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An arsenal of powerful questions that will transform every conversation Skillfully redefine problems. Make an immediate connection with anyone. Rapidly determine if a client is ready to buy. Access the deepest dreams of others. Power Questions sets out a series of strategic questions that will help you win new business and dramatically deepen your professional and personalAn arsenal of powerful questions that will transform every conversation Skillfully redefine problems. Make an immediate connection with anyone. Rapidly determine if a client is ready to buy. Access the deepest dreams of others. Power Questions sets out a series of strategic questions that will help you win new business and dramatically deepen your professional and personal relationships. The book showcases thirty-five riveting, real conversations with CEOs, billionaires, clients, colleagues, and friends. Each story illustrates the extraordinary power and impact of a thought-provoking, incisive power question. To help readers navigate a variety of professional challenges, over 200 additional, thought-provoking questions are also summarized at the end of the book.In Power Questions you'll discover:The question that stopped an angry executive in his tracks The sales question CEOs expect you to ask versus the questions they want you to ask The question that will radically refocus any meeting The penetrating question that can transform a friend or colleague's life A simple question that helped restore a marriage When you use power questions, you magnify your professional and personal influence, create intimate connections with others, and drive to the true heart of the issue every time....

Title : Power Questions - Build Relationships, Win New Business and Influence Others
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ISBN : 9781118119631
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Power Questions - Build Relationships, Win New Business and Influence Others Reviews

  • Gregory Kaplan
    2019-02-20 06:00

    This book has no redeeming value. The questions are obvious or insipid. The commentary is drivel. It refers to Socrates having "started his class" with a question?!? Please, authors, read a Platonic dialogue before you spout off about it. The author claims Chuck Colson is his "hero." OK, nothing wrong with second chances -- even though the man was craven and paranoid enough to co-author Nixon's enemy list in 1971 -- but that man had the nerve to sign a theological "justification" in 2002 that gave cover to one of the most disastrous and immoral foreign policy blunders in US history: the unprompted invasion of Iraq, an impoverished country, for political expediency and with divisive intent. Some hero! Well, enough ad hominem. The substance of the book is paltry: I don't even want to calculate how many cents I paid per word (for the discounted digital version even). The "power questions" are neither thoughtful questions nor especially powerful. Unless your dialogue partner is one of the flabbergasting-ly pompous "success stories" that the authors restrict their conversations to. Frankly, Jesus would cry and Socrates would laugh at the people this author congratulates (or is that brown-noses) throughout the vapid tale of how to get egotists to open up more about their egos!

  • Veselin Nikolov
    2019-02-09 04:45

    I'm on a quest to look for answers and in order to get the right answer, we need to use an appropriate question. Otherwise, we might end up with a 42, be ignored, see the other person check their phone, lose a client, or be unhappy.This book is about questions that make the person we're talking to, talking back to us. It suggests to use open-ended empathetic questions and to prepare for important conversations. We should not insult a client with things we could google 5 min before the meeting. This is all kind of common sense but is, in any case, an interesting and not very long summary. The author had the chance to talk to some very successful people.It was very entertaining and I kept some notes that I'll read again in the future.

  • Molly Eaton
    2019-02-03 01:07

    Power Questions is a highly engaging and practical book. It shows you how to use thoughtful questions to improve your conversations and really connect with other people. There's no conceptual blah-blah or blatant promotion of the authors' businesses. Each chapter highlights a real story and a question--or series of questions--that helped transform the conversation and/or the other person. This is a little gem. Highly recommended. By the way I read the other reviews before I bought this and Kaplan's is off-base and obviously colored by his political views. He refers to the characters the authors meet in the book as "pompous" success stories and "egotists"--hmmm...You may disagree with his politics, but Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship has demonstrably kept over 100,000 former prisoners from going back to a life of crime; Tom Monaghan sold Domino's pizza and gave the entire billion dollars away; and Bonnie McElveen-Hunter is Chair of the American Red Cross...he's out in left field on that one. Anyway, what I like is that the book is not simply a collection of questions--the authors show you how and when to use them. That's where the power lies. For example, they point out that "Why?" can be--in the right circumstances--a very powerful question; or, it can be a terrible question. One I liked in particular was the one Steve Jobs used to drive his engineers to higher and higher levels of performance: "Is this the best you can do?" They also talk about questions you should not use--for example, "What keeps you up at night?" (during a sales call) which is just a lazy, cliched question.

