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When girl meets geek, the fur’s gonna fly.Dewi Bleacke is a no-nonsense Prime Alpha wolf. As head Enforcer of the Targhee pack, she’s in charge of Florida. Her assignment is to kill a dirtbag who sold his daughter. She doesn’t expect to find her handsome, albeit geeky, soulmate in the process.Dr. Heathcliff McKenzie Ethelbert lives a quiet, boring life. A professor at USF,When girl meets geek, the fur’s gonna fly.Dewi Bleacke is a no-nonsense Prime Alpha wolf. As head Enforcer of the Targhee pack, she’s in charge of Florida. Her assignment is to kill a dirtbag who sold his daughter. She doesn’t expect to find her handsome, albeit geeky, soulmate in the process.Dr. Heathcliff McKenzie Ethelbert lives a quiet, boring life. A professor at USF, he has no girlfriend, no car, and is a devout vegetarian. So when a mysterious woman with mocha eyes literally drags him out of his booth and then proceeds to have her way with him, it’s not his average night out. When she follows their sexy interlude by abducting him after killing a man, he suspects life has just taken a drastically odd turn.Now Dewi, her partner Beck, and her surrogate father Badger, have to educate her new “grazer” mate on the ways of the Targhee wolves. “Ken” does his best to fit in. But an old killer lurks in the shadows--the wolf who murdered Dewi’s parents. Can she keep Ken safe, or will her mate prove to everyone that he’s a lot more than just Dewi Bleacke’s geek?(Lesli Richardson, who is better known by her Tymber Dalton pen name, lives in the Tampa Bay region with her husband and too many animals.)...

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Bleacke's Geek Reviews

  • April
    2019-01-23 13:28

    I really wanted to love this read, it had such promise and engaging storytelling. The issues I had with it were more pace and personal preference. The lead, Dewi, is kind of a bad a$$ chick, and a touch of a dome in the bedroom. Not full on, but she is in control most of the time. I prefer the man to be the Alpha, but that is my preference. Ken is more mild mannered than I am into, he does butch up a bit, but not enough to make me tingle. I will say they are very well suited and you can see why they are a match.The story here is very slowly paced. There is so much time spent on day to day mundane activities. That could have been condensed and more action added. The big conflict was no huge surprise when it happened. I felt like the foreshadowing was rather heavy handed. On the upside, the book was very interesting, even the mundane parts held my attention. I love the dynamic of the little family Dewi has going on and the way Ken fits into it so well. It was fun reading those scenes and Badger made my heart happy!Audrey Lusk is always a delight to listen to, especially on the naughty reads! She has this husky quality to her voice that works oh so well for the smexy bits! Her voice is great for men and women alike, not an easy task! I have listened to many books from her and keep coming back for more!! She gives happy ears every time!Overall, this was an entertaining read, even if not my typical preference for characters. Without giving any spoilers, I will say that the end result in the relationship made me very happy!! I am hoping this is a series and we will see more of this pack!

  •  Rosebud
    2019-02-02 18:31

    Wow. This was an unexpected pleasure to read. Dewi Tadeul, prime alpha enforcer, is just about to close out (by that I mean kill) her assignment when she meets up with her mate, Dr. Heathcliff Mckenzie Ethelbert (Ken for short). She has a split second to decide if she does her Pack enforcer duty OR claims her mate. Yes girls, Dewi can multitask and does both. Ken is a vegetarian professor who may be gorgeous but doesn't have the popularity or looks to attract women so he's surprised when Dewi grabs him and carts him off declaring he's her fated mate. This book had me giggling more than anything as Dewi was the dominant one in this relationship. Sure Ken puts up some token resistance and tries to become the macho he man at times but.....I would have liked to have seen more in the erotic scenes between the two main characters but I'm not really sure that's a fair request as it would have sacrificed the action/adventure parts of this read. But the emotional connection that made these two mates could have used a little more heat in my opinion.As to the secondary characters. Each of them had their own unique personality that added to the ambiance of this story. Beck, Peyton, Badger. Without them I don't think this story would have been as believable. They added that element that gave this book life. This is the kind of book you just sit back and enjoy. It's not a deep psychological read that needs to be dissected or argued about as it's pretty straightforward but it's a credit to the author that the journey was so worth the ride.

