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For years, Laine Morgan has fantasized about being bound and taken. After a night of testing the waters at a BDSM club, all her erotic dreams shatter when she’s assaulted and kidnapped. Tossed into a hell she never expected, she’s forced to succumb to the protection of Sheriff Tye Carter—the star of her most vivid bondage fantasies.Tye’s hidden his desires from Laine for oFor years, Laine Morgan has fantasized about being bound and taken. After a night of testing the waters at a BDSM club, all her erotic dreams shatter when she’s assaulted and kidnapped. Tossed into a hell she never expected, she’s forced to succumb to the protection of Sheriff Tye Carter—the star of her most vivid bondage fantasies.Tye’s hidden his desires from Laine for over a year, but not anymore. She’s hurt and scared, which throws the Dom inside him into a rage. He’ll do anything to protect her, even move her to his ranch. But having her all to himself sends his control into a tailspin. And when Laine finally reveals her sexy secrets? He knows he’s the only man who can give her everything she needs.But there’s an enemy on the loose, one whose personal brand of hatred has put Laine’s life on the line. In the span of a heartbeat, Tye’s is too. To save them both, he’ll have to surrender control to the one woman who might not be ready to accept it....

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My Tye Reviews

  • mad4rombks
    2019-02-15 18:22

    Not sure what it was but something was off for me while reading it. He's a Dom but...didn't really come off as one to me? Unless I missed it he seemed to be the most laid-back Dom I've ever read. *shrug*

  • Lori
    2019-01-30 13:31

    Readers will enjoy the perfect blend of seductive scenes and pulse-pounding suspense in My Tye by Kristin Daniels. The author draws you into this story with two standout characters, Laine Morgan and Tye Carter.Laine and Tye have harbored feelings for each other for a long time. After Laine is kidnapped and violently beaten, Tye brings Laine back to his ranch so she can heal, and he can protect her since her attacker is still on the loose. While living under the same roof, Laine admits she has feelings for Tye as well as her secret desires to be tied up and taken. Laine exposes her feelings, leaving herself vulnerable, which made me love her character. Tye is surprised by Laine’s confession and pleased because he has never mentioned to her that he is a Dom. Tye is an alpha male to the core, but he is also very sensitive and in tune to Laine’s feelings, making me fall hard for Tye’s character. Seeing each other in a new light, Laine and Tye succumb to their feelings for each other. Their first intimate encounter is a sensual and scorching hot honor bondage scene that will leave you breathless. Throughout this story, the author perfectly matches Tye’s introductory BDSM play to Laine’s comfort level, which just made me love this couple so much more. While Laine and Tye’s relationship is evolving, Laine is still being stalked by her attacker.My Tye is the perfect orchestration of well-drawn characters, romance, and suspense that will keep you turning pages right up to the dramatic climax and the perfect romantic conclusion.I received an eBook copy from the publisher for purpose of an honest review for The Jeep Diva. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

  • CoffeeTimeRomance andMore
    2019-02-08 14:34

    The all-consuming need to explore her inner desires drives Laine Morgan to try out Club Euphoria. Nothing about this night turns out the way she envisions, especially when she ends up in the hands of a madman.For so long, Sheriff Tye Carter has admired the D.A., although he has never pushed for anything more than friendship. He forgets all about their platonic friendship the night he gets the call that she is in the E.R.Quivering in fear is not how Laine wants to live her life. The first step to feeling better is allowing Tye to bring her home with him. His support and strength are not the only thing she craves however. Tye knows how desperately Laine wants to feel normal again, so he has no problem giving her exactly what she needs. There is one huge deadly cloud bearing down on them, and it will take everything they have to live through the storm.It may take a near death experience for Tye and Laine to see finally what has been right in front of them, but the wait is well worth it. It really makes sense that with their emotions running so high their relationship takes off like a rocket. The feeling of impending danger lingering in the background also ratchets up the suspense factor as strongly as it does the passion. This is one sexy couple, but Tye’s friend Jack is just as hot, so I am hoping we get to enjoy more of him sooner rather than later.Lototy Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

  • Romancing the Book
    2019-02-05 16:43

    Reviewed by Amy WBook provided by the publisherOriginally posted at Romancing the BookJust when Laine Morgan decides to explore her hidden fantasies, she is subjected to physical pain, but not in a sexual setting. She finds herself in the care of the Tye Carter, who is determined to protect her.In My Tye, author Kristin Daniels creates a story line full of emotion that explores how a determined Dom can bring healing to a woman who yearns to experience the BDSM lifestyle but is held back by a painful attack.The suspense builds throughout the story as Laine’s stalker continues to wreak havoc in her world. This aspect of the story is presented very well with a truly horrifying adversary. Meanwhile, the attraction between Laine and Tye continues to grow, with neither one realizing the other has an interest in anything other than a vanilla lifestyle. When they discover their dreams are on a parallel course, it’s only a matter of time before passion takes over.The author does an excellent job incorporating BDSM elements into the story line. As part of the healing process, Tye realizes Laine needs to feel a sense of control, so he tamps down his Dom tendencies to give her what she needs. There’s a solid connection between the characters, which helps in creating a realistic amount of heat in the story line.

  • Kathryn
    2019-01-22 16:45

    Ms. Daniels writes very well. You won't find a ton of typos and grammar errors in her work. Her story and character building are well done. However, I love BDSM erotica, in fact the darker, the better. This story was so light it was almost vanilla. You might like this story if you like just a teensy bit of bondage. I understand that the heroine in our story had just gone through a traumatic sexual experience so the lightness was appropriate for the story. Just not my cup of tea.I had the pleasure of meeting and dining with Ms. Daniels at the Barbara Vey Reader's Appreciation Luncheon in April 2013.

  • Livia Grant
    2019-02-01 13:47

    Anyone looking for a good read should check out My Tye. I loved reading about Lanie as she tried to discover more about her submissive tendencies. Once she was attacked, Tye not only came to her rescue physically, but he was able to discover that he could be the perfect Dom for her as well. Tye is the perfect Alpha male hero with just the right balance of strength and tenderness. Highly recommend My Tye and hoping we see a future release that will follow Tye's good friend, Sheriff Jack.

  • Cassandra Carr
    2019-01-23 21:28

    Loved this book. You've got to adore a hero who will do ANYTHING to protect his heroine. There are BDSM elements in this book but I'd call it more of a romantic suspense than a BDSM story. Either way, this was a page-turner that kept me guessing til the end.

  • Melanie♥
    2019-01-30 20:22

    3.5 stars

  • Misty
    2019-02-13 20:27

    Bought based on FB link from Jayne Rylon. Review to come.