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Asa and Callie had nothing in common. He was an Ace, raised in the club and loyal to it above all else. She was a high school student with braces on her teeth and a narrow view of the world. They should have never crossed paths. But when Callie decides to defy her parents, and Asa goes on an errand for the club, their lives collide. He saves her, and she mesmerizes him. ThAsa and Callie had nothing in common. He was an Ace, raised in the club and loyal to it above all else. She was a high school student with braces on her teeth and a narrow view of the world. They should have never crossed paths. But when Callie decides to defy her parents, and Asa goes on an errand for the club, their lives collide. He saves her, and she mesmerizes him. They part believing they’ll never see each other again. Neither could have predicted the chain of events they’d put in motion. Now the two have to navigate the dark waters of a relationship built on tragedy and need without drowning in guilt for things outside their control. How do you love someone when the worst decision of your life was the reason you met them? Warning: This book contains graphic language, sex and violence. It is meant for mature audiences....

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  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    2019-02-07 21:22

    4 Jailbait Stars*Spoilers*“Holy fuck, Romeo. You decide to play fuckin’ knight in shining armor, and the bitch you bring home is jailbait.”“I know that, too. But whatever the fuck this is, it’s strong. She’s mine. She’s been mine since she crawled across the floor and grabbed a hold of me at that party. It just is.” -AsaWhat do you get if you add pedobear, Chris Hansen, and the Maury show? Craving Redemption. Naw I'm just Kiddin'. Kinda.“Let me finish. I want you like hell on fire—I see you bending over to put shit in cupboards and my dick gets so hard I can’t fuckin’ think straight. But, baby, I don’t wanna fuck you up worse than you’ve already been fucked. Shit is crazy for you right now, and you’re sixteen years old. Sixteen. I’ve known sixteen-year-olds that live with their man and they’re happy as hell with that life—but those girls came from shit lives that they were trying to get away from and they were more grown up than most middle-aged men. That’s not you. Less than two weeks ago you were fuckin’ grounded for staying out past your curfew. You had parents that loved you and coddled you.”-AsaI didn't read any reviews before starting Craving Redemption. I loved the first book so much that I didn't even bother. So I didn't know what to expect, but it so wasn't a love story between and 16 year old and a 20 year old. As I was reading I kept thinking this should probably offend or upset me. Yes I should definitely be upset over a story about a 20 year old man dating a 16 year old girl with zits and braces, but I wasn't. As a matter of fact that damn song "Young Girl" by Gary Puckett kept playing over and over in my head the whole time I read the book. “I get that you’re scary, and you could probably snap me in half,” I told him seriously, “but she isn’t yours, she is mine. You gave up your rights. She wants you out of this room, and I don’t care how you feel about that. I also don’t care how I have to get you out of here—I may have to knee you in the balls and drag your crying ass into the hallway, but you will leave this room.”-Callie to SliderI loved Asa. If I was 16 and he came knocking on my door I would have been all over his bearded biker ass. He was such a hero , stepping up saving Callie, protecting her, and providing for her. Asa was sexy as hell. I melted at how respectful he was to Callie's Grams. I loved Callie. She was so brave. I love that she felt so real. Her fear, her anger at the club, the way she clung to Asa, are ways I think anyone would act after living through what she had. I loved that she was sassy, sarcastic, and had the backbone to tell big scary bikers just want she thought. I could relate her and her choices. “I love you,” he murmured into my mouth. “Best thing I ever did—taking you outta that house. I’d change a lotta shit that came after if I could, but even if I did, we still woulda ended up right here where we are now.” He kissed me hard as he laid me down on the bed. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered as he softly rubbed his thumb back and forth below my belly button. “What’d I do to deserve you?” “You saved me,” I whispered back.-Asa and CallieOops damn song get outta my mind....... N E Ways I really enjoyed getting to see how they met and fell in love. I thought Callie and Asa were sexy as hell together. Their relationship for the most part was very sweet,and a little taboo. I adored Gram , and I really liked Cody. I have to say I really don't care for the President of the MC, Slider. I would love to punch him in the balls. Although I loved the walk down memory lane of Callie and Asa's love I was shocked that almost the whole book is said walk and not in the present. I felt the ending was super rushed. I felt cheated that I didn't get to see more of their present day story. Still a very good story just disappointed with the ending which is why I gave it a 4 star instead of a 5. Below I leave a few of my favorite quotes.“Westerns?” “Really? That’s all you got?” “Are you sixty-five?” “Shut the fuck up.” “Do we need to get one of those denture containers for you to put your teeth in at night?” “Callie…”“I think we need to go a few aisles back for something like that…wait, do we need to call AARP and make sure they’ve got your change of address?”-Callie and Asa“I don’t think you’re hearing what I’m saying to you. You’re the only one who calls me by the name my mother gave me, Callie. The only one. You say it when you’re frustrated, and when you think something’s funny, and when you’re coming all over my hands.” My breath caught at the fire in his eyes, and as he shifted against me, my heart started to race. “You can be pissed as hell at me, call me a dick or an asshole. You can scream at me, throw shit, and stomp around the house.” He nuzzled my neck as he spoke, and my hands lifted involuntarily to his hair to anchor him to me. “But if I hear you call me Grease again, I’m going to spank your ass,”-Asa“Tell me how much you love me.” “More than my bike, less than my dick,” -Callie and Asahttp://jessicasoverthetopbookobsessio...

  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    2019-01-28 16:26

    Who the hell rated this book already?! I mean honestly! C'mon people!How do you rate a book that doesn't even have a publication date?Gah! Shit drives me nuts!On a side not, YEY book 2!I am practically SALIVATING for this book! SALIVATING I tells ya! I'm already prepping my excited pervy dance for when we get a little more info a pub date?

  • Jennifer Kyle
    2019-02-20 14:50

    4.5“You belong with me” StarsI’m so glad I gave book two of this series a shot because this story was so much better than the first book of this series. Callie and Grease’s story starts when Grease walks into a party to find a beautiful young girl drugged who is sporting purple braces (I loved the braces). He is propelled to not only save her but to claim her as his own.”I lost everything in one single night and I didn’t understand it.””Part of me had wanted to stay with her and take care of her, and the other part of me wanted to just get back to where my fucking world made sense.”Callie has to grow up quickly in this book when she survives something horrific and Grease steps up to claim her and take care of her. The two have such an epic love story.Their story was not only believable but memorable. Even amongst Callie’s horror, her youth and the distance between Oregon and California. I loved their scenes together, I love Gram and I just loved Grease’s pov. ”Tell me how much you love me.”“More than my bike, less than my dick,” he answered with a straight face.”All Grease has ever wanted is for Callie to come to Oregon but high school, jobs, messed up best friends and jail time all keep these two in a long distance relationship. I just loved Grease’s pov especially his jail time scenes. I thought the author did a stellar job on his feelings through this incredibly hard situation.”I was missing goddamn everything. I wasn’t fucking ready. I just needed a little more time. Just a few more goddamn minutes. Holy fuck. It couldn’t be over already.”Overall, the author developed a story that spans a good number of years while taking Callie from a teen girl to a woman. The writing and the connection that the author delivered totally worked for me and I was invested in this couple the entire read. My only beef is that the ending was way too abrupt and just not enough for the journey.”You’re my family,” he mumbled, kissing me and then rubbing his lips down my neck. “You’re everything.”

