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Joss has escaped the Colonies but her troubles have only just begun. She's wounded, exposed and vulnerable but worst of all, she needs help. And there's only one place she can go to get it. Only one place she can stand to be.With Ryan.Together they'll have to delve into the seedy underworld of post-apocalyptic Seattle. A world of gambling, fighting, secrets and lies. A worJoss has escaped the Colonies but her troubles have only just begun. She's wounded, exposed and vulnerable but worst of all, she needs help. And there's only one place she can go to get it. Only one place she can stand to be.With Ryan.Together they'll have to delve into the seedy underworld of post-apocalyptic Seattle. A world of gambling, fighting, secrets and lies. A world governed by The Hive.But the deeper they sink, the more they'll find that The Hive isn't everything it seems. That even the mighty have someone to fear. Is the enemy of their enemy their friend? Or is there another threat, one greater than the Risen or the Colonies, looming in the distance?*The Survival Series is a spinoff of Quarantined, two books set in the first days of the outbreak as it swept across the Pacific Northwest....

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Backs Against the Wall Reviews

  • Jasmine
    2019-02-07 20:53

    Yes! The story was just getting more and more exciting! I could feel the main character, Joss's anxiety, anger, excitement, troublesome, and worries all at once when reading this book. It's soooo good, guys! Ugh, I think I've said this more than a thousand times just want to emphasize how incredibly amazing the story was! Okay, to begin with, Joss successfully narrowly escaped from the Colonists, one of the most powerful gangs remaining on the zombie-apocalyptic place in the America, as we know from the ending of the previous book, Writing on the Wall. Accordingly, this book started with Joss's admirable bravery and toughness while she fought fiercely against the Risen/zombies with a broken arm. Miraculously, she met Trent, Ryan's roommate and best friend, who stealthily appeared in a dark alley and came to her help. Though it didn't happen happily like that, of course. Trent was a smart guy with few words. That's the reason I sorta love him from the moment he came into my life. “We’re going to go in a side entrance,” Trent tells me, his eyes fixed on mine. I am powerless to ignore him and that stare. “Don’t make a sound. Don’t ask any questions. Don’t leave my side. Do you understand?”“Yes.”“Good.”“Wait.”His jaw clenches for a split second. “What?”“Where are you taking me?”“Inside the den,” he says slowly.“No, I get that. I’m asking where you’re taking me once we’re inside. You’re obviously hiding me, but I want to know where.”“Ryan’s room.”“Does Ryan have a roommate I should worry about?”“Yes and no.”“You wanna take a second and spell that out for me?” I ask, feeling annoyed.“Yes, Ryan has a roommate. No, you don’t have to worry about him.”“Why not?”“Because it’s me.”Apparently, he wasn't that bad as he seemed, at least he helped her get to Ryan. Oh, speaking of Ryan, his reaction when he saw her sudden appearance(don't forget that he knew she was taken for several weeks) was remarkable, making me laugh. “Hey, Trent, you’re back. Where did you go—“ Ryan’s voice dies out the second he sees me. Then it bursts to life again, far too loud. “What the f--!!! How did--?!?!” Try imagining his facial expression, and you'll get what I mean.Since Joss and Ryan were back together, their relationship was the cherry on top for the story. Deliciously beautiful. Not entirely romantic, but I'm glad Joss wasn't playing Tomboy anymore and she did have some girlish jealousy feelings when it came to her boy. “Hey, it’s one of the perks. You get good at it, the women start flocking to you.”I point my finger at his mangled face. “Never again!”He laughs all the way to the bathroom.They were adorable. She was cute and he was even cuter. There were some brutal fighting scenes involving Ryan and prepared-to-kill(Beware of the term! It's "to-kill", not "to-be-killed"!)zombies. Watching him fighting in the Arena like a wild beast(the entire process made me tremble and my palms sweat) wasn't easy for her, let alone he was fighting for her. So...that kinda made her figure out her heart as well as her true feelings, the ones she'd never experienced before, not after the zombie apocalypse. Now I’m wondering what better way there is to make sure it’s never stolen, never taken away like everything else that was ever mine, than to give it to someone. Someone who’s patient. Strong. Understanding. Someone who knows it’s worth so much more than a Benjamin, that you could never put a price on it, that it’s not rare because it’s hard to come by. It’s rare because it’s me. The last of me.It's good to see her finally was willing to let her guard down a tad bit. Because of him. For him. He’s so close, so close. It’s suffocating but I push past it because it’s worth it and I want it. I want this. I want him. I want me when I’m with him, when I’m strong and I’m fighting and I’m trying for other people. When I’m alive and I’m hopeful and I’m not just surviving. I’m living, I’m laughing and I’m in lo—The more you spent time with Trent, you'll realize that he was pretty cool sometimes. Very...altruistic realistic. “Joss, you take the bed. I don’t know if they’ll make good on the promise of other mattresses but even if they don’t Trent and I will be fine on the floor.”“I can sleep on the floor.”“We all can sleep on the floor,” Trent says. “No one is saying you can’t. But it’s not very chivalrous for either of us to take the bed with a girl in the mix.”“So you’re saying we’re all equal, but I’m a girl so I get the bed?”“Doesn’t make any sense, does it?” He shrugs. “Maybe that’s why chivalry is dead. It’s dumb.”Obviously, it was hard not to like him in any possible way. :)At almost the end of the book, they found another interesting place called Elysium, or Heaven, or The Vashon across the sea. The residents there were hilarious despite the fact that all of them were in serious condition, umm... like the risk of being ambushed. Taylor glares down at him. “Were you sleeping?”“No.”“Are you lying?”“Yes.”“Perfect. They could have gotten out. Killed us all in our sleep.”To be honest, it was something more problematic than that, and you'll have to see for yourself in the last book. Which means, Tracey Ward once again left us with an annoying anticipative cliffhanger in the end. In summary, I can't help but recommend this book to those who haven't read it or heard of it. Trust me, it's worth reading.Well, at least for me, it was! Anyway, I'm gonna carve this map in my head for fear that I'll get lost without Joss, Ryan, and Trent later!

