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The race is on for a new student council president, and the Breakfast Bunch is rallying for Hector! The competition is already heavy, but the race heats up when school security is at stake: student and staff high-tech gadgets are disappearing left and right. Whoever the culprit is, this is one stealthy thief—and the school is so busy with the election that he gets away witThe race is on for a new student council president, and the Breakfast Bunch is rallying for Hector! The competition is already heavy, but the race heats up when school security is at stake: student and staff high-tech gadgets are disappearing left and right. Whoever the culprit is, this is one stealthy thief—and the school is so busy with the election that he gets away with it every time. Luckily some of Lunch Lady's own culinary gadgets have eluded the crook, but will they be enough to catch this sticky-fingered bandit? And will Hector be able to pull off a victory?...

Title : Lunch Lady and the Video Game Villain
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ISBN : 9780307980793
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 96 Pages
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Lunch Lady and the Video Game Villain Reviews

  • Ms. Yingling
    2019-02-01 17:41

    Hector is determined to run for student body president against Christopher Milmoe even though Milmoe has huge banners, buttons, and campaign promises that aren't realistic. He even brings in pizza on vegetable souffle day in the cafeteria! At the same time, electronic devices start disappearing around the school, including Hector's X-Station Mobile. The Lunch Ladies are on this, using what technology they have left for surveillance. When they discover the culprit, they go to battle with him... but Lunch Lady gets sucked in Hector's video game and is in danger of losing. Even though it's in the middle of speeches, Hector comes to her rescue. No matter what the outcome of the election is, though, problems are looming because of the new, evil superintendent, Dr. Van Grindheimer. What will become of the Lunch Ladies in book 10?Strengths: As always, these are a fun romp of evil characters. No one (except the lunch ladies) is spared! Children delight in seeing teachers play the bad guy if it is done in an over-the-top way, and the illustrations in these books are always fun to look at. With the state of school funding, I got a big kick out of the evil superintendent strutting around in pointy black boots and making her cuts, knowing that the Lunch Ladies will find a way to neutralize her!Weaknesses: More school elections. Still not my favorite thing!

  • Samantha
    2019-01-29 18:57

    High-tech gadgets have been disappearing right and left, the race is on in the student class president election, and a new superintendent plans to trim the fat by cutting programs in this 9th book in the Lunch Lady series of comics. Hector from the Breakfast Bunch is running against Chris Milmoe, a popular jock, but manages to amass quite a following, especially after a successful interview for the school paper's podcast. But when Hector's gaming skills are called upon to defeat the villain who's been stealing everyone's tech gadgets he has to make a quick exit from the debate, which secures Milmoe's victory in the election.The villain was a little lame in this book, but the election and superintendant storytlines were great and deserved a stronger focus. As usual readers are left with a cliffhanger of an ending wondering whether or not this is the end of Lunch Lady! Recommended for boys and girls grades 3-5.

  • Shelli
    2019-02-03 13:03

    Lunch Lady is back with some returning villains making cameo appearance as well. Electronic devices are going missing all over town and Lunch Lady is on the case. Can she find the thief and get the cafeteria ready for inspection for the new school superintendent? Warning! This book ends with a cliff hanger! Can't wait to see how it all pans out in Lunch Lady #10.

  • Sarah Sammis
    2019-02-09 11:52

  • Jon(athan) Nakapalau
    2019-01-30 10:35

    It is so much fun to read to young kids and see them get excited about reading on their own. This is a fun book that has a positive message.

  • Rachel
    2019-02-03 12:59

    This was the first one with a cliffhanger! It had multiple story arcs, which probably explains why there is a cliffhanger. I always liked how previous story's new gadgets (from Betty) show up, but Krosoczka went a step further in this story by bringing back or alluding to previous villains. I did feel like a panel was missing during the class presidential debate, which was confusing.

  • Debbie
    2019-01-23 11:04

    Lunch Lady, book 9. For fans of Captain Underpants who suspect that their school lunch lady just might be a secret superhero. Someone is stealing electronic devices and budget cuts might be coming from the new superintendent. This could be the end of Lunch Lady.

  • Chris
    2019-01-26 11:57

    Totally fun and amusing!

  • Ellen Zarate
    2019-01-20 11:35

    I have a library friend who brings me a different Lunch Lady book each week. Fun and funny, like the others!

