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It's one thing to find out you're a vampire princess. It's a whole other thing to actually rule. Newly married Jessica Packwood is having a hard enough time feeling regal with her husband, Lucius, at her side. But when evidence in the murder of a powerful elder points to Lucius, sending him into solitary confinement, Jessica is suddenly on her own. Determined to clear herIt's one thing to find out you're a vampire princess. It's a whole other thing to actually rule. Newly married Jessica Packwood is having a hard enough time feeling regal with her husband, Lucius, at her side. But when evidence in the murder of a powerful elder points to Lucius, sending him into solitary confinement, Jessica is suddenly on her own. Determined to clear her husband's name, Jessica launches into a full-scale investigation, but hallucinations and nightmares of betrayal keep getting in her way. Jessica knows that with no blood to drink, Lucius's time is running out. Can she figure out who the real killer is —and whom she can trust— before it's too late?...

Title : Jessica Rules the Dark Side
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Jessica Rules the Dark Side Reviews

  • Tatiana
    2019-04-09 08:08

    2.5 starsThis could have been so, SO much better if the story had a different focus!There is a reason why romance novels end with a wedding, sometimes followed by a few pages of honeymoon shmexing (do not expect it in Jessica Rules the Dark Side, it is a very young YA novel). When the lovers are bound together for eternity, when there are no more misunderstandings and tension, how do you continue writing about a married couple and keep things hot and dynamic between them? Only a few authors can pull off a relationship that is as exiting post marriage as it was during the dating phase. Unfortunately, Beth Fantaskey is not one of those authors. As you probably remember, Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side ended with Jessica turning vamp and then marrying Lucius in a series of extras posted on Beth Fantaskey's website (if you missed it, here is the link). So, they had their HEA, what is next?Next is a conflict related to some conspiracy to keep Lucius from his rightful throne and Jessica's problems with accepting her new royal status. The whole affair is pretty tepid and frigid, if you ask me. The mystery is very flat, with hardly any suspense. And the hotness and fun of Jessica/Lucius antagonistic flirting is, as expected, gone. What lightens up this otherwise dull and slightly angsty sequel is the secondary romance between Jessica's best friend from Pennsylvania Mindy and Lucius' cousin Raniero, delivered via 2 additional POVs. Their story should have been the focus of the followup to Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side. Although Mindy sounds surprisingly and at times unpleasantly hick-ish in this novel, Raniero compensates for her deficiencies with his amusing Buddhist/hobo/surfer attitude. These two have chemistry, they provide comedic relief, they are interesting. Jessica's and Lucius's boring troubles should have been secondary to Mindy/Raniero romance, not vice versa. I wish someone had given Fantaskey the advise to write a companion novel about Mindy and Raniero rather than a direct sequel to Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side. But alas, nobody did. Very unfortunate indeed. Give this book a go only if you are willing to be bored and skim over all Lucius/Jessica parts to get to more enjoyable Mindy/Raniero scenes. At least this was much better than Jekel Loves Hyde.

  • Ferdy
    2019-04-18 04:55

    Jessica/Antanasia is settling into married life with Lucius but she is struggling to adjust to life as a princess. After reading this I feel the book should be renamed Jessica Doesn't Rule The Dark Side But After Months Of Being Useless Finally Sees What's Right In Front Of Her And Only With The Help Of Her Friends Manages To Not Be Completely Useless. Lucius is trying to bring order and law to his people whilst also worrying that Jess isn't strong enough to lead. When Lucius's uncle is found murdered, he is blamed for his death and locked up without any blood which he needs to survive. Jess, her best friend Mindy?? Mondy? Ah who cares.. and Lucius's cousin Raniero must find the real killer or else Lucius will become dehydrated, which is not a good look, oh and he'll also be forever lost in a limbo of nightmares due to the lack of blood.Things I didn't like (There's a lot): -All Jess's large biological family are weak, nervous and cowardly. All Lucius's family are evil, underhand and cruel. The only characters that are allowed to be good, strong and just are Jess&Lucius and Mondy&Raniero. It seemed it was written that way so Jess and co are percieved as more competant, worthy and likable..I found it really hard to believe that the 4 main characters were the only 'normal' people in the book. -Jess was not worthy to be a princess, she had no leadership qualities..she barely even tries.. for the first 70-80% of the book she's too scared and frightened to take charge. -Jess doesn't eat because the cook can only speak Romanion and Jess does not know how to speak Romanion even though she's lived in Romania for months now.. I would have expected her to learn the basics such as the names of food, greetings and so forth. So Jess just starves herself when Lucius isn't there to order food her because it's easier just to not eat than trying to communicate with the cook.. WTF?!.. why did she not ask Lucius how to order different foods or ask for a tutor to learn Romanion or buy a translation book/dvd.. she doesn't even try to learn..what was she going to do starve herself for the rest of her life?! Why she didn't try to make an effort to learn Romanion when 1)She lives in Romania and will live their for the rest of her life. 2)Everyone around her speaks Romanion 3) She's a Romanion princess so will need to talk to her subjects, who suprise suprise are Romanion!-Jess was an idiot trusting her cousin when Lucius told her not to trust was so obvious what was happening but Jess was too blind and too stupid to connect the dots. -Jess is always shaking and fliching at the tiniest things.. I seriously can't remember the last time I flinched or saw someone else else flinch whilst going on with their day to day lives.. Jess is just a weak, crybaby idiot. -Jess is too scared to visit her biological parents graves even when Lucius was with her..she didn't even know them and they died honourable deaths 18 years ago and her adoptive parents were I couldn't understand why she was so scared.-We find out Mondy dumped Raniero because he's jobless, scruffy and doesn't like violence.. and she wants someone powerful, rich and protective.. she just comes across as snobby and shallow, how she was judging anyone else when she had absolutely nothing to offer herself was rich..pot meet kettle..your both losers.-Mondy fails college, she doesn't even try because she's thinking about her loser ex Raneiro who turns out not to be a loser but a powerful tortured vampire bounty hunter/ yea..take that Mondy. She also doesn't want to be in college because she wants to be a hairdresser to the stars..fair enough, then why doesn't she apply for a job at a hairdressers and work her way up whilst doing a beauty course instead of whinging that college isn't for her..noone just get to be a hairdresser just because they wish they were.. Mondy - you have to actually do something to achieve your dreams.. it's no good just wishing!-Mondy/Mindy is a complete bi**h to a girl who's dad just died all because she's friends with Jess.. what noone else is allowed to be friends with her or did she expect Jess to remain friendless.. oh, but it's ok she acted like a cow because it turns out that the girl is secretly evil.. so that of course excuses Mondy's initial uncalled for douchery..please..Mondy is a stuck up, nasty bi**h!-Raniero and Ylenia speak english when it was just the two of them having a conversation, when they would usually speak in Romanion just because the plot requires Mondy who is eavesdropping to understand them. - Jess sounded like a 14yr old instead of like a married woman who's a ruler. Mindy/Mondy sounded like a 10 yr old with her silly nicknames - Lukey and Ronnie and saying the word like in like every sentance.Things I liked (there's not much):-The emails/letters Lucius and Raneiro sent each other were mildly amusing-It ended.

  • Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten)
    2019-04-18 03:58

    **Firstly, thanks sooooooo much to Jess of She Known As Jess for letting me borrow her ARC! Thanks honey--you rock!**Jessica Rules the Dark Side was a terrific follow up to Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, a book that surpassed all my expectations when I read it a few years ago and made it’s my into my all time fave list!I thought for a long time that Jessica’s Guide was going to be a standalone novel, so I’ve been holding out for this book ever since I learnt of it. It’s been one of my most anticipated books to get my hands on. It doesn’t officially release until January of next year, but one of my online friends who I just love to death, Jess of She Known As Jess was kind enough to lend me her ARC so I could quench my thirst for more of Jessica and Lucius. There are noticeable differences with this book when compared to the first. It’s darker and has lost that popular teenage school vampire story feel. This is serious now for Jess and Lucius—its life or death and they’ve come a long way since the first book. They’re together, but are soon ripped apart and it’s up to Jess to save her new husband from a painful execution. This book jumps back and forth in the POV’s of Jess and Mindy, as well as letters corresponded between Lucius and Ranerio during his incarceration. I admit that it was nice seeing more of Mindy. She’s really spunky and has her own personality. She’s Jess’s best friend and wants to be there for her, but she also has a certain problem--and bit of a broken heart--thanks to a certain surfie vampire I won’t name, but am sure that fans of the first book will know. Life as a royal was never going to be easy for Jess. She didn’t have the same upbringing as her husband and isn’t used to the harsh world of vampire politics and law. She went from being a regular American teenager to a princess and a wife and who finds herself set to become ruler. In this book, Jess looses herself for a bit; gone is the confident and sure girl of the past, and instead is a vampire princess just trying to find her feet in a world where weakness is despised. I loved watching Jess find herslef in this book and truly become Princess Antanasia Dragomir Vladescu. She’s not without her vulnerabilities and often makes mistakes, but she learns and at the end of this book is ready to become queen! It was so nice watching Jess accept who she was as a princess and her place within the Dragomir line. There’s a lot of growth in her during this book and she doesn’t have Lucius by her side which forces her to stand on her own two feet. The only issue I had with this book is that it lacked a lot of the constant romance I adored with the first book. Obviously there’s a reason for that with Lucius...well...being in jail and all (LOL) but I missed him a lot during this book. That’s not to say that he and Jess aren’t electric and oh, so in love when they’re together, they are....but I just would have loved more of Lukey! He’s so strong, and noble and fierce and so incredibly in love with his wife. Just the way he speaks of her in his letters to his best friend; that noble prose of his.....*swoon* There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for Jess and all hell would break loose if anyone ever hurt a hair on her head, but in this book he’s forced to let her discover strength within herself to rule and make to decisions without him being there to guide her. There’s mystery surrounding this book, although about halfway through I was pretty sure who the culprit was. This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the ride thought, because boy....did I ever! There’s no real cliff-hanger to this book, but it leaves you wondering and I for one would certainly love to see a third book, just to see what becomes of Jess and Lucius.

  • Megan
    2019-04-04 03:15

    After reading the first in this series, Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, I enthusiastically rated it four stars and wished there was a sequel. While I still stand by the four star rating, the sequel... didn't pan out. I think the problem is that Fantaskey is not a serious issue writer. What made Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side work is that it didn't take itself to seriously. It was light, snarky and fun. Jessica Rules the Dark Side is another matter though. Here we deal with some heavy situations. Royalty, political intrigue, backstabbing, jealously and murder are only a few of the more serious issues in this book. Note, I didn't say "addressed" because they weren't addressed. They were simply there, as a part of the story. Normally, I read books and lament that a heroine is far to heroic. "No teenage girl would really act that way!" I may have to take back all of my complaints, because in this book Jessica (otherwise known as Princess Anastasia) acts just like an insecure, teenage girl who is in over her head. When the going gets rough, she hides out in her room, sleeps, and lets others take charge. Way to go, Jessica Anastasia! I remember not caring too much for Jessica in the beginning of the first book, but warming up to her as the book continued. Here, I simply didn't like her at all. As I said, Jessica didn't "rule" the darkside. She imitated a turtle (view spoiler)[ Until a series of events made her realize she needs to get over herself, suck it up and act like a queen. Then we see a rather dramatic character change. Well, we don't see it. But we are told it has happened :P(hide spoiler)] Jessica's bff Mindy Sue is an even worse character. Willfully ignorant, written to have bad diction and grammar... why is the bff always a perky, fashionista who is slightly dumb? Female protagonists never have a bff who is strong, interesting or worth looking up to. Fortunately Lucius saved the day with his awesomely hilarious combination of stoicism and dramaqueen. Raniero, although an implausible combination of vampire badass and hippy surfer, was another welcome character. Without the guys, this novel would have been unbearable. So why was this novel so bad? It is a 300-plus page who-done-it. I figured out the "who" around page 100, and the "why" somewhere around page "200". A lot of this novel involved me not being intrigued by the plot or the mystery, but by the poorly explained details of royal vampire life in Romania. For example, how does Jessica get cell reception in an isolated castle in the hills of Romania? (I can't even get decent cell reception in rural Ohio!) It is plausible that the Romanian castle kitchen really stocks Häagen-Dazs? Do so many centuries old, out of touch with the modern world Romanian vampires really speak English? If Jessica is royalty shouldn't she have a tutor? Or a maid to help her learn Romanian custom? Granted Lucius is royalty but he is really able to rule over vampires hundreds of years older and wiser? You see... rather than over think the novel, I was busy over thinking all of the insignificant details. Despite it all, I have to say I am still a fan of Beth Fantaskey. But I will avoid her future work unless it stays firmly in the realm of light and fluffy.