  • Courtney Wells
    2019-02-16 20:47

    - I received this novel as an ARC from the author, with no expectations or incentive apart from an honest, fair review. -I was one of five lucky winners who received a copy of BACKS AGAINST THE WALL from Tracey Ward by submitting to a quote contest from the first book in the series, WRITING ON THE WALL. This is not me bragging for being a lucky duck who finally won something but to illustrate that Tracey Ward already has people quoting her from a book she wrote in November 2013 AKA four months ago.For those who are curious, the favorite quote I submitted was:"Don't tell anyone though," Steven reminds me as I take the plate reverently from Amber's outstretched hands. "It's a forbidden pie."That's how I epitomize the personality and appeal Ward has in captivating her audience - she has me quoting random jokes about pie so I can get an early copy of the next thrilling installment in her SURVIVORS series. That alone has sold me this is an author with mainstream potential and I would not be shocked if Ward becomes one of those self-publishing authors-to-watch. Major publishing houses will want her voice and YA needs her sass.Regarding the story for BACKS AGAINST THE WALL, it picks up immediately where the last novel left off and hits the ground running. Figuratively. Literally, our protagonist Joss doesn't have so soft a landing and that sets the tone for this second part as she struggles to keep the promises she made in the first novel while operating severely outside her usual comfort zone as a character. The results are more romance, violence, intrigue, peril as well as an expansion of the premise itself that makes me eager to see what the third novel will bring the readers. And - as always - Ward's wit and banter for even the bleakest of scenarios maintains a gallows humor not always rampant in a post-apoc setting.Truly, a quick/must-read series for zombie fans.

  • Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen
    2019-01-28 21:36

    4 Athena StarsWell, this one went by too quickly and now I can't wait to find out what happens next. Very interesting and I'm starting to warm up to Joss.

