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This red-hot guide to getting it on at 30,000 feet will have readers racing to the ticket counter so they too can be Flying High. Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel presents scintillating stories of one-flight-stand seductions by strangers, frisky flight attendants, pent-up pilots, an exhibitionist screen star who's hot to trot, a female flying instructor who takes two male studeThis red-hot guide to getting it on at 30,000 feet will have readers racing to the ticket counter so they too can be Flying High. Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel presents scintillating stories of one-flight-stand seductions by strangers, frisky flight attendants, pent-up pilots, an exhibitionist screen star who's hot to trot, a female flying instructor who takes two male students under her wing, and a couple who take advantage of the latest in-flight technology. Featuring arousing new works by Alison Tyler, Thomas, S. Roche, Elizabeth Coldwell, and many more, Flying High is sure to make anyone a frequent flyer!...

Title : Flying High: Sexy Stories from the Mile High Club
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ISBN : 9781627780421
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Flying High: Sexy Stories from the Mile High Club Reviews

  • Ella Dawson
    2019-04-10 13:18

    When I packed Flying High: Sexy Stories From the Mile High Club for my spring break trip to Los Angeles, I appreciated the irony but did not expect much. “How many ways are there to have sex on an airplane?” I thought to myself, looking around my mostly empty direct flight from Hartford’s tiny Bradley airport to LAX. In retrospect, what a stupid question to ask. When dealing with anthologies, especially superbly edited, diverse anthologies like Rachel Kramer Bussel’s, the issue is never “how many ways?” but “where is the limit?”Themed anthologies run the risk of becoming repetitive, particularly when confined to a location. But Flying High pushes its theme into new territory, surpassing the classic bathroom quickie to explore the trysts of open air acrobats in Cheyenne Blue’s ‘Wing Walker,’ and the midflight threesome of a flight instructor and her two male students in Vanessa Vaughn’s ‘Bermuda Triangle.’ Other stories stay fresh with new plot twists like Bill Kte’pi’s ‘34B,’ in which Nancy arranges to meet a pen pal from the Internet on her flight and gets more than she bargained for (forgive the cliché but I don’t want to spoil it). Bussel’s ‘Urgent Message’ combines kink and technology to make sitting in coach far more than just tolerable.One of the strongest inclusions is ‘Instrument Flight Rules’ by Zach Lindley, a stunning example of how short form erotica can still be character-driven. Pilot Dane Leonard is recovering from his divorce when he meets his female counterpart, Pilot Max Travis. Their sexual tension is touching and gorgeously done, and the story is far more emotionally affecting than I am used to finding in light-hearted erotic anthologies.But my favorite story by far is Stan Kent’s ‘Aisle Seat.’ The plot is quintessential, sure. A man sits in aisle seat next to a beautiful woman and they have sex in the bathroom, their language barrier proving no radical challenge. But damn is this story lush in its description of both the characters and their mid-air antics. At several moments I had to put the book down, very aware that I was reading it in my boyfriend’s parents’ house. ‘Aisle Seat’ tormented me in a way I hadn’t experienced before, embedding itself in my brain and remaining a daydream as I write this review three weeks later. It pushed this anthology from great read to wait this might be my favorite anthology ever. And I don’t say that lightly as someone who has been reading erotica nonstop for eight months as thesis research.So yes, I did learn a great deal about how to have sex on an airplane from Flying High. Blankets are your friends, never underestimate the kinkiness of the airline staff, and don’t be afraid of passing encounters with delicious strangers. Unfortunately for me, the time difference between Connecticut and Los Angeles ensured I never got to put any of my newfound knowledge to use: I spent my redeye home passed out against my boyfriend’s shoulder.Definitely pick up a copy of Flying High: Sexy Stories From the Mile High Club here regardless of your interest in smutty international travel. This anthology is for anyone who enjoys remarkable creativity in erotica

  • Karen
    2019-04-16 12:18

    For one of the most well known fantasies, Rachel Kramer Bussel has dedicated a fitting tribute of smoking hot stories in Flying High. I loved this book. Becoming a member of the mile high club may seem like mere fantasy, but this book presents some real life scenarios that are not only executable, they have made me reconsider the whole fantasy.Rachel Kramer Bussel has collected 19 of the best in-flight sex stories she could find. These stories are making me rethink my status on being a member of the mile high club. I didn’t think this book would really appeal to me. I doubted anything could try to make me forget my fear of flying. I was wrong. Not only did this book make me re-imagine being on an airplane and enjoying it, I am now looking forward to the opportunity to try some of these naughty ideas out.Oh the possibilities for scenarios! 34B by Bill Kte’pi really sets the tempo as the first story of this collection. This first person account of an anonymous rendezvous on an airplane is delicious. She doesn’t know what he looks like, is even afraid to make eye contact, but she shares an intimate flight with a complete stranger. The ending makes it even comical, but in a very sexy way.This book is so incredibly hot. Story after story takes the reader on a journey of fantasy. Get On, Get Off by Jeremy Edwards is a story right out of a fantasy. This story is about an airline called Zirbin that actually has masturbation class, or m-class on its planes. The author does a great job of making it seem plausible and very enticing. Pick your seat mate; male, female or no preference. Then decide if you want the curtain up or down. This story is definitely titillating.I absolutely loved Obedient by Teresa Noelle Roberts. This story follows a submissive woman taking orders from her Master. It has been a while since they could be together and she is on her way home to him. He has her do some very naughty things to herself for him in route. This story is very clever.This book is definitely worth a read! I should have foreseen it would be brilliant coming from Rachel Kramer Bussel. There are only a few stories that are not hetero, but every story is amazing in my opinion. Rachel Kramer Bussel is famous for naughty collections and this book is no exception.

