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At a house party in Berkshire...Miss Ivy Barnett was warmly welcomed into society as the American niece of Lord Kendal, but she quickly discovered that the Englishmen she met were no more interesting than their American counterparts. At least, not until she met the straitlaced Earl of Claymere, the most unattainable bachelor in all of England who made it known to one and aAt a house party in Berkshire...Miss Ivy Barnett was warmly welcomed into society as the American niece of Lord Kendal, but she quickly discovered that the Englishmen she met were no more interesting than their American counterparts. At least, not until she met the straitlaced Earl of Claymere, the most unattainable bachelor in all of England who made it known to one and all that he would not marry for at least another decade.No one could have predicted...Claymere had never met anyone like the bold and beautiful Miss Barnett, and her effect upon his senses was dizzying. One passionate embrace led to another, and suddenly, Claymere could not imagine a life without her. He proposed, and she rejected his proposal. A year ago, he would have felt relieved. But not now....

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mad about ivy Reviews

  • J. Kahele
    2019-02-13 09:38

    Enjoyed thisI loved Ivy's character, she's very spirited and sassy. Devereux most certainly met his match with this one. This is why I love historical romance. It gives you the true essence of romance.

  • Deborah
    2019-02-02 14:52

    Lovely sweet little romance.I really enjoyed this little period romance, Devereaux Kipling, Earl of Claymere is nearly thirty but insists he's not marrying for at least another decade but that doesn't stop his mother from trying her best which is how Claymere finds himself at Lord and Lady Shefford's house party, not that it will make any difference his mind is made up he's not marrying until he's forty or maybe even forty-five, even if Miss Ivy Barnett has caught his eye he'll just avoid her while he's here and then he can get back on with his life.Ivy wants to marry for love which is why she's twenty-five years of age and still single, Ivy's American and in England staying with her Aunt and Uncle who have instructions that if she's not settled on a husband by the month's end she's to marry Viscount Lightbridge, a wealthy widower at least twenty years her senior with four daughters already but wanting a son.While Ivy is attracted to Claymere everyone's aware that's he's not planning to marry yet so she really should forget about him but the more time she spends with him the more difficult it becomes, Claymere is also struggling with his growing feelings for Ivy even though he's doing his best to avoid her it doesn't seem to be working very well.I liked both the main characters, actually I liked all the characters and since this is the first book in this series we're introduced to some lovely couples who will go on to have their own books.

  • Kyra Carr
    2019-02-16 11:53

    Mad About IvyThis is the first Margo Maguire regency romance I have read. I promise that it won't be the last! I really am looking forward into the next book in the Berkshire Brides series.

  • Nora
    2019-02-20 11:31

    The ending is really meh ...

  • Laura
    2019-02-18 13:26

    This was a book I stumbled on in my collection and decided to read. I was hooked by the characters and the plot. I can't wait to read the rest of this series!

  • Tracy Emro
    2019-02-16 11:55

    2.5 stars and that is being generousThis novella was very short - too short to be believable. Not only was it short - it was repetitious - if you deleted all the times he said he wouldn't marry before he was forty and all the times he said he would avoid her then this book would have been about 20 pages long Both Ivy and Devereux seem like nice people - but other than being unable to keep their hands off each other - I know nothing more about them at the end of the book than I did at the beginning. Why they fell in love is a mystery to meThe nicest thing I can say about this book is there were not any typos. I will probably read the next book because I have read and enjoyed other books by Ms Maguire and I assume that this book is an anomaly.

  • Patricia
    2019-02-10 10:56

    An enjoyable jaunt I enjoyed the characters in this book. I loved the interactions, and the build-up to the "grand finale". All romances should be happily ever after. It seemed, at times, as if Ivy's family was determined to marry her to a specific Fletcher. Every now and then, though, one of them would say something (easy to miss if you didn't read close) that made it clear Sir Creep was not what they wanted. On the other hand, it took forever for the hero to come through. I almost thought "what is wrong with heroes these days!"All's well that ends well....It's a lovely book with good humor and style.

  • Maggie Hesseling
    2019-01-29 08:39

    Dev changed his mind very fast. I understand that in this case love really struck, but it seems as if putting away all your ideals is the perfect thing. I would have thought that the conversation with his mother would have been the main catalyst for what changed his mind, especially considering how logical it was. Learning from his mother's experience. However, this is covered a little later in the novella with a single line, on seeing Ivy with Lightbridge. I hope that the full-length novel with Eleanor and Beckworth will be more interesting.

  • Missy
    2019-01-20 08:51

    A sweet little read.After a bit of arm twisting by his mother, Lord Claymere agrees to escort her to a country gathering, where she hopes to pair him off. But Lord Claymere has no plans to marry at least for another decade. Those plans go astray after meeting a lovely and charming American, Ivy and he can't help but to keep seeking her out......which leads to passion and unexpected proposal.I liked the helpless passion they feel towards each other and how they both fight it only to fall in love.

