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(The Spell is the third book in the Big Bad Wolf series.)Dannai, who is also known as the Healer, has begun dreaming of werewolves. She'd always been able to hide the fact that she was a dormant, using her magic to shield the sweet, promising scent from the alphas she's been forced to work around. But now that they've invaded her dreams, her world has really been turned up(The Spell is the third book in the Big Bad Wolf series.)Dannai, who is also known as the Healer, has begun dreaming of werewolves. She'd always been able to hide the fact that she was a dormant, using her magic to shield the sweet, promising scent from the alphas she's been forced to work around. But now that they've invaded her dreams, her world has really been turned upside down. For, though every dormant dreams of her intended mate - Dannai is dreaming of two wolves, not one. And neither one of them is good news. One is a notorious killer. The other is Lucas Caige.Lucas Caige is a man with a haunting past. A warlock took his brother from him fifty years ago and he's spent his life outrunning that dark magic. But fate has a way of throwing sand in your gears - and just when Caige thought he could forever leave behind the magic that brought pain to his life, his path crosses that of the Healer. Dannai unwittingly casts her spell over him the moment he lays eyes on her. She's stunning, she's kind, and everything about her wreaks havoc on his senses.She's also magic incarnate.But if Dannai thinks that's going to stop him from doing everything in his power to make her his mate, the little witch has another thing coming....

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The Spell Reviews

  • Melissa Levine
    2019-03-10 21:24

    I wasn't really a fan of Danny. She was too naive or just plain stupid, not sure which exactly. Totally clueless and let anyone take advantage of her. All that, made her seem weak to me. The book itself was okay. Won't be continuing with this series though.My many questions/comments: (bad sign for the author) So Imani has a really sexy voice. "If it weren't for that voice, Danny would be straight.." Um...that doesn't really make sense there. Considering Danny is (kinda) straight, probably more bisexual considering she's done stuff with Imani; the sentence would mean she was gay. Right? Was it so hard for the author to come up with character names? Lily St. Claire ans Claire St. James are just a smidge to similar for my liking.Big Question here: What exactly is a dormant? It's thrown around a lot, and I was never really sure as to what it meant. What...that she has a werewolf gene or something? BUT then Charlie is a 'female born werewolf' who is also a dormant. I'm confused.What exactly was the curse Charlie carried around on her wrist, that she got from her mate?Danny and gang help 2 kids that had been taken from their families. Why? No clue. The culprit? A naked man. Why was he naked? Again, no clue.I don't know about anyone else but all the referencing of people with their fangs exposed or showing...IDK, but I kept thinking of vampires more than werewolves there. Or when a werewolf would be injured, like after Lucas is beating, he 'drinks' blood from another werewolf? Sorry but that just doesn't sound right to me. Too much vampiry references.How old was everybody? Obviously the werewolves live a lot longer than humans. Do dormants too? Or would they have to be changed/turned first?The whole Danny thinking Lucas wasn't into her because of being a magic user...very annoying. I mean is she really that oblivious to the male species when they're interested in her? I mean there's Lucas and for years there was Jason. Or when they're in the cave and Lucas suddenly stops making out with her and she thinks it was because he 'all of a sudden' smelled her magic? Seriously? "The Akyri had lived for centuries alongside werewolves, and yet the latter had no clue of their existence." Why? Why would they hang around werewolves and not, IDK, interact with them? That part made no sense to me.When Lucas and Danny are out and about in town, Imani 'calls' for help. I get that Danny can heal anyone with any injury(?) but come on! You don't have to drop everything you're doing 24/7 when someones in trouble. I just couldn't imagine a life like that. I think I'd rather lose that power. Danny had been dreaming of Lucas and Phelan, why did she assume that they were her only two choices for mates? Technically Danny is a witch and werewolf then? At least, once she's been turned. She just has way too much going on. If Lucas could tell that dark magic was around Danny, after Jason gave her the necklace, why couldn't Danny tell a difference? There was a point when Danny was in bed and talking with Imani. Danny felt weak but Imani could still feel all her power surrounding her. Imani asks Danny to do something magical and she floats a snow globe over to them. Hence, she still had her magic. But then later on, it's like that conversation/realization never happened. "If she did, she would lose what remained of her magic." But it wasn't gone!Lucas, Danny and some enforcers end up going to unknown, supposedly, safe house. One enforcer is at the front the door. The house ends up blowing up. "It was massive and bald and Lucas immediately recognized it as belonging to the enforcer." What exactly was it? I would have assumed it to be a body, but then why was it bald? Or had the guy with less than a seconds notice, switched to a werewolf? That just seemed kind of doubtful to me. Why after beating Lucas, does Phelan say "Your witch stole my car." ??? Then there was a seemingly very random sexual comment made about Danny, by Phelan. "Little Danny would make the most wonderful sounds while taking it up both holes." I didn't even understand where that comment came from. I mean it didn't seem like Phelan was sexually interested in Danny. I'm sure he mainly said it to get Lucas upset but still. Why say that in the first place?Who thought it would be a great idea to have sex in Jason beds? Like after Lucas, sorta saves Danny? I mean hello, Jason and friends could have come back anytime while they're having sex. I was really surprised he didn't. And seriously...why is it whenever I read a sex scene, the girl ALWAYS has to comment on his cock? "He was so big..." Couldn't he have just been average, and she just make a different comment? I think not, they always have to be big. Why the author keep mentioning the fact that Lily was a seer? I mean it makes sense to mention this at the beginning of the story when Lily is first brought it. But she does it again at the very end. Why?After the Overseer dies, why does Danny say that Charlie has no family now either? Wasn't the Overseer actually Charlie's mates grandfather? Not hers? And besides, she still has her mate. That made no sense there.