  • Brandi
    2019-02-06 15:46

    4.25 Personally, I enjoyed this one much more than the first book. Asa 'Grease' and Callie's story started out really strong. A sheltered 16 year old with braces and loving parents, and a 20 year old biker. They have nothing in common, but one night, they cross paths and both of their lives are forever changed. The first half of this book was perfect, a unique love story formed from chaos, I was deeply invested in these two. And while the second half was good, it lagged at bit at times, and things wrapped up a little to nicely at the end. With the majority of this book taking place in the past, I would have loved to have more of this couple in the present. But, overall this was a great read for me. "Tell me how much you love me.""More than my bike. Less than my dick."

  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    2019-02-04 21:32

    4,5 STARS "It’s all going to be okay, darlin’. Everything’s gonna be just fine now. I’ve got you, sweet girl. I’ve got you,” Such an amazing story!!So far this is the best book in the series!!I think this book is more than just a MC book.I loved the way the characters match together till the end!!This story will leave you feeling happy,hot,angry, frustrated, excited and shocked .I give it 4,5 stars because I have a problem with the ages if you consider that Callie is 16 and Asa 20 years old.But apart from this everything else were fantastic!!The story starts with Callie partying at the wrong place the wrong time..Lucky for her Asa will be there and he will help her.This story focuses on the relationship between Asa and Callie and the circumstances following an unfortunate event.I liked Callie, for her age she is a great heroine!!I don't know what I have done if I were her!The things she is going through..OMG poor Callie.. I'm in love with Asa..This man...He isn't perfect but with his behavior and the fact that he loved Callie so quickly he make me feel more and more in love with him. Their relationship is different from they have to live for a long time distant from each other.I liked so much their relationship which is hot,heartbreaking and so sweet!!!Definitely one of my favorite couples!!If you haven't read this series yet and you are looking for a new series with MC please check this!!!

  • Patrycja
    2019-02-14 14:44

    Title: Craving RedemptionSeries: The Aces #2Author: Nicole JacquelynRelease Date:21st February , 2014Rating: 3 starsCliffhanger:. No HEA:(view spoiler)[ Yes (hide spoiler)]Craving Redemption was not what I hoped and wanted it to be. After fabulous start in The Aces series and me lusting toward Asa almost from the beginning of Craving Constellation I hoped it would be mind blowing. I wanted to be mind fucked once again and feel completely hypnotized by Jacquelyn’s storytelling. Unfortunately, the follow up novel in The Aces series left me unsatisfied and a little bit heartbroken.I’m so sad to say, that Asa and Callie’s story seemed boring and cliché in comparison to the heart racing MC romance that Jacquelyn has pulled in Craving Constellation. While still it had very promising and sexy bits it was dull next to her wonderful debut novel.Callie is a teenager with braces and lots of teenage drama. She’s your usual sixteen year old feeling rebellious and irresponsible. Wearing skinny shorts and tight tee she feels like she’s able to take over the world and the party with ‘grown ups’ she shouldn’t have been near. But here she is getting drugged. Asa is a badass biker in Aces MC. He’s doing some serious business in the same party Callie is at, and he rescues her from getting raped. The night has serious consequences though – Callie’s parents are murdered and she’s in danger. Asa decides to protect her. I found myself bored pretty quickly – I was very frustrated with Callie and her childish behavior. As for most part of the book she’s a silly little girl that needs to be protected. Sigh. I can’t say I liked her much. She was getting on my nerves very often. Especially when she acted all high and mighty toward Asa. I didn’t get why Asa could have such strong feelings toward sixteen year old girl in one night too. It was like the only thing that connected them was ‘hero complex’. I know that Asa wasn’t much older than Callie, but they were not on the same maturity level and they didn’t match at all. It was weird seeing them together. Overall, I needed more. I hoped for fireworks like on New Years’ Eve and I only got ones similar to the fire on birthday candles. FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON: ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Alpha Possessive Heroes
    2019-02-01 17:28

    3.5 DAMNATION STARS!Craving Redemption is one of the books that I've been anticipating this year.. so that being said, this pains me but I'm going to post a mini rant and give a low rating for this book.I'm not put off with their age difference, In my opinion it's pretty damn hot that they met when Callie was still at a young age with braces and all. lol! I even fell in love with Grease aka Asa. He's alpha, loveable, fuckable, lickable.. typical MC hero that makes you want to dry hump the legs.What else do I like?.... sadly, that's all that worked for me. Now I'm off to rant.Basically 90% of the book was mostly their history! WHAT.THE.FUCK?!So the prologue was gripping, it started out pretty intense. It's the present day and we see Callie pissed about her brother getting shot and she blamed it all in Asa. Then Chapter 1 up to fuckin 75 (or something!) was all about their past journey, retelling how they met, fell in love, how they dealt with the issues.. yada yada! There were a lot of things going on that wasn't even gripping or angsty. MC problems, stupid best friend issues, long distance relationship issues and add up a whining heroine.. Cassie and Grease together? I felt the connection but they were mostly apart. I didn't like the whole long distance thing going on, specially when the reason was nonsense! I loved Grease but he spent mostly away from Callie, only visiting once every six weeks and I'm supposed to believe that he was faithful to her? And to point out that while they were apart, they hardly talk on the phone too.. so yeah. This pissed me off.I could go on and on but my point is- I felt like there were a lot of unnecessary issues that the author focused on and topic that she over looked.After reading the prologue and the long ass build up story, I was ready for some intense reunion! Around 90% of the book I started to panic as there were only few pages left! I was like "omg! It's going to be a cliffy!" but then voila! The author did the easy way out of "I'm sorry. I love you. The End..." Once again. WHAT.THE.FUCK?!Did the author ran out of ink or paper? just sayin'..I get that the author wanted a solid background with Grease and Callie but she pretty much focused on it.Overall Craving Redemption has so much potential. I enjoyed Cassie and Grease love story better than Brenna and Dragon but I'm just completely baffled on how the author executed the whole damn book. A cliffhanger would have been much better than giving your readers an ass ending!Will I read the next book? Maybe.Next story is going to be Farrah and Casper and to be honest, I don't give an F about them. Farrah ticked me off in this book and Casper was.. not so memorable. sigh.. I don't know how the author will work these two together. Oh well.Sorry if I came off pretty hard in this review. I'm just heartbroken and pissed. This is just my own opinion and well.. I basically do not have any filter- I type in what I feel so please do not get offended by this.I'm glad that a lot of people liked this book though. So yeah.3.5 Stars and this is mainly because of Grease.

