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"From Amazon bestselling author Steve Gannon, thrillers that will keep you up all night . . . but make sure to lock your doors and windows first." Allison Kane, a journalism student at UCLA, takes a summer job as a TV news intern, soon becoming involved in a scandalous murder investigation and the media firestorm that follows -- a position that pits her squarely against he"From Amazon bestselling author Steve Gannon, thrillers that will keep you up all night . . . but make sure to lock your doors and windows first." Allison Kane, a journalism student at UCLA, takes a summer job as a TV news intern, soon becoming involved in a scandalous murder investigation and the media firestorm that follows -- a position that pits her squarely against her iron-fisted police detective father. Exploring the secrets that lie at the core of every family, Allison tells a story of growth and sexual awakening, of betrayal and reconciliation, and most of all, of the abiding strength of the family spirit....

Title : Allison
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Allison Reviews

  • Margaret
    2019-01-21 07:46

    This is a complex and engaging story, that is well written with depth and character development throughout.It follows the investigation into the murder of a young actress. Allison Kane is a college student, given the opportunity to work at the CBS news room. Her father, Dan Kane, a detective with the LAPD, is leading the investigation into the murder. Moral and ethical dilemmas abound in this story. How far is Allison willing to go in covering the story of the murder for CBS? Is she willing to undermine her father's investigation in order to further her career? But along with this main story, is the coming of age story of Allison, the main character. We see Allison's character mature over the events of the story, and it holds a message for all of us in deciding what is truly important.I absolutely loved this story and the writing style of the author. Highly recommended!

  • Domonique
    2019-01-23 14:36

    I wanted more!I absolutely loved all the stories about the Kane family. The books are so...heartwarming and what's more, relatable. I think all of us have disagreed with our parents on how we should live our lives, Been confused and hurt when it comes to love, and felt like we don't fit in anywhere. The themes resonant throughout of love, loss, family and honesty, are things that everyone can understand. Allison was such an amazing person, and I felt like if I had known her in real life, we would have been great friends. She had a resilience that just wouldn't quit, even when face to face with her father's anger, she never backed down. I would have enjoyed reading Travis and Nate's stories as well. This was a great end to the Kane's stories, maybe we'll get more...

  • Julie
    2019-01-28 07:49

    I liked the conflict, even though it made me want to reach into the book and shake Allison. But, you know, at twenty something that's not an uncommon response from an adult. The author kept many plates spinning, a murder investigation of a preteen actress, serious health challenges in Allison's family, romance and media boundaries. This guy is good. If I write what I didn't like, it'd be a spoiler.

  • MoHurley
    2019-02-12 14:27

    Compelling family saga, great read"Allison" is an emotionally charged teen angst story of a young girl coming of age. It's also an intelligent, well-written police procedural drama. Author Steve Gannon has created a realistic family saga where the complex, well-crafted characters are memorable. There's one small sexual encounter, so it's not a story for young readers.Gannon wove in pithy aphorisms that had me laughing: "If a woman talks in the woods and there’s no man around to hear her, is she still complaining?” and "If we can't show our feelings, we might as well be men." (LOL. Gonna use that woods one again.)Occasional prosaic writing verging on poetic prose is worthy of Pat Conroy's "Prince of Tides": "Past a seaside berm, racing to elude uprushing tongues of foam, a platoon of stilt-legged terns pecked at the water’s edge, their nimble dance with the waves casting flitting shadows in the slanting rays of the early morning sun." Lovely, lovely.Allison tells her story in the first-person, but the omnipotent narrator also gets inside the heads of the other characters to describe their motives and thought processes. Sometimes I lost track of who was speaking during quoted reportage as well.Sometimes the wrong words came out of Allison's mouth in first-person-singular. Words like: youngster, young—would a 19-year-old girl describe a guy her own age (or older) as a "young man"? That threw me out of story. Who was speaking? An older man (the author), or Allison? And there were typos. Also, some of Gannon's landmark descriptions feel like they're coming out of the mouths of relators. Better to have characters to also use colloquial names vs. legal names for authenticity.I didn't realize that "Allison" was the third book in a quartet about the Kane family. The book stands alone, and the necessary backstory is blended in so seamlessly, I had no idea that there were prequels: "A Song for the Asking", and "Kane." I like the economic reuse of setting and spin-off characters in different books, but I'm not a fan of serial books that are cliff-hangers, as they often end abruptly (read: badly written), and leave me, the reader, feeling unsatisfied. This book is a complete stand-alone story that won't leave you hanging, but it will leave you hungry for more.FWIW, I rarely bestow a five-star rating on any ebook I've reviewed. Some ebooks are so awful, they deserve minus-star ratings. "Allison" is in a league of its own, and deserves a full five-star rating. Kudus Mr. Gannon.Read my full Amazon review

