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Claire Walters has worked for Jason Danvers as his assistant for three years, but he’s never appreciated her as a woman—until the day she jumps out of a cake at his friend’s bachelor party.… To support her ailing mother, Claire is forced to work a second job at a party-planning company. But when her handsome boss ends up with a front-row seat to the action, she’s mortifieClaire Walters has worked for Jason Danvers as his assistant for three years, but he’s never appreciated her as a woman—until the day she jumps out of a cake at his friend’s bachelor party.… To support her ailing mother, Claire is forced to work a second job at a party-planning company. But when her handsome boss ends up with a front-row seat to the action, she’s mortified—and he’s intrigued. With Danvers International in the middle of an important merger, Jason asks Claire to accompany him on weekend business trips—and suddenly all her fantasies are coming true. Her outspoken best friend thinks that getting a little “executive attention” will solve everything. But Claire sees more in Jason than just sex. Jason is determined to know how the beautiful, sexy woman in the cake could also be his mousy assistant. The more time they spend together, the more he realizes how much fun it can be to mix business with pleasure. And how much he wants to offer her a happily ever after of her own…. ...

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Weekends Required Reviews

  • Tiff
    2019-02-02 21:11

    I'm a little amazed at how much I HATE this book since my book standards are pretty low. I'm normally more than happy to forgive lots of things as long as the book was entertaining.I hate reviewing books that I can't finish but this is absolutely horrendous. I couldn't finish this book because I found too many events absolutely improbable, and I am only 23% in. To explain what it is I find so improbable I need to give some context to the story.Claire has been working for Jason Danvers as his assistant for three years. Jason needs Claire to go on some sort of weekend trip with him for some contract or other. Claire realises that this is the same weekend that she needs to jump out of a bachelor party cake for her other job, but agrees to go with Jason when she realises that the bachelor party is close to where they plan to stay. Of course Jason is in attendance when Claire jumps out of said bachelor party cake.Firstly, I find it hard to believe that Jason is blind enough to go from not noticing Claire is a woman to thinking she is a hot bombshell, ESPECIALLY if she had been working for him for three years. I find it even harder to believe that if he is, indeed, this blind, and I suppose I can think of some reasons as to why that is, that it only takes him about an hour into a weekend trip to realise that he not only thinks she's kind of hot and sexy, he's also MAYBE IN LOVE WITH HER. Huh? I swear, about two pages ago, the writing led me to believe that Jason doesn't see Claire as anything other than a highly efficient and somewhat gender-ambiguous assistant. Another problem I have is how comfortable both Claire and Jason are to joke with each other on a personal level even though Claire wouldn't shut up about how Jason is STRICTLY HIS BOSS and Jason won't shut up about how he DIDN'T NOTICE SHE EXISTED what, a chapter ago? Literally two pages from Jason's comment to Claire about how she should always wear her hair down and Claire is all red from his personal comment (it is very out of character for Jason to make personal comments as Claire keeps telling us), Claire and Jason are shooting each other smirks and dirty looks and making digs at each other. Real professional.I mean I can maybe buy that he never looked at her in that way (if you know what I mean, wink wink) due to professional reasons in the office, but later as it turns out Jason has no capacity for professionalism whatsoever. Jason has no qualms whatosoever with making sarcastic, sexual comments about Claire after he sees her jump out of the bachelor cake, followed by gripping Claire's arms and making out furiously with a bit of ass groping along the way in a restroom. Hilariously after their groping Jason starts to ponder whether he should fire Claire for violating something in her employment contract (I love how the book takes the effort to say it won't violate a 'non-compete' clause but may violate 'ethics), Jason doesn't seem to ponder, at all, how making sarcastic sexual comments and then thrusting his tongue into his employee's mouth while grabbing her ass doesn't violate anything on HIS part. Which makes him a really douchebaggy hero if you ask me, and I actually have a very high tolerance for 'crap-heros-do-in-romance-books'.The other problem I have with this book is the writing. It's really, really bad. One of my favourite lines of the book was:"Apparently he was way too preoccupied at work. Under the shapeless, drab colored clothing was a body any man would kill to possess." This kind of makes it sound like he desperately wanted Claire's body for himself? It's a little ambiguous."Her response, although timid at first, had literally blown him away and her passion seemed to burn as hot as his."I saw no signs of Jason being literally blown away during their little ass groping session, and I desperately wish authors would use the word 'literally' properly. Why is it so hard to understand how to use this word?! 'Literally' implies that whatever you're describing actually happened. I'm willing to forgive incorrect uses of the word 'irony' because it's kind of a hard concept to get your head around. Literally just means 'it happened THE WAY I SAID IT'. So if you say Jason was 'literally blown away', I expect a tornado to come ripping through the bathroom, sending Jason into another state all together during their ass groping session.Arrrgh. I just can't take a hero this stupid or BLIND to a)his own assistant and b)to ETHICS and professional behaviour. Stupid writing is really just the final nail in the coffin for this book.

