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When Eliza Moore begins dreaming about her great-grandmother, she comes to understand the significance of the eight Young Women values, and she finds her life changing for the better as she strives to live them....

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Invaluable Reviews

  • Teresa G
    2019-01-22 18:48

    My twelve year old daughter heard this author speak at girl's camp and came home interested in reading her book. She told me the premise and I was all for it. But, she is in the middle of another book right now so I read it first. I loved it! I loved how the author hit so many hot topics and challenges and temptations and distractions that our teenagers are facing today. I found myself sucked into the romance side of it too. Yes, it was a bit cheesy and predictable, but it felt so relevant and sincere that I didn't mind. I also was thrilled to have one more source for my daughter to hear these important truths from, and to be reminded of the wonderful eight values that can be such a strength to her in this crazy world.

  • Kera
    2019-01-24 11:54

    This was a Great book. I read it in one day and couldn't put it down. When I read I often feel guilty about all the other things I should be doing, but when I read this book it made me want to be a better person which eased my guilt. =)Holly does a awesome job capturing the way girls treat each other. Eliza (the main character) has dreams that take her to some of the greatest women in history. Eliza learns so much about how the values that the women possess and when Eliza wakes up she finds herself making better choices in her own life because of what she sees in her dreams. I LOVE how she learns the true beauty of women comes from within. That's something no girl/woman can hear enough of. This book is darling, and I recommend it to young girls and those of us who are not so's cute with humor, the romance in it reminds me some what of Twilight, but better! It has issues that are Real in our lives and it's easy to read.

  • Kathryn
    2019-01-21 12:03

    What a perfect book for a young woman to read or a young woman leader. i was trying not to distract myself with memorizing the mementos and stay with the story. The storyline was engaging and kept me turning pages.I usually don't like it when a story is more preachy than a novel, but I have to say this novel changed my mind. I really liked the combination of the gospel immersed in a story of Eliza and her dreams of her Great grandmother that she was named after coming to her to show her why the young women values are so important and how history showed her of this. I also liked how then after Eliza has a dream she would be faced with a choice regarding that principle and the mementos her grandmother used to remind her of their importance helped her to make the right choice. I liked how their was a love story too of course and the sweet secret admirer notes from Luke.FAITH was a small glass tube with a white mustard seed. She saw Joseph smith propose to Emma in Harmony, Pennsylvania and then Emma's faith endure the tribulations of her husbands illegal imprisonment, death of children, and hardship with being alone. ( Matt. 17:20)Faith leads to action. Time is a precious gift, don't waste it. Control technologies influence not let technology control you (cell phones, tv)DIVINE NATURE was a small blue flower,(pin) Adam and eve were who they visited and even though they had outer beauty it was the inner beauty that eve emanated. We all have talents and our bodies are temples. We shouldn't waste time comparing ourselves to others.daughters of a king.INDIVIDUAL WORTH:Palace of Shushan, in persia where Queen Esther had to be brave and approach her king uninvited and save the jews for being killed by Haman the kings advisor and friend because Mordecai wouldn't bow down before him. Individual worth is looking past outward appearance and into the heart. No gossiping, just makes your countenance friends by being on higher ground. red seashell-unique in color and design.circular pattern continues on and represents the limitless potential within all of us to put trust in the Lord.KNOWLEDGE: almshouse in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, 1877 Anne Sullivan, blind in one eye and orphaned after her mother's death and father's abandonment, she rose above and strived for permission to attend Perkins school for blind in Boston. She learned to read and write and even got another surgery to restore her vision. She became Helen Keller's companion helping her through college at Radcliffe college gaining Helen a bachelors in Arts. she received an honorary degree from Temple University of Philadelphia. Then Eliza R. Snow, 2nd RS president after Joseph Smith's martyrdom. She had secular and spiritual knowledge to help the woman reorganize the RS.She wrote lyrics to hymns. A green key. Knowledge opens doors.CHOICE & ACCOUNTABILITY: Jared in the BOM, King Omer's wicked son, who wanted to be king and had his daughter set into motion secret combos with Akish with her in the bargain for his wife to bring the kings head as a wedding present. (read ether) Choices we make affect not only us but those around us. Cheating on a test. Orange hourglass: Isaac newton's law of motion: every action has an opposite and equal reaction. no mistake can't be covered by the atonement.GOOD WORKS: mother Teresa in Calcutta India, taught high school then school to the poor and who lived in slums. !950 started mission called Missionaries of Charity. Awarded noble peace prize in 1979. Power of GW lies in everyday actions. "In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love." ...'by small and simple things are.. Thin yellow candle can have small spark but still capable of staring a large fire.INTEGRITY: BOM Ammon and King Lamoni. Abish the Queen's servant was only believer. Staying true to your beliefs and putting them into action, not just claiming to be a member regardless of what others think. purple rock. Have to have faith without seeing the end of the road to continue on the right path despite the turns in the road.VIRTUE: Mary the mother of Jesus. Radiance for inside. TRUE love is wanting what is best for another person-no matter the cost. Helping keep men pure to serve a mission. Repentance is for everyone and it is real. make the temple your goal. Yong women recognition medalion.