  • Jool
    2019-02-03 14:31

    Every one of the Kane Series books by Steve Gannon are 5 stars. This was a wonderful continuing saga of the Kane family!I highly recommend this series!

  • Thao Phan
    2019-02-05 13:32

    Mystery was more interesting (spoiler free, mostly)I didn't really like the main character, Allison. Supposedly smart, she doesn't really think things through and lashes out. I want to understand the lashing out part...because she has endured a trauma years past, but I don't get her newsroom ambitions and stepping over her father. I get that she has been living in this shadows of her siblings and is not sure about herself. We know she likes to write but she never thinks herself good enough. The beginning of the book starts off interesting, with a heroic action that puts her in an amazing light. From then on, it's like that character trait never occurred. She gets an intern position at CBS and has inadvertently been feeding them tips on the murder investigation her father is the lead detective of. Half the time, it's not so inadvertent. She reasons the public needs to know (again, where does this ambitious reporter come from) and they will find out anyway. She trades the information in order to get air force time. I must reiterate, she didn't like being in front of the camera when she did that heroic feat I mentioned earlier but now she can't help doing everything she can to get on air... including stepping on a somewhat co-worker who is already successful but equally as conniving. Her family is also seriously going through some issues and she connects with them by coming home often often, but yeah, lashes out a lot and is pretty petulant. I got so annoyed at how many times she has felt "guilty" (going behind her father, fighting with family) but yet continues to keep doing it. In a particularly insensitive moment where she is yelling at her mother, her 14 year old brother finally yells at her to shut up and to stop. She just thinks, wow he's never yelled before, and just leaves the room. Her brother states what I am thinking. Later, when he is upset and walks away, she goes after him in lieu of their father to comfort him. He thanks her for coming to him but asks why she is so mean, and why she doesn't care about anyone but herself. Bingo! But she doesn't address it and just says something like, "don't ever think I don't love mom" and that's it!I found myself more interested in Kane (the dad) and the investigation. However, it doesn't end neatly. And it's pretty boring. This is a coming of age story for Allison and her discovering herself (she does it the last handful of pages).One last note. EVERYTHING is described here... from the morning job, to breakfast, to the walk to the location and thoughts and really random textbook explanations. I sometimes skipped or skimmed over paragraphs until I found some dialogue. I really enjoyed the past Kane novels. I looked forward to reading it because Allison was such a strong character in the second book. The murder was gruesome but the investigation and its summation was disappointing.

  • Sandy Grissett
    2019-01-24 11:38

    Great read!This is a book about Allison (Alli) who was going to college and her best friend got her to skip classes to go to the beach. While they were at the beach they witnessed 3 girls that were out in the water and all of a sudden they were taken into the waves and unable to get out. Two life guards went in to save 2 of the girls but the other girl would not have a chance if someone didn't act fast. Alli dived into the water, and struggled through the current and the waves to save the 3rd girl. A cameraman happened to be out on the beach and captured the rescue on film. Then she met the cameraman, named Mike, and he helped Alli get a job. Alli went to work for a news station and was covering a story about a young girl named Jordan that had been murdered. Alli's dad was with the police force and was working a homicide case (the same case) that his daughter was covering. Since they were family it was causing hardships on the dad to get evidence on the case with his daughter being a reporter. This story will cover hardships, rape, trust, cancer, love, hurt, lies, and more. A great story with a great ending.