  • Giselle (Book Nerd Canada)
    2019-04-10 10:03

    Though this was fairly interesting, what with the accused murderer being her husband and all, I thought it dragged on for too long. It took a while for Jessica to realize her queenly potential and do some sleuthing to find out the real killer. I liked Min's point of view because her perspective was unbiased and still from a mortal's POV. I liked how it was political and that Jessica grew into her own. Though I would have wanted a mere mention of her adopted loving parents at one point. Overall, a good paranormal story if you're looking for something quick to read.

  • Lora
    2019-04-22 09:09

    The plot for this sounds really good, but 2012? That's a long time to wait!Edit: I love the boy cover, but why is she holding the stake off to the side like that? Don't kill your husband, Jessica!

  • Belkis
    2019-04-23 11:12

    Good ending to a good story. Wouldn't have minded another book though. Maybe Mindy & Ranier's story. Maybe a Jessica & Lucius tiny vamp LOL!

  •  Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews
    2019-04-17 09:04

    I was elated to see that Beth Fantaskey stuck with the simple but elegant cover that reflects on the first installment Jessica titled Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side. And the quote on the cover of this installment in the Jessica series made all the more alluring… “It’s one thing to find out you’re a vampire princess. It’s a whole other thing to actually rule.” I dove right into the continuing sage of Jessica (born Anastasia) and Lucius having been given a glimpse of Jessica’s human world merging with her destined world in book one I was excited to visit Jessica and Lucius and see how the two would fit together in the vampire world.Beth Fantaskey gives the reader a treat interlocking the story with multiple POV’s with mystery. It keeps on edge and can be a bit confusing as you are trying to figure out the questions… Who is the killer? Can Jessica handle reigns without Lucius by her side? What’s up with hovering cousin and Uncle? Better yet… What about Ronnie and Mindy? If you are an emotional involved reader like me you will find yourself rushing through to find clues what happens next. The storyline is exceptionally written; Fantaskey continues Jessica and Lucius’s love story full circle and adds new characters while weaving a thrilling plot. Although Lucius trusts Jessica’s ability to set him free she doesn’t. I was floored that Jessica spends more than half the book feeling sorry for herself. That is until Ronnie gives her the push she needs to make a stand and grow into her destined role. One of my favorite parts was the email exchanges between Lucius and, his cousin Ronnie he calls brother. They are witty and show the uproarious side of the rebellious Lucius that we would never see from “Prince Lucius” otherwise. Although I was elated to dive deeper into the lives Jessica and Lucius I found myself more engrossed with the Ronnie and Mindy storyline and await for their story to continue in future sequels. It was a joy glimpsing the story through Mindy eye as well and the struggles she faced in Jessica’s world loving a vampire.My final thoughts… Jessica has come a long way from being a human county gal who has to muck stalls to a ruling vampire, blood drinking princess. The book itself is complete the story itself is not. I anticipate Jessica and Lucius story to continue as they appeal to the elders for votes to be up lifted to heir destined position as King and Queen.

  • Lili
    2019-03-31 03:59

    After seeing Steph's review for the prequel of this book several weeks ago, I remembered how much I love Fantaskey's writing. I bought Jessica #1 the day it came out and to this day it is one of the most lovingly used books on my bookshelf. So I finally picked up book number two with Steph's inadvertent prompting, and I'm really happy I did! Fantaskey moves us to Romania where there truly is no concept of safety. Jessica is doing her best to prove to Lucius that she can be a Princess, but she's having trouble abandoning her American and vegan routes for a lifestyle of brutality and blood-lust when it comes to being vampire loyalty. She's barely eating and has begun to hallucinate and have frightful dreams from the stress. And then the unthinkable happens. Claudiu is murdered and everyone points their fingers at Lucius. With her husband's trial date inching closer and closer, Jessica is forced to solve the murder mystery before she may have to carry out her first vampire destruction...that of her husband.I did enjoy the mystery in this one. We were able to slowly watch Jessica bloom into a Princess with confidence instead of a scared girl that doesn't feel like she belongs. While I had the murderer pegged about half way through the book, Fantaskey made sure the tale was entertaining and full of twists and turns that I didn't fully expect. Jessica enlists the help of Lucius's most trusted ally, an ex-master assassin that turned to Buddhism and surfing to qualm his extreme bloodlust, and takes us on a really interesting journey of discovery.The characterization in this novel is what made it for me, though. It's told between four alternate point of view's: Jessica, Lucius, Mindy, and Raniero, affectionately referred to as Ronnie by Mindy. At first, I thought that this would be really confusing, but Fantaskey handled her unique writing style beautifully and used the alternating views to her advantage by slipping us every possible detail and hunch that she could. Lucius's speech, as always, provided a lot of comic relief, but Raniero's speech was ten times funnier despite his eventual seriousness. Mindy also played a large part in comic relief. Fantaskey wrote her specific chapters in a special voice that not only made you laugh, but had you feeling the intense protection that Mindy felt for her best friend despite the fact that she suddenly became a vampire princess. It was also really nice to witness exactly how Jessica transformed from the shy, questionable Princess to a vampire with so much confidence she practically already looked like a Queen.All in all, this was a really great installment in Jessica's story. The ending was satisfying, though it did leave me with a few questions. It makes me curious about whether there will be a Jessica #3 on the horizon. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a light, funny vampire tale that does stand out from many of the rest. However, you must read Jessica #1 and I recommend reading the wedding novella before reading this one. The novella truly helps to bridge the gaps between the two stories better. Jessica's story is truly one of pure entertainment.