  • DKristin
    2019-02-05 17:40

    Okay, so this one gets a solid four stars from me. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it going back into the past and then working its way back up to the present. Sometimes you read books where that is done well and other times not so much. I really liked Callie overall, but dear Lord that woman made me want to punch her in the face more than once! I was happy to see her get help at one point in the book for the things that she experienced and I'm glad that it was in fact helpful for her. I thought that she and Asa wasted so much time it was really sad to an extent. But as for the story in and of itself. It had it's smoking hot moments, it had it's crazy only in the world of bikers moments, and it had a bunch of stuff in between and through out that made me laugh, shed a tear, or sit up straight and say WTF?!? I'm more than excited to get Caspers story next!!! :D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I'm this darn excited.....Because it has a name and a blurb!!! Prologue:

  • Harper Sloan
    2019-02-17 21:45

    OMG! So good! So so good!!

  • AJ
    2019-02-17 19:36

    So unexpected, so many feeeeeeels, and I freaking loved it! 4.5 starsI loved this book! Absolutely loved it! It’s technically a biker book, but primarily it’s a love story and Callie and Asa’s journey is an intensely emotional ride. The love story is beautiful, but it’s hard, and it’s not all happy times, but I was riveted the whole way through.The book begins by replaying the final dramatic scene of Craving Constellations when a mysterious girl (Callie) barges into the MC compound waving a gun around and screaming. Biker, Grease, jumps in to soothe her, and the connection between them even during this short and intense interaction, absolutely sizzles. The story then shifts back five years to give us the heart-clutching story that led to those dramatic events. Callie is a rebellious 16 year old, out at a party when she runs into trouble. She is rescued by smokin’ hot biker, Grease, who looks after her and sees her safely home – where we get to see him as sweet, protective and respectful Asa. But that one brief interaction brings Callie into Asa’s world and the consequences are life-shattering. When Asa once again comes to her rescue, the bond that they started to form is solidified into something incredibly deep.“You’re okay, sweetheart. You’re okay. Just hold on, I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.”Feeling strangely territorial over Callie, Asa realises the danger that she is in, so he steps up and claims her, vowing to look after and protect her. He whisks her away, setting her up somewhere safe and laying the foundations for their life together. She was mine – and goddamn if I could change that.This is not a conventional relationship. I know that a lot of readers had an issue with Callie’s age, and to be honest, I initially did find it a bit skeevy. When they get together, Asa is 20 and Callie is a 16 year old high school girl with braces on her teeth. She is still 16 when he claims her as his old lady, and most of the action takes place when she is 16 - 18. She is not innocent, although she is naïve in some ways, but the events of the story force her to grow up really fast, and accepting that this is a different world with different rules helped me to accept it. I thought that the issue of her age was handled well - the feelings between them are obviously there from the beginning but they don’t rush into a full-on physical relationship. There is kissing and touching, and even though Callie isn’t a virgin, Asa holds back and allows things to build naturally (although be aware that she is only 17 and technically under the age of consent for California (where she is living) when the sex starts - so if that sort of thing bothers you, you'll probably have issues with this book). But it’s very clear that they care deeply for each other, and I could accept all that was happening between them. I thought it was an amazing love story! Sure, they both make mistakes, but they are young, it’s the first relationship for both of them, and they are living in dangerous world under extreme circumstances so I wasn’t expecting it all to be sweet and fluffy. But through all that they face, they never deny their feelings. Their love for each other is strong, and they find their own way to be together and create something special. “Tell me you love me,” he growled … “Tell me you’re mine.”“I love you,” I sobbed back, wrapping my fists in his hair. His hips paused, leaving him only halfway inside me before he ordered again, “Tell me you’re mine.”“I’m yours. I’m yours!” I pleaded, sliding one hand to his shoulder and digging my nails into his back until he slammed back inside me.“That’s right, baby. You’re mine and I’m yours.”The story is told from dual POV, but it’s mostly from Callie’s perspective. We see all that she is going through, and then get to see Asa’s response to that, as well as how he is dealing with things between them. And the way that he is there for his girl is absolutely beautiful! Of course he is fiercely protective of her – he has been from the start – and that continues throughout the story as Callie is faced with drama after drama. The timeline jumps a little bit, with a strong focus on the early years of their relationship, and some of the later years are skimmed, but I actually really like the flow of the story and the way it was put together. The whole time I was reading, I kept thinking back to that prologue and was waiting for the story to catch up to those events. I figured it would come about halfway through as we’d see what led them to that point, and then spend time seeing them resolve everything afterwards, but no! That moment is really the finish to it all. The real story is everything that happens before that. I was surprised but I think it worked really well. My heart hurt wondering how they were going to get to that dramatic point, but I loved the way it all unfolded! There is nothing stupid that tears them apart, they just keep getting hit again and again, and they deal with it the best that they can until circumstances outside of their control drive them apart and things become an absolute clusterfuck of heart-clenching devastation. OMG, it broke my heart! I cried more than once watching it all happen, but there are also some beautifully sweet moments in there and their continued love for each other, even through all of the drama, is absolutely beautiful.“I love you,” he murmured into my mouth. “Best thing I ever did – taking you outta that house. I’d change a lotta shit that came after if I could, but even if I did, we still woulda ended up right here where we are now.”He kissed me hard as he laid me down on the bed.“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered … “What’d I do to deserve you?”“You saved me,” I whispered back.The thing that annoyed me the most about the story was... (view spoiler)[ Callie’s refusal to move to be with Asa. They spend five years living a 10-hour drive apart! A 10-hour drive that she never makes, but Asa travels to her when he can. It puts so much pressure on their relationship, and they both suffer when they are apart, it’s heartbreaking! I get why she initially needed to be close to her family and then be there for her best friend, but it went on for so long! Especially with events later in the book! It’s unnecessary angst, and actually ends up being the contributor to everything that happens towards the end of the book. Callie needed to step up and be there for her man like he’d been there for her since the very beginning!! OK, rant over (hide spoiler)]. But I do have to say that the excessive drama and the stuff that they have to deal with adds to the story, and the way that they deal with all of the fallout is what makes this book so amazing!Like with the first book, the MC doesn’t form a huge part of the story. It’s the world that they live in, and definitely influences the lifestyle that they have, and the characters that come into their lives, but the actual goings on of the club is very minor, with most of the focus being on the relationship between Asa and Callie. So technically, you could read this one as a standalone as there isn’t a huge amount of tie in with Craving Constellations, but I wouldn’t recommend it just because that such a great book. There is also a fantastic introduction to the next book. I loved the way that Casper is introduced into the story. It was such a surprise, but really clever. The sparks are already flying, and I think it’s going to be another messy one, but I’m looking forward to it. I loved this book! It sucked me in right from the very first page, and I was captivated the whole way through. I laughed, I cried, and I was fanning myself at all of the hotness. It wasn’t always an easy read, with Callie and Asa having a bumpy road to travel with lots of shocks along the way, but I thought the story was beautifully told. I wasn’t ready for the story to end when it did, and I would have liked to see some more of them after that ending, but I figure (and hope) that with the characters of the next book so closely tied in with them, they’ll form a big part of that story.Fantastic – 4.5 stars.

