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The Artemis Fowl Files is comprised of two original stories: "LEPrecon": the story of Fairy Police Captain Holly Short's move from Traffic to Recon following her initiation into the Fairy Police; and "The Seventh Dwarf", featuring Mulch, Butler, and Artemis himself.EXTRAS INCLUDE: • "Behind-the-scenes" interviews with major characters including: Artemis, Holly, Foaly, MulcThe Artemis Fowl Files is comprised of two original stories: "LEPrecon": the story of Fairy Police Captain Holly Short's move from Traffic to Recon following her initiation into the Fairy Police; and "The Seventh Dwarf", featuring Mulch, Butler, and Artemis himself.EXTRAS INCLUDE: • "Behind-the-scenes" interviews with major characters including: Artemis, Holly, Foaly, Mulch, and Eoin Colfer himself• Coded section from the Fairy Book for kids to translate• A section for Fairy Spotters including the different categories of Fairy and their physical characteristics and personality traits, including: Elves, Trolls, Sprites, Pixies Goblins, Dwarves and Centaurs• Technical diagrams of Foaly's inventions...

Title : The Artemis Fowl Files
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The Artemis Fowl Files Reviews

  • AhmedEjaz
    2019-02-05 06:50

    This book is a must read for those who are interested in reading the whole series of Artemis Fowl.This book contians graphical representation of Foaly's (Foaly is an inventor in Fairy's World), or in short, Fairy's technologies. You will get the better idea by seeing them in pictures. at least I have. I am very thankful to author for writing this book. This book has introduced me the personalities of fairies which I didn't know before. Like I didn't know how an elf looks like. What are the nature of dwarves. etc... This book really helped me to get the concepts of the fairies including: Elves, Goblins, Trolls, Dwarves, Pixies, Sprite.This book also contains the interviews of our lead characters. I liked all the interviews. Those were excellently written. We get the answers of those questions which may pop up in our minds about the characters. I enjoyed the interviews. VERY MUCH.And finally this book contains two stories also.First is about how our second lead(Captain Holly Short) that how she became a part of Recon from a traffic police.And second is about Artemis Fowl (^_^) and Mulch (a dwarf and thief) that how they teamed up to steal a precious thing. Both were good. But I liked second more. Because of Artemis!!!!!! Of course.Author asked Artemis this Question in the his interview: Who is your best friend?Artemis' Answer:I believe that we agreed that this question would not be asked. If my enemies discovered who my best friend is, they could get to me through him or her. Let me just say that my best friend is never far away and has been with me since the day of my birth. January 3, 2017

  • BellaGBear
    2019-01-25 13:57

    Very nice book for everyone who is a fan of Artemis Fowl. I think the two stories in this book were better than the later books in the series. They are very funny and are written in the no-nonsense adventurous way of the first books before things started to take a more serious tone.

  • Wyatt
    2019-01-24 13:46

    This was a book that I liked on my first reading, but loathed very certainly upon my second or third. The two-year gap might explain a bit. The two-star rating, instead of a one, is mainly because the stories included are very good. I find no flaws with them, and I've picked up the book to re-read them several times. But the trivia questions, extras, and basically everything else, are annoying and badly written.It always seems to me that the major flaw of writers, particularly in the young-adult area, is that they try to force their own views down your throat. And Eoin Colfer has sadly fallen victim to this. It is said, repeatedly, that Artemis Fowl is the smartest living thing ever. Which leads to the problem that everything he says must be held up to the rigorous standards of being the smartest thing ever. Frankly, I wouldn't ever consider it a good idea to write about a character who is smarter than you are. You'd never be able to write that character properly, because you'd have no way of knowing his thought processes. And Eoin Colfer seems to think he is the smartest man alive, as he gives Artemis almost his exact political and scientific views. Every quiz and fill-out form only serves to show Artemis mentally atomizing some poor sap who dared to think the wrong thing.I could probably ramble on far more here, but I'll keep it short. Though his characters are well conceptualized, they are handled very poorly in this book, and several further books as well. If you only want the short stories, pick it up somewhere cheap, but if you really want information on the characters and events of the story, it might just be better to Google it.

  • Mahdan
    2019-02-02 07:48

    Was a good reminder of old artemis days and the story! Suits well for a lazy reading day. Eoin calfer’s humor is the BEST!

  • Debbie
    2019-01-21 11:50

    A companion book to the Artemis Fowl series.The book contains two short stories: "LEPrecon" describes Holly's initiation from Traffic duty to Recon. "Seventh Dwarf" follows Mulch Diggums, my favorite Artemis Fowl character, as he and Artemis team up to steal a famous tiara.The rest of the book is comprised of "notes" from Artemis Fowl's files on the fairy folk--the fairy code and a key to decode it and interviews with the main charactersare the highlights. Entertaining.

  • Matilda
    2019-02-02 09:00

    (3,5)I'm happy when finishing a series I find some short stories set in the same universe. If it took me some time to get into the last Artemis Folw's book, I thoroughly enjoyed these two short stories from the start. I loved discovering these little adventures and the little bit of information they gave me.Now I would like to re-read the Fowl's books from the start.

