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When life knocks the wind out of you, just remember,...

Title : Second Wind: Sometimes All You Need to Do Is Breathe
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ISBN : 9781935245568
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 272 Pages
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Second Wind: Sometimes All You Need to Do Is Breathe Reviews

  • J. Alfred
    2019-04-07 14:03

    This book puts me in a curious position. On the one hand, if the experiences the author relates in this book are genuine (and I have no reason to suppose that they aren't) he is a brother who is not only a better person than me, but also a much more intelligent person. On the other hand, this book, considered as a book, is more or less trash. It reminds one unpleasantly of a high school student's composition. The lapses in reasoning, the shoddy mechanics, and the inexpert use of vocabulary which are the distinguishing marks of high school level writing are all very much in evidence. Theologically, the book is suspect in a number of ways (although sometimes one can't tell if it is the author's doctrine or syntax which is heterodox), and morally it's a kind of messy rigmarole which will have us all chasing our tails. A large amount of the book is dedicated to emphasizing the existence of a real, personal devil, then a large section is devoted to shoddy attempts to prove the historicity of the scriptures. It's unclear who the author believes his audience to be. The author has a strangely intense fixation on bodily health and nutrition. Basically, I'm upset in that this book looked like it should have been much better. It could have been much better if it focused simply on the ministry to the homeless and left the quirky, paranoiac ideas to the side.