was wondering what does anyone associate with that kind of title? I mean you read the title and you can't help thinking about it, right? Maybe something along these lines:I hate you but I want to fuck you.Or...Angry make-up sex.Or…Just plain angry sex; lots of fast and angry sex in different places between two enemies.At any rate, my curiosity got the better of me because who doesn't love a great dirty talker? Although what one perceives as great dirty talk is very subjective. Gauging from my reaction, however, it's obvious that Hate Fuck didn't deliver for me. Also, I don't get what all the fuss is about.Woody Allen said:Sex is only dirty when it's done right.I agree. The sex in Hate Fuck is not dirty because it's not done right and the same can be said about the dirty talk which lacked big time in my book. I'd call it just…tacky and pretty ridiculous.A word about the sex: forgettable.A friend of mine described her reaction to smexy times that occur in (romance) books quite accurately which reflect my feelings also. She told me she's getting immune and it takes a lot to wow her. Besides, there is dirty talk and then there is dirty talk. I felt that Hate Fuck didn't stand out from the vast and shallow pond of "erotica" books in any way, shape or form. I'm going to hide behind my hands and my hopefully golden skin--there's a lot of it, maybe he'll get distracted."This isn't a big deal. I'm still the bad guy you hate."I sigh, and shift my hands enough to uncover my mouth. "I don't really hate you. Not in here. In here, you've got a nice cock and a talented tongue."I won't even bother commenting that…um…Like I said, I'll zip it.Surprise, surprise. There are actually a couple things I liked (that's why I rounded up to two stars):The moderate pricing is a plus. I paid 0.99 euro for 82 pages. Although one has to wonder why this book needed to be cut up in three pieces when the second installment will be released in March. Part three might not be too far away either. Whatever the case may be, I won't bother reading Part II and III because it wasn't good enough to bait me to come back.While the characters didn't do anything for me, I was actually glad that for once the heroine wasn't a supernatural and model-thin beauty. She was a chubby woman. Of course the hero was very handsome, so this was one of those cases where the chubby girl will get the handsome stud. EVENTUALLY. I also liked that Cole and Hailey listened to Nine Inch Nails in Cole's car. Though I can't even say which song they listened to. That's why I chose one for them: know a huge majority of readers will love Hate Fuck. However, those few lonely readers who didn't like it and would love to drool over a good dirty talker, should check out a few other interesting fictional characters…The funny and snarky dirty talkerDrew EvansTangledI'm aware that Drew is crude and his character isn't remotely "real" but here's the thing: Drew manages to come off as a very charming AND funny guy despite his bold and crude advances. Compared to Drew, Cole is a lame show-off and loser.The plain yet hot dirty talkerFlynnWilling VictimThe sexy dirty talker who exudes class as all get outProfessor Dean WestAwakenThe dirty talker who's surrounded by beauty and philosophy (I'm talking about JWH's fantabulous writing skillz)Marcus Aurelius StantonRough CanvasWhy the fuck did I not put Marcus on my shelf of great dirty talkers? Although I just saw that I put the book on my shelf "phone sex". That means they must have burned the phone line. As a nice bonus, it's highly emotional and the smexy times were damn hot.More great dirty talkers...Cuff me, Officer! Where the heck is my fan? Meet Hunter Anderson in:Liberating LaceyThe restroom scene is still one of my all-time favorites. Bad boy Archer West:Break the SkyAnother fine dirty talker created by Cara McKenna is Kelly RobakAfter HoursThat is all.P.S.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    2019-03-22 00:48

    I requested this book because of the name of it. I mean dang, how can you not?Then I started reading it.Hailey's famous family is always in a mess in Washington. Her dad (it never really tells what he does) has slept his way through Washington and a woman he recently was with was found dead. Then there was a cover up of the whole thing.Her sister..the Washington version of 'sluts are us' has been caught giving the vice president oral favors.She is the good girl of the bunch. A bit chubby and quiet she just wants out of the limelight. Her family has for hire a group of ex-navy guys who "fix stuff". Cole is one of these guys.This blows that Fifty Shades shit out of the water. Cole..I could eat him up with a spoon.This woman turns me into a simpering idiot. And if she'd have me, I'd give it all up and try to be a better man for her.Hailey..the best main character in a smexy book yet.I wrap my arms around his neck and imagine for a second he might just take me right here. But I'm wearing tights, and boots and there's nothing sexy about a chubby girl peeling herself out of spandex and leather.Oh...but there is smexy in this book.My kindle had pages smoking out of it. *blushes*The blurb for this book says it is 22 pages. That's wrong. It took me about an hour to read this and I can't wait for the rest of this story. It ends in a frigging cliffhanger and this smexy book reading woman wants more.All hail the smexy book that doesn't have perfect frigging women and men that take them against their will. These characters totally rock.I actually would have gave this one a five star except for the cliffhanger (I hate them) and the name. This book really doesn't need the attention grabbing name. It's that good.I received an arc copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    2019-03-23 03:42

    *****4.5 STARS*****{ARC Provided by Netgalley}This book was such a pleasant surprise.When I saw the title pop up on my Goodreads newsfeed, I cracked up so hard. That title is something else and the cover??? HOT!!!! I was expecting this to be about two people who couldn't stand each other, but have hot and rough sex. I was only partially correct.Cole Parker is CFO of The Horus Group. He's an ex Navy Seal who along with three of his friends, provides PR and security services for the wealthy and powerful. He had me the minute he started talking dirty. I've got a weakness for dirty talking book boyfriends!Hailey Reid is the daughter of one of Cole's client's and for the past several months, he has been in charge of keeping her safe. He's also secretly crushing on her and the the feeling is mutual. Hailey is sweet & sassy, and she's got curves. All of these things drives Cole crazy with desire for her.He tries to stay away since she's a client and he thinks he's not good for her but of course things are going to get hot between the two of them. HOLY HELL, did they get hot. I'm still fanning myself.This book is pretty short and it did end on a cliffy. I'm just hoping that each hottie from the Horus Group, gets their own series of novellas. I need at least two more books dedicated to Cole, since I didn't get nearly enough of him yet in this first installment.

  • ♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥
    2019-02-28 02:46

    *Amazon US * Amazon UK * Cole Parker is an ex-Navy Seal and part of a four man crisis management team famed for, "getting bad people out of worse situations." He has a tough guy reputation, nothing fazes him except one thing.... One person... Hailey longs to be a regular girl from a regular family but she's a Reid. They're dysfunctional, have secrets and lies that will undoubtedly cause revelations in the story arc. Cole and his team are employed as their fixer, theoretically tying him in to the dysfunctionality and making him completely off limits to Hailey. I love the dynamic of the relationship between Hailey and Cole, the tension and the push and pull of should they shouldn't they in their inner thoughts. Their lust/hate banter is entertaining and charming and so very, very deliciously sexy. Their chemistry is off the charts. I felt their need for each other juxtaposed against their awareness that they shouldn't really get involved. However, knowing one shouldn't have something makes it all the more necessary to have. There are swoonful moments and moments of pure lustful eroticism. It made for divine reading. I can't wait to uncover the secrets that are surely layered within this story and experience the continuing development of the protagonists. I believe this is the start of a very exciting and sexilicious story and I HIGHLY recommend to all lovers of erotic romance serials.Hard Fuck is the first part in a three part novella series. The second part Hate Fuck: Part Two is due for release 24th March 2015 **Warning: This is just the start. This doesn't end well. And it's going to get much worse before it ever gets better**Advanced copy received, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review

  • Mysza
    2019-03-17 00:55

    That title? Really? I mean, what the hell? But seriously, it worked because it's what made me add this one to my TBR. I'm glad I did, it was pretty good. Not bad for a debut, not bad at all.First of all ladies...And there will be more of them. I presume later on, in next parts...”Hardly noble heroes, even if they look the part. There are four of them, all various shades of bad-ass super soldiers who turned in their uniforms for suits and smooth lines.”The Horus Group, that's their name and they are known as best the go-to crisis management team in the city. Rich people in trouble call, they go and get them off the hook.But lets focus on our hero. That would be Cole, 31 year old, ex-military"dark brown hair, thick dark lashes around those tiger eyes of his, a chronic case of sexy stubble. (...) He's a fucking pit bull, and sometimes that's good, temporarily, when he's on your side. When you've pissed him off, though, it's downright scary."His new assignment is Reid family. One of the daughters fucked up pretty bad by blowing VP of US and making a sex tape of it. Our Cole is there to fix up the mess she made and watch out for Hailey. Hailey is also one of the daughters, but she is the good one, prim and proper, beautiful and innocent. She hates him, because he is a bad guy, who does bad things. He tries to push her away, because he is no good for her. And you know what happens when they hate each other, right? It gets hot. And hot it was!”Is this what you want Hailey? You want some dirty sex with someone you don't have to look at ever again?.”It does end on a cliffhanger, but it is a norm in serials so I'm used to it by now. Doesn't mean that I don't want the next part sooner rather than later! Recommended for all those, who love erotic serials.ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Eda** # Dax Lahn's Golden Tigress#
    2019-03-19 04:06

    ** 3,5-4 “unexpectedly good” STARS **“If we met at a different time and place, I’d want you to teach me how to be GOOD. Because you’re so good it makes me wish I had a HEART. For you, I’d try to be an average man, with feelings and everything.”~ COLENot bad. Not bad at all. In fact, it was better than some of the novella type romance books I've read and liked before. A good surprise, because I wasn't expecting this book to actually have a...well, plot? I mean, c'mon guys, look at that title! Don't get me wrong, it was one of the reasons getting me to request the book on NetGalley, but it sounds like the title of a book with sex and sex and more sex in it and no story whatsoever. I'm so glad that I was proven wrong: Books with dirty titles CAN sometimes be more than porn-on-paper, apparently. Hailey Reid has known Cole Parker for six months. Six painful months…All Hailey wants is to be a REGULAR person, with a regular job, a regular flat, a regular boyfriend and regular friends. But, unfortunately, being born into a f*cked-up family that ends up on national television and makes front page on every single newspaper with the word “scandal” written in bold next to their family name every six months, makes it quite impossible… And whenever a member of the Reid family gets into trouble, “The Horus Group” is speed-dialed into action and Hailey is once again sucked into her family’s bullsh*t… There’s one plus to all this negativity though: She gets to have a good reason to be in the same room and eyef*ck Cole Parker…But Cole is a bad guy. He is a man that feels the need to carry three guns. He is a man that gets bad people out of difficult situations that might end up in jail-time or public humiliation. He is an amoral man with dark secrets and lies, and the fact that THIS MAN has been the center of her fantasies for the last six months both disgusts and disappoints Hailey... “I’m torn between this irresistible tug and my better judgement. I like things I can control. I like things I can put in boxes. I can’t put Cole in a box. There’s no duct tape strong enough.”~ HAILEYCole Parker has known Hailey Reid for six months. Six painful months…An ex-Navy SEAL and currently one of the most important members of “The Horus Group”, a personal crisis management expert team, Cole is used to saving the a**es of rich and disgusting people from bad situations. It’s his job. But when it comes to the Reid family, Cole has a weakness: Hailey Reid. A dangerous distraction, a great gamble with fate and a bittersweet temptation that is totally off-limits for various reasons, one being her father... But more importantly, her heart. Cole knows he will break it. He knows he will hurt her, so he needs to push her away by being the a**hole that she already believes he is…“If I can’t have her bent over my bed, I’ll take her spitting fire at me. Not nearly as satisfying, but it’s something.”~ COLEOVERALL: It was hot. It was sweet. It was short. Of course I recommend it!P.S #1: Cole listens to NINE INCH NAILS! How the hell can I resist this guy, when he listens to my favorite band EVER?!?P.S #2: I freakin' hate the use of "princess" as an endearment between lovers, and it wasn't different here. Authors... Please... For the love of God... DON'T USE IT!** ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review **

