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Proper Boston Brahmin Juliet Rose Astor Lowell doesn't want her body guarded by anyone while she's in New Orleans for the grand opening of Daddy's new hotel--especially not by macho cop Beau Dupree. He's too big, too pushy, too virile, too . . . everything! His shameless, hungry-eyed gaze shakes her carefully cultivated decorum. But Juliet is a Lowell--and there's no way sProper Boston Brahmin Juliet Rose Astor Lowell doesn't want her body guarded by anyone while she's in New Orleans for the grand opening of Daddy's new hotel--especially not by macho cop Beau Dupree. He's too big, too pushy, too virile, too . . . everything! His shameless, hungry-eyed gaze shakes her carefully cultivated decorum. But Juliet is a Lowell--and there's no way she's ever going to lose control!Beau has more important things to do than babysit a beautiful Yankee rich girl. By driving the well-mannered socialite beyond the bounds of her good-girl restraints, he figures he can get himself pulled off of the assignment. But who would have thought that real passion sizzled beneath Juliet's polish--or that when she lets her hair down, she just might prove to be more woman than Beau can handle?...

Title : Be My Baby
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ISBN : 9780380795123
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
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Be My Baby Reviews

  • Angela James
    2019-02-16 13:10

    This is my favorite Susan Andersen book and I reread it every so often. Something about Beau and Juliet is just good chemistry for me!

  • Nadia
    2019-01-25 19:19

    So the first time I read this book I didn't really like it. I thought I couldn't connect with the characters and I didn't really enjoy the plot. But for whatever reason, the story stuck with me through the years and I decided to read it again.My biggest complaint the first time was about the hero. And that still stands; he talks like a sleaze and behaves like one, too. You sort of see that this was supposed to be all part of his charming persona, but the author overdid it. He's a caricature of a charming person. And I still don't want to forgive him for breaking up with the heroine for the shittiest reason ever.The heroine is great, though. She is strong willed, isn't afraid to speak her mind and stands up for herself and others. I love that she made him grovel and that she wasn't a pushover.Maybe I was in a different mood the first time I read it. Maybe it really just didn't sit well with Nadia of two years ago. But today's Nadia quite enjoyed this book. It's got its drawbacks, it's not perfect, but still fun.

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-02-18 16:59

    I spent the better part of two chapters in the head of the sleazeball "Beau" (there is nothing pretty about this jackwagon) and I'm sorry, but that's the extent of my tolerance. Once he comes up with the brilliant idea that he'll get out of his assignment with Juliet by antagonizing her I was just done. I kind of liked her from the few paragraphs in her head, but he's an arrogant turd and she can undoubtedly do better. Like, for example, by throwing darts in a dark room full of car salesmen, phone solicitors, and politicians...