  • Julia Morton
    2019-02-17 12:29

    A good startA good starting point for multiple more books in a delightful new series. Bright, well developed, engaging characters engaging in sparkling dialogue... with believable twists in a dynamic plot made all the more enjoyable by adding in a spirited American Heiress and a formerly stuffy handsome Peer of the Realm who never planned to marry except for duty in his mid 40's. l will definitely look for the next book in the series!

  • Tonileg
    2019-02-16 09:47

    Historical romance set in a house party where an American, Miss Ivy Barnett falls in love with the very proper Earl of Claymere but must find someone good to marry before she is forced into one picked by her uncle, Lord Kendal.Cute reluctant romance with a guy that is not looking for a wife and a lady that is desperate to find a husband.71 pages and kindle freebie2 stars

  • Erin Brooks
    2019-02-03 07:28

    Unconscious loveIvy wanted to be married to anyone who has . . . And not . . .Dev doesn't want to marry anyone until a certain age and mimic his parents marriage. But when they are at the same party, things start to . . . And then he . . . And eventually he . . . Which. . .Will they be together or will she be marrying . . . Cause . . .?Enjoy!!!!

  • Angelica
    2019-01-22 07:46

    A good romantic read, but as is the case with stories this short it moved along very quickly in a manner that could have been much more thoroughly developed if a longer novel. But for a quick read this was a good romantic tale well-written and plotted for a period romance with a reluctant eternal bachelor who meets the only woman capable of changing his status.

  • Leticia Sanchez
    2019-01-24 08:42

    Delightful story! Great read, delightful characters. Enjoyed it immensely! Story keeps you engaged and wanting the hero and heroine to be together to the very end. Loved it!

  • Tanesha
    2019-02-01 07:37

    Normally, I dont like this quick paced stories BUT i actually enjoyed this one a lot. I absolutely love period dramas. And, Ivy and Devereaux reminded me of one of my favorites, Pride and Prejudice. Who doesn't love a Mr.Darcy??!

  • Debbie Ehrman
    2019-02-14 06:29

    I enjoyed reading about ivy and the duke would like a little more woman with their own minds and out going wellsI would recommend is book to every one . what a good book this was to read,I enjoyed it from being too end.would like to see a little more woman with their own minds.

  • Florencia
    2019-01-21 06:50

    Beautiful love Story!!!I loved the attraction between the characters, their dialogue, and how the story develops. I finished it in one day, and I cannot wait to read the next books in this series!!!

  • Danielle Velapoldi
    2019-01-31 12:50

    Very good and exciting. Ivy and dev. Like each other and didn't know it. They started knowing each other and fell in love. They planed to get married, but Ivy cousin is having problems in getting marry her self; will she get married?

  • Nancy
    2019-01-21 07:28

    Okay readI thought this was okay, but it was a largely forgettable story with largely forgettable characters. I,m not sorry I read it, but I won't go out of my way to continue the series.

  • Celia Montiglio
    2019-02-03 08:36

    Nice story. Quick read. Loved Ivy and Dev. They made a romantic couple and a good read. Nice supporting characters which made a fast and interesting read

  • Jenika Ioffreda
    2019-02-18 14:42

    1.5 starsFree download from Amazon.Nicely written but sadly romance and characters weren't very well developed. I am not going to continue the series.

  • Karen Darling
    2019-01-27 09:37

    Good, short and free but left you hanging.

  • Peni
    2019-01-20 07:52

    Simple little short story. I appreciated the story was much more tame than I have been seeing lately, especially with regard to current times.

  • Dianne Shawler
    2019-02-05 11:37

    Good readA short story of love. Well written. It has a love scene that does not over do the 'love'. I enjoyed reading this.

  • Elaine
    2019-02-14 07:42

    A well written short story, which I enjoyed very much.The next book in the series looks to be even more enjoyable - can't wait!

  • shirlene brown
    2019-01-25 09:36

    IvyMargo Maguire has out done her self on this story about a man who thought that he was not ready to marry but love does not wait for no one

  • Marci
    2019-02-18 12:32

    This was an okay book. I would not by the 2nd book in the series. The book was very predictable and extremely short. Hate to give a bad review but it was just ok.

  • Bobbie
    2019-02-19 08:43

    Nice enoughSweet short and easy to read tale. Horrible and abrupt end that leaves the reader un-satisfactorily hanging.With this said, still an enjoyable read. Recommended.

  • Corleen McTavous/DeVanya Christian
    2019-02-18 13:53

    Superior qualityThis short story started out stupendous. I wish it was just longer and not rushed from the middle to the end.

  • dawn a. cook
    2019-02-11 11:32

    Waste of time. No real plot. This book is so unrealistic and there is no point to the story. I can't imagine the sequels being any better.