  • Tausha
    2019-02-13 13:55

    Once again I read this book with my teenage daughter in mind. She wanted to read it so I decided to proof it quick before she read it! I loved it! It was definitely LDS lingo and written for a YA LDS audience. I loved all the gospel principles found throughout the story that was then applied to Eliza's life and what she was dealing with as a young teen in a scary world. Some of it was definitely "teen" thinking but that was intentional I believe. Life does go on after High School and Prom...but when you are there it doesn't always seem that way! It may have shown "life" through rose colored glasses but I do believe that there are strong youth today who choose to live their lives like Eliza did. I am grateful there are or I would have little hope for the future. Eliza learns thanks to dreams/visits from Great-Grandma (how cool would that be) that it feels good to be good! :) That standing for something is doable!!! Luke was a great example and I believe there are still guys out there like him! There better be I have 4 little girls who will someday need a prince. Anyway...I liked it! :) I am excited to read the next one and pass this on to my daughter. I have a feeling it will bring lots of future opportunities for some Mommy Daughter talks!

  • Bonnie
    2019-02-01 13:44

    It might be that I am just easily inspired by books, but I really took this book to heart. There were many moments when I had to pause and think about my life because this story related to much to me by the fact of being in High School with a car and friends, and boys, and family, and church. When Eliza was visited by her Grandmother in her dreams, it was meaningful and made me think and appreciate my heritage and the descriptions made the women hero examples more real, although the dreams were not odd and messed together like real dreams are. But after reflecting on the story there were somethings that seemed a little far fetched. Like a sophomore being fallen for by a senior boy and the hottest one in the school, so unfair. :)Or the fact that that popular guy is so good and righteous. The book expounded very well on issues and temptations and trials that the youth have now days and gave advice and counsel that was complete not allowing you to make your own conclusions, but I guess that's okay. The book was an easy read and inspired me and had those butterfly moments where I'm in my room screaming at the cheesiness and cuteness of teenage romances.

  • Heidi
    2019-02-07 13:58

    Invaluable is meant for YA LDS audience and has a strong religious theme along with being a sweet,clean, romance. I'm excited to let my girls read it once they are in Young Women's. It reminded me a bit of a Jack Weyland type book yet the story line was definitely different than anything I've ever read. It has beautiful messages throughout the entire book as you journey with Eliza as she learns about all the Young Women values and how she can and does apply them to her life. So fun to watch her grow and strive to become a better person. Having said that...I was also really surprised how "swoony" Eliza's little love story is as well. So cute. I really enjoyed it and I'm excited to read book 2!

  • Valerie Waters
    2019-01-31 16:40

    I am not sure what to rate this book. I think a 3.5I really liked the story, I like that there is an author out there who is writing good books for LDS youth with good themes and story line. I didn't care for the in depth doctrine the author included. When I want to read doctrine I prefer to go right to the source-the scriptures-instead of some YA romance novel. I did a lot of skimming and skipping every other chapter. I did like the characters and how it ended up. I thought it was lame how she kept trying to convince herself that she liked Jason. If you don't like someone then don't make your self like them for their sake!

  • Shellbelle19
    2019-01-21 15:50

    This is such a great book! I can't wait until my girls are a little bit older to read it. I want to be a better person by reading this book! Holly you are amazing and I can't wait for the next one! I started this book Monday and finished it Tuesday night! This book really does make you think about how you are living your life, and how you can be better! Thanks so much Holly for being amazing! I want all the songs too!

  • Kristen
    2019-02-02 16:08

    Cute story which weaves together realistic fiction with church fiction; I thought it was done really well. The character was relatable, the dialogue was written well. I really loved the parts with Eliza's great grandmother and the lessons she taught; they were fantastic and well done. Great book from a first time author, can't wait to see what else she writes.

  • Cheri
    2019-01-21 15:54

    Eliza Moore has always hated her first name, it is so old fashioned. But when her great-grandmother begins visiting Eliza in her dreams, everything starts to change. These dreams have something to do with each of the Young Women values. I really enjoyed this book!! Eliza has some challenges in her life and she discovers that she has courage and confidence has she goes through them.

