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Bethany's Rite By Eve Jameson Book 1 in the Ilyrian Destiny series. Wyc Kilth, heir to one of the five Ilyrian thrones, has spent years searching for the Mystic prophesied and matched to him. As a child, Bethany was hidden on another world. Now the future of Wyc's people depends on the success of him not only finding her, but convincing her to finish their Mating Rite andBethany's Rite By Eve Jameson Book 1 in the Ilyrian Destiny series. Wyc Kilth, heir to one of the five Ilyrian thrones, has spent years searching for the Mystic prophesied and matched to him. As a child, Bethany was hidden on another world. Now the future of Wyc's people depends on the success of him not only finding her, but convincing her to finish their Mating Rite and return to Ilyria. Wyc is stunned by the mere sight of Bethany, and her reaction is just as explosive. Though denying his claim on her, she taunts him with the chemistry sizzling between them. In keeping Bethany safe and fulfilling his mission, Wyc must overcome his ancient enemies, trained slayers, and a traitor within his trusted inner circle. But his most difficult obstacle is Bethany's refusal to accept him as her mate. Knowing she is unable to ignore the need that rages between them, Wyc uses her desire to bind them together. Again and again, he pulls out her emotions through her body's reaction, determined to work his way so deep into her heart she will have no choice but to accept that he truly is her destiny....

Title : Bethany's Rite
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ISBN : 9781419953453
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 247 Pages
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Bethany's Rite Reviews

  • Lisa
    2019-02-09 10:31

    Bethany Mitchell’s life has been nothing but chaotic. Orphaned at childhood she spent years being shuffled from foster home to foster home with no one to truly care about her. With her few belonging in life either being stripped, stolen or lost she has learned one important fact, the only one she can in reality depend upon is herself. However when the most drop-dead gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes on becomes determined to invade the stable, secure and predictable life she has carved out for herself she finds the attraction too much to resist. Wyc breaches barriers within Bethany that she thought could never be penetrated; from her mind to most especially her virginity he storms all of the sanctuaries she has created within herself. Yet the tale that he tells her of being his missing childhood bride seems too much to be believed. But when things start happening around her that are unexplainable in the conventional way she finds herself starting to believe Wyc’s claim that she is his missing mate. Wyc Kilth and his cousins are on the hunt, not for lost treasure or exotic animals, but for brides. To be exact, their missing Mystic brides who disappeared after their matching ceremonies as children decades ago. As heirs to the thrones of the five cursed royal houses of Ilyrian, both Wyc and his cousins have to complete the “Mating Rite” with their pureblood Mystics brides. For it is predicted that the sons who are conceived from these matings must pledge allegiance to each other or Ilyrian will be plunged into a dark age from which it may never recover. With the “Guardian” mark that links them to their brides starting to fade and enemies determined to stop them close on their heels, the five heirs find themselves in a desperate race to locate their brides before time runs out. After an extensive search Wyc finally locates his missing bride, Bethany, just steps ahead of his enemies. Now he must convince her that she is his long lost mate who is destined to return to his planet to bear him a prophesied son before she is captured and killed with out sounding like a lunatic. And finding her was the hard part, huh? What a gem of a story Ms. Jameson has penned in BETHANY’S RITE. I’m not a reviewer who goes on an on about a book from just any new author but I must say that BETHANY’S RITE is one story that is just too hot to handle. It has a storyline that will envelop you from the first few pages; I found it almost impossible to put down. Both Wyc and Bethany are exceptionally strong characters, their romantic relationship develops fast but it is full of humor and sincerity. On the erotica side there are no “wham bam thank you madam” scenes in this book each love scene is well thought out, steamy and extremely sensual. With an overall plot line that I am sure will develop over several stories Ms. Jameson has stared out this series with a tale that will be tricky to top. Yet if she keeps on the path she started with BETHANY’S RITE she will surely succeed. I can’t wait for her next wonderful release.

  • Cindy
    2019-02-16 07:11

    I never know how to categorize these books - it has a contemporary setting - people from another 'plane' that seems fantasy-like come to earth via a portal - and the hero at least can shapeshift. They come to earth to find and rescue their missing mates. You make the call.Plot was interesting although it would have been a lot shorter if the hero had just talked to the heroine more [instead of pinning the heroine to the nearest flat surface for hot sex:].Although part of a series, I've only read book 1 but order does not seem wildly important. I enjoyed it so I'll pursue the series. Most of them are still in ebook at Ellora's Cave,Ilyrian Destiny1 Bethany's Rite2 Brooke's Sanctuary3 Myrra's Choice4 Aurora's Promise

  • Hbeebti
    2019-01-22 06:13

    3.5 not bad

  • Ari
    2019-02-10 08:07

    What could have been and what was are two different things. I have no idea idea why I continue to inflict self torture over and over again by reading these type of books. Maybe it was because I was promised "world building", which, by the way, was sorely lacking. I get that these types of book are meant to be "erotic" and what not, but I can't stomach page after page of mindless, meaningless, "mindblowing" best sex over when it's just that and it tries to be sold as an expression of "love". I mean come on, it was just borderline rape. Borderline because she just moaned and, barely, complied at the end, since he was so damned irresistible. *Snorts* I should rate the book one star, but I'm being generous since what little, very little, showed of an actual plot has me imagining my own book and I can see how great it could have been given the idea.

  • Kelly
    2019-01-30 13:30

    Bethany's Rite is for people who......enjoy complex world building. (it was a wee bit confusing at the beginning, but it worked. IT WORKED!)...don't mind going along on a destined mates type of getting sucked into a story....enjoy shapeshifters of any kind....don't mind not finding out who the betrayer is. (I have my suspicions!)Very fun, nicely complex world with sexy times galore. *thumbs up*-Kelly @ Reading the ParanormalBethany's Rite was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 11/16/13 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge.

  • Netanella
    2019-01-20 12:13

    Reminded me strongly of The Royal Chronicles series by Donna Grant - the set up is the same - otherworldly brothers seek out destined mates in order to save their world, pursued by evil baddies and betrayed by a close friend. Jameson does it better.

  • K.
    2019-02-17 10:27

    Ultimately ... DNF. Had it's moments -- between sexcapades, but not enough to keep my interest this time around. :(

  • Erin Richards
    2019-02-14 12:04

    Really liked this book!!!