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After an accident takes his lover, Dr. Edwin Blais—a University of Texas history professor—vows celibacy. With only his dead lover’s cat for company, he spends the next eleven years alone before the Maine Coon, Francesca, escapes from her cat sitter while Edwin is at work. The loss shatters Edwin. Desperate, he plasters the neighborhood with Lost Cat signs offering five thAfter an accident takes his lover, Dr. Edwin Blais—a University of Texas history professor—vows celibacy. With only his dead lover’s cat for company, he spends the next eleven years alone before the Maine Coon, Francesca, escapes from her cat sitter while Edwin is at work. The loss shatters Edwin. Desperate, he plasters the neighborhood with Lost Cat signs offering five thousand dollars for her return.A few blocks away at a body shop, Nasty, an old black Tom cat, adopts Francesca. Forrest James, owner of the shop and Nasty, refuses the reward and strikes up a friendship with Edwin. While Forrest seems like a safe crush for a celibate man because he certainly appears straight, after a couple of drinks he gets a little handsy. After Edwin meets Forrest’s ex-boyfriend, he realizes that his crush may be a relationship and he’s not sure he’s ready for it. Will Edwin get over himself and his lost love before the dreamboat mechanic moves on?...

Title : You're Welcome. Love, Your Cat
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You're Welcome. Love, Your Cat Reviews

  • Mary
    2019-02-05 21:24

    I really loved this. The slow build of friendship, the lack of communication that causes strife, and the prickly, landmine laden beginning really lets you see Edwin thaw. He had actually frozen in his life when his partner passed, and isolated himself because of a misguided sense of duty. And then Forrest comes along who is straight-forward, uncomplicated and because he's used to second-guessing everything, Edwin does that to his prince too. But as he figures it out, sees that Forrest truly loves him, needs him, has to be loved so he can heal childhood trauma and abuse, Edwin finally understands what it means to love another completely. Its not that either man needs the other to exist, but they should be with each other to truly live. It looks like a simple story but its much deeper. Edwin has been stodgy and hiding behind his role of teacher for so long that sometimes he comes off cold, like he thinks he's better than Forrest, but in reality, he doesn't think that at all. Forrest is all about the obvious. If he says its love, it is, and Edwin so needs that in his life.

  • LiveYourLife BuyTheBook
    2019-02-15 20:26

    4 StarsA "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" ReviewWhen I was given a chance to review this book, I thought “Cats, how I can go wrong with a book involving cats? And a Maine Coon cat at that!” Then I started the book and it was set in Austin, Texas. Bonus! This is my home town.Dr Edwin Blais is a History professor at the University of Texas. He is the stereotypical eccentric professor that immerses himself in his work, his cat and his 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk. Francesca, his Maine Coon cat, is his only remaining link to Howard. Howard was Edwin’s lover, husband and best friend; they were together many years. They were young and Edwin was in his heyday, still reaching for new experiences and not appreciating the special relationship that he and Howard had. Until Howard was killed in an accident. In an effort to alleviate his guilt and grief Edwin vowed to remain celibate to honor Howard’s memory.One day Francesca escapes from her pet sitter and Edwin comes undone. He immediately puts up a poster offering a large reward for her safe return.. The next day he receives a call from Forrest James stating he has his cat. He rushes over in his pajamas, looking frazzled and much the eccentric professor. Forrest returns Frannie to him but declines the reward. Edwin soon finds out that he and Forrest share a love of classic cars. Forrest has a 1965 Rangoon Red Mustang fastback. After talking a while, Edwin promises to give Forrest information about the junkyard he uses to get parts. Edwin is grateful for Francesca’s safe return and tells Forrest if there is anything he can ever do for him to let him know.When Edwin returns the next day to Forrest’s shop with the card for the junkyard; he is anxious to see Forrest again. Edwin has not felt an attraction to anyone in over eleven years and is flustered that he is feeling one now. He is much older than Forrest and feels that someone as young and good-looking as Forrest would never be attracted to someone like himself, even if Forrest wasn’t straight. This let’s Edwin feel safe with his attraction from afar. When Edwin enters the shop, he meets Forrest’s sister Susie. Susie is the book-keeper and receptionist for the shop and finds Edwin’s unease amusing. Francesca takes a liking to Susie and when Edwin realizes he has no one to take care of Francesca while he is at work, asks if Forrest would let her stay there for the day. Francesca seems pleased at the prospect as she has formed a friendship with Forrest’s tom cat, Nasty, and Forrest and Edwin are both secretly happy for an opportunity to see one another again.This is where the story starts to evolve. Edwin is so caught up in his guilt about how he treated Howard, that he has closed himself off from anything social. He has isolated himself from his family, his coworkers and friends. He sees himself as an academic and could be seen as snobbish. Forrest is a hard-working young man who owns an auto repair shop, does not have the academic background that Edwin has, but is knowledgeable nonetheless. Forrest has also experienced some things in his childhood that are heart wrenching and these have set the tone for how he sees himself and how he thinks others view him. I enjoyed how the story leads us through this sweet and, at times, awkward courtship. Both men are dealing with their feelings for one another and their past. There were moments I wanted to swat Edwin and say enough already. The supporting characters fill out the story nicely and helped provide insight into Edwin’s and Forrest’s personalities. I really grew to like them as a couple.I admit that I loved reading a book that mentioned places in Austin that I recognized and events that have occurred in the surrounding area. My love of the location aside, the story is enjoyable, written with moments of humor, heartbreak, tenderness and intense passion. The things that Forrest went through as a child left me feeling so angry at some of the adults in his life at the time. Some of the scenes in the book emphasize the disparity in formal education between Edwin and Forrest. This bothered me at times but Edwin’s character always seems to credit Forrest for his abilities and never found him a lesser man. It is a lovely story and one I wouldn’t mind reading again.

