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At eight o'clock in the evening, 24 December 2007, Pinewood Military Installation exploded. The blast ripped apart acres of forest and devastated the remote highland valley where the base was located. No official cause was given for the incident. Inside Pinewood were 185 male and female personnel--a mixture of scientists and soldiers. There were also seven teenagers. ThisAt eight o'clock in the evening, 24 December 2007, Pinewood Military Installation exploded. The blast ripped apart acres of forest and devastated the remote highland valley where the base was located. No official cause was given for the incident. Inside Pinewood were 185 male and female personnel--a mixture of scientists and soldiers. There were also seven teenagers. This is the story of their last day . . . Bunker 10 is a high-octane thriller perfect for fans of video games, science fiction, and television shows like 24....

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Bunker 10 Reviews

  • Shell The Belle
    2019-02-04 20:08

    Four Confusing But Very Intriguing And Well Worth It In The End Stars!*ORIGINAL REVIEW*A very good book. Only bad thing though is it is supposed to be aimed at the young teen market, but it is very confusing in places, and although all is explained eventually, I think younger readers would not be able to keep up and would find it too much hard work, to confusing, to remain interested. *UPDATED REVIEW ON 14 APRIL 2014*Having had a rethink on this, I upgraded my review and my star rating from 3 stars to 4 stars because, actually, this is a very good book indeed. I realised this when my 13 year old was asking me about it having found it on my bookshelf and she had read the prologue. She asked question after question about the prologue etc, and the more I told her to read it because it would all become clear, the more I realised just how good I thought this book actually was. Yes, I still think it is confusing in parts, in fact there were times when I thought there must be a printing error and there was a another story misplaced here, but you know what? I think the Author INTENDED that to happen, because it all made complete sense as the book went along!It might be a little confusing for the younger reader, but then again as it is aimed at the teenage market, , I think there are definitely kids 15+years out there who would totally get this, and some are far more intelligent than I, sadly, can ever hope to be !The twists throughout are amazing, I honestly didn't see them coming.This is the type of story that makes you question Government/Military practices, particularly at so called Research Facilities, for which you can sometimes just substitute experimental Research Facilities.Seriously, if the prologue alone doesn't have you wanting to read this LIKE NOW then let me just say READ THIS BOOK LIKE NOW !!I cant copy and paste the prologue here otherwise I would, but go check it out it's one of the most intriguing I've ever read. This book would be a good read not only for teenagers, but also for adults amongst us who like this kind of thing; don't let the fact that it's about teenagers put you off - there are plenty of adult characters as the story progresses. I recommend this book to anyone who likes conspiracy theory AND SyFy types mixed together. Excellent book, even if a little confusing for me!

  • Rivkah
    2019-02-18 15:59

    This was a truly amazing book. I think the fact that the kids were very smart allowed them to use strong vocabulary. It is a bit violent, but it is extremely well written. Bunker 10 has a captivating plot, and I'd recommend this to almost anyone 11+ (Because of violence) The tale was very believable. The near end was sad though.I can't think of a down side to this book, very little bad language, if any that I recall. Great plot, great characters. I was surprised at the betrayal of the guy with the weird name. That was the only random thing in there, the name.

  • Alicia
    2019-02-13 17:51

    What a mind-blowing crazy book! The cover is awesome and now I have some awesome inside knowledge of the book to get it in the hands of students. It's like a psycho weird thriller. And, all I can think about is what I trip I just had. I had to read about the author because who would think this stuff up and at least he gave me a little to work with (form the dust jacket): "I wrote Bunker 10 because I love nightmarish situations that suddenly develop from nowhere then escalate in a way readers simply don't expect. Kids trapped in an escape-proof complex that is going to self-destruct and is filled with homicidal maniacs, terrorist infiltrators, and a deadly infection seemed to fit the bill." That's just what this book is a weird concoction of heroes, traitors, terrorism and counter-terrorism with a mix of military tactics, blood, guts, and a nutjob little girl straight out of Japanese horror flicks.

  • Kim Ammons (youthbookreview)
    2019-01-25 20:16

    Literally cannot get past page 20 because of how awful the dialogue is for one of the characters named "Diddy Dave." He uses some awful attempt at AAVE on the author's part (and the character is white), including such gems as, "That future look Poppins to me," "You chop it up in my hood soundin' like some square? You be S.T. Rugglin!" "May I ax juss what's in it for us?" and "You a salty little scrub, Crooky, know what I'm sayin'?"I've just got too many good books on my to-read list to "S.T. Ruggle" through this one.

