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In the year 2028 there are only a handful of honest cops left in Detroit, a city now run by brutal mafia families. Detective Dane Shannon is waging a war of revenge against the men that destroyed his life. Determined to track down the killers, he accepts every assignment no matter how dangerous. Punch Back is an underground club catering to the vicious world of savage boxiIn the year 2028 there are only a handful of honest cops left in Detroit, a city now run by brutal mafia families. Detective Dane Shannon is waging a war of revenge against the men that destroyed his life. Determined to track down the killers, he accepts every assignment no matter how dangerous. Punch Back is an underground club catering to the vicious world of savage boxing where the losers are forced to engage in depraved acts of sex. The prize for the victorious fighters is a chance at winning the championship and securing a place in the upper echelon. It's also a perfect method for the Luciano family to take back their lost turf. But suddenly, the losers are winding up dead and with the owner of the club as the lead suspect, Dane goes undercover.Steele Lungren is the co-owner of the club, a massive Russian with a dubious past. Angry at being in the middle of a war, he has nowhere to turn when he's pushed against the wall while his partner and current lover questions his every decision. As Dane begins racking up wins, his attraction for Steele places the case in jeopardy. Forced to work together, they enter into a relationship that neither understands. Just as the killer is about to strike, certain truths are revealed. In the end, one of the men will lose their battle with humanity and perhaps their life....

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Punchback Reviews

  • Valentina Heart
    2019-01-31 20:00

    This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there. When I first read the blurb for this story, I was somewhat skeptical about it being savage or vicious, after all, blurbs are often so misleading. This time the blurb was right, and the book is brutal. The sex is rough, at times non-consensual, the fights are bloody and the told events from the past were not written to spare the sensible readers. I for one loved that. I enjoyed the sex scenes because I do like the unconventional and I did appreciate the snippets of the characters' lives where there were no flowers or sunshine.PUNCH BACK is a futuristic story about a future where mobs control the cities and violence is both expected as well as enjoyed. Dane is one of the few cops who believes in justice and a better future. At the very start of the book he goes undercover, to fight at the Punchback club and learn all the info he might need to take down the bad guys. But Dane is a wounded man who has lost his wife and child and his reasons for living are few and far between. Beating someone up in a ring and getting beaten up back seems like just the thing to set free his demons.Steele is a Russian part-owner of Punchback. Cold on the outside and not trying to change that impression, he hides his troubles even from his partner and lover Brice. The two indulge in using the losers of the fights in their club and satisfying their urges. But the mob is never too far out of the eye and the arrival of one of their trainees sets things in motion.Aside from the world and the sex scenes, I pretty much didn't like anything else in this story. The characters were too inconsistent for me, their relationship rang false and the plot too overwhelmed with the information about the mob world and the club. If the story had been longer, those aspects would have probably developed nicely and made for a compelling read.I couldn't connect to the characters and their sudden changes of character rubbed me the wrong way. I suppose I couldn't forget Steele's actions from the beginning of the book and accept the re-birthed man he appeared to be later on in the story.Usually I like it when the past spouses, loved ones, aren't forgotten as the pages fly by, but in this book the constant reminder was simply too much for me. For the most part, the whole case and the mention of the mob family confused me. Brice seemed like an important character almost to the very end and then it turned out he was pretty much insignificant. Really, so many things didn't work for me that I simply couldn't enjoy this story.However, the author's imagination is something I find very interesting and the dark side of this story pulled me in enough to check out her future works.

  • Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews
    2019-01-25 19:51

    4 Hearts Review written for MM Good Book Reviews Steele is part owner of the club Punch Back and is fed up to the back-teeth with it but he has no way out. Dane is asked to put his life on the line by going undercover at the club; he accepts it gladly willing to do anything to get revenge on the family that destroyed his life. When these two meet they find they have to rely on each other to stay alive.Wow this is a brutal, gritty, get your teeth into story that doesn’t leave you hanging but leaves you wanting more. Steele wants out of the business, it’s not to his tastes anymore, he’s had enough of the blood, beatings and rough sex but there’s something that is holding him back from making the break, you do understand his helplessness at his situation and when you discover the full story you can’t help feeling sorry for him. Dane goes in as a fighter, he has an inner rage that helps him win and it won’t burn out without justice, you find out part of Dane’s story early on when you find out the full story it will break your heart. There’s an instant connection between these men and although they don’t really trust each other, they burn up the air around them. Even when they work together they still keep secrets from the other, but as they connect the dots the killer makes his final moves.This is a strong plot and story-line and kinda fills you with dread as we look at a future no one wants (the worse thing is this future is easy to imagine), some the sex scenes are primal and brutal, while some are passionate and hot, there are great characters and a twist you don’t see coming.So I highly recommend this to those who like brutal, dramatic, intense stories, hot men, hot sex and the beginnings of a great relationship.

  • Ami
    2019-02-03 22:47

    3.5 starsI never read anything by this author before but the blurb is a bit intriguing. I'm in a mood for something darker or edgy and I must admit this one has it. The fights are brutal, savage, animalistic. The losers will being fuc*ed by the two owners, Steele and his lover, Brice. So there is a m/m/m scene in the first chapter that is nowhere consentual for the loser. I usually stay away from m/m/m but this fits the story very well, and it does show the dark side of the club. I like both Steele and Dane -- and their relationship is raw. I'm a bit lost in the part of whole mafia connection plus secrets that Steele and Dane keep from each other, but maybe because I am a bit distracted with my study when I read this. I'm also a bit annoyed with love-making session, since the authors write the screams like "Aaaaahhh" or "Ooooohhhh...aaaaahhhh!" or "Yyyyyeeeeessss" ... not the kind of sex scene I like to read.But all in all, I do enjoy it. Oh, except the men in the covers definitely do not describe Steele and Dane. Both men is supposed to have long hair, for one. And Steele is Russian, with blond hair (which I don't think is portrayed there on the cover).

  • Meggie
    2019-02-18 23:00

    This plotted story was dramatic, intense and, in some parts, even brutal. I liked Dane and Steele, as main characters, equally. The attraction between them was intense and real. And they were hot together. I have to admit, the story was to short. I wouldn't mind reading it longer.

  • Cassandre Dayne
    2019-02-08 03:40