  • Riayl
    2019-01-30 14:51

    Read the blurb and thought "must read this". It has cats, can't go wrong there. The first few pages almost made me put it down and walk away. Edwin was just so...pitiful/pathetic/overwrought over the cat (okay so it all tied into something deeper, I get that, but still) that I wasn't sure I could continue. Of course, if I am perfectly honest, part of the problem was that I could see a little too much of myself in him and didn't really want to look too closely at that. :) Luckily I kept reading and once Frannie (the cat) is found and he meets Forrest it really picked up. Also, with a little distance from the first few pages I could easily see how much they fit with his emotions and all and it worked, but starting off seeing it without the background to go with it was sort of like plunging into icy water on a hot day...shocking/painful/unpleasant then suddenly refreshing. (I think I'm rambling.) There is some miscommunication/misunderstanding that seems pretty obvious from the reader's point of view but keeping in mind all of Edwin's issues/insecurities/etc, makes perfect sense. I enjoyed seeing the growth of their relationship instead of it being instant-everything. I also enjoyed the fact that there were some serious issues tackled here that were treated seriously and realistically without turning the book into an angst/sob-fest. Personally I think it takes a lot of talent to carry that off. The characters were very likable, quirks and all, and they were just regular guys, no superheroes, supernatural, cops, doctors, aliens. Just two regular boring guys who were anything but boring. Another thing I think is hard to carry off. So extra cheers for that. Even more cheers for the cats, they were the awesome! :)

  • Sadonna
    2019-01-27 20:39

    I really liked this story! Characters who are mature? Check. Characters who have dealt with the crap of life? Check. Characters who get out of their own way before it's too late? Check. Add that the MCs are from different worlds and both have cats and classic cars- what could go wrong? Well, plenty but not in a really bad way that makes me want to throw some books :)Edwin is a history professor who has decided on celibacy after the death of his partner more than a decade prior. He is only 41, but he has determined that he only got his one shot at love and he's remaining true to his man in death. He's also got his lover's cat that he takes unbelievable care of and is deeply attached to.Forrest has not had an easy life either. His father died and he had to deal with a horrible stepfather. But he does have a really great sister and he's got a good business in his garage. And he's got a beat up alley cat he calls Nasty who seems to get along fine with Francesca - Edwin's cat. At first Edwin thinks that Forrest is straight and while he is very attracted to him, he thinks they can just be friends and what's the harm if the guy is straight. At some point, he discovers that is not the case and things get a lot more personal than Edwin is really prepared for. Of course there are some instances of miscommunication, some meddling by some friends and family and Edwin finally faces his past and quite possibly his future. I found both characters to be very well written and likable. I believe that Edwin thought he was doing the right thing. Forrest is such a great guy and I was cheering for him to get what he wanted in this story. And of course there are the cats :)