  • Chhun
    2019-02-21 00:59

    I found that most of the questions are hard to put into practice. Actually, we cannot ask all the critical thinking questions without a proper time because people hate thinking something complicated. Instead, I found some questions are useful to ask myself. For example, what would you do if weren't afraid? Or in average, Children ask 300 questions to 500 a day, so how many questions have you asked today? I might use such questions for myself everytime I am afraid or feeling stucked.

  • Moya Sayer-Jones
    2019-02-17 21:58

    For someone like me who asks questions for a living, it's always a bit confronting to realise we've been talking too much and not listening enough. This book is proving to be a great reminder to me about leaving space and getting to understand more from others.

  • Ashley
    2019-01-27 22:08

    Best business/consulting book I've ever read. Great reminder to think outside the box when approaching everyday problems

  • Amaya Smith
    2019-02-06 06:08

    This book is written by some evangelical Republicans but they don’t really let you know this until half way through. It wasn’t awful but it’s your typical sales marketing Amway guy stuff. See Take the Stairs and others. Either way it’s always good to be inquisitive. I’ve also read Humble Inquiry which us a little better but not by much. Quick read so nothing to lose. An even better read is the reviewer who gave him one star for butt kissing Nixon’s strategic.

  • Ryan_hg
    2019-02-15 02:47

    Powerful insights. After finish this book, I have truly learnt how to engage people with questions. Practical knowledge for your everyday life, be it for business or personal relationship. By mastering the art of asking question, I am sure we will be able to engage with people in a more effective way

  • Vincent P
    2019-02-05 05:55

    I came to the realization that asking better questions is the key to EVERYTHING.That's why I bought this book.This is a great book and reference for asking better questions in both business and life.

  • Dale Critchley
    2019-02-22 22:08

    Excellent book, but I made the mistake of using an audiobook for this one. I'm definitely going to need to find notes for it. That said, everyone should read this book and keep a copy on hand, refreshing the memory maybe one chapter a month over and over.

  • Uyên Nguyễn
    2019-02-20 01:46

    Tự cảm thấy cần áp dụng ngay những câu hỏi trong sách. Tuy nhiên, làm sao có thể biến tấu cho nó có thể tự nhiên nhất, bình dân nhất cho mọi đối tượng?

  • Hisham El-Halwagy
    2019-02-20 23:46

    من اكتر الكتب الي قراتها قيمه علميه و أضافه لمخزوني الشخصي عرض المواقف و الاساله اكثر من ممتاز و ترجمة الكتابه ممتازة جدا

  • Uthaya Nimal
    2019-02-05 03:42

    Love the practical approaches in the book that help with understanding myself and people bettter !! :)

  • Brigette
    2019-01-29 05:12

    I had to read this for work. It was a much better read than expected. It was easy to read and posed some very good questions to think about and ask.