  • Briar's Reviews
    2019-04-04 06:50

    Jessica Rules the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey is one of my favourite books in a series that ended FAR TOO SOON!!When I initially picked up this series I became furious - there was only two books in the series and then POOF it was gone, just like that! I was addicted, I needed more and Beth hadn't provided the literature to fill that need. With a book and sweet and cute as this one, it was highly upsetting.The Romanian vampire universe that Beth built within these two books was thrilling. We follow Jessica and her vampire husband (who has been accused of murder, by the way) in a magical adventure. There's romance, drama, danger, thrills and everything you want in a YA, vampire novel.This book does let you down though - it's the final in a two book series that could have been so much more. It could have been the next Vampire Academy, in my eyes. Why go so far and waste the effort to create such a beautiful universe to end it after two? Our characters still had room to grow, since their character development was quite small, and there were so many loose ends that weren't tied up in the end. When there's so many mysteries entwined in this series, it was incredibly frustrating to know the books just stopped here. Jessica is related to the audience - she doesn't fit in, she's strong willed and headstrong and is willing to save her friends. She's not overly dramatic in my eyes, especially in a YA adult novel, but she's still an excellent lead. Mixed in with a fast paced story, and an excellent story line makes for a truly great recommended read from me!Five out of five stars.

  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    2019-03-28 06:06

    Jessica Rules the Dark Side was an ok book. It's not the best book I've read, and I think book #1 in the series was better. Beth Fantaskey keeps the readers interested, and probably satisfying for some, but for me was it a little too boring.. Might be because I've read too many adult books and this book was too ... childish for me.. :P I also think that it was to easy to find out who betrayed Jessica & Lucius, I figured it out pretty fast.. which kinda ruined the whole book for me.. That's why I rate this book with 2.5 stars. I do like the characters. You finally get to see Jessica grow into becoming what she was born to be, a princess -soon to be queen. She became stronger while her husband, Lucius was sent to solitary confinement. When he couldn't protect her, or help her find the evidence that Lucius was framed, she had to step up and take charge. So Jessica and Raniero -Lucius cousin- works really hard to find out the truth, to find out who would betray her and Lucius. + a little help from her bestfriend Mindy. Other than that, it didn't happen a lot in the book. But I do have to admit though, that I do love Lucius.. He's awesome, a true king! I wish we got the see from his pov, not just through letters... but but..

  • Emily
    2019-04-17 07:54

    I did miss the romance between Lucius and Jessica. Basically, the book is completely focused on Jess ruling the dark side, as the title said.Note that there would be spoilers, I noticed how my reviews contained them. Winks. :)I think this book is recommended to those fans who wanted to see what Lukey and Jess' marriage life will be. Although the entire story was about Jessica becoming a full-pledged vampire queen.At first half of her training, i wanted to slap her hard. Really!! She was weak and was always the damsel-in-distress. I wanted to strangle her neck.Buuuuuuuuut...She turned out to be a fine ruler. I was impressed with her transformation. I loved how she fought back at old vampire dude (forgot the name, sorry!). I loved what she said, gonna check the quotes section soon and like that one!Mindy was given the chance to prove herself worthy in this book. She was the supporting best friend and she was sharp about the criminal (although I knew it was that person too). She'll prolly be a vamp soon, with the epilogue as the hint.I did not expect that this certain accomplice would be charged. That was unexpected--unexpected because I thought Jess wouldn't have the guts to throw "toot" in the dungeon or whatever. Maybe her old self wouldn't allow it but she was stronger now.Now that the case is solved. I bet the two would be given a vote of confidence like what Mindy said. The ending, kinda like the same as the first, was an open ending type. It was the reader's choice on what the next scenario would turn out.I love how Lukey imagined what his children would be like. I was hoping for a prego queen in the end buuuut nooooo. :(Fave quotes:I might not have transferred to a new school, but it was still like I'd joined the world's oldest, grayest, least peppy cheerleading squad, and I was sick of being stuck in a castle like a prisoner myself with the whole lousy bunch of them."Garda! Vin aici!" I heard myself growling in a voice I'd never used before.I wasn't sure where the words came from, either. They weren't on my DVD, but I must have heard Lucius summon the guards often enough that when I really needed to use the phrase it just came out, and both of the vampires who were posted at the doors stepped to my sides.I didn't look around at the Elders—I wasn't about to stop glaring at my new worst enemy—but I heard murmurs again, like everybody was more surprised by my flawless Romanian than by my announcement about the trial.I narrowed my eyes at Flaviu. "Well? Do you want to see how long you can last without blood?""You will not address me as if I'm not even here—unless you want to join Lucius in the dungeons. And then we'll see how long you last without blood, because you are two hundred years older and nowhere near as strong as my husband."

  • Kara
    2019-04-11 09:09

    OMG i didn't know there was a second...Yaaaaay!! Can't wait, hurry up 2012!!!!!!