  • Tj
    2019-01-25 21:24

    The writing is good. The authors did a wonderful job in making what started to look a little too insta-love into something that grew and formed out of a more balanced relationship. I thought the descriptions and scenes were well formed and drew out the story well.The issues I had were with the plot and characters. I had a hard time with the idea that either of these two characters would exists out of the background information. I don’t believe a successful garage owner, who was good looking and nice would still be single or have that much of a social issue. I could believe he would have trouble relating to people, but I would have an easier time believing that out of his background he would have been a “man-whore”. Just doesn’t seem likely he would have been that sweet and not have been with someone. And the professor, that young and because of events staying celibate that long seems a little extreme. I also don’t buy that the first guy to break through after that long would be that quick in his bed and heart. It is all a little too beyond belief.I know it seems overall that I wouldn’t have enjoyed the book but I did. You just have to take the believability out of the story and it is a sweet little read. The way the cats are brought into the story is cute. I loved how even though she is pampered Francesca is a loving cat who is so in tune with those she cares about. They way the characters all pull together and love each other is also very sweet.Though this isn’t a great read, it was good. If you are looking for a lighthearted, comfort read this will work well and leave you with a smile.

  • Lily
    2019-01-21 21:34

    3.9 stars. When I think about it, the theme of romance between a university academic and blue collar worker has become dear to me, with long-time favourites such as 'Acrobat' (Mary Calmes) or 'It's not Shakespeare' (Amy Lane). So this story had quite a high benchmark to be compared with and it delivered beautifully. Edwin and Forrest were strong yet vulnerable protagonists, well characterised and with distinctly compelling backgrounds, who only managed to heal and find happiness through each other. I liked how their relationship developed at a slower pace, with some inevitable obstacles along the way from both parties since they were hurt deeply before.The emotional issues were discussed and handled in a mature fashion mostly; here I would like to mention the memorable conversation between Edwin and Forrest's former friend with benefits, in which Edwin came across as insightful, firm yet compassionate towards a rather difficult ex. It was quite an exemplary manner of how to manage such a situation, in my opinion. The two adorable cats - Francesca and Nasty (particularly Miss Frannie) - were vivid as characters and had a great contribution towards bringing their humans together.My one small complaint would be that Edwin insisted too much on how a forty-something man was old, practically ancient... I do realise this tends to be a matter of self-perception and he gradually grew out of it, but it was a bit tiresome. Overall, a great feel-good book with substance, which will be a pleasure to re-visit whenever the mood strikes.

  • Julia ♥Duncan♥
    2019-02-15 20:50

    I just did not click with this. The premise sounded adorable from the blurb, but I found it boring and a little creepy in practice. Edwin had such a stilted way of talking and thinking that he seemed like was from a different century. I found him really boring. His attachment to the cat also seemed kind of creepy to me. I don't know any cat that needs a day sitter like that, and I was worried for the health of the cats in the book being fed so much human food. He seemed to treat the cat more like a child than a cat. I liked Forrest a bit more, but we didn't get to know him until late in the book and by then I was completely over it and just wanted to get to the end. It really wasn't bad, I just was really bored.

  • Natalie
    2019-02-19 18:48

    3.25 stars. This seemed much sweeter and more subtle than I'm used to reading from these authors. The cover is super cute, and I liked the characters. So why not rate it higher? I wish there was more substance to the plot and less reliance on misunderstandings to drive the narrative. Also, Edwin is portrayed as nearly geriatric at the beginning of the story (unnecessarily so, I thought). He eventually becomes less of a caricature, but I didn't warm to him as much as Forrest.