  • Winnie
    2019-03-17 23:27

    The Spell is the third book in the series and it centers on Dannai, the healer and Lucas Caige, The Austrian Alpha. What can I stay… it was better than the first two books. Its mega action pack, very suspenseful, heart pounding, jaw dropping wicked wicked cliffhanger and full of surprises. Dannai the Healer returns from Las-Vegas with a secret. She's a dormant and She's been hiding her dormancy with magic to armor herself from the Alpha’s but someone’s got a whiff of her... and he will stop at nothing to make Dannai his. Dannai has two Alphas to choose from, both are very dominant, but one of her Alpha is borderline, a psychopath and a killer… the other, doesn’t want anything to do with her kind, witches. Lucas hates witches… because fifty years ago, Caige’s brother was captured and supposedly killed by a witch! But then fate is fate and when she wants to be heard, she has a way of making the impossible possible. I really liked this book however I highly recommend reading the first two before plunging into this third book. There are lodes of twists and turns that kept me on edge of my sit and I couldn’t wait to get into the fourth book, until I heard it was the final book in the series. L Killough-Walden's novels are NOT for teens or faint hearted, she doesn’t cuddle her readers, so I’d say 25 years and up should attempt reading her thrilling, lustful and highly sexual book. All I can say is Heather Killough Walden is a superb writer and I am a Big Fan! I absolutely loved this book.

  • Kate
    2019-02-25 20:37

    This is the third in the series, and I read the first two a while ago, so catching up was a little difficult. I have to say I am pretty ambivalent about this book; this one (as well as the ones before it) are very violent and although the good guy eventually wins, it's almost anti-climactic. POSSIBLE SPOILER - I don't like sexual contact of any kind with the main characters and any outside parties once the H and h are introduced. It cheapens the story. That being said, I have to say the book is compelling - I read the whole thing this afternoon, but I was glad when I was done!

  • Steph
    2019-03-05 22:39

    All I can say is WOW!!!!! This book was my favourite of the three. I was very interested in Dannai in the previous book, so I was greatly looking forward to her story. We hadn't heard that much of Lucas Caige so far but what I had seen I liked. He was a little rough around the edges and quite funny. After reading this book he is definately my favourite... Daniel (book 1) was GORGEOUS but his arrogance and possesiveness overides the good points, but in this book he is beginning to change and reigning in his Alpha side... Cole is brilliant, I was entranced by him! I loved that he was so dominant (sexually) but felt his attitude was sometimes a little hard to cope with. This is why I loved Lucas so much, he was strong when he needed to be, rough in all the right places, dominant and a sexual GOD! But when the time came he was beautifully caring, gentle and just an amazing person.The story line of this book was fantastic, I loved how Lucas and Dannai met (although they knew of eachother, but not by face), how he sent her flowers the next day. They were just a perfect match. This book had all the previous characters in it. I loved that. All the characters were reunited in their new lives together. I thought it was great that Lily (book 1) Charlie (book 2) and Dannai were a team (like charlies angels lol) using their gifts to help others.The cast of bad guys in this book were fantastic. Usually when the POV swithes to the bad guys, I end up skimming a little to get past it to the main storyline. With this book I did not skip one little bit.This might just be the best book I have read in ages, and a brilliant cliffhanger at the end is making me crazy with anticipation for the next book. Can't wait. I would recommend this whole series. I have loved it! :)