  • Amber
    2019-03-25 10:11

    I'm divided on Jessica Rules the Dark Side and I'm not sure if it is because I'm such a big fan of the first novel or not. I went into this novel with expectations because I remember falling in love with these characters. In some parts, particularly Jessica's character, I'm disappointed and other ways, with the introduction of two new perspectives, I am pleasantly surprised. Jessica's cowardice really surprised me and made me very angry. I realize that the author was making her weak as a plot point and that she was thrust into this whole new world where she was overwhelmed but she becomes so meek that I really didn't like her at all. I liked how brave and intelligent she was in the first novel and to find her completely ruined in this one really made me upset. I can happily report that after 200 pages of ducking and hiding she finally comes into her own and it is something fierce and amazing to behold but I couldn't help but wonder if it was too little too late. I missed Lucius something fierce in this novel. His absence was a tangible thing and though it was completely necessary, I wish that I'd gotten more of him. However, his letters to his best friend Raniero were funny and provided a much needed break of tension. Raniero's responses are just as funny and really highlight their differences. The history between Lucius and Raniero is by far the best thing about this novel. Mindy Sue also gets her own chapters. She shares most of the narrative with Jess. At first, I didn't love things in her perspective but she ended up being the one I could relate to the best. Plus, her voice is very unique and I liked seeing things from her point of view. The vampire world is explored much more thoroughly in this novel and truly comes to life as all the characters learn how to live within. While Lucius understands his place, it is fun to watch how the other character's figure out where they fit into it all. With the meetings of the council, the way vampire law is governed, the addition of stakes and how vampire's deal with destruction, it was pretty easy to see why Jessica was intimated and it was all really interesting. Plus, the setting really helped the isolated feel but also give it a forgotten fantasy quality (they're living in a castle after all) which I liked. Unfortunately, even though the plot is centered around a murder, it did sort of drag and a lot of time is wasted on Jessica moping around and whining to the world about how she can't get out of bed. This is certainly not something I wanted to spend 200 pages with it. Overall, I'm glad I stuck it out though because when she finally begins to change, her transformation is swift and amazing to behold. I just wish that she and Raniero started working out things earlier and she started changing from the beginning.Basically, I wanted to like this novel the way I liked the first one and I just couldn't, mostly because of Jessica. It's sad because I liked her so much in the first and by the end, I liked her again. I just wanted so much more, so much earlier. Because of her unwillingness to face anything, the plot suffered too. However, the world of the vampires and Lucius and Raniero's history particularly, is very interesting and the ending does pay off. So if you're a fan of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, this is probably something you won't regret reading but be perpared to be angry at first.

  • ILoveBooks
    2019-04-12 05:48

    This story takes place directly after Lucius and Jessica’s wedding. For more information, the reader may want to read the online story detailing the wedding which can be found on the author’s website. However, the author does a wonderful job of informing the reader of every little detail; the main reason one would want to read the short story is because it is Lucius and Jessica’s wedding! The reader will be continually impressed with the connection between Lucius and Jessica as well as their clearly deep love for each other. The reader will not feel that their love is cheesy or overdone, their love appears completely genuine. Jessica and Lucius are dynamic characters; they have grown up some since the first novel. Jessica handles problems with wit and charm while Lucius relies on wisdom and intellect. Princess Antanasia Dragomir Vladescu emerges within Jessica. A subplot of this novel is the growing relationship between Raniero and Mindy, Jessica’s friend. The reader will love the glimpse into both of their minds, their thoughts and feelings are clearly laid out. The events are fast-paced and fun to read about. The reader will never be even remotely bored. Jessica’s entrance into the vampire world is exciting, things do not go exactly as planned, but Jessica holds her head high. Lucius has to deal with some things that have come back to haunt him, leaving Jessica on her own for part of the novel-the only downside in the whole book. There is an air of intrigue, a slight mystery in this novel that will have the reader guessing. The author switches between Jessica’s, Lucius’s, Raniero’s, and Mindy’s point of view, allowing the reader the chance to get to know them all much better. This book will impress the reader, Fantaskey is at her best. Her writing style contains hints of amusement and laughter, the romance portions were believable. This book is highly recommended to young adult/teen/adult readers. Don’t miss out on this amazing novel!

  • Whitney
    2019-04-17 08:49

    I seriously, seriously hope there's a third book to this. I had to wait three years for this one to come out, I hope to God I don't have to wait another unholy amount again. And it better be thicker than the second too; waiting three years for a shorter book than the first is just...ridiculous. But I can understand since she wrote Lucius's and Jess's wedding and a whole other book within the three years. But still. Good Lawd. ._.I loooooved how Jessica transformed in this book. She went from normal high schooler to princess to ruler. It was definitely cool how that happened. I can say that I didn't like her in the first book, but she totally done herself justice with coming back at Lucius's trial.And Lucius himself, I felt incredibly sorry for him. D: Even though he's as strong as the toughest steel there is, he seemed fragile when he was (view spoiler)[locked up. (hide spoiler)] I hated it for him. Maybe it was because there was definitely lacking in JessicxLucius scenes. (If there's a third book, there better be more. *points an accusing finger in the author's direction*) Or two, I'm just used to him being all superior and whatnot. Kingly.I just loved Raniero. He was totally lovable with his surfer attire and Italian accent. He got even hotter when Mindy cut his hair and shaved his face. I could just imagine him in my head. And all I could see was Jared Padalecki. *sighs dreamily* <333This was a very interesting and cool sequel that I have been waiting on for my entire life it seems. There were definitely some twists and turns in this. I was sort of expecting who the real suspect was. It was sort of obvious in my opinion, seeing as how there weren't many characters to begin with. Oh well. *shrug* I heard there was a third book, there better be a third book. >_>

  • Patrisha
    2019-04-04 05:55

    In realtà sono 3 stelline e mezzo, perché adoro i personaggi di Antanasia e di Lucius, la loro storia d'amore è romantica e fiabesca, seppure nei suoi risvolti dark. La parte iniziale del romanzo in realtà è la novella The Wedding che ho recensito separatamente perché meritava il 4 pieno, essendo all'altezza del primo romanzo.Seppur carino anche questo, ho trovato aspetti che non mi hanno soddisfatta. Prima di tutto la narrazione centrale è stata più lenta del solito e la mancanza attiva della presenza di Lucius nella storia si è fatta sentire. Da sola secondo me Antanasia non aveva la forza narrativa per reggere l'intero romanzo, ecco perché ho trovato la presenza di Mindy e Raniero fondamentali, alla fine ho trovato la loro parte di storia molto più interessante di tutto il resto e anche in questo sono rimasta in parte delusa perché avrei voluto di più di questa coppia, momenti tra loro più intensi. E il loro lieto fine, seppure delizioso, mi ha lasciato l'amaro in bocca per tutte le potenzialità che avevano e sono rimaste inespresse.Ma tornando ad Antanasia, per rivedere la forte e caparbia Jessica dobbiamo aspettare le ultime trenta pagine del libro, certo a tutto questo c'è un perché, ma mi è sembrato come se l'autrice avesse snaturato i suoi personaggi, avrei voluto i Lucius e Jessica del primo romanzo. Qui Lucius è un'ombra sullo sfondo, lei un'ombra in prima linea. E la risoluzione finale è troppo veloce se penso invece alla lungaggine che l'ha preceduta fatta di dubbi e tormento troppo spesso ripetuti di Antanasia.Comunque nonostante tutto, lo stile scorrevole e le due storie d'amore da favola hanno conservato un buon ricordo in me. Va letto se non altro per andare avanti con la storia di Lucius e Antanasia, il cui amore è da favola.