  • Wendy'sThoughts
    2019-03-22 21:06

    5 This Is How We Do it Stars * * * * * @@@@@@@@ UPDATE @@@@@@@@ Did someone say FREE....Yes, FREE on AMAZON!I was trolling NetGalley yesterday and found this little gem there...First... with a cover like that...and the you really think I wouldn't click to read the blurb...Really, who are we kidding....So I requested and then decided to share my interest with all of my pals here...Because Covers like this should be appreciated... Right...Well, I am here to tell you... this author, Ainsley Booth, has done the unthinkable... yes, she has taken an idea which we all know has been done in various ways and to quote Randy Jackson of old American Idol fame... "Made it her own"...yup , she took this idea and blew it up.... you can add any other cliche here you want.She took a family; rich, political, blue-blooded...put it in Washington DC. Made the parents just this south of icky in perfect image and manners etc....and then dirtied them up with a father who needed PR and Legal help with being accused of murder six months ago. The family has on retainer a team of fix-it guys... the best in the business and now they are back handling the latest crisis of the oldest daughter... the one who's career goal is to one day host an MTV show...Her way of making all that happen is by blowing the VP of the United States, no less, for her ever increasing sexual resume. The other part of the family has to handle the repercussions of all this crap. There are younger siblings, a boy and girl.... and then there is our girl, Hailey. Hailey who has worked to be separate... think of the older daughter of Ozzy Osbourne ... Remember when their show was on oh, those many years ago ... and there was Kelly and Jack with Sharon and Ozzy...with all the cray cray for us to see...Well, there was another older daughter who refused to be on the show...and this is who I thought of when I first met Hailey...She is the good girl of the family... she went to college, lives off the compound... has her own apartment and does not fit the cookie cutter mold of this family. She has curves, sass and a desire to actually work. She interns at an employment agency with the hopes of becoming full time. But... her family and now sister's notoriety has caused two major problems...she may not get that position at the company and she is having to deal with Cole...DAMN IT....Cole... who came into her life six months ago.Cole... who is sex on a stick and everything she stays away from.Cole... who stands for everything she doesn't; who is morally ambiguous, a bad guy and who melts her panties from 10 feet away.Cole is an ex-Navy SEAL and together with three others have a company which "handle" situations. He is torn when it comes to Hailey...she is good, clean and everything he isn't. She has a body he loves... fleshy, soft where he is hard and he wants to do dirty, dirty things to it, with it, and in it.NEED I GO FURTHER, hmmmmm.So these two should not get together... but we know they will, we want them to ... real bad... and they do in various ways...and it is sooooooo good.We have our characters' POV's. Perfect. We get to be Hailey and she is fantastic... quick witted, frustrated, hot and bothered (me, too!) and angry yet not with this attraction to Cole. Cole is more than meets the eye... he is not a standard bodyguard...he is much, much more and we want to know all about it just like Hailey... And eventually we will because this is a "three part book serial"; but not right away because there is a cliffy at the end of this. It works and has us panting for more.So, if you want really terrific crafting and writing with quotes to knock you sideways, dirty talking galore with the actions to follow and an actual plot to keep you guessing...Then get on the stick because if you blink it will be gone on NetGalley.A gifted copy was provided by author via NetGalley for an honest review.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Posted 2/16/205 before readingONLY ON NETGALLEY FOR ONE WEEK!Well, Damn... if that doesn't get you interested then maybe this does....Warning: This is just the start. This doesn't end well. And it's going to get much worse before it ever gets better.Cole:I push her buttons. I want to push them in the good way. Dirty, up-against-the-wall, my-hand-in-her-pants kind of way.But that’s not possible, because I’m dark and she’s light, and we both know it.So I push her buttons in the bad way, making her hate me.Hailey:If a genie granted me three wishes, I’d ask for Cole Parker to never look at me again, that I’d forget the dark promise in his eyes, and that just once, before he vanished from my life completely, that he’d push me up against a wall and make me scream.Then I’d go wash my mouth out with soap.Part one of a three book serial about a bad-ass alpha male and the curvy woman he can't give up. The next two parts will be published in March and April of 2015. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways

  • Laura
    2019-02-26 00:00

    | ARC kindly provided by Ainsley Booth via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you a lot! |Oh my, oh my, oh my...This is a really short story, only available for a few days more on NetGalley and gods, I'm so happy I read this.Here we have these hot as hell fixers. They're all ex cops, SEALs and CIA agents with some mean looks and bodies to die for. They work for really rich people who can afford their services. They are bodyguards, hackers... like Scandal team but all hot men and at the moment they're working for the Reids, a rich family who loves getting into all kind of troubles. Sex and financial scandals are just two of them and the whole family is in it, except for Hailey. She has to deal with her family reputation without being actually involved and that's when she meets the fixers, that's when she meets Cole Parker. She doesn't want to want him, she doesn't even like him but the white-hot lust is there, and they both can't deny it anymore. After they surrender to their dark desires, Hailey finds out that maybe being with Cole is going to be her downfall and not her family after all.I really had a blast reading those 22 pages, it was hot and funny.You gotta love Hailey. She's got her head in the right places and she's sexy, sarcastic, funny and real. She knows what she wants and she's not afraid of taking it. She's cute but she also has a dark side, full of prohibiden desire. I loved her.And then we had Cole. Man, he was hot and cold but I got it, I got where he was coming from but I just got a little bit frustrated with his "I'm not good for her" mantra. That didn't mean I didn't enjoy him because boy, I did. He was strong, raw and so manly. I think I'm in love with his hands and mouth, for real.I so loved the sex scenes, they were steamy and rough, just hot but I also enjoyed the storyline and I did not expect that ending! Oh gods, I need to read the rest of it like now.