  • Brenden
    2019-02-11 13:11

    This book was a awesome book! At the begining of the book it was a little slow and it introduced the characters. During the begining of the book or the rising action two of the characters end up falling in love and they want to escape the Pinewood Base so they can go on a date. There is one problem with that thow, there is really tight security. Towards the middle of the book it starts to get a lot more interesting. The climax of the book would be when the characters of the book put their plan into acion and try to escape. Their plan works for the first stage but then their plan turns on them. A girl May Rose gets infected with a virus and ends up using her powers from the virus to control the minds of the security workers there and she uses them against all the other people. All the kids on the base a asked by general Crukshank to go into this sumulation that he created with May rose in it and Retreave a sample of her DNA makeup but the thing is they can not touch or harm May Rose in the process of getting the DNA.I want to go on with more of the book but then I would give away one of the best parts and the great ending of the book. There are many very interesting things about this book and one of those things is how it was written. Bunker 10 is written like any other book but it is a little confusing. When you get into the book where they go on missions and things like that it is hard to keep strait if they are in the game simulation or if they are in real life. Another thing that is very interesting is the plot. The plot is once again a little confusing it starts out on the base with the kids working on projects that they are doing for the military. Then they make a simulation program witch ends up in them having to go into the simulation to get a sample of May Roses DNA and then putting it in a place so that in the future that DNA can be recovered and used. One way to thing of the simulation is that it is a time travel machine taking them back in time to get something. Once again it is confusing. There are many reasons that you should read this book and one of those reasons is it is a action packed book. There were many times in the book that i found my self wanting to never stop reading because it was so good. Also if you like science and action then this book is the best because it has both things in it. Also this book is a little futuristic. Even thou the year is 2008 it talks about years after now and it talks about time travel and things that haven't been invented yet. Altho I liked this book a lot there are some things that would make someone else not want to read it. One of those things is is that like I said earlier that this book has many parts that are confusing and if you can't think outside of the box then you will have a hard time reading Bunker 10. Also if you don't like books that have action and shooting in it then this would definitely not be the book for you. Also if you have hematophobia then this is definitely not the book for you. Other than those things Bunker 10 was a great book and i would recommend it to anyone.

  • Jennifer Wardrip
    2019-02-18 15:49

    Reviewed by Christian C. for TeensReadToo.comSeven teenagers, all of them geniuses, live at the Pinewood Military Installation: the most secretive, state-of-the-art military base hidden in the middle of the woods, along with military personnel and some scientists. We don't know what they're doing there; in fact, they're not so sure they know, either. What we know is that on December 24th, the whole place will explode, and there will be no survivors. Or will there be? What was the cause of the explosion? Was it related to fifteen-year-old Jimmy's plan to sneak out of the base, by placing transmitters and fooling the guards with his newly created virtual simulations? Did it have anything to do with the special convoy that arrived on the base mysteriously? Did the highly classified Project Flower, taking place on the lowest level, go awry? Did it have anything to do with the disappearance of teen May Rose? You'll have to read this wildly futuristic thriller to find out. J. A. Henderson has created an intelligent, suspenseful novel with all the ingredients of the perfect thriller: a confusing plot, virtual simulations, DNA alterations, time travel, shootings, blasts, and, of course, the good guys and the super-evil bad guys.

  • Karen Ball
    2019-02-09 12:51

    For all my gamers and fans of the Fox series "24", here's a book set up just that way -- hour by hour, it's the story of the last day at Pinewood Military Installation. Pinewood is a secret base where the military develops secret weapons, virtual training simluations and new battle strategies, using a group of teenage geniuses. Most of the base is built underground, and Bunker 10 is the lowest level, in the most reinforced area of the installation. One of the teens, May-Rose, is being kept there. She was bitten by a genetically altered mouse, and her DNA has changed -- she's evolved, and is dangerous as she and the other kids have figured out the mathematical formulas for time travel. The special ops team that has been sent in to destroy the base is under the impression that the base exists only in virtual reality -- and they've had receivers implanted behind their ears. So is it real -- or is it virtual? Awesome suspense and action (yes, there's blood and guts occasionally).