  • Julie
    2019-04-02 06:18

    Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side is one of my favorite books, so when I heard about this book I was super excited! However, it didn't live up to my epxectations.What I was expecting from this book and what happened were really different. I was expecting Jessica to have grown and matured and be confident in what she was doing. Instead, I just wanted to hurt her throughout most of the book. She second guessed everything and pretty much let others control her and didn't seem to catch on to things that were so obvious.The book was also told from four different perspectives. And anyone who's read Beth's work knows that she has short chapters. I have no problem with different perspectives OR short chapters, but combined (and with that many points of view) it gets kind of confusing. There were three or four story lines going on, yet I still felt like little was really happening.There was also a decided lack of romance. Lucius is absent for most of the book so he's not with Jessica and while I wanted Jessica to be independent, I also wanted to see her and Lucius being a cute, married couple. That didn't happen so much and it was kind of disappointing. Beth's writing is as good as ever. Despite that many points of view, I was still able to be engaged and sit and read for a while without getting bored. Honestly, this isn't a bad book at all. I'm sure some people will love this as much as they loved the first. But it wasn't what I was expecting it to be and that disappointment kind of overrode anything else. I do think that you should try it if you loved the first one, however. It's still entertaining and I would still read a third book if Beth writes one.

  • Imani
    2019-03-30 09:15

    You know the yin and yang? They're supposed to be complete opposites of each other. That's how this sequel is compared to its first: opposites.Whereas the first book was completely hilarious and sweet, this one was just grim. Just a lot of stress, worry, and more stress on poor Jessica's mind. I guess it was naïve of me to hope for more humor when it was obvious that this would be about how Jessica Rules the Dark Side. I suppose you can't get a bundle of laughs out of the dark side...I should've expected it.The only positive was Jess's bff Mindy...and I guess the happy ending. It could've gone down badly I suppose.

  • Dia
    2019-04-16 03:58

    Please, please tell me that I'm not dreaming?! Because if this is a dream and when I wake up it turns out there isn't going to be a second book to one of the best books I've ever read... then... then... I'm going to go kill my favourite fluffy pillow (which by the way I need to fall asleap)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm going to ask Beth Fantaskey to adopt me so I'll be able to get my hands on her computer when she's done writing this book!! haaha xDD *joke*Oh... and by the way... I'm going crazy until this book comes out so please will someone lend my a white "hug-me-jacket" till then? :)

  • Donna
    2019-04-16 09:05

    I really liked the first book in this series. I really wanted to like this one too, but it was a bit of a let down. I wish I could blame my disappointment on my expectations, but it wasn't just that.This one wasn't as entertaining/funny as the first one. I think the plot was too serious without the background to support it. Also, I didn't like the characters as much. They seemed to be missing something and I can't quite put my finger on it. They felt drab and a little lost, so I also felt lost.

  • Inés Izal
    2019-03-25 07:57

    Segundas partes nunca fueron buenas.En este caso, no es del todo verdad, pues es agradable de leer, ya que la trama de los complots da un nuevo giro a la historia.Pero yo es que soy de las que aman a Lucius, y verle en una celda encerrado todo el libro, me parte el alma.

  • Sensitivemuse
    2019-04-22 05:51

    I loved the first book and the second one lives up to it (thankfully!) what I really liked about this one while reading was Jessica’s development as a character grows up. Dramatically. Considering she now has to rule and take Lucius place due to the circumstances she had to learn how to take control and she does it gracefully. The plot itself wasn’t so bad although there could have been more substance to it. The reader already has a hunch as to who is behind the entire plot - a little mystery would have been appreciated and would have kept the plot a little more exciting. So the predictability of it sort of dampens the enjoyment of the book.Nevertheless it’s the characters that keep the book going. Jessica and Lucius still have that great chemistry together. It’s the light banter Lucius has with Raniero that was also fun to read throughout the story. Fun to read and it’s light, worth the time - from what I know there’s no more after this one. So to give the duology a nice closing, it’s a good one. (A story about Mindy would be great though.)Bonus points to the cover. Love it!