  • Nicky Cartwright Pashley
    2019-03-10 20:33

    Another compelling read in The Big Bad Wolf Series (book no 3). Lucas embodies a lot of women’s secret desire. He certainly had me hooked! Big, dark and brooding. Black leather and motor cycles. A brooding loner, with a sad history, oodles of charisma, sexuality oozing from his pores and a prime alpha male. Definitely the stuff of female fantasies! Danny succumbs to his charm. However, not only is she the dormant that Lucas is destined to bond with but she is a witch – a healer – something that Lucas distrusts and hates with a passion, ever since magic casters killed his beloved big brother half a century before.Lucas is repulsed by the magic side of Danny as much as he is compelled by not only her dormancy but her goodness & sexiness.Danny is head over heels for Lucas but has been told that if she sleeps with the werewolf she will lose her healing powers …… something that will mean she will no longer be able to save the innocent, broken bodies that she so frequently helps.There is then yet another obsessed male …… in the form of her coven’s herald this time. However, Jason is also a warlock with dark desires and more power than many people could even imagine.The evil Gabriel hasn’t yet given up his hopes of securing Claire …… an obsession that culminates with an unexpected and devastating, horrific climax.This was another book that was hard to put down. The evilness of some of its characters fairly jump off the page, sending a shiver down the readers spine.

  • Arianna
    2019-03-18 01:31

    Absolutely loved this book! I am not usually a fan of witchy books, but I thought since there was a brooding sexy werewolf I could make an exception and I'm glad I did. After reading all of Nicky Charles' books (which if you haven't read those, there a must!) I was having withdrawals from my steamy werewolves and looking for a quick fix. This book did just the trick. Even though it is book 3 in Walden's series and I haven't read any others, I could still follow along without being completely confused. In search of peace and time to get over his brother's death caused by witches, Lucas a now loan wolf travels to the US only to cross paths with a beautiful girl named Danny he can't seem to get out of his head. Little does he know that Danny is hiding a few big secrets of her own. After all of her attempts to keep Lucas away, he comes crashing into her life and is ready to find out what it is about her that keeps his attention. With love, secrets, betrayals, and a little blood shed this book will constantly keep you surprised. I will definitely be reading more from this author.

  • Yodamom
    2019-03-06 19:19

    4.5 stars- Another Great Werewolf book, this series gets better with each new book. This story revolves around Lucas Caige's and Dannai's possible love connection. Lucas, an Alpha Were plus, watched his brother die from black magic and now carries the reputation of a magic hater. Dannai, the Heeler, struggles to hide what she is, a witch and a dormant. She finds herself having mixed strong feelings and dreams for him, fear and lust. There problems are not limited to themselves, a Wizard and another Were are trying to destroy their world as well. Sexy, lusty and filled with action. Lucas is one of my favorite Were's so far.I can't wait for the next story.

  • Clarke
    2019-03-14 01:38

    2.7 Stars. You really need to read the other books first. I thought this might be a standalone but too much of the book involved the history from other books to make it an enjoyable read (as a standalone). Now it could be the writers style but little was divulged about the world making me assume it was introduced in the first two books. A lot happens and the book is my no means boring but I never formed a bond with the characters so I could've cared less what happened to them. In the end I found it interesting enough but not enthralling.

  • ValerieC
    2019-03-08 03:38

    3.5 stars!!I liked this one even better than the first two, which were quite good, IMHO.Lots of actionSweet but powerful witchy heroineHUNKY werewolf biker heroReally bad (but hunky) protagonistsA lot of interaction with characters in the previous booksSome sadnessGround work laid for another bookI will buy the next book whenever it comes out. I like this little series, and of course werewolf guys are my favorites. Heather Killough-Walden is a pretty good writer... :-)

  • Melissa
    2019-03-12 03:34

    So the first one was good, then the second I thought "hey havent I read this story" then the third one I thought , ok the author is taking the same story and throwing slightly different spins on it. Didnt feel original. Be prepared though there are very graphic sex scenes in half the book. Heck make that 3/4 the book.

  • jessica hohenstein
    2019-02-25 19:17

    I almost didn't read this because I wasn't too impressed by the first two, but this book was much better. There were some interesting characters in this book, but if Killough-Walden developed them more it would really add something to her books. I'm hoping that these books continue to get better and better. If you read the first two I would take the day or two to read this one as well.

  • Dana
    2019-03-11 02:35

    The 3rd book in the Big Bad Wolf series and I have to give Heather credit, each book has improved. I really liked the main characters (Danny - the witch and Lucas-the wolf) in this one and found the story held my interest and was action packed. For $1 on your Kindle you can't go wrong. I'm looking forward to seeing where she goes next with this series.

  • Priscilla Robinson
    2019-03-19 01:31

    I really wanted to love this book and the interaction between Lucas and Danny was so interesting but I felt like there was so much other stuff going on that my mind wandered. All and all I still enjoyed the book

  • Lindsay
    2019-03-21 02:34

    Out of the 3 that have read, this one was the best. However, still excessive use of repetitive descriptions. The storyline is the exact same formula as the first two.