  • Cheryl
    2019-01-25 13:38

    "If we can't show our feelings, we might as well be men."Allison, the headstrong, strong-willed daughter of the Kane family, comes into her own in "Allison." After years of feeling jealousy towards her brothers, especially piano prodigy, Travis, she is starting to realize what she wants out of life and to realize she is super talented in her own right. She is starting to heal from her brutal rape four years ago (see "A Song for the Asking") and actually is thinking about romance - for herself.I love this author. This is the third of the Kane books (and not to be the last, from what the author writes). "A Song For the Asking" is still my favorite (I've read and reread it many times) but "Kane"and "Allison" are both excellent, too.Two things Gannon does especially well are dialogue and characterization. Conversations just flow in his books and I feel like I KNOW his characters intimately. I hope we keep getting to know more about the Kane family.Oh, and I want to be invited to one of the Kane beach shindigs. They do know how to throw a party.

  • Elaine
    2019-01-28 08:41

    Kane and his murder investigation are secondary to Allison in this book in the "Kane" series. He's pretty much secondary to his wife here as well as she undergoes her own trials. Fast forward a few years and Allison is now attending UCLA. It's the summer before she transfers to USC when she lands a job which could prove lucrative to her future in journalism. She's struggling with feelings of never living up to her older brother's achievements and bc of that, feeling second in her mother's eyes. She comes to terms w some things in her life. Kane is a detective on the case after a body is found in a local reservoir. When certain information is leaked, it reflects poorly on him since his his daughter is working for a local news station. Since Allison and her life are the focus in this one, I was left hungry for more of the investigation. There seemed to be a lack of draw that drew me in to the first two in this series. Still good though.

  • Debbie
    2019-02-14 06:29

    Another great read from Steve Gannon. Once again Detective Kane is knee deep in a case but this time he is up against his only daughter Allison. She has taken a summer job as a news TV intern so she is walking a fine line between keeping her position on the job and her relationship with her dad separate and peaceful. This book looks further into Allison's life and how she is handling her life and relationships after her rape. It looks into her relationship with her family, school, and now her job. It was a great read and I can't wait till the next book comes out

  • Katie
    2019-01-22 07:52

    I couldn't finish it. The pedantic descriptions of every last thing got to be way too much. I stopped caring about the plot because I had to wade through too much other junk to get to it. I can't recommend it unless you want to read excruciating detail about the architecture of the USC campus, authentic cuisine from interior Mexico, treatment protocol for leukemia, and myriad other things that don't really move the plot forward.

  • Mary Schildman
    2019-01-23 14:52

    Well done and tear jerkingfantastic story line, several mini-stories,great characters, detective Kane, knows what happens but his journey to find "proof" is elusive complicated by family drama. Going back to read 1st Kane book and looking forward to new book. Loved it

  • Dorrie
    2019-02-01 07:38

    All the books in this series are awesome. Great story about family ups and downs with a mystery in the middle. Start at the beginning. You won't be sorry.

  • Lillie
    2019-02-11 14:36

    Although there is a good mystery, that is only half the story. The relationships within the family and Allison's maturing into an independent adult are equally important.

  • Craig Norborg
    2019-02-02 10:49

    Good offshoot of the Kane books, already liked the Allison character from those, this one continues it and has her growing up in the shadow of her parents.

  • Naomi
    2019-01-20 10:33

    Way too dragged out with too many non-specific subjects and characters, forced myself to 55% but couldn't go further, I just lost interest!

  • Rajuda
    2019-01-22 14:51

    Enjoyed reading the book. Though not an intriguing plot, Steve Gannon's style of narration made it interesting. The ending however was like a 'slammed shut' door!

  • Sarah Turnbow
    2019-02-10 07:25

    It was a great book kept my interest and read Kane first though they go together I really liked them both recommend

  • Dianna
    2019-01-28 11:26

    really enjoyed this book!! hoping Gannon writes more about this family. will look for other books by him as well.

  • Jan Kazimi
    2019-02-01 08:37

    JkThis is book 3 and once again I was enthralledOnce you start you do not stop Mr Gannon can be proud of these books

  • Stephanie Collie
    2019-01-20 07:40

    great read.