  • Alex Rice
    2019-01-30 15:01

    Nothing seemed out of place, and nothing felt like it was just too much for the story. Everything was woven together extremely well, and I think that the author does a good job at leading the readers on. All of his explanations are realistic, and I was never quite sure which story to believe. The only complaint that I have is that there were too many main characters with. It was easy for me to mix them up at the beginning of the story, especially since there were usually four or five people talking at once. But overall, I really liked this book. It's just a really fun and mind blowing read. I never knew where the story would end (well I did but I didn’t want that to happen!) or how it would get there. Like most books I read, I defiantly recommend this book to my fellow teen (boys) mostly.

  • Amy
    2019-02-14 12:16

    I had a hard time following some of the technical pieces in this novel and I have no idea if any of them actually parallel true science or are true fiction, but I was in awe when I turned the last page. In the author bio, Henderson stated that he wrote this because he loves "nightmarish situations that suddenly develop from nowhere and then escalate in a way readers simply don't expect". I found that to be quite true, though I would have liked a definitive answer about the Sherman/Jimmy connection.This story reminded me of the Matrix meets Ender's Game and was a great easy read - though one that I want to read again to catch all the things I missed the first time (and I hate to re-read books).

  • Dracolibris
    2019-02-11 16:08

    When the blurbs for this book say "high-octane thriller" they are NOT kidding! I could hardly put this down and even though I did manage to drift off to sleep last night, I was still dreaming about the action I tried to leave behind in the pages. So I finally woke up and just finished it off in the middle of the night. I HAD to know what was going on that badly. This was a suspenseful, quick read I would definitely recommend to fans of the Alex Rider books, Ender's Game, Maximum Ride, etc. I also think this would be a great adventure to entice reluctant readers, especially boys, into finishing a book.

  • Zach
    2019-01-31 17:48

    This a very confusing book about 7 geniuses who live at Pinewood Military Base. They solve all the problems that the scientist can't. One of the kids, May Rose, gets bitten by a genetically altered mouse. The modification to the Mouses DNA made it so smart that it was able to escape from its cage. It transfers the DNA modifications into May Rose and she became super smart. She creates a time machine to escape the base where she is being detained. The end of the book is a cat and mouse game trying to capture May Rose.

  • Cole Schmidtknecht
    2019-02-16 14:58

    Bunker 10 is a book that takes place in 2070. The book is about mentally disabled teenagers that work well in the military. One day one of the solders goes insane and tried to kill everyone in the bunker. He locks down the bunker and attempts to murder anyone who tried to escape. There are 16 people in the bunker all of them are solders. The 16 people realize that its 16 on 1 so they plan an escape plan. "No one gets out alive." is a quote that is repeated multiple times by almost every character. Over all this was a action packed great book.

  • Julia
    2019-02-05 13:55

    Oh. My. Gosh. I finished this book in a day! It was amazing! Like, when you think you know what's actually happening BAM! Your suddenly clueless and reading so fast to find out what does happen! It is funny, sad and just down right brilliant! It brought me so close to tears from the sadness in it, because you get to know the characters so well, you know what they like, what they don't and everything and you actually get attached to them, truly an amazing book. Gave me shivers! <33

  • Terri
    2019-02-05 18:09

    An isolated military installation is home to a group of genius level kids. Two of them just want to go on a date. So they arrange a plan. Yet something has happened to one of them deep underground. Some sort of virus. And their plan may cause it to get loose.this was a really quick fun read that had a few nice twists.

  • Corinne
    2019-01-31 20:12

    The Pinewood Military Instillation is going to blow up. We know that, because it happens in the first chapter - and then, the story takes us back in time to discover how we got to that point. And while Pinewood is full of soldiers and contractors, obviously, it is also the home of 7 genius-type children, and the book is told from their point of view.I cannot decide whether I liked this or not.I liked the mind-bending nature of it, to a certain point, in a Maxtrix-y, Ender's Game-y sort of way. But sometimes, it was almost TOO much. In my mind I was saying, "blah blah blah" sometimes because it felt kind of...made up. Maybe I just couldn't suspend my disbelief enough for certain parts because other times, I really was interested and engaged. It was much more about plot than character - maybe that was the problem. I didn't know these genius kids well enough to believe they could do the things they could do. Also one of the characters was so completely caricatured I couldn't take him seriously at all.At any rate, I think some people could really enjoy this, especially those who enjoy science fiction or military type books written for young adults. It is an intense thriller with a "kid power" message (somewhat gory, for a young adult book). It just wasn't 100% for me.

