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After thousands of years, male after male, finally —a female COMPIS is chosen. The peace of a nation seems secure, yet beneath the facade turmoil boils among its leaders. The innocent children, raised in ignorance all their lives until the Initiation of their seventeenth year, have no idea of the true face behind their High Council.Why has a girl been chosen? Why is she spAfter thousands of years, male after male, finally —a female COMPIS is chosen. The peace of a nation seems secure, yet beneath the facade turmoil boils among its leaders. The innocent children, raised in ignorance all their lives until the Initiation of their seventeenth year, have no idea of the true face behind their High Council.Why has a girl been chosen? Why is she special? Will she be able to do what no other Compis has done and bring the hypocrisy to an end?...

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compis Reviews

  • Kat Kennedy
    2019-02-15 01:14

    This book came SOOOOOOO close to getting five stars. SO CLOSE. Kate Copeseeley has a lot of potential as a fantasy writer. She's built a complex, imaginative and intriguing world with a very interesting, diverse and creative lore. This will be a book for hardcore fantasy fans - those that secretly (or not so) jizz over detailed landscapes, cultures and societies done in loving detail and weaved expertly into the story.The characters were given the same attention, depth and love that the setting was. I enjoyed each of them and how they related to each other, to the different settings and to themselves. Copeseeley is one of those rather rare story tellers and wordsmiths, much in the same way Rachel Hartman is. This novel could use a more careful and detailed line edit, but Copeseeley's raw talent is rather impressive.Where this novel failed to grasp that last star is that the pacing is just way too slow at the beginning. It was a 3.5 star rating up until about 70% in when I realized... HOLY HORSE SHIT THIS NOVEL IS AWESOME AND I MUST HAVE MORE! GIVE ALL THE FIVE STARS!The mystery is great, the characters are great, the writing is great and if Copeseeley can pick up the pacing and structure the story better for the next one, then she will have gained a new fan.

  • Brandi
    2019-02-08 02:59

    *Heavy sigh*I was not impressed with this story in the least. As I came to write my review I scrolled down to see the ratings again, and I feel like I read a different story than they did. I liken reading this to trudging uphill in 5 feet of snow with no shoes, and even caught myself forgetting what I had read previously. I was watching the words instead of seeing the story, and it took me 3 friggen days to finish this! Good grief.The story involves several characters, but only 3 are highlighted in this first installment. I didn't like the way they switched back and forth so often, and sometimes having the same event told 3 different ways to include rewinding so as to include that characters' take on something, annoyed me. I don't mind having several POV if it is done right, but I just don't feel as though this was.I thought that everything was very superficial. There was no tension in the story (even though I'm sure some would say that Zyan/Nikka, and Luka/May provided it, but it was sadly shallow to my eyes). In a single page, and sometimes even a paragraph, a character could have a radical change of heart without delving into the matter at all. It's like this: "Oh Jane the sky has always been red but you just didn't look at it the right way silly!" exclaimed John. Perhaps Jane was right, and I just needed to stop thinking about how much I thought the sky was blue all this time. Yes, that is what I will do from now on, thought Jane. Luka struggles the whole time with finding his place in his new tribe, only to have his heart/mind suddenly change when he decided to call to his Lumenta. Here is a scene in the book where Luka is whining, again, about not having a Lumenta and shouldn't be there. Then it changes to him almost crying when one of the mentors asks him to call to his. Suddenly he admits that he doesn't want to be "different" anymore, and wanted to belong. The problem is that I don't understand how he has always felt this way (since it was implied that this feeling goes beyond his struggle with his new tribe). I didn't get a feel for the characters at all. Not really. I know that Zyan wants to save his tribe and has some bitterness. I know that Nikka isn't really all that wise, but seems to have common sense, and everyone makes remarks about how amazing she is. I liked her better than the other characters, but I didn't see her as being this Wise and Amazing person, aside from her new status. May was an incredibly annoying character that I was VERY relieved to see not last beyond the Initiation. Wow. Luka isn't much better. That kid needs to stop whining for just one paragraph....just one is all I wanted.Another thing was how Nikka and Zyan had their little "summer romance" as it were, and then she has her robes change and then we hear Zyan say he saw "distance in her eyes" when he looked at her, but a second later Nikka remarks that he ran away before she could look at him with "hope". The little things like that really got on my nerves, and since I was already so annoyed with the entire book it didn't endear me to move past it. Sometimes I can read a book that has bits that I find annoying, but I love the rest of it enough to now dwell. This was not that book for me. As much as I was beyond ready to finish this story up, and I had thought hard about just abandoning it, I was really surprised when the ending actually came. I had read the whole thing with a Ben Stein like voice (not really in his voice, lol, but in the way he speaks...I hope this makes sense), that I didn't even know there had been a climax to the story. If I had a paperback in my hand I would have turned it over to see if there was more hidden on the back somewhere.Sigh. So all in all, I didn't care for this whatsoever, and I'm not sure who I would recommend it for. Maybe a younger tween would enjoy it since there is some magic involved (though that makes me remember how that was annoying as well. There was little about it in the beginning and then all of sudden people looked different and then there was more emphasis on it....but I digress).This was determinately a book in which I found the synopsis to be much more intriguing than the actual telling of the story. Sorry for the rambling review. :)