  • Nancy Kotkin
    2019-02-05 16:36

    Story: 4 starsArt: 4 starsFun graphic novel series for chapter book readers. Lunch Lady and her sidekick, Betty, are a secret crime-fighting duo that serve up breakfast, lunch, and justice. There is a group of three elementary school kids (two boys and one girl) who help Lunch Lady and Betty on their superhero missions. Lunch Lady's ninja skills are complemented by Betty's tech acumen. My favorite part are all the souped-up cooking utensils and food-related gadgets that Betty invents, which are then used to capture the bad guys.For the same age group as readers of the Babymouse and Salem Hyde graphic novel series, but the Lunch Lady series has wider appeal to both genders. Nothing deep here, but good entertainment value when kids need a break from more serious reading and studying. Especially well-suited to build reading confidence for reluctant readers.Not a lot of detail in the drawing. This more iconic style, along with large panels, makes these graphic novels easy to read. Color palette is restricted to black, white, and yellow for all books in the series. I wish the creator had chosen a more contrasting color than yellow, but it works well for the apron and gloves of Lunch Lady's outfit.In this ninth book of the Lunch Lady series, Lunch Lady and her helpers must figure out why all the student's and faculty's technology is disappearing. As a subplot, Hector runs for President of Thompson Brook School, against his nemesis, Milmoe. And the League of Librarians makes a brief reappearance.

  • M.
    2019-02-07 19:01

    Book 9 in the very funny graphic novel Lunch Lady series. Probably about 3rd grade and up. For those of you who don't know, Lunch Lady is a premier crime fighter complete with all sorts of high tech gadgets disguised as kitchen implements. There are two parallel stories here--to start with, the election for school president is happening with Hector Munoz of the Breakfast Bunch running against jock Christopher Milmoe. It's a close race--who will win? At the same time, high tech gadgets are disappearing from both students and staff all over Thompson Brook School; and Lunch Lady, aided by her cafeteria assistant Betty, has to solve the crimes. Can Lunch Lady figure out what has happened to a graphing calculator watch, the band's electric guitars, and miscellaneous laptops and other electronic devices? By hiding in student lockers and bugging the water fountain with a smart phone she uncovers the thief.One bad guy character we thought was permanently disposed of reappears in this book and a few new characters are introduced but the associated plot twists aren't resolved so we know there will be more Lunch Lady books coming.

  • Holly Letson
    2019-02-15 18:44

    Hector is running for Class President against the school bully, Milmoe, and doesn't believe he has a chance at all of ever winning. But, his friends are there, encouraging him and helping him along in the race. Later on, even though Hector doesn't win, even Milmoe tells him that he ran a good campaign. Unfortunately, tech gadgets have been disappearing from everyone in the school, and that trail of burnt wiring leads straight to the school's technology expert, Mr. Computo. He's feeding them all to his pet, a supercomputer, and only Lunch Lady and Hector can save the playing Hector's PSP game! But, that costs Hector the election as well. Later, the new superintendant visits the school, and decides to end the lunch program, leaving only vending machines for the children to have lunch from.What will happen next?

  • Dolly
    2019-02-15 11:47

    This is the ninth book in the Lunch Lady series by Jarrett J. Krosoczka. We started reading this series this past summer and our girls really like the stories. They are fun, fast reads and I love that the superheroes are women. This is a fun story about class elections and high tech gadgets.The story was an exciting, quick read and ends on a cliffhanger. I can see the books appealing to both boys and girls. The illustrations are very cartoonish, in black and white with yellow tints, and there's lots of action and fighting. Overall, our girls enjoyed reading this book and so did I. I am sure that we'll read more of the books in this series as soon as they are published.

  • Tricia
    2019-01-24 15:39

    Maybe more like 2.5 stars - a weak addition to the series. This story didn't hold together very well and the ending was rushed. I suppose I should be glad that (view spoiler)[Hector didn't win the election despite overcoming the bandit and presumably rescuing everyone's stolen gear. After all, didn't he promise to protect them? And didn't he deliver on that promise by skipping out on the speech and playing the game?(hide spoiler)] - after all, it would be too much of a cliché storybook ending if he had. But it bugged me. The whole videogame element was odd.Fun detail: look at the books on top of the library shelves when they go to the public library: it's Babymouse! But who are those women eavesdropping on them on the next page? Are they the librarians from an earlier book?

  • Diane
    2019-01-20 14:58

    Hector is running for class president against Chris Milmoe. And while Milmoe tries to buy votes with "pizza propaganda", Hector decides "we all deserve a safe, happy school." With the slogan, "Vote for Hector, he'll be your protector!", he starts to gain voter support. Especially as tech gadgets continue to disappear all over the school. Holy guacamole! This looks like another job for Lunch Lady. She immediately sets a trap for the tech thief to discover the identity of the thief. But when she follows the thief to his lair, she is caught in a trap as well, sucked into a video game. She needs Hector's help, but can he miss the candidate speeches and still win the election?Another fun installment.