  • Stacia (the 2010 club)
    2019-02-20 22:06

    2.5 stars. I'm going to go with definition number one : pleasing; agreeable; delightfulIn this case, nice ended up being pretty close to :First off, let me disclaimer that this book wasn't bad. In fact, Weekends Required was pretty standard CR fare : one couple is attracted to each other, yet they fight their feelings for a while until something happens to bring them together. Throw in a few small obstacles to further the plot along the way and there you go. Standard formula. By all reason, this book probably deserves at least a 3 star minimum rating because it's honestly not bad for a CR. However, when taking my enjoyment into consideration (I'm probably pickier than the average romance reader), I couldn't go higher than a 2.5, which is just shy of 'average' for me, since I'm rounding down instead of up.Some authors manage to work the formula better than others, whether it's by adding in some laughs, or amping up the steam. These are the books that get either a 3, 4, or the rare 5 star rating from me.Weekends Required ran somewhere along the lines of definition 1 - nice : pleasing; agreeable. Delightful doesn't really qualify in this case.However there did happen to be one delightful scene. It's hard not to be amused when the female lead is forced to jump out of a cake at a bachelor party for her boss's friend. Especially when the boss is the potential love interest. Talk about embarrassing!My thoughts in a nutshell :I wasn't completely bored with the entire book (there were some good parts).I neither liked nor disliked this book.I thought it was pleasant enough to pass the time.I was mildly entertained during the sex scenes.I found myself wondering why our heroine was accident prone.I still hate the use of the nickname baby.I got tired of Danvers referring to Claire as 'the stripper.' I failed to care what happened with the story of the mother.I wasn't sad to see it end.I doubt I'll remember much about this story.I doubt I'll read the next one.

  • Lindsay
    2019-01-29 20:11

    Weekends Required was an enjoyable read…until it wasn’t. I enjoyed the first (approximately) 80% but the last 20%, was really annoying. I enjoyed the developing relationship between Jason and Claire, how they fought the attraction while giving in at times. I also enjoyed Jason’s jerkiness when he found out about Claire’s second job. What I didn’t like was how Jason went behind her back to “help” Claire. And actually, that didn’t bother me either. What really bothered me was the fight that wasn’t. When Claire found out what Jason had done they fought (which was fine), and that led to them falling into bed (again, fine) but then Claire received a phone call about her mother….and the whole issue was dropped. I could understand if the issue was just put off until Claire found out how her mom was doing, but it wasn’t really brought up again. The big “fight” that later came had to do with Jason asking a creepy neighbor of Claire’s to leave her alone. That’s what finally set Claire off and pushed her into breaking up with him. And it was really anticlimactic. Claire threw in a few other “misdeeds” when she broke up with him but I found myself rolling my eyes and wishing the book would end already. I think the worst thing to happen to an otherwise good book is a horrible ending. As the book neared the end I couldn’t bring myself to care if they got their HEA. And to make things worse there was an epilogue, which in itself is normally a good thing; and it did show that they got their HEA (view spoiler)[ plus one (hide spoiler)] but just as they were going to announce it to Claire’s mother…nothing. You turn the page and it’s blank. I don’t know if that was author’s intention or if it’s something with the kindle version but the ending was really abrupt and left me feeling like I was missing something. Overall, the book was decent, and up until the gobblely-gook of the last 20%, I probably would have read it again. Some people might not have an issue with the way the fight went down, but it bothered me.

  • ♥Rachel♥
    2019-01-27 04:01

    3.5 StarsClaire has been working for Jason Danvers as his personal assistant for the last three years. Jason is the president and head of Danvers International. Claire has had nothing but a professional relationship with Jason and doubts he even realizes she's a female. This hasn't stopped her from having lustful fantasies about him and his "Hot Buns." I was cracking up more than a few times over the urges she had over them: Jason bent over and started to pick up the contents of Claire's make-up bag from the floor. She couldn't help but admire his long, lean form; and those jeans did things for his butt that should be against the law. She had to fight the urge to slide her hand right down that hot set of buns and give them a squeeze.Anyways, moving on………Claire hasn’t had a boyfriend in three years so this doesn't help her ever growing imagination each time he walks by. Claire has more important things to worry about that having a boyfriend. She's had to provide for her ailing mother with mounting medical costs and care issues. Because of this, she's had to take a second job for a party planning company as wait-staff but also as the girl who jumps out of the cake, scantily clad, at bachelor parties. She takes this job, in spite of her reservations because it pays well. Never in her wildest dreams does she think her boss, Jason would be in attendance at one of these parties! But she would be wrong, very wrong!!Jason for his part hasn't noticed Claire for anything but her efficiency as an assistant. Yes, he thought she was attractive but Jason never thought of Clair as a knockout. This was all hidden behind prim, proper, and drab clothing. When he catches sight of her jumping out of the cake he can't believe this gorgeous woman has been under his nose the whole time. Now Claire is at the center of way too many men's fantasies, and he doesn't like this one bit. He's determined to find out why his assistant finds it necessary to put herself on display, and he's going to put an end to it! Jason and his "hot buns" was the star of this story for me! Not only is he a pretty hot picture, he's what every woman would want. He's passionate and caring, wanting to spare Claire any trouble in her life. What starts out as a fling to him turns into so much more. When he finds out all her problems, he wants to do all he can to fix them. Unfortunately, Claire doesn’t take his help so easily. What Jason sees as help, she sees as controlling behavior and interference. While I get some of her reasoning, this for the most part frustrated me. I did admire Claire for her caring and love she gave her mother. I just wish we had less of that story included. Overall this was a fun, fast, and spicy read and I look forward to the next book revolving around Suzy: Not Planning on You