  • Sammy Goode
    2019-02-07 18:48

    Two exceptionally wounded men meet by accident when Edwin's cat escapes the pet sitter's home and is found by the local mechanic. Each of these gentleman hide a deep self-loathing that springs from very different sources but smacks of one unifying reason: guilt. For Edwin, it is the loss of his husband and the resulting realization of how little love and care he demonstrated for his man that keeps him mired in self-condemnation and the resolved to be celibate for the rest of his days. Forrest, on the other hand, has that horribly wrong self-hatred that only a sexually and physically abused person can claim. Both men wring out every ounce of compassion a reader has available each time they proclaim themselves unworthy of the other. This is a story of base survival and hopeful healing. It is also a classic case of mis-communication and second guessing. Edwin is hopelessly drowning in the idea that at the age of 42 he is old--well beyond the age of anyone like the hotter, younger, more physically beautiful Forrest could ever want around. Forrest is beaten down with the notion that his being gay is evil, that due to abuse at the hands of his stepfather, he is ugly and tainted goods and sure that given his meager education and blue collar job he could never appeal to a college professor such as Edwin. And so these two dance around each other, with an attraction so fierce they nearly explode with desire when in close contact. In the last two paragraphs I have merely begun to unwrap the many layers of this story and touched only briefly on the cast of characters that are introduced. There is so much to this story and I must admit that the authors do a tremendously good job of unpacking each new piece to the plot and together build a story that is quite lovely to read. Perhaps the only real problem with this novel was its beginning. It is difficult to get around how much Edwin's self-pity darkens everything he does. Forty-two is hardly ancient and the idea that he is such an intelligent man and yet still thought to impose this punishment of celibacy upon himself seemed a bit much to believe, particularly when it is later revealed how much he enjoyed rough sex and looked outside his marriage to find it. Also, while the character of Susie, Forrest's sister, really added to the story line and made for a truly touching and important sub plot point, the addition of Edwin's stepbrother, Thoreau left me cold and just a bit disgusted. In short, where Susie was compassionate and caring toward both her stepbrother Forrest and his lover Edwin, Thoreau was an ass who took great pains in giving Edwin his opinions on what an jerk he felt his stepbrother had been in the past.These were the real problems that kept me from giving this novel a full five star rating. Truly, the writing was seamless and this team of authors knows how to tell a good story. Overall, I really enjoyed this novella and will look for more work from this winning combo. You're Welcome. Love, The Cat by Clancy Nacht and Thursday Euclid was well worth the read despite its minor glitches!

  • Becky Condit
    2019-02-12 21:31

    Please leave comments on Kiwi's 5 sweet pea review at touch our lives in special ways we can’t quantify or qualify, breaking through all our scars and baggage to reach our innermost selves. They become our familiars, our shadows, our ambulatory hearts. In the loneliest times of our lives, they stay close and keep us company, and when the loneliness passes, they share in our joy. –The dedication.As a cat lover and owner, the title is what originally caught my attention. The book was a true delight! This is a character driven story that starts off a little slow but it’s necessary to understand why Edwin lives the way that he does. Here, you see this still young man who bowed out of life after his husband passed away. Reading the story, I thought that Edwin was much older than the age stated; Edwin truly believes that he is old and it’s too late for him to feel love again and so has resigned himself to living a life of loneliness. The relationship that Edwin has with his cat Francesca, while strange to some, as a cat lover and owner, is completely understandable to me. That beautiful kitty is the only link that he has with his late husband and also, I think, a link to life itself. She is all he has as far as a family connection. Once again, as a cat lover and owner, I completely understand. At the beginning of the story, Edwin seems a bit stuffy, prim and proper, but you find that he just…I don’t know…uses his work as a shield against getting close to anyone. Forrest is this kind hearted mechanic who has an affinity for cats. Let me just insert that a man who loves animals, especially cats, is sexy. I absolutely adored Forrest’s character. He is this shy and gentle giant of a man who loves vintage cars and his cat Nasty. He’s not as educated as Edwin, but he’s not unintelligent. He and Edwin made the perfect couple: the stodgy professor and the gorgeous mechanic. This book is a slow and smooth sail, giving the relationship between the two men time to develop into something lasting. I really loved the premise that two cats were instrumental in bringing these men together. Clancy Nacht and Thursday Euclid did a great job with this book.Like us on Facebook us on Twitter @MrsConditReview