  • Bree T
    2019-04-25 02:58

    Jessica Packwood is now really Antanasia Dragomir Vladescu, newly married to Lucius and ruling by his side as a Princess in Romania. But life as a new Princess is proving to be anything but easy for Jessica. She’s struggling to fit in in her new home – being raised by vegan pacifists hasn’t exactly prepared her for ruling vampires, a role that also includes passing judgement in charges against vampires who commit crimes (for want of a better term). The judgement can often be declaring that guilty vampires be destroyed (staked) and Jessica finds it hard to even sit in on these proceedings, let alone face the fact that one day she will not only have to hand down these judgements but also carry out the punishments herself as well. And it’s not only that part of life that Jessica is not coping with – the politics are taking their toll on her, causing her high levels of stress. She’s also struggling to even learn the language and the cook doesn’t speak English. She can’t even get a decent meal and that combined with the stress is making her lose weight.Then things take a turn for the worse when Lucius is accused of destroying one of the Elder vampires. He is incarcerated without blood and Jessica finds herself alone, trying to rule and prove her worth as the vote to elevate them to King and Queen is also coming up and if the vampires have no confidence in her, they will vote no. She also has to prove Lucius innocent, which is not proving to be at all easy when she can’t speak eloquent Romanian, nor can she see Lucius.Thankfully her friend from high school, Mindy Sue is in Romania to help support her and before he was imprisoned, Lucius called back to Romania his surfing cousin Raniero Lovatu. Raniero has a dark past but there’s a deep bond between him and Lucius and Lucius is sure that he can trust Raniero to protect and look after Jessica, should she need it. Jessica, unsure of whether or not she can trust him as much as her husband does but she wants to because she needs all the help she can get.Mindy and Raniero have their own issues – they had chemistry at Lucius and Jessica’s wedding and were together back in the States but ultimately it didn’t work out. Mindy Sue was looking forward to a trip to Romania to get over him, only to have him turn up there. Mindy knows that Jessica is her first priority – she needs Mindy’s support to help her buckle down, get some confidence and get through this. And Mindy is getting very suspicious about just who Jessica can trust in Romania!There’s no time wasted in Jessica Rules The Dark Side. Her and Lucius are married (which takes place in a short novella that you can read online at the author’s website) and ruling as Prince and Princess. Before they can undergo a coronation as King and Queen, there must be a vote of confidence on their rule and Jessica stresses and worries that because of her, the vote won’t go in the affirmative. Jessica is really a mess for quite a lot of this book, but I really liked that. She was a normal, seventeen year old girl who was raised in rural America by people who are basically the antithesis of vampires. The culture shock of moving to a Romanian castle and suddenly being thrust into a ruling spotlight was immense for Jessica. She struggled enormously with even day to day living, unable to speak the language and having difficulty learning it. She relied far too much on Lucius to get her through, or to let her off the hook because he loves her and wants her to be happy. And at first she doesn’t see how her weak behaviour and trouble adjusting is stressing out her husband, who worries for her. He knows she has to be strong and confident because there will always be the possibility she will need to outsmart someone, either intelligence wise, or possibly even physically. Their union is ending a long war and Lucius is aware that it’s a war not everyone actually wants ended.When Lucius is imprisoned, Jessica retreats even more, her confidence further sapped before she realises that if anyone is going to save her husband, it’s going to have to be her and she’s going to have to make the Elders listen to her and also respect her. It’s not something that comes easily to her, it’s something she has to muddle through and work towards but with the help of Mindy and also Raniero (who she is slightly dubious about, but accepts an alliance with him) she starts to stand on her own two feet. She relies on the counsel of her uncle Dorin, who readers will remember from the first book and also her cousin Ylenia, two people that she perceives to be on her side and that she clings to. But ultimately it’s her desire to both save Lucius and be seen as a worthy match for him that inspires her to take control. She doesn’t want to worry him with doubts as to her coping ability anymore.I enjoyed this one just as much as the first one, or even perhaps a little more – I liked the evolution of Jessica’s character a lot here. At first you do just want to shake her a bit and say “You’re a Princess! Act like one!” but then you also appreciate the fact that it’s not just that easy for someone who isn’t born to, or been raised to embrace, that lifestyle. She has to find her own way, do it herself. Her finding her feet and also her interactions with Mindy Sue, were my favourite parts of the book. We’re treated to Mindy Sue’s voice here as well which is handy for telling us things that Jessica can’t and also with presenting the reader with another look at the mysterious Raniero. Like in the first novel, we also get points of view from Lucius in the way of his letters, this time written to Raniero as he languishes in prison awaiting his trial. This works too as he helps present how difficult Jessica was finding her newfound status.

  • Elyssa
    2019-03-25 04:48

    Not as good as the first but still ralkt awesome

  • Abbie Butcher
    2019-04-03 09:56

    I LOVED this book. It is a great read and I liked how there was four different point of views and the letters and emails between Raniero and Lucius.

  • Lea
    2019-04-10 05:58

    .**NOTE** If you love Beth Fantaskey and her Jessica books, make sure you stop by my blog to check out my exlusive interview with Beth! --->HERE!! OK, now onto my review...Jessica Rules the Dark Side is the continuing story of Jessica Packwood-- normal high school teenager-- and Lucius Vladescu-- heir to a vampire kingdom-- after they tie the knot and take vows to love each other for all eternity. From the cliff-hanger chapter endings that kept you reading in suspense the entire way through, to the colorful cast of characters who each had a part of the story to tell, this really was a great sequel to Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side!After moving to Romania and getting married to Lucius, 18-year old Jessica has a lot to get used to. Not only is she now a vampire-- she's also a vampire princess who must learn to rule as future queen to a huge vampire realm. Slow to adjust, Jessica starts out scared and unsure of herself in her new home-- a dark, cold castle filled with ruthless vampires and corrupt politics. Things don't get any easier when a vampire Elder is mysteriously murdered in the castle-- and her husband Lucius is imprisoned for being the prime suspect. Now Jessica must really take on her Romanian birth name-- "Antanasia"-- and become the queen she is so reluctant to embrace, in order to save her husband from a fate worse than death and prove herself worthy of a throne. I really liked the dark setting of this book because it was so different from the first book-- all of the dark, Gothic descriptions of the castle, the cemetery and the Carpathian mountains gave the whole story an awesome Dracula-esque backdrop! Based on this huge change in scenery, it was understandable why Jessica was so lost and depressed in her new home at first, but about two-thirds of the way through the story she really comes into her own and transforms into a kick-butt vampire princess. I also liked how the story was told from four different points of view-- Jessica, her best friend Mindy, Lucius, and Lucius' best friend and cousin Ranerio. All of their voices were really well done and it was never confusing to the plot. This is thanks to the fact that the different perspectives were all written in such a way that they had their own unique voice, which I really appreciated because sometimes when you read books from multiple POVs, you can't even tell them apart! I was especially glad that Jessica's best friend Mindy was in this book and had her own parts of the story to tell. Even though she was ditzy and slightly annoying at times, she was still genuine and loyal to Jessica, so I thought that Mindy was a great addition to this book-- she provided a lot of the comic relief in an otherwise dark and cold vampire world. Also, the side story between Mindy and Raniero added another great piece to the main plot. Overall, this was a wonderful story of Jessica's growing up and maturing from awkward teenager to powerful and self-confident queen. Whereas a lot of love stories end with the wedding and living happily-ever-after, Jessica Rules was an awesome continuation of Jessica and Lucius' story after they say "I do." I was rooting for Jessica the entire time, and was so happy to see her overcome her insecurities to take on her new role as Princess Antanasia Dragomir Vladescu. If you loved Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, with all it's fun quirkiness and romantic drama, you will definitely love this sequel! I would also recommend these two books to any YA vampire fan out there, because I think they both give a fresh new twist to the vampire genre.Lea @LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  • Ceitidh
    2019-04-24 02:57