  • Crista
    2019-01-25 02:56

    This was a fun little "gem" of a story. It's a light, easy, and entertaining read that captured my attention and was easy to finish in one sitting.I love a great office romance, and this one has it all. A great boss/secretary relationship, a business trip that puts them alone together, and a host of entertaining secondary characters that help move the plot along. We are introduced to the couple that will be featured in the next book, and I'm almost looking forward to their story more than Jason and Claire's story!There were a few things that kept it from being a 5 star read:* Some parts of the plot lacked believability.....but this is IS fiction:)* Claire's actions were frustrating from time to time...and there came a point where I wasn't sure that she even deserved Jason!Even with these minor quibbles, I can definitely recommend this book. Jason was the type of hero that just "works" for me. Alpha, powerful, successful, rich, and completely smitten with the heroine. He's your typical successful CEO and I completely fell for him right along side Claire. Claire had her fair share of baggage and my heart did break for her and the abusive past that had left her scarred and damaged.As a bonus...I love a good epilogue, and this one had a GREAT epilogue. Very satisfying. I'm immediately moving on to the next book which also says something!

  • Erin
    2019-01-25 20:10

    This was a cute, sexy romance story. It wasn't as well-developed as some of the really good romance novels are (that ending wrapped up a little too perfectly and too quickly for my tastes), and the characters lacked some of the depth that I prefer to have in this genre, but overall it was entertaining. Claire and Jason were definitely on fire for each other, and the steamy scenes were H-O-T hot!! lol I didn't love the plot with Claire's mom, I found myself skimming through a lot of those scenes. I get that there needs to be a background story around all of the allure and temptation, but this one just didn't keep my interest much. I liked Jason's tendencies to be overprotective, he was sweet and very giving to Claire even though she kind of threw it back in his face most of the time thanks to her history. I wanted to slap her for pushing him away instead of just explaining things to him, but it did give that great heartbreak to the story that I so love!! Overall, cute story that could have been better with less cheesy dialogue and better character development, but I give it a 3.5 because I enjoyed it!

  • Melissa
    2019-02-04 04:05

    Where to start?? This book was full of everything! Drama, heartache, romance, passion, love, witty characters and ended perfectly! I LOVED this book, I couldn't put it down until I knew how everything was going to pan out! I am definitely a huge fan of Sydney and can't wait to read the second book in the Danvers series :) Easily one of my new favs!

  • Christy
    2019-01-29 03:07

    This was a cute and quick read. Loved Jason :D Wish Claire would have got with the program at times, but with her past it was understandable. Suzy was probably my favorite character- Fanfreakingtastic and funny! I am more excited about the her next book!

  • Kristy
    2019-02-13 01:24

    I really liked this book. The author made me smile quite a few times. Like this:With the medical bills piling up for her mother, she had gotten desperate for a second income to help make a dent in the constant stream of expenses. While pondering how successful someone such as herself might be as a hooker, and ad in the Sunday paper caught her attention. Okay, so it's Sunday and I shouldn't have been wondering if I could sell my body for extra money while skipping church. Talk about guilt!Another part that made me laugh was her her description of her neighbor, William "but call me Billy".I loved her friend Suzy. She was a fun character and got me excited to read her story."Girlfriend, you got some explaining to do . I call and call and you never answer. Are we seeing other friends now or something?"I know this is kind of a sucky review but I waited too long to review it. :( I can't remember specific thoughts. I just remember liking the over all book.

  • Chryssa
    2019-02-10 03:07

    To start with, after reading about it on Amazon, I was intrigued by the story! It seemed to have so much potential! After reading it, I found that the story wasn't developed to the extent of what I thought it could.... it was so predictable and full of cliches, but that is not always negative... I definitely didn't like that Claire's true reasons for her choices were revealed so early in the book nor that Jason's feelings popped out so suddenly and without any effort!!!NO! This is not a negative review! The story was sweet and the characters interesting but they lacked something.... The heroine's "daddy issues" were tiring and prevented her from seeing what was in front of her eyes...a loving and caring man that had everything a woman could desire! It was funny, it was pleasant and worth reading just for the sweet taste left in the end, without the heartache and tears other books of this kind usually bring! Recommended for those looking for a HEA in their books!!! Myself included :o)

  • Brandie
    2019-02-04 04:22

    More like a 3.5 star rating. I enjoyed it, although it was a little slow to start for me. Once I got into the story, I flew threw it. (view spoiler)[ Claire grated on my nerves a little with her inability to see Jason for who he really was - an amazing guy.(hide spoiler)] Jason's character is definitely what made this book enjoyable. There were some cheesy lines, but I was able to overlook that when I was enjoying the storyline. I loved Suzy - her lines were hilarious and I look forward to reading the next book about her!