  • Deepthi Herga
    2019-01-30 18:43

    nch ladies against the world! This will be a common review for all the books in the series.This comic book series about a couple of innocent looking lunch ladies acting like James Bond and Q has fascinated my 8-year old and she is devouring the series. I can't help enjoying the books too. The stories are fairly simple, not too much to rave about, but the gadgets are interesting and so are the main ladies.We will be reading all of the books in the series :). And did I mention how much I adore the gadgets? :-D

  • Nick
    2019-02-05 10:43

    Not quite as good as the early volumes in the series, and I think it's because of the school election subplot, which didn't quite hang together. Because it was such a big deal, I kept expecting it to tie into the main mystery, and it really didn't. That means that the kid spending a zillion dollars on the school election is not resolved in this book, nor are certain other plot points. So, good but not great, and with a cliffhanger ending.

  • ReadRibbet
    2019-02-04 11:42

    Number nine in this popular series of graphic novels for transitioning readers. This time Jarrett Krosoczka's super hero the Lunch Lady save the school from a villian stealing electronic device in the school. Set amidst a school election thesearch for themystery thief plays out. Student may be very interested in the next book as the book ends with a cliff ahnger scene in which new school leadership decides it is time to shut down the school lunch program and move to vending manchines.

  • Jess
    2019-02-06 12:52

    This book was the most surprising to me. I was just shocked talk about a cliffhanger. I mean I was shocked that they went through so many amazing adventures then Boom! Your left with a cliff hanger! This book made me appreciate the fact that hector mad a sacrifice. He gave up his chance to become the school president. That was my favorite part in this book. This was a great addition to this series.

  • Tony Keefer
    2019-02-02 11:56

    I love the Lunch Lady books. I was the lucky winner of #9 at the Dublin Literacy Conference (big fun) I don't want to give too much away but there is a mystery afoot when tech gadgets appear to be stolen right from under the noses of many of the characters and a new Superintendent is suggesting a shocking change to life at Thomas Brook Elementary. As always the story and art were laced with humor that adults like me and most middle grade students will love.

  • Nancy
    2019-02-05 18:41

    Student council president. That is what Hector is hoping for. The race is going to be tough but the Breakfast Bunch believes that Hector can pull this off. But in the midst of the campaigning, there is mystery afoot. Someone is stealing computer gadgets from students and staff. Can the kids find the thief and win the election?

  • Kathy Wombat
    2019-01-27 12:05

    Hey this book is amazing but it was not as interesting( the villain) as the others, has he is given no motive or no sad or tragic backstory.But what it messes up in villain it makes up for in story, this one is the second most intriguing and reliable story the only problem is it has the stupid school president campaign.

  • Katarina Miller
    2019-01-22 18:02

    This book has a really captivating storyline and illustrations that hold the reader's attention. I think kids would really enjoy this book because of the relatable material of school and the technology. There is also a emphasis on friendship and taking sides during events such as a class presidential election.

  • Idrishia Curnal
    2019-01-21 12:49

    I think the book was cool because the lunch lady had a secret that she fights crime. The kids at her school had figured it out but never told any body because they knew the lunch lady wanted to keep it a secret. At the end they ended up helping her fight with there ability to distract the bad guys.

  • Ann
    2019-01-27 17:05

    All the high-tech gadgets at Thompson brook school are coming up missing. Lunch Lady and Betty begin investigating, along with the Breakfast Bunch. Meanwhile, Hector is running for student council president against Milmoe. Hector's campaign goes awry when he has to help save Lunch Lady so she can save the day.

  • Ann Williams
    2019-01-26 15:57

    Another installment in the Lunch lady series. Not my favorite, but I do like the way Krosczka brings in characters from previous novels and leaves the reader hanging off a cliff at the end. I do want to see what will happen to Lunch Lady in the next book.

  • Fatmata
    2019-01-24 13:53

    I think it's about going to be about that serves the worst food so one day maybe one girl that the lunch ladies night so she probably sabotage thing so that's what I think is going to have lunch what's going to happen about the book

  • The Styling Librarian
    2019-02-16 11:59

    Lunch Lady and the Video Game Villain by Jarrett J. Krosoczka – Loved reading this new Lunch Lady. Warning: there is a cliffhanger that will leave you hanging for the next book release and quite possibly yelling at Jarrett for leaving you hanging…

  • Wendy Garland
    2019-01-27 12:42

    High-tech gadgets are disappearing from school. Leave it to the Lunch Lady to investigate. Will she be able to catch the thief before her gadgets disappear? Thanks to Jarrett Krosoczka @studiojjk for this copy from a Twitter raffle. The waiting list to read it grows every day!

  • Liz B
    2019-02-14 17:44

    This is a graphic novel for the 8-10 year old age group. I read it out loud to my six-year-old, and he liked it, but there were a lot of things I had to explain to him. Lunch Lady is a hidden superhero who reminds me quite a bit of Agent P from Phineas and Ferb.