  • Clarissa
    2019-02-15 14:53

    This is the best book ever. This book helped me understand the Personal Progress values and helped me want to be better. Read this book I understood how to apply the values more to my life.

  • Haley
    2019-01-29 19:01

    So good. I love how she teaches the application of YW values that girls can use and understand. Loved the story and characters. My daughters loved it as well.

  • Lauren
    2019-02-01 18:00

    I do not reread books. Ever. I simply cannot become intrigued as I once was. However, this book I have read multiple times. It never disappoints. I would HIGHLY suggest this read to any and all teenage girls of the LDS faith, but I wouldn’t limit it to this group. It’s truly an adorable read that inspires moral courage despite pressures of the world to give up your values. This book is magnificent.

  • Megan Welch
    2019-02-02 12:59

    This book was AMAZING!! At first the girl really bugged me and I was like "why you gotta be like dis?!" But I'm so glad I kept reading. This book strengthened my testimony a lot, helped me to better understand and appreciate the YW values, and taught me so much! I love this book and the spirit that comes with it. Everyone needs to read this!

  • Kris Wells
    2019-02-10 16:51

    Very sweet book about a YW who experiences what YW experience. A little predictable and things wrapped up a little neatly but my daughter and I both looked forward to reading it each night. The end has some more mature themes that created a lot of discussion between my daughter and I. I'm looking forward to reading the next books in the series.

  • Loganjeepgirl
    2019-01-23 18:56

    This book is sooo inspirational I absolutely loved this book! It’s soon inspirational. It makes me want to be a better person and follow the young women values. When I started it I couldn’t stop!This is the best book I have ever read! πŸ˜„πŸ€©πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜ƒπŸ€£πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡

  • Mckennah Bybee
    2019-02-12 12:49

    Invaluable is about an average girl named Eliza who is in High School and goes through various trials and temptations. One night while she's asleep she has a dream her dead grandmother talks to her and takes her back in time to teach her different things such as integrity, honesty, good, and how to be a better person. Eliza goes through a hard time when she gets into a fight with her best friend and they drift apart because she's asking Eliza to do things she knows is wrong. Eliza is in love with Luke who is a senior, but Jason likes Eliza. Eliza also has a secret admirer who leaves notes in her locker. I picked this book because it was recommended to me by a few people and I was intrigued when they told me the story line. I also met the author who talked about this book before I had even read it. The thing I liked most about the book was that it made me want to be a better person. I also that the main character actually related to my life and what I'm going through. I liked the love triangle and secret admirer notes because it made things more interesting. I didn't like how the chapters were written. I was confused because it would skip parts and all of the sudden she would be dreaming. It was hard to tell what was a dream and what was real life at times. My overall impression was that it was a good book. It made me want to be a better person and helped me in real life, so it wasn't just pointless junk. I think all young girls should read this book. It's not really a book for boys because it talks about young women values and things only girls would understand. I thinks it's even a good book for young women leaders and moms so they could help their girls. There is absolutely no potentially offensive material in this book. It's completely clean and talks about good whole some things. It is however about religion if you find that offensive.

  • Rosie Monson
    2019-02-13 11:57

    The best way to describe this book for me is either a slightly boring novel or a fun teaching book.It was a great story:Characters: There was definitely character development. The whole book was about the spiritual growth of a learning young woman.Plot: it was intent without getting too heavy.Principles Learned: Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, Integrity and Virtue, as well as Confidence, and Courage.Love interest: Alleluia, there was no inappropriate content!! However, I didn't like how (view spoiler)[ she ended up with Luke rather than Jason. Or rather, I didn't like how the author spent so much time developing Jason and how amazing he was rather than helping the readers see what was so worthwhile in Luke. It was hard to believe--I didn't want to believe--that the main character would fall for someone just because of his looks when she has been trying so hard and doing so well to be spiritually uplifted and digging deeper then the shallow life people so easily fall into.(hide spoiler)]The cons:-It was too unrealistic for me. Not unrealistic in the sense that it could never happen, but unrealistic in the sense that all the crazy changes happened in the course of those two to three weeks and that's it. a good example would be, (view spoiler)[ Alexis. I'm not saying that people with the feelings she had for the church cant convert, but it seemed weird for it to happen in the course of 30 seconds.(hide spoiler)]-also, at times, the teachings seemed a little ridiculous or mocking, but that might just have been my take on itI don't want to end on a negative because this book was a good read. It was a good book and I find myself incorporating things I've learned from it already. :D

  • Ashley Stubbs
    2019-01-19 20:05

    Invaluable is a book about a young high school girl who has to navigate through the ups and downs of high school while learning who she really is. Eliza is visited by her great-grandmother in a series of dreams where she learns about the young women values that help her with school and her family life. The book is one of those that just makes you happy to read, it has the happily ever after at the end that everyone loves. I really liked Invaluable because it was really relatable during certain parts. It is a quick read but still has depth and lessons that can be learned throughout the whole book. It was set in Utah so it falls in line perfect to what I’ve grown up with. It is centered around the LDS church which I personally really liked. I will most likely read it again because it was such a fun book to read.