  • Natasha is a Book Junkie
    2019-02-01 23:07

    This was not a literary masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination but it was a pleasant read and it ticked all the boxes that I needed ticked - nice romantic story, likeable characters, not too much drama, very little angst, sexy times, predictable ending. I needed a book to soothe my mind after reading quite a depressing story and this book did the trick. I liked it, knowing exactly what to expect from it, I liked the writing style and I am glad I read it. I will even read the sequel.~ N ♥http://natashaisabookjunkie.wordpress...

  • Nika
    2019-01-31 22:11

    again, hero is a super dick, heroine a super doormat. he is super/ mega/ uber rich, she is his secretary.. his looks are the most important thing ever, in every situation! and heroine has a magic vagina that is constantly ready! I just can't catch a break...

  • Wanderlust
    2019-02-06 02:00

    cover & title - 3/5favorite character - Suz So i debated if i should leave a bad review or not, to be honest i would rather only post good reviews. The reason i am posting this is because i hate spending money on a dud & i am sure you do too. I must say I am really surprised this made the NY Times best seller list. This entire book is mind-numbingly flat. The characters are annoying, at points they are totally obtuse. The chemistry is tepid at best. The story-line is a farce & it is actually rather annoying. The fighting that occurs in the book is a feeble attempted to force passion into a dull story. I think i would get more horny reading the bible than i would reading this book. I would not recommend this book. For recommendations & reviews of books actually worth reading -

  • Emily
    2019-01-21 21:01

    Dear Editor of "Weekends Required",Please stop sleeping on the job.Sincerely, EmilyThis one had potential but it was lost in about chapter 3 when the excessive use of the character's first names overwhelmed the dialogue. Apparently Jason had been living his entire life with blinders on because as soon as he took his assistant on a weekend "work trip" she became irresistible to him. No build up whatsoever. And what's with Claire being a total klutz? A little mishap is okay but again there was excessive use of this characteristic almost to the point of creating a helplessness in Claire. Couldn't connect with either of the lead characters and the story development was choppy.Not my cup of tea.

  • JoJo - JJJ (Jo Anna) Janesko
    2019-01-26 23:09

    What a sweet story. I really enjoyed this one.

  • Amanda (Fandomly Bookish)
    2019-01-26 21:58

    With my mood clearly not fervoring into jumping to another Young Adult book/series as of the moment (saving my FEELS for Allegiant), I decided to randomly pick from my latest marked books. Well yeah. That's how I ended reading this one. Weekends Required starts off with Claire working for Danvers Intl. as Jason Danvers' personal assistant. She's been in that position for almost three years already and they've clearly maintained a very professional relationship. But one weekend changed everything ... Jason has been pushing through with a merger between Danvers Intl and Mericom company. And to do that, he needs to work even on a weekend and obviously with the help of Claire. The catch here is during that specific weekend Jason also needs to attend his friends' bachelor party and wedding. Figures. Claire and Jason ended up travelling to Columbia for the said wedding weekend and will be working on the merger during the free hours. Relax. Laid back. Both of them seeing the other person in a new light. Chemistry. Yada yada.But wait there's more. A girl needs to do what she needs to do in order to sustain for her mother's medical needs and be able to fend for herself. Claire has this alter-ego/second job and it's quite out of character for her. Poof! Claire pops out of the cake (She's not a stripper!), only to find out that the party she was assigned to that night was at the bachelor party of Jason's friend. ... Well, that's just the start of the story and if you seem interested in it, better pick this one up and read it already! Story. I actually forgot the blurb for this book, so when I started reading this I was just like "Ohhh maybe they're just gonna be hooking up blah blah blah." But as the story progresses, it proved my assumption wrong. Engk! This is one of those stories that will make you say that the past is a huge factor of shaping up a person. Weekends Required got it's depth from that. This book is a good take on that idea and I quite enjoyed reading it. Plus points for this book for being a light read.Oh man. Having dual POVs in a book (especially with main characters) somewhat messes up with my emotions. It's because of the fact that you're being clued in to what they're both thinking and feeling. It sucks to be in that position. It makes me want to jump inside the book, try to shake some sense in to the characters and also console them. But having this element in a story is a huge help in getting to know a great deal about the character's character. Claire Walters. She's afraid of losing control of her life which was caused by the abuse that they suffered from the hands of her father. It was like every move they make were being controlled by her dad and he used to tell them that they lack intelligence, only dependent to his money dadadada or to sum it all up they were just a bunch of good for nothing people. And that fear of hers happened ... Jason Danvers. He is Claire's oh-so-hot-boss! It is in his nature to take care of people and fix their problems. (I think you're having a clue already where I'm getting at, am I right?) Well stuff happen blah blah blah and Claire noticed that his ways were sort of similar with his father. Then things got messy from that part... Dagnabit. Honestly, Jason was really way overboard with the things he did. But man was he totally concern for Claire and how sincere he is when he did those stuff. *sigh* I can say that what happened to him and Claire was "insta-lust upon seeing the other person in a new light" kind of thing (LOL). (How could like years pass without them having a getting to know you in a deeper sense happen? Idk if it's just me or what! Ugh lol help) Suzy. I love her character. She just lightens up the book with what her playful self out in the open. I kinda ship Grayson and her! I think, they could be a cute couple. She could pretty much help Mr. Uptight loosen up!!! Bye x Oh wait. As expected though, Jason and Claire got their HEA!