  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*
    2019-02-27 00:01

    4.5 Delicious Stars!Recommended by: Wendy(ARC provided by Netgalley)Hailey Reid is a somewhat innocent woman working as an intern for an employment agency. She grew up in Washington living a life of privilege. Her wealthy, prominent, scandal loving family is an absolute train wreck. She continues to try and separate herself from her well known dysfunctional family, & just wants to live a normal life out of the spotlight. While that's a great thought, it's not likely to happen since paparazzi follows her every move. For her safety, her father has hired The Horus Group. It's a group of 4 men who specialize in crisis management & PR expertise, & are known as Washington's favorite fixers. They are hot ex-military men who get people out of "situations." The one in charge of protecting Hailey is a gorgeous ex-Navy Seal named Cole Parker.-Good girl rule number one: distance yourself from the family without morals.Hailey & Cole have a love/hate relationship full of frustration on both ends. Hailey just wants privacy, & to be left alone, & Cole is just trying to do his job as her security. He has been in charge of her safety for the past 6 months, & she continues to clash with him at every turn. She is angry she is forced to live her life in the public eye, and also has to put up with this bossy beautiful man. He is sexy as hell, and she hates how badly she wants him. His model face & edible body is everywhere she turns.-The only bad boy who's ever caught my eye. Why does he have to be on my father's payroll?-Watch out, world. Hailey Reid is turning over a new leaf, and it's going to be good and dirty. When Cole shows interest in her, Hailey is shocked. She thinks this sex on a stick man is out of her league. She's a curvy girl, & doesn't think he could possibly want her. She has no idea how stunning she is. Cole has wanted her for months, & has been fighting his attraction cause she is the daughter of a client, & should be off limits to him. Her sass & curves turn him on, & he just can't resist her anymore. (YAY for a hot guy who appreciates curves! :D)Things heat up between these two & it's fabulous! But at the same time, these two come from different worlds, & Hailey doesn't fully trust him. He clearly has secrets, & we get some angst near the end & a bit of a cliffy. I can't wait for the next book & to see what happens with these two. I was initially drawn to this book by the title & cover, but quickly realized what a great story it was. It sucked me in & I can't wait for more Cole!!! :))-She has no clue how much she affects me.-I've got a reputation as a tough guy. Ex-Navy Seal, nothing fazes me. But if anyone wanted to undermine me, all they'd need to do is throw Hailey Reid in my tracks. This woman turns me into a simpering idiot. And if she'd have me, I'd give it all up and try to be a better man for her.-I've tasted beautiful and I'm not letting her go.(HATE FUCK IS LIVE and .99)

  • Sleepless Readmore
    2019-03-09 00:57

    4 HOT AS F*@K STARS .. Cole and Hailey .. ♥All we have is the raging heat between us .." DAYUM. Not bad for a novella. Certainly has me intrigued for the second one! The plot was just beginning to unfold .. and HOLY CLIFFHANGER.Hate Fuck: Part One Ainsley Booth - Sleepless, Readmore. Twitter

  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    2019-03-13 02:09

    2.5-3 stars I didn't love it. I didn't hate it. I guess I kinda sort of liked it? This was going to be a 2 star read for me until the ending. The ending caught me and has me wanting to read the second book.I know it's a serial, but I suspect I would have enjoyed this more if part 2 were included in part 1 like a full length novel. That way more character development would be grouped together.Don't really have much else to say. Except it really was very hot. I will give it that :) I received an arc copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • S.M. West
    2019-03-12 21:50

    4.5 COLE PARKER STARS"Holy crap, I need to stop thinking about Cole and my underwear..."If the title doesn't grab you, let me tell you this is a great read! The basic plot isn't anything new but Ms. Booth makes it her own, spices things up and leaves you hot, bothered and wanting more.Cole Parker is an ex-Navy SEAL and now CFO of the Horus Group, a group of men with military, police and CIA pasts that clean-up the messes of the who's who in Washington, DC. For those of you who watch or know of Scandal, the TV show, think the hot, bad ass male version of Olivia Pope and her crisis management team. Cole is like forbidden fruit. You know he's bad for you but you can't stop yourself with his dark, domineering ways and filthy mouth."All we have is the raging heat between us -"Then there is Hailey Reid. The good girl of the Reid family, clients of the Horus Group. Hailey wants nothing to do with her screwed up, immoral family. Both her father and older sister have caused national scandals involving adultery, murder and impeachment of the VP of the United States in the past 6 months and Cole and his team have had to come in and "fix-it". Hailey's independent, smart, sexy and sassy. Just loved Hailey's wit and her internal dialogue had me smiling and laughing. Of course, Cole and Hailey have this "opposites attract" thing going on that is OFF. THE. CHARTS. hot, steamy and downright sexually charged. For all the innocence, good and light that Hailey is, Cole is dark, sketchy and bad. They both know that they shouldn't indulge their attraction... "He kisses in a way that needs consent, that makes you feel like you've been stripped bare and fucked hard.""A dark, hungry part of my soul leaps at the idea of prowling after her, caging her against a window just before she tries to climb out."There are two more installments in Cole and Hailey's story with this one ending on a cliffy, of course. But not in a bad way. There are questions that need answers about Cole because we know there is a lot more going on than meets the eye."...he lied to me. He's always going to lie to me. I want this man more than my next breath, but I can't trust him."And Ms.Booth promises more books on the other members (Jason, Tag and Wilson) of the Horus Group. I am in!an ARC was provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sophia Triad
    2019-03-03 21:49

    My, oh my.... HOT! So, I would like to point out some basic facts about this book:1. This is not really an “enemies-to- lovers” story. Cole is not Hailey’s enemy. He is her protector/bodyguard and mainly a crisis expert hired by her family to sort out their mess. A mess that was not created by Hailey, but by her father and her older sister.2. Hailey is the original, next-door, good, hard-working, sweet girl. But deep down, she is a fighter.3. Cole is the original, bad-boy, man-whore, testosterone-overdose, killer and fighter guy. He is an ex-Navy SEAL and currently the co-owner of Horus Group that it is specialized in solving situations that are very complicated and are caused by very important and influential people. But deep down all he needs is love.4. Hailey was never ashamed of her kindness and innocence. Cole never hid from her how disgustingly bad he is.5. Hailey is attracted to his hardness. Cole is attracted to her softness. Gradually, she will become tougher and he will become softer. She likes this fact. He hates this fact because it interferes with his job.6. The title of the book is definitely misleading. There is lots of sex and seduction of course, but not too much hate. Mainly lots of passion.7. If you make the mistake and believe only the title, you will miss a really good love story with a bit of mystery on the side and you may have expectations that will not be completely fulfilled.And what a cliffhanger! I am just happy that all the books in the series are already published.