  • Tracy
    2019-02-02 13:12

    Bostonian blue blood Juliet Rose Astor Lowell is in steamy New Orleans, LA to kick off the grand opening of her baby, a restored southern mansion she's turning into a five star hotel for her father's hotel conglomeration. It's her first full project and the first time she's been completely out from under her imperious magnate's thumb. She got more than she bargained for, however, when a letter of complaint about the purchase and hotel plans causes her father to step in and demand police protection for his daughter. And no one, not even an acting police chief, says no to her father...or his money and connections.NOPD Seargent Beau Dupree knew a babysitting job when he saw it. Knew it and didn't like it at all. Not when he had real police work to do. He read the supposed threat to the prim and proper Juliet Rose and gave it just about as much credence as it deserved. Which was none. Instead, he planned on dragging her around while he worked on a real case, trying to track down the elusive Panty Bandit who had been commanding young woman to strip naked for him at gunpoint. Women including his baby sister, who, along with his other two sisters, he'd been raising for the ten years since their parents died.It was a good plan. Push the rigid and tightly wound socialite up close and personal with the seedier side of the Crescent City and she'd demand to have him removed from her detail. He could go on about his business and get his long-time goals back on track. No fuss, no muss.He didn't count on the pretty little debutante letting her hair down - literally and figuratively. He didn't count on her class, composure, and generous nature when faced with even the lowest dregs. He sure as hell didn't count on being so damned attracted to it. To her. And from the depths of his cop soul, he hadn't even dreamed that the threat to her life may be serious, so when his brake line is cut and they almost take a header into the Mississippi, then someone takes a shot at Juliet in a crowd of party-goers, Beau quickly realizes that the last thing he wants is to be pushed off the case, because the estimable Juliet Rose has become more important to him than he'd ever dreamed.With the fabulous city of New Orleans as a cultured, vibrant backdrop, Susan Andersen created a fun, mostly light romp of romance and light suspense in this pleasant book. Juliet and Beau are about as diametrically opposed as two characters can be on paper, but to their depths, they strike very pleasant - and often humorous chords together. Juliet may be the classic poor little rich girl and Beau may be the quintessential good ol' southern blue collar, but there is depth provide both of them through their responsibilities, past pains and disappointments, and the shields they both use to keep their hearts protected. I particularly liked the combination of fire and steel in Juliet, and was pleased by the way she dealt with many of Beau's antics.There was a small but important array of secondary characters that added layers to the plot, with Beau's baby sister and his best friend and police partner Luke having an ancillary, though briefly featured romance, and Juliet's assistant Roxanne was a real gem with her flair and independence coupled with a few noted fears and insecurities. Andersen did a nice job with them all, and regardless of how much they were featured, they all seemed pleasantly genuine.The plot may not have been all that surprising or earth shaking, and certain twists and developments could be seen coming a mile away, but for a light, fun read it was well paced, had a smooth, easy to read narrative, and quick witted dialogue that maintained a natural conversational flow. Andersen also gets points for keeping the unique flavor of the city and many of the mannerisms and colloquialisms unique to the region as important to the overall recipe as it deserved to be.I enjoyed Be My Baby for the smooth bit of brain candy it was, and so long as you don't mind the formulaic nature of the development of the romance, and have a fondness for less serious and briefly featured suspense, I'd recommend it for the hours of simple pleasure it provided.~*~*~*~Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.

  • Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim)
    2019-02-08 21:27

    Poor little rich girl falls for a troglodyte in New Orleans whilst completely improbable things happen for very improbable reasons. Perhaps three stars is too generous.

  • Lorka
    2019-02-13 15:23

    This was a cute and fun story to read! I wish we could have seen more of the sister, Josie Lee, and Luke falling in love though! It was such a teaser showing them make google eyes towards each other and then ...poof. They were in love. Back to the main couple though... I liked their chemistry, good amount of steam. It seemed the story was all over the place though, but not enough to annoy me. The cop wasn't properly doing his cop job and even attempting to investigate the murder attempts happening.... I didn't understand quite fully the bad man's reasoning for being a ...bad man. It just seemed a little over the top as a reason to attempt murder. But it all added up for a fun story.

  • Quirky Omega
    2019-02-18 21:22

    Eh. The hero was really annoying. And the heroine was stuck in a land not meant for her.

  • Emily
    2019-02-06 18:18

    Juliet Rose Astor Lowell has been groomed her whole life to be the epitome of refinement and grace. Finally having a chance to get out from her father's wings, she arrives in New Orleans to open a hotel she has nurtured from the beginning. Her father's continued interference though has put her under the watchful eye of Beau Dupree, a cop who wants off babysitting duty of the socialite and makes it a point to try and shock her into removing him from detail. Beau Dupree is shocked to find that beneath the cool exterior, Juliet takes each moment with inquisitive acceptance and causes Beau to rethink his strategy before he falls for the beautiful woman transforming in front of him.I thought this was delicious fun. I enjoyed the continued banter between Juliet and Beau. This was the first Susan Andersen book I have read and it was a sheer delight, I am going to definitely check out her other books.

  • Carisa
    2019-02-12 21:24

    Light, entertaining, with a silly villain plot and a sweet love story, which was a very pleasant break to have among the heavy plots of my most recent reading.HERO is a Warrior, a brazen, sexy, dedicated cop who had to raise his younger sisters since he was 24 years old. His chance to live the bachelor life he couldn’t have is finally near when he’s forced to protect an uptight, high society woman and starts falling for her.SCENES/CONTENT: few/hotGENRE/TONE: contemporary/lightLENGTH: 263 pages

  • PaigeBookdragon
    2019-02-20 20:26


  • Wendy
    2019-02-11 13:08

    Great read!My version, however, looks like this;

  • Kai
    2019-02-07 14:20

    This is a good book by Susan Andersen that I have read before years ago. It is about Juliet who after threats are made has Beau as a bodyguard, much to his disgust. The book is really funny as they try to deal with each other as the threats become more serious. I loved reading as the annoyance turns to attraction and the person behind the threats comes to light. Definitely a book I would recommend xx

  • Santhiya Dobby a free elf
    2019-02-15 16:21

    It started out well, but fell flat quickly.