  • Mei
    2019-02-12 15:21

    The idea for this book is really great! For that alone I would give it 4 stars! But the reason for 5, even if I would have liked it to be longer and with more explaining, are the two protagonists.Here the roles are inverted: the alpha is the woman and the beta is the man! I loved how it was told! The heroine is very funny: she a tough alpha kick-a$$ wolf shifter, while the hero is a meak professor with spectacles and geeky nature, full of insecurities due to his chilhood and his moron step-brother. But when she finds him in a bar, she doesn't doubt for a minute that he's her mate and that he's well worth her love. There's no hesitation, no I-love-him-but-I-can't; she's forward with everything and she's doing everything she can to help him and to let him know how much she value him. A great step forward compering it with other similar novels where the hero is tortured and fighting his attraction.The hero is also fun in his own geeky way. At first he's fighiting the notion of shifters' existence, but when he witnesses the shift... he faints!! It's sooo fun!!! A fainting hero! WOW! He's also a vegetarian!!! Hilarious! I have a complaint... a strage one... there's too much sex.. *blushing*I know, I know, it's not normal, but I would have preferred to have a little less of it and more of all the other fun staff this book has supplied. I don't know if this is a start of a series, but if it is, I'll be definitiely read the eventual other books! :D

  • Talltree
    2019-02-05 10:20

    Sweet and unusual PNR about a female alpha wolf and her beta mate.Adorable and funny and hot.Also action filled!

  • Ann aka Iftcan
    2019-01-24 18:25

    I liked this book partly because it turned the whole alpha werewolf searching for mate trope on its head. The alpha werewolf in this case was female instead of male and the "damsel" was a geeky comp-sci college professor. There was some humour, some tension and the solving of a decades old mystery.

  • Malinda
    2019-01-30 16:23

    4 starsThis was a very good story. I liked Dewi and Ken and enjoyed their story a lot. I was actually surprised to find that I have read a book by this author before because apparently this is a pen-name for Tymber Dalton who's work I already liked. :DDewi is a prime alpha in her wolf shifter pack and also the head enforcer. Dewi's parents were killed when she was very young. She was raised by her brothers and the rest of the pack but due to her being a prime alpha (as well as some other reasons) Dewi had to be sent away from the pack's home in Idaho and settled as an enforcer for the pack in Florida.Dr. Heathcliff McKenzie Ethelbert (aka Ken...Dewi shortens it to this after they meet) is a professor in Computer Science. He didn't have a great life growing up, mostly due to his stepfather and stepbrother. His stepfather killed his mother and is now in jail but his step brother still makes his life miserable. Ken likes his job but has never had a woman stick around and mostly has a boring a lonely life.Dewi has been sent after a shifter that sold his daughter to a drug dealer and had plans to sell off more of his daughters. Dewi was tasked with killing him since there's no jail system that will work for shifters and the guy can't be allowed to continue. She finds him at a pub and is planning how to take him out when she catches a scent that attracts her very much. She realizes that the scent is her mate and now that she's found him she won't be able to concentrate on anything else until she's claimed him. She doesn't have much choice but to do it quick if she wants to get the guy selling his daughters before he escapes. She finds Ken in a booth and as soon as she makes sure he's single and straight she drags him to the ladies bathroom and claims him. He's rather freaked out but a beautiful woman coming on to him unexpectedly and is even more freaked as the night continues and Dewi shoots a man before dragging Ken to her house. Even though he knows he should be afraid and want to go home, part of him is drawn to Dewi and doesn't want to leave her side.Dewi takes Ken home and introduces him to her "Uncle" badger (the man that raised her). Badger and Dewi proceed to tell Ken about shifters and the basics of what he's walked in to. When Dewi shifts into a wolf in front of Ken he does faint but overall takes the whole shifter things pretty well. Ken is more convinced that Dewi will come to her senses and realize she doesn't want Ken. He's already falling for her (yes, it's a PNR and there is insta-love going on) and is crushed at the thought of not being with her. It takes Dewi some work to convince him she wants him and is falling for him in return. Even once she's had some success, Dewi realizes that overall it'll probably take time more than anything else to convince Ken that they're together for good. It's interesting seeing Dewi and Ken settle into their relationship as well as seeing Ken settle into life with a bunch of shifters (especially with him being a vegetarian and hating guns...). I liked seeing them come together and finding just how well they fit together. There is some drama and some unexpected danger but everything gets settled nicely and Ken and Dewi start planning their HEA together.This was a very enjoyable story. I liked both Dewi and Ken and can't think of any major complaints about either of them. The story was what I expected but yet it wasn't boring and kept me engaged to the point that I was still thinking about the story when I got pulled away from reading for work. Overall, this was a very enjoyable story and I'm looking forward to trying more of this series. I'd recommend this book. :D