  • Vrsha (PeekAtMyBookReview)
    2019-03-02 20:49

    Rating : 3 ‘Hate F*@k’ StarsMy Views : Note: I read that book in one sitting as it was short while my sister was singing off-tune in the background which is why I couldn’t appreciate the book better and this will be a short review.I must admit thatLove-Hate relationshipis not something that works well for me because I have so many friends who loved Beautiful Bastard which had the Love-Hate relationship which I hated and now this one which everyone’s loving and ranting about but for me it was justOkay ! The only good part which I enjoyed in the book was The Ending; I want to know where this will lead to.Style of writing : Writing was Okay…I loved the flow and the humor that she created. The sex scenes were Not Very Hot and Not Very ColdO.oWell you got the point.Characters : Okay this book seriously lacked in terms of characterization. We had only two characters and we didn’t get to know them well. Yes, this is due to the length of the book but still it was annoying. Why these two cannot be together, I cannot understand!!! And Yes, I am hoping to get more clarification in the next book.Favorite Part : Nope..What did not work? Okay…This one is just personal opinion. Why Hailey says that she prefers the bad Cole and not the Good one and says that she regrets having sex with Good Cole??? Similar books?… Recommended : I firmly recommend reading other reviews before tackling this one as there are so many 5 Stars reviews on this one. Then, if you love reading about Love-Hate relationship but in short length, yes.

  • Geri Reads
    2019-03-03 03:00

    2.7 stars!Oh man...I was so sure I was going to love this one especially since it sounds deliciously smutty. Unfortunately, this book was uneven for me. The sex is hot, partly because Cole and Hailey did not want to want each other. The plot was decent. But...There's something missing for me. For example, why does Hailey hate Cole that much? Sure, she hates his job but for me it wasn't enough to warrant the kind of animosity Hailey feels for Cole. They didn't have a connection before Cole took on the job of protecting her family. Some things just didn't add for me. But the ending definitely left me intrigued enough to want to read the second book.ARC provided by NetGalley

  • Beverly
    2019-02-26 19:50

    When you request a book solely based on the title you never know what to expect. That is exactly what I did here and I am very happy to say that title didn’t let me down. This is the first part in a part serial about a wealthy family and “fix it” firm. This immediately reminded me of the television show Scandal. The book is set in Washington, D.C. and we first meet Hailey. She is the daughter of a wealthy, influential family that just so happens to love scandal. However, she is nothing like her family, she works a regular job and tries to live a life separate from them. When once again her family is the public eye she is brought back in contact with the one man who makes her blood boil for multiple reasons: Cole.Cole is the fixer for the family, he knows he should stay away from Hailey, she isn’t like the rest of the family, she is better. Despite his best efforts to do the right thing he can’t deny his feelings any longer. Needless to say this one has plenty of steam and also a great story. I was definitely hooked and couldn’t wait to see what would happen next for our couple or the family. However, that ending…WHAT?? I didn’t see that coming. I will just say I am going to need more information NOW!I recommend if you are fan of serials and looking for a fun, sexy read. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

  • Eliza
    2019-03-21 02:44

    Title: Hate F*ck: Part OneSeries: Hate F*ck,#1Author: Ainsley BoothRelease date:17th February, 2015Rating: 4 "make- out lottery" starsCliffhanger: Yes HEA:(view spoiler)[ n/a(hide spoiler)]So yesterday I saw this book appear in my timeline ALOT. I didn't plan to start this but Lisa™ twisted my arm with her updates. Call me judgy but the title didn't give me a first impression that was complimentary but after reading the blurb I promptly shut my mouth and purchased immediately.This book contains subjects I love in a book:*A Love/Hate relationship*A Strong tortured Hero/ Feisty prissy Heroine*A Good plot to steam ratio*And a Dirty Mouth!The owner of said dirty mouth is Cole Parker, Ex- Military now fixer with The Horus Group in the private sector. The target of aforementioned mouth, Hailey Dashford Reid. She would like nothing more than to distant herself from her train wreck of a family. The latest scandal sees them requiring the skills of Cole'sPR expertise.Although introductory it's a great start to the series and although not a cliffhanger of epic proportions, I'm looking forward to my next Hate F*@k.FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON: ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Dee Montoya
    2019-02-22 22:56

    ****4.5 F*@ktastic Stars****(ARC Provided by Netgalley)I was in heaven reading this book, stories such as this one is why reading is my favorite thing to do. The story was clever, entertaining and packed with that steamy factor I always enjoy so much, but done in a brilliant way where the sex didn't take over the story, the author achieved a perfect balance between the steam and the hilarious dialogues. I loved it!!Cole and Hailey are complete opposites and they REALLY don't like each other. Cole is CFO of a company that is usually hired to clean up messes from celebrities when they into huge public messes. Cole is an ex-navy guy, cold personality and a total badass. He's been hired by Hailey's family to fix a few problems her dad and sister have gotten into, he is like the neutralizer of bad situations . Hailey is sweet and proper, she doesn't like her business being in the public eye but coming from a crazy and rich family, chaos can't never scape her. She doesn't like Cole coming to the rescue whenever her family is in muddy waters because that usually means, he has to be watching her and keeping tabs on her, and since he's so hot and frustrating she doesn't like how unglued she becomes in his presence. When these can't no longer hide the intense attraction that binds them together, they start flirting and only after one explosive kiss there will be point of no return, they are both freefalling from a dangerous cliff and enjoying every minute of it.Cole is a total Alpha Male and Hailey is super funny, I not only loved their hate/lust relationship but their banter had me laughing out loud for most of the book. This book had me completely captivated, this is love at first read for me with this author and now I'm desperate for the next book...