  • Leni D.
    2019-02-15 14:00

    VOYA Book Review Code: S, A/YA; 2P; 4QFor all you “24” fans I have a challenge for you that will involve a bit of math. Now depending on your mathematical skills you can use basic math, algebra, trigonometry, calculus or some other formula that’s above my pay grade, but whatever level of math you decide to use you will find that the final answer will be somewhat apocalyptic! This is what I came up with: (185 military personel+7 children) / (6hrs x2hrs)-4hrs = Bunker 10. (Get your calculator and see what you get.) I think that’s the best I can do compared to the seven children that had been recruited by the military in Bunker 10.Bunk 10 is a decent sci-fi/fantasy action book that reminded me of the 1995 movie Hackers with Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie; incredibly smart kids that gets into some adolescent trouble with the government. The children in Bunk 10 are living on an army post called Pinewood Military Installation, and stir up a bit of adolescent trouble themselves. I think teenagers will enjoy their 12 hour adventure in Bunker 10 if they get into shows like “24” and “Alias.”

  • Kewpie
    2019-02-06 16:05

    This is a very plot-driven action packed read. If you like this sort of thing, you won't be disappointed. I MUCH prefer character driven books - and this books lacks character. Almost all of the characters lack any sort of distinguishing personality. At best they have gimmicks or schticks that range from unnoticeable to annoying. I found the portrayal of the token African American character to be unrealistic, awkward, annoying and stereotypical on a "Step 'n' Fetchit" level. He basically spoke as if the author ran every word in the dialogue through and added some inconsistently bad grammar in for show. At some point the character says something like "Fo shizzle, yo. Quantum theory and particle physics be my thang, bro. Einstein and Schroedinger is homies in my posse, yo." The author offers several twists and turns that make the book readable, but in the end seem like deus ex machina with technobabble. I give two stars to almost everything I can actually finish - and I can tell that other people might like this even though I didn't.

  • Stone He
    2019-02-03 20:05

    This book is about the last day of the military installment. In Christmas Eve, The children in the installment are celebrating the holidays while the rest of the camp is working as usual. But somehow, the scientist have discovered a virus coming from the children and plan to destroy them. The children then fought back and traveled forward in time to escape from the base. The reason I choose this book is because that I was trying to find books for the 2012 reading challenge and was searching for a book forever until I decided to choose a book by random. I picked up this book and decided to read it. The reason I decided to finish this book is because I found out the real ending is quite different than the ending that I was suppose to expect so I decided to finish this book up. I would recommend this book to people who likes stories about time traveling and science fiction staring children as main characters.

  • Chris
    2019-01-20 19:15

    An exciting thriller of the don't-know-what's-really-going-on-time-travel-virtual-reality-science-fiction-puzzle variety that kept surprising me until the very end. Three point five stars, if I could. It begins with an academic quote about time travel to the past being impossible, then describes a scene in which 7 teen genuises on a hidden, high security military base hang out for a few moments, until: At 2000 hours on Monday, 24 December 2007, Pinewood Military Installation exploded. The blast ripped apart acres of forest and devastated the remote highland valley where the base was located. There were no survivors and no official cause was given for the incident. Inside Pinewood were 185 male and female military personnel--a mix of scientists and soldiers. There were also 7 children. This is the story of their last day. The well-told story just gets more intriguing from there.

  • John Moerman
    2019-01-25 14:09

    A group of smart kids are living and study at a military base when something goes wrong. They use newly found theories and quick thinking to save the day as they encounter the problem of a girl with the power to turn men mad with the power of her voice. I raced through the beginning and middle of the book but near the end during and after the climate I found myself more disinterested in the book. I really enjoyed to see the relationships of the kids with each other and their attitude towards adults. I thought the concept of them finding a new theory of time travel unrealistic when the book tries to show that their is logic and fact behind the story of fiction but the theory plays a major rule through the adventure. Overall, I found this book fun and interesting for a free book.

  • Riley
    2019-01-31 18:03

    This is a very confusing book about seven very smart kids that live at Pinewood Military Installation. First May-Rose is bitten by a genetically modified mouse which makes her extremely smart and gives her the ability to manipulate peoples minds with the sound of her voice. Both Leslie and Jimmy Hicks want to go on a date, which then causes a lot to happen. It causes May-Rose, to escape where she is being held, people in the bunker to turn on each other, and only a few people to leave alive. The people that make it out alive are Cruikshank, Jimmy Hicks, Barn, and Leslie. Simon very nobly sacrifices him to allow Jimmy, Leslie, and Barn to go through the time machine. At the end of the book the military base is blown up to prevent the spread of the disease May-Rose has.