  • Kristen Cansler
    2019-02-20 18:31

    Three words to sum up my review:Zombie curb stomp.It was more exciting than this majestic cat on a PB&J. The first book in the Survival Series, Writing on the Wall, was my very first experience with any of Tracey's books. Because of that, this series became my favorite. I was so nervous and excited and all feels/puke-y overload to get this book. As usual, Tracey does no wrong and didn't disappoint.Tracey Ward is pure brilliance at writing series. The little nods that she gave the sister series, The Quarantined Series, made me smile (and weep) with glee. Whenever the part about the girl, the doll, and the Daddy happened, I had to put my Kindle down and have a nice little cry. Tracey did so well with this book. It's everything I wanted and more. I couldn't imagine anything better than what she delivered with Backs Against the Wall. Her writing is omgwtfbbqsauce amazing. This book is full of action. Sit on the edge of your seat, gnawing at your fingernails, furiously flipping (well, swiping) pages suspense. I was hooked from the first chapter. There are so many unknowns, and piece by piece, Tracey begins to unravel the story in an excellent flow. This story will stick with you. What can I say about the characters? They're amazing, even the scum-bags. Joss is one of my favorite main characters ever. She's the perfect blend of snark and broken while being such a fighter. I get easily annoyed with YA heroines, and Joss is such a refreshing break from the norm. Ryan is just a bucket of "can he just live in my pocket, please and thank you". These characters seem so real. They're so well thought out. Their growth over the course of these books is phenomenal. I love them. Obviously, I'm just gushing at this point. I don't know what else to say. I really love this series and its sister series. They're some of my best reads as of late. Please, go read them. I cannot recommend them enough. They're the perfect blend of zombies, romance, and dystopian feels.

  • Tyler
    2019-02-10 19:40

    I preface this by saying that the views reflected in this review are my own very humble opinion. I’m sure other more intelligent and skilled readers/reviewers will provide an in-depth, thought provoking analysis. I’m a simpleton. I read for entertainment. These books were well written, with great world building and believable characters. I found it very enjoyable and I hope other readers do as well.After reading the first book, Writing on the Wall, I was skeptical about this series. As I had stated in my review of that book, I did not like how angry and tough the author had made the main character Joss. However, since then, I’ve had an opportunity to reevaluate my viewpoint. For whatever dumbass reason I felt that Joss should have warmed up to Ryan much sooner and quit this John Wayne attitude; I was way wrong. What Ms. Ward has very skillfully done is create (in my very humble opinion) a real, believable, character (and group of supporting characters). People who’ve watched their family brutally murdered (eaten in this case), then hid from the perpetrators for days on end in the back seat of the family mobile, living off old candy, and using the front seat as a toilet would more than likely get a little f**ked up mentally. While having flesh eating zombies devour ones family is the work of fiction, the damage done a persons psyche by any traumatic experience is very real and cannot easily, if ever, be undone. Having said all of that I loved Backs against the Wall. It was awesome!!!! The story moved quickly and I truly enjoyed Joss’ personal evolution as well as her developing relationship with Ryan. I laughed out loud when Joss admitted to owning lady porn, when Taylor admitted to trying to get laid and then Charlie Bravos Ryan. I thought it was a great read and I’m excited for the next part of the series. To continue singing the books praises, there was no love triangle or insta-love, both of which will cause me to close a book faster than anything. My only hope is that after all of the changes and challenges Joss and the rest of the cast are enduring, I hope Ms. Ward keeps Joss and Ryan together. Definitively. I’m hoping the story ends not with a hint or indication that maybe they are able to be together but full on, yes that are now together. She doesn’t have to get preggers or anything but I’m thinking along the lines of The Hunger Games ending. Tied up and finished very well. I know that’s a pie in the sky ending but it’s what I kinda like to see….i’m weird, what can I say.As for the continuation of the storyline, I have no doubt whatsoever that it will be exceptional. Kudos to you Ms. Ward, very well done.