  • Pam
    2019-03-05 23:41

    5 HATE FUCK = BEST FUCK starsColeI like things I can control. I like things I can put in boxes. I can’t put Cole in a box. There’s no duct tape strong enough.HaileyWatch out, world. Hailey Reid is turning over a new leaf, and it’s going to be good and dirty.Hailey comes from a dysfunctional wealthy family, and this time is no different, her sister got her self in a bind and now the paparazzi is after the family trying to dig for more dirt. Insert Cole, he and his company helped guard them through their last mess and he's back as Hailey's personal bodyguard-captor-caveman. Cole could have assigned anyone else on his team to watch Hailey, but being a glutton for punishment he took the role, making things him harder.“When I say you’re a distraction, I mean I can’t get you out of my fucking head. I wonder what the inside of your mouth tastes like and if you’d pull my hair when I go down on you.”Hailey and Cole have a love to hate you and want to fuck you relationship, and in the months that they have known each other, it has been nothing but frustration; mad at themselves for wanting the other and hating the other for making them want them. It's a vicious cycle that can only go on for so long, but all it takes is one kiss...He kisses in a way that needs consent, that makes you feel like you’ve been stripped bare and fucked hard.Each stolen moment, is the best dirty little secret they could ever have. In their blinded hate for each other, they've made assumptions that are proven wrong, surprising them both, making it harder to stay away. But one thing is for sure, he’ll always be an enigma, and orgasms—even earth-shattering ones—can’t make up for secrets and lies.Will she always be a mistress to his job or is ignorance bliss ... there seems to be more secrets he is hiding and it has to do with something about her family.Hate Fuck is a beginning to more that I absolutely loved, it had everything that I was looking for, and couldn't have come at a more perfect time. With a title like that it sets the bar high and it completely delivered. Cole was utterly delicious and Hailey, well she was full of surprises, completely independent and sensual in her own skin. I loved the anticipation, the hate, the fuck, the verbal foreplay and the mystery it presented. It was the perfect blend, nothing overdone, no big dramatics, no big meltdowns and kept me wanting and now waiting for more. Book 2 please hurry!ARC kindly provided by the author, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.***Quotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication.

  • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)
    2019-03-03 00:03

    ►► I read this book because:① Shelby's review.② The GR contagion that followed said review, which resulted in half of my friends adding/reading this story ← peer pressure will kick your ass every single time.③ The title. Obviously.I should have known this wouldn't go well. Most of my friends who read this delightful (haha) story loved it and we all know what usually happens when most of my friends love a story right? ☍☍Twisted Sarah Logic☍☍ kicks in and I end up not liking/hating/DNFing said story. See my rating for this?►► Let's make this as quick and painless as possible shall we? ▧ This story in a nutshell:✔ Stupid stupid stupid. ✔ Total boredom fest.✔ Ridiculously clichéd characters.✔ Ridiculously manufactured drama.✔ Ridiculously fabricated cliffhanger.✔ Supposedly hot sex scenes which happen to be some of the most boring I've ever read. ← I actually fell asleep while reading one of the sex scenes, that should tell you something.✔ Least cold shower-inducing dirty talk ever.✔ Most uninteresting, blah blah blah blah blah filled inner dialogues/POVs ever = even *more* boredom! Yay!►► Time for a giffy summary:►► Now time to have a little conversation with myself:Me #1: Sarah? Me #2: Yes?Me #1: You did check how this was shelved before reading it did you? Me #2: Errr, well, yes. I think so.Me #1: You think so or you're sure?Me #2: Yes, yes, I'm sure.Me #1: Right. You should check again.Me #2: What? Why?Me #1: Just do yourself a favour and check again. Please. I'm asking nicely for once.Me #2: Oh, okay *goes and checks how this was shelved by her lovely (sarcasm alert) GR colleagues*Me #1: So?Me #2: I don't know, it's strange. There's a word there that starts with RO and ends with MANCE but I'm not quite sure what to make of it. I'm not a native English speaker so sometimes it's hard for me to make sense of some words.Me #1: You're a funny girl, you know that?Me #2: Why? What have I done now?Me #1: Repeat after me, RO-MANCE, RO-MANCE, RO-MANCE. Me #2: Oh right. I think I see your point.Me #1: Not only funny but bright too! I have a feeling you'll go very far in life.Me #2: Oh just cut the crap and get the booze will you? Damn. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to live with that girl in my head 24/7.Me #1: I'm sorry I'm not finished yet.Me #2: *headdesk*Me #1: You do remember you got book 3 in this serial through Netgalley don't you?Me #2: Oh.Me #1: Yes. Oh. You know what this means right?Me #2: That I have to read and review book 3 which means that I should also read book 2 which means I'm about to commit book-induced suicide again?Me #1: You got that right.Me #2: STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID.Me #1: Pretty much.

  • Jen
    2019-03-20 01:44

    4.5 Filthy as F*@k StarsI’m a complete idiot. It’s like my panties just take themselves off as soon as Cole wanders past and whispers something filthy in my ear.Good girl rule number one: distance yourself from the family without morals.Good girl rule number two: don’t take your panties off for someone who will sell you down the river for a paycheck.To say Hailey Reid and Cole Parker hate each other is not entirely accurate. Irritate the ever-loving fuck out of one another? Yes. Rub each other the wrong but oh so delicious way? Yep. Consume the other’s thoughts to the point of mutually naked madness? You bet. And oh how I enjoyed the way these two kept coming together.Hailey Reid is tired of the politically connected asshats she calls her family ruining her otherwise drama free life. Cole Parker is part of the team hired to help clean up the aforementioned asshat-induced messes. The fact these two feel an immediate and hot as hell spark that neither one feels they can act on just serves to annoy them both. Let the hawt as hell dirtiness commence!Cole turns and pins me with a hard look. His dark amber eyes say a lot of things, including trust me and I’ve had my mouth on your pussy, stop looking at me like I’m evil.“Let’s get you inside, then. Inside and on your knees. You owe my cock a long, wet kiss.”Books featuring a well-endowed dirty talker seem to be a dime a dozen lately and for the most part I can take or leave them. Yes, I do enjoy a man who embraces his filthy mouth but I usually find myself growing bored after a while. Hate Fuck worked for me in a way other books of this ilk haven’t because of Hailey and all her fabulousness. She’s sarcastic, she’s curvy and she seems to derive a certain sadistic thrill from pushing Cole’s buttons. Combine that with the fact Cole does his best to push Hailey right back and I was left with a win-win reading experience.”Hold on, we need to establish some boundaries. You can’t have a key to my apartment.”“If you let me keep it, I’ll wake you up with my tongue between your legs.”Well then. This ends on a cliffhanger and will be continued in future installments so please be aware of that if those are deal breakers for you. Personally I can’t wait for the rest of this story and am anxiously awaiting the return of Cole’s dirty mouth.ARC provided from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Kim Bailey
    2019-03-08 03:03

    Calling all "good girls" who secretly lust after the dirty talking, alpha "bad boy" ... This book may have been made just for us!4.5 StarsOk ... Maybe I can't fool anyone with the good girl act ... but this book really brings that dynamic to life in a hot, HOT way! Cole & Hailey may easily become one of my fave fictional couples by the end of this three part serial!From the smoking hot cover, right up to the acknowledgements, this book was utterly fantastic! There is something very unique about the writing style that I found satisfyingly fresh ... The descriptives are beyond erotic ... Especially the way the characters describe each other ... And please do NOT get me started on Cole's wonderfully dirty mouth ... Unless you also want to talk about how easily Hailey matched him with her filthy tongue ;)I didn't get as much of the hate as I was expecting ... but honestly, it made no difference. There was still a lot of hostility, mixed up with a lot of forbidden desire and that was more than good enough for me!Can't wait to get the rest of this story!!!

  • Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️
    2019-03-11 01:57

    4 Dirty Talkin' Stars!Hailey Reid would divorce her family if she could. One public image nightmare after another, they even hired a company to "get them out of binds." The Horus Group is a team of ex-military hotties, one member assigned to Hailey is Cole Parker. Hailey just wants to work her nice little internship position in peace, but when another family PR scandal arises, Cole is awaiting to sweep in to save her! He disgusts her. She just wants to be left alone but he makes it impossible. Hailey loathes Cole. He's tall, dark, and brooding...and fills a suit to perfection. Their 'relationship' consists of him telling her what to do and how to do it to protect the family image and her safety. He takes his job seriously and she'd just like to disappear from everything Reid Family drama!There's nothing better than a deep seated hatred between two characters to bring out the lust! The chemistry between Hailey and Cole is palpable. As long as Cole stays "bad guy" in her head, she wants to attack him...but when he's being nice, the confusion sets in. Hailey doesn't want the love story; she wants to be f*@ked hard against the wall! When an argument leads to them being alone in an abandoned theater, all clothes bets are off..."When I say you're a distraction, I mean I can't get you out of my fucking head. I wonder what the inside of your mouth tastes like and if you'd pull my hair when I go down on you."And holy mother of dirty talkers! I could've highlighted this whole book!"Your pussy is the only one I want to devour. I want to lick you up and make you scream. Have you come all over my face and then drive my cock so deep you feel my for a week."Hate F*@k ends in a mother of a cliffy so, without further ado, I'll be moving along. This book I'd recommend for readers looking for a steamy story, lighter on plot but still has a decent storyline. I'd tag it "smut" above "romantic suspense." This is a three part romantic serial, with each book (each approx.100 pages) releasing a month apart. The final installment is due out by May 1st. Moving on...For more reviews, follow us at...

  • Arabella ~♡AB♡~
    2019-02-26 21:07

    ★★★ 3.5 Stars ★★★ This kept popping up on my newsfeed, and to be honest with title like Hate Fuck, it's pretty much a given that I am going to read it, especially with a tagline of 'Part one of a three book serial about a bad-ass alpha male and the curvy woman he can't give up.' I'm all about the fairytale, baby.Cole Parker is an ex-Navy SEAL. He and his 3 equally badass friends run The Horus Group which provides crisis management to the rich of Washington DC. It's been 6 months since he first met Hailey Reid, and he has been gruff and aloof with her ever since.Hailey's father has hired Horus to help with covering up their various family scandals, the latest being daughter Taylor caught in a compromising position with the Vice President. Hailey is mortified by the behaviour of her family and longs to remain anonymous and live a normal life."I'm not a celebrity, and I'm not a politician. I'm just Hailey Reid, who had the misfortune to be born into a fucked up family."With Cole's history, he believes that Hailey is far too good for the likes of him and acts like a douche in order to keep her at arms reach. Hailey however, finds him far too hard to resist and the chemistry between them is too powerful to ignore._ _ _ _This is more of an introduction, with 2 more novellas in the pipeline. Told in dual POV, it was good to see what Cole was thinking about Hailey when he was being sharp with her, otherwise it would not have made any sense at all. It ends on a cliffhanger but with only a few weeks to wait, it wasn't a bad one.I enjoyed it and am eager to find out what happens next.Hate F*@k: part two is coming March 24, 2015 Hate F*@k: part three will finish the serial in April 2015ARC gratefully received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Didi
    2019-03-14 22:52

    That was great!! Good story, intriguing suspense and...wait for it: A PLOT NOT OVERRUN BY SEX!!I loved the mystery surrounding Cole, his past is hidden from Hailey and us but it sounds very interesting. I really liked Hailey, she was sheltered almost, but couldn't help being fiercely attracted to uber-alpha Cole. This was hot, of course, and filled with some serious dirty talk, but I'm so glad the plot was strong and wasn't put to the side. I loved this and can't wait for the other two parts! There is a cliffy, but I didn't find it that bad.This is the first novella in a 3 part serial. Part two releases end of March and part three releases end of April...can't wait!!!

