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This award-winning collection of adapted classic literature and original stories develops reading skills for low-beginning through advanced students. Accessible language and carefully controlled vocabulary build students' reading confidence. Introductions at the beginning of each story, illustrations throughout, and glossaries help build comprehension. Before, during, andThis award-winning collection of adapted classic literature and original stories develops reading skills for low-beginning through advanced students. Accessible language and carefully controlled vocabulary build students' reading confidence. Introductions at the beginning of each story, illustrations throughout, and glossaries help build comprehension. Before, during, and after reading activities included in the back of each book strengthen student comprehension. Audio versions of selected titles provide great models of intonation and pronunciation of difficult words....

Title : Stories from the Five Towns
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ISBN : 9780194790727
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 56 Pages
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Stories from the Five Towns Reviews

  • Kyohei
    2019-01-28 20:33

    1. OXFORD Level.22. 80 minutes3. 2.stories 3. marry 4. portrait 5. steal 6. happy 7. love4. When are you happy? - I'm happy when I talk with my friends and eating favorite foods.5. This book has four stories. I like first story, NEWS OF THE ENGAEMENT. A woman desided to marry and tell her mother about it. However, her mother also desided to marry and tell her daughter about it. I felt very happy when I read this story. I like this book.

  • Kentaro Iijima
    2019-02-04 20:30

    - oxford Readers, level 2.- Time 11/21 = 90 minutes.= 7-word summary: visit - town - woman - old friend - christmas - life - suprise.- Discussion questions:1, Do you want to live someone who is new father or mother?I don't want to do. I will think it is not good for me because I have to change my custom. I can't get along with the often do you come back to your hometown?I come back to my home town once a year. I miss my family. So I will do in winter vacation.This book is constructed by four stories. Their stories are not connected with each other. If you think this story is not interesting for you, you can change reading part. This book was recommended by Genki. I think his choice is good.

  • Tomomasa Sawada
    2019-02-14 18:25

    January,7,2014Tomomasa SawadaTitle : STORIES FROM THE FIVE TOWNSAuthor : ARNOLD BENNETTTime : 60 minutesSeven words : marry : mother : burglary : husband : again : brothers : talkDiscussion & QuestionDo you talk your brother or sister? If you have a time that you do not talk with him or her, when is it? Normally, I do not talk with my brother. If we were in a same room, we barely talk each other. When I have some requirements to ask him, I talk to him. He is also same as me. CommentsThis book has different four stories. Each stories are short and easy to read, therefore it is easy to understand stories. However, it was a little difficult to understand what is the main points which author want to let us know.

  • Rie Shimizu
    2019-02-12 16:33

    1. Oxford level22. 5/27=803. town, portrait, brother, quarrel, burglar, marry, love4. a. When Toby was going to go out, Priscilla said "you've forgotten your hat, Toby." "No," he answered. "I haven't forgotten it. I'm coming back." b. This passage is in the third story. I liked this passage. Suddenly he walked out on his wife, and 23 years later he comes back to the house, but there was still his place to stay there.5. This book includes four stories and these stories were easy to read. I liked the third story, because it was heart warming story. On the other hand, I didn't like the last story. This is because the ending of this story was vague.

  • Yuto Yuasa
    2019-01-31 18:21

    1. Arnold Bennett, OXFORD, Level22. 6/21 20minutes 6/24 40minutes 6/25 20minutes Total 80minutes3. Engagement, surprised, poor, business, England, garden, brothers4. Did you hide the secret toward your parents? -yes, I did. I hid my grades in junior high school when I was 14 years old.5. One student told me this story and it was interesting for me to listen to her story. I have never read such an interesting book. It looks like the book which is mixed with love story and the story about the importance of family. I want to recommend this book.

  • Yuna
    2019-02-18 13:23

    1.Oxford level 2 There are some genres in this book.2.June 9 (40 minutes) June 12 (40 minutes)3.marry - letter - portrait - burglary - meet again - silent - will4.If you want to confide suprisingly news to someone, what do you do?I confide the news soon, because I can't spend time without confiding.5.I couldn't understand "The Silent Brothers". Other story is interesting, so if I can understand the story it is interesting."Begining The New Year" is heart-warming story. I like the ending of this story.

  • Aki Kawachi
    2019-02-12 20:35

    1, Oxford level22, 1/3 80min3, townengagementLifePortraitBrotherLoveMarry4, A, "would you like me as a stepfather?"B, I was surprised at this words because I think this man was just a good friend. But I felt happy when I read it. He was a kind man so I am sure he makes her happy. 5, This book has 4 short stories and they are interesting for me. I like the first story the best. It made me happy because all of them are happy. A man decided to marry a woman, and his mother also decided to do that to new person. They are really good things!