  • Heather
    2019-02-02 18:33

    A surprisingly good shifter romance I thoroughly enjoyed. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I really disliked Dewi in the beginning. Ken was great, but Dewi was unnecessarily mean to him when they met. I understand she was in the middle of an important job, yadda yadda yadda, but that wasn't really an excuse to be so rude to the person who is supposed to be your soul mate, when his world has just been turned upside down. I felt really bad for him, and she was a royal B with an itch for a while.After I warmed up to her, however, it proved to be an enjoyable read, with an interesting take on the shifter-mate thing. I liked how Ken stood up for himself, even in the face of a strong alpha. I kept thinking he was going to end up being part shifter, but even with him being only human, he was strong enough to dominate sometimes.

  • Jen
    2019-02-14 11:14

    Nice to see a different slant on the shifter mating a human really engaged on all the main characters really really liked how the possessive/territorial aspects were deal with and the changes that "Ken" had to make I really liked the respect he got in the end, hell i just really enjoyed the book sexy hot fun book!!Only thing I didnt like was finishing it and after reading Dewi's brothers were mated I had hoped this was part of a series already and it wasnt :(

  • Sandra
    2019-02-10 14:34

    I was dying laughing the whole time. I love when books go back and forth between points of view, when it gives something to the story. And doesn't do it for a ton of characters unless it gives something to the story. It was a nice light read that relaxing. If you're looking for something to read while your on break from the heavy stuff then this is the book for you.

  • Puna
    2019-02-08 12:13

    Really enjoyable, funny read. It was fun to have an alpha female MC with a more beta male. She was alpha without being an 'alphahole' like so many male alphas. Not a single character (aside from the baddies) that I wouldn't be happy reading more about.

  • Timeforme
    2019-01-28 11:34

    This was an excellent first novel in what I hope will be a continuing series. Loved Ken and Dewi, along with Beck and Badger. I really hope we get to see Beck find his mate in the next book!

  • Swray03
    2019-01-26 11:33

    This book was ok. Nothing to really write home about though. I am unsure if I will buy the next book or not.

  • MsKingsPens
    2019-01-28 15:32

    ETA: 3.5 stars... I just couldn't get past some stuff, lol.This was so much fun! I loved Heathcliff/Ken and Dewi. It was interesting to read about an Alpha female and her human mate. Ken was a geek and a bit weak at the beginning but it becomes obvious that his weakness is a mental thing. He comes into his own and shows everyone that he can handle anything Dewi throws at him. Dewi was hilarious and such a boss. There were a few moments where I thought she might turn into a Mary Sue but Lesli Richardson always brought her back in imperfect, usually profane style. I really liked Badger and grew to like Beck.Safety... Or Not (view spoiler)[ I liked that Dewi was experienced and Ken wasn't but I know that bothers some readers (she had many lovers, he had three with whom he'd only been with once each).Beck (her only friend/fellow Alpha enforcer) and Dewi used to hook up. She compares sex with Beck to sex with Ken while they (D&K) are having sex in two different scenes. It was a downer for me.When we first meet Beck he is clearly thinking they might hook up again (he doesn't know she has a mate). He loves her and was hoping she'd be his mate. That wouldn't be a huge problem if I didn't know he meets his mate in book 2. LR makes it clear that the feelings Dewi has for Beck are platonic and that they don't hold a candle to how she feels for Ken. LR also makes it clear (in the preview for book 2) that when Beck meets his mate, he realizes that his feelings for Dewi would never hold a candle to his feelings for her. I was able to get past that because of the fated mates, instant/overwhelming love thing. If this hadn't been a paranormal with crazy love instant mates, it would have been a DNF.Dewi thinking about the difference in the tastes of their penises most definitely cost this one a star and made it a borrow that I won't buy. I don't know if I can deal with Beck going all Come over Pepsi when he is with his mate. (hide spoiler)]