  • Mochaspresso
    2019-01-24 21:54

    This was a cute enough story. Claire has been working for Jason as a personal assistant for three years. She's had a crush on him all along but he's never noticed her and their boss/employee relationship has always been strictly professional. Claire is experiencing some financial troubles and takes a side job jumping out of cakes at stag parties to make extra money. Unfortunately, one of those parties turns out to be a bachelor party for Jason's best friend. Now, he notices her and he is not exactly thrilled that his employee is working as a stripper on the side. Their first fight is about her side job and it devolves into being over whether she is classified as a stripper or not. (This part of the book bothers me, btw. It seems like the book goes way overboard to point out the fact that she doesn't strip, doesn't take her clothes off and doesn't give lap dances....yet she still somehow makes a ton in tips. Her job description is depicted as a very sanitized 50's version of a bachelor party pin-up girl. It seems a little far fetched in a contemporary story. Not to mention that she works for who is supposedly a very prominant CEO of a major company. I find it hard to believe that a) she isn't well paid and actually has time for a side job b) she has managed to keep that side job for 3 yrs with no other embarassing reveals in front of clients, collegues etc. until now.) In record time after seeing jump out of the cake, Jason notices her and decides that he loves her (...again with the far fetched) and wants to help her with her money problems. She has great deal of annoying baggage from her past and as a result, has issues regarding what she perceives as contolling men and her pride won't let her accept his help. She thinks he is trying to control her life by playing Capt. Save-a-ho and paying for sex when it turns out that he has always been generous with his employees and has helped them in times of need. (...again with the far fetched. How is it possible that her best friend, the corporate event planner knows this yet she, his personal assistant for three years doesn't?)Despite the far fetched nature of some parts of the book, I did enjoy the story. It was also nice to encounter a male lead character that was a "normal" alpha-male. No baggage, no kinky sexual tendencies, isn't motivated by intense jealousy and possessiveness. He's a normal, rational, kinder and gentler version of "Christian Grey". If you have been reading some of the current popular contemporary romances like I have been, you might find that a little refreshing.

  • Deniz
    2019-02-06 02:17

    1,5StarsUGH!!!This totally back fired!Let me explain:I am super busy and wanted to listen to something light and fun while I work in the studio.. but also getting my my cute&fluffy fix for the weekend. I was hoping to find a new series to listen to so I could fill my studio time with some cute&fluffy, light fun for the next week. I got this as an audio-expecting a fluffy romance. But what I got instead was, well annoying. I couldn't only not relate to ANY character, there was also no character growth. In short the character building was lacking at best. Each character was so cliche, so predictable that they actually grated on my nerves.The story line, well I kinda expected predictable- its a romance you know, so it comes with the territory. But I was wrong- it wasn't just predictable it was boring. VERY boring. The worst thing though- the dialogues. They felt stiff, recycled and half the time just annoyed me. Though the writing style is not completely terrible, I am not a fan of it. It felt woody and unimaginative at times at other times it was repetitive and felt like Landon was trying to hard. The only part of this book I thought was actually any good was the smut! Yes, exactly! The SMUT- the only redeeming feature. Now I happily read books without it- so I am happily rounding this down. The narrator was ok. Honestly I would have DNFed if I would have read this myself. am not sure if I would recommend the narrator, since I didn't like the book. I think she made the reading more bearable, but I also have heard better narrations. This book is to cliche and unimaginative for my tastes and it is the perfect example about everything I dislike in a romance novel. Well, except for that smut. That was actually quite yummy. Which is besides the point. Back to the issue at hand: My tenuous relationship with the genre has just been set back by at least ten books. I am not even sure I wanna dare reading or listening to anything in the genre for the foreseeable future.I don't know if I should just ignore this and jump right back into cute and fluffy- cause I definitely didn't get my cutesy fix or if I should just go back to fantasy. Thing is instead of ranting right now, I really should be working. BUT Weekends Required just totally messed up my audio plans and my happy vibe. I am now forced to scour Audible for something to fix the mess my cute&fluffy fail has caused. Wish me luck or even better send me recommendations for really good audiobooks that I might like!Needles to say I wont be going on with this series.