  • Cal
    2019-02-10 03:49

    Great for sellers

  • SJ Loria
    2019-02-24 02:12

    An easy read, the challenge in this book is whether or not the reader can make the changes suggested with regards to their sales approach. Another book promoting a question based sales approach, making the sales person more consultative, rather than product oriented sales pitching. The new sales person, sales reinvented, updated. Less used car salesman approach (all due respect), more challenger, question based, let the client do the talking style. I would say that most of these questions are so much challenger sales questions, but more, high end relationship building questions for existing clients. For Questions that tap into a client’s upper echelon of Maslov’s hierarchy of needs regarding dreams, aspirations, etc. For example, it might be a bit much if on your first call you ask “what is the greatest achievement of your life?” So, don’t ask a purchasing agent these questions. And these questions are only relevant once you have a fairly well established relationship with a certain kind of thinker in a C Level position. Chapters consists of a set of stories that involved a question. Some are quite powerful, easy to pick up suggestions. Others are more spiritual, I’m making money but heaven smiles upon my work, kind of boasting. In the end, the 377 questions are bulleted. So again, you could read this on a plane ride, close the book and go, ok, that was pleasant. Or, you can put it into action and do this yourself. Some of the questions that stood out to me: Client – can you tell me about what you do? Response – What would you like to know about us? (this is excellent)Quotes Does the buyer have a significant problem or opportunity that the solution addresses? Does the buyer own the problem? Does the buyer have a healthy dissatisfaction with current offerings or with the rate of their improvement? Does the buyer trust you are the best person for the job? (If you answer all these yes, close the damn deal).“The highest form of Human Excellence is to question oneself and others” (Socrates)Rational, emotional and political aspects must be considered. 79Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action. 81Meals are good for relationship building. Research shows that we feel more favorably towards someone if we share a meal. 87What parts of your job do you wish you could spend more time on, and what things do you wish you could do less of? 89When asked properly, at precisely the right time, close ended questions can be a powerful and crucial ally. You’re asking for a direct response. What I need now is a direct answer – yes or no. 122If the circumstances were turned around, how would you like to be treated? Before you begin each meeting ask, what decisions do we need to make today? After each meeting ask, what have we decided today? 143It probably happens to you often. A person says I want to ask you something. Then, they proceed to spend 10 minutes telling you every detail of a very convoluted situation they are enmeshed in. You do yourself and the other person a favor by getting them to focus on the true kernel of their issue. Simply ask, what is your question?Personal mission statement. Answer these questions: Who am I? What values do I consider most important? What do I stand for? What do I want to achieve in life? How should I treat those closest in my life? How do I want to be treated? What is the purpose of my life? What is your plan? 161

  • Ian Cassel
    2019-02-08 02:50

    I really enjoyed this book and look forward to putting some of the thoughtful questions to good use.

  • Nick
    2019-02-04 03:10

    I love this book! It’s a set of short chapters each with a question that will help you have smarter conversations, deals, and relationships. When someone asks you to “tell us a little bit about yourself,” counter with a question: What would you like to know about us? The result, the authors say, is a set of clues about what your interlocutors are really interested in. Other power questions include: what do you think? Are they ready to buy? How will this further your mission and goals? Do you mind if we start over? Is this the best you can do? And so on. The only thing the authors don’t stress is that it’s not the questions, but knowing when to ask them, that really matters. And that takes wisdom you can’t get from a book.

  • Nora
    2019-02-16 01:57

    I was highly entertained by this book. Yes, it's full of cheesy American "look how amazing this person is" stories, but you knew that when you read the title. The questions themselves cover two main topics: how to win over a client for your consulting job/donation for your charity, and how to get someone to reflect deeply on their life and values. An odd mix, and the questions are in random order. The best question, in my opinion, is the first one: "What would you like to know about us/me?" as a response to being asked "Tell me about yourself" so you can avoid rambling about irrelevant stuff. So pick the questions that work for you, and enjoy the anecdotes in between.

  • Kian Mokhbery
    2019-01-30 00:49

    Always been fascinated by the power of a well timed question. This book proved to be subtle yet thought provoking. Many of the questions suggested seemed logical if you thought about it, but a lot of the value for me was derived from the specific circumstances it suggests the use of these seemingly normal questions and the powerful events that followed. Excited to put this book into practice! It was a quick read that I can now reference anytime. Highly recommend it if you enjoy engaging in powerful conversation.