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-02-18 18:03

    4.5 stars. Very nice. Fun story. I loved the characters.The plot was also good. There were a number of good lines and a few more that had me chuckling. Juliet’s parents were from wealthy families in Boston. Her mother died when she was young. She was raised by a controlling grandmother with strict rules about etiquette and composure. Her father was either ignoring her or mentally bullying her. She is working for her father, overseeing the renovation of a mansion into a hotel in New Orleans. Someone threatens her life, and a local police detective Beau is assigned to protect her.CAUTION SPOILERS:Beau and Juliet fall for each other. When she tells him she loves him, he dumps her because he doesn’t want to be tied down. I loved her answer to him, page 301. “I tell you what, Beau. I don’t want to be a rock around anyone’s neck, so why don’t you consider yourself free as a bird. Really. It’s been fun, and I thank you for the experience. Have a good life.” She closed the door in his face. They have a similar conversation on pages 311 to 314. I liked her responses there as well.I also liked a previous line describing Juliet. She had spent most of her life apologizing to her father trying to make him happy with her. While in New Orleans she is evolving into someone she likes. Her father calls and starts yelling at her. I liked the next line, page 150. “Her programmed response was to apologize, but she caught herself and drew in a deep breath instead, holding it for a moment before slowly exhaling. Mustering the composure that always, in the end, was her final defense, she said quietly, ---“ That thinking reminded me of a defense others could use when facing a bully.Even though Beau dumps her, I felt sympathy for him and understood his reasons. His parents died when he was 24. For ten years, he had been raising his three younger sisters. When the last one left home, he planned to live it up as a bachelor, dating a lot of women.DATA:Sexual language: moderate. Number of sex scenes: four. Setting: current day New Orleans. Copyright: 1999. Genre: contemporary romance.OTHER BOOKS:As of 6/20/08, I have read 3 Susan Andersen books, as follows.4.5 stars. Be My Baby. Copyright 1999. My review posted 6/20/08.4 stars. Baby, I’m Yours. Copyright 1998. My review posted 1/10/08.2.5 stars. Head Over Heels. Copyright 2002. My review posted 6/20/08.

  • Ada
    2019-01-29 21:16

    It's been a while since I picked up a Susan Andersen book and it's totally my bad! I forgot how wonderful a writer she is and just how entertaining her books are!In Be My Baby, we're taken to the culturally vibrant city of New Orleans as proper lady Juliet Rose Astor Lowell is trying to make her way out from her father's thumb to take over the re-design of a new hotel in their family chain. Despite the snooty name, Juliet is anything but. She was raised under the guiding influence of her father and grandmother, both of whom drilled into Juliet that proper etiquette must be observed at all times. But the trip to New Orleans is helping release her inner bad girl.Unfortunately, with the birth of a new hotel, came a letter threatening Juliet. She doesn't take it seriously but her father does, enough to get the police involved and a bodyguard put on Juliet's detail. And since no one denies her father, much less an acting chief, Sargent Beauregard Dupree gets tapped for baby-sitting duties.Beau isn't interested in taking care of a socialite, he'd much rather he working a case that involved his sister but stuck with Juliet he is and he does everything in his power to get her to drop him, including bringing her to seedy parts of New Orleans French Quarter which leads to many a good moment in the book.To me, that was just fun watching Beau trying to shake Juliet enough only to have Juliet's natural curiosity drive Beau crazy. These two had amazing chemistry and once they start letting it have free rein, boy did they sizzle the pages.You can't help but root for these two, especially when the secondary characters only enhance the story around them. Beau's sisters are fantastic and his relationship with his (ex) partner Luke is solid. So is Juliet's relationship with her assistant, Roxanne, is stellar. She's not only her support system but the growth from employer/employee is outstanding.I highly recommend this, light, fun, romantic read!

