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From legendary master Fredric Brown! An ex-newspaperman finds crime going on, based on radio scripts he wrote....

Title : A Plot for Murder
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ISBN : 9781617209338
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 206 Pages
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A Plot for Murder Reviews

  • Whistlers Mom
    2019-02-18 04:03

    Can murder be fun?Fredric Brown was a "pulp" writer who is revered by lovers of classic Sci-Fi. I never heard of his off-beat mysteries until they started appearing as Kindle editions and I stumbled onto them. They're unique, to say the least.Unfortunately, there's little information on Brown and his work and I can't give a date for this book. It's set in New York City in pre-television times. Our hero (using the term very loosely) is Bill Tracy, a former hard-drinking newspaperman who's now a hard-drinking writer for a popular radio soap opera named "Millie's Millions." It's in the tradition of the silent-screen series "The Perils of Pauline" and every episode sees Millie facing new dangers and troubles and (to the huge relief of her fans) surviving by the skin of her teeth. It pays well, but cranking out five inane episodes a week is boring, soul-destroying work.And so Tracy conceives of another radio show - more literate and intelligent - in which the listener is given the clues to a murder and invited to solve the crime. He's written several episodes and is hoping to sell it to a radio station and be rid of Millie for good. But before he can tell anyone about it, his plots start showing up in real murders. AND they're real murders of people he knows.In most pulp stories, Tracy would be arrested and beaten up by eager-beaver, not-too-bright cops determined to get a conviction at all costs. Brown rose above the stereotypes and that's what makes his mysteries so intriguing. Inspector Bates is a quiet, shrewd man who suspects that the sea of evidence pointing at Tracy is too good to be true. He's tough, but he wants to arrest the right guy and Tracy remains free to do a bit of investigating on his own. Bumbling, heavy-handed Sergeant Corey lives up to the "dumb cop" stereotype, but he's so thrilled to meet the writer of his favorite radio show that he doesn't give a damn if the guy IS a murderer. After all, New York City sees multiple murders every day. What's one more?Brown was no slouch at plotting, either, and this one winds around and around. Humor and realistic characters set it apart from the herd. In particular, the two women in Tracy's life provide endless complications and interest. It's the age-old dilemma of a man trying to choose between a kind-hearted, straight-forward gal-pal and a voluptuous, clinging femme-fatale. You know what he'll decide, but it's still great fun to watch. If you love classic mysteries, you shouldn't miss Brown's stuff. If you love good writing, that's reason enough