  • Tom
    2019-02-17 06:06

    This book has made me a fan of Andrew Sobel and his approach to C-Suite influence and selling. The book is a fairly straight-forward read and I like the organization of the book. I can say I have used his method with outstanding results recently. However, I do believe that the book could have been about half the size and would not have missed a beat. The book could have also been called "Power Listening", since listening, as the author states, is such a key part of asking the appropriate and most powerful questions. I look forward to reading some of Mr. Sobel's other books.

  • Leslie
    2019-01-26 22:10

    Sobel's questions generate opportunities to learn about people and what matters to them. Although most of them are familiar, we underuse them. As a consequence, we make false assumptions, lose the chance to meet others' needs, and don't achieve the quality and depth of relationships we'd like. He illustrates each of his questions well, and shows how to use them. The book is worth skimming and looking back at on occasion to remember that much of the point of talking is the other person - and to refresh the skills for making that happen.

  • Beth Ann Locke
    2019-02-23 02:09

    I love this book! I think it is a must for every fundraiser to read to to have on the shelf at work for reference. Fundraisers know that discovery is the most important part of the giving cycle - discovering what inspires and interests donors. This book offers question to employ - many you may already use and hundreds more to have at the ready. It is very thoughtful. Of course, these questions can be used for any relationship building. I wrote a review on my blog: say a must have for any development office to share!

  • Mtbike40
    2019-02-15 05:51

    This is an outstanding book that makes you think about how you can use questions to build relationships. Relationships are a foundation of our lives, yet we often enter into relationships by telling people about our selves and we rarely get to know the person below the outer surface. Strong and lasting relationships are build on a greater understanding of the other person. What is important to them? What do they really value?Power questions helps you learn what types of questions to ask others and provide 35 stories to help us understand how questions can build these relationships.

  • Stephanie
    2019-02-01 04:49

    Really 3.5 stars- some of the power questions have already proven useful. Love the concept of this book and the overarching idea that bringing goals & priorities of others to the forefront via questions will help you to better serve them...but some of the stories that helped illustrate how/when to use certain questions made me think, "get to the point already!" Best book on asking questions I've found so far, if anyone knows a better book, let me know.

  • Luke
    2019-02-15 23:56

    this was a great read. I learned alot from Andrew and jerold as always. there write a ton of take always but there write a few sections that stood out. Resolve a crisis out complaint where they spoke about not winning an argument but win the relationship. Basically when a person is upset emotions are like facts. In this section they taught in the first phase of a crisis or problem situation you must lead with questions. I can go on but I think you get the point. This is a must read.

  • Daniel
    2019-01-25 00:51

    Livro recomendado para quem tem como ponto forte a capacidade de ouvir abertamente. Também recomendado para quem deseja seguir a carreira de coaching.O livro traz realmente um "arsenal" de perguntas tão provocadoras quanto profundas. Conversas que utilizarem tais perguntas serão baseados em confiança e respeito.O que aprendi deste livro é que tão importante quanto a pergunta certa, mais importante ainda é o momento certo para fazê-la.

  • Xuejin Chuang
    2019-01-24 04:09

    Power questions does include some awesome questions. I particularly like the way the explain why this questions rocks. Why i gave it 3 stars? Some of their explanations doesn't resonate with me.However, this book will definitely work extremely well with other books that provide a framework, such as Crucial Conversations, or perhaps a Business Consulting book so you know why these power (business) questions rock.

  • Rolando Gill
    2019-01-26 03:57

    This was a quick read with stories that illustrate the use of Power Questions. I took many notes and highlighted so much of the book. I love books like this that make me think and get me to take action. I have created tasks for myself to answer some of the questions just so I understand what I am asking of others. This book will make me better.

  • Claire
    2019-01-31 22:06

    A book of "power questions" and anecdotes that demonstrate their usage. A good book to practice your speed reading skills on. Each short chapter summarizes the question illustrated and how to use it.Many questions are business oriented while others are personal or even suited to asking of yourself.Handy for working on your conversational skills, getting to what matters in discussions.