  • Madison
    2019-03-10 00:32

    1st rating 5🌟1st reread: 29•12•17New rating: 3.5🌟

  • Robin
    2019-02-25 03:39

    This is Heather Killough-Walden's third book in her Big Bad Wolf series. It was ok. It lacks a certain depth.....I think. There ok and I got the next one but not the top of my hit list.

  • Kathy
    2019-03-02 21:45

    Setting: northern California; Dannaii and Imani’s home; the forest; evil Jason’s fortress; road (for Lucas’ motorcycles)Theme: destiny and love; power; control; nature;Characters:Dannaii: healer, witch, dormant; a very good witch, using her healing power (which is unique among witches) as much as she can – extending care to the were community; has been told by Lalura that she will lose her healing power if she mates with a were; as a dormant, and so as not to bother weres and to protect her power, she daily spells a shield so it is not detected; working with Lily and Charlie when Charlie ‘called’ to a violent scene, to help care for the victims, and to clean up afterwards; Imani Zareb: witch; Dannaii’s roommate; Dannaii’s sometime lover; does not like Jason and warns Dannaii against him – and to question what his ally Lalura tells her, because she may be parroting Jason; encouraging her to embrace her future – connect with Lucas of her dreams; a good friend;Lucas Caige: alpha werewolf; without a pack; 50 years earlier lost his brother to a warlock, and since is anti-witch, and has studied them and their weaknesses; Australian; very rich from when pack alpha, and a lucky gambler; likes his motorcycles; of the three alphas in this series, he is the most level headed, logical, kindest;Jason Alberich: head of the witches; unknown to them he is a black magic warlock; has been in love with Dannaii since they were children; he manipulates Dannaii, building on her insecurities while trying to romance her; changes her locket to a vessel of his dark magic – to influence her; he after he sees she submitted to Lucas’ marking, his next ‘capture’ of her is more sadistic/ controlling – though he uses magic to illicit a sexual response from her;Lalura: Jason’s woman; plants the idea that she must not mate with a were as she would lose her magic, and would lose who she is;Lily / Daniel Kane: Lily helps Dannaii, and Daniel help Lucas – both in sorting out their feelings, and in making decisions; Lily ‘sees’ bad coming, but not quick enough to stop itCharlie and Malcolm Cole: They help Dannaii and Lucas; Gabriel Phelan: still out to get Charlie; he is working with Jason – and promised to get rid of Lucas (easier said than done); and he is working with Seth – providing him the blood of his wolves;Seth: working with Seth and Jason; a vampire (half witch, half something, making a vampire-warlock - revealed in this book); when takes another paranormal’s blood, he absorbs their power, and has a measure of power over them; taking blood of Gabriel’s wolves, but Gabriel giving him those who he doesn’t trust, and killing them after Seth is done with them so that they will not be a threat to him;Byron Caige: Lucas’ brother; thought to be dead 50 years ago at hand of witch/warlock; story ends with the vampire/witch/daughter who has imprisoned him these 50 years – next storyline;Summary:This story – Lucas and Dannaii – They have heard of one another; but Dannaii stays out of his way; she has been dreaming of him, but knowing that he is anti magic, and believing she would have to give up her magic if mated, she stays away; Lucas has been on the road for a few months (after Malcolm and Charlie overcame their obstacles), and feels ‘called’ to Eureka; both are on the road (he on his classic Harley, she in her fast, fancy car) – and Phelan has made 1st strike to get rid of Lucas by sending goons to run him off road; he survives, bike doesn’t, and she sees him as she is passing (not knowing who it is), and offers him aid; she is tired (just coming from a Lily/Charlie/Dannaii rescue), when she realizes who it is, she shields her magic from him, which is the last to overload her, and she passes out in his arms… he puts her in car intending to take her to the hospital, but she awakens, tells him her roommate will help her, and to take her home; Imani quickly figures things out, says she has blood sugar problems, shields the house so he doesn’t detect magic, and he carries her to bed; Imani encourages him to take her car, and return it in the morning (to help them along);He is back the next day, having detailed her car, bringing flowers and chocolates – but Dannaii still sleeping; Imani accepts a date for her with Lucas, and wakes her up at 3:00 – Imani pretty much forces her to accept it… she hides her dormancy and magic from him… but though Lucas doesn’t feel that she is his beloved, he is fascinated with her, drawn to her… they go to a town fair (where Lucas is wielding some of his magic, and is furious when he ‘feels’ their kiss)… they take off, and are heading into each other’s arms, when Imani mind calls her to come heal – she reluctantly gets him to take her home (saying she needs medicine)… she creates noise of a car crash outside, so he will go investigate, she unshields (she needs the power), and immediately flashes out (thinking she might be back before Lucas discovers she’s gone); it is