  • Tsubaki
    2019-01-30 21:24

    I'm a little torn in terms of rating for this book actually. Well, I liked the idea of the story a lot overall, the characters were VERY unrealistic/effeminate/odd. In most cases, that wouldn't bother me too much, but given their background, it was just… wrong.Putting that aside for the time being, this was an extremely sweet love story. Edwin lost his lover eleven years ago and swore to a life of celibacy to mourn and grief what he was never able to give Howard. Left only with his memories and the cat, Francesca, he had adopted, Edwin poured all his love and affection onto the animal. And panicked when she got out and went missing for a time. She's found later by Forrest who Edwin found himself instantly attracted to. Edwin eventually allows himself one night with Forrest thinking the other man's straight and it would just be a one time thing. It was the only bit of human contact he had really allowed himself after Howard's death. Unfortunately, there was a lot of miscommunication and wrongful assumptions made between the two. Forrest wound up badly hurt by Edwin's admittance and that was the point in which Forrest's past of abuse comes to light. Here's the problem I had with the story, while I adored Forrest to bits and was more than a little sympathetic towards Edwin, I really couldn't picture either of them acting the way they did throughout the story. Especially in context of their backgrounds. Edwin, maybe, but Forrest… no way. There's no way someone who had grown up the way he did could manage to be both a successful garage owner AND have the personality of a timid virgin. Especially when he's not. Emphasis on the not. So ya, the characters were a little off-putting for me. And narrative breaking… it hurt the immersive aspect of the story pretty badly when either of them did something that just made me stop and double check I had read it correctly.The two eventually work through their issues together and more or less earn their happy endings after years of pain. Although given the context, I can't help but wonder how skewed the narrative was seeing as it was told from Edwin's point of view. Or if the odd narrative was intentional or not. Still, overall, I did enjoy their story. And Francesca and Nasty.

  • Auggy
    2019-01-28 14:27

    Kind of a tough one to rate. First off, there was some fun and enjoyable writing in this - good turns of phrases and a style that I enjoyed. But... I couldn't get into Edwin. I kept picturing Stephen Fry, which is fine but odd at the same time. Especially since Edwin came across as so immature. Flighty, self-involved to the exclusion of everyone else... It made it hard for me to sympathize with his supposed plight (which he seemed to forget then come back to due to the magnificence that was Forrest - though I never felt the chemistry there). And how dense is he to not realize Forrest is gay? Edwin wanted him to be straight and therefore safe so he just ignored anything else but not in a denial way... more in a oblivious way that still manages to be self-centered. I felt that Edwin needed some therapy. Extensive therapy.I felt quite badly for Forrest, being yanked around like that by Edwin, who ran so hot-and-cold. The first half of the book I just wasn't able to buy into Edwin's issues - nor did I particularly care other than feeling sorry for Forrest. But the writing was good so I was able to stick it out without getting too annoyed.Once the two got together (the third? time) and Edwin decided to get over his vow to his deceased husband, then the story took a bit of a turn for the worse. I no longer had issues with Edwin's self-absorbed thoughtlessness or need for therapy. Because all that was basically dropped. Good because that aspect of Edwin annoyed me but bad since it was replaced with too much (underdeveloped) drama. Heart-to-hearts worthy of a soap opera, a quick off-screen fatal forest fire (that lead to another heart-to-heart), revelations of abuse and reconnections with family. It was all kind of shoved in there and dramatically reveled (and then discussed) but then dropped in order to move on to another dramatic topic. I much preferred the drama with the ex friend with benefits as it seemed more developed and actual plot-related instead of a device to merely reveal secrets.I don't know. I liked aspects of the writing so I'll probably give this duo a try again. But this book? Not a keeper.

  • Kristin
    2019-02-14 13:52

    I wanted to like this book - I like the authors other works - but this fell short in expectations. The character of Edwin. I did not find his character plausible. A 42 year old professor of Ancient History, celibate for 11 years, pining for his deceased love. Edwin is painted as old, crusty, abrasive, reclusive and celibate for 11 years. I could not find this remotely plausible. 42 is in no way, shape, or form, "old". Edwin was a 31 year old virile horndog when his partner passed. I really have a hard time believing a 31 year old, virile, horndog, is just going to totally turn off his sex drive for 11 years.The character of Forrest. Given the way Edwin was portrayed I felt Forrest was glomming on to the first nice Sugar Daddy who walked into his shop and was nice to him. And you can be the nicest person in the world (obviously Forrest was), but if someone offered you $5000, would you really turn that down? A more reasonable reward would have been $500 to turn down. The character Francesca. Of all the cats I have met, I have never known a cat that needed day-care. I couldn't help but think the cats would have been better as a couple of pups. Unfortunately, not my favorite book by these authors.