  • Crimsonsigh
    2019-01-30 03:21

    Copeseeley caught my eye back in December with her book Six Keys. Paranormal fiction is one of my favorite genres. She got a 4 star review for that one. It was a good read. My other favorite genre? Young Adult Fiction. I read a lot of it, so since I've been following this author on goodreads, I've been frothing at the mouth for this book to be released. I'm so pleased to say that I wasn't disappointed! This is one of the best YA fantasy books I've read thus far in the year (granted, it's early in the year, but I've read a TON of books since January)! The basic premise is that Nikka, who has grown up all her life as one of the Aeris, is about to be shipped to the Citadel with all the other 17 year olds to be chosen for a new "tribe". (Think tribe like Nation or Magical Group, not like Indian tribe.) In the process, she meets Zyander, member of the Ignis, who were all attacked by this major sickness that killed 90% of their population and now most of the survivors can't even work magic anymore. Basically, his life sucks. Nikka and Zyander have a little romance during the week she's there, but it's nothing serious until she's chosen as Compis, which is like this magical being chosen every couple of hundred years. No one knows why they exist, why they're so rare and why Nikka is the only girl Compis chosen since the very first Compis formed their society of the Five Tribes. Now she's in a pickle, because she can be with any group she wants, but she also has to chose the right group, because whoever she chooses will be benefited endlessly by all the cool stuff she can do. Basically, she's torn between duty and her attraction to Zyander. Things I like about this book: -I love that it's not first person present tense!! I am SOOOO over the whole first person tense that EVERY freaking YA book has out right now. -I also liked that it was told from three different viewpoints, each of the story lines was so interesting that I didn't want to stop reading when the chapter ended. It reminded me of how I felt when I read George R. R. Martin. -I like that Nikka isn't a wuss. I'm so tired of helpless females. -I also liked that the book was one big mystery that we have to try to figure out. It reminded me of what I liked about Six Keys. What I didn't like: -The sections for each character are short. I see what Copeseeley was trying to do, and she does a good job ending the chapters to carry on in the next segment, but sometimes it felt choppy. I hope the chapters are longer in the next book. -I also wish that the book had resolved SOME of the story line before ending. I hate CLIFFHANGERS. But then again, she could probably price the next book at $5.99 and I'd buy it. hahaha So overall, great story, great characters! I highly recommend it to YA fiction readers.

  • Psylk
    2019-01-25 00:06

    I wasn't really sure what I thought of this book when I first got it. After the first chapter I was hooked tho and find myself eagerly awaiting the sequel to this book. (Aeris)Without giving too much away. The book is divided up by character, in a third person account. I was to enjoy this style.It really lets you get to know the charcters and show you the struggle of each. Zyander, Luka, and Nikka all bring interesting things to the story and have very different goals within it. The complexity of the world Copeseeley built within The Five Tribes is very intriguing and I hope to learn more about the inner workings of their government. I won't lie I normally am not a huge fan of magic/fantasy type novels but I enjoyed this much more than I expected and as I said, I am, looking forward to the sequel. If I have to say something I didn't like... I felt the pacing could have been better as not a lot happens in the story over all I feel it was a lot of build up for the sequel with nothing really being resolved within this book.

