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Isaac Asimov's Robot CityEin junger Mann ohne Erinnerung, gefangen in einer Stadt feindseliger Roboter. An seiner Seite eine geheimnisvolle Frau, die behauptet zu wissen, wer er ist, aber seine Identität nicht preisgibt. Wollen sie beide Überleben, so müssen sie einen verrückten Cyborg finden, der unentdeckt durch die Straßen von Robot City irrt.Roboter dürfen weder MenschIsaac Asimov's Robot CityEin junger Mann ohne Erinnerung, gefangen in einer Stadt feindseliger Roboter. An seiner Seite eine geheimnisvolle Frau, die behauptet zu wissen, wer er ist, aber seine Identität nicht preisgibt. Wollen sie beide Überleben, so müssen sie einen verrückten Cyborg finden, der unentdeckt durch die Straßen von Robot City irrt.Roboter dürfen weder Menschen töten noch sich mutwillig selbst zerstören, so bestimmen es die Gesetze der Robotik. Doch welchen Gesetzen unterliegt ein Wesen, das halb Mensch, halb Maschine ist?Zum erstenmal öffnet Isaac Asimov die Grenzen seiner Welt, für die er seine berühmten Robotergesetze entworfen hat. Nach seinen Vorgaben schreiben junge, talentierte Science-Fiction-Autoren außergewöhnliche Abenteuergeschichten um die Stadt der Roboter....

Title : Der Cyborg
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Der Cyborg Reviews

  • Scott Holstad
    2019-02-17 10:06

    This third book of the Robot City series wasn't nearly as good as the first two. In fact, I was pretty disappointed with it. The writer just didn't seem to have it together. Maybe he's a new author. I don't know. The language was stilted and forced. Transitions were left out. It was just bad.In this book, Derec and Katherine are still trying to locate the lost key so they can leave the planet and get to another planet somewhere. However, the robots of Robot City have hidden it in a well guarded location and it's virtually impossible to get to.Speaking of Katherine, Derec learns her real name is Ariel and she's a rich daughter of a famous woman from the planet of Aurora. She apparently has an unnamed terminal disease that, although not contagious, has gotten her banned from her home planet and she has been searching the galaxy for a cure. Since Derec, who is very angry in this book for some unknown reason, and Ariel fight a lot, this new knowledge softens his stance some and he feels sorry for her and starts to take it easy on her.One day, when going through the city's computer, they discover there are three other humans in Robot City. They get excited, thinking these people might have a ship that could get them off world, so they are determined to find them. Meanwhile, a teenager heading to college crash lands in Robot City and nearly dies. The robot medical team doesn't know enough about human physiology to repair his human body, so they create a new robot body and transplant his brain into it, making him a cyborg. Weird how they can do that, but they can't fix his human body, huh? Naturally, he's freaked out, so against their advice, he takes off into the city alone and wanders around. He talks out loud to himself, which is really annoying to read, and he determines that he is the strongest individual on the planet, since he has a robot body, but is still a human and robots have to apply the Three Laws to him. He decides to take over the planet and rule it. Why? No idea. He decides to enlist the two other humans he has found, Derec and Ariel, to help him, so he goes to see them. And gets in a fight with them. Literally. A physical altercation. It's bizarre. He's a very tempestuous individual. He later asks Ariel to have her brain transplanted into a robot body and join him in ruling the world and she actually considers it, thinking this could save her from her disease. How incredibly stupid is that? Jeff, the cyborg, is crazy, so Derec and Ariel give the robots instructions to find him and bring him to them. He is eventually caught and is put under the knife by the medical staff. They ask Derec to get naked and let them scan him. Now they know about male human physiology. Yeah. So, they transplant Jeff's brain back into his old body and fix him up. All it took for them to do that was to scan Derec's naked body. Okay. Whatever. Bad book, as I said. Meanwhile, two of Derec and Ariel's old friends from the first book show up in a one person lander. They decide to send Jeff off to college in it and they would stay in Robot City and continue to search for cures for Ariel's unnamed disease.It looked to me like the target audience for this book was middle school males. At least it was short, a one day read. And I still like the series and will continue to read on. If you're reading the series, you'll want to read this just to know what is happening. However, it's not much of a stand alone novel, so I'd suggest with starting with the first book and going from there. If you're reading the series, I cautiously recommend it. If not, I don't.