  • Duck
    2019-02-21 17:41

    The blurb give an accurate idea of what the book is about and several other reviews do a great job of expanding that so I won't do a repeat here.This book is definitely a slow ash that turns into a forest fire. The first few chapters didn't really grab me but as I pressed on, I found myself completely invested. The relationship building happens over time and felt realistic. Edwin's obsession with the cat was a bit weird for me but who am I to judge how people grieve? There was a line in this book that struck me quite deeply."No man can be stolen who doesn’t consent to his own theft." Isn't that the truth!The characters are dynamic well developed. We see quirks, vulnerability, and growth but none of that "love heals all wounds" fairytale bs. I really enjoyed this. The steamy sexy time scenes were just a bonus. Where can I find my own Forrest? ;)

  • Shelby P
    2019-01-21 16:23

    Based on the title, I thought this would be a fun, light read but it wasn't. This book far exceeded my expectations. It was sad that Edwin only had his cat in his life for eleven years after his lover died. I also liked the mystery surrounding Forrest, is he or isn't he?I like that Edwin was a crotchety professor to his students and faculty because then we got to see his softer side with Forrest. I loved how their relationship progressed. Corey's brief appearance made me hate him immediately but I love how Edwin resolved that situation.I wasn't expecting such a deep and intelligent story. Excellent read!! P.S. I'm a dog person but this book has made me consider if I could one day be a cat person ;-)

  • Ruth M
    2019-02-05 18:29

    This was such a sweet story. It really spoke to me because I've had to recover from the loss of an intimate loved one as well. It distorts your view of the world until sometimes even the most obvious things are brushed off as "that can't be." Edwin had a bit of the same problem, though it didn't help that Forrest had his own dark past that kept him from opening up. It may be strange to say but that cats were really well written too, I can tell that the authors have a great deal of experience with felines!I'll be reading this one again and will definitely be sharing with my friends.

  • Lidia
    2019-01-31 16:39

    Moving and intense story,Edvin and Forrest are two beautiful protagonists because of complexity of their characters in perfect balance between need give and get control on their life and emotions. Two different pasts but two soul mates who meet at the end only because understand that they must communicate to give voice at their sentiments and fears .

  • Kim Alan
    2019-01-28 13:22

    3.5 -- Sweet, cute, sexy, but deeper than you'd expect. And (thankfully) despite the title, there's no abnormal cutesie cat communication or anything. Contains possible triggers with past abuse issues, but nothing on-page. A good, solid story that would have benefited from an alternating POV, but I still liked it.

  • Melyna
    2019-02-11 13:47

    When I was given a chance to review this book, I thought “Cats, how I can go wrong with a book involving cats? And a Maine Coon cat at that!” Then I started the book and it was set in Austin, Texas. Bonus! This is my home town. Please click the link below to read the full review:http://liveyourlifebuythebook.wordpre...

  • Didi
    2019-02-03 13:48

    It's not that this wasn't a good story. Slow burn. A history professor and car mechanic. Age-gap. (Dark) pasts/lovers. Cats. Food. Coffee. Food. Not clothes-shedding jumped into bed insta-love. All the ingredients were there.Alas, this must've had not meant for me. I just couldn't find enough excitement reading it.

  • Gwendolyn
    2019-02-01 13:26

    While the premise of a cat bringing people together was interesting for me I just could not find the main character believable or very likable. I get that he's an intelligent guy and a master at his ancient topic but who talks like that? Did it develop after Howard died? I can't see someone talking like that with that attitude being the belle of the balls he supposedly was.

  • Djenifer
    2019-02-06 16:33

    Enough drama to keep a person interested and to make the story believable. I liked the development and rhythm of the romance. Two flawed people reaching out to each other for love and acceptance. Not an insta-love, but a romance built on friendship and common interests.

  • Tenny
    2019-02-17 20:40

    Okay, so this book is basically "two men with REALLY low self-esteem and lot of issues hook up with the help of cat." It's kinda cute, sometimes hella angsty, but overall nice read.Also thank good I had it as e-book, because that cover is just... really ugly.

  • J.B. Sanders
    2019-01-25 20:46

    Enjoyable, if intense, romance. It wavers between cozy and grim, always finding a ray of sunshine eventually. Quite liked it.

  • Susinok
    2019-02-08 20:48

    Fun story about letting someone in again after a loss.

  • Diane
    2019-01-21 17:26

    very beautiful very real story. Love the depth of character to every that is introduced.

  • Jena Wade
    2019-02-20 14:26

    I think this book could've been half as long as it was. But it was fun read. Good writing. But I just didn't connect with the characters as much as I'd have liked to.

  • Kaitie
    2019-01-22 18:34

    this was such a cute read. read it cover to cover in one sitting. It held my interest the entire time. looking forward to reading other books by this author.

  • Adam
    2019-02-07 19:33

    I loved the style, and I'll be looking for more from the author.