  • Jordan
    2019-02-18 00:19

    I'll try to make this review without giving away any juicy details...What I liked about it was that Nikka, the main character, was both feminine and strong. She is just, loyal and empathetic. She is a little naive but also skeptical.What I didn't like was how long it took me to get to know her. It seems in Compis that there is not one main character but three. I wish there had been a bit more focus on Nikka. Not to say that I didn't like the three different journey's CopeSeeley took us on I just wanted more detail and time with Nikka being the Compis.What I liked about Zyander was his unfailing dedication to his tribe and the obvious heart break he feels over the unfortunate circumstances of his tribe. He also has great pride in his soul for his tribe that is his driving force.There isn't anything that I didn't like about him although I did get irritated sometimes at his brooding. It is a good thing though, when a writer can make you feel something towards a character. So it is a compliment to CopeSeeley. Best for last. I absolutely love Luka, probably because I identified with him the most. I find myself thinking about him the most and hoping for the best. I can tell he is going to be a key in the unfolding of the Five Tribes series.I don't like the fact that he is blind to the selfish and childish ways of Mae. Also it seems as though he was fighting destiny when first going to his tribe as if he closed off his heart. Which I think increased his feelings of not "belonging."I loved the idea of the tribe less "tribe" as it added more depth to the story. The actual tribes are secretive and at every corner there is a something new which makes it oh so intriguing. All of the tribes have such great styles and qualities. I liked how each tribe has its own special gifts.I wait because I have to but I CAN'T WAIT to dive into the next books to learn about the next tribes and to go into some more detail about the ones we have already met. This is my only complaint. The overall writing style was ok. I'll admit that I had to re-read a few sentences. Some of it didn't flow very well. The beginning was drawn out and the end was rushed. It felt a little disorganized at times. HOWEVER, I still enjoyed every second of this story. I enjoyed the tense in which it is written. I did like the three different points-of-view style and the jumping from one character to the other as it catered to my ADD and I was not bored with the story once. Yes! I would read it again and again AND I would recommend this book. I would give the writing style a 3 star and the story and plot a 5 star so I'm settling with a 4 star.

  • Dyane Forde
    2019-01-27 00:23

    Compis is divided into two parts, The Initiation and Aquis. The book itself is mostly quite well-written. There are some very nice descriptions of landscapes, and the writing itself is smooth and easy to read. Pre-teens and teens should find the reading experience enjoyable. Adults who enjoy a quick read might enjoy it as well. The characters each have their own personality and they are who they are: inexperienced, self-centred and sometimes reactive adolescents/young adults. I did have issues with specific things. The Initiation section was too long and the events mostly occur in the same place. There is very little action or tension in this section which is loaded with orations and explanations of this and that aspect of tribe life, sometimes repeated throughout the section by different characters, and the result of the ceremony is telegraphed early on so that the end is no real surprise. I also found the retelling of the same event 3 times from different perspectives to be too much. Also, the romance between Zyan and Nikka is sweet but feels very, very adolescent, even for adolescents. The narrative finally picks up in Aquis, and even then only when Zyan begins to have dreams which lead him on a journey (at last) to save his tribe, and when Nikka finally decides to do something important in her new role. Much time is spent on Lukka and I’m not sure why—he seemed a minor character throughout until this point. I suppose he becomes more important later on, which is good because he did get one bad-ass animal spirit. That I would like to see more of. The ending came on quite abruptly—there was no preceding round-up, or resolution phase to ease me out of the story that had just begun to get interesting. Personally, I would have preferred if The Initiation had been cut down and more time spent with Zyan and Nikka puzzling through their problems, and the reader discovering more about the political and social issues burdening the tribes, as that is really what this story seems to be about. However, the writing is good, the characters likeable, and the stage is set for an engaging story to come. For these reasons, I give Compis 3 out of 5 stars (3 1/2 if I could).