  • Jenna
    2019-01-24 18:54

    Joss has escaped the colonies now she is determined to the find the Hive to ask for help.But her escape left her wounded with some major cuts and bruises and not to forget a bone sticking out of her skin broken arm. She can’t fight like this not even run away. And even though she tries to block out the pain it still hurts like hell. She does something that she has never done before ask for help. Her savior is none other than Trent Ryan’s friend. Trent is a strange dude but at the same time he is also awesome. Trent takes Joss to his place to look for Ryan.Ryan would be the perfect boyfriend for Joss if she would allow him. He is nice, strong, loyal attentive and a good fighter.Joss is torn for leaving her friends behind in the colonies and now she’s hurt and needs to heal first. In this book Joss's character has grown, she a little bit more social and is trying to open up and let people in. I liked the world building, the fights even the one fight that almost gave me a heart attack.At last Joss, Ryan and Trent take of looking for help from a group they have never heard of before. Off course nothing goes as planned.The ending has a cliffy. Tracey are you trying to kill me?

  • Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews
    2019-01-27 19:45

    I received this book as an ARC from the author last weekend and I could not put it down, finishing it in just a couple of days. What a great book. Once I finished, I thought to myself, "When is the next one?" I need to know how Joss gets herself out of this mess.Joss has to be one of the best YA heroines out there, she is one tough "kitten" and she knows how to kick some Zombie asterisk. She is tormented by her feelings and by promises made. It would be so easy for her to run off with Ryan, forget everyone else and have her HEA, it's what we want for her (but it would make for a lousy story).Trent is new, different, it's hard to see where this is going. Sure he's great in a Zombie Smackdown, but then again so is Ryan. So why is he there? Is he just a "Jiminy Cricket"? Or is there a love triangle in the works?All in all, Backs Against the Wall is an excellent book. I would highly recommend this series to anyone - YA fan or Zombie lover alike.

  • Missy *Am I alive and a reality, or am I but a dream? *
    2019-02-21 20:34

    Thank you really Tracey, this was A-WE-SOME!! I have never thought that I will love a book about zombies, 'cause it's not really my thing... I was curios when I read the first (Writing on the Wall, I wanted to test myself, and it's oh so worth it.I love the whole story it's exciting, I can't really put it down, I wanted to know what's going to happen next.... Oh Gosh, I loved it!!! A figure steps out slowly, emerging from the shadows by dedrees.Tall, blond hair. Kind of gangly. But it's his eyes that I notice more than anything. They're razor sharp, slicing my momentary strong facade to shreds. He sees it. He sees how broken I am. Because he sees everything. So Trent is not as wrong how Joss thought or afraid of him. Joss has escaped the Colonies but her troubles have only just begun. She's wounded, exposed and vulnerable but worst of all, she needs help. Back to Ryan, oh and I loved that part.I think the main reason why I loved it despite of the zombies, the strenght in them, how they fight, that I-wanna-live-and-survive attitude, and you feel it the whole time while you are reading.That's amazing!!! When it's written in the blurb that she is wounded and vulnerable, you feel it in the story.I like both Trent and Ryan too. It's nice how they don't know what's love, because they were too young when it's all started... they only skill is to survive. Not to love or cleave... He's towering over me, probably to intimidate me, but what he doesn't know (what I'll never tell him) is that it's comforting. The other thing what is great, you never know what's next? It's a great journey, unpredictable. I really enjoyed it...My only small pits is it has a Cliffhanger-oh-so-hate-it, I nearly got a heart-attack, and I've turn to the next page and WHAT???? Over???I don't know how much can I wait... ...the lenght of his body running from my feet to my head, I feel safe. Secure. Like I'm open and vulnerable but it's okay because my back... my back is covered. It's against the wall. Against him.

