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Book four in the Human Vampire SeriesAfter spending a year in jail for his involvement in the murder of Melissa Schwartz, Darus is determined to change his life. But that's all easier said than done. It isn't until Clare Brown, the sister of a woman who hates him more than Satan, shows up unexpectedly in New Orleans that he finds the motivation to truly change.If only theBook four in the Human Vampire SeriesAfter spending a year in jail for his involvement in the murder of Melissa Schwartz, Darus is determined to change his life. But that's all easier said than done. It isn't until Clare Brown, the sister of a woman who hates him more than Satan, shows up unexpectedly in New Orleans that he finds the motivation to truly change.If only the path to her wasn't lined with land mines...Warning: This book contains adult content and is not suitable for readers under 18.The Human Vampire Series:La Luxure (Book One)- April 2011de Sang (Book Two)- October 2011Eveillez (Book Three) - May 2012Expiez (Book Four) - September 2012...

Title : Expiez: Redeem Your Blood Lust
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ISBN : 9781479121137
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Expiez: Redeem Your Blood Lust Reviews

  • Leslie
    2019-02-07 21:25

    Short, sexy and oh sooo, sweet is what you'll get with this final novella of Hussey's Human Vampire series. Darus, the not-so-liked, alpha, bad boy who left a woman for dead in book one, (La Luxure) has some redeeming to do and let's just say, it's a challenge for him, at best. Clare, his love interest, is already a fragile woman; having escaped from an abusive boyfriend and wanting nothing to do with any man - especially one whose rap sheet's a mile long. Hummmm, this could get interesting. Yep, it sure does and in so many steamy-hot, take-a-break-for-a-cold-shower kind of ways!Hussey certainly knows how to tell a story. Her delicious heros continue to dominate my top ten favorite alpha-bad-ass hunks for their huge, cut, gorgeous and uh, huh, big-hearted, chivalrous man-candy attributes! Seriously, what's not to like?Bravo, Ms. Hussey! This was an incredibly well-written, fun, hot and even hysterically clever series and I cannot wait for what you have in store for us next!

  • Tami
    2019-02-03 17:00

    I’ve been a fan of C.D. Hussey for some time now and I find her writing hypnotic. I fell in love with her first book of the Human Vampire series, La Luxure: Discover Your Blood Lust, and eagerly followed along with the series. Expiez: Redeem Your Blood Lust is bittersweet for me. It was a great read, but I’m sad it’s the last in the series. It will be hard to say goodbye to all the characters.As far as the characters go, Darus was my least favorite. I previously found him to be conniving, arrogant, and down-right slimy. Who knew there was a different side to him that could now make me lust for this man? We were first introduced briefly to Clare Brown in La Luxure and it was fun to get to know her better in this story. She’s funky, unique, and has a smart mouth. I liked her immediately.Darus struggled with the changes he wanted to make about himself and I adored his determination and I admired the change Clare was making in her life. There was instant chemistry between Darus and Clare and it was extremely HOT to read about their developing relationship. They seemed to be a perfect fit. Yet, there was family drama, mixed emotions, and even danger to contend with before they could be with each other. Overall, this was a great romance story with a steam factor that is off the charts! I enjoyed it immensely and it was a great way for C.D. Hussey to go out with a bang!

  • Cindi
    2019-02-19 17:59

    So excited!!! Love this series...and so was thrilled to be gifted Expiez from the author just in time for my birthday and vacation!!! Thanks, C.D.! My friends know that my review is the same whether I buy, rent or receive books. Darus, the guy happy to be the one everyone loved to hate in previous books, believes he can change, HAS changed after his year in prison. He believes he can get his life together, become a nicer guy and no longer be such a selfish dick. Unfortunately, he has only one supporter. Angel (another one we don't really like much after she hugged Armand sorta inappropriately in a previous installment) has been helping him channel his anger and to think before he snarks, but will others like Armand and Julia ever forgive him? It doesn't look like it. And when Julia's wild-child sister, Clare, moves to town to escape her abusive beau, who does she immediately run into? Guess.Their encounters showcase their hesitant interest in each other and Clare's belief that D may in fact be making changes to his life, but they get no concurrance from the La Luxure group for quite some time. Of course things progress and eventually they get their proof but you've gotta read the book for that. BTW, being a Human Vampire is not the main focus of Expiez, but the Community is.Sh!t! My computer DELETED a very cool paragraph I just wrote and now I'll never remember exactly what I said! Basically it went like this: I felt so bad for Darus because here he's changed, become a good guy. But he doesn't get the good life yet. The Community still views him as the guy who let a girl die on the street and brought the cops to their club. And Armand has such a stronghold on the La Lux crowd, none of whom want to upset he and Julia. Granted, Clare sees him as hot and is interested in D from the moment of her arrival but she needs to make her sister happy so ... depressing, huh? But Ms. Hussey reminds me that success at changing yourself is still good even if you are the only person to know about it, and that you can't force others to believe you're different now. They don't owe you forgiveness (but I always root for the underdog and always want to make everyone happy so I root for Darus and Clare and Angel and Armand and Julia and Kate and Slade and more).There were so many positives in this book, and anyone who has read La Luxure (book 1 in her Human Vampire Series) knows how full of positives, of incredible storytelling and suspense, any Hussy book is, that I must mention the ONLY fault I found with it: its way short. Everything seems to be said and done that needs to be said and done, but I love this world so much I don' t want to leave it and now I have to and how long is the wait until the next book? This sucks! I have previously spoken to the author about this and she reminded me that if she just kept writing after the story was done to keep me in the HV world longer, she'd be wasting time writing filler. I of course hate fat and fluff as much as any girl but still don't want her to be right. Rats! So I'll be waiting impatiently for more books, and maybe a new series soon from C.D. Hussey.