  • Marilyn's Book Blog
    2019-01-24 03:11

    This book is the first book in the Danvers Series, and I can't wait to read the rest. The two main characters in this book are Claire and Jason. Claire has been Jason's assistant at Danvers International for the last three years. She has always been very plain Jane, wearing her hair pulled back with brown, beige, or tan clothing. Jason has been very pleased with her work but never saw her as more than an assistant. Claire is very professional but can't help fantasizing about her boss.A little background on Claire: She comes from a home with an abusive father. He is no longer alive because he died in a car accident along with Claire's sister, Chrissie. Claire's mother is unable to take care of herself as she is suffering from Alzheimers and diabetes. Louise, a very close family friend, helps care for Claire's mother. There is much expense involved in taking care of her mother, so Claire has had to take on a second job which is for Partiez Plus. She jumps out of cakes at bachelor parties. Claire's worst nightmare comes true when she jumps out of a cake at a particular bachelor party and Jason is at the party. He immediately recognizes her but can't believe how beautiful she is. He is mesmerized and also confused as to why she has this side job. He suddenly because determined to learn more about her and find out why she has this job. He does not like the thought of other men ogling her.Jason learns of Claire's situation and begins to understand why she has her second job. He tries to be helpful and take charge of things in her life. He believes he is helping her; she believes he is showing controlling tendencies which reminds her of her father. She decides to break things off with him because she does not want to ever be in the same situation as her mother was in. They are both heartbroken because by this time they are both in love.Claire's mother explains to Jason what Claire's concerns are, so he realizes he needs to change his ways. Claire comes to the conclusion that Jason is really only trying to be helpful and look after her, not control her. They realize they both have things to work on, but they would rather work on those things together rather than be apart.This is a great love story, but it is also a story about learning how to let go of the past so a future is possible. Both characters have to grow and learn to be trusting. I can't wait to read the second book in the series, Not Planning on You, which I have already downloaded! Weekends Required gets five out of five stars from me.

  • Fred
    2019-02-10 04:20

    This was a cute, sweet fast read and I enjoyed it quite a bit. The MC is adorable, if sometimes a bit self-defeating, but c'mon there's gotta be some conflict, right? I liked how they sort of stayed together during the misunderstanding part, instead of rushing off and stewing about it, this time their mutual need overcame that and kept them engaged, if at odds. It's a romance, and a tenderhearted one at that, too. Suzy, her best friend, is a super charming character, and I'm glad to hear she's getting her own book in the series next. Have fun reading this, I sure did!

  • Maree Repa
    2019-02-14 20:23

    I found this series that I knew I would just love so I thought I would start at the first one As I just didn't want to miss out on anything.It was such a beautiful romance. I just loved the writing, so appealing to the eye and I knew that there was still so much more in the characters, Jason and Claire. I just can't wait to start on this beautiful series no 2. Such a great read!!

  • Emily
    2019-02-10 20:17

    Overall rating: 3.5 stars Plot: 7/10Ending: 7/10Writing: 5/10Hero: 6/10Heroine: 6/10Humour: 4/10Steaminess: 5/10HEA: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]

  • Beate
    2019-01-24 23:23

    The only reason why I managed to finish this book as quickly as I did, was because I was stuck in a hospital for two days, with nothing to do but read. Trust me, that is not a good thing. Had I been home, it would have taken me more than a week to get through this one.Nothing annoyed me as much in this book as how the author used he said she said in the book. Without exception, it was always verb before noun/name. Let's put that to the test where we swap out the names with the nouns, shall we?Author: Admitted Jason.Swap 1: Admitted he.Correct grammar: He admitted.Swap 2: Jason admitted.Author: Stammered Claire.Swap1 : Stammered she.Correct grammar: She stammered.Swap 2: Claire stammered.Author: Offered Jason.Swap 1: Offered he.Correct grammar: He offered.Swap 2: Jason offered.See where I'm going with this? In dialogue, it's never 'said he/did she' - it's he said/she did'. Noun/name before verb. The other way around only serves to make for awkward reading, and is most often found in fanfiction. There are some books who sport verb before noun, but they are rare.This is one of the bigger issues with the book, but there are more. Like continuity issues. At one point Claire lives with her mother, then a few pages in, she's living on her own. At first we learn that Jason lives in the penthouse above his offices, then towards the end of the book he lives in a house he designed and has been for years. In the beginning we learn Jason only eats take away since he can't cook, but towards the end he's quite handy in the kitchen and can whip up a number of meals.We also learn early on that Claire's dad was never physically abusive to anyone, he just yelled a lot and had a mean way with words. Towards the end, it is strongly hinted at that he also was physically abusive to her mom. Again it seemed like the author forgot about very cruicial details and just randomly changed characteristics.It feels like once a chapter was done, the author completely forgot how the little details went. Which is an issue which is also often found in fanfiction due to one chapter being written, posted, reviewed, and then some time later the author writes another chapter following the same format. In the end so much time has passed by, what was written weeks ago is vague and often details are forgotten.I'm not claiming this is a rewrite (pulled to publish), but it sure does read like one. Both the author and the book would have benefitted greatly from brining on a good editor who could have picked up on all these things. Using your friends to correct your grammar doesn't help, a professional is a much safer bet.I nearly fell out of my chair when the author called Claire a drama queen. That was the first time I whole-heartedly agreed with the author. And I was nearly 3/4 done with the book at this point.In parts, a lot of info-dumping happened all at once, making for a lot of skimming. And it was too heavy on the telling and not a lot of showing going on. A lack of balance, if you will.A heroine who keeps lying, even if it's explained ad nauseaum why and how much she hated it, it's just... Off-putting. Makes for an even less likeable heroine. Had she avoided the subjects she had to lie about. Had she chosen to not reply when asked about her whereabouts. Anything would have been better than the outright lying.And I never warmed to the sudden, but very handy solution to all of Claire's financial problems. It seemed to come from left field, and as if it was written in to just wrap up the story already.Seeing how lately I have been literally attacked over some of my negative reviews, here's a lil' something to chew on from the Goodreads guidelines before you decide to use me as an outlet for your frustraions: "Please don't flag items for having foul language, as Goodreads does not believe in censoring content and will not delete anything for foul language alone. Negative book reviews do not count as inappropriate."