  • Heather
    2019-01-20 15:58

    See full review at met author Holly J Black at the Deseret Book Flagship store a couple of weeks ago and right away was impressed without even having read her book. Now having read it, I can say Invaluable is perfect for Young Women in our generation who are fighting to stay true to their values. Eliza Moore, the main heroine is a sophomore in High School who is going through the transitions many her age do- a strained relationship with her sister, balancing work and a job, figuring out just who she is and getting attention from older boys... but not the one she is hoping for. Mysterious notes start showing up in her locker from a secret admirer during the day, and at night Eliza is being visited by her grandmother in her dreams. Life is all about to change.Taking the reader through time to meet influential women in history, Invaluable teaches us that there is more to life than texting, gossip, crushes and trying to get to the top of the class the wrong way. Eliza learns to choose a better destiny than the one she is carving out by every day choices, and a long the way an unexpected surprise lands her right where she longs to be.I loved Invaluable! The plot was a little slow in some places but it progresses the characters well as they mature over the course of the school year. It's a book I would gladly pass on and wholeheartedly recommend to tweens and teens, as well as adult women. Content: Clean. Mention of the dangers of underage drinking, pornography, and immorality.

  • Jantzen
    2019-01-24 19:51

    I really enjoyed reading this book. Here are some reflections I have on it.I noticed Eliza was insecure at times, when really she should never be because she was a kind and intelligent girl.I wonder if Luke and Eliza ended up getting married after his mission. Hopefully they did after all of that drama.I'm surprised that Jill and Nick were actually doing things that they weren't suppose to be doing. I feel very bad for Jill that after all of that they ended up breaking up, but it was probably what was best for her.I think that this book went over a lot of good values that all young teenage girls should strive for. Eliza demonstrated all of them very well.I was reminded a lot of my young women in my church. They are not all perfect but they are all doing their best. And they don't always all get along but they love each other anyway. Just like the young women in Eliza's ward. I'd really like to know if Luke and Eliza got back together in the end. That is what sits in my mind after reading this book. That's all I want to know.If I were Luke I would have just told Eliza I liked her a long time ago and wouldn't have kept all of the notes the locker anonymous. And I wouldn't have let my best friend be going out with her this whole time. He could have done better that wayOverall I really really liked this book. It kept me wanting to read it the whole time. I think Holly J. Wood should wright another one and tell what went happened down the road with all the characters.

  • Ali
    2019-01-31 18:07

    I would say this is about a 3 1/2 star book. The lessons that Eliza learns are really wonderful, and I like how the author has her learn them in dreams of her Great-grandmother taking her to points in history and showing her virtuous, strong, brave, and humble women.Some of the lessons seemed as if they were learned a little too quickly (Alexis for example), but I enjoyed it anyway.One other thing, Eliza spent so much time with "nice guy" Jason and tried to like him so much, but she couldn't stop thinking about "popular & cute" Luke. Yes, Luke was a nice guy, but we learned much more about Jason and the author didn't seem to have any reason for Eliza to like Luke except for his outward appearance. I would have liked Eliza to have more interaction with Luke so we as readers could find out what was so appealing about Luke.Other than those two items that weren't my favorite, the book was interesting and had a good message. If I was a YW leader or had teen girls, I would have them read this.

  • Sadie
    2019-02-10 15:46

    Eliza Moore is a typical high school student. Like any other high school student, she is learning who she really is, while having to deal with the drama of teenage life. Throughout the book there is a boy that she really likes, but doesn't know how to talk to him, or even if he notices her. Eliza finds herself being visited in her dreams by her great-grandmother for whom she is named after. Her grandmother notices that Eliza is having trouble finding who she is, and decides to help her out. By taking her on these trips where Eliza is able to see women throughout history exemplifying the Young Women values. As Eliza learns from these women she is able to become the Daughter of God that others see in her, and as for the boy, well I think you just need to read the book to find out what happens. Books that are like Invaluable:1. The Makeover2. By Grace of Chocolate3. Second ChancesCensorship:1. This book has no swearing2. The most affection that will be shown is a kiss3. Talks about LDS Values, and LDS history

  • Sarah
    2019-01-19 16:44

    I liked the idea of this book. It was sweet, and Grandma's visits were very useful. But in the end, it all felt too neat, like somebody's really lovely Young Women's lesson, not a real story about a real person. Honestly, my biggest gripe was that while she was the person struggling with every one of the other values, it was her FRIEND and her SISTER who weren't being virtuous. It felt even more like a lesson, all about "those other people" who sin. I'd have like to see how this sweet, well-meaning girl dealt with her own virtue-based temptations, because even good girls can find virtue challenging, and although seeing others experience it can teach us, it is more often in the overcoming of those temptations ourselves that we find strength and empathy for others. It would have felt more real to me, and maybe less preachy.