  • JeanBookNerd
    2019-02-16 19:06

    Susan Andersen’s fun and lovely story in Be My Baby (Baby #2) tells the story of a Bostonian girl named Juliet Rose Astor Lowell. When she agreed to travel to New Orleans and lead the commencement of a restored southern mansion-turned-to five star hotel for her father’s hotel empire, she finds herself in a place without the restraints of her family. Unfortunately, an event causes her father to intervene and order police security for his daughter. Sargent Beau Dupree is assigned to keep a close eye on her and felt the assignment were for babysitters. After assuming there is no real threat to Juliet and the hotel, he drags her along on real police cases. He did not expect to be attracted to the young socialite as the assumed safety turns dangerous when his car’s brake line is cut and almost went for a nasty drop into the Mississippi river. Beau then realizes that his “babysitting” post has become a very important assignment.The setting of New Orleans is the perfect backdrop to author Susan’s creatively suspenseful and romantic adventure. The pairing of Juliet and Beau is like day and night but they amazingly create sparks together. Susan’s writing style manages to help readers picture the characters and express their positions. I enjoyed how much depth the characters have and how they engaged in excellently written dialogue. The chemistry between them could not get any better as they complement each other very well. The plot progresses smoothly with enough twists and surprises to keep the pages turning. The story line is humorous and sexy at the same time, a rare grouping that only the best writers can harvest. Be My Baby is an enjoyable book that is highly engrossing and keeps a hold of you until the very end.

  • Wendy
    2019-01-24 18:57

    I picked this up when looking for something new to read. I am really glad that I did. I enjoyed the play between the characters and I love anything set in New Orleans, or the South. Our Hero is a strong male type with dark good looks and a short temper. When Beau is assigned to protect a new comer to NO he isn't real happy. It isn't just that he feels that it is a waste of time, but the assignment is pulling him off an important case that he is working on. He takes is anger out of his unsuspecting protectee, Juliet Rose. But over the next few days and weeks he can't fight the attraction that he feels for her and they start a hot affair. Juliet Rose Astor Lowell is in New Orleans to open a new hotel in the family chain. She is form Boston where manners and society are very important. When her assigned protector takes her all over NO showing her things that she has never seen before, she is intrigued by the new side of life that he is showing her. But after they start their affair, she finds that Beau has other ideas than a commitment. He wants to play the field and isn't ready to settle down. But as things come to a head and accidents start to happen to her, she finds herself falling for Beau and can't seem to help herself. But neither can Beau. He finds himself in a tough situation, but when the chips are down he realizes that he has a need to protect Juliet, and to love her.

  • Diana
    2019-02-05 20:27

    I'm leaving my original 4 star rating in place. I love this book. I'm bummed about the newly recorded audiobook. Here's why narrator Annie Green's performance completely fails the material. Equal blame for casting director, director and producer. * Misplaced, awkward starts and stops. (Oh, there are more words? ... In this sentence?) This sounds suspiciously like a cold, unrehearsed reading.* Female character voices are pitched low. Male characters sound like ducks on helium. * Her mispronunciation of every freakin' contraction in the text (and there are a lot of them!) is indescribably irritating. DIT-tint. COULD-tint. HAT-tint. Is this an affectation? To sound young? I don't get it. * She mispronounces common words willy-nilly. I started keeping a list but the task became overwhelming. Not acceptable from a professional voice actor.Susan Andersen's excellent book and its fans should have been treated much better than this. We should get a do-over.

  • Maqluba
    2019-02-07 21:00

    I can't tell if it was the awesome New Orleans accents or the amazing opposites-attract trope but this book sold me. I usually don't give many chick-lits 5 stars but this one was a fun read and I never felt the need to put it down or roll my eyes.I do have to mention one teeny tiny thing: the hero likes to manhandle the heroine a lot. I didn't see it as an aggressive move like he was trying to dominate her in any way, I saw it as what it was- a guy who just likes to manhandle. I dunno, I can't tell if I'm being oblivious or if I'm right in not taking it too seriously- I have a really huge pet peeve when it comes to manhandling by the hero but for some reason it didn't bother me as much here. I think I've been watching to many Asian dramas where wrist-grabbing is the norm lol.

