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For eight years Gabriel Vaughan, Marquis of Halross, has believed he was duped by a clever, money-grabbing harlot. He has tried to forget the beauty who left him at the altar, and then an accidental meeting in Venice places her entirely at his mercy! Although Athena Frances Fairchild claims to be innocent, maybe this is just another of her deceptions. It's time to exact aFor eight years Gabriel Vaughan, Marquis of Halross, has believed he was duped by a clever, money-grabbing harlot. He has tried to forget the beauty who left him at the altar, and then an accidental meeting in Venice places her entirely at his mercy! Although Athena Frances Fairchild claims to be innocent, maybe this is just another of her deceptions. It's time to exact a little revenge. So when Athena needs a safe passage back to England, Gabriel sees his chance. Years ago he would have been proud to have Athena accompany him as his wife. Now Gabriel will insist she travel... as his mistress!...

Title : The Defiant Mistress
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ISBN : 9780373294268
Format Type : Paperback
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The Defiant Mistress Reviews

  • Kit★
    2019-04-17 15:47

    Finally got around to reading my February pick-it book for WaMRL, way late, it's only April/May... But got there! This was a book I'd picked up awhile ago. This trilogy had caught my eye because of the setting in the 1600s, a not so commonly seen time-period for HRs. This first book was also partially set in Venice, another thing that drew my attention.The story started out interesting, with young Athena (going by the name of Frances, her middle name), in London preparing to wed her love, Gabriel, a merchant's apprentice with a promising future. Unfortunately for the lovebirds, a previous suitor of Frances', one that she had fled from, and been hiding from (hence the alias), tracks her down. He kidnaps her and blackmails her into marrying him by threatening the life of her elderly Aunt, and threatening to ruin Gabriel's life as well. This villain has the news of Frances' 'change of wedding plans' delivered to Gabriel in the worst way, publicly, while he waited at the altar for Frances' arrival. The messenger tells Gabriel that she ditched him for a wealthier man, and makes her out to seem at fault.When Gabriel goes to try and find her, to learn the truth, he spies her in the arms of the villain, seemingly willingly, and he believes the worst. Heart-sore, he leaves the country on business, and Frances is led to believe that he never cared for her after all, that he wasn't even at the church waiting for her, and that he never tried to find her. She soon flees her nasty husband, and finds refuge in a convent in France.Fast forward some 7 or 8 years, and Athena receives the relieving news that her husband is dead. At last free to leave the sanctuary of the convent, she decides to accompany the young wife of an ambassador to Venice on her trip to join him there. The trip goes smooth, and she and the woman become friends. However, Athena is very shocked to discover Gabriel upon her arrival. No longer the apprentice she knew, he's now the Marquis of Halross. As the third son of the family, he'd been in trade and not thinking to inherit, but through a series of unfortunate events, he did. He's also very successful in his business as well. The ambassador decides Gabriel shall be the one to escort Athena back to her family in England, not knowing of their previous affiliation.Gabriel, though, has been harboring a grudge against 'Frances' all these years for her supposed betrayal, and he makes no secret to her of his feelings on the subject. He is downright rude, and at times cruel. Vicious to her in word and deed. He consistently calls her names and berates her for every little thing. To me, it became a bit much! Then, there's her, at first refusing to even tell him the true reasons for what happened back then, because she's wanting to protect him and his pride, like 'oh, I can't tell him I sacrificed myself to save him, his pride would be wounded!' I was like... geez, girl, he's sitting there insulting you and your honor, and you still wanna be nice and save his pride from being bruised!? Eye roll! I would've rather seen her kick him in the 'nads and leave...Then they lapse into a tentative friendship, albeit still spiced with outbursts and bickering. Then he takes away her only way of having any funds for herself, and tells her she now has to be his mistress. That, or face death or worse living penniless on the 'streets' of Venice with no way home. She fights it, of course, but eventually he gets his way, and, of course, sex turns to feelings, though neither wants to admit it.More fighting, though at least they finally make it back to London, and almost 'in love'. Then a scheming relative of hers gets ahold of her and keeps them apart... leading to more hurt feelings and misunderstandings... but of course it will all work out by the end.To me, the most interesting part was when they were back in London, right as the Great Fire of London started. That part was exciting, the danger, the massing flames coming closer by the moment, the panic of the people, the choking smoke... It was the best part for me. I also really enjoyed the introduction of Athena's two male cousins, Jakob, and the Duke of something, I forget exactly at the moment. They, in the few pages where they appeared, completely upstaged Gabriel in manner and character. They were interesting, and seem way cooler than Gabriel ;) It's because of them that I will be continuing on with this trilogy, I want to read their stories. Also, the Fire may play into those books as well, so I'm in. Plus, I already have them, so... yea.All in all, it was a decent read, interesting, not bad, but too much time with the h/H not getting along with each other.

  • Sarai
    2019-03-31 10:42

    This book was okay I felt the characters were strong and believeable. Better yet their actions were something I could totally relate to. However, the heroine had at least a few TSTL moments which made this go down a star. However, I still really enjoyed reading it and learning about Venice, Florence and London in 1666. The author did a great job showing us what the city of London was like during the Fire. I will definately buy her other books.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-03 10:29

    I very much enjoyed the story. I would've given it four stars but my attention waivered a little in the last hundred pages and i skipped a couple. I didn't enjoy the scenes with Athena's cousin as much as I did Athena and Gabriel. Overall splendid read and I would recommend it to those who enjoy historical romance.

  • Amber
    2019-04-08 12:27

    Okay so the second chance love story with the "dreadful misunderstandings" and "mistaken belief of betrayal" and "sacrificing love for the sake of love" and "oh dear, must be an asshole because we can't admit we have feelings" tropes was okay, just kind of meh for me. Though I will say that the author made the tropes seem plausible in context. What was really really cool, though, was the historical setting. Really enjoyed that. The book was meh, but I'd definitely read something by the author again. Her attention to detail was fantastic.

  • Jen
    2019-03-21 13:27

    I really enjoy books when the H/h had a previous relationship and are now estranged. Thought this was a good example of that with the added bonus of a Venetian setting and then a trip to the Great Fire of London. Curious about the rest of the series.