  • Ana
    2019-02-03 08:55

    Como es costumbre empezamos con un prólogo redactado por Isaac Asimov en el que nos define a los cyborg, dividiéndolos en dos clases: un cerebro humano encerrado en un cuerpo robótico, o un cerebro positrónico en una envoltura humana.En esta tercera parte empezamos a obtener respuestas, Katherine no es en realidad quien dice, sino Ariel, una joven con una enfermedad incurable que fue desterrada de Aurora por su propia madre, Juliana Welsh, una mujer rica y con grandes influencias.Ariel le revela a Derec que Robot City y los robots del asteroide son obra del doctor Avery, un conocido de su madre. El doctor planeaba crear en la urbe robótica un entorno apto para sus experimentos.Debido a la enfermedad de la joven necesitan abandonar el planeta lo antes posible, pero los robots se han hecho con la llave de Perihelion, la han destruído para así poder hacer réplicas. Y para colmo el ordenador central ha detectado otras tres presencias humanas.Volveremos a ver a Alpha y a Wolruf, mi adorada caninoide. Creo que la alienígena es un buen personaje al que se le coge cariño muy rápidamente, y su poco dominio del lenguaje humano es muy divertido para el lector.También conoceremos a un nuevo personaje, Jeff, un accidente pone su vida en peligro y los robot de Robot City al tener un conocimiento incompleto del cuerpo humano deciden extraer su cerebro para colocarlo en un cuerpo robótico. Cuando el adolescente despierta, descubre que se ha convertido en un cyborg. Aparentemente la operación ha sido un éxito, pero muy pronto Jeff comenzará a perder la razón, poniendo en peligro toda la ciudad, incluidas las vidas de Derec y Ariel.También conoceremos mucho mejor las entrañas de Robot City, su Sistema de Transporte por Túneles que será vital para el cyborg, el Centro de Llaves y el Canal de Vertidos por Tubos al Vacío.En comparación con los dos primeros libros puedo decir que es el más emocionante ya que se resuelven algunos misterios, aparece un nuevo personaje y nuestros protagonistas vuelven a reencontrarse. Pero en cuanto a la traducción en mi opinión es la más floja, quizá porque no se ha sabido captar la esencia de William F. Wu, no lo sé... Aún así es una lectura entretenida y emocionante, creo que merece la pena adentrarse en esta tercera parte.

  • John Loyd
    2019-01-23 13:57

    Isaac Asimov's Robot City Book 3: Cyborg (1987) 157 pages by William F. Wu.The adventures of Derec and Katherine who we learn is Ariel continue. After saving the city and figuring out the death of David in book 2, they decide the next course of action is to find a way off the planet. They begin by searching for the key to perihelion that got them to Robot City, and later they learn of more humans in the city and shift their focus to looking for them and the ship that brought them. Three different authors for the books, but the style is the same. I think they are trying to imitate the style of Asimov, especially the style of his robot stories. They mention over and over First Law, Second Law, etc. It results in a kind of stilted dialog when the humans talk to the robots. It's one of the reasons I think these books could be classified in young adult. I don't have a problem with reading YA novels, they can be excellent. I think that Derek and Ariel may miss some arguments they could make. If they really wanted to get off the planet, they could use Ariel's medical condition and her need to see a specialist (not available in Robot City) as a reason for the robots to help her find a way off back to civilization. Still the book was enjoyable, I like the characters, and the reading goes quickly.

  • Alan
    2019-02-14 12:54

    Derec and Ariel are still stranded in Robot City, but the arrival of another human, fatally wounded, provides a dilemma for the robots and a unique solution. A decent enough story of pursuit and technological intrigue, although the character of Jeff was rather one-dimensional and irritating, and the premise a little too simple for an Asimovian story. However, I enjoyed it and will continue with the series.

  • David
    2019-01-28 13:07

    Tercero de Robot City, se centra en la idea de cómo se comportaría un cyborg entre robots mientras se oculta entre ellos. Está escrito con poca gracia y forzando las cosas, un bajón tremendo en el nivel de la serie. Avanza en un par de detalles puntuales la trama general (y al final incluso de una manera que roza el ridículo, metido a calzador sin más motivo) pero la historia del cyborg podía haberse quitado que no afectaba a la historia en nada. Novela de relleno, sin más

  • Brian Mathieu
    2019-01-21 07:46

    Not a bad addition to the Robot City series, exploring what happens when a human brain gets plugged into a robot body. Not quite as good as the first two books, but not terrible. You can definitely tell that the plot of this whole series wasn't thought out by one person...each author kind of runs with it, tweaking where he sees fit, throwing a plot twist in where it's convenient. I'm definitely sticking around to see what happens to the main characters though!

  • Anita
    2019-01-20 13:01

    My rating on this series seems to be going down. The first book was 5 stars, then 4, and now 3. I'm still hooked on the story and will read the next and probably all 6 in the series. The reduced rating on this book is due to the writing style being stilted in my opinion. This would easily be a novel for grade school. I guess the earlier ones would also be appropriate there. I still love this stuff, though!

  • Mars
    2019-02-04 13:49

    Each subsequent book so far has been noticeably worse than its predecessor - the story started out OK, but Cyborg is just utterly pointless. I'm a little afraid to start #4 now.The plot circles itself like a dog lying down to sleep, while simultaneously doing a fairly good impression of swiss cheese.

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    2019-01-26 11:02

    Another quick, fun read in the Robot City series. This one isn't as good as the first two, but far better than Wu's stand alone novels.I was glad to see some characters from the first story return in this one which will hopefully lead to more development later in the series.

  • Ana
    2019-01-24 13:40

    I don't have a lot to say about Cyborg.Didn't like the writing style. The way important issues that were addressed and the mysteries that were solved felt too forced.

  • Edwin Kort
    2019-01-20 08:06

    3 sterren. vind dit verhaal tot nog toe de minste in de serie.. Het verhaal Was van een heel ander niveau. zeker aan het begin leek het te gemaakt

  • Alex
    2019-02-10 13:45

    This book again takes the Laws as the cornerstone on which to build a nice adventure. The Cyborg idea seems a bit underused though, the implications are simply humongous.

  • Gary Barrentine
    2019-02-05 09:00

    I recommend reading the three books in order to fully appreciate them.

  • Mark Baller
    2019-02-20 13:02

    Nice robot story with the typical Asimov twist