    More reviews at DARK VAMPIRE LORE IS BACK TO RULE!The Dark Vampire Lore is powerfully back in Jessica Rules the Dark Side! This time, Fanaskey transport us to the land of Romanian with castles, Carpathians, blood, stakes, love, friendship, betrayal and etc! Fantaskey definitely know how to turn a teen paranormal love story into a great Vampire novel that reaches beyond of today' s typical good vampire and brings back the essence of the Classic Dark Vampire Lore.Jessica never really knew how to be a Vampire, much less a Princess. Jessica Rules the Dark Side puts Jessica in a very complicate situation and she must confront all of the powerful vampires in order to prove them, and to herself, that she is the Dragomir Princess and the one day to-be-Queen of them all. Yet, the situation is much more complicate than it sounds. Prince Lucius Vladescu, Jessica/Princess Antanasia's husband, has been accused of murder and imprisoned without blood until Jessica finds the real assassin. Now, Jessica has to rules without the love of her life by her side and find a way, and soon, to free Lucius from what could become a disastrous and irreversible event.Jessica and Lucius are absolutely one of the best and most wonderful couple I have read in a long time! Fantaskey, in Jessica Rules the Dark Side, clearly portraits a solid, powerful and healthy love and I am so glad to see that there are not relationship problems' at all. No insecurities, no jealousy, no fights. Only respect, admiration, loyalty and love. Wonderful, isn't it? Raniero (Lucius best friend) and Mindy (Jessica's best friend) are also back and with more than a simple support role! Raniero and Mindy have a story on their own and I am strongly wishing that Fantaskey will write a book/series for this couple that certainly deserves it! In addition, the story is told from these four characters' point of view. Yet it is always Jessica's perspective that dominates the book. I think I really loved to read chapters from Mindy or the letter/email exchanges between Lucius and Raniero! that certainly made this book different! Still, not only this different POVs makes this book different, but also the setting. Now, Jessica is married to Lucious and living in Romania as the Vampire Princess she was born to be. Yes, in a centuries-old castle in the middle of a breath-taking landscape! Whoa!Vampire books became so, so popular that even now the market is focusing into something different. Yet, reading Fantaskey's Vampire books feels always so refreshing. Beth Fantaskey vampires are much more darker and closer to the classic vampire lore than some other vampires in YA books. And as a lover of Dracula, Nosferatu and Vampire: The Masquerade myself, I am glad to see some of this Dark/Evil vampire side into Fantaskey's world.Highly entertaining with a wonderful dose of romance, Fantaskey successfully combines the paranormal with a hint of mystery that will definitely engage readers until the last page! So, if you read Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, I highly recommend you to pick up this book since is even better than the first one! and if you haven't, then go get both of them asap because these books are definitely a great addition to paranormal lovers' shelves!

  • MerliannsCam
    2019-03-30 03:17

    4.5 Stars :)

  • Gemma
    2019-04-09 04:11

    Essentially, Jessica Rules the Dark Side is prolonged angst trying to pass for suspense.The plot picks up with Jessica already married to Lucius and now a full-time princess struggling with her duties. She's worried about not being good enough for Lucius, not being confident or knowledgeable enough to rule the vamps and not being strong enough to fulfill the tasks given to her. Things get harder when Lucius is jailed for a crime she's sure--pretty sure--he didn't commit. If he'd convicted, he will have to be destroyed, and as the one who inherits the throne, Jessica will have to be the one to destroy him. Wouldn't that be a cool moment? For her, as the successor and superior, to look into the eyes of her husband and have to choose between responsibility and love, knowing that whichever path she picks will be terrible?Yeah, that'd be interesting, but it's not that kind of series. If this were, say, the Hunger Games, it would be totally acceptable for that situation to arise. But in Jessica Rules the Dark Side... it just wouldn't work.One of the flaws of Fantaskey's Jessica books is that they're unsure of where they stand. Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side was, for the most part, a chick flick with a bit of satire sprinkled in. Towards the end of that book, it tried to play the darker, more suspenseful angle that Twilight wanted to play. Jessica Rules the Dark Side is closer to the second half of its predecessor. It wants to be dark and dramatic and taken seriously, but at the same time, it kinda sorta tries to stay closish to its chick flick roots.It tries by throwing us the narrative of Mindy, who was one of Jessica's friends in Dating on the Dark Side. Mindy is having relationship problems with Raniero, Lucius's smoking hot vampire cousin who's next in line to the throne. Basically, the subplot is Mindy staring holes into the back of Raniero's head and wishing they were still dating, but, like, she won't take him back because he can't commit.This was an annoying and largely unnecessary subplot that was used to beef the book up to the required three hundred pages, as well as to distract from how thin the Jessica plot was.And it's thin. It's Jessica, praying her husband isn't guilty, moping around her castle being lonely and spending a tiny amount of time trying to figure out who actually committed the crime Lucius was accused of. As I said, prolonged angst. The grand reveal in the end is pretty pathetic, because I could have guessed it from page one, but there wasn't really enough evidence for it to make sense. It was convoluted and dumb. The first book had its flaws but was pretty cute and acceptable. This installment is unnecessary and I wish the author had decided against a sequel. It lacks humor and good characters, and overall casts a shadow on the otherwise charming Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side. If you're interested in these books, I would recommend stopping after the first one.