  • Mancho283
    2019-01-25 17:58

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  • dintyrk
    2019-01-23 17:13

    This had been a fun read for me but maybe I was looking for something more because the plot has its potential and somehow, along the way I was reluctant to finish the story. The third star is for the hero because he made me laugh. And I am a bit concerned why the hero's name has "butler" that is somehow linked with the villain?

  • Andrea Lujano
    2019-02-13 13:22

    Ame a Beauregard *....*

  • Anita
    2019-01-28 15:19

    Love this book. A really fun read.

  • Nessa
    2019-02-13 21:01

    MEH, THIS BOOK WAS PRETTY AVERAGE. I WISHED THERE WAS MORE SEXUAL TENSION AND ANGST BUT IT'S RATHER TAME. I've always enjoyed an hate at first sight romance that turns into real romance later with the addition of sexual chemistry BUT this one was only halfway there.OUR HERO is not a handsome man, but he certainly has charisma and a masculine aura that real women just can't help but be attracted to. Get what I mean? Anyway, he's been the family man since his parents' death to his younger siblings and hasn't had a life for 10 years, TOPS. Now that he has finally earned his freedom, he is assigned to play bodyguard for a rich heiress. That certainly puts a downer on his sexual libido because he intents to fuck his way through all the blonde, big-boobed women in town to make up for lost time. What he doesn't expect is developing feelings for the uptight heiress who is actually not what he thought she is (THEY NEVER ARE!). As a character, he can be a jerk or he can be sweet. OUR HEROINE is quite something and I like her as herself and not the heiress. That term makes her appear uptight and all that high society farts but she's quite down to earth and has a weakness for muscle cars. Imagine that! She can't help but be attracted to Beau but the way he acts makes her feel like slapping that cocky grin off his face. Apparently someone is out to get her and Beau and that's pretty much where the action comes in, but don't expect too much.OVERALL it was okay, not a WOWZER because in all the departments you can check on this book, it's all pretty average.

  • Gwen Underwood
    2019-02-17 16:09

    I chose to read Be My Baby because I personally love romance novels and Be My Baby seemed to have a cute plot. The book follows a young woman named Juliet Rose Astor Lowell who is trying to set up her father's new hotel. When she receives a threatening letter, her father assigns a bodyguard to protect her. At first Juliet believes that Beau (the bodyguard) is unnecessary. But when the sender of the letter starts to try and get rid of her, she seeks the protection of Beau even more and finds that her feelings for him have changed dramatically. The central conflict of this book is Juliet vs. man. Juliet is fighting against Beau and his bad boy behavior that seems to pull her in. She faces her father's disapproving eye. And her mystery killer. The theme of this book is first impressions can be misleading. The author's writing style helps the reader picture the characters and shows the difference in their standings. The author has the character Beau use words like "sugar" "sweet thang" and various cuss words when talking. This shows that Beau is laid back, improper, and a real bad boy. Also the author gives detailed descriptions such as "'This is not a car, sugar, it's a '69 Royal Bobcat GTO.' Beau stroked the dashboard fondly. "'This baby's a classic, a testimony to the genius of Detroit'" (Andersen 42).I would recommend this book to other 16+ women who are interested in romance novels. Be My Baby isn't a heavy romance but it is cute and funny. A definite snuggle-up-with-a-blanket and relax sort of book.

  • Mandy
    2019-02-18 18:17

    All her life, Juliet has been forced to be someone she’s not. Between an absentee father and an overbearing grandmother, Juliet has become the perfect picture of a socialite: bland, polite, and composed. She’s in New Orleans opening a hotel when there’s a threat on her life. Beau, a crass police officer, is assigned to guard her. Between Beau and the New Orleans’ heat, Juliet’s frosty side starts to melt away.I thought the characterization of New Orleans was pretty spot on. Andersen certainly does an excellent job of painting New Orleans, both the southern belle side and the seedy, stinky side. Alliteration! Hooray! Andersen does write Beau with a heavy accent and she doesn’t let up on the colloquial speech. I’m rather ambivalent about that. But, if she was going to write accents, then she missed out adding in Juliet’s Boston accent. I was rather disappointed with Beau and Juliet’s dinner out. Fine, a po’boy and a muffuletta are pretty New Orleans, but I kept waiting for pristine Juliet to get covered in powdered sugar. Because, really, who goes to New Orleans and doesn’t get beignets?