  • Haley
    2019-02-02 10:52

    I thought the interviews and faerie descriptions were a little contrived, but the short stories themselves were wonderful! How else would Holly earn a spot in LEPrecon without breaking a few rules as she always does? How else would Mulch and Artemis grow to be friends if they weren't pulling off a few heists behind the backs of the LEP?

  • ★ℕłℂØℓҾ★ (Nix)
    2019-01-23 06:59

    I love how for all his brilliance and criminal activity, Artemis Fowl is firstly and lastly a little boy who loves his mother :)I liked both of the short stories that were included in this book. We get to read a prequel short story about Holly's initiation and a sequel story in which Mulch Diggums makes a reappearance. The physical anatomy of a dwarf is very intriguing to me.

  • Sabrina Roy
    2019-02-01 09:41

    Four stars on the cute short stories that give you a little background a peek into some unseen time during the Artemis Fowl world. The interviews I give three stars. Several of them I liked but for some reason the one with Foaly rubbed me the wrong way. I know self centered but wow I didn't realize how bad. I would have hated his character had I read his interview before the books.

  • Iset
    2019-02-15 10:55

    Not too much to say about this one. The Artemis Fowl Files is for the completists amongst fans of the series. It contains two short stories of 76 pages each, and a little activity pack in between. Each of the books in the series also contains a code along the bottom of each page for the wily eyed reader to crack after reading the book - for those who've missed this snippet in the books, this activity pack specifically invites a little code breaking activity and provides the full alphabet to get started. The two short stories include one prequel, detailing how Captain Holly Short got her wings in an induction gone wrong, and another that sits between Books 1 and 2 with a mini-adventure featuring all our protagonists from the main series. It's an enjoyable, quick read, well up to the standards set in the main series.

  • Esty
    2019-02-06 09:41

    You can read the full review on my blog. (:I absolutely ADORE this series. Genius young criminal mastermind? Kick-butt faeries? What's not to love? So, naturally, I was overjoyed to stumble upon this great find in the library.The book was quick and fun (200 pages) with activities to entertain a kid for hours (fortunately, I have stuff to do. I did not abandon my maturity. But I would have like to:)). The stories were written flawlessly and the interviews had me laughing. I adored getting bonus content from my favorite characters- you get some more of Holly's background which I thought was pretty cool, and a story of Artemis and Mulch that has been referenced in the series but I hadn't known had been written! You can read this companion after having read just one of the series.

  • Alice
    2019-01-20 11:46

    A little boring, as it's just showing us about the characters and explanations of equipment etc.A good addition to the series if you were slightly confused by it all.

  • Jayson
    2019-02-02 13:40

    (B+) 78% | GoodNotes: Interesting though ultimately trivial. Would have greater effect if included with the novels as supplemental preludes.

  • Vojtěch
    2019-02-08 13:06

    Dobře, kvalitativně to na "normální" knihy ze série nemá, ale přesto to byly dvě krásné povídky-jednorázovky, které se dobře četly.

  • Xan Gajadhar-Smith
    2019-01-24 07:05

    This was a good extra book that told you all about the characters with an inside interview. It had a crossword puzzle and a test determining which type of fairy you were. It also had Artemis' report card and his teacher's evaluations of him in his classes.

  • Beka
    2019-02-05 08:45

    A couple fun stories from the early Fowl years where things were still interesting and not super convoluted.

  • Amber
    2019-01-26 13:47

    cutecute. Am I going to make the effort to obtain others in the series? Dunno.

  • Kim Williams
    2019-01-21 12:39

    Good nook liked the ending. Good nook liked the ending. Looking forward to reading more from this author. I like the wasy that they keep meeting up with each other.

  • Aimee VanDenBerghe
    2019-02-02 07:03

    This was a really cool book on some of the background of the Artemis Fowl series. Along with interviews of the characters and the Gnomish Alphabet. I really enjoyed it.

  • Essie
    2019-01-30 10:02

    It was so nice to return to the world of Artemis Fowl. This book was filled with extras like interviews, games, and short stories. The characters had not changed in the short stories, nor had the settings.

  • Sarah E Mudge
    2019-02-04 10:00

    A great quick read. Can't wait to see what happens next.

  • Nikki
    2019-01-28 14:50

    A couple of fun short stories about the adventures of Artemis Fowl and captain Holly Short and friends.

  • SR
    2019-01-28 10:49

    Cute supplement to the main series.

  • Marcela Patena
    2019-01-28 09:06

    Very informative

  • Jonathan
    2019-02-02 15:02

    Childhood classic. These books were the best as a kid, still good for a light read now

  • Himika Rashid
    2019-02-11 14:55

    Read it if you are craving for more from this series.

