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Have you ever seen elephants and ants play leap frog? What about goldfish playing guitars? If you've ever wanted to watch tigers jump rope or catch a glimpse of polar bears in pink tennis shoes, then head on over to the Quirky Kid's Zoo. While there be sure to sure to check out the gopher races and the giraffes playing hopscotch....

Title : Quirky Kids Zoo
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ISBN : 9781933300832
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Quirky Kids Zoo Reviews

  • Deb
    2019-02-27 03:44

    Hi! Welcome to a different kind of zoo. We’re going to see some strange sights. What’s that you say? What kind of strange sights? Well never fear, there’s nothing scary here.Do you have you camera ready? You can take pictures of different things here. What’s different here? Look over there; did you ever see porcupines with fur so soft? Let’s walk down this walk. Look over there. See the elephants playing leapfrog with the ants? See the gorillas roller skating? There’s a lot to take pictures of in this quirky zoo!Children and adults both will love this book by Pat Brannon. Children will love laugh at the quirky kids’ zoo’s inhabitants. They will love the fact that they can help read the book by counting. Adults will love the rhyming story because it teaches kids to count from one to twenty five. Both parents and children will love the imaginative and silly antics (like gardening kangaroos) of the inhabitants. This interactive book makes reading time fun!The brightly painted illustrations by Jimena Pinto-Kroujiline brings this delightful rhyming story to life.I loved reviewing this children’s book and highly recommend it. It’s so imaginative and just a pleasure to read. From beginning to end, the Quirky Kids Zoo kept a smile on my face!To learn more about Pat Brannon, just visit her website. You’ll find it at: While you’re visiting websites, you can visit Jimena Pinto-Kroujiline’s website at:

  • Emerald Barnes
    2019-03-22 20:38

    I loved reading this book to my nieces and nephew! They were helping me count along with the book, and they loved the funny pictures of the quirky animals! They were laughing and pointing at the camel in purple high heels, saying they'd never seen such, and absolutely loving the book! Mrs. Brannon has definitely got a wonderful kids' book on her hand, and I definitely suggest buying such a cute, fun book for your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and as gifts for any child you know!It helps your child learn, engage in reading, and absolutely love the funny little animals!

  • Maranda Russell
    2019-03-08 01:55

    `Quirky Kids' Zoo' is a fun foray into an imaginary zoo. At this zoo, animals don't just sit behind the cages and stare at visitors, they put on a show! From skating gorillas to water-skiing buffaloes, these animals are sure to appeal to your child's sense of humor.The illustrations that accompany the rhyming text are colorful and cute. Each animal was drawn with quite a bit of personality, so your child will never get bored while flipping through the pictures. As for the rhymes, they flow well and tell the story without seeming contrived. The rhythm is good, so parents who read this aloud will find the experience pleasant. I know some parents are weary of rhyming stories because they have read too many that feel forced, but this book is truly a pleasure to read.For those parents who want reading time to not only be entertaining, but educational as well, `Quirky Kids' Zoo' will meet both of those demands. Each page teaches a number, starting with the number one and progressing up to number twenty-five. The numbers refer to each group of animals, so your child will have fun counting the animals on each page. They probably won't even realize that they are learning their numbers, but you will! This is a great book to read together with your child, so that you can reinforce the number concepts and make reading time an interactive experience.

  • Cindy Sa
    2019-03-17 03:50

    This book is very suitable for children to read. There are many cute animals do the impossible things in this book. I know it is very unbelievable the goldfish plays the guitar, elephants and ants play leap frog. It provides many imaginations for young children. Children can think about these things what human can do in the animals. The painting style of this book is very bright and interesting. There are more and more children will love this amazing book. But this book is very similar with "Has a Donkey Ever Brought You Breakfast in Bed?". I know these books are both published by the same author. That's why the style of these books are very similar. I think this book still can help children to make more and more imaginations about unbelievable things.