  • Nerdy Chic
    2019-02-13 19:30

    Another incredibly addictive read in the Survival Series. I could not put this book down. Joss is free from the colony and on the run, trying to find someone that will help those in the colonies who no longer want to be in their control. But finding help and gaining trust in this new world does not come easily. She will need the help of Ryan and Trent but along the way, there will be high prices and stakes to be paid. Besides the Risen, they will have to deal with the Hive, which may even be deadlier. I so love the fact that you're in the thick of things like running from Risen and the author still sprinkles the story with laughter. Joss "You were talking about real life and I'm beginning to wonder just what kind of nautical adventures you're reading? Are they the type with half naked women falling over the arm of a shirtless pirate kind of adventure?"Trent "You mean lady porn?"LOL. I love that. I'm not sure I can wait for the summer for this next book. Hugely suspenseful ending. My jaw just about dropped when I realized in would have to wait for the next book to find out how these three are going to survive. The book was action packed throughout. Ryan against the Risen in a cage fight was the best scene! Ryan "A nightmare? Was it about the Risen."Joss "I chuckled darkly. "You mean the zombies?" "Infected?""Undead?""Humanly challenged?"

  • Allie Rashkow
    2019-01-24 20:50

    Oh. My. God. More. More. I. NEED. MORE!!! Holy crap. I thought the first book in this series was heart pounding, breath racing, and all over kill me now with "WOW-ness" but the follow up to "Writing on the Wall," "Backs against the wall" did it even better. We see more "Risen" aka zombies. We see more Ryan. We get another awesome character- Trent- who is an enigma but a delicious one. We get a Wizard (well, not a real one but once you read the book you will understand) and Greek Gods and Goddesses! I cannot fully explain how much this book has, the depth which the story,the places,the monsters,the characters and the emotions which they have and you feel resonate. I have never read another novel like it. You truly blew me away Ms. Ward and that ending, "whew," I almost had a heart attack when I realized I had reached the end. I need more. Now. And the fact that there is no release date set for the next in the "Survival Series" has me chomping at the bit (not human flesh- I said I 'almost' had a heart attack and died but I didn't so no rising again for me!) but keep me waiting much longer and I might! Then you'll be responsible for the end of the world, so when is that release date again? Haha. Good job Ms. Tracey Ward, Good job.

  • Maria
    2019-02-01 21:41

    4.5 StarsTinkerbell or Wendy which one was Joss? After surviving through the colony she needs to find a way to keep her promise to those she left behind. With Ryan at her side can the two find a way to free the colonists and what will the price be to get the man power needed? As Joss learns what it means to have her emotions wide open can she accept that caring about people means more risks than shes used to?Loved seeing more of Josses joureny through this post-apolyptic world and how she deals with her feelings towards not only Ryan but all the other people she's come to care about. Ryan is such a sweetie I loved watching him do anything and everything he could to help Joss and seeing the reward of being patient with her. The story has grown so much from the first book and has evolved in such an awsome way it's great seeing how things are going and I can't read to see what happens next. The humor throughout also makes you enjoy and feel like you're a part of this world even more.

  • Taylor
    2019-02-20 21:52

    My first five-star rating of the year! This book wasn't perfect, but I loved it. So thankful that the next book is already out- I'd be miserable waiting to see what happens.

  • Rachael
    2019-02-21 17:49

    The second book in Tracey Ward's Survival series is every bit as engaging and compelling as the first. The character development in this installment is especially wonderful, and the story is as fast paced as ever.A real page turner with characters you believe in, feel their pain along with them and root for them through to the final page.I'm addicted to these books and I am excited to read the third and final story

  • Alexis
    2019-01-22 20:44

    Another fun edition to this series. I find Joss to be hilarious. However, there were so many grammatical and punctuation errors in this book, it was distracting. It was free though, so I guess I can't complain too much!

  • Stephanie
    2019-02-01 15:44

    Another great book in this suspenseful, kick ass series. Joss, Ryan & Trent continue to fight for their lives & gain unexpected allies. The story was fast paced & kept my blood pumping. Can't wait to see how it all end for Tinkerbell & her Lost Boys.

  • She
    2019-02-11 18:35

    Aww cliffhanger! dang :(5 stars from me! Captivating book :)

  • Suzy (ereaderuser)
    2019-02-12 14:44

    Another really great zombie novel! Non-stop action and fast-paced. Again the little bits of humor throughout were fantastic. I just wish the typos were not there.