  • Keri Payton
    2019-02-19 08:53

    (From my blog: Quill Café)In accordance with the FTC, I would like to disclose that I purchased this book. The opinions expressed are mine and no monetary compensation was offered to me by the author or publisher.It is no secret that I have fallen in love with the Artemis Fowl series. I have listened to the audio books of all seven released novels and anticipate the release of the eighth and last installment next year. Thus, I was pleased to discover The Artemis Fowl Files.Of course, I had to actually read this book myself. Scandalous! What with it being full of puzzles and diagrams, it doesn’t really lend itself to the audio book format, even though I would have loved to hear Nathaniel Parker narrate the short stories.There are two short stories in The Artemis Fowl Files, ‘LEPrecon’ and ‘The Seventh Dwarf.’ I loved reading the first because the story had been mentioned in The Atlantis Complex and in fact featured three significant characters from that novel, not including the main fairy characters from the series.The second story is meant to be the first time Artemis meets Mulch Diggums. I found this a little confusing, since I thought that the first time they met was in The Arctic Incident. Befuddlement aside, it was a great read.Despite ordering my copy from the UK’s Book Depository, I did notice that the spelling seems to be rather American. I’m not quite sure why this is. Did I order an American edition of the book? Oh well, never mind.Included in this book is the language of the fairies, Gnommish. The alphabet is given along with a few pages that you can decode. It took me a while and some assistance to do so but before long I had it cracked. I think I’ll soon become quite the expert.It was great to see the diagrams of the LEP equipment and other things which I had only been able to imagine before. Sometimes I can’t wrap my head around exactly how the technology of it all works, so seeing it on the page was brilliant.The puzzles were lots of fun, although I could not figure out what Seven Across was for the crossword. I’m probably just being dense. Wait, I just figured it out. Took a while but I got there! There is even a quiz to see what kind of fairy you are most like or if you are definitely human. I think I see myself as a Pixie. I’m short with big eyes, pointy ears and I aspire to literary world domination.The Spotter’s Guide to the Fairy People is fun but it seems to focus a bit too much on certain fairy folk. For instance, the elf criteria seem to be a description of Holly. Of course, this is a compilation of information from Artemis Fowl himself, from earlier on in the series, so it makes sense that these are his gathered impressions of what he has seen of the People.Apart from the short stories, what I most adored was the interviews with the main characters of the series and with Eoin Colfer himself. Want to know Artemis’ favourite book (of the week) or the genre of books and films Butler indulges in when he gets some personal time? How about Eoin’s tips to aspiring authors?To top it all off, I cannot fail to mention Artemis’ report card. All the notes from his teachers are just divine. You have to wonder if his mother ever actually got to read any of it.If you want to discover more from the Artemis Fowl series, I recommend The Artemis Fowl Files. Regarding the timeline of events and whereabouts in the series you should read it, I suggest after either The Eternity Code or The Opal Deception. Of course, if you have read all seven books like I had, snatch it up right away. I mean that in a strictly non-criminal sort of way, even if we are talking Artemis Fowl here.

  • ßäæēÿü
    2019-02-16 06:51


  • Danielle
    2019-02-15 06:55

    June 20, 2017: I swear I read this at some point because I remember reading the story about Holly Short's training. And I also remember this had the decoder in it, which I spent the rest of the day using to decode all the available messages (I was stuck in a car the whole day). But the thing is I don't remember anything about the story "The Seventh Dwarf." It has Mulch Diggums in it, who I remember from the book series itself but is my memory remembering the books or this short story? I want to say yes but I think every time his character appears in the books I have read, it was to steal something. I don't know about the story but I'm going to go ahead and mark this book as read.(Update: Having now read "The Seventh Dwarf" I still don't know. I don't remember and at this point it isn't that big of a deal really.)

  • Anirudh Parthasarathy
    2019-02-04 07:39

    Artemis Fowl Files is an ancillary book in the Artemis Fowl octet written by the Irish author Eoin Colfer. It was released during the gap between the release of Artemis Fowl and the Eternity Code and Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception. It contains interviews, some puzzles, the Gnommish script decoder, interviews with the characters and the better part of the whole thing, two short stories. One of them is an event that takes place before the start of the series, which is Holly Short’s promotion to the rank of a captain and also her admission into the Recon. The second story, The Seventh Dwarf is a recollection of an event that takes place after the completion of book one but before Arctic Incident where Mulch and Artemis, together, try to steal a tiara. I found the stories to be good, especially the first one – Holly was her usual self, as good as ever. While the idea of the second one was good, I felt it to be logically inconsistent – for in the Arctic incident, while neither Holly nor Artemis say anything to indicate that they’ve not met during the interim period, nevertheless, one of what Butler said was clearly indicating how he had no idea about Mulch after the Fowl Manor siege. I found the additions, quite boring, especially when I read it after five years. Yes, when I was a thirteen year old, the puzzles, the flashy diagrams of Foaly’s inventions did have me fascinated but when I read it the second time, I found the interviews dull (did Colfer interview himself or did he get someone else to do it for him?), and I was particularly disappointed with the BIG REVEAL – that is the Gnommish script. Before reading the Files, I expected something different, something a little more complex, like Tengwar in The Lord of the Rings but Gnommish just happens to be the Latin script with different symbols and decoding requires no skill whatsoever. While I liked the two stories, there is nothing special about this otherwise overpriced supposed ‘ultimate’ guide to the Artemis Fowl books. For the sake of those two short stories, I’d rate it a little more than ‘bad’, to a neither here nor there rating – that is three on five.