  • Kj
    2019-02-04 14:23

    2.5 Disappointing StarsLet me start by saying that the first book in this series, Craving Constellations, was my favorite book of the year last year. It completely blew me away and left me dying for more. I couldn't wait to get this sequel. There is a sad thing that happens when you love a book so much and then the sequel comes out and you feel like someone has deflated your balloon. It's just a bad feeling and I hate it. If I think that another book in a series will ruin that series for me I normally will procrastinate. Unfortunately I didn't do that with this book and right now I have that deflated sad feeling.This book was written so weird for me. It starts out with Callie coming to the Aces clubhouse to find her brother Cody after she receives word that he is injured but then runs into Aca instead. There is definitely some weird vibe going on between Callie and Aca at this point in the book but then the book starts to flash back. The entire book is past tense except the very beginning and the very end, like literally is the last couple of pages, yes the END! During these flashbacks (I'm not even sure that's what you call it since it's the entire book aside from the first and last chapter) we find out how Callie and Aca met, how they found love, and how they lost that love. This part of the book seemed extremely dragged out and long winded. There were some details that I could have lived without such as how small Callie's bras were getting. The whole bra thing got on my last nerve. Who CARES???? Mention it once and drop it. We all get that Callie was too fucking stupid to go out and buy a new bra!Without giving too much of the story away, the ending was just totally abrupt. I really didn't think the story was going to be resolved at all. Since the characters had spent years, upon years, apart I expected a little happiness at the end. Like maybe a chapter or two but no we got a couple of pages. IF THAT! Can you tell that I'm totally pissed? If not read on........As for other characters and the upcoming installment of this series I regretfully have concluded that I just don't at all. I assume the next story is about Cody and Farrah but guess what..........I don't care. Farrah is Callie's best friend and she's a totally fuck up. We saw so much of her past that I just don't see her story being able to tell me much more that I want to know. I know she will end up with (view spoiler)[Cody (hide spoiler)] and for what it's worth......I don't really care. I didn't care for him either. He was the most boring creature in this entire story. I couldn't find the love for him anywhere. Basically he came, he went, he called, he ended up with Asa doing something totally out of character. From college to crime I guess.....smh. I have to give this author credit, that wasn't predictable at all. Ok so I'm being a crab-ass about this review. I just feel like this book sucked the life right out of me. I hate giving bad reviews. I know these people pour their heart and soul out into these books for us and I guess the first one was so fantastic that this story had no where to go but down. It just doesn't compare to the first book. I can't say that I won't read the next book in this series ever but I will say at this point if it came out today I wouldn't be able to get my clicky finger excited enough to do the deed. Maybe I will wait until the reviews are in on the new installment before buying.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-01-20 13:39

    2.5 StarsI've been impatiently waiting to get my hands on Craving Redemption since I finished Craving Constellations, Dragon and Brenna's book (LOVED Craving Constellations). This is a weird review for me because I couldn't put Craving Redemption down, but there were parts I had to skim through because I was just uncomfortable reading them, as well as the last half of the book seemed rushed.Callie is a typical sixteen year old girl, sneaking out and pushing boundaries that her parents set. Twenty year old Asa is a member of the Aces MC. One night he walks into a party Callie has snuck out to go to and ends up saving Callie from what could have been a really bad situation, little did they both know the events of that night would tragically change Cailie's life.Asa immediately feels protective over Callie but knows he has to leave her, he is too old and experienced for her. Events occur that bring Asa immediately back into Callie's life and leads them on a roller coaster ride of heartbreak, emotional ups/downs, tragedies and finally happiness.Craving Redemption starts where Craving Constellations ends, then the flashback immediately begin, throughout the book Asa and Callie went through incredibly hard times, times that would break most people. The story was really good, Asa had good intentions and Callie was a strong young lady. I loved seeing Dragon, Poet and the crew. BUT for me, after all the drama Callie and Asa suffered throughout the years the ending was rushed. I also felt there were a lot of holes where the story just jumped from time frame to time frame towards the middle to end of the book.What bothered me the most was first half of the book was mostly about Callie at sixteen and seventeen years old and her relationship with Asa. Honestly, I felt icked out reading about a sixteen/seventeen year old's full out sex life with an adult, it kinda made me feel like a perv, so I skimmed those parts. . I mean HONESTLY I NEVER EVER again want to read about a sixteen year old girl with pimples and braces giving a blow job to a twenty year old man, yes I skimmed it but the mental damage has been done, what was read cannot be un-read. I was very disappointed because it took until 95% in the book before we get to present day and their story pretty much ends at about 96%, the rest of the book is setting up book three. I would've like more of present time with Asa and Callie. That being said I did read it all in one sitting hoping that they jumped back to present day sooner than they did. I won't re read this one but I will read Craving Constellations over and over again. I hope the next book is more present day based, I'm just not a huge fan of reading a book where a large part of the story has YA age characters. If you don't mind the sixteen/seventeen year old angle, than I think you will enjoy this book a lot.

  • Melissa ***BITCH, I'M READING!***
    2019-02-01 17:41

    1/1/14 I read on Facebook today that this should be published within the next two months!!!woot woot"So... Like I said before, Callie is 16 and Grease is 20. I've heard some concerns about the age difference, and I'm going to apologize in advance if that is a trigger for any of my readers. But... That's them. The story is pretty much writing itself at this point and I'm just along for the ride.Their dynamic would be different if Callie was older. Their story would be different.So, I'm not going to force a change.Because that's not how I write- and you'd end up with a shit book."- Nicole Jacquelyn FB

  • ✿
    2019-02-15 19:33

    2.75-3 stars!! TEASER ALERT!: "I brought her out of the shower and dried her off while she stood there quietly, but thankfully she moved her arms and legs to help me get her dressed. Taking a bra off was something I’d mastered at sixteen, but getting it on was a hell of a lot harder. I felt like I was squeezing the circulation out of her tits as I wrapped it around her chest, but she didn’t make one noise in complaint so I soldiered on and finally got her shit together.It only took about ten minutes from beginning to end, but by the time I was finished I could feel sweat soaking the armpits of my tshirt. Jesus Christ. I was not cut out to be nursemaid to some comatose girl—but I couldn’t stop myself. I needed to take care of her. She was mine—and goddamn if I could change that. I needed to get my fucking head checked."

  • Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads
    2019-01-28 13:43

    4.25-4.5 - OMG! I cried so much reading this. Lordy. That was super intense. I seriously love the way this author writes. Asa and Callie broke my heart and stole my heart. Man. Reason for the 4.25-4.5 stars instead of 5 stars is because the ending felt rushed. Other than that. WHAT. A. FRIGGIN. INTENSE. READ!!!!!!!

  • ReadingBetweenTheLines
    2019-02-08 17:36

    Okay .. so .. Craving Redemption .. How can I sum up this FANTASTIC book?!?!"I'll probably cry." "I'll probably weep and lie in bed for hours and feel like my heart is being ripped from my chest." "But I won't change my mind."Yep .. that's pretty much it .. THE BEST MC BOOK I'VE READ ALL YEAR!!!Life isn't cupcakes and rainbows. We don't always meet our soul mates under the best of circumstances. Sometimes life is just screwed up. It doesn't make sense. The world has no rhyme or reason. It's just .... painful .. and terrible ... and scary ... and beautiful.The beginning of Craving Redemption starts off where Craving Constellations leaves off, but takes you on a journey showing you exactly what lead to this point. I'm not giving you no juicy details .. I'm not gonna tell ya how unbelievably sexy and wonderful Asa is .. I'm not gonna tell ya how strong and loving Callie is ... I'm sure as heck not gonna tell you that I forgot to cook my kids dinner because I was stuck in an Ace's clubhouse watching this all unfold .. I can't tell you things like that .. you just gotta read em for yourself.There's no lie when I say that I'm a slut for anything remotely to do with an MC book .. Give me an alpha biker, a sexy as sin motorcycles, a strong heroine that fits that hero just perfectly, the rules and traditions of a club .. i'm sold .. I don't even have to read the synopsis.This author .. I've read two of her books now .. and I'm completely hooked. The writing is exceptional, the story line is fantastic, the characters are REAL, the sex is hot without being overly sexed and the little things that make you think. I'm 100% in love with this author. Not too many biker books these days can bring something new and exciting.Of course, there's similarities with other MC books .. it's the only way it's a plausible book. But not every story line needs to be the same. A biker can be Alpha and adore his woman. A heroine can be broken and battered but at the same time so courageous and strong. This story will leave you angry, frustrated, gutted, happy, squirmy, excited, shocked and finally fulfilled ... I'm so glad Nicole trusted me enough to give me an advanced copy. It's truly been an honor to have read it ... because God knows I've not been patient.I cannot wait to see what Nicole gives us next .. it's bound to be wonderful. This author is BORN TO WRITE and if she ever stops, it's going to be a very sad day in the world of writing.This Chick gives Craving Redemption by Nicole Jacquelyn 5 out of 5 Dropping to my knees, chest on fire, I'm not read, I'm not done yet, I need more effing time, I wasn't effing ready for this book to end stars!

  • Michelle [Helen Geek]
    2019-02-01 19:27

    02/23/2014 --Overall Rating = 3 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb / Book Title = 3 / 3 /5 = 3.5 StarsWriter’s Voice = 3 StarsCharacter Development = 3.5 StarsStory Appreciation = 3.5 StarsWorth the Chili = 4 Stars -- [$2.99 on Amazon]Smexy [HEAT] Rating = Moderate443 pagesAgain, this author surprised me. She has gotten quite a bit more polished since the last book and kept the story moving really well. I had a few issues, I'll outline below, but overall, well done.What things stood out for me in this one?1 -- The characters we good. I liked Asa. We didn't get much of his backstory and so therefore, I felt like he could have been developed a bit better. We got quite a bit of Callie and I thought some of it a bit farfetched. Overall, it worked well enough. It kept me engaged and reading through to the end.2 -- I thought she did a fairly decent job of incorporating the Motorcycle Club theme through the book. So many times you really only get a cover with a picture and are told XX is part of an MC. In this one, we see some of the interaction and the hierarchical dynamics. Most of the story was about the relationship between Asa [Grease] and Callie, but we got enough of the MC theme to feel like it played a part in the overarching story.3 -- The secondary characters were good. They weren't huge players in the story, but were there enough to know the author worked hard to keep them "top of mind" and used them to enhance the main characters and the larger story.4 -- I think the title of this book fits really well. The synopsis [back of book blurb] and the cover are okay, but the title is perfect.Okay, now for the things I didn't think worked so well or could have been better:1 -- Callie's backstory. Here is this girl who is supposed to be a "bad girl" and is at a party where she is drugged and eventually "saved" by Grease. Okay, she is 16 with braces. Asa sees this when he watches her crawl across the floor to him. They have purple/pink band things ... He's showed up at the party to send a message and there is violence, but he takes her with him. She didn't look like she fit in with the other people at the party.So ... this is a gang thing, and of course, to get back at Grease, they find where she lives and end up killing her parents. I didn't think Callie's age fit. The whole 16 thing didn't work for me. I felt a bit uncomfortable by her relationship with Grease at the beginning. Then, we have my next issue ...2 -- The way the author chose to elapse time in the book. She really hops forward quite a bit. We move along, and along, then, it happens very suddenly. You lose track of the months and years. The book transpires over 5 years but the events and the time elapses make it seem so much longer and very confusing. I gave up trying to figure this out and just decided to take the author's word for it. However, it didn't work for me. I think this could have been planned better, but I also think the author should stick with something a bit simpler. I'm not sure she has the talent to pull this off. Simpler would have worked just as well and you don't have such an opportunity to lose your readers. I'm actually giving a few points for the attempt. However, if I see this happen again, I won't. I think this is just sloppy planning and/or lazy writing. Or, it could be a writer who just can't get a more complicated plot developed?3 -- At the beginning you get why Callie lives away from Gram and yet not with Asa. You understand it. In the beginning. However, as it goes along, this explanation/reason loses its power and then it is just stupid. I'm sure it was maintained for the story by the author, but this is where there could have been more development on the "away" for the sake of ... Not sure why she chose the age she did for Callie in the beginning. Not sure why Callie couldn't have been home for a college break. Why she had to be 16. I keep coming back to this. Just doesn't make much sense - upon reflection.4 -- Callie's mother is a Mexican/American. You think the author will pull out some of the cultural differences and play this up a bit in the book, but she really doesn't. I think this would have been a really nice element to have played up a bit, but she didn't go there. Maybe she thought she would and left her options open, but I felt disappointed. She introduced this but didn't do anything with it. A shame.I enjoyed this book more than I did the first one. The characters are what made it for me and you can tell the author worked to improve her skill this go 'round. I'll read others in the series, if they appeal to me and I see reviews from people I trust. This level of writing may be as good as it gets for this author. Only time will tell. Why do I say this? My experience has been, by the second book, you know what you can expect. This is a 3 Star read. Very average; not particularly bad, but, not great either.Happy Reading!!