  • Manz
    2019-02-20 21:31

    This was actually really good. The action and cliffhangers were addictive and I couldn't put down the book. I think it would be 5 stars if there was a little more balance to how dysfunctional Joss really is. I can see her personality developing slowly, but sometimes I just found myself wishing it would go a bit faster. It was also really amazing how this book tied into the end of Quarantined Series and how you get to meet some of the people in that series. It gives you more background as to what is happening years from that time, and I found it amazing that the author could do all of this so nicely.My memory of the first series was still fresh since I read the 4 books (Quarantined Series 2 books and 2 in Survival) in the span of like less than 2 weeks, so when they mentioned Taylor, I found myself smiling and relived that he lived. I really love the characters in this series, more than the first series. The banter between Joss and Ryan are super cute and funny, and I even love Trent who is creepy as hell but you know he cares. I also really like Trent because he's sort of kick ass... is it weird I might like him more than Ryan... who I'm supposed to like more? xDOnto the 3rd book!

  • Imstillhere
    2019-02-12 18:28

    Ready for heavy action? This book is exploding with so much good stuff that you kinda have to, want to (same thing) read this book in one sitting. With so much sympathy adrenalin rushing through as I read, it would've taken someone with a tazer to get me to put my kindle down!! Fun, fast paced, well edited book. True grit on serious life threatening situations and the perfect amount of mystery. If you like action packed, hold your breath, (love made a chink in your armor but you are still a freaking basass woman). then this is the key to a great pick me me up if you want a break from reality. I promise that after and while you are reading this series you the following: your shower, your diet cheat pizza and bed will make you truly feel like a princess! Yay for drinking water and electricity!! Oh yea, and toothbrushes and flushing toilets, don't forgert toilet paper. That makes me wonder know what they do use in its place. Hmmmm...

  • Samantha
    2019-02-02 21:50

    I am addicted to Tracey Ward's book. This one wasn't quite as good as the first in the Survival series, but it's still really great. It's a necessary middle book and moves the story along really well. The plot isn't predictable at all and we get to know the characters even more. We're introduced to some interesting groups. This is such a fun book to read. I've said it in other reviews, but Ward creates wonderful characters. I can't wait to read the next one! The one negative I will say is that there are several minor editorial mistakes. Not so much that the story is ruined in any way, but I have noticed this in almost every one of her books so far. That makes it disappointing, because it's a pattern that does detract. I'll still keep reading, though!

  • Gwyn Haller
    2019-01-24 13:40

    This is book two in the series. I really love the characters and the story. The second story just had a couple characters that deviated a bit from book one. Still loved it. Book three had me riveted. But I would not skip book two, and anyway, it's a necessary delight.

  • Shannon Hanson
    2019-02-14 13:51

    The way she ends these books is torture! I haven't had a life since I started reading these and I'm not looking to stop until I'm done. I'm hooked I'm stressed. I don't even know what else to say

  • Danielle Thomas
    2019-02-02 17:46

    Great second book in the series. Loved it!

  • Kelly Freeman
    2019-02-19 18:39

    It just keeps getting better and better !!!