  • Hayal Perest
    2019-01-28 03:18


  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-02-09 22:16

    Slick's review posted on Guilty PleasuresI love “discovering” new authors but I really love it when I realize an author I enjoy hasn’t ever been reviewed on this site. You see, I’ve been following this site for a long time. First I just cyber stalked, sounds naughty doesn’t it? Then I started commenting and finally I applied to be a reviewer and the rest they say is history. I can honestly “blame” Guilty Pleasures with my habit, although Amazon should probably write them a huge thank you note! I absolutely love sharing my love of reading with others and I love, love introducing readers to authors they haven’t read before.Weekends Required is the first published work by Sydney Landon. It’s a novella but the characters are well developed and there is more to this story than wham, bam, thank you mam’!Claire has worked as Jason Danver’s administrative assistant for three years. While she’s secretly lusted after him, she’s kept it to herself knowing she can’t afford to loose her job. Claire not only supports herself but takes care of her ailing mother as well. To do this she has a second job with a party service which includes jumping out of cakes for bachelor parties. When Jason sees his buttoned up assistant jumping out of a cake, he about blows a gasket. He can’t believe this is the demure woman he’s worked with for years.Because this is a novella, the relationship between these two moves fairly quickly. But, since they’ve known each other and worked closely for several years it doesn’t seem out of place. We learn early on the Claire grew up with a controlling and verbally abusive father. Jason grew up taking care of his alcoholic mother and dealing with a workaholic father.To say their path towards happily ever after was difficult is an understatement. Jason is just an all around great guy, something that Claire doesn’t even realize. What Jason sees as caring, Claire sees as controlling. Claire is so worried about following in her Mother’s footsteps that she really is her own worse enemy. It takes her good friend, the hilarious Suzy, and the woman who she considers a second Mom, Louise, to make her confront how her past is affecting her future.For a first effort, this is a great story. Although I read it when it was first released, a second reading prior to her latest release left me feeling the same way…happy and eagerly anticipating the next book. I hope you’ll check out this promising new(ish) author. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

  • JoLee (Wickedly Delicious Book Blog)
    2019-02-20 02:09

    I really wanted to like this book. It had tons of great reviews. But unfortunately this book did nothing for me. It has a lot of potential with the plot but the Hero was very wishy washy. I felt like the author was trying to make him dominate but sweet. Really he was a jerk (not dominate) one minute calling her a stripper because she jumped out of a cake and then the next minute he was sweet holding her while she is puking in the bathroom because she was drunk. Through out most of the book he just kept calling her a stripper as her second job.The writing was okay, but too much detail. When she is getting ready to go to her second job, I literally felt like I was getting ready. It was way too much detail and made the scene drag. I enjoy detail but sometimes less is better. The story does drag in a lot of places. It does start really slow in the beginning until the Bachelor Party. It picks up from there and the bathroom scene was pretty steamy. Got annoyed with everybody starting off their sentences with their first names. I can not even write the H/h names in my review because they were overly used in the story.She was very clumsy and that was fine with me but really she bumped her head on the sink and had a little cut. I like how he was sincere and was thinking of her but really he offered her a pain killer. Ok a band aid and aspirin will do just fine. Then through out the book he would make fun of her because she was clumsy.I love her relationship with her girlfriend and would of enjoyed their time together more if after each scene with the hero she would not go into detail all over again of what just happened. The hero would give his thoughts with what just happened with the heroine all over again. So it seems after each scene together we got to relive it like 3 times. The best part of the book for me was with her mother. Very sad moments and well written. I felt so bad for her to have to go through taking care of her sick mom and watching her sickness get worse. It broke my heart when her mom would call her by her deceased sisters name. The parts with her mom are the reasons why I continued to read the book. The only reason I gave two stars and not one was because of the moments with her mother.Unfortunately I will not continue this series. I do not want to not recommend this series because really this is just my thoughts and has so many great reviews. If you love your books with a lot of detail then this is the book.