a Jason orchestrated disaster, with two children who tumbled over a cliff – and it takes too much time; but when Lucas returns to her room (almost immediately), he catches the whiff of magic, and the whiff of her dormancy… and though floored, he’s not angry…Jason takes her home – encases her in his dark magic in a pendant; Lucas wants to connect with her, he knows of how she uses her magic for good, he is not threatened by it… he wants her, but she is avoiding him, so he kidnaps her… marks her… and loses her to Jason… Jason confuses her, makes her question Lucas’ motives, turns her on… but returns her to her home, warding her house (against all males); Imani, Lily and Charlie flash in… and as they ease her into questioning Jason’s edicts about why not to have a relationship with Lucas… and girl time … until there is a boom, and house starts to shake… Lily is the first to realize it is their men outside, trying to get in… Lucas called his friend Malcolm for help – and Cole, the council head (Charlie’s grandfather), and other witches are outside battering Jason’s wards… and Lucas goes to her, kisses her/claiming her, and pulls Jason’s pendant from her neck – and there is a bit of an explosion – Dannaii flung back into house, but lands gently (Jason doesn’t want her hurt) and the others are flung outwards also – they hurt; and Lucas’ first words to her, once he relocates her, is that he does not hate her magic… and they are on their way to a solid understanding;Although alpha, although strong, Lucas is different than Malcolm and Daniel - he does not force Dannaii (although he does kidnap her from her bed after she has indulged in some therapeutic girl sex with Amani – he can smell it, and wonders if he would prefer to have her to his own or to have joined in)… he talks to her, he knows his feelings, he respects her, he conveys that all to her… Even after Jason kidnaps her, taking her to a secret room in his home without doors, and ‘keyed’ to only allow him to flash in and out… Lucas is able to find her,, because of her marking – he tussles with Jason, who flashes out – and then Lucas claims her… though after he holds her, kisses her, touches her – he stops, and asks… and she responds by magically removing her clothes – then his clothes… ahhhThe Big Bad Wolf Story… Seth is leading Jason and Gabriel… the council is aware bad stuff is coming… and the couples go to safe houses… but as Lucas and Dannaai’s approach their house, and their guard unlocks the door, there is an explosion – Lucas is unconscious for a moment… Dannaii lands gently, but is flashed to Jason… Lucas pops up, and finds Dannaii across the street (except it is Gabriel in disguise)… they join up with the rest… are under attack… and Gabriel reveals himself, and Malcolm kills him… knife through the eye… and they rescue Dannaii; And Seth resurrects Gabriel – his life force in a pendant, and he is under Seth’s influence… he gives Seth his blood (and now Seth can take on other’s shapes)… and they set up a sacrificial altar in the forest… bring a woman to sacrifice, knowing it would call Charlie to them… Charlie sneaks out to answer the call, not wanting Malcolm to tell her no… and she is under Gabriel’s control (his touch takes away her ability to move independently)… he places her on the altar… he, Jason, Seth, and a 4th masked warlock cut themselves, chant, and her binding to Malcolm is severed… the mystery warlock leaves… evil Gabriel tells her not much longer, and she can fight him to her heart’s desire – and excite him, and she’d learn to like it… and feeling defeated, but with no intention of ever being Gabriel’s, she kicks him, grabs the knife, and stabs herself in the heart – just as Lily (who ‘sees’ them) arrives with the calvary… Malcolm gets to kill Gabriel again (breaking his pendant)… Lucas brings Dannaii to Charlie – and he steadily encourages her to use her magic – and she is relieved to find it is still there…And Seth gets away…Memorable scenes:Lucas takes Dannaii and sweet talks her, and asks to mark her… she agrees, he does, it’s quite erotic… but then he senses magic, and protectively moves her behind him… but the magic in the pendant influences her, and she misinterprets his mutterings about magic, and assumes he is ‘smelling’ her and hates it; when he realizes what she is thinking, she is in full panic, and before he can reassure her, she flashes out to the woods, away from him;

  • Theresa
    2019-03-22 19:32

    Fate is having its fun by pairing up Dannai, a witch/dormant and Lucas Caige the loner werewolf who hates magic.At first I thought all the awkward conversation bits (i.e.: take out for a while, a hot drink) might be due to poor writing but then I realized it’s trying to show that Lucas hasn’t good communication skills. Dannai is similar but hers reads as shy and unsure of herself.Though I like seeing old characters return this was a mess. I’m glad I keep a list of who’s’ who for series.Footnote: 1) F/F relationships: not my thing. At least it wasn't detailed.2) My husband would hate this book. Hates it when bad guys don’t stay dead and when you never know who the bad guy is when they keep switching.Fave scenes: the call for directions phone call, lost in the woods, the Oreo halves and breaking down the wards.