  • Raquel
    2019-02-06 20:46

    *I won an ARC of this book on FaceBook. :)*I. Loved. This. Book. :)"It's harder to live than it is to survive, but he's worth it. Going to sleep knowing I tried for the others, even if I'm sleeping in the stables of The Hive, will be worth it."Joss has done the impossible and escaped the Colony she was in. Now back in the wild, she needs to find a way to keep the promise she made and go back to rescue Vin and Nats. After breaking her arm running from the Risen, Joss runs into Trent, AKA the guy with the creepy eyes who helped Ryan take out a deer in Writing on the Wall. Trent takes her to Ryan, and the three of them start the journey to get help overtaking the Colonies. I loved Tracey's Quarantined series. Against the Wall, I thought it was just alright. Actually, I really liked the second half. But Backs? I loved the whole entire thing! It grips you from the beginning and doesn't let go. Not even after it's over. The way it ends...I need the next book like NOW, Tracey!! You get to see Joss grow way more as a person, opening herself up and realizing that even before Ryan, she did in fact have feelings and cared about people. She tough as nails on the outside, but has a 'squishy' inside. "I do trust you. Probably more than I trust myself sometimes and that's scary. I don't like it, but I'm working on it. You've gotta give me time. It took me six years to be this way, it will take more than six weeks to change me." Ryan is a sweetheart. He does everything he can for Joss. Trent is just plain awesome. Sure, he's shifty, and Joss is right to be leery of him, but I loved him. We're not exactly best friends yet, but considering he hasn't killed, molested or sold me, I think we've got a shot at not being mortal enemies. I'm counting that as a win.I loved loved loved the way it all tied in with the Quarantined series. :) (view spoiler)[ I missed Ali and Jordan, and they make a reappearance here! As inhabitants of the island Vashon. But, really, did we expect anything less than the original zombie ass kickers to be members of a bigger zombie ass kicking island? :) You gt a little of what's happened to them since, and why they hate the Colonies so much.(hide spoiler)] I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Tracey has a knack for writing kick-ass heroines, loveable heroes (and secondary characters), and great dialogue! "No," I tell him, shaking my head. "You were talking about real life and I'm beginning to wonder just what kind of nautical adventures you're reading? Are they the type with half naked women falling over the arm of a shirtless pirate kind of 'adventure'?""You mean lady porn?"..."Do you read lady porn?" Trent asks calmly.I pause to cool down, to collect myself and not give anything away. To get angrier is to be too adamant in my denials and they'll never believe me. And they'll know that, yes, I do have lady porn. Sue me!

  • S.T. Williams
    2019-02-07 19:38

    Back Against the Wall is the second installment of Tracey Ward's survival series. It picks up immediately after Writings on the Wall but this time Joss is the stupid decision maker that needs rescuing, and who better to come to her aid then Ryan's sharp eyed bestie Trent. Mangled and broken Joss manages to survive and make it back to her home and to Ryan, but now that he has brought back her ability to feel emotional and compassionate she feels obligated to uphold the promises she made in the colony the promise to try and procure a rescue team and come back for her new friends. She manages to throw herself along with Ryan and Trent into a whole mess of dangerous situations trying to obtain help on her mission and ends up almost getting them all killed in the process. In writings on the wall I noticed that it was Ryan not Joss who made the stupid choices that lead to their inevitable conflicts, I kind of hated him for it but I was so in love with Joss and all her bad ass cynicism that I let it slide. But now I feel like it is Joss making the poor decisions and Ryan being the realistically cautious one...well Ryan and Trent. This second installment definitely downgraded Joss slightly in my opinion, she went from bad ass take no shit sarcastic heroin to sniveling girl with daddy issues who blames other people for her own actions. Sure she takes responsibility for the things she has done and the choices she made that seemingly forced the hand of others around her but she doesn't really man up. She holds her breath and shakes while still patting herself on the back for the disciplined action of not screaming in terror. Basically she still has a decent set of balls but I'm not exactly sure where her brain went and honestly it's disappointing. Non the less the intriguing storylines, beautiful world building and the complexities of having so many unknown forces at work is still enthralling. I finished this book in a matter of hours, I didn't want to put it down and probably wouldn't have if it weren't for the dying light on the battery of my kindle. I look forward to reading this series conclusion and as I just now realized this is a spin off of another series one set at the beginning of this zombie plague I will probably try to check those out as well.