  • Karen
    2019-01-20 19:59

    Life is messy business and is never tied up in a nice little bow after a trial. Everyone in this story had money and an easy life and the troubles were caught before anything horrific happened, and cleared up with the bishop after one or two visits. A hot air ballon ride for the day activity? Seriously? What is that teaching our kids? I really wanted to to like this book and had hopes of my daughter gaining some important insights from it, but I'm afraid the overall message of "repent and all will be well" is a fallacy that would do more damage than good. Yes, the YW values and For the Strength of Youth booklet are wonderful tools, and forgiveness and repentance are absolutely real, but the real life situations that our children face today are so much more complicated than this book portrays and are not always so easily solved.

  • Allisa
    2019-02-13 18:48

    This review will be of the second time I read it. I loved it absolutely the first time I read this book, but the second time, I mostly just skimmed it. It was super cute and happy and had some excellent lessons taught.Eliza is a normal sixteen year old girl with a lot of problems. Distant BFF and sister, math tests. and the tiny problem of having a crush on her prom date's best friend. With all of this going on, Eliza doesn't know how she's supposed to fight against it. When I first picked this book up, it was in the sight of the author herself. She's a sweet woman. I didn't realize that it was an LDS novel. I had never read one before, and it came as a great surprise. Even the second time though, this book was pretty cute. I really liked it.This has a really sweet story and I enjoy reading it. I hope you do too!

  • 02RachelC
    2019-01-25 17:39

    I think that most teen LDS girls would enjoy this book. 16-year-old Eliza is a sophomore in high school and has a very full plate! She is trying to deal with the stress of schoolwork, her first job, a distant younger sister, trying to make up after an argument with her bestfriend (who spends every second with her new boyfriend), mysterious love notes that keep reappearing in her locker, and being head-over-heels for her prom date's best friend, who is also the most popular guy in school. But around all of that, Eliza's great-grandmother starts visiting in her dreams, taking her back in time to the lives of several amazing women, who teach her 8 very important values. This book really opened my eyes and gave me a better understanding about what is truly important in life. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels like they need an uplifting and "feel good" book.

  • Lauren Lomeli
    2019-01-30 12:39

    I liked this book a lot. I thought it was cool how she learned about the strong women of the Book Of Mormon and of the Bible. I enjoyed reading this book and I seriously read the whole thing in 3 days I liked it so much...and I'm a pretty slow reader so that says something! I loved how she learned the lessons in dreams and how she was taught them by her great-grandma. I also liked how she is close to my age, so I could relate to her on some of the situations that she was going through. I normally don't like romance a whole lot, but I liked it because it wasn't trashy at all. I thought some things were a little over the top. Who goes on a hot air balloon ride for a day date?! I thought that was a little ridiculous...yet that would be super fun! Overall, I would give it 4 stars!

  • Emma Mcfarland
    2019-02-03 12:00

    This book is an amazing real life story. The main character is a girl named Elizabeth. She is just a normal teenage girl that goes through normal teenage problems. She has troubles with thinking she is over weight, and not good enough. She is a faithful member of the LDS (Mormon) church. Sense the first day of High School she has had a crush on the hottest guy in the school. She knows it will never work out between the two, but every time she sees him her heart stops. Jason, another boy in her school, has a crush on Elizabeth. Elizabeth has been receiving love letters in her locker. She is not for sure who they are from but thinks they are from Jason. While her crazy teenage life still rages on, she has to make important decisions in her life that might change it forever.

  • Kate
    2019-02-08 17:00

    I really loved this uplifting book about an LDS teenager who is striving to be good in a world that is not. I loved how she applied the things she learned from her dreams and yet was still a typical teenager, wanting to text all the time, watch TV, have crushes on cute boys, etc. She did learn A LOT in one book, and I think it would be more typical to have learned one value per book, but for the fact that it is a stand alone book (I think), it was done well. I give it 5 stars mostly because I think it is so uplifting and appropriate for young women, even though I think at times the consequences were a little unrealistic. Good job, Holly! Such a fun read.