  • Tahshae Catching
    2019-03-06 01:40

    I loved this book and wish it didn’t end. My only problem was getting somewhat confused on the different characters. Other than that I was completely satisfied.

  • Josephine
    2019-03-04 23:41

    Hmmm okay

  • Rebecca ♥ Ash, Kishan, Magnus ♥
    2019-03-15 01:43

    This was great! Each book in the series has gotten better so far. I cannot wait to read The Hunt and see if it follows this trend. Lucas is the sweetest of the guys so far too. Way better than Daniel (didnt like him too much), and even better than Malcolm, who I loved. Although Lucas is an alpha like the first two, he is more gentle. He is the first in the series so far to mark his mate with her consent, and there was far less explicit content in this one. When Lucas turned Danny they had sex, which I think is a necessary part of the process, but it was far more brief than in the first two books, and more... strait forward. Yeah, things got a little weird sometimes in the first two. I think that might be what Heather Killough-Walden was trying to add with the lesbian sub-plot, but it didnt bother me like the bondage in The Strip. Not because I was into it, but because reading about two girls getting it on has zero effect on me. The action and danger were back for this one, and so were Gabriel Phelan and Seth, as well as a new warlock baddie. Everyone was back really, Lily and Charlie, Daniel and Cole, even Kavanagh and Jesse Graves. Everyone was needed to save Danny from yet another man obsessed with the wrong woman.I really liked Danny, or Dannai. She just sounded so beautiful. All three of the dormant alpha mates so far were described as beautiful, but something about Danny made me like her for no other reason than her looks. Lily is blonde, Charlie is redhead, and Danny has black hair, dark skin, and multi-coloured eyes that glowed like a rainbow once she was turned. I dont know what her ethnicity is and I dont think she does either, because she was adopted, but I imagined her looking something like super gorgeous ladies Kat Graham and Jessica Parker Kennedy. But I liked Danny as a person too. Again, more gentle than the first two. Willing to help anyone, and risk herself for others. She had a big heart. And OMG the Epilogue! Wow. Wow! I cannot wait to read The Hunt. I dont know who the lucky lady is gonna be in the next book, but we got to meet the next alpha wolf at the end of this and it was great! I wait to read more about him and his situation and how he got there. It is gonna be so exciting!

  • Shirley
    2019-03-17 23:40

    You may have heard me mention that I am a fan of Heather Killough-Walden’s Big Bad Wolf Series. Actually, I think they may have been the first true paranormal romances involving shape shifters that I read. So I wonder if that means I can blame her for my addiction? Probably not, but it was worth a try. *sigh*I can honestly say that I think The Spell was one of my favorites in this series. I’m not exactly sure why, but it may have been that Danny was the first of the female dormants that new what she was. Looking back, it may have also been because a lot of key characters were brought to the forefront in this one. Regardless, The Spell is a book that I have read more than once and I’m sure that this won’t be the last time. There are some characters that you just can’t say goodbye to. Even though Danny and Lucas are brought back in other books and we’ve met them before in previous BBW stories, this one is special.Lucas is a true alpha male in every sense of the word. He’s damaged though, and his salvation is someone who he should view as his enemy. The twist here is that Danny knows it. She’s been dreaming of him and another alpha. One is beyond evil and the other is someone who hates everything she stands for. The circumstances and draw that bring these two together is amazing and it’s what makes this story so full of – well, magic.There are a few mysteries in this book solved. A lot of drama and heart break. Some very hot and steamy scenes, old enemies resurfaced and a few new mysteries thrown into the mix. Throughout the book the story is woven seamlessly and… well, you just need to read it to understand.This book marks a turning point in the series. I didn’t realize it when I first read the book, but it is the next to the last in the Big Bad Wolf Series. At first I was really upset when I found out that the series would soon be over. Then I realized that Heather Killough-Walden had bigger plans. Her Kings Series ties both series together in a way that I never could have imagined. The lives of these characters come full circle and although the alpha wolves we have grown to love are no longer front and center, they are still an integral part of the new world that Heather has created. You can read both series independently, but you really get so much more out of it if you read them together.If you need more convincing, check out my reviews of The Heat, The Strip, and The Hunt from the Big Bad Wolf Series and The Vampire King and The Phantom King from Heather’s new Vampire King Series.