  • Mike
    2019-01-27 15:29

    Kickass Alpha female shifter heroine and her nerdy but appropriate human mateFor me, this was an enjoyable, somewhat typical werewolf romance story with extra enjoyment (for me) due to a very interesting (but not overstated) swap of common gender roles. The author presents a slightly different/fresh take on many typical werewolf story lines (including instant mates, alpha facing down danger, a human adjusting to being mated to a wolf, etc.) The most compelling twist is, of course, the central alpha being female (who is certainly as strong and dominant as just about any other alpha male hero) and the human mate being a shy and rather submissive guy. There was a nice balance of matter-of-factly recognizing the characters weren't typical (Dewi's extra-strong dominance, Ken's definite introversion/fear/geekiness), but not overdoing the impact of (or other's reaction to) their not-usually expected (or appreciated) characteristics. I especially appreciated Dewi's leadership of (what might otherwise be called) the "testosterone-driven" strength/dominance/violence of the werewolf enforcers - without making her a flaming witch, and of Ken's sheepishness - without him being a total doormat. A very refreshing take, especially for those interested in believable and likable characters who are very strong females and/or non-dominant males. (4.5 stars, nearly a five simply because there is so little in this genre)

  • Ellen
    2019-01-22 18:40

    Bleacke's Geek by Lesli RichardsonIf you're looking for something a little different, if you would like to read about the heroine manhandling the hero then I'd recommend Bleacke's Geek. It was funny, well written and endearingThis is a nice twist on the alpha male wolf and human mate... this time around we have a Prime alpha wolf enforcer that is a female, Dewi Bleacke and her human mate in question? A Vegetarian nerdy professor, Heathcliff McKenzie., aka Ken. The best part is - After she has her way with him and claims him as her mate, she then abducts him, kills the bad guy, and turns into a wolf, and all this in the beginning of the story. What a rush.I was completely captivated with this story.. Couldnt put it down till the end. The secondary characters, Badger and Beck were just as endearing as the main characters, and their `unique' personalities makes me look forward to future books.

  • Jessie Potts
    2019-01-24 13:35

    Bleacke’s Geek is a twist on the alpha male wolf and human mate… this time the alpha wolf enforcer is a female, Dewi Bleacke. Her human mate in question? A Vegetarian nerdy professor, Heathcliff McKenzie. The best part? After she has her way with him, she then abducts him, kills a man (a bad guy I promise) and turns into a wolf.Lesli Richardson is a fantastic writer I’ve now added to my auto buy list. I was laughing, giggling and reading my husband particularly funny parts the entire book. The secondary characters were just as endearing as the main characters, and their ‘unique’ personalities makes me hope that there will be future books. If you’re looking for something different, if you finally want the heroine manhandling the hero then I’d recommend Bleacke’s Geek. It was funny, well written and endearing.

  • Summers
    2019-01-24 13:19

    It's nice to see this role reversal. With an alpha female and insecure male love interest. Difference is that main guy isn't a stud and girl isnt some jerk. Problem is that as the book goes on he starts to become some chick magnet, and more like the typical alpha dude. The other girls who hit on him isn't made out to be a big thing though, no silly jealousy storyline; but it still bugged me because it played to the "other girl" trope, you know when every other girl who is interested in the guy is made too look like some kinda of fool.This is a pretty fun book though, unlike like other sex scenes in book, its not about building up tension or playing hard to get until the finally have desperate sex. These 2 are actually enjoying themselves its not some stress relief thing like in other books.