  • John D.
    2019-03-23 15:26

    Last month I was given a complimentary copy of Cleis Press‘s latest anthology Flying High to read and review; I posted it on my website at by Rachel Kramer Bussel and with a foreword by Alison Tyler, the book contains nineteen hot short stories of the Mile High Club. Other contributors to the book include Kristina Wright, Sommer Marsden, Elizabeth Coldwell and over a dozen other talented authors who seduce the reader with salacious words woven into fantastic tales.As with all anthologies, there were stories that I loved, and tales that I didn’t; that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with any of the stories, but there were some scenes that I adored and they became my favourites. But there isn’t a “bad” story here at all; they are all hot, great tales that rock.Get On, Get Off by Jeremy Edwards was the premise of an airline having a “masturbation class” and that enticing idea was brought to life with some excellent, and well-written prose. When Your Girlfriend Wears a Very Short Skirt by Thomas S Roche is a red-hot erotic, brilliantly crafted scorching story that ended with me wanting much much more, and I think that’s the mark of a good anthology piece when I instinctively want a Part 2! I love the creativity in Wing Walker and the turn in 34B, but my favourite story was definitely Craig J Sorensen’s Top Banana.But, in all honesty, it would wrong to single out a particular submission; all of the stories are quality, with sizzling hot sex scenes and delightful premises. They are all reasonably short, ideal for that journey into work on public transport which is a “stop-start” affair and would kickstart any tired mind in the morning.For that reason, the book must come recommended.

  • Robin Juliet
    2019-03-23 16:00

    _Flying High_ is the second anthology I've read edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. What I like about her anthologies is that each story can stand alone while also fitting within a certain theme. _Flying High_ focuses on erotic air travel.Or does it? While the setting certainly keeps us high in the sky, the more prominent theme throughout is pushing boundaries. Each author does just that by offering a creative slant on en route sex.My personal favorites include an airline that offers privacy curtains for masturbating and the story where a strict flight instructor gets her students to do her bidding at 30,000 feet in the air.I have written for these kinds of anthologies before--where an editor picks a theme and writers are asked to write something within that narrow concept (how else can we explain the invention of dinosaur porn?)--and all too often I feel constrained by the ploy as opposed to inspired because of it. _Flying High_ encourages me to keep reading the CFS for erotic anthologies such as these. Narrowing the scope can sometimes lead to expanding creativity. Clearly it did here. I'll especially keep my eyes peeled for works edited by Kramer Bussel.

  • Ems. (afternoonbookery)
    2019-03-22 15:02

    So, the only mile high stuff i have ever read is the billionaires with their own planes complete with beds so i wasn't too sure what to expect from this book of short stories, but im sure there would be something that would take my fancy. So, this afternoon i delved into the mile high club and found myself drawn in. There really is enough to cover everyones loves. For those who love a bit of upper class i reccomend Get on, Get Off - Jeremy Edwards a whole airline class dedicated to those who need some self relief on those longer flights. For those who love a bit of command in their erotica check out Obident - Teresa Noelle Roberts and lastly for those who are still feeling a little bit shy allow yourself to be introduced to the mile high club with Wild Child - Matt Conklin these stories are not for those that are bashful, but those that embrace sex in writing, and enjoy it. This is the second book of short stories i have read from Cleis Press, and again its great for dipping in and out of, well expect i read it all in one sitting..ah well.

  • Kayla Lords
    2019-03-21 11:15

    I received a free copy in return for an honest review.It was really good. All of the stories centered around joining the Mile High Club. I'm not a member there myself, but there's no telling what life will bring in the near future.There were a few stories that made me squirm in my seat. A few that I wish could have continued so I could learn more about the characters. Several were absolutely implausible, but still hot and erotic. While not all of the stories focused on Dominance and submission (D/s), the ones that did were my favorites.If you want to read something that doesn't require a huge attention span but will get you ready for a few adult activities of your own, this is definitely one I recommend.

  • Rachel Kramer Bussel
    2019-03-20 15:21

  • Cheyenne Blue
    2019-04-09 14:14