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-02-06 21:26

    4.5 StarsThis book was awesome. I really enjoyed Asa and Callie's story. I know some people had a problem with Callie's age at the onset of their relationship, but it didn't phase me at all. Right or wrong, I thought it was hot. I mean let's be real, I knew a lot of 16 year olds hooking up with way older guys when I was 16. It's just real life.This was actually a 5 star read for me until about 90%. Then it just fell apart. You know when a book has major prologue foreshadowing and then the story builds and builds and builds toward how we got to that prologue, ending in a blazing explosion of awesomeness? Well this book built and built and built and it was awesome...until the explosion of awesomeness I was expected was totally ripped away and replaced by a half assed deflating balloon. Color me sad.Anyway, up until that point I was enthralled so 4.5 Stars. Can't wait for the next one.

  • Tough Critic Book Reviews
    2019-01-30 17:35

    What you once thought was an exception ended up being just as awesome as zebra cakes….Nicole Jacquelyn set the bar way over the top with Craving Constellations (The Aces #1). I had gone into it with absolutely no expectations. I don't even remember how the hell I found it. Accident? Fate? I was drunk? Somehow it ended up on my kindle, and bless the drunken accidental fate that brought it there; it astounded me. I loved it. It was so much more than just an MC book. This was so much more than just an MC book. Craving Redemption hit my expectations in a head on collision that had me completely captivated; alluring me into yet another beautifully raw story that managed to be equal parts chaos, love, pain, and heart. It was no longer enough for her to need me. I wanted her to be willing to fight for me.I'm not even what you would consider an MC fan. With the exception of Madeline Sheehan and Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley, it's just never been a go-to genre for me. Never something I seek out. Could it be? Have I found another exception? The Aces have somehow created a MC fixation. Like a box of Little Debbie zebra cakes, I ached for more. This is the exception. Nicole Jacquelyn does MC her own way, and it's perfect.Tell me how much you love me. More than my bike. Less than my dick.This book was so close to five stars, so close. The first half was so damn good that I was on my way to making my five stars have an orgy with each other just so they could create more stars. It was that good. The second half was good, great even, but the plot did become a little stagnant there for a bit, and I was truly hoping the author would have fast forwarded to the prologue a lot sooner than she did. I wanted more time with the resolution. Regardless, I loved this book and am so caught up in this world that the author has created that I cannot wait for more. Bring the more!!READ ON!Read my review of Craving Constellations (Aces #1 ) of me at: http://www.toughcriticbookreviews.blo...

  • Julia's Book Haven
    2019-02-05 19:27

    Simply amazing! A must read for biker romance lovers!

  • Kari
    2019-02-01 16:32

    3 starsI was really looking forward to Asa and Callie’s book but it didn’t meet my expectations completely for a couple reasons.(view spoiler)[The heroine, Callie, is a naïve 16 year-old for 50% of the book. She faces a lot of difficult dramas, including her parents getting murdered and being the target of a gang, but she’s still basically a kid and of course acts like one. Days before she meets the hero, she was getting grounded by her parents and had a curfew. The hero, Asa, is 20 so the age difference itself didn’t bother me. But the author mentions her braces (repeatedly) and the pimples on her chin, and I kept imagining a young teenage girl, not a young woman. So a lot of the time I just couldn’t picture her with a badass biker hero, who is sweet but is in essence a full-grown man. I don’t understand why they clicked at all, she sounded like a childish teenager for the most part.In addition, most of the story is about their past, how they met, how they got together, blah blah. For the first half of the story I didn’t feel I was reading a biker/MC book which is what I expected. I was reading a story about an adolescent with teenage dramas and insecurities who falls for a guy in a MC. And this guy and his group of friends rescue her -or inadvertently mess up her life- at every turn. This is not necessarily bad but it wasn’t what I wanted to read so for the most part I was simply frustrated. The second half of the book is better in the sense that we finally have a more “grown-up” heroine even though only a few years go by. The ending was abrupt, and I didn’t care for the secondary characters either, mainly Callie’s best friend. We finally jump to the present day (5 years later) at 95% of the book and for me personally it was too late. Which is a pity cause the actual writing was very good. (hide spoiler)]

  • ZARIA (Sheldon Cooper lover)
    2019-02-12 13:40

    Asa and Callie had nothing in common. He was an Ace, raised in the club and loyal to it above all else.She was a high school student with braces on her teeth and a narrow view of the world.If you like MC books I wouldn't pass on this one. It is enjoyable just be prepared for a bit of a rushed romance. Be warned though, this one had its really hard moments for me and there where parts I wanted to say WTF…..16 year old girl with acne and purple braces is having a sex life with a 20 year old man.That however doesn't mean I didn’t enjoy this story.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-01-23 20:27

    I really like this author. I was a bit on the fence with this one though. Usually I love when books start with the characters are young but this one bothered me. I think it's because I expected a certain amount of the book to be about them meeting when they were young and then picking up when they were adults and the story developing from there. Instead the story started with the present then flashed back to their meeting and continued in a linear fashion from that point telling the entire five years straight through to where the story started and then it ended. There was actually nothing to the story left at that point. It was basically the end. Hmmm....

  • Karen111
    2019-01-27 20:43

    Contains Mild Spoilers**************Callie is a sixteen year old high school student, who ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She's rescued by twenty year old Grease, who's a member of Aces MC, and when her world falls down around her, he's the one she turns to. Grease feels a strong attachment to Callie, and wants nothing more than to protect her. The lines are somewhat blurry between them due to her age, but Grease needs to get her out of her hometown due to ongoing issues, and so he sets her up in an apartment. In between setting up home, there's some serious stuff going on in the background, and we're constantly being told that "things are about to kick off" between Aces and a rival gang, and that's why Grease's presence in Callie's life is erratic.**************OK, so I loved the first book, Craving Constellations, and was so excited to start reading this, the second book in the series. What I will say firstly is that the book was very well written, was well edited and I loved the dual POV's. But more importantly, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Grease (aka Asa).But I found the whole thing a bit long winded and draining. I won't say I disliked Callie, because I didn't. And I get why she was so insecure and scared and needy. But God, she was hard going. It seemed that Grease could do no right by her, no matter how much he did. He had great patience with her, which endeared me to him even more. And are we supposed to believe that Grease was faithful to Callie over the course of the five years, with months sometimes going between seeing each other? This was definitely skirted over by the author. I'd like to think that it was only Callie for him, but I find it unbelievable.Farrah, Callie's best friend, was somewhat annoying to me. She was loud, selfish and immature, yet she seemed to have a big hold over Callie, preventing Callie from moving to Oregon to be with Grease for a couple years!!! Why couldn't Farrah have moved to Oregon with them?! I wanted to boot both Callie and Farrah so hard up the ass and tell them to grow up!Also, the first almost 30% of the story was based in Gram's trailer, and the bulk of the other 70% was based in Callie's apartment. So at times it felt claustrophobic, and I just wanted a change of scenery. And the epilogue was too short and rushed, despite the rest of the story being dragged out.But, having said all that, I enjoyed it enough to finish it - I really needed to know how Grease and Callie ended up. There were plenty of heartstrings moments, especially when Will was born, and the circumstances surrounding that time. Also the events leading to Callie leaving town, and the couple of really hard times Farrah went through were tough going.Good read. Could have been executed better, but I will read the third book as I'm enjoying the series overall.