  • Angela Goodrich
    2019-03-19 23:23

    The Spell is the continuation of The Big Bad Wolf series and Killough-Walden does not disappoint as Danny and Lucas are the focus of this action-packed installment. Danny is the Healer we met in The Strip. What we didn't know about her was that in addition to being a powerful witch, she is also a dormant. Her magic has allowed her to mask her dormancy while working with the werewolves and keep it a secret. It's not that she's afraid of being mated to a werewolf despite the warnings from her guardian that a mating will be the end of her healing abilities, it's that she knows one of her fated mates, Lucas Caige, hates magic users and the other is evil incarnate. When Fate forces her to cross paths with Lucas, she soon finds herself the bearer of a bonding mark. But the warlock who feels he has first claim to Danny because she's in his coven uses his extensive magic to prevent Lucas from completing his claim. And the battle ensues as Lucas sets out to make Danny his mate.It seems as though the author manages to ramp up the action with each installment. Not only does Danny have to worry about her mate rejecting her, but she also has to worry about an obsessive warlock and whether or not her other fated mate will show up and attempt to claim her. At the same time, Charlie is once again being targeted by Phalen. Even though Malcolm proves that he is a deadlier werewolf than Phalen, there are even more powerful forces at work and the dead don't always stay dead in this installment. Despite the constant action, the author does give Lucas a few opportunities for him to show that his distrust of magic users does not apply to his mate. In spite of outside forces doing all they can to keep the couple from mating, Lucas is an alpha male who is not easily deterred and he will accept nothing less than completing his mating to Danny. As with the previous books, the actual mating scene is intense and sexy as all get out. The Spell’s Epilogue has me ready to dive right in to The Hunt. I reviewed my personal (ebook) copy of this book. Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!

  • Claudia
    2019-03-20 23:17

    The Spell, book three in the Big bad Wolf series again doesn't manage to make me give more stars. Danny was one of those heroines that I wanted to slap until she came to her senses.Dreaming about her mate for some time she should have been somewhat nicer to him. Lucas barely had a chance.In the previous book I was bothered by the sex scene between Charlie and Jesse and here the implication that Danny should have been gay if not for her friend was so out of place. Again that cheapened and reduced that part of the story to a porn gone bad....even though it was implied. Please HK-W stop implying these scenes... just out of the story.The trend here is: slutty h and sweet H. The werewolves after Daniel are sweeter, nicer, softer. Lucas was a big surprise. I thought he is going to fight his mating to Danny not want it. I liked to rough but soft biker.I am happy with the plot that could have went on his own without the main characters getting together. The villains are working together and with every story there's more clarity to why the dormants have powers of their own.Gabriel managed to be at his worse and hurt Charlie again with the help of the new villain Jason. There is something about Jason and barely screamed bad.I liked the way all the werewolf community came together as a front to help Lucas and Malcolm.The addition of the Offsprings/ vampires is going to add more to the plot and that is a good sign for me.This story is one of those that either you love it or not for it's "romance". I hated to romance but I loved the plot even though it went in the same direction: wolf marks dormant; dormant kidnapped and tortured sexually or non; wolf save mate. Thanks goodness for the characters and paranormal world though.

  • Lidia
    2019-03-19 01:17

    I will tell you the first two books I really liked, tropppa violence, sex scenes superficial and hasty, poor accuracy in describing the characters that are in their steriotipati machio image of strong and weak and passive men and women. In The Spell that seems to change starting with the plot that does not follow the usual pattern. Dannai is aware of his attraction to Lucas and fortunately does not suffer any torture and his adventure is part of a more complex picture that involves Gabriel and his plans to kidnap and seduce Charlie, and other characters that make presuppore a wider plan that involves vampires and other supernatural beings. It is this interweaving of stories that makes the book interesting and keeps awareness high, and there are several situations that are truly original and unexpected stay with bated breath. Furthermore, the author devotes more attention to the relationship between Lucas and Dannai that is not reduced to a single and hasty sensual relationship. This time Dannai will use magic to strip ... Lucas will seem insignificant, but one particular is really a bad scene where the wolf decides to "branding", ie make her his forever companion, while dressed and she is "naturally "naked, in the most edifying for women. r I had not done much appreciate these books in which women suffered much from the usual male prevalicatore selfish. In this' latest book, however, you notice more attention to the feelings, the more respect for the stars and more sensitivity by wolves this time seem to follow and support and assist the actions of their partners.

  • Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews:::
    2019-03-05 00:43

    Dannai is an extremely powerful witch and is keeping a secret. She's also a Dormant(werewolf mate and only one that can bear werewolf children)...she's been dreaming of Lucas Caige. She believes that if she mates with a werewolf then she will loose her power of healing and its not worth it to her. So she hides her dormancy from the werewolf community. A twist of fate puts the two of them together and as her shields go down Lucas finds out that she is a Dormant. Unfortunately, Lucas hates all things to do with magic since his brother was killed by one and he hasn't yet realized that she's a witch. And of course the psycho Gabriel Phelan is hot on Dannai's trail and wants to claim her as well. This one was good but not as good as The Strip...but I still enjoyed it very much! Lucas is super Hawt and Dannai is a great strong heroine! I don't know why but I just didn't feel it as much as the previous one and I had high hopes for it....definitely a good read though. I like you get to learn more about the supernatural community in this one and things get explained more. I also can't wait to read the next one since(view spoiler)[ Lucas' brother is still alive..hopefully Phelan stays dead this time! (hide spoiler)]

  • Maria_Love_For_Books
    2019-03-17 19:30

    The third book in the paranormal romance series the Big Bad Wolf by Heather Killough-Walden, “The Spell” is as good as the previous books. Adventure, romance and badass wolves! Do you want more???Here is the story of Dannai the Healer and Lucas Caige an alpha werewolf. Both of them are great characters with all their rights and faults. Lucas hates witches. Dannai is a witch. Lucas wants Dannai. Can you see the problem here? Lucas is very dominant. Of course, he’s smart and brave but his nature is to be dominant and that makes him scary in a good way. He’s the kind of man that every woman will feel safe with him. He hates everything that has to do with magic because his brother was killed by a warlock, so Dannai tries to hide the fact that she is both a witch and a mate for a werewolf. She is a great person and she is the opposite of evil. Soon, Lucas realizes this and he wants to claim her. The problem is that he isn’t the only one in the game.This series is very unique in the paranormal romance genre. It has more violence, adventure and the characters have a huge development through the books. The author knows how to write a great book! I definitely recommend this series!

  • Maryse
    2019-03-11 02:47

    This was a free book from Kindle and though I saw it was part of a series, I thought I would give it a try after reading the long excerpt given for the first book (which I haven't bought or read). This in itself is a good indication why I only gave this book 2 stars. The excerpt for book one was good but not good enough for me to buy it and I was happy that book 3 was a free book.Though it is part of a series, I picked up the story pretty quickly and really didn't feel at a loss that I didn't read the first 2 books. There was little to no development of the main characters and I found them very two-dimensional. The action scenes were wishy-washy and really didn't grip me and I found that I got irritated with Danny from the middle of the book right to the end. The connection between Danny and Lucas is not believable and saying that she's his dormant and dreams about him doesn't cut it.This was a quick read that was enjoyable while it lasted but nothing to go mad about. It could be said that I would enjoy the series more if I started from the first book but I feel every book in the series should be amazing in itself especially if it's focusing on different main characters.

  • Jade
    2019-03-12 00:30

    Lucas Caige *sigh* A bad boy with heart. But, don't tell him I said that! ;) Each book get's better and better! Heather Killough-Walden has secured herself a spot with my other favorite authors with this series! I finished the series!!!! (4.19.12) My review on them...Dangerous, daring, seductive and deeply sensual!Dark Romance lovers, get ready to be taken on a ride that you will not soon forget! Heather Killough-Walden has found her place among my favorite authors. This Series is action packed, daring, and dangerously seductive. You have your Dominating alpha men/wolves that are powerful, sexy, and will stop at nothing to protect their mates! Your female made wolves are strong, independent, and loyal. Villains that will do just about anything to get what they want. Together they make for one hell of a steamy read filled with twists and turns at every page. The characters are so well thought out; you will feel as if you know them on a personal level. Paranormal Lover's you will not be disappointed! I highly recommend to anyone who loves a dark romance that's deeply sensual.

  • Samantha Woods ( LSK Sweetheart Reviews )
    2019-03-01 22:29

    Danni is a witch. A very strong witch. A Healer. She is also a Dormant. She can hide this fact though because she had been told that if she were to mate with a werewolf she would lose her power. So when the wolf she has been dreaming of comes to town and his interest in her is plain as day she gets scared.Lucas hates magic. So imagine his surprise when he discovers that the woman he finds so attractive is not only a witch but a Dormant also. His mate.There is another who wants Danni too. Jason. And Jason will go to any lengths to make Danni his.This book was amazing! Another amazing book by Heather! Yes I am a huge fan of Heathers and I do gush but I have honestly LOVED every book of hers that I have read. If there were something I did not like I would say it but I have not seen that in Heathers work. I would definitely recommend reading this book along with the rest of the series. This one also could probably be read as a stand alone but will be less confusing if you read the books in order. Book 1: The Heat.. Book 2: The Strip