  • Wallene
    2019-02-05 23:17

    1/2014 Update: I recently "reread" this book on Audible. I didn't appreciate how good it really was--apparently, I read it so fast I missed quite a lot in the plot. Looking forward to listening to Aeris next!Original:It was very refreshing to read a fantasy story that wasn't about vampires. It also doesn't have a love triangle. So happy to skip those monotonous themes!!! I really like the world that Kate created. When I started reading it, I just couldn't stop. The characters really come to life--so much so that I can hardly wait for the next installment. I just have to find out what happens to Nikka, Zyander, and Luka, and I wonder if the secondary characters will make their way into the next book. I really want things to come out right for Ignis (Zyander's tribe). This was a very well written story. After I finish the other books in the series, I may change my rating to a 5--if it is a keeper to read over and over again like I do with Robin McKinley! Kate has a good start... Oh, by the way, love the cover!!!

  • Bena
    2019-02-07 06:05

    The description for this book leaves a lot to the imagination, but I enjoyed the last book Copeseeley wrote, so I thought I'd give this one a shot. Wow. That seems to be the only word I can use to describe to my friends. And believe me, I'm telling them. This book is more than a fantasy, more than a romance, more than a mystery... it's this force that pulls you in until finally you're at the last page and you're just like, "What the heck??" Because you want more. That's probably my biggest disappointment in Compis, there was not enough. I'm so glad the next book is coming out in the fall. It will be a long wait, believe me. If you like YA Fantasy or YA romance, this is soooo the book for you.

  • Vicki Keire
    2019-02-23 22:25

    Copeseeley's book fills a glaring void in today's YA- speculative fiction that does not center itself on sexy but dangerous mythical creatures. Instead, her Compis world is very layered. The Five Tribes have a long history with distinct traditions. Copeseeley weaves details about her complex world into the narrative without awkward narrative lumps. The pace is brisk as we switch between three main character's point of view. The characters themselves are well-developed, and nuanced enough to edge the book into the adult SF/F category as well as YA. I recommend this for any fan of SF/F, or for any YA paranormal fans looking for a change.

  • Claudia
    2019-02-12 04:01

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up Compis, but as soon as I finished the first page, I realized I was in for a good story. The book is divided up by character, in a first person account. I really like this style, as it gave me a glimpse of each person's struggle. I loved Nikka's storyline and I am really hoping there will be more about her in the next book. The only bad thing I can say about Compis is that the second book isn't out yet!!

  • Hillary Hunt
    2019-02-12 01:02

    The world building and characters were cool (reminiscent of Avatar: The Last Airbender), but the story telling itself was too slow and cumbersome. Too many explanatory dredges to read through. The dialogue in particular often seemed stiff and un-natural to me. Not enough suspense or emotional connection to the characters to keep me invested.I think if you like a slower pace that allows you to dive into some intricate world building, this would be more your flavor.

  • Kim
    2019-02-13 02:16

    I agree with some of the other reviewers. This novel is a bit slow. But like any great stew a slow cook makes for a great ending. I am really looking forward to the next novels in the Five Tribes series. When will the next come out???Great world building and I loved the characters. Can't wait for the season to progress for Nikka and Zyander...

  • Michelle
    2019-01-27 06:07

    This book started out sort of confusing and reading took some time to figure out who and what the story line was about. After a few pages of reading it became apparent.It was very refreshing to read a fantasy story that wasn't about vampires. It also doesn't have a love triangle but has a couple of main characters. I enjoyed the read.

  • Sharon
    2019-01-28 23:58

    I wanted to love this book but was very disappointed instead. Too many voices speaking at once! I'm still not sure of the outcome.

  • Elizabeth Ann
    2019-01-25 04:18

    This is one of my favorite story lines, just because of the unique ideas.

  • Jo Ann
    2019-02-06 01:04

    The story was truly captivating and unique in that it follows three different characters during the same time line...loved it waiting for the next book.