  • Kathryn
    2019-02-06 13:40

    I'm reading this as part of a three book bundle. I read an excerpt from this book when it first came out and wanted to read the rest of it. I finally did when this bundle was made available. I really enjoyed this story and the premise of it. Dellis Tadewi Bleacke, Dewi for short, is an enforcer for the Targhee pack. She is an alpha female who is a tough kick a$$, take no prisoners kind of woman. And she has finally found her mate. Geeky, mild mannered Dr. Heathcliff McKenzie Ethelbert, Ken as Dewi has nicknamed him is Clark Kent to her Aeon Flux. This is the first book in the Bleacke Shifters series and I can tell you the series only gets better. There are some steamy sex scenes, awesome action, mystery and intrigue. If you like werewolf-shifter romance this series is definitely a must.

  • Alarna Martin
    2019-01-22 10:23

    I was really exited to read this book but now that I have read it I find that it is rather stupid. The H is ment to be smart but he isn't, we'll not what I read of him. I'll be honest I only read the first couple of chapters then I couldn't read anymore. One of the reasons is that the guy didn't seem to have a backbone he was like ill do whatever you want me to, he even said this a hour after meeting her, “He’d give her anything she wanted, if only he knew she really meant what she said.” Another reason was that the girl expected him to do what she wanted like he was a human sized puppet. I liked the plot idea through and the blurb made me interested but it was just the charters that I didn't like. :(

  • Jean
    2019-02-03 17:13

    Beauty and the Geek..Dewi, the female lead, is a "kick azz" enforcer and Heathcliff, the male lead, is a professor, talk about "opposites attracting".Dewi finds her soul mate while on an "assignment", she completes the job, has her wicked way with her new mate and then, she kidnaps him!This book had Suspense, Action and Romance all rolled into one story line, making it an overall entertaining read.Audrey Lusk did a good job with the narration.Note:"This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review."

  • Cindy
    2019-01-22 11:43

    Lesli Richardson and Tymber Dalton are one and the same so I had high hopes when I started reading this book and I wasn't disappointed! I haven't read a paranormal romance in a while but this one was well worth it. Loved the main characters immensley and the story line and me laughing a lot! This is a smartly written, funny and sexy read!

  • Jess
    2019-02-12 13:32

    This is like no other shifter book I have ever read, all the roles are reversed and its done in a way that balances the plot (not to super strong female).Loved the characters, the world building, the humour, the hot sex, the plot, the bad guy, everything. I cant wait to see the sequels :)

  • Erin
    2019-01-25 18:16

    Black's GeekI loved this book. Dewi is a tough female sand Ken is a strong man. Dewi is wolf and Ken is a human and they are mates. There is some up and downs that they go through but their love and trust for each other is rock solid. I can not wait to read the next book. Erin

  • Katy Beth Mckee
    2019-02-02 18:37

    I love this story because we have this very strong alpha female and a computer geek but it doesn't play to the stereotypes. She can be soft and caring and Ken has hidden strengths that even he didn't know he possessed. They bring the best out in each other.

  • Debb
    2019-01-31 16:14

    This book is a bit different then most shifter tales. Dewi is the prime alpha enforcer for her pack and Ken is the geeky computer science college prof.I thought this was a cute,sweet story with hot sexy scenes and alittle suspense at the end. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

  • Bill
    2019-01-29 13:29

    Awesome readNice twist on the alpha-claims-mate theme. Really enjoyed watching Ken deal with his baggage. And, I think that method of teaching firearms training would make a marksman out of nearly anyone.Highly recommend this book.

  • Clare Dargin
    2019-01-18 14:18

    My very first shifter romance and it has made a lover out of me. Lesli Richardson's book is a funny and quick read. The chemistry between our protagonist and her geeky love really kept engaged and left me ready for more. I would definitely recommend this book.

  • Marianne
    2019-01-31 14:13

    Very likeable leads.

  • Sandra
    2019-01-26 11:39

    really loved that book. great story, great characters. cannot wait to read more about Dewi and Ken...or Beck....or Badger...or Peyton ;)

  • Tracey
    2019-01-24 15:15

    All I can say is, CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE IN THE SERIES! It is going to be a series?!? RIGHT!?!?!?!