  • Christine
    2019-02-26 02:46

    Hot Title = CHECKHot Book Cover = CHECKHot Characters (especially one yummy Horus group member) = CHECKHot Novel = CHECKI think this has just the right amount of attraction for any reader. A first in a hard-ass serial.This serial’s universe revolves around a family deep in political matters, while also being involved in murder, intrigue and many, many scandals. When you need a cover-up and the paparazzi are beating down on your door - Ladies and Gentlemen….Ghostbusters, HA! They can’t handle the shit going down in this novel! Nope, you’re gonna call: The Horus GroupA team of four highly trained and intelligent hardcore guns for hire. They are known as the cleaners of anything and everything political and cover-up worthy – ‘the go-to crisis management team’. Their target, protecting the Reid family from political scandal. Which of course starts the story of Hailey and Cole.Hailey is strong, intelligent, highly motivated and has one helluva curvy figuresque. Try as she might not to get mixed up in her family’s politics and paparazzi this backfires as her attraction to Cole increases. She’s innocent in many ways and has been hurt one-too many times. I love the way the author portrays Hailey’s character. She’s easy for readers to relate to because her emotions and views are realistic. I can try to orchestrate dirty sex with him, or we could just have dirty sex.Her intense attraction to Cole leaves her feeling soo many damn feelings it’s hard not to actually feel right there along with her. In all honestly you can’t help but feel this way when you meet Cole. She knows all about the danger in his life and the danger he poses and hates him as a way to erect a barrier between them. As you can probably already tell it failed. Now on to the man recurring in Hailey’s sexual fantasises:This woman turns me into a simpering idiot. And if she’d have me, I’d give it all up and try to be a better man for her.Cole, Cole, Cole… Where in the world do you start describing a gorgeous hunk of bad-ass like him! He’s an ex-Navy Seal, dangerous, rough, lethal, willing to get his hands dirty and a closet-stoic hardcore sweetheart. As a person protecting the Reid family, Hailey is off-limits. So the next best thing he can do is rile the shit out of her so her claws can come out to play for another round of verbal insults and remarks.I would very much love to hear more about Cole and the Horus group and am glad the author will be writing novels for each group member. Now let’s get down to the SMEXY business!!!WARNING: This novel will definitely cause…Damn still thinking about that raw and intense attraction has me on FIRE! QUICK bring me a damn FAN pronto!That chemistry! It’s so instant, intense and so teasing that everyone will feel something even if it’s just a tiny little small oh or a big ohhmyydamnnn!Personally, I didn’t care about the sex scenes. What I thoroughly enjoyed was the hot build-up. The anger. The jealousy. The passion. The blazing inferno of emotions. The lustful looks. The hot and cold scenes. The holy mother of all things dirty dialogue.I can definitely understand why this novel is labelled as an erotica instead of a romance. There is just too much steamy instead of romance. EndingOnce I finished reading the ending my brain couldn’t comprehend what had happened. So I went back and re-read it and then re-read it again. My whole reaction afterwards…And then the denial stage….What the hell! How could this happen? How could he do that? She’s tried so hard to avoid anything paparazzi and yet the circumstances of what happened will definitely be changing this. You see this is my only complaint about this serial. This is why I HATE cliffhangers because I am still constantly thinking about what could have happened. Sometimes I think I understand what’s going to happen and why it may happen. I am thinking about so many different ways this could go down in part two and each one just gets me even more antsy. However, this just reinstates my belief that certain unique authors can get you to feel this way no matter what genre, what length or whether the narrative is simplistic or challenging.Ms Ainsley Booth, welcome aboard my crazy but nevertheless future-to-reads train.For a short novel this will seriously tease you and throw you around for a couple of chapters. And then when you are at the end and are wanting more it will punch you the shit out!So come on and jump on the f*@king rollercoaster of a ride this serial will definitely be hurling at you.ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-13 04:04

    So it’s pretty obvious with a title like Hate Fuck, I was way interested in reading this. So I went in nearly blind, read a review or two from friends and then decided I needed to read this. Hailey wants nothing to do with the publicity that comes with being a Reid. One family scandal after another, she just wants to live her life, by her own means. But when her older sister gets herself into a sticky situation, it brings Cole into her life.Cole, employed by her father to handle the PR spin of their little oops moments, is a former Navy Seal who finds himself attracted to Hailey. A woman he knows is far too good for a man like him. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting her or taking her if given the chance. I absolutely loved this first installment of the series. What a way to hook the reader! Not only are you given a hot alpha-male hero that is cloaked in a bit of darkness, you also are given some epically hot foreplay scenes that builds the tension to the point where you’re ready to explode. But that is not all, toss in some mystery as to what is really going on and a cliffhanger ending that has you questioning everything! I love these serial series but I also know that it can be hard to pull off the desired effect. This author does it perfectly. As the story unfolds, we are brought full circle on one particular portion while the addition of a secondary storyline is infused to ensure we are craving book two. Meanwhile the mystery that I mentioned before, yeah... that one... that just simmers in the background waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.Hailey and Cole were both pretty easy to like. Hailey, who may seem a bit innocent doesn’t come across as a prude, just a woman who is trying to escape the antics of her family. While Cole, even with his secrets and admissions of not being a good guy, has a heart in there and I have a feeling that when a man like that falls, it’s not going to be quietly or calmly. I cannot wait for part two. I want to watch Cole squirm as he tries to explain his way out of the mess he got himself into and I expect him to use his sexuality to persuade Hailey back into his good graces.

  • Lisa *-* GiViNg It To YoU * LoCk StOcK & TwO SmOkiNg BaRrELs
    2019-03-18 23:51

    2.5 StArsThe word'SCANDAL' regularly follows Hailey Ried's f*cked-up family, which often ends up on national television, and constantly being hounded by the paparazzi.All Hailey Reid wants is REGULAR....REGULAR LIFE, REGUAR BOYFRIEND!!But with all the attention surrounding her family...Hailey's father employs security firm The Horus Group - headed by Cole Parker ex Navy Seal, to deal with the unwanted attention that surrounds them.COLE PARKERCole is assigned to Hailey, with a undeniable attraction between each other and that LOVE/HATE thing going ON....things don't go so smoothly.Unfortunately for me....this didn't tickle my fancy.....and I didn't feel a connection with the characters.In all honestly, I found Hate Fuck: Part One simply....REGULAR, REGULAR, REGULAR!!!OPps diD I jUsT Drop OfF tHen....Yep I diD!!

  • Cristina
    2019-03-20 23:51

    I must warn you that this is the first part in a 3 book serial and if you don't do well with cliffhangers and waiting that maybe you shouldn't read it until all the books in this series are released (sometime in April).Cole is a fixer and damn good at his job. Don't know what a Fixer is? He's the person that rich people call when they screw up or when they need help with something. You're a Politian that knocked up his maid and it's all over the news? You call the Fixer. You're a rich housewife that killed her husband in a jealous rage? You need a Fixer! Cole's also an ex-Navy SEAL, a damn well specimen of a man and despite the fact that she's a clients daughter he wants Hailey...bad...I loved the fact that Hailey is a curvy woman and the author made her proud of the fact that she's a plus size. Not to mention that Cole loves that about her.I liked the hole idea of the Fixer (probably because Scandal is one of my favorites TV series) and I must confess that I haven't read a novel with this plot before. Cole and Hailey have a hate-lust relationship that I enjoyed very much but sometimes that got a bit frustrating with all the back and forth between them. But when they came together sparks would fly and it was HOT :D*ARC generously provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*