    2019-01-25 16:22

    ORINGALLY REVIEWED AT rating:4 out of 5 stars** Please note this book was gifted to me by the author for an honest review**"Holy shit.""Amen."The above quote pretty much says it all. EXPIEZ is the 4th installment to C.D. Hussey's Human Vampire series, more specifically, this book belongs to Darus. We met Darus early on in the series as the shady, dreadlocked character who could not be trusted. Darus, to put it bluntly, is a dick. Does the outcast amongst outcasts want redemption? Maybe. Is he drawn to the Princess of his society's "Royal Family"? Indeed.Darus may have lost his dreads but his tall, trim build and grey eyes peaking out from beneathe his top hat are hard to ignore. Darus made a mistake, a horrible mistake, and for the most part, everyone in his society sees him as tainted. Instead of wallowing in self pity, Darus is doing what he can to to change his life, to be man other than what he sees in the mirror and what others see when they look at him. I love that he accepted others reactions to him. He didnt like it but knew they were within their right and justified in their views. He is a prick afterall. Clare is Julia's little sister who has her own issues to deal with, not to mention an exboyfriend that she would gladly never see again. Clare has many things going on in her life, an odd attraction to Darus being one of them. Is he yet another bad decision, or her saving grace?The banter between these two characters was really fun and playful. I also liked the subtle budding bro-mance between Darus and the other guys. He is so, totally and completely socially akward, he has no idea how to simply be, let alone be around people. People that he knows think very little of him. On a sidenote, I've learned two new things about Ms. Hussey since reading this book. The first being that she definately has a thing for barstools and the second... she's getting bolder in her sex scenes (O.O). I think I love her a little.I do, however, feel the ending was a little rushed, or was it that I didnt want it to end? I almost felt the relationship was a bit lopsided. I could feel it from Darus. Literally felt the second he truly fell for her. As for Clare, there was something missing that I cant quite put my finger on. While there was no real set up for the next book in this series, still, I can't wait!

  • Natalie Gibson
    2019-02-14 18:23

    I have to admit that I had a thing for Darius from book one. He is the ultimate bad boy and his smart mouth is funny. Turns out he's not really a bad boy at all, not in the way we think of him in the first few books. He's just kind of an ass. In steps Clare, making him want to be a better person. Of the four, I felt this one had the least action and the least blood drinking. Darius doesn't drink from Clare through the whole book and I think that was a good choice by the author. He keeps the blood and sex separate. Of the four, I felt the sex scene between Clare and Darius was the hottest. There are erotic scenes with characters from previous books too.As usual the writing is quality, character growth real, setting rich and full, sex scenes hot, and love genuine. I fully endorse this whole series. They are all great reads.

  • Rachel Olson
    2019-02-16 21:23

    CD Hussey brings a brilliant novella to the Human Vampire series. I've loved every one of these books and once again enjoyed the struggles and triumphs of the characters in this novella. The only things I struggled with were: 1)I wanted more! It just wasn't long enough for me. AND 2) The death of the one man who brought so much fear and terror into the previous book was so swiftly killed in this one, as if his purpose before had little significance. I look forward to more work by CD and will definitely be digging my fingers in!~Rachel A Olson, Author of The Seventh Layer~

  • Bleumoon
    2019-01-27 13:00

    I am loving this human vampire series! This installment was a bit short but packed with action that seemed nonstop! The characters are well developed. The story line seems to go from book to book very smoothly. There was one part of the book that seemed anticlimactic... but it was something that had to be done. I look forward to more in this series!

  • Melissa Morris
    2019-02-06 13:12

    A good read but not as good as the first three i. this series. I needed more back story and character development. Still, all in all, a good book.

  • Ginnifer
    2019-02-02 16:10

    Loved this whole series...was glad to see it wrapped up the way it was :)

  • Cana Elene (
    2019-02-14 19:06

    Review will be available on October 13, 2012 at

  • Sarah
    2019-02-15 17:10

    I think this mighta had 1 of the steamiest scenes from all the books...but it was sooooo short!!! Unfortunate cause it was prob wlda been my fav except there was barely ne story:(

  • Lenore
    2019-02-14 20:16

    3.5 stars rounded up.

  • Melissa Waldron
    2019-02-03 18:17

    good ending to a four part series.