  • Donna
    2019-02-03 20:54

    This is fast becoming one of my fave all time dystopian reads. Yes, there are zombies in this one too, thrown in for excitement and danger, which there is plenty of anyway in this story. Watching Joss evolve and learn how to deal with all types of people is an adventure in itself. She has spent all her teen years alone and afraid to trust anyone. That is ingrained in her and hard to overcome in a world where you really can't trust anyone. She has found feelings inside herself she never thought she would feel, never new existed for her. This series reminds me a bit of Legend, with all the politicking involved, but in this case trying to get the various factions organized to take down the giant faction. The heroes in this case are Joss, Ryan and Trent. Yes, Trent has grown on me for sure, even though he seemed a douche in the beginning. I finished this late last night and immediately jumped into the third installment, Tearing Down the Wall. This story will grip you and take you on a wild ride. It is well written, good world building, adventure packed and has a little romance thrown in. I especially like the location in Seattle since I lived there all my adult life until moving to northern California almost a year ago. The map shown in each book shows areas where the various factions are and I know those areas. I can picture the scenes. Oh, and I absolutely love Crenshaw. What a great character!If you like a really good dystopian story with a a bit of romance, and some zombies added in for more excitement and danger, this is the book for you.

  • Melissa
    2019-02-21 15:52

    Oh my god, this series is seriously kicking ass! Dare I say I am lovin it way more than the original featuring Jordan & Alissa. Now that's saying something cuz those two books were soooo good. So, truly think Hungie Games crossed with Walking Dead and we have the Survival Series! So many great elements here especially with Writing on the Wall, I think Tracey Ward is a frickin zombie-rific genius and really standing out as an author. The style really keeps the pace of the story moving, the plotlines are exciting, just couldn't stop reading. The character dynamic was fantastic - Joss, Ryan and Trent truly were the perfect blend to carry us through the novel. I found myself disliking Joss at points in the novel, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Her character sketch makes sense in a lot of ways and I don't prefer the easy, likable character whenever I read. Keeps life interesting, but just saying that the uber-bitch, narcissist isn't really the tits for me. I felt the same way about Katniss but it in no way stopped me from ravenously reading about her and her plight. Same goes here. But back to the apocalypty goodness. Taking place 10 years after the outbreak I did wonder what life would possibly be like in this universe and could Ward write that would hold my interest. What I didn't expect was to be sucked in so deeply into the story. Wicked job! I just hope Tracey means the 3rd installment will be released the very 1st day of summer at the earliest possible hour because I gotta know what's gonna happen next!!

  • Kellie
    2019-01-27 18:35

    ***spoilers in review***I will start out by saying that I really enjoyed this series; I especially enjoyed the first book. that being said I was disappointed with how it ended. I feel like the end of the third book was kind of rushed and I was left with a lot of loose ends and a whole lot of questions since there wasn't a epilogue. there is definitely a sunny outlook on what could potentially happen after Westbrook was brought down (and maybe that's the beauty of not knowing; you can imagine whatever you want) but there was a lot I was still wondering about. what did vin find at the MOHAI and he take it back successfully? did Andy and the cannibals get out of the tunnels with the land mines going off at the southern colony? if they did, are they going to fight vin for the MOHAI? what was the story with Westbrook? we got a description of him but we never got to hear from him in the story and I think that would have solidified the story against him, to the reader, if we could've seen the crazy in action. and many more. maybe some of this could be put into a novella. again, really enjoyed the series and recommend it, but I think the ending could have been wrapped up a little better.

  • ☆Joycedale☆
    2019-02-12 17:39

    Wow just wow. I can't believe I actually put this off for 2 weeks, what was I thinking? Joss is escaping the when she runs into Trent who helps her get to Ryan. Trent turns out to be an awesome and loyal friend. I just love him, he's so weird and intense but it works for him. We get to follow them as they try to help Joss keep her promise to her friends in the colony. They go to Crenshaw then the Hive then an island (view spoiler)[where Ali and Jordan are (That's right! Surprise there's characters from the Quarantine series. BTW Jordan is mine noone touches him) with their daughter. (hide spoiler)]The great part of this book is hearing Joss's thoughts as she realizes she's no longer the loner hardass she's always been. She's opened herself up to caring for people and is falling in love. Ryan obviously loves her and I think Trent cares a lot for her too. She of course still struggles with it and has freak out moments. It ends on a heck of a cliffhanger but if anyone can survive its these 3 working together.