  • Once Upon a Twilight
    2019-02-14 04:19

    I first read this book as an ebook last year. I didn't mind rereading it to give a review. Author, Sydney Landon, does a great job creating a work environment at Danver's International that many of us dream about. Single, gorgeous, professional Jason Danver's has employed Claire Walters as his assistant for 3 years. Claire is a subdued, efficient, and responsible person making her the perfect assistant. She values her job and keeps an impersonal work environment, just as Jason seems to prefer. Uptight Claire believes Suzy, her lunch cohort, is the only breath of fresh air she can handle. She secretly works a second job at Partiez Plus to aid her ailing mother's medical and household expenses. Things would be more affordable if they combined residences, but a sense of duty doesn't negate Claire's need for a place to escape. It just requires her to work twice as hard. Claire's secret second job has never been an issue, but now her boss is requesting she work out of town with him for the weekend. Jason must be in Columbia for the weekend for his best friend's wedding, but with Claire in tow, he can continue to work on the important Mericom merger. It all makes perfect sense to him, until his assistant jumps out from a cake at a bachelor party for Jason's friend. Jason is left asking himself how his demure, mostly genderless assistant was actually a gorgeous bombshell. How could he have been so blind to her all this time? How did he not know she jumped out of cakes after work hours and why did she need to do that? And what the hell was going on with his awakened sense of protection and desire for her?As Jason sets out to answer his questions regarding Claire Walters, he finds it hard not to fall deeply for this devoted enigmatic girl. He has spent his life making problems go away. Now he wants to do the same for Claire. But is Claire ready to give control f her life to someone else again. She may not have easy but what she has is hers. Can business and pleasure mix successfully or will it affect the looming merger?I really enjoyed this contemporary romance story. It flows well and is an easy read. The characters are likable and intriguing. I also like that the secondary characters will be revealed more in subsequent books. If you like the Cinderella style story, this modern day version is sure to be a hit.

  • Book Reading Gals
    2019-02-08 02:24

    Title: Weekends RequiredSeries: Danvers bk 1Author: Syndey LandonGenre: ContemporaryClaire Walters has worked for Jason Danvers as his assistant at Danvers International for three years, and he has never thought of her as a woman until the day she jumps out of a cake at his friend's bachelor party.Claire is forced to work a second job at a party planning company to support her ailing mother. She is horrified when Jason not only finds out, but has a front-row seat to the action. With Danvers in the process of merging with another company, Claire is forced to travel with Jason as well as work weekends. Suddenly all the fantasies she has entertained for years about her boss seem to be coming true. Her outspoken best friend Suzy thinks that just getting laid will solve everything. The problem is, Claire sees much more in Jason than just sex.Jason is determined to know how the beautiful, sexy woman in the cake could also be his Plain Jane assistant who tries her best to blend into the background from 8-5 every day. Now not only does Jason see her as a woman, he fully intends to give her the fairy-tale ending that she deserves!When I started this book I wasn't sure what to expect as it was the first book by this author I had read. I'd also never heard of her either. Now this can be a good thing and a bad thing. In this case it was an ok thing.I liked the characters of Jason and Claire and I got where they were both coming from and that their road to HEA wouldn't be easy. The story moved at a good clip and had a natural progression.The one thing I didn't like, in fact it really started to bug me and take me out of the story a lot was that this book wasn't in first person and yet it was almost entirely from Claire's POV. We would get a couple of paragraphs from Jason's POV and then it was back to Claire.This is one of my MAJOR PET PEEVE"S. If the book is not told in first person I want an equal balance of POV from both the hero and heroine. Unfortunately because of this I can't give it a higher grade. As this is the first book in the series I'm hoping that the author fixes this in the coming books.Grade BReview by: Heather

  • Debbie Hanson
    2019-02-09 20:18

    I'm not sure what to call this book... quirky maybe? It was a fun read, but was missing something. In saying that it wasn't terrible it just didn't kill it for me.Claire Walters is personal assist to Jason Danvers, head of Danvers international. She litterally lives week to week, covering her own living expenses but also her mother's care. As a sufferer of Alztheimers, her medical costs out way what she makes working for Jason. So she has a 2nd job at Partiez Plus, an entertainment company. The money she makes takes some of the pressure off with the outlay costs associated with her mother's care.But when her boss asks her to go away with him for the weekend, for work purposes of course.... The sexual tension that has been non existent for the past 3 years hits a whole new level. Claire must work out how to get away from Jason long enough to pull off the bachelor party she us working at that Saturday night. She never imagined when she jumped out of the cake scantily clothed she would meet those blue eyes that have plagued her dreams for previous nights.After following Claire into the bathrooms, Jason uses his demanding ways to find out what the hell she was doing. One minute he is yelling at her the next he has his tongue down her throat. This is the night, that begins and spirals their working relationship. Demanding she quit her side job his total alpha persona makes itself known. After a heated discussion, they fall into a relationship that more than blurs the professional lines, Claire quickly realises Jason is just like her father. His demanding traits are not something she takes lightly, and when she finds out that he has been paying and interfering in her personal life, she makes the decision to push him away for good. His meddling is the last straw. As she walks away from the man of her dreams and deals with a mother in hospital after a stroke, she is shocked to discover that it is her mother who can make everything ok.. The one person she thought she had lost years earlier. It seems her stroke is the perfect ending, the perfect way to get her mother back. But will she win Jason back too?