  • Stephanie Bibb
    2019-02-08 15:07

    This was a decent thriller, with enough twists to keep me interested, though I had a hard time really connecting with or keeping the characters straight. If nothing else, it was a fast-paced read and kept me curious to see how it would turn out, especially with how it begins with everyone in the base as it explodes (consequentially, the most memorable and equally sad moment is the explanation for that scene regarding Simon-- well-played, I thought).Was it my favorite book? No. But it's also not the type of book I typically read. But I did enjoy it, and if you're looking for a story that's fast-paced and keeps the action moving, this does a reasonably good job, and keeps you guessing as to the actual outcome of the explosion in Bunker 10.

  • Luann
    2019-02-10 15:03

    I had mixed feelings about this one after reading some of the reviews, but I ended up quite liking it. It is an interesting take on time travel and virtual reality. I liked the twists and turns of the plot. The author says he doesn't like the term "children's books" and describes Bunker 10 as a "dark, adult novel in which the heroes (and some of the villains) just happen to be kids." I would say this is a good book for older teens who like video games. It was a quick read and very action-packed. There is quite a bit of violence and killing, so I definitely wouldn't suggest this for younger children.

  • Finley Code
    2019-01-27 12:49

    This book by J.A Henderson was one of the worst books I have ever read. No offense, it just was not my style. A very short book with a topic that would of been great if it was more detailed and exciting. Instead the author made the topic of time travel very boring and unbelievable. Some of the characters in the book did not fit into the scenes or subject of the book. For example, there was a girl in the book who was a superhuman genius who could use people to fight for her. This only happened after she was bitten by a mouse. I honestly did not like this book and would not recommend it to anyone.

  • Jonathan
    2019-01-28 16:54

    This was ok- genius kids locked in a military bunker which may or maynot be a computer simulation, with one kid gone mad with the gift of super power voice from some sort of gentic mouse bite-provoked revelation (what that revelation is never explained). There were a few jumps in logic and somethings that made no sense at all/ were never explained- why the main bad person May-Rose went insane, where the bullet in the throat came from, why so many noble deathscenes. Plus I do not like time travel as a rule. Also I thought it a bit to PC to keep making note that the ebonics-speaking charater "Diddy" Dave was white.

  • Chris
    2019-02-11 20:07

    The book im currently reading is called bunker 10 by J.A Henderson. I'm not very far far in this book and don't have very much details. My current page is 35. This book is about a teenager named Jimmy Hicks, he gifted with his high intelligence. He lives in a secret military base hidden in a deep in a forset with a small army. Jimmy likes this girl named leslie. Jimmy is planning a special date with him and leslie. He and his friends plan to hack the security system, plant transmitters. Also he plans an escae route just in case.

  • Mary
    2019-01-27 17:15

    A sci-fi thriller involving artificial intelligence and time travel. What happens when you create a simulation computer program that is so realistic that the simulation characters learn and change with each new senario? What if one of the characters becomes so intelligent that they realize she realizes she is a computer generated entity? What if she figures a way to escape in to the real world? This is the premise of Bunker 10. It is an entertaining read if you don't look too closely at the time paradoxes.

  • Emily Parsons
    2019-02-18 15:11

    This book was utterly amazing! I loved all of the suspense and unexpected turn of events! This book is a quick read, I read it in 2 hours. The best way to spend 2 hours of my time. I loved all of the characters and their development. J.A. Henderson knows how to write a truly amazing suspense thriller. I would recommend this book for mature 5th grade students and up. It does deal with some hot topic areas such as genetic testing.

  • Meagan
    2019-01-21 12:09

    Great plot, awesome twists, liked his idea. BUT the reader is given 2 pages to meet all seven children characters, then one page to meet the special swat team, so the entire book you forget who's who when names are listed. Then he hints at at relations between characters that never get explained. The book just felt like like he wrote a story then only printed the middle chapters. You're just throne right into the middle of a story.

  • West Region,
    2019-02-08 11:47

    Bunker 10 by J.A. HendersonAt 8 PM on December 24, 2007, Pinewood Military Installation exploded. The blast ripped apart acres of forest and devastated the remote valley where the base was located. There were no survivors and no official cause was given for the incident. Inside Pinewood were 185 scientists and soldiers. There were also 7 teenagers. This is the story of their last day.Grades 9-12Science Fiction, Military