  • Michelle
    2019-02-05 14:22

    Callie is just sixteen years when she made a decision that would change her entire life. She never imagined that as one man entered her life, it would result in two leaving it forever. Asa "Grease" was born into the Ace's, heading to San Diego was suppose to be a simple run - but simple becomes complex as he stares down into the eyes of a girl that is about to change his world forever. But when your lives are built on need and guilt, the weight can be enough to shatter your soul. The story begins in present day, as Callie is rushing to the Ace's compound after her brother Cody is shot. But as she creates a scene of chaos the man that once saved her takes hold of her... then we flash to the past. To the events that lead to this moment. In a flashback to the past we see the events that set into motion these two meeting - falling in love - falling apart. There were parts of this story that I absolutely loved while some parts left me wanting just a little bit more. Before I dive into Asa, let me get Callie out of the way. There were times that I wanted to shake this chick, but given that she was just sixteen when this begins I was able to let go of most of my frustration that began to grow as the story progressed. I am not sure why my heart failed to break for her, but I didn't really get too invested in her and her story. I think that fact is what kept me from being able to bump this to a five star read. But Asa, yep. Pretty much perfect. I could not help myself from falling for this biker. He brought tears to my eyes when he was losing everything. Even when the guilt he felt wasn't staring you in the face, you knew it was there and it just tore you to pieces. He made this story. From the way he just held her and let her be in the moments after the tragic loss at the start of this story - he wormed his way into my heart. When he saw his world falling through his fingers, I was breaking with him.There was part of me that although I enjoyed the story of their journey - I wanted to see more of their future. I got to the end and was a little let down that it was suddenly wrapped up and over. All that build up, the loss, the happy times.... and then suddenly it was over. I am hoping that we'll bet plenty more of these two as the series continues. Nicole Jacquelyn's series takes your typical MC read but gives you a focus on the story - on the characters. I am looking forward to Cody's story and hopefully getting more of Callie and Asa.

  • Lisa
    2019-02-12 15:35

    2 Disappointed Stars! I'll get right to the point as to why I gave it such a low rating: For one, having to wait until the 95% point before the MC's FINALLY are together was ridiculous. I loved Asa from the very start. He was a take charge alpha type with a huge heart who just wanted to do the right thing under the circumstances. I ran thru a bucket of emotions regarding Callie by the time I finished the book and can safely say in the end I strongly disliked her. The circumstances that brought Asa and Callie together were sad and you just knew it wasn't going to be an easy road ahead for them but it just kept going and going and going and going. Basically I was skimming parts because it was all starting to sound like the same argument again and again. Callie's behavior was worth more than one slap to the face! I kept hoping something would move this story along but it never happened. The ending seemed So rushed that I felt like the author ran out of time or something. (view spoiler)[I wish Asa would have pushed for more from Callie after her confession of love at the very end. He was extremely forgiving after all she put him through with Will. (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>

  • Daydreamer
    2019-01-26 21:41

    For more reviews & awesome giveaways, check out our blog !I really LOVED the first book in this series (Craving Constellations) and I was eager to read the follow up installment!The book begins and you're thrown basically where book 1 left off... Then you're thrown to five years earlier and you basically experience this relationship from the beginning. I really enjoyed reading this book but after about halfway I found myself frustrated because I wanted answers! I was dying to know what was happening in the "present day". Unfortunately it felt like it took forever to reach it and when it finally did I was sort of like... Is that it? It might have been my fault because I built it up too much in my head I guess. Either way I love Nicole's writing style and she's basically on auto-buy for me. I hope she continues to write about the Aces MC.

  • Tate
    2019-01-28 19:34

    image:loved it even I thought the story will go differently it was nice surprise to have it as it was...image:and the ending was bit raw and quick but then again there was no meet to prolonged but still felt I missed something...image:well, shit.. can not wait fro casper story...but am I hope about his choice of lady? nah, just need to wait and see..image:

  • Jenny - TotallybookedBlog
    2019-02-04 21:47

    4 Brilliant – we love Asa – StarsJenny: Well, Craving Constellations knocked our socks off didn’t it G and so we were hanging out for Grease’s story in Craving Redemption, finally getting to it this week. Okay, I have to get this out there before I can begin to move on…..Grease/Asa….dear lordy mcmordy I am in love with that guy. His endearment and his love for Callie had me seriously swooning and his alpha protective ways had my heart racing. Oh…and he had a way with words hehe“Tell me how much you love me.” – Callie“More than my bike, less than my dick.” – AsaGitte: Seriously Jenny, I am in LOVE with Asa a.k.a Grease. Absolutely loved him, all the way through, right till the end and beyond. This guy was biker perfection! He was a hard arse who had passion, love in abundance, his protective instinct was spot on and he was funny, articulate and HOT. You couldn’t ask for more!!! I too loved EVERY minute reading Craving Redemption, I was hooked all the way through and cared for every single character and the story line blew me away, it was that addictive. It was LUSH and a pure reader indulgence!“You’re so fuckin’ beautiful it almost hurts to look at you…” AsaJenny: Nicole Jacquelyn certainly writes an amazing MC book that’s for sure. She has her own style and manages to bring the perfect blend of the alpha yet sensitive male to stories. Asa/Grease was such a deep and beautiful character. He was strong, alpha, protective and possessive yet he conversed without the need for one syllable grunts, and as much as he spoke his mind and could be a bit of a dick on occasion, his love for Callie was without question and he was never afraid to express that love to her verbally and physically. And those endearments…..sigh…….I want to be his Sugar….Gitte: Yeah I have to agree, in a sea of biker books, this Author manages to tick every single box without falling into the trap of crudeness; over the top alpha speak, one dimensional characters and crass situations. She does have her own style and I for one bloody love it!Jenny:Callie was a sweet 16 year old, complete with braces (which was so adorable by the way) when she meets 20 year old Asa under some pretty dire circumstances. Callie has a hero worship for Asa after he saves her not once, but twice. There were times when Callie would at times appear a lot older, but the author would soon remind us of Callie’s youth with her bratty tantrums and it brought to light the fact that here was a young girl, thrown into a situation that was beyond comprehension and heartbreaking to say the least.Gitte: Yeah, at first I thought uh oh….Callie’s only sixteen. However, at no stage did this make me uncomfortable nor did I find her annoyingly young or think twice about the four year age gap between her and Asa. Rather, my heart melted, this sweet girl with braces; rebelling and finding herself caught up in a tragic and dire situation beyond her wildest imagination. If anything, this poor girl had to grow up really fast. Sure, she showed her immaturity at times but it was endearing and feisty and true to age and situation. And wow, did her relationship with Asa make my pulse beat frantically, as well as sigh at the true romance which laid at the heart of this story.“Stay where you are sweetheart and keep quiet, I’m coming to get you”Jenny: I loved that Asa and Callie’s story was told over the span over 5 years. This way, we were able to experience Callie and Asa’s relationship from inception, through the years and eventually leading up to the climax, which brought us full circle to the start of the book. Those early meetings with Asa and Callie….wow! They were intense. Gitte, there was THAT on particular scene ……it was so real that you felt every heart stopping, tragic moment. It broke my heart. There were times I would get frustrated with their living arrangements and wanted them to really take a moment to sort through their crap, but once it all came to a head, I understood why they acted and made the decisions they did. Callie, and Asa to a degree, carried such deeply imbedded scars that had to be dealt with in their own time and it was heartbreaking to witness.‘…just like that, she completely shattered my fucking life.’Gitte: I loved so many aspects of this story and the five year time span was definitely one of them, as we followed and grew with the characters, specifically Callie, and saw them evolve. We experienced everything with them from the moment Asa and Callie met till the story had indeed gone full circle. The journey was obstacle ridden; full of tragedy, frustration yet also, passion and romance. I think at times I forgot to breathe because I cared so deeply for the characters and the hell they found themselves in at times broke my heart. If only we could have spent longer with them!“You’re my family,” - Callie“You’re my everything.” – AsaJ&G:Well, it’s pretty clear that we loved this book. Nicole Jacquelyn did it again and provided us with a story that took us through the complexities of first love, loss, grief and pain all against the backdrop of a rough and tough MC Club, and she did a stellar job. We were there every step of the way and became completely invested in these characters. We shared their pain, their loss, their struggles, their happiness and more than anything we shared their love.‘…..I still loved him with an intensity that bordered on madness…..’While Asa tried to find a balance between his club, his brothers and the strong love he felt for Callie, Callie was looking for total commitment, feeling The Aces was an obstacle and the cause of their problems, but what was between them ran so much deeper and their raw and tender story was told with emotion, passion and humour…oh and yes…the heat factor…whoa!!!‘The thought that he could be taken from me at any time ran through my mind on a constant loop. I started to hate the club he belonged to.’The build-up and the execution of Asa and Callie’s story was superbly brought to life and we were enthralled through every pulsating minute…….until we got to the end. After being so heavily invested in these characters, the ending felt very rushed, leaving us feeling short changed. It was as though we were treated to a lot of “before” and not a lot of “afters”. We got to about 80% and panicked that we were running out of time to spend with “present day” Asa and Callie. We held out hope that the epilogue would provide us with the closure we so desperately needed to experience with our couple, but we have to say it was a disappointment also. It absolutely breaks our hearts to say that after what was an engrossing and wonderful story.‘It was no longer enough for her to need me. I wanted her to be willing to fight for me.’But…..that doesn’t mean it impeded on our overall enjoyment of the story, it simply means that had the “afters” been explored more comprehensively and the epilogue been more involved, this would have been, without hesitation, a 5 star read for us. We simply needed more! Asa and Callie’s story had us transfixed and this author has certainly cemented us as one-click fans! We can’t wait for the next Aces story, we’ll be one-clicking in a heartbeat.ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

  •  B.E.Love
    2019-02-08 17:34

    ** this book was deleted from Goodreads for some reason so I wanted to re-post it.Oh my gosh I loved this book and I don't mean that it was a great book blah blah blah no I LOVED THIS BOOK! It blew me away it was gut wrenching and beautiful and a book that will stay with me for a long time. This book was nothing what I thought it would be I kept waiting for the shoe to drop after reading the end of book one and the beginning of this book, I actually had to put this book down for a minute because I started getting so anxious, and it still blew me away. This book was so beautifully written, my heart broke for Callie and Asa. When I thought they couldn't go though more more was piled on their lives. I do wish that we had gotten a longer epilogue crap after everything they had been though I wanted more happy and a glimpse into their future, so I really hope we get that in the next book.Callie was a typical teen one night she sneaked out of her parents house to go to a party with a friend. Callie quickly found herself out of her element when she saw the people at the party. After drinking a drink Callie started to feel funny and tried to leave only to be stopped by a guy who wouldn't take no for an answer. Asa thought he would be in and out but everything quickly turned out of hand when he walked into the party to collect some money to find a young girl with the man he planned to meat with. It was obvious that she was too young and that she didn't want to be there. When Asa went to help her everything got out of hand and Asa found himself taking Callie with him to keep her safe.Neither knew this one act would change their lives in ways no one could have guessed. Men seeking retribution came knocking on Callie's house and Callie's parents were killed. Life changed that night and she found herself not able to trust anyone but her grams and Asa. When Asa Claims Callie he made sure he would keep her safe this time. Now Callie and Asa find themselves together and very quickly falling in love, but because Asa lives out of town they have to make due with calls and visits. Soon that isn't enough for either as they grow more in love each day but one tragedy after another prevents them from being together completely.When Callie finds herself pregnant they couldn't be happier. On the day they planned to learn the sex of their baby Asa is put in a situation that yet again throws them for a loop. Now Callie isn't sure if she can be with Asa and she is resenting the MC more and more. When someone who should love Asa comes storming back into their lives Asa and Callie may not be able to work it out because one of them may not make it out.This book left me raw, I cried so much through this book. I loved Callie and Asa. I have never read a book where the hero and the heroine deserve a happy ending more than Callie and Asa. Their story was so beautiful the power of their love and strength left me breathless. I loved Callie's grandmother she was an amazing woman who loved and took care of her family. I can't wait for book three, I will be reading it the second it's available. Callie was so strong and resilient, most people couldn't live though all she had been through, but she didn't just survive she learned to live. Asa may be my all time favorite hero, he loved Callie like very few heroes I have ever read about, Callie was his from the moment he saw her and no one else would ever be Callie. I fell so in love with him, he made stupid mistakes and then when he realized what he had done was willing to tear the world apart to make it right with Callie, and when he knew she needed to heal he waited for her so they could be a family.What really surprised me was Slider, I really liked him in book one but after reading this book I don't like him at all. It will be really interesting to see if he redeems himself in the next book because I know he will have a big part. Nicole Jacquelyn is a genius she blew me away with this book I loved book one but you can really see her growth in this book. I think she is going to amaze us as we see her grow in her writing and this series continues. I wish I didn't have to wait for book three I feel like all books will fail in comparison after this book, and I'm going to end up spending days trying to find a book that won't suck after this one. This is a must read for anyone who loves romance, to not read this book feels like a crime, gah I really hope I don't have to wait long for book three.