  • Bunga
    2019-02-13 15:04

    Ketika Juliet-seorang Heiress yang punya bisnis di bidang perhotelan menerima surat ancaman, bokapnya pun memaksa Juliet untuk punya bodyguard. Beauregard atau Beau ini adalah seorang polisi yang tadinya sedang menyelidiki kasus panty snatcher, dimana si pelaku bertopeng memaksa wanita korbannya untuk striping dan menyerahkan panties mereka. Gara2 Juliet minta pengawalan polisi, akhirnya Beau lah yang disuruh jd bodyguardnya. Dari sini sbnrnya udah sangat interesting. Soalnya interaksi keduanya love-hate gitu, ditambah lagi si Beau berniat bikin Juliet benci sama dia biar Beau dipecat dan ditugaskan ngurusin kasus panty snatcher lagi. Kenapa? Ternyata adik ceweknya Beau juga salah satu korbannya. Makanya Beau bertekad kuat menemukan pelakunya. Salah satu yang sangat berkesan di novel ini adalah setting New Orleands yang sangat kuat, bahkan di dialog-dialognya pun para tokoh pakai logat ala N'awlins ini. Saya sempet agak ga nyambung sama logat beginian. Tapi lama2 it grows on me. Jadi terbiasa deh. Unik soalnya.

  • Sarah Eiseman
    2019-02-20 17:14

    This book was a nice mixture of contemporary romance, mystery, and a smidgen of suspense.Juliet Rose Astor Lowell has just moved to New Orleans to work on her father’s most recent acquisition in his hotel chain. The hotel is actually the former property of a high-society family, who are living in the home until an appointed time. Juliet’s father is interested in having her guarded, since she received some disturbing letters prior to her arrival in the city, so she’s assigned Sergeant Beauregard Dupree. Beau isn’t interested in doing any sort of protection work for the Boston socialite, so he doesn’t really take the job seriously, until some incidents start happening that change his mind: cut car breaks, historic bullets fired, etc. Of course, this wouldn’t be a fun Andersen story if there wasn’t some serious hanky-panky going on, and Andersen doesn’t disappoint.Overall, a fun story with a light-hearted mystery to round everything out. Loved the side storyline with the Panty Snatcher and the funny New Orlean-isms.

  • Mom
    2019-02-14 13:06

    Prim and proper Juliet Rose Astor Lowell doesn't want her body guarded by anyone while she's in New Orleans for the grand opening of Daddy's new hotel—especially not by consummate macho cop Beau Dupree. He's just too big, too pushy, too virile, too...everything! His shameless, hungry-eyed gaze shakes her carefully cultivated decorum like no one ever has, but Juliet is a Lowell—and there's no way she's going to lose control!The lady is downright delectable, but Beau has more important things to do than babysit a beautiful Yankee rich girl. So he decides to get himself pulled off of the assignment by driving the oh-so-proper socialite beyond the bounds of her good-girl restraints.But who would have thought that real passion sizzled beneath Juliet's polish? When she lets her hair down, she just might prove to be more than enough woman to handle Beau—but will he be able to handle her?

  • Shanna
    2019-02-16 13:03

    Juliet Rose Lowell comes to New Orleans from Boston to open up and manage the new hotel in her father's chain of Hotels. However before her trip Juliet received a threatening letter. In lieu of her recieving this letter, her father demanded she have police protection at all times during her stay. Juliet is not thrilled with this arrangement, especially when she meets the assigned macho cop Beau Dupree, who is shameless, pushy, and obnoxious. Beau also feels he has more important things to do than babysit a beautiful Yankee rich girl.However Beau is surprised to find himself quickly falling for Juliet, especially when she is not his usual type of woman. As the mystery of who is responsible for the threats against Juliet unravels, a steamy romance develops between Beau and the hotel heiress.Cute, steamy, with a mix of mystery "Be My Baby" was a decent read. Three Stars.