  • Yuki Okuno
    2019-01-31 14:12

    1. 2nd level oxford2. 80 min3. town mother Christmas marry friend portrait love4a. "would you like me as a stepfather?"4b. He was just his mother's friend so I was surprised at this word. But I thought that word might make happy for her.5, This book has 4 short stories from 4 suburb town in the U.K. First story was so interesting for me. He wanted to talk his engagement to his mother however his mother live alone(his father past away many years ago) so his feelings was complicated.But that parson offered to marry with his mother. I think he might know his feelings

  • Yui
    2019-02-20 16:31

    1. OXFORD level22. 6/24=90min3. town/marry/life/burglar/portrait/love/brothers4.a. It was something new to me that she was lonely in our old house and that perhaps she wanted a new life. b. I like this scene that the man noticed his mother's loneliness. It is important that chilren caring for their paremts.5. This book is separated for stories in the towns. I love the 1st stories. I think I am similar to him. I shold change my mind like him.

  • Ryutaro Hamada
    2019-02-10 13:16

    1.OXFORD, Stage22.6/26;100minutes3.England, mother, towns, emgagement, burglar, portrait, silent4.Do you get along well with your brother if you have brother?- Yes. I have a younger brother and we often talk and play well.5.This story is comprised of four stories and I like first story. The main character is very shy so he cannot say what he want to say. I can understand his feelings. It is good story!

  • Yusuke Sato
    2019-01-21 19:22

    60minute7words five-town/mother/portrait/burglar/brothers/church/silentquestion1, This book, there are many storiesw. Do you like short stories? Yes, because I can read to easy. MOreover, I don't send a lot of time.2, One stories, it is about picture. Are you good at draw picture? or like look a picture? NO, I'm bad at draw picture,but I like look a picture. I'm interested in historic picture.

  • Miyabi
    2019-02-09 12:24

    Time 907words step ahead, stolen, come back, brothers , quarrel Q1. People in the town are silent. Can you stand silence while taking ?A1. I do not mind silence. If partner did not like times of silence, I will talk something. If partner did not mind silence, I do not care silence neither at all. Q2. Are you getting along fine with your brothers or sisters?A2. I have an elder sister and a young sister. They get along each other, but I am not both. I'm not interested in them.

  • Yorika Oka
    2019-01-24 16:24

    Oxford reader Level2Time=10/29 92minutesseven word summary=marriage-stepfather-portrait-burglar-reunion-brothers-quarrelDo you often quarrel with your brothers or sisters?Yes. But not many. I like to talk with my brother and sister.Four stories are in this book and I like first story. I don't like forth story because end of the story was unclear. I want to know what brothers did after that. THis story was easy to understand and very interesting. I will recomend this to you.

  • Yuuka Matuda
    2019-02-17 19:20

    1.arnold bennett, 2rating2. 5/10 50minutes, 5/12, marry, christmas, portrait, slow, will, brothers4.(a) i like the passage that the men's property was stolen.(b) it is interesting that he wanted to steal his portrait, but his property without his portrait was stolen.5. this book has 4 stories. each stories are very interesting. my favorite story in the book is news of the engagement. this story is happy story. i was happy when i read the story.

  • Daichi Yokoyama
    2019-01-30 15:40

    I took 70minutes in total. but...I didn't enjoyed this story much.Seven words -town different story businessman child happy surprised-Q Do you have happy story such one of these stories?A Yeah, I have a lot of happy things.Q If you retire your job when you are old, what do you wanna do? A I would like to live in countryside.

  • Genki Aisa
    2019-02-01 18:30

    Oxford book level 2110 min Stories from the five towns Arnold Bennett7 word summarymother, boy, letter, christmas, marry, friend, talk.there are 5 short stories in this book, so I focus on one story.If you have a secret, do you talk with others?Yes. because I always trust my friends.if your mother marry to someone again, can you get along with your mother?of cource,

  • Barča
    2019-02-13 13:31

    I´m from the Czech republic and I´m learning English on Language school. This book has been my first book in english only. And I think, that my english is better than before. This book was very nice, and I liked it. I like english, so I hope, that I will speak perfect finally. Good luck for me :-)

  • Nora AlTamimi.
    2019-02-03 13:29

    The ending was hilariously stupid xD!

  • Commander G
    2019-02-20 18:14

    Hey if you have pdf of this book.Can you send this mail:[email protected] İf you have this book,can you send photos of this book?İf you send,you make me a very happy person.❤️